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Camp Time

by Pyr01667

Chapter 1

He sat there crying and sobbing. His ribs, and face hurt. His name is Brian Green, he is 14 years old only 5'1 and 105 lbs. He has sandy blonde hair and green eyes.

Brian is crying because one of the boys at the summer camp he was attending just beat the hell out of him. The only reason he was even at the camp was because his parents forced him to go. Saying it would make him more social able and more alive, he tried to fight it but his parents wouldn't hear of it, he had to go and that was it.

As to what cause this incident of his getting beat up, well for that you have to start at the beginning.


Brian just turned 14 and was small for his age, most of his school life he was made fun of and picked on for his size. A lot of the older boys beat him up and humiliated him in front of his classmates because of this. Also with the fact that Brian was very smart he was already in the 10th grade at the local high school instead of the 8th grade with peers his own age.

It was the last day of school and Brian walked in covered with blood from a busted lip and a black eye. Skip one of the biggest boys in the school decided for the last day of school to give Brian an idea of what would happen once again if he returned back to that school. So Brian walked in and his mom saw him and sighed.

"Brian not again. What happened this time?" she asked getting up to get the first aid kit.

Brian just shrugged his shoulders "Like always mom you and dad made me go to that school and the bullies wanted to mess with me because they could. Oh that and they also said if I come back next year the same will happen." He said in a bitter tone. Why his mom cleaned his up.

"Brian don't take that tone with me. You are smart and should be happy. You will just have to try harder to make sure they don't mess with you that is all." Said his mother Martha Green. Finally Brian had enough.

"MOM I do try. You don't listen or you don't care. I am tired of being beat up everyday and hurt, but you still insist that I go there instead of getting me into a safer school. This is YOURS and DADS fault NOT mine." He said jumping up and running upstairs to his room. Brian slammed the door and lay on his bed crying.

Ten minutes later there was a knock on Brian's door. He didn't respond but his mom came in anyways, and sat on his bed.

"Brian I'm sorry. You’re right we haven't been listening and just wanted you to succeed. I'll tell you what, I'll get some brochures for a private school how does that sound?" she asked him gently rubbing her hands through his hair. Brian just nodded his head and agreed.

Later that night Brian's dad was told what was going to happen. Martha informed him of the confrontation with Brian and told her husband that Brian was right. They weren't paying attention to what was going on with their son, but now they would and they would get him into a better school. Fred Green agreed, and went up to talk with his son. He knocked on the door.

"Come in"

"Hey sport how are you holding up?" he asked giving his son a hug.

"I'm fine just sore." Brian said returning his dads hug. Brian and his dad talked for a few minutes, then his father went down stairs to help his wife with dinner. They ate dinner then Brian went and got on his computer for a while before going to bed.

The summer days passed slowly and with in two weeks they decided with Brian's impute that Brian would attend Pines Academy. Brian was happy that he would be in a different school and a school where maybe he won't be picked on as much. Also at that time his parents came up with him going to summer camp.

"No...No way. I don't want to go there, it would be the same way at school." Brian said shaking his head.

"Brian dear we have already signed you up and you are going and that's final. You need to get out and be with other kids instead inside of on that computer of yours all day dear." His mother said in a gentle tome. Brian just shook his head but knowing that he lost the battle anyways.

A week later Brian was on a bus heading to Camp Kawana. Brian was scared and didn't want to be there. He begged his parents not to make him go all the way up to the time he had to get on the bus, but still they did not relent. So Brian was now on his way to camp.

Brian sat by himself on the bus and did not talk to any of the other campers. Most probably thought he was a little kid instead of a 14 year old. Brian was scared for many reasons, one: he was small for his age and an easy target for bullies, two: he was smarter then most kids his age and sometimes that showed, causing him to be an outsider to his own peers and three: the one that NO ONE knew about at all and I mean NO ONE is that he is gay.

Brian has known that he was gay since he was 12, and started thinking about boys instead of girls. He was so scared that others would find out he buried himself in school and computers to protect himself. Now he would be at a camp that he knew nothing about, but what the broacher said and was scared he would be found out because there was nothing for him to busy himself with. Brian doesn't play any sports and doesn't like boats and other types of sports. He can swim but he doesn't care to.

Brian was awakening from his thoughts as the bus pulled into the camp. He looked out the window and saw a bunch of campers with there stuff on the ground in different groups. Brian gathered his bags and walked off the bus after all the other kids were off. As he stepped off he noticed a bunch of kids about his age standing to the right and started heading over there when he was stopped by one of the councilors.

"Sorry little man but the young kids go other there" he pointed to a bunch of 10 and 11 year olds. This pissed Brian off to no end.

"Hey man I'm 14 my name is Brian Green, I am NOT some little kid ok."

He said staring the guy in the eyes then walking away. The councilor not used to being talked to way was kinda mad but after checking his clipboard and noticing Brian's name he also realized that Brian must have gotten that a lot and it got on his nerves so he let it slip this time.

The man went over the group of 14 and 15 year olds and got there attention by blowing a whistle.

"Ok everyone listen up. My name is Mark and there are going to be four sets of you all. Two sets of girls and two sets of boys. The woman next to me is Debbie she will be the girls councilor. Ok as I read off your name please come and stand over here to my left you will be in cabin 1. Rick Adams..." the councilor started. When Brian's name was called and he started walking towards that way one of the boys stopped him.

"Hey man the little kids are over there." He said laughing letting Brian go. Brian just looked down and kept on walking over to where he was supposed to go. The councilor saw this but did not say anything at the time.

Brian looked around and noticed the different boys he would be sharing a cabin with, Brian also noticed that the boy who made the comment to him was also in his group, Brian just sighed and continued to stand there not saying anything to anyone.

A few minutes later two more people came up that Brian assumed were Councilors as well, Debbie took the 14 girls she had and started walking to there cabin. Mark took his 14 the group that Brian was in and started walking to there cabin. Brian trailed behind not wanting to be around anyone. When they got to the cabin and all went inside, and stopped waited on Mark to say which rooms they would be staying in. He was calling out room assignments and when he got to Brian's name he looked at Brian then said.

"Brian Green and Brad Gronesly. This is your room" Brian and Brad the boy that made the comment to him went into their room and started putting things away. The room was nice, it had two small desk and two beds across from each other. Brad grabbed the one on the left and Brian the one of the right. They started unpacking there stuff when Brian was pushed down on his bed.

"Listen dickweed, don't fuck with me got it. I don't like little pansy ass faggots and I don't like you." Brad said. Brad released Brian then went about unpacking his stuff. Brian just sat there for a minute before getting up and finishing his unpacking as well. Brad left as soon as he was finished but Brian just stayed in his room.

Brian lay on his bed turned away from the door and cried silently into his pillow. He didn't want to be here but his parents made him. He just wanted to be home with his computer and books. Why did his mom and dad make him come here he wondered, still silently crying. A few minutes later Mark came in.

"Come on Brian were going to be going into the living room and getting to know each other, and it is mandatory." Mark said. Brian just nodded his head and got up. He was still turned away form Mark and wiped his eyes and cheeks. He turned around and started walking to the living room when Mark stopped him with a hand on his shoulder. "Come on Brian it'll be ok I promise." He said. Brian just shrugged his hand off and keeps walking to the living room. Brian walked in and saw a spot in the corner so he went and sat there. Mark watched him the entire time with a sad smile upon his face.

"Ok guys listen up, there are some rules that have to be gone over. First: your door can not be shut all the way it must be left open somewhat when ever anyone is in there. Two: no one is allowed in anyone else's room. Even if you have permission the answer is NO. Three: there is going to be NO bullying here. If I found out that you are bullying someone I will send you to the directors office and ask that you be sent home" when he said that he looked directly at Brad who just stared at him in return "Forth: you can not go into the woods by yourself. You must have a councilor or some other adult with you at any times you to in there this is for your safety. Fifth: when the bell rings for breakfast, lunch or dinner you must all be together and walk into the cafeteria together and sit together, you cannot sit at anyone else's table. Six: you must ALL sign up for some sort of activity every week. A swimming test is required if you are going to be in the water. And finally no trying to sneak into the girl's cabins, if you do that you will be sent home. Any questions?" Mark asked. Brad raised his hand. "Yes Brad"

"Do little kids belong with the big boys?" Brad asked looking behind him at Brian who just shrunk smaller into his seat while Brad and the other boys except a few laughed. Mark did not think that was funny.

"Brad that was not funny and anymore comments like that and I will see about sending you home GOT IT." Mark said looking heavily at Brad. Brad nodded but didn't look down. About that time the bell for lunch rang. "Ok guys let’s go, lunch time." Mark got everyone together and tried talking Brian into coming to the front of the line but Brian just shook his head and got in last. Mark decided that Brain was going to be his project for the summer and help him get out of his shell.

Mark lead them all to lunch, where they got there food and sat down at a table designated for them. The table was big enough to sit twenty but only 14 of the chairs got filled. Brian sat by himself at the end of the table taking little bites of the food he was given. Brian could feel the other guys staring and snickering at him but he ignored it, after all he was used to it from his school. Mark saw this but couldn't do anything about it because they were just talking, that was until Brad and a few of his friends got up and put up their trays. As they were headed out the doors they "accidentally" knocked Brian's tray into his lap. They saw this and half heartily apologized then ran out the door laughing.

Brian calmly got up put the food that was on him on his tray and went and threw it away. Mark tried to stop Brian and talk to him but Brian just moved away from him and went out the door headed to the dock. When he got there he noticed no one was there and so he sat down and silently cried wanting to go home. Brian heard foot steps come up behind him and quickly wiped his eyes, but did not turn around.

"Hey Brian, how you doing?" asked Mark as he sat down next to him. "Come on man don't let them get to you ok. Their just screw-ups ok. Come on why don't you talk to me. Maybe I can make you feel better." Mark said putting his arm around Brian's shoulder. Brian shrugged the arm from around him and quickly scooted over away from Mark, but still didn't say anything. Mark was upset and knew that Brian was sad but didn't really know what to do.

"Brian man come on you have to start talking ok. If you don't they are just going to keep messing with you, and I don't think you want that. You probably have a lot of friends back home and you miss them I know that, but you can make some here I promise." Mark said trying to reach out and touch Brian's shoulder again. Brian jumped up and turned towards Mark, with a glare in his eyes.

"Don't touch me, I don't like it, and NO I don't have any friends at home all I have are my books and my computer. For your information where all of those Neanderthals are in the 8th grade or just going to the 8th grade I am going to the 11th. No I have no friends here and I don't want to be here but I have no choice. I am used to being bullied and beat up so leave... me... alone." With that Brian took off and started running into the woods. He knew he wasn't suppose to but figured maybe he could be sent home for that. Mark saw this and took off after him.

After about a quarter of a mile run Brian stopped and just sat down.

Mark came up next to him.

"I know you are trying to get in trouble by running into the woods but I saw you do that and NO you are not going to be sent home. Now come on you have to go and sign up for the activates you want." Mark said putting his hand out but not touching Brian. Brian just sat there for a few minutes then got up on his own and walked back towards the cabin ignoring Mark completely, Brian was pissed and upset.

When they got to the cabin, Brian went to the notice board for the activities and looked at the different things on there. He took a pen and wrote something on them all then turned and walked into his room and slammed the door shut. Brian got on his bed turned away from the door started crying silently then slowly drifted to sleep.

Everyone saw what happened when Brian came in and was surprised when

he went and wrote on the notice boards his activities, and then were more surprised when he went to his room and slammed his door. Mark smiled seeing Brian writing on the board but stopped when he read what was on the notice boards. The word NO was written on all the papers where Brian's name was. Mark just got mad and went and opened Brian's and Brads door, he saw Brian had turned over and was asleep. Mark closed the door about half way then went into the living room.

"Ok guys listen up and listen carefully. I saw what a few of you did at lunch if that happens again you are OUT do I make myself clear to you." He said. A few said yeah and a few nodded their heads but Brad didn't say anything. Mark went over to him. "Did you hear what I said?" he asked him.

"Yeah so" was Brad's reply. Mark was not happy about his.

"Do you want me to send you home. I can you know."

"For what? I didn't do anything and I apologized. I can't help if the

baby can't take a joke." Was all that Brad said. Mark was fuming by now.

"One more time and you are out of here and there is NOTHING you can do

to stop it." And with that said Mark turned around and went out the door to talk with the other councilors.

Chapter 2

"I don't know what to do with him. He wrote no by his name in all the

activities" Mark told Don the head councilor. Don just nodded his head.

"I'm sorry to hear that. I already talked to his parents and they said they were going on a second honeymoon. Unless it was an emergency like he had to be taken to the hospital not to call them. They feel that this is something that he needs and maybe it is." Don said.

"Yeah I know but I can't get through to him. I don't know how. He has only talked to me two times and both times he was on the verge of yelling and as for Brad he isn't making things easier for him either."

"Well why not move him to another room. Give him a new roommate. Someone that seems more like him or a little less out going?" asked Don.

"I was thinking about that, but I'm not sure who although, I did notice there is one boy that was put over with Greg named Steven that seemed kinda shy but was more out going then Brian. Maybe I can move one of my boys over to Greg's and get Steven over to my cabin and put him in with Brian and move Brad to another room. What do you think?" Mark asked.

"Sounds like a great idea do it." Was all that Don said. Mark left to get it down.

About an hour later Brian woke up and noticed that Brads things were gone and a new boy was sitting on Brads bed reading a comic book. The new boy was about 5'8 and 150lbs, with red hair and blue eyes. He had freckles that seemed to be all over by what Brian was able to tell. The new kid heard Brian move and looked over. He gave a slight shy smile.

"Hi I'm Steven," the new boy said. "You must be Brian" Brian just nodded his head. "Cool I was told to move here and Brad was moved somewhere else. From what I understand he is still here just in a new room." Steven said. Brian just shrugged his shoulder and got up and headed to the bathroom. His roommate watched him go.

Steven was told that Brian was shy and seemed to not talk to anyone.

Steven liked these little challenges, besides he thought that Brian was very cute. Yes Steven is gay as well.

When Brian returned from the bathroom he pulled a book out of one of his bags and started to read it and ignore Steven. At first Steven seemed upset but not for long.

"Hey do you want to go to the dock. We can hang out down there before dinner?" he asked in excitement. Brian just shook his head. "Oh ok, who knows maybe later on." He said getting up and going out of the room. Brian watched him go while looking over the top of his book.

'Wow nice butt' he thought. At that thought his cock gave a jerk in his jeans. That was unexpected; he has never had that happen before. Sure he has seen cute guys before but none had ever affected him like that. Brian slowly put down his book, got up and walked out of the room. He noticed that no one was there, and slowly he went and looked out the door and saw Steven walking towards the dock. Brian quietly opened the door and walked down the steps and then quietly followed behind Steven. Unbeknown to him or Steven Mark was watching what was going on with a smile on his face.

Brian continued to watch Steven as he was walking to the dock. Steven felt someone watching him and turned around and caught sight of Brian ducking behind a tree. Steven just smiled turned around and keep on walking. When Steven got to the dock he sat down and stared out over the water.

Brian slowly creeps up behind him but even when the boards squeaked Steven never turned around. Slowly Brian sat down next to Steven and looked out over the lake. Mark was watching this all from behind a tree. Don walked up and Mark told him to be quite and just watch. Together they watched the two boys who at first seemed to be just sitting there.

"It's beautiful isn't it?" asked Steven in a whisper.

"Yeah" Brian said just as quietly. Steven watched as Brian scooted closer to him. He turned and looked at Brian and gave him a small shy smile, which Brian returned.

"So you seem like you don't want to be here. I know how you feel I don't either. My parents made me come here. Said I need to be more social able." Steven said scooting closer to Brian. Brian just nodded his head.

"Mine too." He said scooting closer as well. Soon the boys were right up against each other touching from Shoulder to hip. There seemed to be an electric spark that went through the both of them that caused them to look at each other.

"Wow" Brian said getting lost in Stevens blue eyes. Steven nodded and swallowed hard and loudly.

"Yeah wow," he to said getting lost in Brian's green eyes. The boys felt themselves starting to come together in a kiss, when a throat clearing itself was heard. The boys jumped apart and looked behind them only to see Mark and another guy there.

"Hey guys come on and get ready, it's almost time for dinner." Mark said smiling at them. The boys got up but looked at there feet as the shuffled past Mark and the other man.

"Well it looks like they are going to hit it off very well." Replied Mark.

"Yes indeed they are. You do realize that those two almost kissed right?" Don asked.

Mark nodded "Yep but you don't have a problem with gay people, hell I know that, your ok with me." He said looking at Don.

"Your right I don't, but the other campers may. Lets just say we didn't see anything and if them two meet up lets say at night and sit under a tree and kiss or talk, we won't see that either." Said Don with a smile on his face as he turned and walked away. Mark just smiled and chuckled and walked to go and meet the boys for dinner.

Chapter 3

The weeks went by and other then Steven Brian didn't talk with anyone.

Steven was able to get Brian to join in on a few of the activities, like hiking and bird watching and other stuff. There relationship also seemed to be getting better as they were getting closer with each other. The boys found out that they lived in the same city just on different sides.

Steven was happy when Brian told him he was going to be going to Pines Academy, but was upset when he found out that Brian would be a junior instead of in the 8th grade with him. Brian assured him that he would still hang out with him and not to worry he had no other friends EXCEPT Steven, and if and that was a big if, he were to find new friends Steven would still be his best friend. Both the boys wanted something more but were afraid to say it.

Steven and Brian finally did get to share a kiss. They were out watching the moon at the dock one night, sitting side by side. Steven turned and looked at Brian at the same time Brian turned and looked at Steven. Once again the two boys got lost in each other's eyes and slowly came together in a kiss. It was a first for both boys they soon separated and looked into each other's eyes and smiled. Steven put his right arm around Brian's shoulder and Brian cuddled up to Steven. Both boys had smiles on their faces as they watched the moon over the water for a while longer.

Mark and Don also watched the boys and saw how close they were getting, but they never interfered. Brad was still picking on Brian but carefully so that Mark or anyone else wouldn't see. Steven knew when ever Brian was being picked on or teased because Brian would just clam up and go back into his shell for a while. Steven was getting up set and didn't want Brian to keep doing that but didn't know how to go about stopping it, until he thought of an idea and ran to Mark with it.

A few days later Brian was walking back from the dock looking for Steven. Steven had purposely left Brian there by saying he had to go and see the nurse about a bruise he had that wouldn't stop hurting. Actually Steven and Mark were following Brian waiting to see what would happen. They didn't have to wait long.

Brian keeps on walking with his head down and didn't notice Brad and his cronies coming up to him, until he saw a pair of feet in front of him. Brian stopped and looked up into the eyes of Brad.

"Oh looky here, we have the shrimp. A 14 year old that will always be a midget." Brad said and laughed while his friends all laughed. "What's that matter little boy did you lose your way?" he asked mocking Brian. "Here let me help." With that Brad pushed Brian down on the ground and kicked dirt on him. About that time Steven and Mark came up. Steven went to make sure Brian was ok and Mark went up to Brad.

"Is there a problem here Brad?" he asked looking him straight in the eyes. Brad just backed up some.

"Nope none at all, Brian here just feel and we were about to help him up." He said with a smile on his face. "Right Brian" he asked looking at the smaller boy. Brian just nodded his head.

"Well you see Brad I would believe you, but you see I was over there and saw every thing you did. You taunting him and then finally pushing him down and kicking dirt on him, I thought I told you there would be no bullying here. I guess I'll have to take you to the directors office." Mark said with a smile on his face. Brad just looked at him and growled then turned away.

Brian was standing up on his feet by then, and him and Steven started to walk towards the cabin to get Brian cleaned up when at the last minute Brad turned around and ran at Brian while his back was turned. Mark didn't even get a chance to say anything. Brad tackled Brian and they both went down, with Brad on top of Brian. Brad turned Brian over.

"This is for getting me in trouble," and with that Brad started hitting Brian in his face and chest, Brian just started crying and screaming from the pain of the blows that Brad was giving him. Steven ran up and tried to push Brad off but Brad just turned and hit Steven in the Stomach taking all the wind out of him.

Finally Mark was able to move and get over his shock and came up and forcibly moved Brad off of Brian. Brad was able to kick Brian one last time and everyone froze when they heard a loud crack and scream from Brian. Two more councilors came up and grabbed Brad and held onto him while Mark checked on Brian who's head was in Stevens lap.

"You ok Steven" Mark asked first knowing that Brian wasn't. Steven just nodded his head but was crying, not because of himself but because of Brian and the pain he was in.

Brian lay on the ground holding his head with one hand and his chest and ribs with the other still sobbing and crying from the pain. Mark was able to get Brian to move his hands so he could look at his face and stomach. Brian's face was covered in blood from his nose and his lips, his face was already starting to swell and one of his eyes was swelling shut. Mark looked at Brian's ribs and saw the bruises then felt his ribs. Brian screamed out when Mark touched part of his ribs Mark was afraid of this Brian had a broken rib.

"Brian me and Steven are going to try and get you to the nurses station then the hospital ok." Mark said, all Brian could do was cry and sob from the pain, Mark and Steven helped Brian up and helped carry him to the infirmary. The two councilors who were holding onto Brad followed. One of the boys that was with Brad took off and got Don.

He was there by the time that the group had arrived.

"What in God's name happened?" asked Don looking at the blood covered and crying form of Brian.

"Steven was afraid that Brian was being picked on. So he made like he had to go and ask the nurse something but in reality he was with me watching Brian to see who was picking on him. I already had my ideas but I needed proof. Finally Brian got tired of being alone at the dock and started heading this way, when he ran into Brad. Brad taunted him, then pushed him down and kicked dirt on him.

I came up to them and asked what was going on and Brad lied and said that Brian fell. I told Brad what I saw and that I was going to take him to your office. We started on the way there when he turned around and went after Brian. Steven tried to stop him but got hit in the stomach, he's fine it just winded, but as I was pulling Brad off of Brian he kicked Brian one last time and broke one of his ribs, we all heard it." Mark said and the other boys that were with Brad nodded there head in agreement. "Then Susan and Colin came down and took Brad for me so I could check on Brian and Steven, as I said Steven is fine just winded but not Brian."

"Oh my God, lets get him inside." Said Don. They lead Brian inside; when the nurse saw Brian she quickly had him sit in a chair. They tried to get his shirt off but it hurt him to much, finally they had to cut it off of him. When the nurse saw and felt Brian's face and ribs and Brian screamed from it, she turned towards Don and Mark.

"We have to get him to the hospital NOW." She said making her way towards the phone. Don walked out side and told Susan and Colin to take Brad in his office, call his parents then watch him till he got back. Charges were going to be filled against Brad.

Now you see why Brian was crying and screaming.

"Brian we have to take you to the hospital ok. We'll call your parents and let them know what's going on ok." Mark said. Brian barely nodded unable to do much else from the pain he was in.

"I just want to go home," he said breaking into more sobs. Steven came up to him and put his arms around Brian and held him. Brian leaned into Steven and buried his face in his neck forgetting about the pain for just a moment being in Steven's arms.

An hour later found Don, Nurse Judy, Mark and Steven all in the emergency room at St. Luke’s Hospital. Since the parents signed a release form allowing the camp to do what was necessary to help their child Don acting as Parental Locos.

A doctor approached them.

"Well doc how is he" asked Don.

"Well I have some good news and some bad news. The good news is that Brian will be fine, nothing permanent. The bad news is that he has a broken nose, several fractures around his left eye, which is swollen shut, and a broken rib. We were able to set his nose, and wrap up his ribs but there isn't much we can do for the eye but let is heal. He can go back to the camp tomorrow, we want to keep an eye on him for tonight though, also no more activities. He will be too sore to do anything anyways." The doctor said. Don said fine and asked if they could see him. They doctor showed them the way.

They walked in and saw Brian lying there. The first one to the bed was Steven; he grabbed Brian's hand and started crying. Mark came up behind him and gave his shoulder a reassuring squeeze.

"He'll be ok man, remember what the doc said ok."

"Yeah I know" Steven said between sniffles. Steven then did something VERY unexpected. He bent down and kissed Brian on the lips and said. "I love you! Come back to me soon." He leaned forward and kissed him again. As he was pulling away he felt Brian lift his head to follow him, to keep the kiss for a few more seconds. He didn't lean up to far and neither did Steven because of the broken rib that Brian had. Brian laid back down and looked up into Stevens face and smiled.

"I love you too" he said. Don, Mark and Nurse Judy just chuckled and told him to get his rest and they would see him tomorrow. With one last kiss Steven left for the night to let Brian rest.

At lunch time the next day Nurse Judy pulled up in front of the nurses station with Brian. They got out and he followed her inside.

"Now, you have to come to me right after lunch for the next two weeks ok? When you leave I will give you the rest to take home with you." She said putting his medication in one of the drawers. Brian nodded then made his way to the cafeteria.

When he walked in all of the kids in there stopped talking and stared at him. His eye was black and still shut a little. Finally their councilors made them start eating again. Brian grabbed some food then headed to his groups table. Steven had a seat ready for him.

"Hey so how are you feeling?" he asked.

"Fine, still sore and I can't do anything really. I can barely walk and can barely see out of my eye but ok other wise. How about you?" he asked remember that Steven got punched in the stomach. Steven grinned.

"I'm fine, a little sore but other wise ok." He said. One of the boys that was with Brad got up the nerve and said something to Brian.

"Hey Brian....ummm were really sorry about what happened. We didn't know that Brad was that bad. We are really sorry about what happened to you and picking on you, I hope you can forgive us." He said. Then he kinda looked down at the table.

Brian at first, not knowing what to say was kinda speechless and just sat there. Finally he looked at Steven who grinned and nodded his head.

"That's ok I forgive you, just choose your friends better ok." He said

with a smile, The other boy looked up smiled and nodded his head. They resumed there eating.

After lunch Steven went with Brian to get Brian's meds.

Brian's parents called and asked if Brian wanted to come home after what happened, but Brian said no he wanted to stay. No one is bothering him, and his friend Steven was helping him. They were glad that he had a friend but were sorry they were not there for him once again. He said that was ok he understood they needed there time together and would see them when they picked him up after camp.

Brian and Steven took walks together in the woods with Mark whenever Brian felt he could handle it. When they were out of site of everyone Brian and Steven held hands. After the kiss in the hospital they didn't feel they needed to hide anything from Mark, Don or Nurse Judy. A few times that Marks back was to them they would stop and start kissing until Mark made them break it up by laughing and telling them to cool it. They all had a good time taking the walks and relaxing and getting to know each other better. Brain was slowly opening back up.

Brian did apologize to Mark for his attitude and how he treated him those first few days. Mark told him not to worry about it and just seeing his happy was award enough.

Steven and Brian talked and decided that they wanted to try and be boyfriends, they knew they would have to be careful at the camp so no one would find out and pick on there and mess with them about that. Slowly Brian's eye opened up and the skin was turning back to its normal pink color, his ribs still hurt when he walked or picked up on stuff that was too heavy, and sometimes when he breathed the pain seemed to be too much but Steven was always there to help him.

Finally camp came to an end. Brian and Steven said bye to there friends that they had made after the incident and gave, Nurse Judy, Don and Mark a big hug for all of there help.

Both Steven and Brian were both on the same bus, since Brian keep his head down on the way there he never noticed. They sat in back and held hands and sneaked a kiss before they got off to be collected by their families. They exchanged phone numbers, addresses, and e-mail addresses then gave each other a hug by.

Brian and Steven got together almost everyday for the rest of the summer which was only a week because school was to start soon. They mainly met at Brian's so Brian didn't have far to go with him still hurting and sore from his assault.

They knew they would have to be careful once school started and keep there relationship a secret, but felt that it would be worth it, so they could keep seeing each other. Both boys were happy for the first time in a long time.

Brian did go to Pines Academy and met a lot of nice and cool people.

Him and Steven ended up in gym together and ate lunch with there


Even though Brian was three years ahead of Steven he decided to go to a local college until Steven graduated so they could go to a university together. In Stevens's senior year of high school he came out to his parents. They both accepted him and Brian. Brian also came out to his parents and they too accepted them as well. Unknown to both boys the parents have talked about this possibility before and decided that if the boys ended up together that they would support them no matter what, and they did just that.

Brian and Steven are now happy together, and love each other very much.

Both boys go to Emery University up in Atlanta Ga. Steven is now 6'1 and close to 200lbs but it is all muscle, Brian didn't grow that much. He only got to his full height of 5'3 1/2, and is only 110 lbs now.

Brad was in juvenile hall till he was 16 for the assault against Brian, and then got released. He was put back in 6 months later for assault and battery to another kid but was not released until he was 18 that time. When he turned 21 he was sent to prison for the rest of his life for murder.

Brian and Steven never gave another thought of Brad but they both heard what he did and were glad that he was not out in the public hurting people.

If you were too look into the future you would see Brian and Steven married. Brian becoming a doctor and Steven a lawyer, they have two wonderful and beautiful children, are together married for the rest of their lives.

The End.

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