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Coming of Age

by Niceguy

Chapter One

The Encounter

I had just turned 18 and as a graduation gift, my parents said I could take as long a vacation as I wanted over the summer until it was time for me to go to college in late August. I had scored highest in the SAT tests in school, was the head of my class and had been named Outstanding Senior of the Year. As a reward for my outstanding achievement, my parents had rented a house in the Bahamas starting in June and ending in August in order to accommodate their son's desire. It was a beautiful three-bedroom house on a remote peninsula on one of the larger islands in a chain of islands in the Bahamas. The house sat just off a white sand beach amid a stand of coconut palms. It could have been the set of any movie taken in the tropics and was mine for as long as I wanted. The house came equipped with all the needs of any vacationer to the area including scuba diving gear, fishing equipment and a small boston whaler boat and motor which was common for rental houses in the Bahamas.

The first few weeks of summer were busy for me. I had invited many of my high school friends to come and stay with me and party. My parents would come down on Friday and leave again on Monday for their respective jobs and my friends would travel with them, some staying for just the weekend and some for a full week.

Mine was a lazy, swimsuit life and I enjoyed not having the pressures of school and performing to the best of my ability all the time. I had earned an extended time out and I was making the best of it for I knew that come fall, the pressures would be even greater in college.

I brought very few clothes for the summer, resorting to a few swim trunks and shirts for every day wear and wore nothing at all when I was alone in the house. I have always enjoyed being nude and it was my first chance in life to get an all-over tan. When my parents were working during the mid-week and I had no friends staying over, I spent the entire time naked. Just being naked in the great outdoors was a real turn on for me. As soon as I got naked outdoors, my penis would get hard and stay that way for what seemed like all day. I would masturbate sometimes three or four times a day in different places - in the water, on the beach in the sun, wherever and whenever I wanted to. This had not happened as many times as I would have liked since there were many friends coming and going all through June and July.

I vowed, therefore, to stop inviting friends come August so I could have all mid-weeks to myself and do the things I wanted to do and spend as much time as possible being alone and naked.

It was the second week in August when it all started. It was Tuesday morning and my parents had gone back to work the previous day. I was alone and decided to go fishing. I would have liked to go out in the boat and cruise the islands and fish all day in the nude, but even though the area was mostly deserted during midweek, I couldn't take the chance of being caught naked so I put on my brief Speedo bikini that I had smuggled in my luggage.

I looked at myself in the mirror. I enjoyed looking at my five-foot-10-inch frame with the Speedo and its two inch sides hugging my slim and almost hairless body. I was well built, nothing special but firm and sleek. I had thought about going out for the swim team just so I could wear the brief suits that they all wear. However, I was never much of a swimmer and didn't have any speed in the water.

I was embarrassed about the Speedo. No one knew that I liked to wear brief swim wear. I couldn't tell anyone about my fetish for fear of someone calling me queer or something. Speedo suits were only "acceptable" in swimming competition, but I really liked to wear them. I felt strangely sexy and daring to wear something so brief in the great outdoors. I never would wear them in public but would love to put them on when my parents weren't home and look at myself in the mirror. I wondered if I might be gay from time to time. I liked many of the girls but none of them seemed to pay any attention to me. I also was attracted to some of the boys as well. I really enjoyed looking at the naked boys in the shower at school. Sometimes I had to exit the showers rapidly because I felt my penis getting hard looking at all those naked boys in the shower. There was no way I could admit to anyone that I had an attraction to any of the boys. I would have been branded a queer for sure. I also enjoyed looking at the Playboy and Penthouse magazines that got passed around. I had a lot of confusing ideas going around in my head - maybe I was bisexual.

Anyway I packed an extra pair of boxers in case I met anyone. I was going to the string of small islands to the south that almost never saw any people during the midweek and was not worried about meeting anyone.

I packed the boston whaler with the fishing gear, a small lunch, a pillow, blanket and towels for relaxing in the boat or on an isolated beach. I spent most of the day cruising around the small islands, trying several spots for fishing without much luck. I finally decided to give up the fishing and headed to the nearest island to just explore. It was a small island, barely 500 feet long but with a nice sandy beach and a lone single palm tree rising from the beach. I beached the boat, gathered the pillow, blanket and a towel and headed for the palm tree. I laid out the blanket and pillow under the tree and slipped out of my Speedo.

I stood there naked, facing the gentle breezes that blew in from the ocean and thought how wonderful it was that I could experience this exhilarating feeling of freedom. The breeze caressed my penis and testicles with a gentle touch and I felt himself getting hard just standing there in the middle of nowhere, naked as the day I was born. I was about to lie down on the blanket to get some sun, when a crab caught my eye along the shore. I decided to investigate and spent the next half hour or so examining the shore, the sand, the island and just rejoicing in being naked under the sun and free to do whatever I wanted.

I frolicked naked in the water, along the beach and under the palm tree. I found myself actually getting sexually aroused by just doing common every-day events totally nude and my penis was hard most of the time I was on the island. I eventually went back to the blanket, stretched out in the sun and soon drifted off into a light sleep.

About an hour later my sleep was interrupted by a hermit crab that had wandered onto the blanket and tried to climb my leg. I picked up the crab and tossed it a few feet away. I again was aware of my nudity outdoors and under the sun and became aroused all over again. I laid back on the blanket and began to caress myself. I rubbed my body all over, enjoying the feelings that erupted. My hands moved down my body until they reached my penis and testicles. I masturbated slowly and methodically, looking at the sky and sun and my surroundings and thinking that this must be as close to heaven as it can get. As my orgasm approached, I slowed my stroking, wanting to prolong the climax for as long as possible. I wanted this moment to last forever but my lust was overtaking my logic and soon I climaxed with a shuddering intensity that caused me to scream out with passion - a scream that was heard only by the hermit crabs and insects inhabiting the beach.

I drifted off to sleep again for a short time after my orgasm, but soon awoke and decided it was time to get back to the house. The sun was getting lower in the sky and the lunch I had taken with me was long gone. I was starting to get hungry and so I packed up the pillow, blanket and towel and headed to the boat. After I tossed my belongings into the boat, I again became aware of my nakedness. I decided to put on my bikini just in case I met someone on the way home.

I launched the boat, started the engine and began the trip back. It was no more that 15 minutes after I began the trip back that I became aware that something was different. Something had changed since I had passed this way earlier in the day. The water seemed shallower. I was passing one of the larger islands in the chain and was about 75 feet off shore but the water seemed to be only about a foot or so deep. I said to myself that this couldn't be and leaned over the edge of the boat to get a better look. As I leaned over the side, the boat ran aground - stopping very fast by hitting a sandbar just below the surface of the water. I was tossed into the water by the sudden stop and found myself scraping bottom on the sand just below the water. After coming to an abrupt halt, I stood up in the shallow water and tried to figure out what had happened.

The first thing I noticed was that my bikini had almost been removed by the impact of hitting the water and sand - it was down around my knees. I adjusted the suit and then waded over to the boat to try and asses the situation. The boat was firmly implanted in the sand bar and try as I might, I could not move it. I wondered how I could have come by here earlier in the day with no problem. It was then that I realized that it must be the tide that caused the situation. Tides in the Bahamas are not drastic but apparently just enough to expose the sand bar at the right time of day.

I looked over to the nearby island. It was larger than most and I thought that maybe it might be big enough to have a house or two on it. I wondered if I should put on my boxers since I would be looking to meet someone for help to get me out of my predicament. I decided to throw all caution to the wind and go ashore in my Speedo. I felt strangely daring thinking I would possibly be meeting someone in my brief bikini!

I waded the 75 feet to the beach and decided to circle the island by the shore. If there was anyone on this island, they would definitely be by the shore and not inland. I began walking around the short end of the island since nothing could be seen in the distance in the opposite direction. I walked for a few minutes and came to the end of the peninsula that terminated that portion of the island.

As I rounded the peninsula and began walking around the other side of the island, I saw what I thought was a roof of a house rising above a row of bushes that ran from the center of the island almost down to the beach. I thought it strange that bushes would be growing in a line like that naturally, and realized that they must have been planted by someone for a particular purpose. The bushes were about seven feet tall and very dense. I walked toward the bushes and as I got closer, I realized that there was indeed a house on the other side of the bushes. I approached the bushes and the house behind it very slowly and as noiselessly as possible trying to asses the situation before I made himself visible. I still felt very self conscious in my brief swim suit.

As I got to the bushes, I stopped and listened. I heard nothing but the gentle breezes coming off the shore and blowing through the bushes. I began to separate the bushes slowly and quietly to get a look at what was on the other side. It was not an easy process, but the bushes eventually parted, giving me a view of what was on the other side.

I saw the house, only 20 feet or so away. It was a typical house for the Bahamas. Probably 2-3 bedrooms, a deck outside with outdoor furniture, a barbecue grill and an outdoor shower on the deck beside the house for occupants to wash off the sand and salt water before entering the house. The door to the house was open indicating that someone must be around but I could see no one. I then looked down the beach and saw a lone figure some distance away coming up the beach from the opposite direction. He was quite short, about 5'4" or so but well proportioned and lean. I'll bet he was kidded in school about being short. I did not reach my present height until late in high school and I was always kidded earlier in school. He had blonde hair that was cut in a boyish "bowl cut" with bangs that came down to almost his eyebrows. What I noticed the most, however, was what the boy was wearing.

He had on a white bikini swimsuit that was even briefer than my Speedo. It couldn't have been more than «" on the sides and I also noticed that his tan was very deep and offset the white bikini with deep contrast.

This was the only other guy I had ever seen who wore anything other than the baggy, long-cut boxer-type swimsuits. After my first impression, I found myself becoming interested in looking at this young man's body. He was heading for the house and as he approached the deck of the house I got a perfect view of this nearly-naked young man. My God this guy is gorgeous, I remember thinking. He had to be about my age judging by his build, but he was extremely cute and young looking and probably could pass for much younger that he really was, especially because he was so short.

I felt somewhat strange, lurking behind some bushes in the middle of nowhere, spying on another nearly-naked male. I never considered myself a peeping tom, but as long as the opportunity presented itself and no one would know, what could it hurt? So I decided to keep looking and take advantage of the situation and see what would happen.

The first thing that I noticed was that he was virtually hairless. His chest had no hair and his legs seemed hairless as well. I surmised that because he was blonde, that any leg hair would be next to invisible if it were as blonde as his head hair, especially next to his well-tanned body.

As he approached the deck and climbed the two steps onto the deck I got an even better look at his body. He was only about 20 feet away and I could see everything clearly as the sun was getting lower in the sky and to my back, spot lighting his body with a golden hue. He walked around the deck picking up some items from the table and surrounding area and taking them into the house. As he moved about the deck area, I was fascinated by the way his body moved. I felt myself getting hard just watching him. I had never had the opportunity to closely examine or watch the muscles of a nearly-naked male body as he worked and moved to accomplish ordinary tasks. My glimpses of naked guys had to be fast and fleeting in the past so that I wouldn't be discovered staring. However, this was different, I could watch to my hearts content and nobody would know.

As he finished his straightening the area he walked over to the shower and turned on the water. I was sure he was just washing off the sand and salt of the day and would soon disappear into the house. But that was not the case. After thoroughly wetting himself under the shower, I noticed that the water had turned his bikini swimsuit somewhat transparent. I could see the outline of his penis under the suit and I felt strangely aroused at the sight. My penis was getting harder by the minute. He reached over to a tray that was nearby and picked up a plastic bottle and squeezed a small portion of liquid into his palm. He then proceeded to wash his hair with the liquid. As his hair and hands became very soapy, he spread the soapy lather down his chest and onto his swimsuit.

He then did something that took my breath away. He spread the lather into his swimsuit, reaching underneath the fabric and massaging his genitals with the soapy substance. He really seemed to enjoy this as he threw his head back and closed his eyes as he massaged his genitals beneath the suit. I noticed a sizable increase in the bulge in front of the small bikini as he manipulated the flesh beneath the fabric.

After a short time he turned and faced the wall in order to rinse off the shampoo. After a thorough rinsing he again stepped to the tray, took the bottle of liquid and repeated the process again. This time the lather was much thicker and when he spread it onto his chest and swimsuit and beyond, it seemed to cover and hide what was beneath the suit instead of revealing it the way the plain water had.

He spent much more time spreading the lather around and underneath the swimsuit than the first time and it was obvious to me that his penis was becoming very erect under the suit. It could no longer be contained downward so he moved it to the side of the suit. It was very rigid now and was pushing out the suit almost to the point of pulling it away from his body. He again turned to rinse off the shampoo and I noticed his buttocks for the first time as they filled out the suit. They were perfectly matched twin orbs of round flesh that undulated beneath the fabric of his minimal bikini.

He truly was well developed, firm muscles, flat belly and no fat to be seen anywhere. He was not overly developed the way a weight lifter might be, but lean and trim, more like a swimmer's body would be. I had to move my own penis to the side because it was getting so hard it was painful.

After rinsing off again he made another trip to the tray to retrieve another plastic bottle of liquid. He squeezed out a generous portion of the liquid and applied it to his hair. It did not lather as the previous times but coated his hair with a tan liquid. I surmised that it must be conditioner and he again spread the liquid down his chest and into the swimsuit which was now barely confining the rigid penis beneath it.

Finally he reached for a bar of soap, turned off the water, and began to soap his entire body. He spent much time making sure every inch of skin surface was covered and then spent even more time caressing and fondling the area barely covered by the bikini swimsuit. By this time his penis was so erect, the suit could not contain it and he did what I secretly had been wishing he would do from the moment I saw him - he skinned the brief swimsuit off his body and stepped out of it.

Immediately his penis pulsated out vertically from his body and stood proudly erect. I had seen lots of naked guys in the showers before, but this was definitely different, they were not hard and erect like he was. His penis was of average size, about 6" or so, but it seemed bigger because of his slight stature. It stood out vertically and slightly upward from his torso and seemed larger in proportion to the rest of his body. I gasped at the sight and thought that he might have heard me, but the wind through the bushes muffled my gasp.

He began slowly washing his body with the brief swimsuit, using it as a washcloth. Each time he washed his penis and testicles, they bounced and swayed in the setting sunlight. Watching this totally-naked and aroused teenager was having a definite effect on me. I was mesmerized at the sight and my own penis was threatening to break out of my bikini at the sight of this naked young man manipulating his genitals only a short distance away and in my full view. I could see some pubic hair but it was blonde like the rest of him and it seemed quite short as well, making it almost invisible.

He began to stroke his penis now with longer and faster strokes. He set aside the swimsuit and concentrated his attention on his penis and testicles, caressing and pulling, pushing and stroking. The head of his penis would alternately appear and disappear from my intent gaze as his hand moved up and down the shaft. I couldn't believe I was witnessing a naked young man masturbating right before me in the sunlight. I was aroused beyond belief and used my free hand to caress and squeeze my genitals beneath my brief swimsuit.

Just as I thought he would surly climax, he stopped and again retrieved something from the tray. I could not at first make out what it was and frankly was distracted at the sight of his rigid penis bouncing in the sun and wind as he moved. I was total fixated on his erect penis and couldn't take my eyes off of it. I continued to be amazed as it undulated while he stepped from the shower to the tray and back again. I also loved to watch his testicles as they swayed in rhythm to his movements.

Soon however, I realized that it was a razor that he had taken from the tray and started to shave his face. At the same time as he shaved, his other hand would slowly stroke his penis. The more he shaved the more he stroked. Occasionally as he shaved, he needed to use both hands to get to areas that needed shaving and would abandon his penis for a short period of time. I continued to marvel at the way it swayed and bounced when not being attended to. After he finished shaving his face, he began using the razor on his pubic hair using just a light touch. I realized then why his pubic hair was so short if he trimmed it with the razor each time he shaved his face. After several light strokes with the razor, he stopped to examine his work. There wasn't much left to trim and he stood there for awhile rubbing his pubic mound and looking intently at his crotch. He seemed to be trying to make a decision about something and after a minute or so he started stroking the area with the razor again, however, he was using firmer strokes this time. He continued stroking, going all over the area and I could see that he was taking all the hair off this time. His penis was very erect and he moved it from side to side in order to access all the nooks and crannies around his penis. Shortly there was nothing more to shave and his whole pubic area was shaved clean. I couldn't believe he had just shaved off all his pubic hair - what little there was of it - he was almost hairless before he shaved, now the only visible hair on his body was on his head. As he rinsed off under the shower and the soap was washed away, I got a perfect view of his now totally-naked body, with no hair to obstruct my view of his penis and the testicles swaying beneath.

I was so aroused at this point that my mouth was dry and my breathing became almost gasps. My penis was so hard it almost ached, I pushed down my Speedo and began masturbating at the sight of what was unfolding not 20 feet before me. I felt feelings I never before experienced in my life.

Setting the razor aside, he began to manipulate his penis and testicles in earnest now. Faster and faster he masturbated and just as I thought he would surly climax, he stopped and took his hands away from his body facing the sun with his eyes closed, head back and mouth open. His hips jutted forward with his knees slightly bent and his super-erect and hairless penis pulsating in the wind.

After a few seconds he began stroking again, then stopped again. He seemed to be bringing himself to the edge of climaxing and then stopping in order to prolong the intense feelings for as long as possible. I marveled at his self control. At last he began stroking at a faster rate and did not stop. His climax came and his penis shot forth a round of spurts of milky-white liquid which catapulted onto the deck a few feet away from where he was standing. His whole body shook at the moment of orgasm and his knees buckled almost to the point of falling.

This sight was too much for me - I let go of the bushes and stroked my rigid penis a few times and squeezed my balls which caused me to collapse in the sand in a tremendous mind-wrenching orgasm the likes of which I had never experienced in my 18 years.

Chapter Two

The Meeting

It took me a full minute to recover my composure and I again tried to think of the best plan to rescue me from my predicament. The young man was obviously alone, or so he thought, for he would not have shaved his crotch and masturbated on the deck out in the open if he thought there was any chance of being caught in the act. He seemed harmless enough. I decided to check to make sure I had not been discovered.

I parted the bushes again and saw him underneath the shower, washing out and rinsing the white bikini under the water. He was facing away from me and I enjoyed the sight of his naked buttocks. I couldn't make up my mind which side of his naked body I liked to look at best but then decided not to choose, enjoying all of the sights for different reasons. I also noticed that he had no tan lines, meaning that he did not wear that bikini often. Maybe he liked to be naked outdoors as much as I did.

He turned off the water and wrung out the suit, turning around again. When his penis was again fully exposed to me, I noticed the change from the erection of just a few minutes ago. It was much smaller now, pointing to the ground and gently swaying as he moved. I again marveled at the sight of his now totally-hairless crotch, making him look even younger and virginal.

He went over to retrieve a towel and began to dry himself off. I would have liked to stay and watch what he would do next, but I had come up with a plan and decided to implement it.

I still had half a hardon from the tremendous orgasm I had just experienced. I tucked my penis back into my Speedo and quietly stepped away from the bushes and retreated back to where I had come. I went back around the peninsula so I would be out of sight. I had decided to confront and meet him but needed to get prepared first. I stepped into the water to rinse my body and wet my swimsuit so it looked as though the boat accident had just happened. I eyed the boat in the distance, still firmly implanted in the sand. Deciding that the boy had had enough time to dry off, I again headed for the house.

As soon as the house came into view, I began to call out to get the boy's attention and to give him a chance to retrieve something to wear. As I rounded the end of the bushes, I called out again. As the deck came into view, there was no one to be seen. I headed toward the deck again calling out. As I was walking up the two steps of the deck, I noticed the white bikini hung up to dry on a small clothes line obviously designed to dry out swimsuits after the day was done, however, I was a little disappointed. I had hoped he would put on the white bikini again as I was getting used to seeing him in (and out of) it. I wondered what he would be wearing if it wasn't the white bikini. Surly he wouldn't come out naked to greet a stranger and I hoped he wouldn't put on a boxer-type suit since I was still self conscious about letting myself being seen in my Speedo.

As I reached the top step of the deck he appeared in the doorway of the house. He was not naked, but just about. He had on another bikini, this one brightly and multi-colored, probably nylon and lycra I thought just like my Speedo, the way it hugged his body. It was a little larger than the white one but not by much, the sides being only about an inch wide.

"Hi," he said.

"Hello," I answered, "I've got a problem." I found it hard to look him in the eye, since I had just witnessed his shameless and intimate act of shaving and masturbating.

"What's the problem?," he queried.

"My boat ran aground on the other side of the island and I can't get it unstuck."

"The tide got you, huh?" he said.

"Yeah, how did you know?" I questioned. I noticed as I glanced up and looked at his eyes that they were intense blue and were examining my body.

"Oh, it happens about once a month, but usually on weekends because there are more inexperienced people around here then. Don't feel badly, though, it caught me once when I first came here. It won't do any damage to your boat."

"What can I do?" I said.

"Well, let's go see how bad it is and find out the best solution," he answered.

"Oh, by the way my name is Sean, what's yours?"

"Mark," I replied.

"Glad to meet you Mark - let's go look at your boat."

I was amazed that neither of us reacted to being seen in such brief swimwear. This was the first person ever to see me in my Speedo and I thought that he would have some kind of reaction. I felt strangely excited that I was in my brief bikini and he was not shocked or making a big deal out of it.

We both walked to the end of the deck and as I moved to retrace my path back along the beach he stopped me and said, "There's a short cut to the other side of the island from the other side of the house, follow me."

The path through the bushes that we took was narrow, barely wide enough for two people, but I followed behind on purpose in order to examine his body from an even closer distance than when I watched him from the bushes. The path was not long because the island was not large and as we traveled it, I again examined his body and the brief bikini that was hiding the essential parts of his anatomy.

The bikini was very brightly colored, with gleaming colors of orange, yellow, green, purple, blue and pink in random patterns surrounded with black borders. The nylon fabric sparkled when the sun hit it and I wondered where he could have found such a swimsuit, since all the stores where I lived only had the oversized boxer-type suits.

I also examined his skin as we walked. He was not entirely hairless, but what little hair he did have on the lower end of his back and on his legs was very short and very blonde so as to make it almost invisible unless you were very close. The short blonde hairs gleamed in the sunlight and I felt myself getting aroused again. I was beginning to become fascinated by this young man, almost immediately wanting to get to know him better. I had already seen almost all there was to see of his body and now I wanted to learn more about the person inside.

The path that we took soon led us to the other side of the island and in no time we were on the beach a short distance from where the boat was imbedded in the sand bar.

"Let's see if we can move it," he said. We waded out to the boat and examined its position.

"Look's like you were going pretty fast when you ran aground," he surmised.

"Well, I wasn't in a hurry, but I usually travel at close to top speed to get from one place to another, and this was no exception," I replied.

He moved around the boat to the seaward side, and indicated to me to join him on the opposite side.

"Mark, you get on that side and I'll pull from this side and see if we can get this thing off the sand bar."

I approached the boat and grabbed the side as he had instructed. We both put our best effort into moving the boat backward, but to no avail.

"Looks like it's stuck really good," he said.

"Yeah, it looks that way," I agreed. "What do I do now?"

"Well you have two choices," he answered. "I have a CB radio back at the house. We can call for help at the marina to come and pull the boat off the sand bar, but it's going to be dark in a couple of hours and I don't know if anyone from the marina would be able to get here and get the boat dislodged in time for you to get back to your place before dark. You don't have any lights on this boat and you're not supposed to run at night around here without running lights. Your second choice would be to just wait until the tide comes back in and floats it, then simply drive it back to your house."

"It sounds like waiting is the easiest course to take," I said. "How long will it take? When is high tide?"

"The tide will be at its highest around sunrise," he answered, "but it should be high enough to float the boat several hours before and after the highest point."

I stood there looking at the boat in silence for a few minutes, still having a problem looking him in the eyes. This presented an interesting problem. I had no way to get home and spending the night with him seemed the only other choice. I had mixed emotions about staying overnight with this stranger. I wanted to get to know him better but was still reluctant not knowing if he was as interested in me as I was in him. I wanted to tell him that I would kill to spend the night with him but we had just met and I didn't want to ruin a potentially good thing. Then I had an idea.

"Do you have a boat?" I asked.

"I do have a boat," he replied, "but it's a small sailboat with no motor and as you can see the wind dies out at this time of day around here. But we could use the CB to call the police station and have them contact your parents to come and get you."

"My parents are working and won't be back here until Friday."

"Well, you could stay here. We have three bedrooms and my parents and I only use two of them - you could use the third. By morning your boat will be floating and you can get home then."

"Are your parents home now?" I asked, knowing full well he must be alone.

"No, they won't be back until Saturday. I could use the company, though, I've been here alone for over a week," he said.

I made a snap decision. "Well, we aren't getting anything done here. Let's go back to the house and decide what to do next."

"You can leave all your belongings in the boat, we won't be getting any rain tonight," he said. "But we'd better throw out the anchor so that when it does float, it doesn't go anywhere."

We tossed the anchor overboard and began the trek back to the house. When we got back to the path, he motioned for me to go first. As we negotiated the path back to the house, I wondered if he was examining my body the way I had examined his during the short walk. I could almost feel his gaze on my nearly-naked form. I wanted to look back and see if I could catch him looking at me but decided against it. We soon arrived back at the house, went to the deck and sat down.

"Would you like a soda?" he asked.

"Sure, thanks." I replied.

He went into the house and returned with two sodas, gave one to me and sat down across the table from me.

"So what have you decided?" he asked.

"I'm not sure," I said. "What do you think I should do?"

I was testing him to see if he wanted me to stay, to see if he was as interested in me as I was in him. I still didn't know if he was possibly gay or bisexual. He gave me no indication about what he would like.

"You're perfectly welcome to stay here until morning or beyond," he said. "We have plenty of food and plenty of room and, as I said, the company would be welcome. Even though we've just met, I feel strangely, how can I say, familiar, no that's it, more like that I've known you for a long time already. I guess I'm not making much sense, am I?"

My heart began to pound. A sign that he was interested in me too! I wasn't about to pass up this opening.

"It's funny you should say that," I replied. "I've been feeling the same way. It's really strange. But I was too afraid to say anything in fear that you might think I was being too forward or something."

"I'm getting hungry," he said. "How about some chips to go with the soda?"

"That would be great," I replied.

He got up to get the chips and I again noticed the uniqueness of his brief and brightly-colored bikini swimsuit. "That's really a neat swimsuit you almost have on," I joked. "None of the guys I know would be caught dead in anything so brief. They like the ones that come down almost to the knees. I always hated them and some of them look really dorky. But I've never even seen anything that comes close to yours. Where did you get it?"

"You wouldn't believe me if I told you. I have a boxer-type suit that I usually wear when people are around. I don't like them but that's the style these days. Actually, I usually don't even wear this much when my folks are away. I'm glad you didn't get here any earlier than you did because I had just finished showering and this is the first suit I could grab before you came around the bushes."

I finally got over my shyness and began looking him in the eye. I was taken by the bright blue of his eyes, they almost gleamed. And his smile almost made my knees weak. A perfect row of gleaming white teeth and small dimples made him seem almost child-like. I found myself wanting to stay with him more and more as we talked.

"You mean, I almost caught you naked?" I chided.

"Yeah," he admitted, "I really enjoy spending all day naked when no one is here. It's a real turn on for me. Just being outside in the sun, wind and water in the nude is exciting to me." He hesitated for a moment. "I can't believe I'm telling you this, I hardly know you."

"Well," I replied, "you're not the only one. I spent the last three hours naked on a small island just south of here. The only reason I put my suit back on was in case I met someone on the way home. I also love to be alone and naked in the great outdoors. It's such a feeling of freedom."

"What do you mean I'm almost wearing this suit?" he said, changing the subject. "Yours is not exactly large and leaves little to the imagination, and I have a good imagination."

I couldn't believe we were actually sparring sexually with our conversation. Not really saying anything definite but letting each other know that we might be open for sexual approaching. I wondered if I was going too far. He was still standing after retrieving the chips and I noticed the bulge in the front of his suit was a bit bigger than before. Was he getting an erection with this sexy talk? I decided to try to escalate the hot talk into action.

"Well, if you enjoy being naked so much go ahead and strip," I said. "Your almost naked already so don't let me stand in your way" I was actually daring him to strip in front of me.

"I couldn't do that with you here. I've never been naked in front of other people before," he confessed.

Oh yes you have! I thought to myself. I smiled and began to think back and visualizing his shaving and act of masturbation that I had witnessed less than an hour ago and I started to get aroused again.

"And I could say the same thing to you," he continued. "You said you liked to be naked too, so just do it. I'd love to watch. Go for it."

"Well, I guess it's a tie. I've never been naked in front of other people either and I'm not sure I want to start now."

The tension between us was building. I was beginning to get wet feet about where this was going and I was sure the bulge in his brief swimsuit was getting bigger by the minute. I had to break the tension before things got out of hand so I changed the subject.

"Want to go for a swim? The sun is just about down and soon it will be dark. We could get one last dip in before dark."

"Sure!" he said. "Last one in is a rotten egg."

Chapter Three

In the Surf

We both broke into a sprint for the water. We ran as fast as we could but he had a head start and hit the water before me. We dove in and surfaced several feet from shore in about waist-deep water. Because of our speed, I again lost my suit to the resistance of the water and when I surfaced, it was half way down my ass and exposing most of my crotch to the world. He was already standing in the water gazing at me with that really cute grin seemingly enjoying the sight.

I turned away from him immediately and adjusted the suit to cover my nakedness. "You did that on purpose!" I exclaimed.

"I didn't do anything!" he complained. "I was just admiring the view! And what a view it is!"

After adjusting my suit I turned to him and said, "Well, I hope you enjoyed the show! Now it's my turn!" I then lunged at him and groped for his brief suit in an attempt to rip it from his body. I did manage to get my hands on his suit and partially pull it down but he was too quick for me. He side stepped me and broke away from my grasp.

"My, we're getting a little foreword, aren't we?" he said. "I guess you'll have to be taught a lesson!" With that he lunged at me and tried to remove my suit from my body.

We began to wrestle with each other laughing and sparring, each of us trying to remove the swimsuit of the other until he finally was the victor despite my obvious size advantage. He stood up holding my Speedo bikini in his hand while I stayed under the water to hide my nakedness.

"Yes!" he exclaimed. "To the victor goes the spoils!"

He held my small swimsuit over his head and turned around and around in the water as if to celebrate his victory and display the goods to the world. I saw my chance as his back was to me and I lunged toward him. I pushed him hard on the shoulders while at the same time kicking his legs out from under him so that he went sprawling into the water. As soon as he went head first into the water, I deftly moved the brightly-colored bikini down his legs and over his feet. He may have my bikini, but now I had his.

"You don't play fair!" he said as he surfaced sputtering from the water. "My back was turned."

"All is fair in Love and War," I remarked as I remained beneath the surface of the water to hide my nakedness from him. My penis was beginning to get hard from the sexy play and the caressing of the water around my genitals.

We were still in waist deep water so when he stood, I couldn't see his lower body beneath the water. We seemed to be in a stalemate.

"Now what?" he questioned.

"Good question," I answered.

We both looked at each other and crouched down in the water to hide our nakedness from the other. My penis was getting harder and harder the longer we stayed in the water. Then we both began to laugh.

"Now let's see where you got this suit." I said examining the material. "There's no label. What did you do, take it out?"

"I never put labels in my suits," he replied.

"Are you trying to tell me that you made this thing?" I asked.

"I said earlier that you wouldn't believe me if I told you!" he exclaimed.

"You mean, you bought the material, cut the pattern and sewed it yourself?"

"Yeah, except I don't use patterns they don't make patterns for anything this brief. Besides, what's so difficult about that?"

"Well, nothing, I guess. I just never heard of a 'seamster', if that's a word, let alone at your age."

"I'm a man of many talents," he replied.

"I guess so!" I exclaimed. This boy was amazing me by the minute.

"Well, we both said we liked to be naked," I said.

"And we are!" he agreed.

"Well, at least you are going to be for awhile," I exclaimed as I threw his suit onto the beach half way up the shore. "Go fetch!" I taunted.

"Oh, yeah!" he exclaimed. "Well, two can play this game. You go fetch!" And he threw my suit even farther up the beach.

We both soon came to the realization that sooner or later we would be confronting each other in the nude. I was the first one to speak.

"Well, it looks like we both got our wish, we're naked. Now what?"

"As you said, 'Good question'," he replied.

"We can't stay here all night," I retorted.

"That's true. Since you started it, why don't you go up and bring back our suits so we can go back to the house and have dinner."

"But you were the one who stated first that you liked to be naked. What's the matter, you chickening out?"

"No, I'm not chickening out. In case you haven't noticed, I am naked. I just have a problem, that's all," he said.

"What kind of problem?" I questioned.

"I can't say," he said.

"Why not?" I questioned. "What could be so drastic that you can't say?"

He hesitated for a moment, seemingly trying to make a decision. "All right smarty, if you must know, I have an erection!" he blurted out. "And I have a problem with anyone seeing me with an erection! Especially people I don't know. And not only that but I am also really naked."

"What do you mean, really naked?" I asked. I thought he was talking about his hairlessness but I couldn't tell him I knew he had no pubic hair.

He hesitated again. I knew he was having trouble telling anyone he had a hairless crotch.

"I mean reeeeeeeeeally naked. I have no pubic hair. Now you know, are you satisfied?"

"How come?" I asked.

"How come what?" he retorted.

"How come you have an erection?"

He looked to the heavens and rolled his eyes. "Oh great!" he said sarcastically. "Here I am, naked as the day I was born, in the great outdoors, skinny dipping with only the best looking guy I've ever seen in my entire life and he wants to know how come I have an erection! Oh, I don't know, it was probably something I had for lunch!"

I hesitated for a moment, thinking about this young man that I had become so attracted to in such a short period of time. He had made the final overture letting me know in no uncertain terms that he was attracted to me and it was now up to me to confirm or deny my feelings for him. It took me all of a half a second to make up my mind what to do.

"Erections are good! I like erections! As a matter of fact, I have a raging hardon myself!" I exclaimed. "Why do you have a problem with me seeing you with an erection," I taunted. "And as far as pubic hair is concerned, I always wanted to remove mine but was afraid of what the other guys would say when we got in the showers at school. I couldn't bear that!"

I don't think he ever expected this reaction from a guy his age that he had never met before and I think that he didn't know quite what to do. I circled around him until I was facing the setting sun. It was just above the horizon now and was bright orange giving everything surrounding us a deep golden color. I stood up in the waist deep water and revealed my naked body to him. I just stood there for a moment and let him look at my sunlit golden-colored chest. The water was just barely up to my penis, some of my pubic hair was exposed and my very erect penis was just below the surface of the almost- transparent water. He took his time examining my hairless chest and body down to my rigid penis floating just below the surface of the water. I felt his gaze traveling over my exposed skin and I realized that I was incredibly aroused for the third time that day.

"I see someone else is hard besides me," he said softly, continually gazing at my erect penis.

"Yeah," I admitted.

"How come?" he asked.

"How come what?" I retorted.

"How come you're hard?"

I looked to the heavens and rolled my eyes. "Oh great!" I said sarcastically. "Here I am, naked as the day I was born, in the great outdoors, skinny dipping with only the best looking guy I've ever seen in my entire life and he wants to know how come I have an erection! Oh, I don't know, it was probably something I had for lunch!"

"Touch‚" he relented.

He stood up too but I still couldn't see anything important because of the water and his smaller stature.

"Come on, we're acting like a couple of kids and I don't know about you, but I just turned 18 and I'm not a kid any more. I'm hungry, let's go get that dinner you offered."

I led the way and we began to walk out of the water. With each step more and more of our bodies were revealed to each other. Since I was taller, my penis bobbed up out of the water first. We took several more steps until we were in calf- deep water. I stopped and turned to him and we stood there silently looking at each other.

His eyes traveled slowly down my body lingering on each bit of exposed skin. I felt my penis twitch while he examined my body slowly and leisurely this time for a long while. His gaze traveled lower until he was staring at my pubic hair. It was mostly blonde - bleached from the sun over the past few weeks.

I studied him also, reacquainting myself with his body as I had earlier in the day from the bushes. This time, however I was much closer and I enjoyed the sight even more. I concentrated on his very-erect penis and hairless crotch. I was fascinated by the fact that this body with no visible hair turned me on so much. My fascination of being naked was heightened by the fact that his hairless crotch made him as naked as you could be. I could have sworn that his penis was bigger than the last time I saw it and it seemed to be twitching.

"Why would you want to hide such a beautiful penis?" I asked quietly. "And hairless as well, that's really neat!"

"I guess I'm just shy," he responded. "I was afraid you would laugh if you saw me without any pubic hair. You mean you like it?"

"Like it! I love it! It really turns me on!"

Our eyes finally met and locked, really locked for a long time with nothing being said. We both were standing there in the sky blue ocean totally naked and aroused in the setting sun enjoying the process of examining each others deep blue eyes for what seemed like forever. We just stood there, searching each other's eyes, trying to reach into the deep recesses of each other's minds, enjoying the process of unabashedly probing the soul of the other. After what seemed like hours but was probably was less than a minute he broke the silence.

"I've never felt like this before," he said quietly.

"Me neither," I said.

"May I touch you?" he said quietly. "I won't hurt you."

"Go ahead," I responded.

He moved to me and put his hands on my chest, caressing gently. I sighed at his touch, my penis twitching even more at his touch. His hands moved slowly down my sides until they were caressing my hips. He moved slowly toward my pubic region. With one hand he caressed my inner thighs and he slowly moved his left hand to my testicles and gently cupped them. With his other had he grasped my super erect penis and gently squeezed it. I almost came in his hand right then and there, it felt so good and I was so turned on my knees were weak.

"You feel good," he observed.

"I'm glad you like it. It feels good from here too," I said.

"May I touch you?" I asked.

"I wish you would." he said.

I reached out with one hand and gently squeezed his testicles while grabbing the shaft of his penis with the other. I was amazed at how soft his penis was yet still very hard as well. I moved up the shaft until I was caressing the head. I stroked up and down a couple of times and then squeezed the head while still gently squeezing his testicles.

"You feel good, too. I've never done this before," I confessed.

"Me neither, but I've thought about it and I like it!"

Since he was shorter than me, I kneeled down in the shallow water so that my head was almost level with his hairless crotch. I wanted to get a really good look at this hairless wonder that I had just met. My close-up view was mind boggling and I caressed his hairless crotch, his upper thighs and his genitals. My hands roamed around and massaged the perfect cheeks of his ass. I looked up into his eyes. He was watching me with an intent gaze.

"May I go on?" I asked.

"Please do!" he said. There was a breathless quality to his voice.

I looked down again to his hairless erection only inches away from my eyes. I couldn't resist it. I had never even seen another erect penis in my life besides my own and all the guys in school used to tease each other with insults about being a cocksucker. I had always thought that sucking another persons penis would be disgusting but this was different. I was so turned on I couldn't believe it and putting his penis in my mouth not only did not seem disgusting, it seemed to be the natural thing to do at that moment. I pulled him to me and put the head of his penis into my eager mouth. I held him there and didn't move for a minute just gently sucking.

He moaned and exclaimed, "Holy shit, that feels good!! No one has ever done that for me before!"

Since I had never done it before either, I wasn't sure what I should be doing so I just started doing what I thought I might like done to me. I started moving up and down his penis and letting my tongue roll around the head. As I sucked, I squeezed his balls and massaged them. Soon his body jerked and he moaned, "Oh my God, I can't believe I'm coming."

With that his penis twitched and he erupted into my mouth. This being my first time at this I didn't know exactly what to do. My first reaction was to pull out and escape. But I didn't have time to think, it was too late so I just took all of him down my throat all the way down until my nose was rubbing his hairless pubic mound and pulled and squeezed his balls with both hands. As soon as he started to come, he grabbed my head and moaned loudly.

I almost gagged when the first shot of sperm hit the back of my throat, but I didn't want to spoil any of his pleasure so I swallowed like crazy, trying to please him and give him the most amount of pleasure I could.

Since he had just ejaculated in the shower not long ago, there wasn't a lot of sperm to swallow and just before he was finished coming, I felt myself coming even though I had not been touched. I reached for my own penis and squeezed, and I erupted into my third orgasm of the day. After he was spent, he fell back into the shallow water. We both laid there on our backs with our erect penises pointing toward the sky and began to laugh.

"I've never done anything like this before," I confessed. "I hope you're not angry with me."

"Angry?!" he exclaimed, "I can truthfully say I must have died and gone to heaven! Words cannot describe my feelings right now. I didn't think I could ever experience anything so intense. Are you OK?"

"OK?" I said. "I'm better than OK. I'm superb!"

"Me too!" he exclaimed.

We sat up in the shallow and looked into each other's eyes and stared at each other again. This time it was different, however. We searched each other gently instead of urgently, appreciating the feelings we had just shared.

"I think I could stay here forever," he confessed.

"Me too, but come on, I'm hungry, let's go!" I said.

"OK, I guess this has to end some time." he said.

We leisurely walked out of the water and as we approached the spot where our swimsuits had been thrown, I bent over to pick up the suits.

"I guess we won't be needing these anymore," I said.

"I guess not," he replied. "Does this mean you're staying with me tonight?"

"You couldn't drag me away now! But I don't think I'll need the spare bedroom though, if you know what I mean," I replied.

"Cool!" was all he said.

He took me by the hand and we began to walk up to the house naked and happy.

Chapter Four

The Evening

As we approached the deck, he said, "Let's wash off the salt and sand under the shower."

"Sounds great," I responded.

I tossed our swim suits on the table and we both went to the outside shower. He turned on the water and retrieved a bar of soap from the tray nearby.

"I'll wash your back if you wash mine," he said.

"I'd rather wash your front," I said brazenly.

"Me too! Let's wash each other all over, front and back!" he retorted.

"Sounds like a deal to me! Since you have the soap, you may start with me."

He started to lather my body starting at the shoulders and working downward. He worked the soap all over my upper torso spending a great deal of time on my chest and nipples which became hard at his touch. He then moved around to my back and began washing and caressing my entire back side. As he reached my buttocks, he spent even more time caressing and soaping my perfectly-shaped twin muscles. He worked the soap into my crack and caressed my anus with a soapy finger.

"Oh!" I exclaimed as his finger tickled the opening of my anus. "No one has ever touched me there before. I never thought that it would feel good to have someone touch that part of my body."

"I want to touch every part of your body," he whispered into my ear from behind me.

He knelt down behind me and began soaping my legs. He used long strokes and covered my thighs and calves over and over again.

"Turn around," he instructed me as he kneeled on the deck.

I turned and he continued to soap my legs with long and loving strokes. During his stroking as he approached my pubic area he would get closer and closer to my genitals but not touch them, lingering around the area but avoiding actual contact. He caressed my thighs, moved up my hips and massaged my belly region, pressing into my pubic mound but avoiding direct contact to my most private parts which were no longer private to him. I couldn't believe it but I began to get hard again as he caressed and teased me.

"You sure are a cock teaser!" I exclaimed breathlessly.

"No need to rush things," he said, "We've got plenty of time."

He continued his sensual massage for awhile, still avoiding my most private parts. Eventually, after I pleaded for contact, he massaged my penis and testicles with his soapy fingers. I was very aroused again and couldn't believe the feelings his soapy touch was giving me. After a few minutes of his insistent massaging of my genitals, he used one hand to caress my anus as well, bringing on still more new and intense feelings.

"My God," I exclaimed breathlessly. "Where did you learn that?"

"Well, to tell you the truth, I've never done it before, but I've always thought that if I ever had the chance, it would be fun to try."

"You were right!" I exclaimed as I noticed that his penis was erect again also. "And you sure look fantastic with that hairless hardon!"

"You could be too!" he said.

"Could be what?" I questioned.

"Hairless," he sighed as he continued to stroke and caress my penis lovingly.

"I've never done that before, I wouldn't know how and I'm afraid I might cut something important," I replied.

"I've done it many times. It's a breeze. Would you let me shave you? I'd love to and it wouldn't hurt a bit, I promise."

I hesitated, thinking about the implications of being as hairless as he was. I admit it sounded great, but I had to think about who might see me naked in the future. I worried enough about anyone seeing me in my Speedo, if I let him shave me, I would have to be damn sure no one saw me naked until it grew back in again. That would mean my parents, future roommates in college next month, guys in the shower or even a doctor. I still wasn't sure of the risks involved.

"I don't know," I said. "I think it would be fun, but...."

"You're afraid someone might see you later on?"

"Yeah," I confessed.

"Well, it's up to you, but I really would love it if you would let me do it. I've never shaved anyone else besides myself and probably won't ever get a chance again. Please?!"

I couldn't seem to say no to this magnificent male specimen, especially when he looked up at me with those baby blue eyes as he continued to stroke and caress my genitals gently while pleading with me to let him shave my crotch.

"OK," I relented.

He sprang to his feet and rushed to the tray to retrieve the razor he had used on himself earlier. I surmised that he wanted to get started before I changed my mind, but then he hesitated.

"You sure?" he questioned. "I wouldn't want to force you into anything."

I looked at him standing there, this hairless wonder, with his erect penis pointing at me, concerned about my feelings and I felt a rush of affection for him. In the very short time that I had known him, I had grown closer to him than I ever had to any another person in my life.

"I would feel honored," I told him gently.

"Then wait right there, I want to get a new razor. You want to make sure you have a perfect blade when shaving that tender skin."

He went into the house and left me standing there in the shower with my fourth or fifth raging erection of the day. I was losing track of how long I had been turned on that day and my head was spinning. I had just given an almost complete stranger permission to shave my pubic hair off. Was I crazy?

He soon appeared in the doorway again carrying a new razor and came over to me. He soaped up my crotch really good with the soap and then turned off the water. It was almost dark now and he walked over to an outside light switch and immediately the whole deck was illuminated with spotlights.

"I like to see everything," he said.

He took the razor and began using the same technique on me that he had used on himself, just trimming the area until it was only about 1/8 inch long. He then used some more soap and began shaving in earnest.

"Come on over here," he said. He went to the outdoor furniture, sat down on one of the chairs and motioned for me to come

and stand next to him. I came over to him with my erect penis pointing right at his face. He grabbed my penis and began shaving in earnest now making sure he didn't miss a single hair. He manipulated my penis, shaving and reapplying the soap from time to time.

This process turned me on unbelievably. Feeling the razor stroking along and around my penis was an incredible feeling. His manipulation of my penis and balls to get to all the areas that he wanted to almost brought me to another orgasm. He was very gentle and I could tell that he was really enjoying the task.

"God, this is fun," he said. "I never thought I'd ever get to do this to someone else."

He took his time and was very thorough. Soon he was through and I was finally as hairless as he was. We went back to the shower, he turned it on and we both got under it and he washed off all the soap that remained on my body. After a few seconds of rinsing, I turned to him and stood there looking into those intense blue eyes again and spoke.

"Thanks," I said.

"Believe me, it was my pleasure!" he exclaimed. "Let me get a closer look at my handiwork."

He kneeled down on the deck and faced me toward the light and examined my crotch from just a few inches away.

"I do nice work," he said. "You look great, good enough to eat!"

With that he took me in his mouth and did to me what I had done to him in the ocean. I couldn't believe how good it felt. It took no time at all for his mouth to bring me to my fourth orgasm of the day.

"Oh man, that feels sooo good. I can't believe I'm coming again!" I shouted.

He reached around behind me and pulled me deep down his throat and at the same time massaging my anus. I erupted violently in his mouth. I almost collapsed it was so intense. After I finished with my orgasm, I pulled him to his feet and took him in my arms and held him there for awhile.

"Thanks again, " I whispered in his ear. "No one has ever done that for me in my life. You really turn me on."

We stood there for what seemed like minutes just holding each other and gently caressing each other's skin.

"Now it's my turn!" I said.

I took the soap and began to wash his body. I imitated the pattern he had just used on me, starting with his chest and shoulders and working around to his back and buttocks. What's good for the goose... I thought as I massaged his buttocks. My soapy fingers worked their way into his crack and began massaging his anal region. I tickled and massaged his nether opening and he sighed with pleasure. I worked my way down his legs as he had done with me, kneeling on the deck to get closer to my work.

"Now you turn around," I instructed him.

He turned and his very erect penis was pointing right at my face for the second time that day. I again enjoyed the close up view of his hairless penis for a bit and then continued to wash his legs. Just as he had done, I washed around his genitals, caressing his thighs, his hips, and especially his hairless belly and pubic area for a long time but avoiding the twitching penis and testicles hanging beneath.

"Talk about a cock teaser," he said longingly.

"As you said, we have plenty of time," I mimicked.

Eventually I could no longer hold off not touching the inviting penis throbbing in front of my eyes and I grabbed his shaft with one hand and his testicles with the other. I stroked and stroked, imitating what he had done when I watched him masturbate from the bushes. Faster and faster I stroked, harder and harder I manipulated his testicles.

"Oh my God, I can't believe I'm coming again!" he exclaimed.

With the knowledge that he was on the verge of climax, I inserted a soapy finger up his anus and squeezed his penis very hard. Sperm shot from the end of his penis like a cannon and careened over my shoulder to the deck below. It was his turn to collapse into my arms as I rose to hold him in post-orgasmic bliss, still clinging to his penis as the last drops of sperm oozed from the opening at the end.

"Where did you learn that?" he questioned.

"You taught me," I whispered into his ear.

"What do you mean, I taught you?" he questioned. "I just met you a couple of hours ago."

"Well, the anal thing you just did to me and I copied you. The stroking was your own technique that I copied from when you showered before," I said.

I was wondering if it was a good idea that I should tell him about watching him masturbate, but decided to do it anyway since we had already revealed almost everything there was to reveal to each other.

"What do you mean when I showered before?" he questioned. "That was before you got here."

"Not exactly," I revealed. "I actually got here about 20 minutes before you saw me. I watched you shower from the bushes over there. I wasn't really spying on you or anything, but when I looked through the bushes you were coming up the beach and that cute little white bikini caught my eye and one thing led to another and I just kept watching."

"That means you saw me...," he paused.

"Masturbate? Yes! And it was a wonderful sight to behold. I actually came with you from behind the bushes. The sight of you masturbating turned me on beyond belief and I masturbated with you, you just didn't know it."

"Well, it looks as though this has been quite an afternoon for both of us," he said. "I'm embarrassed that you saw me playing with myself, but turned on by it as well. There's a lot of emotions happening since you got here."

He turned on the water again and we rinsed the soap from our bodies, each caressing the other in the process. He turned off the water and we retrieved a couple of towels and began to dry each other off. As I dried him, I noticed that his penis was still mostly erect.

"Doesn't that thing ever go down?" I questioned teasingly.

He looked down at his still-erect penis. "I can't believe I'm still hard," he revealed. "I've never experienced anything so intense in my life! I don't think I could come again, but I feel like I could stay hard for the entire evening."

"That wouldn't bother me," I said. "I'm just starting to get used to seeing your nice big hairless hard on and I'll have to admit that I'm wanting to see more and more all the time."

After we were dry he said, "I don't know about you but I'm still hungry. I have some conch chowder left over from Yesterday if you would like it for dinner."

"You cook too?" I said.

"Sure," he said. "As I said, I'm a man of many talents."

"I guess you are!" I exclaimed. "I'd love some chowder. I've never had conch chowder before. What's it like?"

"Oh, it's just like clam chowder, but a little different. I get the conchs from the bay on the other side of the island. It takes about six or so to make a batch of chowder. I like diving for the conchs because I do it in the nude. I really like skin diving, if you know what I mean."

I noticed that his penis was starting to soften and shrink during our conversation, but I was still fascinated with the way it swayed and bobbed with ordinary movements.

He went to the refrigerator to retrieve the container of conch chowder. I sat on a stool at the nearby bar and watched him as he moved about the kitchen preparing the chowder. I couldn't believe that I was sitting there watching a totally hairless and naked male body move about the kitchen as if it were an every-day occasion.

After he had heated the chowder and we had sat down to eat, we talked. We talked about everything and anything, each wanting to get to know the other better. It turned out that we were both quite similar in our separate lives. Both coming from upper middle class families, both just graduating from high school and both entering college next month.

As we talked, I stared at him. I couldn't take my eyes off of him. I examined every blonde hair on his head, devoured those intense blue eyes and tried to memorize every inch of his exposed skin. I was fascinated by him and didn't care who knew it. He seemed to be returning my gaze as well, we seemed to be communicating on a different level.

We must have talked for three hours about everything you could think of. We had already shared each other's bodies, now we were sharing each other's minds.

Finally he stood up and stretched in front of me. His perfect hairless body was exposed again to my intent gaze. My eyes went again to his hairless penis, I couldn't get enough of looking at it.

"I don't know about you," he said, "but I'm ready for bed. Care to join me?"

Care to join him?! Care to join him?!! I couldn't wait to join him!!! I was starting to get hard again at the thought of joining him.

"Sure," I stammered, "love to!" Such a conversationalist I was!

"Come on," he motioned, "the bedroom is this way."

He turned and my gaze drifted again to his naked ass. God, I thought, I can't get enough of this guy. We walked down a short hall and entered the bedroom. It was not fancy, the usual furniture and a full sized bed. I was hoping that it wouldn't have two twins. This would make snuggling really easy.

"There's only one bed in this room. If you prefer to sleep alone, you can have the other bedroom. Otherwise, you'll have to share this one with me."

"Sharing is good," I said, "besides, I wouldn't want to leave you alone all by yourself out here in the middle of nowhere."

God, I thought to myself, why don't I just say what I really feel and get it over with. Why play games. So I threw all caution to the wind.

"Look," I said, "I know we've just met and all that, but I can't hold back any longer. I have feelings for you that I have never had for anyone in my entire life. If I'm over stepping my bounds just tell me and I'll leave and go to the other bedroom. But I can't help it. I think you are the neatest and greatest looking guy I have ever met. No, let me rephrase that, I KNOW you are the neatest and greatest looking person I have ever met!! I want to spend as much time as I can with you. I want to be near you and touch you and make love to you as often and as much as I can. I want to sleep with you, to be able to hold you in my arms as I drift off to sleep. I want to wake up in the middle of the night and caress your body as you sleep. I want to wake up next to you tomorrow morning with you in my arms, then I'll wake you by taking your penis in my mouth until it gets hard, even before you wake up. Then I want to take a shower with you and bring you to your first orgasm of the day - one of about 10 if I play my cards right. I want to make you feel better than you have ever felt in your entire life and I want it to continue for as long as it can while we are here and have the opportunity because after I leave I may never get to see you again and I want to make the best of the short time we have together."

He stood there looking at me. I couldn't look him in the eyes for fear that I would detect rejection. I had blurted out all my true feelings to him. I had laid my soul bare and naked as my hairless body was. I stood before him with my head lowered, feeling very vulnerable and exposed waiting for his reaction.

He said not a word, just stood there looking at me for what seemed like forever. Was he going to tell me to leave? Was he shocked by my blatant admission of admiration? Finally he moved. He came next to me and took me in his arms. Our hairless bodies melted into one. He put his hand under my chin and raised my head. We looked into each other's eyes for several seconds and then he kissed me gently on the lips. Our lips almost didn't touch it was so tender and gentle. Then we both began to respond and the kiss became more urgent, still not firm but seeking and exploring. He broke away before I wanted him to and spoke.

"I couldn't have said it better myself!!" he admitted with that cute smile revealing those perfect white teeth.

This time I took the initiative and took him in my arms and kissed him. We explored each other's teeth and mouth with our tongues until we were both hard again.

We climbed into bed and hugged. I held him close to me, our bodies touching from head to toe, arms and legs entwined trying to get closer and closer to each other. Our penises danced with each other. We groped, we caressed we kissed again. We moved into a 69 position and began sucking each other not urgently or hurriedly but lovingly. We finally climaxed again together for the last time that day and I moved back to him and we hugged again.

"God, I love you!" I said unabashedly.

"Not as much as I love you," he said.

"Wanna bet?" I said.

"No, I'm not a betting man, good night."

"Good night," I whispered.

I caressed his skin one last time and drifted off into the sweetest sleep I have ever experienced.

Chapter Five

The Awakening

I awoke several times during the night, not believing my own good luck, not believing that I had really discovered a person with which I could truly communicate, with whom I was really in love with. This was all new to me. No person had ever affected me this way. I couldn't take my hands away from his skin. I wanted to be a part of him, to be under his skin, to meld my being with his.

The first time I awoke, I was lying on my stomach and there was a hand between my legs caressing my balls from behind.

"I like that," I said simply.

"Me too!" he replied.

"Don't stop," I said.

"I won't."

I laid there, thoroughly enjoying his manipulation of my testicles.

"Please don't be insulted if I fall asleep again while you are doing that, it feels so relaxing and enjoyable, it may cause me to drift off to sleep again."

"No problem," he said. "I would feel honored to give you that much pleasure!"

I again was overwhelmed with emotion. I felt I must be dreaming and soon drifted off into another wonderful and peaceful sleep.

A few hours later, I awoke and he was asleep. I decided to reverse the situation that he had on me earlier in the night and began to caress his skin. I caressed him with the same loving passion that I had the first time but rejoicing in the fact that now I had permission to do so. We had mutually and mentally agreed that anything was OK. I could do anything I wanted. God, I felt freedom that I never had before. Freedom to really be what I wanted to be, freedom to express my soul to another human being - even if he was asleep.

I caressed his body while he slept. I was in the "spooning position" with my front to his back. I moved my free hand up and down his side that was facing upward. I relished the fact that his skin was so smooth, so tender, so touchable. My hand eventually moved to his penis. I played with it gently, massaging it, caressing it, gently stroking it. I didn't want him to wake so I just held his penis in my hand, squeezing it gently. I really enjoyed just holding him while he slept.

Then I got a shock! His penis started to grow in my hand. I was sure that he was still asleep because his breathing did not alter, but his penis was definitely growing in my hand as I squeezed. What a rush!! I never thought that my caresses could affect a sleeping person like that but I wasn't complaining. I held his penis gently and squeezed tenderly. It pulsated and grew as I squeezed. I wasn't sure exactly what to do. I didn't want to wake him and disturb his sleep, yet I was really having fun toying with his penis, especially since it was growing in hardness as I caressed its length.

I don't know what time it was and didn't care but knew it must have been very early in the morning because the sun wasn't even making an attempt to color the horizon. I laid there holding his penis while my penis was matching his growth. I could have stayed in that position forever, just holding him and his penis, touching and feeling him in the most intimate way.

"That's nice," he said without warning. I could have sworn he was asleep.

"It's nicer from here," I said, pretending that I was not surprised at his comment.

"Oh, I don't know about that!" he said. "Let's switch and take notes!"

"OK," I said, "sounds great to me!"

We switched places with him spooning my back and he reached around and grabbed my penis. It was already hard from my manipulations of his organ.

"You're hard!" he said.

"You do that to me without trying," I confessed. His smooth skin against my back and his hard penis stabbing my rear was more than I could take. I almost came in his hand from the overwhelming desire that was overtaking my brain.

It was then that I realized how much my brain was affecting my body responses. I've been almost naked in bed with other guys before at camp and other situations. No big deal. But this was different, this was Sean, this was a human being that was special to me - special in ways that I couldn't even comprehend, let alone explain. My brain had taken over my emotions and I was on a roller coaster ride that I seemed to have no control over, nor did I want to! It was a ride that was thrilling beyond compare, beyond comprehension, beyond understanding. A ride that I was unable and unwilling to stop.

"That's neat," he said, simply. "I didn't think that I could make anyone else hard without doing anything!"

"Without doing anything?" I questioned. "What do you mean without doing anything? You have done more for me and to me in the last half day than anyone has ever done for me in my entire life!! Just recalling the memories of yesterday afternoon makes me hard!! Just being here so close to you and in your arms makes me hard. Just the thought of ever having the chance to do what we are doing right now makes me hard!! I've only dreamed about doing what we are doing now. I never expected it to happen, especially this fast! I've just discovered true love in less than half a day and that alone makes me hard! How can you say that you haven't done anything?"

"WOW!" he exclaimed. "You feel that way too?" He turned to face me, our hard cocks brushing against each other. "I really don't know what to say! You are expressing my own thoughts with your words and have been all evening! It's truly amazing! Maybe we don't need to talk anymore, just feel!"

Tears welled up in my eyes and began to run down my cheeks. I was glad it was dark so he couldn't see, but the affection and overwhelming emotion I felt for him then permeated my body and mind and I began to shake with overpowering emotion! He detected it instantly even in the dark.

"What's wrong?" he questioned, "Did I say something wrong?"

I tried to regain my composure - it took awhile - longer than he was willing to wait.

"Mark, are you OK?" he again questioned.

I finally was able to speak again, however, it was shakily. "Yes, I'm OK, fine, wonderful, stupendous, giddy, terrific. I just can't believe the emotions overtaking my mind and body at this time! Nothing like this has ever happened to me before! I can't believe we are sharing so much, so fast and so intense! I think I must be dreaming, nothing is ever this good, this soon, this fast, this.... I am at a loss for words, just hold me, please!"

He wrapped his arms around me again and we snuggled face to face. Both erect and hairless penises making contact with each other, but not demanding relief or climax. We seemed to be just enjoying contact and closeness without the urgency of sexual fulfillment. That alone was totally different to me. We just laid there, caressing each other, feeling each other's bodies but at the same time feeling each other's minds and souls.

After several minutes, he spoke. "I think we ought to get some more sleep, I have plans for you tomorrow, and I think you are going to need some rest, maybe a lot of rest!"

"Sounds neat! What do you have in mind?" I questioned.

"You'll see, just rest and sleep. The sooner we get to sleep, the sooner tomorrow will be here and the sooner we can get started!"

I couldn't fault his logic! "OK, you win! I can't wait!" I turned over again and he spooned me another time. I again rejoiced in the feeling of his entire body touching mine. I was just beginning to wonder how I could ever sleep thinking about what might be awaiting me tomorrow morning when I drifted off into another magnificent dreamland.

Chapter Six

The Next Morning

I awoke just as the sun was peaking over the horizon. I couldn't remember where I was at first. I opened my eyes and looked around. I saw the strange surroundings and was puzzled at first. Then the memories of the previous afternoon came flooding back with a rush!

I played back the mental video tape of the previous afternoon's happening, rejoicing in all the details of our meeting and sexual sharings. I looked over to Sean, he was on his back, snoring gently. He looked fantastic, with his blond hair mussed from turning in the night. The edge of the sheet which covered us was resting just below his nipples. I looked at him for a long time, just studying him, wanting to memorize him, wanting to freeze this moment in time for fear that it may vanish before I could control it. He was beautiful! I pulled the sheet down slowly, not wanting to wake him. As each inch of skin was revealed, I studied him in detail.

I have my share of moles, freckles and such, but he seemed to be void of any imperfections. A small mole here and there but almost unnoticeable. He seemed to be the epitome of perfection. As I continued pulling the sheet down and the edge of it reached his pubic mound, I was again reminded of the fact that he was totally hairless and I also remembered that I was too - a fact that I had forgotten in my sleep.

I pulled the sheet down further until his penis was in full view. It was lying on his thigh, totally relaxed and limp. I marveled at his body and penis. I studied each and every detail of his skin. I couldn't get enough of looking at his body. I never had a chance to examine another naked male body this close up before and I wanted this moment to last forever.

After a long time of caressing his body with my eyes, I wanted more. I tried to think of the best plan to continue enjoying him, to continue in the drinking in of the sights which met my eyes. I decided that I wanted to feel what his limp penis felt like in my mouth. I had never even considered putting another guys penis in my mouth before yesterday and now I was drawn toward doing it again.

I didn't want to wake him but knew that if I put his penis in my mouth, that he would surly wake before he got hard. I threw all caution to the wind and positioned myself so that I could take his penis in my mouth without touching the rest of him. I wanted to feel what it would be like for him to grow hard while he was in my mouth.

It was not easy finding a position where I could get to his penis without touching any other part of his body but I finally found one that would work and gently took him in my mouth. He was so soft, I couldn't believe it. It was a totally different experience from when I took him in my mouth in the ocean when he was hard.

He was so supple, I just held him there for several seconds - rejoicing in the intimate feeling of coupling with this magnificent human being. I started to roll him around in my mouth and felt the surge of blood rushing into his penis making him hard. He grew and grew. I was thrilled at the experience. I felt a rush of emotion. Feelings never before felt were whirling around in my head. I was awash with emotion. I felt passion, excitement, delirium and most of all overpowering love for this almost-complete stranger.

"That's nice!" he said, completely startling me. I thought he was still asleep. I thought I had been so careful not to wake him.

I removed his penis from my mouth and stared at it intently. "Yes it is!! Really nice!" I remarked. "I can't seem to get enough of you! I would like to keep you in my mouth forever! I've never done this before yesterday and now I can't seem to get enough of you!"

"You have the advantage on me!" he said. "You woke up first and got the jump on the situation. Now it's time for me to catch up!" He reversed himself on the bed. We got into a 69 position and he took my already hard penis into his mouth as I returned his penis into my mouth.

We caressed, sucked, played and explored for several minutes and just when I thought I would exploded into his mouth, he stopped and said, "Not yet, we can't come yet! I've got plans and you are going to need to stay hard almost all day in order for my plans to become reality! Do you mind?"

"Mind?" I said. "How could I possibly mind a proposition like that? What do you have in mind?"

He turned around again so we were face to face. I again marveled at the perfection of this human being that I had the privilege of being skin to skin with in such an intimate way.

"Look," he said, "we are both virgins, right?"

"Yeah," I agreed.

"We both like each other, right?"

"No question," I answered.

"We both would like to explore new and exciting experiences together today, right?"

"So far, you're right on!" I exclaimed.

"Well, then let the games begin!!!" he exclaimed. "My goal is to keep you hard all day long, to bring you to new heights of ecstasy that you have only dreamed about, to make this day the best day of your life so far and to document it so that we can relive it as many times as we want for as long as we both shall live!!! Are you game?"

"My God," I exclaimed, "I'm overwhelmed, what do you have in mind?"

"You don't need to know, you only need to relax, to feel and to enjoy!! Are you ready?"

"Ready? Ready?? Ready??? I can't wait!!! Carry on!!!!" I said, my penis was literally twitching with anticipation.

Chapter Seven


"OK! Here's the plan. Just tell me if you don't want to do any of what I want to do, I won't get insulted and I don't want to make you do anything that you don't want to do, OK?"

"Sounds like a great deal to me, tell me already, I can't take the suspense!"

He paused for a moment and then spoke. "My dad is into photography in a big way. He has many 35mm cameras and video cameras and he keeps some of them here for the summer to take pictures of our vacation. I want to take pictures of you. Specifically, I want to take rolls and rolls of pictures and dozens of video cassettes of you naked, hairless and in the sunlight, on the beach, in the water and all over the place. I want hundreds of pictures of you to remind me of our wonderful time together because I have a hunch we may never see each other again after this month is over"

I laid there with my mind racing. I didn't know what to say, I was literally speechless. His words had triggered emotions and thoughts that had never occurred to me. I was stunned at the thought of him taking pictures of me naked. I had never even thought about anyone ever taking pictures of me in the nude. The thought thrilled me in one respect but also frightened me in another. What if someone were to find the pictures other than Sean? What if?? What if??? I wasn't sure, my mind raced.

I was obviously taking too long to decide because he spoke again before I said anything.

"Well, what do you say? Are you going to let me document our wonderful time together on film and video tape? You can take pictures of me also and I'll make sure that you get copies of everything so you can look back on our time together as fondly as I. What do you say?"

I again had trouble saying no to this person whom I had fallen in love with less than 12 hours ago.

"Sounds great!" I said confidently, even though I was less than confident on the inside. "You're in charge, go for it! I'll do whatever you want and I'll insist on getting copies of everything and I want a picture of you for every picture you get of me!!! Is that fair?"

"More than fair!! Let's begin!"

He hopped out of bed and stood there facing me. I still couldn't get used to seeing him totally naked and hairless and I marveled at the sight.

"I'll go get the camera, you wait here."

I laid back in bed with the sheet covering me from the waist down. My erection made a tent out of the sheet and I couldn't resist reaching under the sheet and stroking it a few times. This is going to be some day, I thought to my self.

Sean came back in the room in less than a minute with one of those instant cameras that produce a print immediately after the picture is taken.

"Stay right there, I want to get one of you in bed just like you were just waking up with a hardon."

I closed my eyes and struck a pose with my hardon tenting the sheet in a very obvious manner. He snapped and I heard the camera spit out the print.

"Now take off the sheet and let me see all of you!"

I removed the sheet and my erection pointed at the ceiling. He snapped two or three more from various angles. I was very aroused, my penis ached for attention.

"Come on," he said, "Let's go get your boat, it should be floating by now."

He put the pictures down on the bed and I got up and followed him outside. I glanced at the pictures on the way by, they weren't fully developed yet but I could see my naked form taking shape slowly. I was turned on beyond belief.

I walked out onto the deck and looked out at the sea. It was a marvelous day, the sun was well above the horizon now and was painting the landscape with its golden touch.

I stood there, naked and hairless, my penis still hard as a rock, staring at the sight and thought to myself that I must have died and gone to heaven. I heard the camera click from behind me as Sean took another photo of me with the sea in the background.

"That'll be a good one!" he exclaimed. "I got a great idea! Let's see how long we can keep each other hard today. Let's see if we can keep each other hard all day long without coming so that when we do come, it will be like blowing our heads off!!!!"

"All day?" I questioned. "Do you really think that we could keep each other hard all day? It sounds interesting, but I don't think it would be practical to think that we could keep each other hard all day."

"Well, it may be an ambitious undertaking, but what have we got to lose? If we are successful, we win big time, if we are not successful, we still have a lot of fun trying! What do you think?"

"OK! I'm game!" I agreed. "Come on, let's go get my boat, but shouldn't we get some clothes on, in case we meet someone?" I asked.

"Clothes? Clothes? What are clothes?" he mimicked. "We don't do clothes here!! Let's go check your boat in the nude! I like nude, I like naked, I like being totally hairless and totally naked and I don't care who sees me!"

We walked back to the other side of the island. We used the same path that we used yesterday. He asked me to go first and I heard the camera click as we walked, my rigid penis pointing the way. I looked back at him during the short journey and noticed that his penis was beginning to wilt a little. I stopped and turned around falling to my knees and spoke.

"What have we here? Do I detect a penis going a little bit limp? We can't have that now can we!"

I took him into my mouth and began sucking in earnest. It didn't take long until he was totally hard again. While I was sucking, he took another picture.

"At that rate you are going to run out of film in a hurry," I pointed out, "and I don't have any of you yet."

"OK, here you take some of me now."

He showed me how to work the camera and then he moved to a position next to the bushes where the sun was spotlighting every inch of his wonderful body. His penis was super erect and gleamed in the sun. I snapped the picture and gave him back the camera.

"That should be a good one too!!" I exclaimed.

We got to the place where my boat was anchored and indeed, it was floating.

"Well, it looks like you can leave now." he said, looking down into the surf gently rolling around our legs.

"Leave?" I said. "What makes you think I want to leave? I've just discovered the neatest guy in my entire life who I think I've fallen in love with and you ask me if I want to leave? Holy shit!! I don't want to leave, I want to stay forever!!! I want to make you feel things that you have never felt before. I want to please you in ways that you have never been pleased before!!"

"Me too! I was just teasing," and with that he took another picture of me standing by the boat. I took the camera from him and snapped one of him in a similar position. We were both still steel hard, loving every minute of it.

"Come on, we can park your boat next to mine, it's in a cove toward the end of the island."

He put the camera and the pictures in the boat, picked up the anchor and we hopped in. I started the engine and he pointed the way. He picked up the camera again and took another picture of me while I guided the boat toward the far side of the island.

"Why don't you let me take it in," he said, "it gets a little tricky navigating the entrance to the cove."

We switched places and I took a picture of him steering the boat with a raging hardon. I put down the camera and picked up the pictures. Most of them were fully developed now and I began examining them in detail. My still-erect penis twitched at the sight of the pictures we had taken and I stroked it a few times.

"These are neat," I said, "I never thought that I would get turned on looking a pictures of me naked, especially naked and hairless, and the ones of you are fantastic!"

"That's just the beginning, wait 'till later!" he teased.

"What have you got in mind?" I questioned.

"You'll see!" he said, teasing some more.

He navigated the boat into a small channel that ran from the end of the island back towards the direction of the house until a small cove came into view with a small dock, parked next to which was his sailboat. He maneuvered the boat to the dock and I jumped out with a rope to tie it up. He shut down the engine, retrieved the camera and pictures and jumped onto the dock. As I tied up the boat, he looked at the pictures. I noticed that his penis was beginning to shrink again until he looked at the pictures and it sprang back to life. The sight of him getting hard again while looking at the pictures got me totally stiff again. Maybe we COULD stay hard all day, I thought.

"You were right," he exclaimed, "these ARE neat!"

I had a sudden rush of feelings for Sean for no apparent reason. Just being there, totally naked and hairless, in the rising sun doing things I never dreamed of in the great outdoors with this magnificent specimen of a human being, and my mind began to spin with pleasure. I walked to him while he looked at the pictures. I stood close to him, facing him and looked at the pictures with him, only to me they were upside down. Our rigid penises touched, then brushed against each other. I reached down and grabbed both of our rigid penises with one hand and began stroking. My touch distracted him from the pictures and he closed his eyes and sighed.

"If you keep that up, I won't make it the rest of the day without coming."

"Why try? I'd like to come 50 times today!! Or die trying!" I confessed.

"If you came 50 times in one day, you probably would die!" he exclaimed.

"What a way to go!!" I retorted.

"Yeah, but I've got other plans, let's get back to the house."

A narrow path led back toward the house, it was quite similar to the other one we had just used to get the boat, except it was longer and came out into a clearing halfway to the house. We stopped and took some more pictures of each other in various poses, both penises still erect and throbbing.

The clearing led down to the beach and we began following the shore line back to the house. We stopped along the way to get more pictures of each other in the water, along the shore, under a palm tree, wherever we came upon something that looked interesting. We kept each other hard the whole time. It was fun just doing everything in the nude and totally turned on the whole time.

"Damn!" he exclaimed after taking a picture of me kneeling and looking down at my raging hairless hardon. "That was the last picture in this roll. Let's get back to the house so I can reload."

We continued along the shore line back to the house and soon were back on the deck again.

"OK!!" he shouted. "It's cherry poppin' time and I'm going to get it all on video tape!! You ready for this?!?!"

I hesitated. He seemed different and I'll have to admit, it scared me a little but excited me as well. What was in store for me now? What did he have in mind.

"I, I guess so," I stammered.

"Don't worry, this won't hurt a bit and I guarantee you will have the orgasm of your life, if you live through it. I don't know if you can die from coming, but we're going to find out!!!"

I was breathless, the anticipation of what was to come filled me with excitement and my penis throbbed almost painfully.

Chapter Eight

Game Time

"I'll go get the video camera and tripod, you wait here and look through the pictures to keep you hard."

He went into the house with the camera and left me with the stack of pictures that we had taken. I looked through them again, stroking my erection as I examined our photographic masterpieces. They were good, really good. I've seen a lot of pictures in magazines like Hustler, Penthouse, Playgirl and the like. I like looking at naked bodies of either sex and these pictures were as good as if not better than any I had ever seen done by so-called professionals. And the hairlessness of our bodies made the pictures even more unique.

He soon came out with a video camera and a tripod and began to set up the equipment on the deck.

"These pictures are really good!" I told him. "They're as good as any I've ever seen in any magazine!"

"Great!" he said. "I can't wait to get more this afternoon, but now to the task at hand!"

He set up the equipment, inserted the tape, and pointed it so that it would record all action at or near the shower. I noticed that his penis began to grow limp while he was setting up the equipment so I went over to him and took him in my mouth again.

"Time to get back up again!" I teased. "I think I could do this forever and never get tired of it!"

He hummed as I sucked and took my head in his hands gently. "God, that feels great. I can't believe you! Where did you learn to be so good?"

"I didn't learn anything, you are the first for me. You just bring out the best in me. I just do to you what I would like someone else to do to me! Does that make any sense to you?"

"Perfectly! I feel the same way its just that you are so good that I thought that you must have had some practice before."

"No," I said, "no practice, but if you don't mind, I'd like to practice on you many more times today!!"

"You'll get no complaint from me!!" he exclaimed.

The equipment was set up and ready to go and he took my head away from his penis gently and pulled me to my feet.

"We are about to engage in the most wonderful moment of our lives, a moment that will be deeply imbedded in our minds forever. This day will be firmly implanted in our brains for as long as we live and I want it to be perfect - as perfect as anything can be. Are you ready?"

My mind was spinning, my blood coursed through my body and my heart pounded with anticipation and my penis throbbed with energy.

"As ready as I'll ever be, I guess!"

"OK! The first thing we have to do is get clean, really clean both inside and out."

"What do you mean, inside and out?" I questioned.

"You'll see, just be patient."

He went into the house and came out with a small box, the contents of which were unknown to me.

"I'm going to give you an enema - in fact I'm going to give you several enemas. This won't hurt, in fact it will make you feel great. A nurse gave me my first enema years ago and it gave me a raging hardon that really embarrassed me a lot. She told me that it was normal for a guy to get an erection from an enema and I have been enjoying them ever since. They stimulate the prostate gland in a big way and feels really great."

"Is it OK with you? I don't want to make you do anything that you don't want to but trust me, this will feel great." he said.

I felt a little trepidation at first, but then I said to myself, what the hell, go for it, let it all hang out.

"Ready when you are!"

"OK, give me a minute to get the equipment ready."

He disappeared into the house for a couple of minutes and I was left there wondering if I had made the right decision. He came out with the equipment ready to go and told me to get onto the deck on my hands and knees. I assumed his dictated position. He fussed with the equipment for awhile and then I felt him inserting something into my anus. Then the flood of liquid began to fill me. I jumped at first, then began to enjoy the feeling. I had never had an enema and didn't know what to think, but as I was filled with the liquid, it put pressure on my prostate that I had never felt before and my penis sprang to attention again. Soon it became a little uncomfortable and he sensed it was enough. He pulled out the tube and told me to hold it in as long as I could.

"As soon as you think you can't hold it any longer, go into the bathroom and relieve yourself."

I didn't last long and almost ran to the bathroom. After I was finished, I walked back out to the deck.

"Well, that was definitely different." I told him.

"OK, now we repeat the process until when you go, it comes out clear. Then you will do the same for me."

He repeated the process two or three more times until I ran clear and then he taught me how to do him. I repeated the process on him until he said he was clean. I'll have to admit I almost came without being touched, the feelings were so intense.

"OK, now that we are both clean on the inside, it's time to get clean on the outside - only from here on in, I want to get it on tape. You go in the house and wait for my signal, as soon as I tell you I'm ready, you come out and turn on the shower, I'll join you shortly after that."

He went to the video camera and I went in the house just inside the door waiting for him to signal me to come out. After a few minutes he called out that he was ready and I went out onto the deck and turned on the shower. He joined me after he was sure the video camera was running properly.

We washed each other in the shower, our respective penises as hard as ever. We spent much time caressing each other from head to toe. The video camera was recording all the intimate details of our mutual massaging of each others genitals. It was all I could do to keep from coming.

After out genitals were thoroughly washed we spent time cleaning our respective asses and assholes. We each stuck our middle finger up the other's anus and played with each other's prostate, comparing notes along the way. Our super hard and hairless penises danced with each other as we shared our most intimate parts of our bodies with each other.

After we were clean, we just stood there under the cascading water and held each other. I took him in my arms and kissed him gently. I wanted this moment to last forever.

At last we stepped from the shower and dried each other off, paying a lot of attention to each other's respective penises, caressing, stroking and lovingly worshipping each other's bodies.

He walked over to the camera and turned it off, then turned to me and spoke.

"Grab a blanket and two pillows from the bedroom, we are going down to the beach now," he instructed. While I got the stuff from the bedroom he gathered up the video equipment and set it up on the beach just a few feet from the edge of the water.

"OK," he said, "I want you to come down the beach as I pan the camera across the ocean, come down almost to the edge of the water and lay out the blanket and the pillows. I'll join you after you get down on the blanket."

I did as he instructed, laying out the blanket about 10 feet from the edge of the water. I placed the blanket on the sand and positioned the pillows on the edge of the blanket facing away from the water. I laid down on the blanket, with my hard on pointing towards the sky and waited for him to make the next move.

After he was sure that the camera was again working properly, he picked up a bottle of liquid that I had not seen before and he came to the blanket to join me. Both of our respective penises were at their hardest in anticipation of what was going to unfold next.

"Lie still," he commanded. I did! He opened the bottle of liquid and poured some of the contents on my body. It was baby oil, I soon discovered, and he proceeded to coat my entire body with the liquid oil until I was gleaming in the sunlight, shining like a jewel in the sun, my penis pointing skyward and twitching in anticipation.

After he finished coating my body front with the oil, he told me to kneel up and I faced slightly away from the camera so the view would show off my raging erection. He then poured a large amount of oil on my back and shoulders and began to work it into my skin, covering my back, my ass and my thighs. He made sure he worked some oil into my anus as well, spending more time that I thought was necessary shoving his finger in and out.

He then gave the bottle of oil to me and asked me to do the same to him. I agreed anxiously and soon he was as slick and shiny as I was. We kneeled on the blanket, both caressing each other's oily bodies, exploring every inch of skin, slippery and tenderly. I was so turned on that I almost came in his hand when he stroked my penis with his oily hands.

"It's time," he said. "I want you to fuck me now!" He went down on the blanket on his hands and knees and stuck his ass in the air and begged me to take him.

"Please take me now!" he shouted. "I need you to fill me up with your penis until you come in my body!"

I couldn't refuse him - I placed my super hard penis at his cheeks and pushed gently. I didn't want to hurt him so I moved extra slowly. I felt myself entering him a little at a time. It felt good, really good. I pushed a little harder until I felt him open for me. I pushed again until I was buried into him to the hilt and he groaned.

"My god!" he exclaimed, "it's even better than I imagined!!" He pushed back after a few seconds and encouraged me to do more. I pulled out and pushed in again. He matched my stroking with his hips. I couldn't take any more, having been turned on and hard for almost all morning, I started pumping for all I was worth.

"I'm coming!!!" I shouted for all the world to hear. I opened my eyes and took in the surroundings, the deep blue skies, the water, the white sand, the sun caressing our oiled bodies and I erupted in his ass with the most intense orgasm in my entire life. I jerked and spasmed, I almost blacked out from the pleasure of it all. My mind was reeling, spinning, I lost all control and literally passed out momentarily from the pleasure that overtook my mind and body.

I collapsed onto the blanket, gasping for breath. "My God!!!! I can't believe anything could feel this good!!"

"Believe it and enjoy it, because it may never be like this again!" he exclaimed. "Now it's my turn!"

He picked me up and positioned me on my hands and knees and pushed his penis into my ass crack. I was jelly in his hands and I was afraid at first, thinking it would hurt, but the oil that covered our bodies made the process easy and he soon pushed his penis into my rectum, slowly but surly. It felt really good after I got used to him being inside me and I felt even closer to him, knowing he was coupled with me, inserted into me in the most intimate way.

He stroked only a few times and shouted out! "God it's great, I'm coming already!!!"

He spasmed and pumped uncontrollably until he had shot his entire load deep within my bowels. He screamed out at the point of fulfillment and collapsed on top of my body, completely exhausted.

I turned over after he pulled out of me and laid on my back on the blanket.

"Lie on top of me," I commanded. He complied with no restraint and I took him in my arms. I held him in post-orgasmic bliss. He was on top of me and I held him close. I caressed his back side, his shoulders, his back, his ass. I held him to me, trying to draw his body into mine. The feelings were so intense that tears welled up in my eyes and I began to quietly sob with enjoyment. He detected my sobbing and misinterpreted the cause.

"Did I hurt you?" he asked, genuinely concerned.

"Hurt me?" I replied, "Hurt me?!!!!? God no, you didn't hurt me! I just can't believe I could ever feel this good, feel this much emotion for another person, feel this much love for another, feel totally fulfilled and totally happy!! I just don't want it to ever end and I now have just realized that this will probably come to an end not to long from now and now that I have discovered true happiness, I am equally sad thinking that I must have to give it up in a few days. I don't want to give it up, I don't want it to ever end, I want this moment to last forever!!"

"Nothing is forever!" he said very practically, "but we have a lot of time between now and when we both have to go back to school. We have a little over two weeks! Do you know how many times we can come together in over two weeks?!? The mind boggles! I can think of many things we can do today! I hope you could think of many things we could do tomorrow. You can stay here with me until Saturday when your parents come back and we can see how long we can keep each other hard - or we can see how many times we can make each other come - or we can find out how many different places that we can explore in the nude - or we can see how many hours we can keep each other hard - or did I say that already - or we can explore how many different ways we can shave each other or keep each other hairless for as long as we can. In short, we have a whole ton of hours to explore, caress, feel, enjoy, stroke, massage, squeeze and consume each other's bodies, minds and souls until we are totally exhausted with each other's total being! That doesn't sound to shabby does it? I can't wait to do it, can you??!!?"

He was still resting on top of my body and I was still caressing his back side including his perfect ass cheeks, and occasionally inserting a well oiled finger into his anus as we talked.

"Of course, I can't wait either!" I admitted. "Let's wash off this oil in the ocean and have some lunch, I'm starved."

"Last one in is a rotten egg!" he shouted. We dashed into the water and had some more fun washing each other with the salty water.

After playing in the water for some time, we went back up to the blanket. I just realized that the video camera must be still running.

"Is the video camera still running?" I asked him.

"Sure," he replied. "I put in a new tape and set it for slow speed, it's good for six hours!! And it got everything, I'm sure!! We can watch it later, but for now, let's go have that lunch."

He turned off the camera and I gathered up the blanket and pillows and we headed back up to the house. I remember thinking that this is the best time of my life and I was going to make it last as long as I could.

We walked up the beach again for the second time in as many days, naked and very happy!!

Chapter 9


As we got back to the deck, Sean put the camera equipment on the table and said, "Shower time again?" "Sure, can't be too clean and besides I like washing you!" I replied.

We got into the shower and washed each other's hairless bodies once again.

"I don't think I could ever get tired of this," I said as I massaged his genitals again, losing track of how many times in less than 24 hours that I had caressed this magnificent body of his.

"I guess we lost!" he said.

"Lost? Lost what?" I questioned.

"We both are soft! We were supposed to keep hard all day."

"Yeah, well, I thought that was a bit ambitious," I said, "but it was fun trying! Wasn't it!"

"It was and I haven't given up yet, I'll bet I can get hard again and I also bet that I can get you hard again too!" he exclaimed.

"No bet!" I said, "Just being with you gets me hard, especially that hairless crotch of yours!"

I looked at both our hairless crotches and indeed we were both getting hard again from just talking about it. He kneeled down in front of me under the cascading water out in the sunlight on the deck and took me in his mouth again. In no time I was again at full mast.

"See, I told you so!" he exclaimed.

He stood and I noticed he was hard again also. I reached out and took his penis in my hand, just holding, squeezing gently. With my other hand I cupped his hairless balls.

"I can't seem to get enough of you," I said softly.

He took me in his arms and we hugged under the stream of water.

"Nor I, of you," he returned, just as softly.

We stood like that for quite a while, just holding each other. He finally broke the embrace and said, "Come on let's get some lunch."

He turned off the shower after our final rinse. We dried each other and proceeded to the kitchen for lunch. We were both still hard but not demanding relief - just hard from enjoying what we were doing with each other, the surroundings, the sun tanning our skin, the wind caressing our genitals and our hairless bodies cavorting with each other.

We had some sandwiches for lunch and I again enjoyed watching his naked body move about the kitchen as he made the sandwiches. I picked up the stack of pictures that we had taken earlier and looked through them again. I couldn't help stroking myself a few times as I looked at the hot pictures of our totally naked and hairless bodies. I loved the pictures of Sean but I found something that surprised me. I never thought that I would get turned on at looking of pictures of myself in the nude. I had never done this before and it really turned me on to see myself totally naked and hairless. I caressed my hairless pubic mound and penis and marveled again at the smooth feeling of the skin that had always been covered with hair.

"I'm really glad you talked me into shaving. It feels really great, but I'm afraid of what it is going to feel like when it starts to grow in!" I confessed to him.

"The secret is to not let it grow back in. Keep shaving it and as long as you don't use an old razor, it should stay just as smooth as it is now. Of course, everyone is different, but continuing shaving is fun too!"

"I'm game! What do you have in mind for this afternoon?" I asked as he prepared the sandwiches.

We went outside to the picnic table and he spread out the lunch on the table. By now we were getting soft again.

"Nothing in particular," he said, "What would you like to do?"

"I'm not sure, so much has happened that I have never thought would happen to me in the last 24 hours that my mind is reeling. How about some more video action? I'd really like to take home a long tape of our time together."

"Me too, what would you like to record?"

"Hmmm," I reflected, "more of you that's for sure. How about if I just took a whole bunch of video of you just doing things around the house, on the beach, in the water, frolicking naked in the sun. Can your camera take underwater shots? I'd love to get some tape of you swimming naked underwater among the colorful fish with the sun filtering down through the waves. I think I'm getting hard again just thinking about it. Or we could go diving for some more conch shells and get that on tape. I'd love to get your naked crotch when you do a surface dive for some conch shells. Or we could just hang out on the beach, working on our all-over tans and see what happens. What do you think?"

"Well, there is a way to get the camera to work underwater, but it is complicated and I'm not sure how to do it or even if my dad has all the equipment here or not. But I wouldn't mind posing for you in anyway you want as long as I can get some of you as well."

We finished our lunch and cleaned up the remains.

"Well, no matter what we decide to do, first things first!" he said, "I need a hug!"

I looked into those great blue eyes for what seemed like a long time and again felt tears well up in my eyes. We stared at each other, searching, enjoying the freedom to open up to each other. I moved to him and took him in my arms.

"Anytime you want," I said, "I can't seem to say no to you and don't want to!"

Our hairless penises danced with each other as we hugged. I caressed his back and downward until I was cupping his perfect ass cheeks. He seemed to be hugging differently, tighter, more insistently, almost longingly, lovingly.

"God, you feel good!" he said. "How about if we just put some of the cushions from the picnic table chairs on the deck or on the beach and just lie in the sun and enjoy each other for a while."

"Sounds like a deal to me," I said, "Can we get it on tape?"

"I don't see why not!" he replied.

We took the cushions from the chairs and collected the video equipment and a blanket and headed for the beach. He set up the equipment and I prepared the cushions and blanket under a palm tree but still in the sun so the camera could get all the action that I hoped would happen and we could work on our tans at the same time.

"Don't start the camera yet," I said, "Let's just relax for awhile."

"Fine," he said, "I'll go for that."

He joined me on the blanket. We both were soft again but I still enjoyed looking at his hairless crotch.

"Just lie back and relax," I said, "I want to examine you again."

He laid down on his back, put his hands behind his head and spread his legs slightly apart, exposing his entire body to my gaze and inspection in the sunlight.

"Examine away," he said, "I'm yours!"

His penis was soft but not entirely limp in anticipation of what I might want of him. I was not in a hurry knowing we would not be disturbed and could I do whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. I started at his hair, examining the straight golden locks. I took it in my hands and toyed with it.

"You have great hair," I told him, "I wish mine were as straight as yours, I hate mine when it gets so curly in the humidity."

"It is easy to take care of, I'll admit."

I traveled down to his eyes and his eyelashes. The intense blue of his eyes still amazed me even after almost 24 hours of gazing into them. His lashes were very long, I noticed for the first time, and were curved out and away from his eyes in a perfectly concentric path.

"Your eyes are outstanding and your lashes are so long. I never noticed that before."

"Can't help it," he replied, "I was born that way."

I then examined his nose with its pug shape. I've always been a sucker for a pug nose and his was perfect. My gaze then traveled to his lips - full but not fat, pouting would best describe them. I touched his lips, caressing them with my index finger.

"How did you get to be so perfect?" I asked. "Everything about you is fantastic!"

"You exaggerate," he said.

"No, really," I retorted, "everything about you is so wonderful, so perfect!"

My gaze then traveled down his neck to his upper torso and to his nipples. Even though it was very warm out and we were totally naked under the sun, his nipples had goose bumps on them meaning he must have been turned on at my close examination of his supine body. I glanced down at his penis and it was almost at full attention.

My tongue reached out for his right nipple. I teased around it with my tongue - rotating around the nipple itself then flicking the nipple itself and then taking the whole nipple in my mouth with a strong sucking action. He moaned.

"That's nice," he sighed and he spread his legs even farther apart, exposing his hairless crotch and genitals to the intense sunlight and the gentle breezes coming in off the shore. As I sucked his right nipple in earnest, I pinched his left one with my free hand and massaged it firmly. I then worked my way down to his navel. It was a perfect "innie" with an oval opening, deep and inviting. I inserted my tongue into the opening and pushed deep into the hole until I hit bottom. I then swirled around, in and out until he started moaning.

"God, I never thought that would feel so good,' he exclaimed.

"I want to make you feel better than you ever have before!" I told him.

"You already have!"

"I want to keep trying to do better than the last time!"

"You are succeeding beyond your wildest dreams, my friend!"

"I'm not finished yet!" I said.

"Don't stop!" he shouted.

I continued my tongue massage of his navel for awhile then moved downward. His hairless pubic mound was next. I still was fascinated by the hairless and smooth quality of his pubic area. It was sooooo soft! Soooo smooth! I caressed his mound gently, enjoying the smoothness and tenderness of his skin. At first gently caressing, then more firmly massaging the area. His penis was fully erect by now and was pulsing and demanding attention, but I had other ideas. I grabbed his penis with just two fingers and moved it into a position that was pointing directly at the sky at a 90 degree angle from his body so I could look at it in detail as well as the testicles squirming in his sack resting below the rigid shaft.

I examined it closely. There was a large vein along the top, supplying the turgid shaft with the blood necessary to maintain its rigidity. Other smaller blood vessels were visible, doing their job of passing the blood to and from the marvelous shaft that pulsed in my intent gaze. He spread his legs even farther apart, seeking more pleasure, more gratification, more fulfillment. I continued my examination of his rigid penis but only touching it with my two fingers. My gaze traveled down to his testicles. Twin orbs contained by a hairless sack which gleamed in the sun. Because of the heat and intense rays of the sun, his balls hung low, the sack almost reaching the blanket we were lying on. I grabbed his nuts gently, feeling the heat of the sun and his body. They were soft and supple. I squeezed gently and he moaned. I massaged his testicles around and around, squeezing gently and enjoying his responses.

I moved down his thighs, examining the short and light blond hair which covered them. Even his knees were cute - round and tan, with calves tracing their way down to his feet. His feet were also well shaped and perfect for the size of his legs. I touched his toes and massaged his feet gently but firmly. He sighed and enjoyed the feelings that my touching erupted.

I moved back up to his perfectly hairless crotch and pulsating penis. This time I was more firm in my manipulation of his twitching shaft. I squeezed firmly and he sighed again, pushing his hips up off the blanket.

"God, you are good!" he exclaimed.

"I aim to please!" I replied.

"You do that in spades!!!" he shouted.

My close examination of his body had gotten me as hard as he was and I was beginning to desire relief again. I couldn't believe how many times I had come in the last 24 hours and also couldn't believe that I was ready to come again but it was happening and I marveled at the fact that this wonderful specimen of a human being could affect me so intensely.

I continued to gently stroke his super-hard penis up and down, not hurriedly, but gently and lovingly. Up and down I stroked, watching closely the responses my touching evoked in his body.

"I could do this forever," I exclaimed.

"I could take this forever," he responded.

"OK, it's a deal!" I said, "Forever it is!"

I continued stroking but soon wanted more. I wanted to do something different than what we had done Yesterday and earlier this morning but couldn't think of anything since we had already done almost everything there was to do. So I decided to repeat our coupling earlier only at a different pace.

"I think you better start the camera," I said, "you are about to have the most intense orgasm of your young life and it would be a shame not to get it on tape."

"OK," he said, "but I don't think any orgasm could be more intense than the one before lunch. I almost passed out after that one!"

"Well, no guarantees, you understand, but I'm going to give it my best shot!"

"I'm not going to complain," he remarked.

He got up and got the camera. "Let me just get a little of just you lying on the blanket."

I stretched out on the blanket, my rigid penis pointing skyward. "Shoot away," I said. I just laid there while he walked around the blanket getting shots of my naked and hairless body from different angles.

"This is fun," he said. "Turn over, I want to get some shots of that perfect ass of yours!"

I turned over and he continued walking around the blanket shooting my backside the way he had my front.

I got up on my knees, my rigid shaft pointing straight out from my body and said, "My turn to get some of you!" He was getting some close ups of my hairless crotch, penis and balls.

He showed me how to work the camera and he got on the blanket. I imitated his method of shooting, first his backside, then his front, then close-ups of his genitals. I was getting really turned on and he was also, his rigid penis twitched as I took the pictures.

"OK," I said, "set up the tripod. You are about to have your head blown off with the best come of your life!"

He set up the camera with his back to the sun so the camera could record any and all action on the blanket. "Ready?" he inquired.

"I'm ready, but are you ready? Can you ever be ready for such intense pleasure?"

"Ready as I'll ever be!" He started the camera and joined me on the blanket.

"Just lie down on your back and spread your legs." I instructed.

I climbed between his legs and got into a kneeling position. His penis twitched in anticipation and gleamed in the bright sunlight. I started to massage his body with a light touch, starting at his neck and traveling down his sides until I got to his knees. I then traveled up his thighs to his waiting genitals but bypassed them and caressed his hairless and smooth pubic mound, his belly and up to his nipples. I toyed with his nipples with each hand, pinching, massaging and caressing. I repeated the process again slowly, coming close to his throbbing organ but avoiding actual contact. I caressed around his penis coming ever so close, surrounding it and his balls with both hands but not actually touching them. His penis twitched again, demanding contact.

"You're still a cock teaser," he moaned.

"Patience, patience," I said, "we've got all day!"

I again repeated the process, caressing every inch of exposed skin but avoiding his penis again. He was beginning to moan now, seeking more, wanting more, demanding more. I again massaged around his penis, encircling it with both hands, squeezing harder, massaging firmer. His penis danced in the sunlight and I was glad the camera was getting all the detail. This time I took a hold of his balls resting gently in his scrotum and pulled downward toward the blanket. This made his penis point directly at the sky in all its hairless glory. He spread his legs very wide and his hips came off the blanket thrusting toward the sky. With my left hand firmly grasping his sack and balls inside, I moved from side to side causing his penis to move with my movements but still not making any contact. My right hand was massaging his hairless mound at the base of his penis. Back and forth his penis moved under my manipulation, but still avoiding direct contact. His hips rested back onto the blanket and he pleaded with me.

"Please do me NOW!" he shouted.

"As I said, patience!" I retorted, and I continued to massage around the base of his penis causing it to twitch and undulate in the sunlight, the camera getting all the hot action recorded forever. I finally grasped the base of his penis with my right hand, my left still massaging and tugging downward on his sack and balls. I bent over and ran my tongue from the base on the underside upward ever so slowly avoiding the very top. I repeated the process over and over, like licking a lolly pop. He was in such sweet torture, begging me to suck harder. But not yet! I squeezed harder with both hands, the blood trapped in the tip of his penis was making it turn almost purple. He was as hard as a rock and almost ready to come, but I wasn't finished yet. I took a few more licks and moved my right hand a little farther up the shaft. My fingers wrapped around the shaft squeezing firmly, the base and side of my hand caressed his hairless mound, my left hand continued to massage his nuts. More and more I massaged, squeezed and manipulated his entire pubic region but still avoiding the most sensitive tip of his penis. His hips came off the ground again as he thrust skyward.

"My god!" he exclaimed. "Please make me come!"

"All in due time," I said calmly. His hips came back down on the blanket and he moaned in frustration. I took the next step and placed my tongue on the underside of the tip of his penis and licked ever so gently, moving in a very small circle with just the tip of my tongue. He started whimpering now, pleading for release. Finally I took him in my mouth and just held him there. Both hands still continuing their work but slower now. I finally stopped moving entirely and just held him there. His hips again moved off the blanket but I held my position just sucking gently.

"Holy shit, that's great! Don't stop now!"

I finally started moving ever so slowly. Up and down, massaging with my hands, swirling my tongue around the tip and sucking harder.

"My god! MY GOD! I'm getting close!"

I moved faster and faster now, his hips thrusting in rhythm to my movements. Just as I knew he was about to come, I stopped and squeezed hard at the base of his rod.

"NO, don't stop now!" he pleaded.

I held him there, waiting for him to come down a bit, I wasn't ready for him to come yet. After awhile, I knew he was not going to come so I started the process again. Sucking, massaging and locking my entire body to his genitals. He again approach his climax and I again stopped and squeezed at the base of his penis.

"My God, you're torturing me! Please, let me come!"

This time I didn't wait as long to renew my manipulation of his organs and brought him to the edge once again and again stopping. I repeated the process three more times, bringing him closer and closer without letting him get over the edge - keeping him on the verge of coming for at least ten minutes. I was almost coming myself at the pleasure I was getting from giving him pleasure. At last I decided it was time. I again brought him to the edge only this time when I stopped, I spoke.

"Now, now you're ready!"

He lifted off the blanket again and wrapped his legs around me as I resumed my sucking. He had my torso in a vice grip. He grabbed my hair with both hands to keep me from

stopping again. I sucked hard now, squeezed his shaft hard with my right hand, pulled down hard on his sack putting more and greater tension on his penis.

"YES!!!" he shouted. "Now, I'm coming now."

His legs squeezed my body, his hands pulled my hair, he stopped breathing and grunted, his body tensed and rigid. That moment that comes just after you reach the peak and before you ejaculate must have lasted for a full 3 or 4 seconds. I sucked hard, attempting to draw the milk from his shaft. I was ready this time. The sun beat down on us, the waves lapped at the shore - we were locked together in total ecstasy - we were indeed one at that moment. At that moment I pressed my middle finger of my left hand between the cheeks of his glorious ass and found his anus. I probed, avoiding penetration, just pressing firmly the area from his sack to his hole. He jerked and spasmed, I could feel the first jerk in both my mouth and with my finger caressing his hole. He spasmed again and again, I matched his spasms with my tongue and my finger. He must have spasmed 20 times, he just couldn't stop coming and I milked him dry.

He collapsed onto the make-shift mattress and I parted from him. He was breathing very heavily, having held his breath through the entire orgasm. His eyes were closed. I laid down next to him and caressed his heaving chest and belly gently waiting for him to come back to earth after the mind-shattering orgasm he had just experienced.

Neither of us spoke for quite awhile. As his breathing came back to normal, I finally broke the silence.

"Was I successful?" I queried.

He began to laugh. Quietly at first, then with ever-increasing volume.

"Successful?!?!" he sputtered between laughs, "SUCCESSFUL?!?!?" he repeated, "You damn near killed me with pleasure. I never thought in my wildest dreams that anything could be like that! Where on earth did you learn that? How did you do that? You seemed to be able to tell exactly what was happening inside my head. How did you do that? What are you psychic or something? How did you do that?"

"I don't know," I replied, "I just did what I thought you would like! I just seem to be linked to you in some way. I can't explain it but I just sensed what you were feeling as you were feeling it and wanted to make it as best as it could be!"

"Well, you succeeded beyond either your or my wildest dreams! My God! I'm spent! I'm totally wiped out! That was the most intense thing I've ever encountered. I must have been close to coming for 20 minutes and then when it did come - HOLY SHIT!!! How did you do that? My first reaction is to try to do the same for you but I'm having trouble just moving. I'll have to rest for awhile in order to try to reciprocate although I don't think I could come close to your technique. How did you do that?"

"You don't need to reciprocate," I replied, "just being here with you is enough for me!"

"Come here," he commanded, "I need a hug again!"

I rolled over on top of him. I was still hard although he had softened, and my penis pressed into his abdomen. He put his arms around me and hugged me firmly. His hands roamed my backside, down to my ass cheeks. I ground my body into his, trying to meld my body, my soul with his. I was still very turned on and I stroked my rigid penis against his body. It took only a few strokes and I erupted onto his belly. I shook with passion. I trembled with emotion. I was truly fulfilled!

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