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Story Competition - Summer Vacation

These are the entries for the competition. At the foot of the page are the rules, abridged for you to see as the reader and judge of quality.

Read the story, rate the story, and come back here to do the same for the next one.

Before reading please note that these stories contain graphic portrayal of sexual acts. So, do not proceed further unless it is legal for you to do so. Note as well that safe sexual activities are the only ones to indulge in, and that the stories do not normally portray nor do they encourage safe sex.

Story One
Scottish Dance
Story Two
Camp Time
Story Three
Love Through Anything
Story Four
Coming of Age
Story Five
Like Waves On The Shore
Story Six
The Angels and Devils of Church Street
Story Seven
Great Oaks
Story Eight
Longest Day
Story Nine
Now and Forever
Story Ten
Story Eleven
Letters in the Sand
Story Twelve
Fire and Ice
Story Thirteen
Whispered Words
Overall Polling Results
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The story is to be:

The basic rules are simple:

The story may be a new story, an existing story, or current work in progress. It is unlikely that any stories involving S&M or bondage will be allowed in the competition, nor will any stories about non consensual sex.

During the period when the floor is open for the public to make ratings the stories will be given no attribution at all to an author. When the ratings period closes the author name or pen name will be revealed.

Stories do not need to contain or avoid sexual encounters, nor need they be gay male stories, though authors' attention is drawn to the fact that this is primarily a gay site, with a gay male majority in the audience.

All stories that are accepted for the competition will remain the copyright of the authors, and the authors give an absolute assurance that the stories may be published here. Authors' attention is drawn to the copyright statement at the foot of every page on this site. Stories accepted into the competition and published on the site may not subsequently be withdrawn

By submitting a story into the competition the submitter gives an absolute assurance that he or she has the right to submit the story, that it is their own original work (or that theyhave the author's permisison to submit it), that it does not break any other person's copyright. Should the submitter be in breach of any undertaking in law, the submitter agrees that the webmaster be held harmless and that any such breach is the total personal responsibility of the submitter. Anyone recognising a work as their own and submitted without their consent, or having any issues with it should register this by clicking here and emailing the webmaster, explaining your reasons in detail.