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"Now and Forever"

By Angel Love

This is a loosely-knit parity of the meeting, and joining together, of my life long partner and myself. The names, locations, and time were changed to meet the parameters of the story requirements. I sincerely hope you enjoy what you will read. Remember, this story reflects many of the times of our early years as we met and fell in love.

This is my first attempt at being an author so please don't be too harsh on me. I had fun composing this tale, and I hope you enjoy reading it.

"But Pop, I really would prefer to stay home."

"Look Chuck, we have talked about this for the last time. This is a family vacation and if you don't come along how could it be a family vacation?"

My sister snickered, and gave me that sly grin that I so detested. She was two years younger than I was and I considered her just too immature to understand the things of life. I twisted sideways in the back seat of our SUV with my back to her. She knew I was less than happy with taking a vacation so late in the summer, and she was enjoying every minute of my discomfort. We got along well enough. But, she was a girl. Moreover, girls were just not capable of really understanding how a guy felt and how his emotions worked.

Just three weeks from today I would be a senior. And there was so much I felt I needed to do before the big day arrived.

"Come on Honey." I loved the sound of my Mothers voice. It had just enough of a Texas accent to make it sound so adorable. "I promise you'll have a great time."

"I know Mom. But, I'm just so excited about being a senior this year. I had so much I wanted to do before school started."

Things like three more weeks of working at the local supermarket. Three full forty-hour weeks would give me enough money for the car I had my eye on. I guess by most people's standards the ten-year-old Chevy wasn't much of a car. But to me it was the greatest thing on four wheels. Bright red, chrome wheels, extended spoiler on the trunk, and chrome trimmed air scoop on the hood. WOW! What a car! I knew it had been well used. However, it was the car of my dreams. And the car I felt would help me attract just the right person I was searching for.

Here I was, my last year of high school, and I still didn't have a steady. I mean it wasn't that I was ugly or fat. At least I didn't see myself that way. Mom always told me I was cute. But that's just my mom. I was active in sports. Football was my game, and I was quite good at it. I rode my bicycle every day and tried to jog at least four times a week. This combined with three days a week weight training for football kept me in what I felt was good shape. But for some reason I just could not find a girl that held much interest for me. My last, I guess you could call girlfriend, had been Susie Gilmore. Our relationship lasted a full four months. Not long I know, but much longer than most I had had. However, I soon found myself losing interest in her. She was sweet, a good friend, but she just could not seem to connect with my feeling.

What were my feelings? To be truthful I was not quite sure. All my high school years I continually found myself looking for just the right girl, but I could never find her. Like I said they were fun to be with, and they made great friends. But beyond that, nothing.

"Come on big brother. I'll be your friend this week."

I tuned slightly and gave Mandy a cold stare. Then at the same instant I felt pangs of guilt tug at my heart for being so cranky with her. I turned to fully face her and patted her hand.

"Thanks Sis. Sorry for being a pest."

Soon we had the video game going full blast in the back seat and laughing and giggling like two little kids. I decided I might as well make the most of the situation. Even though, I would not be able to buy a car until close to the end of the school year. And my dream car would most definitely be gone by then. I guess things could be worse. At least I had a family that loved me unlike many of the kids I knew at school. So many of my friends came from broken, and abusive, homes. They were shuttled back and forth between their parents like a commodity no one wanted.

An hour later Dad pulled into a rest area. After we stretched our legs, and visited the facilities, Dad came over and put his arm around my shoulder.

"Son, I know you're disappointed. I'm so proud of you for giving in to our wishes. Thanks." Then he hugged me tight. "Believe me Buddy I know how you feel about that car. I'm not as old as you think. I still cherish my memories of my first hot rod. Now that was a thing of beauty."

"Yes, Dad." I chuckled, "I've heard about it a thousand times. Want me to describe it to you?"

Dad laughed and hugged me again. "No. No, I don't think that will be necessary. Trust me though. If that red Chevy is meant for you it will still be there when you have the money for it."

I sighed heavily. It wouldn't be there that long and we both knew it. However, it sounded good to hear him say it.

Dad and I were very close. We spent a lot of time together camping and fishing. He was my best friend as well as my Father. His words caused me to feel guilt-ridden for being so disagreeable earlier in the day.

"Son, would you like to drive the rest of the way?"

My eyes went wide. He knew that was a silly question. What do young boys like to do more than drive a car? Well… other than driving a car! HEHE!

Sun down found us pulling into the parking lot of our hotel. I had hoped we would have made better time, but Mom and Mandy had insisted on stopping several times to shop at some "quaint little place." Women! Who could ever understand them? Why waste your time shopping when you know you aren't going to buy anything. Besides, if we had gotten here earlier I would have had time to check out the available girls on the beach.

"Damn it Will! Why can't you ever do anything right!" I cringed from the verbal abuse my father was giving me. "Damn it boy! This yard looks like you let a herd of goats mow it."

I was doing a slow burn on the inside. However, I dare not say a word or I could get the back of my father's hand across my mouth.

"I'm sorry Dad." I kept my voice just above a whisper so the passion could not be detected. "I've been out here all day. I was hoping you would like it this time."

"Oh! Quit your damn whining and just finish the job." He turned and stormed off toward the house.


My Father turned and looked at me as though he could not stand what he was seeing.

"Well. What?"

"May… may… may I go down to the beach when I finish."

"The BEACH! I shouldn't let you do anything after a screw up like this!" He turned and started for the house again, then stopped and without looking back at me, "Oh, OK… I guess you might as well! Perhaps you can at least do that right."

My father disappeared through the kitchen door and I sagged back against the old palm tree. A couple of tears trickled from the corner of my eyes before I could check my emotions and pull back into my shell of self-preservation. Suddenly it was as though my father had never said a word. My face took on a sober expression that reflected no feelings at all. I had learned at an early age I didn't have a very high ranking in the pecking order of my family. Why? I had no idea. All I knew was my two brothers seemed to have everything handed to them on a silver platter.

I don't mean to sound sarcastic about my life and family, but it always seemed I came in last. Like when we had something special to do, Danny and my little brother David were always allowed to have their say. In addition, most of the time whatever they wanted was what we did. I was never asked if I liked the idea, and if I tried to say something I was quickly told to be quiet and be thankful I got to do anything.

Mom and Dad were nice enough to me, and I wasn't mistreated. At least not that bad, my father used the back of his hand quite a lot, but never hard enough to leave much of a mark on my face. For some strange reason, my parents were people that refused to show much love as far as I was concerned. However my two brothers could do no wrong, and were constantly showered with affection. At times, I wandered if I was really loved. Then I would scold myself for having such a thought. Of course, I was loved. All kids are loved by their parents. Aren't they?

Danny was three years older than I was and my parents gave him a regular allowance. We weren't rich by some people's standards, but my parents earned a very comfortable living. So the ten dollars a week I was supposed to get, as an allowance would never be noticed. However, most of the time there was always a reason why I never received it. Ten dollars, if not more, was what Danny got, free and clear no strings attached. David, my other brother, was four years younger than I was and it seemed he always got whatever he wanted, that is, after he whined about it for a day or two. With me, I was expected to earn my spending money. Don't ask me why, I never did know. Except Dad always told me it would make a man out of me. I always wondered what he was trying to make out of Danny. If I mowed the lawn, trimmed the hedges, and cleaned the garage every week along with anything else Mom or Dad thought up I would receive ten dollars a week. Assuming everything came up to their standards. All the while my older brother would be off lying on the beach or down at the local teen club with his girlfriend.

You my think I was a little bitter at the way things were organized, and you would be right. I wanted to be accepted for who I was and to be shown the love that I imagined my two brothers were getting and I was not. It took a few years before I realized my home environment was why I developed the façade of a personality I possessed. Out going, a little loud, trying to be full of piss and vinegar all the time, and always doing something to draw attention to myself. This wall of protection I hid behind always had me in trouble with my school friend as well as my family. However, on the inside the real me hated myself. I was withdrawn, and I thought I was completely worthless for any purpose in life. If my self-esteem were any lower, I would have to reach up to scratch a snake's belly.

"Hello Will." The unexpected voice startled me back to reality.

"Oh!… Hi, Mrs. Simons." I tried to sound pleasant, but I don't think I was very successful. Mrs. Simons lived next door. Her husband had past away last year and I felt so sorry for her. After fifty years of marriage, she was so alone and so lonesome. Each morning I would go over to her house and have tea with her just so she would have someone to talk with for a few minutes. I would have preferred coffee, but her morning tea was a life long tradition.

"Will, I've got to hand it to you. You've got a real green thumb. You keep the nicest looking yard on the block. Sure wish your father would let you take care of my yard for me?"

"Yes Ma'am. Me too. But he says my allowance is all the money I need." Of course, I already knew since the yard had failed to meet my father's approval this would be the third week in a row that I would not get my allowance. Shortly after Mr. Simons' death I tried to talk dad into letting me take care of her yard for nothing. But this also met with his disapproval.

"Well, if he changes his mind let me know. You do marvelous work."

"Thanks Mrs. Simons. Perhaps one of these days."

"When does school start?"

"Three weeks."

"My, my. Just to think you will be a sophomore this year."

"No Ma'am. A junior."

"A junior! My, my… how time flies. Don't seem possible it's been that long since you folks moved in here."

I started gathering up my tools hoping she would get the hint.

"Well, I see you have more important things to do rather than talk to an old lady." And she chuckled her squeaky little laugh.

"It's not that Mrs. Simons, Dad just told me I can go down to the beach. He doesn't allow me to go that much these days."

She stepped close. Using a thin, wrinkled, hand she squeezed mine. "Will, I'm sorry for keeping you from your fun. It's just you're the only one who seem to pay me any notice these days."

I laid my hedge trimmers and hoe down so I could put my arm around her shoulder. "I'm the one who's sorry Mrs. Simons. I always have time to talk with you."

"Silly boy!" Then she gently patted the back of my hand. "You run along. I'll see you in the morning. And tomorrow I'll make a pot of coffee just for you."

She gave me a quick little kiss on the cheek then shuffled back to her home. My heart ached for her. I knew full well what it was to be so lonely that it hurt.

I hurried to put everything away. I just wanted to get away from the house for a while. Away from everyone who lived here. At times, I felt like I wanted to get away from myself also. Anything to escape the constant put downs I experienced here.

The ragged condition of my old bicycle mimicked my attitude as I followed the gentle winding trail down the side of the cliff behind our house. The warm breeze felt good as it played with my blond hair. And by the time I reached the beach the tranquil ride had tempered my rage and I was enjoying being alone. I could see several teens that I recognized playing along the surf's edge, or lounging together amongst the sand dunes, but I wasn't in the mood for any social activities right now. I locked my bike to my customary tree and slipped my jeans off.

A crooked little smile turned the corners of my mouth when I stripped my T-shirt off leaving me standing there in only my bright red Speedo briefs. Dad would be furious if he knew I had worn them in public. He though they were beyond immodest. "Damn things make you look like a pussy boy!" He had declared the first time he had saw me with them on. I was summarily ordered never to wear them again.

I didn't hate my father. I even liked him. I just could not understand why he seemed to dislike everything I did, or attempted to do. However, his callused feelings toward me were driving a wedge between us I felt could never be resolved. I wasn't in the habit of intentionally disobeying my father. There were just times I had to be myself. It may sound as though I'm bragging, but I am very proud of my body. I work hard at staying in shape. I watch what I eat, and exercise at least four times a week. I have had girls, and a couple of guys tell me my bum and legs are a great turn on. I will admit I may be suffering from an extreme case of vanity, but for the last few months having someone admire my body has been the only enjoyment I have received from life.

But even today I wasn't in the mood for that. After Dad's latest put down, I felt as though the bottom had fallen out of my world. I just wanted to be alone and wallow in my gloom. Moreover, I knew just the secluded place for that. A small cove only about a half-mile down the beach, but few people ever ventured there. It was a tough hike. Mostly rocks and brush, but it was well worth it if you wanted to be alone.

Well, so much for Mandy being my best friend for the week. Thirty minutes on the beach and some guy already has her cornered at the soda stand trying to put the make on her. My sister is one of the hottest babes in our school. I told mom I didn't think it was such a good idea to let her wear that barely there string bikini.

Mom had only smiled and gave me a quirky little wink. "I'm glad you are so protective of your sister. But, I think she will be fine. Remember Chuck, you are only young once. A few years from know she won't be able to wear something so revealing. Let her have some fun. She knows how to stop a guy from going too far."

Sometimes I think my parents are too liberal for their own good. Oh, well.

I strolled along the beach enjoying the warm sun and the visual candy. For some reason when I was at the pool or on a beach, my attention was always divided between the girls and the hot looking guys. This was becoming a source of what I saw as a growing problem. A problem, which I believed was something that was just so unnatural. Before I left my hotel room this morning I had promised myself I would not so much as look at a boy. And, definitely not allow myself to lust after one. However, my same old dilemma seemed to follow me wherever I went. I knew these sign and I didn't like them. There was no way I could be gay, and I absolutely would not allow myself to become gay!

While I was thinking these thoughts, and scolding myself for looking, my eyes fastened onto a cute young boy of probably no more than fifteen.

"Damn, now that's some kind of nice!" The thought shot through my mind before I could stop it.

I turned away in disgust. I kicked what was left of some kids sand castle left over from the day before. I was rewarded for my efforts of anger with a face full of sand because of the strong breeze.

"Well, if you can't control yourself you better take a walk!" I was muttering to myself, but I had spoken loud enough a couple of girls gave me a questioning look than began giggling. Their laughter brought me back to reality and I realized I had a raging hard on clearly visible outlined in my Speedos.

Well this day sure wasn't starting out to be one of my better days. My sister leaves me stranded alone, I can't keep my eyes off the guys, and now I embarrass myself with probably the two biggest gossips on the beach. Great! Just Great! And to top it all off I am so introverted our vacation will be over before I get around to making any acquaintances here.

I turned and began walking slowly down the beach. Off in the distance I could see what looked like a small jetty of land reaching out into the surf. It appeared to be covered with rocks and brush. Just the place to get away from everyone for a while.

I was again muttering to myself as I reached the summit of the small hill. This time I was flustered because I had left my sandals back with Mandy's things and the stones and twigs were murder on my feet. However, as I straightened up to look around I was pleased with my discovery. Before me lay a tranquil little cove bordered on the far side by a jetty much like the one I stood on and on the backside by a sheer cliff of perhaps a hundred feet high. Almost directly below me I could see just the tip of a white sandy beach.

"Ah-hah. Just the place to fritter away some quality time." However, in the back of my mind I was also thinking it would be an ideal location to rid myself of some of my pent-up sexual urges. If you know what I mean?

I slowly made my way down the steep side of the jetty still wishing I had my sandals. Just as I reached the bottom a small branch scraped the inside of my thigh. I sat down on a rock to inspect the damage. Not serious. Just a good scratch and a little blood. Guess I'd live. The thought made me chuckle. Probably should have worn my long trunks but I liked the almost nude feel of my Speedos. In fact I always slept in the nude and I spent most evenings lounging in my room watching TV in the buff. My parents were very comfortable with nudity as long as we didn't make it a practice of parading around the house naked. Occasionally was fine and if they needed to come into my room I wasn't expected to run for cover. And when I felt the urge, which was quite often – HeHe, to jack off I simply closed the door. No need of locking it because no one would knock or enter until it was cracked open again. Dad always said young boys had to have their privacy at times and everyone, including my sister, knew what that meant.

I brushed a little sand from the scrape and stood up. That's when, no more than thirty yards in front of me, a pair of legs suddenly slid out from behind a thick brushy growth of sea oats.

"Oh, great. Came all this way to be alone and someone's already here." I really needed to stop muttering to myself so much. People would think I was weird.

I sat back down on the rock and pulled my knees up tight against my chest and encircled them with my arms. As I rested my chin on my knees I was contemplating my next move. Should I just go back? Should I go on down to the beach? What if it was some guy doing his girl? The possibilities were endless.

As I sat there deciding my next move the long legs were drawn back behind the bush. Then a young boy stood up wearing the brightest red Speedos I had ever saw.

"OH Gosh! Not only do I have company but get a load of that bod!" All I could see was his backside, but that was enough. He had the most stunning bum I had ever saw on a boy. And those legs! Wow! They'd make most girls blush with envy. Then to make things worse he stretched like a cat. Hands locked together high above his head, feet slightly parted, and his torso seemed to twist and squirm like he was double jointed. My willy must have been watching also because I became instantly hard; so hard the head threatened to peak out over the waistband of my trunks.

"Now what do I do if he comes back this way?" My thoughts were in high gear thinking about the Grecian god that had just stood up in front of me, and how I was going to conceal my stiff willy.

Judging from all the stretching that he was doing he must have been asleep and was shaking off the last remnants of his catnap. I was silently cursing myself for becoming so infatuated by a boy's body. How I wished he would turn so I could see his face. He just had to be cute with a bod like he possessed. Even from the backside I suddenly had the feeling there was something strangely familiar about him.

Bother! Instead of turning where I could see him, he began walked away toward the water. His form mesmerized me as he entered the water. I couldn't take a chance of loosing sight of him now. I stood to my feet and adjusted my dick so it lay as concealed as possible under the tight material. Then I followed at a discrete distance. I sat down beside the same bush where he had been laying. By now, he had waded far enough out where he could dive beneath an oncoming wave. I looked down beside me and the imprint of his beautiful round bottom was perfectly outlined in the soft sand. I gently lay my hand in the depression and felt my willy twitch. I could not believe the impact I was letting this boy have on me. It was unreal. Especially for someone who was bound and determined he wasn't queer.

I couldn't help it I had to get closer. Close enough to hopefully speak to him.

I shivered when the cool water came in contact with my hot skin. I didn't know how long I had slept beside the sea oats bush. I did know I had lain down in the shade of the large grass clump only to awaken with the sun beating down on me and feeling like I probably would have a nice sunburn.

I let the water cool my skin, but the thought of my home life were still burning in my mind. It seemed that was all I could think about these days. I just felt so miserable. I felt miserable when I woke in the morning, and when I went to sleep at night. To make matters worse I even dreamed about my father taunting every little thing I did. Right now I had two desires in life. One was to have a happy home life. And the other was to have someone I could trust. Someone more than a just an acquaintance. A person who would really take an interest in just me. A person who would listen to my problems and be there when I needed someone to listen. I guess what I really wanted was someone I could love and someone who would love me.

I sighed deeply and began wading out of the water. Suddenly I was startled by a voice coming from the beach.

"Will!… Will Ruther! Is that really you?"

I looked up to see who was calling my name. But I was looking directly into the late afternoon sun. All I could see was the dark outline of some guy standing at the waters edge. A few steps more and his face became clearly visible.

"Chuck!… Chuck! I haven't seen you since… since when?"

Without thinking I came running out of the water, water spraying in large sheets as my feet and legs churned through the shallow surf. I almost knocked him down as I ran up and threw my arms around him and gave him a big hug. When I backed off I could detect a slightly shocked expression on his face.

"I'm sorry," I quickly said. "Just haven't seen a friendly face for so long I guess I just got carried away."

Chuck was a year older than me. I had known him back at my old school in West Port. He was a freshman then and I was in the eighth grade. We were never close friends though because of the stigma of separation of the upper classmen and the "little kids" in middle school. But that hadn't stopped me from having a tremendous crush on him though. That was another thing in my life. It never bothered me that I should find boys, especially Chuck, so fascinating. It always seemed guys were so much more honest with their feeling than girls were. Since we had moved here I had dated several girls, but each time it seemed to always end the same way. I would just get tired of trying to do everything their way. What was so wrong with sharing, and doing things we both enjoyed?

"Hay. Not a problem Buddy! Just haven't had too many guys give me a hug like that."

Then he chuckled and I could see a smile on his lips. He put one arm around my shoulders and hugged me pulling me close to his side. Wow! It felt so good. We stood there for a long moment just looking at each other.

"I can't believe how much you have grown and changed in just three years." Chuck told me. "I hardly recognized you."

"Well, I hope it's been for the best?" Again I chuckled. Damn I hated it when I laughed like that. I always did when I was a little nervous or excited. It sounded so much like a girl giggling it made me cringe.

Chuck put a hand on my shoulder as we walked slowly back to the sand dunes.

"I'm glad to hear that chuckle of your hasn't changed. I always liked the way it sounded. So happy and full of life."

Now I blushed. Another problem I had that I wasn't that thrilled about.

We sat down in the shade of a short palm tree. In just a few minutes we were chatting like old friends. Like I said we had know each other back at West Port but we had never talked then like we were now. It seemed we both had a mission to fulfill. I didn't know what Chuck's was but the longer we talked the more I began to realize what mine was. I needed someone I could confide in and for some strange reason, almost like a sixth sense, something was telling me I could trust Chuck to be that person. I know that sounds almost ridiculous. After all we had only be reacquainted less than thirty minutes, but still that feeling was there. Don't ask me how I knew, I just did.

I lost all track of time. That was until Chuck said, "It's so quiet and peaceful here at sun set. I could spend our entire vacation just enjoying this tranquil setting."

"Sun set!" The statement jolted me out of my dream world about Chuck and back to the present. "Oh crap!" I looked at my watch. "Dad's going to be furious. It's dinnertime. And on the weekends he insists that everyone be present for dinner and on time."

I jumped up and began brushing the sand from my bum and legs.

"I'm sorry Chuck but I must hurry. Dad and I aren't on the best of terms right now, and the last thing I need is another run in with him when I get home."

"That's OK Buddy. I need to be getting back to the hotel also."

Buddy. That sounded so nice. I wondered if he really meant it or if it was just an express he used with all the guys?

Chuck took the lead back up the trail. I could not help but notice his muscular build as I followed behind. He had told me he liked football and it was evident. His shoulders were broad and well defined. The muscles of his back stood high and firm. His waist tapered in and I could see the taut muscles of his sides working rhythmically as he walked. And his tight Speedos did little to hide the cheeks of his butt. They were so firm they actually bounced a little each time a foot came in contact with the ground. And his thigh and calf muscles were so well defined I could see each one individually. He looked back at me a couple of time but I don't know if he realized just how closely I was observing his body. I was so taken by the visual image it was a few seconds before I realize the direction he was leading us.

"Hold up." I said. "Don't tell me that's the way you come in here?"

"Yeah. I just came over the top and down this little trail."

"Follow me. That's why this is such a secluded place. Not many people are willing to trudge over that hill. I'll show you my secret entrance."

I stepped up beside Chuck and put a hand on his shoulder and left it there as I led his along the base of the hill until we stood at the bottom of the cliff.

"There, see that small cave." And I pointed to an opening barely visible behind another clump of sea oats.

We ducked down to enter the small breach. Once inside it opened up to an almost tubular tunnel some eight to ten feet in diameter. I picked up my flashlight that I had left lying at the entrance and started through the dark passageway. In less than two hundred yards the light at the far end was visible.

"There's a large sea oat plant that completely concealing this entrance. The opening isn't very big; we have to crawl out on our hands and knees. Be careful, the leaves will do a number on your bare skin. Also we don't want to leave any sign where others can find our secret little entrance." My girlish chuckle again echoed through the cavern.

"Hay. That's great." Chuck said as we came out into the waning light of day. "What did it take? Five minutes. And I climbed and struggled for more than a half hour to get over the top."

I took the lead and broke into a run on the way back to where I had chained by bicycle to the tree. Damn, I was going to be in trouble again. Why can't dad be a little more understanding with me? If it were Danny or David there would not be a thing said. They could just come in, sit down for a late dinner, and everything would be just fine. But not me. NO. I already knew what would be awaiting me when I walked into the house.

"Sorry I've got to hurry off Chuck. But I just have to. Perhaps I will be able to tell you all about it some day."

"Hay. Not to worry. What say we meet here again tomorrow? Say right after lunch?"

My face instantly lit up. "I'd like that a lot! Just hope I won't be grounded though."

"Grounded? For being a few minutes late for dinner!"

"We'll see. See you tomorrow. I hope."

I jerked my bike around and swung onto the saddle. I peddled hard back up the winding trail. I'd stop at the top and put my pants and shirt on. Right now I needed the freedom to generate as much speed as I could.

I watched as Will disappeared around a bend on the trail. For the first time since I had seen him earlier I was thinking about Will. I mean the real Will, not his body. I felt so sorry for him. He seemed to be so unhappy. Our short visit hadn't given me enough information to know the full reasons for his sadness, but I knew it was there.

I started back to where I had left Mandy. I didn't know if she would still be there, or if she had given up on me and would have gone back to the hotel by now. Oh well. I guess she can take care of herself. At least mom thinks she can.

I didn't hurry as I walked back. Instead I was trying to sort my thoughts and feeling and to make some sense of what was happing to me and my way of thinking about what I should, and should not, be feeling. I didn't want to be feeling things about a boy like the ones I way feeling about Will. But those feelings that were stirring in my breast after being with him for only an hour made me feel so warm and comfortable. Perhaps it was just the reestablishment of a friendship. But that didn't seem right either. We had never been close friend when he was at West Port, only casual friend at best. In fact, I could barely remember what he was like back then. Except I always thought he was so damn cute! Today I admit his body first attracted me, but a few minutes alone with him quickly changed the attraction to the person inside the body. All this only served to fuel my beliefs that it was so wrong to be drawn to a boy like that, and for that reason.

"Well! I like that! Just walk past like I don't exist."

"Huh? What?" I turned back to see Mandy sitting on her beach towel, a mischievous little smile on her face. "Oh, sorry Sis. Didn't see you."

"That's quite apparent. Who's the luck girl that has you in La-la-land?"

"The who? What?"

"Ah, come on Chuck. I have enough insight to know when someone's been bitten with the love bug."

Her patented little laugh always irritated me. Especially when I knew she was close to the truth, the truth of something that I didn't want anyone to know.

"Right. Sure Sis. A couple of hours and I'm suppose to fall head over heals for someone."

"Well don't blame me. At least your afternoon went better than mine. Congratulations."

That was the first I had noticed she was alone.

"Say what happened to the hunk?"

"The HUNK! You mean the HANDS! That S.O.B. I couldn't keep him off me. He even pulled the string on the side of my bikini and I lost my bottom right here on the beach for God and everyone to see."

I could see the anger burning in her eyes.

"There was a cop standing close by, and when I screamed he came over. I told him what the pervert did and he hauled him off. I think he just took him off the beach though."

"I'm sorry Mandy. I should have been here with you." And I really was sorry too. I loved my sister, and I should have been here to watch over her. Besides that, if I had been here I wouldn't be having all these thoughts and feelings that were eating on me right now.

"No you shouldn't have! You'd never have met the person of your dreams if you had been."

"A person? What makes you so convinced it's a person? Could be anything."

"Oh brother." And she rolled her eyes like only Mandy can do. "Come on Bud. Help me gather everything up. If you hadn't notice we're the last ones on the beach."

I picked up my towel and sandals, and hoisted the umbrella onto my shoulder then followed Sis back to the hotel.

Later at dinner, my mind wondered back and forth between the conversation at the table and my afternoon with Will. One second, I would be seeing visions of him and his bright red Speedos, the next moment my mind would be flooded with thoughts of the hug he had given me, and the emotions that had caused in my heart.

"Well Chuck we haven't heard much about your day."

Why was I allowing myself to have these feelings? I just could not be that kind of boy. I just couldn't! I didn't dislike gay boys. In fact, two of my friends at school were gay, and we got along marvelously.

"Son." Dad's chuckle drew me out of my dream world. "I say Son, are you still with us."

"Huh… What did you say Dad?"

"OH. Don't pay him any mind Dad." Mandy laughed, and then rolled her eyes at me again. "He just went off this afternoon and found himself the love of his life."

I felt my face burn red hot. And I shot my sister a look that told her I wasn't pleased with her teasing remark.

Then Mom got into it. "Well now, who's the lucky young lady."

Young lady? Now that's a joke. If I had the courage to come out and say whom it really was I had a good idea the bubbly atmosphere would be brought to a sudden end.

"Ah, Mom. You know Mandy. Always has her imagination working overtime. I… I just met someone that seemed quite interesting to be with is all."

"Mom you should have saw him when he came back down the beach." Again her innovative snicker wrangled my nerves. "He was in another world. Walked within five feet of me and never knew I existed."

"Mandy!" I shouted at her. Then I saw the expressions on my parent's faces and new my outburst was not to be tolerated. "I'm sorry Mandy." I quickly added. "But you really don't need to tell everything you know."

"That's fine Son. Just keep us posted. Wouldn't want to have you married off without our knowing about it."

The wink I received from my father told me that was his way of ending the discussion. I smiled softly at him so he would know I appreciated his thoughtfulness. His returned smile told me he was on my side in this matter. "But, Pop. If you only knew, would you still be on my side?" I thought to myself.

Mom carefully folded her napkin, as was her habit and laid it beside her plate. "I'll call room service and have them come and clear the table."

That night as I lay in my room visions of Will still played in my head. I had no idea what I was going to do about them. They were so good and so pleasant I didn't want them to ever stop. I knew that what I was feeling in my heart would only leading me to heart ache later. There was no way he would ever feel the same way about me so why torture myself with the convoluted notion I was falling in love with him, especially after such a short reunion. Besides that I was again revisiting my accepted wisdom that I just could not be that kind of boy.

I was lying on top of my bed in my customary sleeping attire, nothing, as these thought streamed through my mind. Without really thinking about it I started stroking my already hard dick as I thought about Will. Damn, he was so cute, a face as becoming as his body. His shimmering blond hair accentuated his soft youthful boyish features perfectly. And after only a short get-together I could sense his heart was so soft and tender, and cried for someone to love him. Tears suddenly began streaming down my face and puddle beside my ears.

"Oh… Will! I can't explain it, but I know it somehow, I love you. I love you so much!"

My mumbled words were sharp and broken by the sobs that were coming from deep within. Something else in my subconscious was telling me I had loved him years before when he was at West Port. Now I sensed my love for him at that time may have been why I kept him at arms length and only allowed a laid-back acquaintance to develop.

Yes, in just one afternoon I had fallen in love with a boy, or perhaps that love had just been rekindled. My intellect would not let me readily accept this fact however. Yes, I had fallen in love with a boy, but not the boy of the gorgeous body, I had fallen in love with the boy that lived on the inside of that body.

During all this time of thinking and anguishing with myself I had continued to stroke my cock. It was as though some supernatural omen was trying to show me it was all right. The instant my mind accepted the fact I loved Will my orgasm jolted my body. It was like none I had ever experienced before. So sharp, so strong, with intensity that quaked my entire body. I moaned much too loud, but I could not help it. The release was unbelievable! I pumped and shudder for what felt like and eternity before my body finally began to relax.

I drifted into a fitful sleep. Fleeting visions of a naked Will danced in my dreams. Only to be replaced by someone, I could not tell whom, shaking a finger at me and telling me it was a sin to love a boy.

At daybreak I woke in the midst of another dream being soundly reprimanded for my sinful thoughts. I was still lying on top of my bed, a little cold from a night without covers, and smelling heavily of my sex that was now dried and crusted covering much of my stomach. I slid off the bed and staggered into the shower. I felt tired and exhausted, almost as if I had not slept at all.

By the time I finished my shower I had made up my mind. Somehow I would put Will out of my mind. Not as a friend, but as my lover. I looked forward to seeing him this afternoon, but I was determined to keep our relationship on a strictly platonic and practical level.

I slid my bicycle to a stop just behind our house. My face was flushed red and sweaty, and I was breathing heavily from my frantic retreat back up the narrow trail. I grabbed my jeans out of the basket on my bike and quickly jerked them on. I moped my wet face with my T-shirt before I pulled it on. I did not understand why I bothered to hurry so much. I was late, and there was nothing I could do about it. However, my adrenaline was flowing and I dreaded what was surely waiting me just beyond the back door.

My dad's face was red with anger when I stepped into the dinning room. A quick glance at my brother Danny, and that evil smug look on his face, instantly told me he had been fuelling the fires of anger in my father.

"Well young man! I'm so glad you decided to join the rest of us for dinner." The words could have been used for a pleasant greeting, but the tone of his voice told me he has just the exact opposite in mind. "Too bad dinners over, and everything gone. Now get to your room!"

Dinner wasn't over, and there was still plenty of food on the table. But, I really didn't care either! I was fed up with being treated like some kind of parasite. I had lost my appetite when I entered the room and saw my brother's face. I was pleased I did not have to sit at the same table with the rest of my, so-called, family. I snorted a little and turned to leave the room.

"What kind of remark was that?" My Father shouted. But I never stopped or looked back.

"I ask you a question Will!" I could hear him almost screaming at me as I started up the stairs. But I did not care anymore. If he wanted to come up and slap me around a little I did not care about that either. I had reached my end. I suddenly found myself feeling like I was ready to just give up on life.

I stepped inside my room and closed the door. I wanted to slam it, but I knew better than that. I grasp the doorknob with both hands behind my back and leaned back on the door. Suddenly I began crying. Tears streamed down my face and dripped onto my T-shirt. Sobs racked my body and I made no effort to control them. My emotions were shattered. My shell of self-protection had dissolved and I felt like my entire insides had turned to jelly.

Sure enough my father had followed me up to my room. I could feel the door move as he tried to open it.

"Open the damn door Will!"

I was crying so hard I barely heard him screaming at me. I stepped away from the door like I was in a dream. I just didn't care anymore. Let him do what he wanted I didn't care.

He burst into the room. I felt a big hand on my shoulder, and then suddenly I was spun around looking him strait in the face. My eyes were red; tears were steady streams running down my cheeks.

"If you're not the sorriest damn sight I've ever seen. Standing here crying like some damn girl." Dad was so mad his voice was quaking.

"I ask you a question when you left the room! When I ask a question I expect an answerer!" His fingers were digging deep into my shoulder, but I ignored the pain.

"Well! I'm waiting. You damnable brat!"

I never answered. I had no intension of answering. Beside I could not even remember the question. Then I saw his hand draw back and I knew what was coming. This time it was much harder than ever before. Much harder! I felt the stinging pain on the side of my face, and quick little sparks shot before my eyes. I remember having the sensation of falling but I never felt myself hit the floor.

I heard the door slam, but it sounded as though it were a mile away. I don't know how long I lay there before I was able to get to my feet by pulling myself up using the foot of my bed. I glanced at myself in my mirror. I was a mess. Tear stained face, red eyes, and blood trickling from the corner of my mouth. I just crawled up on my bed and curled up and a tight little ball and cried until the ability to cry had simply been used up.

Sometime during the late evening my mother came into the room. She switched on the bedside lamp and put a sandwich and glass of milk on my night table. She never spoke or attempted to check my swollen lip and cheek. She stood there for a moment then turned and walked out of the room closing the door softly behind her.

I felt hungry, but I didn't want her frivolous act of charity. If she really cared, if she really loved me, why didn't she come to my aid when I really needed her?

My mind needed some relief, some comfort. And my thoughts, quickly and willingly, turned to Chuck. My anguish was quickly replaced by a warm feeling deep in my chest. There wasn't a doubt in my mind. The boy of my dreams, the one I had fallen in love with back in middles school was right here. Here within reaching distance. And he seemed so friendly, so nice. If only he could love me in return as I love him. However, I knew there was little chance in that. A guy that was as active in sports as he was, and the way he had reacted to my hug today, would never be interested in another boy. I knew my dreams were without basis, but they felt so good, and they gave me so much comfort I just lay on my bed sobbing softly and let my imagination have it way.

Somewhere in the early morning hours I finally drifted off to sleep, more from pure exhaustion than relaxation. It was almost ten a.m. when I woke. The side of my face hurt terribly, and blood was dried and caked to the corner of my mouth. I stepped into my shower and let the hot water spray on my head and run down over my body. The warmth seemed to give some soothing relief to my body, but it could not touch the ache deep in my heart. I slowly realized that last night had literally ended any relationship I would ever have with my family members. And that thought felt like the cruelest form of torture anyone could ever devise,

I stepped from the shower and toweled dry. I didn't know if I was grounded or not, and I really didn't care. I slipped my red Speedos back on and pulled on a fresh T-shirt, one short enough to leave my slightly inward belly button fully exposed. Dad should be at work. But if he was not, to hell with it! Today my Speedos would be in full view as I left the house, if anyone disapproved tough! I walked out of my room and into the hallway; no one was there to notice. As I descended the stairs there was no one in the living room either. On my way to the kitchen I glanced into the TV room. The house seemed to be deserted. I opened the refrigerator and took out the container of milk. I poured myself a big glass and leaned back against the counter as I slowly drank it. I winched each time the glass touched the corner of my mouth. I replace the milk and got an apple from the fruit drawer of the fridge.

Stepping out onto the back porch I saw my mother sitting beside the pool drinking a cup of coffee. I glanced at her but she made no attempt to speak. I turned away, also without speaking. I rolled my bicycle out the back gate, then mounted and started down the trail to the beach. I thought about my mother's reaction as I had left the house and I was suddenly blinded by another flood of tears.

"My God! What has happened to my life? How could everything go so desperately wrong?"

This time I didn't care if someone heard me talking to myself. I was peddling hard down the gentle slope. My speed built until the passing trees were just a blur out of the corner of my eyes. I was going to loose control and I knew it. I just did not care. My bike went down on its left side, sliding the last ten yards; it struck the palm tree where I always chained it. Slowly I got to my feet and brushed bark and sand off my leg and side. Now I had a nice scrape on my leg to go with my fat lip.

In just a few minutes I was at my special cove, and sitting under the same palm where Chuck and I had been just the evening before. I didn't know what time it was, or how long I would have to wait for him. But I would wait; wait for as long as I had to just to see him again. If only I had taken time to find out which hotel they were staying in, perhaps I could have gone there a little early and he would not have been busy. But, I hadn't so why bother thinking down those lines.

I made myself as comfortable as possible and slowly began eating my apple.

"Good morning Early Bird!"

The voice from behind sent shivers of ecstasy coursing through my body. I jumped up to be greeted by the smiling face of my dream boy. It took every fiber of restraint I possessed to keep from throwing myself at him.

He walked up close to me, much closer than I really though necessary. The closeness almost drove me insane with desire. So close, but yet still out of the reach of my arms.

"What brings you down so early?" Chuck wanted to know.

"Oh, just didn't have anything else to do. I was hoping you would be a little early also." Now why did I have to add that last remark? Dumb! Really dumb.

His smile gave me some hope that I had not stuck my foot in my mouth. He actually reached over and patted me on the shoulder. His touch surged through me like an electrical shock, and I felt myself shudder just a little.

"What say we go for a quick swim? I'm already a little warm."

I was more than a little warm standing so close to Chuck. I was absolutely burning up. I turn and started toward the water, but I was keenly aware of his hand still on my shoulder.

The water was delightful. We splashed and laughed like two little kids. For the first time since last nigh I actually felt some relief deep inside.

"Let's go stretch out on the beach. I need to work on my tan so everyone back at West Port will know I've been on vacation." Chuck's laugh thrilled my heart.

He lie down and spread his legs slightly. I could not help but notice the large bulge concealed under his tight Speedos as he put his arms above his head and stretched. I lay down beside him, much closer than I really needed to. As I spread my legs I felt the sides of our thighs touch. I remained motionless trying to give the impression that I had not really notice, or that it did not bothered me if I had. We lay there for a few moments not speaking. But the contact with Chuck's leg was causing me to go hard. I really did not want that to happen, not right now anyway. But I was slowly loosing the battle of my will.

"Do you mind if I ask you a question?" Chuck's voice was soft, and slightly more than a whisper.

"No. Of course not."

"Well. I was just wondering. What happened to the side of your face? I mean, it's looks like you took a nasty blow someway."

In an instant my willy was flaccid. I can't tell him, not yet anyway. I had to think of something.

"Oh… well… I… I just… I mean in my hurry to get home last night. I… I got too close to the edge of the trail and a tree branch slapped me in the face."

"Oh. I see."

His answer did not really sound like he had bought what I had said. But it was the best I could think of on short notice. Another dumb mistake, I should have know he would ask. I should have had an answer ready.

"Which hotel you staying at?" I wanted to know, but it also felt like a good way to change the subject.

"The 'Sand and Surf.' Do you know it?"

"Sure. Just down the beach from our house."

"You mean you live close by? Where?"

"Just follow the trail up the side of the cliff, our house is the first one on the left. Couldn't be handier."

Again we fell silent, a silence that seemed to last forever. The longer I lay there beside Chuck the more difficult it was to keep my emotions in check. I was torn between my feelings for him and my loathing of the way things were at home. I really could not bring myself to think the thought, but last night I had developed a real hatred for my father and I was still trying to decide about my mother and my feelings for her.

I had my eyes closed against the glair of the sun; I did not even realize tears were streaming down the sides of my face. Nor did I realize Chuck had risen up on one elbow and was looking at me. When I felt his hand on the center of my chest was the first time I had looked at him since we had lain down. He was almost directly over me looking down into my eyes. His big brown puppy dog eyes were so full of warmth and caring it made me shudder.

"Will. Buddy. What's wrong? What is the matter?"

I sucked in a big breath of air and shivered deeply. I hardly remember doing it. Without thinking I sat up and threw my arms around him and covered his lips with mine. I kissed him long and hard. When I finally let our lips part I saw his eyes and his expression. His eyes were wide circles, and his expression was that of disbelief.

"Oh! Chuck!… Chuck I'm sorry!" I stammered. "I'm sorry. So sorry. I love you so much. But I know you can't feel the same way about me. I'm sorry." My voice faltered again. "Please forgive me."

He sat there with a shocked expression on his face. I recoiled back and drew my knees up tight against my chest and encircled my head with my arms as I buried my face against my knees. I could not stand to look at him, not now, not after I knew my impetuousness had cost me my love. Again my stupidity had cost me the last thing I had in my life.

"Well, I must say you have strange ways of greeting people."

His voice was completely without emotion. I felt him move and I knew he was standing up.

"I think I better be getting back. I need to check on my sister, you know."

I did not answer. I didn't even raise my head. I just nodded with my face still buried against my knees. I could hear his feet making soft swishing sounds in the soft sand as he walked away.

I started crying. Crying harder than I ever believed possible. Everything was gone. My world had collapsed. My family hated me, and the boy I loved had just walked out of my life.

"Life! What the hell go is it." I whimpered.

I do not have any idea how long I sat there. When there was nothing left inside me to force out another tear I stood to my feet. As my skin flexed because of my movements I knew I had a severe sunburn, but what the hell, what difference did it make. I knew what I had to do, and what I was going to do.

I didn't use the tunnel this time; I just trudged slowly over the top of the small mountain. I was completely oblivious to the sharp stones gouging my feet and the nettles scraping at my bare legs. I didn't care about anything now. Nothing made a difference anymore. I walked past my bicycle, why bother I didn't need it any more. I didn't need anything or anyone now.

I was sweating profusely by the time I reached the top of the cliff. I closed the yard gate and took a quick look around the house. Both cars were gone. No one was home. I was alone. Alone like I felt I should be. Why not be alone. I was completely worthless to everyone, even myself.

I entered the garage through the side door. I waited for my eyes to adjust to the diminished light as I stepped into the dark warm interior. I saw what I needed along the far wall. I moved our two garbage cans into the center of the garage floor then placed and old wood plank across the top of them. Taking a strong cotton rope from a wooden peg I fashioned a noose in one end and threw it over one of the exposed rafters above my makeshift platform. I secured the other end to the underside of dad's workbench.

I stood back and admired my handy work. For a few moments I never move. My mind was completely without though. Almost as though it had stopped functioning in anticipation of what it knew was coming.

One deep breath and I stepped up onto the wood plank. I placed the noose over my head and pulled it tight around my neck. I felt a shiver run down my back.

"Just rock the plank. Let it slide off. That's all you have to do."

I spoke the words audibly. I don't know why. I just did.

I shifted my weight. I felt the plank move, and saw it move to the very edge of the garbage can. I shuffled my feet again and the plank moved …

"Hi Sis. Had any good bites on your bikini line this morning?"

I sat down beside Mandy and chuckled as she sneered at me.

"My you weren't gone long. Though you had a hot date this morning?"

I didn't answer just shrugged my shoulders and let my thoughts have free reign over my mind. I still could not understand why I had reacted the way that I had to Will's kiss. My determination to keep our relationship plutonic had faded away before I reached the beach. Therefore, it was just what I wanted. It was what I had been anticipating all morning. It was the reason I had gone to our secret cove so early. It had been the answer to all my dreams and hopes since last night. So why had I reacted so negatively to the very thing I wanted?

I pulled my knees up and rested my chin on them. Before I could stop myself a tear slipped from the corner of my eye, and I actually sobbed loud enough Mandy heard me. She turned to look at me, and when she did our eyes locked together. An expression of bewilderment and love was evident on her face. She placed a hand softly on my arm.

"Chuck. What's the matter?"

My sister and I always poked fun at each other, and sometime had our little quarrels. But we were very close, and when she ask me something like she just had I knew it was because of true concern.

I tried to speak, but when I did the sobs grew with intensity. Mandy twisted around and put her arms around me and let me lay my head on her shoulder. She stroked the back of my head and held me tight. I quickly regained some of my composure.

"Come on Honey, let's go someplace where we can talk."

I raised my head to see people staring at me. My face burned red with embarrassment. We stood and walked quickly away. Mandy led me back to our hotel room. Mom and Dad were out but we went into my room anyway. I sat down on the bed. I had regained my self-control but I was still ashamed to look my sister in the face following such an unmanly outburst of passion.

"Now you going to tell you little sister all about it?"

I knew she wasn't mocking me. She cared, she cared deeply. I finally looked at her and forced a smile.

"It's a little hard to talk about Sis. In fact, more than a little hard, I don't know if I can."

She took my hand in hers and slipped off the bed so she was kneeling on the floor between my legs. She put the back of my hand to her cheek and then kissed it softly.

"Perhaps I can make it easier for you."


"Is it about the boy who kissed you this morning?"

My eyes went wide. And my mouth gaped open.

"How… how do you know that?"

"I followed you. I really wasn't spying on you. I just wanted to get a look at your new love is all. And I must say I was very impressed with what I saw. He's really hot."

I sat there with my mouth still hanging open.

"I must say you could not have made a better choice."

"You… you know Will?" I finally stuttered out some words.

"Of course I do silly. Remember I'm two years younger than you. I knew Will really well back in West Port. Gosh! I had a crush on him something terrible. But even back then he was so taken by you I knew I didn't stand a chance."

"You… you mean he liked me even back that far?"

"Sure did."

"And me liking a boy… that doesn't bother you?"

"Why should it, we have all known for some time boys have held more of an interest for you than girls."

"What do you mean… 'we all knew'?"

"All of us. Mom and Dad and me."

Again, my chin felt like it bounced off the floor. This could not be real. I couldn't be hearing what my mind told me I was.

"But… but it's so wrong. It's just so wrong for me to love a boy."


"Why! What do you mean… why?"

"Simple. If that's the way you are. What's so wrong with it?"

"Sis, I don't think you understand what I just said. I'm in love with a boy!"

"Yes I know. And I'm so glad for you."

I sat staring at my sister not knowing what to say. Nothing was making since to me about our conversation. I heard Mom and Dad enter the adjoining room. Then I suddenly though, "What if Sis tells my parents? What if they find out?"

She stood up still holding my hand. "Just relax Chuck. Everything will be just fine." Then she started for the door.

"Mandy! Mandy please don't tell Mom and Dad. Please."

Her smile was so warm somehow it seemed to reassure me to trust her.

"It's all right Bud. Believe me I would never do anything to hurt you."

Before I could say another word she closed the door behind her. I sat there for a couple of minutes then slid back on the bed and drew up into a tight little ball, my knees pulled tightly against my chest and my arms anchoring them in place. It wasn't long before the door opened and my parents followed Sis back in.

The smiles on their faces served only to confuse me more. Confusing because I had expected to see anger and disdain. Sis sat down on the end of my bed while Mom and Dad sat down on each side of me. Instantly they both put an arm around me and hugged me tightly.

"Son we are so happy you finally realized who you are, and found someone to love."

That was all I could stand. I threw my arms around my Mother and began sobbing like a baby. I felt Dad's strong arms come around both of us as he hugged us tight.

I had never before heard my Father's voice so full of emotion. "It's all right Buddy. Have a good cry. We have sensed for a long time that you were one of the few who were chosen to love a boy instead of a girl. We are perfectly happy with that. We just want you to be happy and enjoy the rest of your life."

I cried and cried. Now my tears were tears of joy instead of tears of fear. Finally I turned to my Mother and gave her a big hug and a kiss. Then turning to my father I did the same. I stood up, took Mandy in my arms, and swung her around like a small child. She laughed and giggled at my playfulness.

I let her slide back to her feet then turned to Dad. "Why didn't you ever say something to me before? Why wait so long?"

"Because we wanted you to find your own way. We felt something like this was too important for you to be influenced in either direction."

I embraced my Father and let my head lay on his shoulder. "Dad… Dad I love you so much."

"OH my Gosh! Will!" It was like an explosion had just gone off in my brain.

"What the matter Honey?" Mom wanted to know.

"It's Will! The way I left him this morning on the beach. He must be devastated!"

Quickly I explained what had happened, and the way I had just left him sitting there crying.

"I've got to go! I've got to find him!"

Before anyone could say a word I grabbed a T-shirt, jerked it over my head and ran out the door. I waited impatiently for the elevator.

"Come on! Come on!" I muttered.

My excitement would not allow me to wait longer. I turned and ducked through the door leading to the stairwell, taking the steps two and three at a time as I sprinted down. I burst through the lobby door with such force it banged off the wall. The look of contempt I received from the desk clerk was his way of saying he was not pleased with my form of juvenile destruction. Then to make things worse I knocked the doorman down on my way out the front door.

"I'm sorry!" I shouted over my shoulder as I broke into a full run. I could see a line of house on the high cliff, perhaps a half-mile away. Will's home must be the first one in the line. If only I could go straight across, but I could not. It would be at least a mile, perhaps more, by way of the beach and jogging trail. I wasn't jogging I was running full out. By the time I reached the halfway point my legs were burning and my breath was coming in ragged gasps. The soft sand of the beach was hard to walk in, but to run as hard as I could, drained my energy levels rapidly. But I forced myself forward; my mind blocked out my lungs screams for air. Thoughts of my Will, and the anguish I knew he must have been going through because of my actions seared any consciousness to my pain. My heart was now so full of love for Will all I wanted was to take him in my arms and tell him so.

I rounded the last bend in the trail and staggered to a stop at the back gate of Will's home. I crouched forward, my hands on my knees and breathed heavily. There was no way I could talk gasping for breath the way I was. It took a full two minutes before my heart rate began to slow and I could feel my lungs filling with air again. I stepped up and rang the doorbell. I waited for what seemed an eternity than rang it again. Still no answer.

"This things not working! Can't hear any chimes."

I was so excited I was talking to myself. I sprinted to the front door and tried that button. Nothing but dead silence, no one called out, no on answered the door.

"Perhaps he's still down at the cove."

I ran back down the walkway between the house and garage. Movement inside the walk-in door to the garage caught my eye as I ran past. I slid to a stopped and hurried back to the door. When I looked inside what I saw froze my breath in my chest. My stomach heaved and wanted to regurgitate all its contents.

One more good shove was all I would need. The plank would fall away and all my problems would be over.

"Will! What in the hell are you doing?"

The voice startled me and I struggled to hold my balance. I turned my head just in time to see Chuck run through the door.

"Got-damn-it! What the hell you doing!" He demanded one more time.

"Go away! I don't want to see you! Just get out of here and leave me alone!" I ordered. "I'm not going to put up with the crap I have to take here anymore."

To my amazement, I found I was suddenly angry, very angry. Why the hell did he have to show up right now? Tears began streaming down my face and I tried to kick the plank off the garbage cans again. It didn't make any difference how hard I tried it just would not budge. That's when I realized Chuck was standing at my feet and was holding the plank firmly against his body.

"Damn it! Just leave and let me do what has to be done!" Now I start crying full throttle. My body shook and convulsed and I lost all control of my emotions.

"Come on buddy. You can't do this. Everybody needs you."

"Needs me hell. I'm just in the road here. Taking up space. That's all."

Chuck had one arm around my legs, and the other around the plank. I could not step off the plank and I could not kick it free. The more I tried to end my life the more I cried. I could only hear bits and pieces of what he was saying through the din of my own weeping. I don't know how long we stood frozen in that position while Chuck tried to talk some sense into me. However, it was no use. My mind was made up and I was not going to change it now.

"OK! OK damn it! If this is the way you want it fine. But you owe me one favor before you hang yourself?" Chuck's voice sounded as though he really meant what he said.

"Why? Why do I owe you anything? After… after they way you left me this morning."

"Cause I have to do something. Something very important before you do this."


"Just wait a minute. Just wait one damn minute. You're going to be dead a long time. Is just one more minute of life going to hurt?"

"OK. OK. Whatever!" I was crying, I was mad, I was hurt, I just wanted to get it over with and end it all.

Chuck cautiously turned loose of the plank. Nevertheless, I could see he kept his other hand warily close to my legs.

I sniffed hard and a shudder ran through my body. "Look I told you I'd wait. I'll keep my word."

"OK. OK. I'm trusting you to do just that."

Quickly he stepped over to the wood peg and took down another section of rope. He fashioned a slipknot in one end and threw it over the rafter next to my rope. He hurriedly tied the other end just below where I had tied mine.

"What the hell you doing?" Again, my body shook with spasms of my crying.

He didn't answer just jerked the knot tight and jumped up on the plank next to me. Before I could say anything he slipped the loop over his head and pulled it tight around his own neck.

"OK. I'm ready. Go ahead and kick the plank out."

"What the fuck! You crazy or something?" I bellowed.

"No more crazy than you. You said no one needs you. Well you're wrong. I need you. I need you very much. Your love is the greatest thing I've ever known. I fully believe you're my ANGEL sent to help me make the changes I need in my life. And if you're going to kill yourself I don't want to stay here either. Go ahead kick the plank!"

What he said hit me like a ton of bricks; again, the tears were renewed.

"Will. Please." And this time his voice was so soft. "There is something you really must know before you end our lives. I really meant what I just said. If you kill yourself I want to go with you."

"But… but why? Just this morning you though I was a pervert."

I was still sniffing and sobbing so hard I could barely talk.

"No I never!"

"Yes you did. I saw the way you looked at me. Then… then you just walked away. I know you thought I was crazy."

"No my Angel. No I never!" Then I felt Chuck's arms come around me and he held me close. "It wasn't you; I thought was crazy; I thought I was crazy because I couldn't let myself return you love."

He took just the point of my chin between his thumb and forefinger and turned my face so he could look directly into my eyes.

"My Angel. My wonderful Angel. I love you. I love you with every fiber of my being."

Then his lips covered mine. They were so soft, so tender. They spoke volumes just by their presence over my lips. I shuddered hard and my body melted against his. I let my lips part slightly and his tong entered my mouth. Not hard, not forcefully, but with such a tender love my tears doubled in intensity.

This time my tears flowed for a different reason. Now I shed tears because of relief, tears because of gratitude. Relief swept through me like a storm. I turned and threw my arms around him and hugged him tight against me. I cried some more I just couldn't help it. This was the first time anyone had ever stepped out on a limb for me. This was the first time someone had said, "I love you," and really meant it.

I was still clinging to him. "Come on Angel," Chuck said. "Let's get off this thing before we accidentally hang ourselves."

He slipped the rope off my head then removed his own. I was so weak and shaken I could barely stand on my own. He stepped down than reached up and put a strong hand on each side of my waist and helped me to the floor. I collapsed into his arms and our lips came together again. He supported my weight while we kissed. His lips were so soft, so sweet I did not know if my weakness was because of my brush with death or the passion I was feeling at that moment for Chuck.

Our kiss finally ended. Then Chuck reached down and placed one arm behind my knees and the other behind my back, he literally picked me up and carried me across the garage to where an old tarp was thrown on the floor. I was amazed at his strength as he gently laid me back on the soft pile of canvas.

We both still wore our Speedos. And when he lay down beside me he let his left leg fall between mine then he pulled his thigh up so it pressed firmly against my now growing bulge. His face hovered just above mine and I really think I could see sparkles in those big brown eyes of his.

It was so pure, so wonderful as I looked into those beautiful eyes. He never spoke, he simply mouthed the words, "I LOVE YOU." Then those lips, the very lips I had longed to kiss for years were again over mine.

I had tears in my eyes when our kiss ended, but there was something I wanted to know. Something I needed to know.

"Chuck… did… did you really want to kill yourself just now?"

"No, my Angel… but it was the only way I could think of to convince you of my love for you. Believe me Will… I LOVE YOU. But if it actually came to that… well…"

His voice trailed off. I put my hand behind his head and pulled his face to mine. I kissed him hard, long and hard.

"What in the hell is going on here now!"

My Father's voice sounded like the roar of a giant locomotive as it echoed angrily through the garage.

"Martha, come here!" He screamed at my mother. "Just come here an look at the got-damn fag you've reared now!"

Chuck was so startled he rolled completely over me with his back against the wall. My father stormed into the garage like an uncaged lion. He grabbed me by the hair of the head and jerked me to a standing position. I saw his hand coming, but there was little I could do about it. However, this time I tried to duck, which lessened the blow, but I still went sprawling back against the wall of the garage.

"NO!" I heard Chuck scream.

I looked up just in time to see him charging my father like a profession linebacker. His right shoulder struck my father in the midsection and raised his feet off the floor. The force of the impact carried both across the garage and they slammed into the workbench. My father was sandwiched between the unmovable bench, and Chuck's powerful driving legs. I could hear the air leave my father longs at the moment of impact. He crumpled to the floor, holding his stomach, and gasping for breath.

In an instant, Chuck was back on his feet and back at my side.

"Come on Angel let me help you up." His arms came under mine and he actually lifted me to my feet.

"You sons-a-bitches!" My father gasped between sucking big gulps of air. Mother was now at his side acting as though he was about to die.

Dad started to get up but Chuck turned and glared at him coldly. Father seemed to melt under the intensity of Chuck's stair. He wilted back to the floor and leaned back against the bench.

"There… there you see now Martha!" Dad muttered. "See what I been telling you for year. You go off and screw that damn neighbor and what the hell do you get for it. You gave birth to a fucken queer. You hear me Martha? A fucken queer!"

I couldn't believe what I was hearing.

"Mom… Mom, what's he saying."

My dad shot back. "What am I saying? I'll tell you what I'm saying. I'm saying I'm not your father. Never was, and never want to be! I'm saying you been a pain in my ass all your life. Being forced to spend good money on you and taking it away from my own boys. That's what I'm saying!"

My knees buckled under me. Chuck grabbed me just before I hit the floor and steadied me back on my feet. The words I just heard were the most dastardly, most wicked, and vile thing I had ever heard. My head was reeling. Suddenly I had found the love of my life. Then the next instant my life was shattered again.

"Oh God NO! No God no." I moaned. Then I completely collapsed into Chuck's arms.

"Hay you!" Chuck looked at my dad, or at least the person I always thought was my dad. "Yes you, the pervert! Take your little queer and get the hell out of here. Both of you out! Right now OUT! I never want that… that… that THING around my decent boys again."

"Mom?" I whispered.

She would not so much as look at me. Then in a voice I could barely hear, "You better do what Bob says. I think it would be best if you did leave."

I never had anything in my life hurt like those few words. The pain burned into my heart. And I though my chest would explode. I couldn't think, I couldn't talk, and it was as though I were in some horrifying dream that I could not awaken from.

"Come on Angel, let's get out of here. You're going with me."

It seemed I moved in slow motion as Chuck lead me to the door. Once we were outside I blinked hard trying to adjust my eyes to the bright glare of the sun.

I leaned on my Chuck all the way back to the hotel. I felt like my mind had completely stopped working. It seemed to slip into a mode of self-protection as it tried to block all remembrances of the last five minutes. My eyes barely focused and my legs were rubbery and sluggish. I noticed people staring at us as Chuck helped we through the lobby but I didn't care. After what I had just been through their gawking meant nothing.

I was holding Will around the waist with my right arm; I had his left arm over my shoulder, and holding it with my left hand as we staggered off the elevator. A bellboy I had become acquainted with was just coming out of the suite near the elevator.

"Goodness, Chuck! Do you need some help?"

"Yes, thanks Bobbie. Could you help me get Will to my room?"

"Sure thing."

Without hesitation he took Will's right arm over his own should and together we walked him down the hall.

"Mind if I ask what happened."

"Not at all. But could I explain it all a bit later?"

"Sure. Here let me get the door."

He pulled his master key from his pocket and unlocked my door.

Mandy was sitting on my bed watching TV. "OH MY! What happened?" She jumped up to hold the door open for us. Bobbie helped me lay Will on my bed. He instantly drew up into a fetal position sobs racking his body and tears staining his face.

"Sis, get me a damp wash cloth please. Then run and get Mom and Dad."

"Say. If I can be of any help just call. OK?"

"Sure thing Bobbie." Then I returned my attention to my Angel.

Mandy handed me the washcloth then ran from the room. Using the damp cloth I wipe his cheeks and smooth his rumpled hair back away from his tear soaked face. He was so beautiful, even when he was crying; my heart felt like it was caught in my throat as I look upon his loveliness. How could anyone so exquisite love someone like me?

Quickly my parents were at my side. "Oh my!" I heard my Mother whisper. She crawled up on the bed, folded her knees under herself, and placed Will's head in her lap. She took the cool cloth and began dabbing at his eyes and cooing over him like he were her own son.

I felt Dad's hand on my shoulder. "Son?"

I began reliving the hideous details of the last forty-five minutes. I made sure the picture I painted in their minds contained every dreadful account. I wanted everyone to know what my precious Angel had just gone through. When I finished Dad sat down beside Will. Mother now had him sitting up and leaning against her breast. Dad patted him gently on the leg.

"You're a brave young man." Dad said softly. "We are so pleased our son found someone like you to love."

I saw Will's eyes come open wide. He looked at my Father in disbelief, and then he looked at me. His eyes were so full of wonderment.

"Yes my Angel. It's perfectly fine with my parents." I tried to put as much encouragement in my voice as I could.

"I'll tell you what, you guys just stay put and I'll go talk to your parents. I'll see what I can work out. You are safe here, and I guarantee you no one will ever strike you again."

I saw Will shudder again from another deep sob, but I could also see the faint little smile that tried to replace his sorrow.

"Now Chuck, you give the directions and I will be off."

For two hours, Mom and I talked with Will. His crying had finally stopped. A few times, he had even chuckled. Not much of a laugh true, however anything at this point was progress.

"I tell you what," Mom said. "I'm going to leave you boys alone. Chuck why don't you help Will get cleaned up, in fact both of you could use that." Then she laughed softly. "I'm quite sure Will can fit into some of your clothes. When you are finished I'll have room service bring you guys something to eat and drink."

Mom and Sis left the room and for the first time since we got back I had my Angel all to myself. I slid up on the bed beside him and took him in my arms. Before I had a chance to react he was all over me.

"OH, Chuck. My darling Chuck, you don't know how long I've wanted to hear you tell me you loved me!"

Then his lips were over mine and his tong was searching deep into my mouth. I lay back on the bed and he crawled right up on top of me. I guess Mom must have forgotten something; out of the corner of my eye I saw the door open. I saw her start to enter; then she stopped. She comically put just the tips of her fingers over her mouth and drew back just a little. She blew me a kiss, winked, and softly closed the door.

"My parents!" I thought to myself, "They have to be the most wonderful people on the face of the earth."

Quickly I returned my attention to what Will was doing to my face, and within an instant I was on cloud nine. For a short time we rolled from one side of the bed to the other, we kissed, we became familiar with the feel of the others body, but one thing we never did was allow our lips to lose their contact.

"Come on Angel. Let's get you in the shower."

"Only if you come with me!" He giggled.

"Try to stop me." Then I gently pinched that gorgeous bum of his.

Once in the bathroom I adjusted the water temperature then knelt down in front of him and hooked my thumbs in the waistband of his Speedos. I looked up and our eyes met. "May I?" I ask tenderly. He only smiled, but the smile was a definite "Yes."

I slid the bright red garment slowly down his legs. He put a hand on top of my head to steady himself as he stepped first out of one leg opening then the other. I left his trunks lying at his feet as I sat back on my haunches and admired him. I could tell he was a little embarrassed to have someone look at him the way I was, but I just could not help it.

"My Angel, you are so beautiful." My voice was husky and soft at the same time.

Will's face blushed red. But it was the truth. He was so stunning. As I sat there on the floor in front of my nude Angel, I could not believe that he was mine. All mine. And to make it more unbelievable he loved me. He really did love me!

I stood to my feet and slowly pushed my Speedos down wiggling my legs so they slide to the floor. I was pleased he seemed to appreciate my body as much as I did his. He placed both of his palms flat on my chest, one over each nipple. He looked at me and a trace of a smile was on his lips, but I could see the twinkle in his eyes. His hands moved as one as they slid down my flat stomach. His fingertips seemed to follow the outline of each taught muscle that spanned my abdomen. As he reached my waste his hands parted as he slid them seductively over my hips and then back to cup each of my butt cheeks. He pulled me tightly against him and his lips sought out mine. Our kiss was hot. Hot and filled with love and passion. I could feel his cock begin to swell against mine, which sat off a chain reaction in me. I think we both reached full erection at the same time.

"Oh! My Love, I love you so much." Will's voice was muffled as he tried to speak and keep our lips together at the same time. "Love please, let's get in the shower."

We stepped in and slid the door closed. I have no idea how long we were in there. I lost all track of time. The feel of our wet nude bodies as they rubbed together seemed to transport us into our own private world of bliss. A soft knock on the bathroom door, and the soft South Texas voice of my mother, brought us back to the real world.

"Boy's if you haven't drowned your sandwiches and drinks are here. In fact they have been here quite some time." You could not miss her playful little chuckle.

"Do we really have to get out?" Will whispered, his head lying softly on my shoulder.

I kissed him delicately. "We have all night, tomorrow, and forever."

"Please Chuck tell me again. Do you really mean it? Do you really love me?"

"Yes, my Angel. Yes, I love you now and forever."

Tears once again appeared in his eyes. But this time I knew they were tears of joy not tears of heartache.

We stepped out and toweled each other dry. I found matching nylon jogging shorts and short nylon T-shirts that left most of our stomachs exposed. I actually gasp a little when I saw my Angel dressed in his skimpy attire. He was so HOT! The way the thin material pulled taut over his perfectly formed bum caused my willy to react in a very positive manner, which was something I had to fight valiantly to control. Since I had not bothered to get us any underwear a woody was something I definitely did not need when we went into the next room.

As we entered Mom and Dad's suite, hand in hand, Mandy was sitting with Mom watching TV.

"AH! Ain't that sweet." Mandy chuckled.

Will's face flushed red and I could tell he almost wanted to turn loose of my hand. Almost, but not quite.

"Don't pay my sister any mind." I chuckled and kissed him on the cheek. "You will need to get use to her dry sense of humor."

"That's OK, Mandy I think I can get use to it."

"Hay! Call me Sis. Everyone else does."

Will beamed with delight at my sister's invitation of friendship.

"Say Mom, where's Dad? He's been gone a long time."

"He came back for just a minute while you boys were in the shower…"

"You mean while they were turning to prunes…" Then Sis doubled over in laughter at her own joke.

"Now if I may continue? He just stuck his head in the door and said he would be back as soon as he could. Said something about he had come back to the hotel to pick up a fax. Seemed really excited about whatever he has going."

Mom showed my Angel and me out to the balcony where she had room service set up a small table for us. I could not believe the way she was accepting the fact I was in love with another boy. Room service had placed chairs at opposite ends of the table, but Mother moved one and placed it beside the other.

She gave us a quick wink. "Enjoy. Come on Sis, let's go down and look through some of the shops till Dad gets back.

We sat there munching sandwiches and sipping on our colas. Which was a bit of a trick given that we were holding hands at the same time, I'm right handed so using my left to feed myself proved interesting.

"Do you think your father will be able to work something out with my parents?"

Will's expression and the sound of his voice, told me he really did not want to go back home.

"If I know my Dad something will be resolved before he comes back. Do you think you would be safe if you went back?"

"Depends on what you mean as safe. I'd probably survive, but I have an idea things will be a lot worse than they were before."

"It was your Father, who did that to your mouth, wasn't he?"

I could tell Will was uncomfortable answering my question.

"I… I… well, yes he was."

"It's all right Honey." I leaned over and kissed him lightly on the lips. "We can talk about it some other time if you want too."

After we finished our sandwiches we took our colas and moved from the balcony to the living room of my parent's suite. I sat down in the big overstuffed chair and patted my lap to indicate where I wanted my Angel to sit. A big smile came over his face as he leaned forward and kissed me full on the lips. He sat down and curled up on my lap like a little kid. He nestled his head into the crook of my neck and shoulder and nibbled on my ear. His playfulness sent shivers of pleasure surging down my backbone.

"You are so comfortable." He sighed softly.

"I'm comfortable? I'm comfortable? Is that all I am is comfortable?" I snickered a little and that was enough to give away my attempted act of frustration.

For some reason this struck Will as the funniest thing he had heard in years. He burst into a bout of giggles that shook his body from head to toe.

I could not resist, I just had to say it again. "I'm just comfortable! HA. I really appreciate that!"

Then rampant hysteria took both of us into a much-needed world of mental relief. We laughed until tears streaming down our faces. Every once in a while one of us would repeat, "Just comfortable," then the laughter would begin all over.

"Oh, my Love, I haven't been so happy in years." Will said as he wiped the tears from the sided of his face.

I could not believe the difference in just a few short hours. Suddenly my mind transported me back to what I had saw when I look through the side door at Will's garage. I put my arms around him and hugged him as tight as I could. I tried to control my sudden feelings of near tragedy, but my eyes filled with tears and I shuddered hard. Will pulled my face up where he could look into my eyes.

"Darling. What's the matter? Those aren't tears of laughter?"

I sobbed hard, "The though just become clear to me how close I came to losing you today."

He put a soft hand on each side of my face and kissed me hard.

"Yes you did." He whispered. "But you didn't. Now you are stuck with me forever."

Suddenly the door opened and my Dad rushed into the room. The look on his face told me he was very excited. Mom and Sis were close behind and both seemed to be just as ecstatic.

Will started to get off my lap.

"NO! No. Stay where you are boys."

Dad took the chair from under the small writing desk and sat it in front of us, almost touching my knees with his. His face was beaming as his eyes darted first from Will's to mine.

"Will, I hope I have some good news for you. But, the final decision will be all yours."

Will glanced at me, then put his arm around my neck.

"First let me start here," Dad said. "As you know I have been with your parents all afternoon. And, this is the first part, and the hardest to say."

Dad paused for a moment, took Will's free hand into his own, and patted it softly.

"My boy," Dad said, still stroking my Angel's hand. "Your parents are adamant, it you choose to go back you and Chuck can no longer be a couple or ever see each other again."

I felt every muscle in Will's body tighten.

"NO! No way!"

He pulled his hand free from my Father's grip and clung to my neck with both hands.

"No! I can't. I love your son. I love him with all my heart!"

"I know. Believe me I know." Dad said softly. "And I'm so glad for both of you."

I squeezed him tight. And he clung to me with tenacity.

"Will. Please. Don't get excited I knew you would feel this way. And I think I have already worked out a solution you will be pleased with."

He reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out some papers. He unfolded them and laid them on the small table beside us.

"These are the faxes I had to come back and get from the front desk of the hotel. I have been on the phone most of the afternoon and evening with my attorney. Also, in negotiations with your parents Will. In fact, I had to have my lawyer change the papers several times; to meet your parent's ever changing demands. To make a long story short Will, these papers give me and my wife temporary guardianship of you. That is, if that's what you want. After six month if you are still happy with us it becomes permanent."

"OH! DAD! Dad you're the greatest!" My voice was so loud it actually echoed through the suite.

My Angel just sat on my lap and stared at my father. He never moved, and never batted his eyes it was as though he were in shock. My mother came over and hugged him tenderly.

"Will, Honey. I have only known you for one afternoon. But my son loves you, and my love for you has already bloomed. It's your decision Honey, but I want you to say yes, and I know everyone else does also."

He turned and looked deep into my eyes. "OH God Chuck! OH God!… This is like a dream come true."

His arms came around my neck and I received a kiss so hard it almost hurt. He pulled back, put a hand on each side of my face and never let our eyes part.

"Yes my Love. Yes. I want to be with you now and forever!"

Instantly my Angel and I were showered with hugs and kisses from the rest of OUR family.

"Come on boys," Dad said. "Come help me get the SUV unloaded then we well all go out to dinner to celebrate the new addition to our family.

"What's in the SUV Dad?"

"Why, all of Will's things. I had a pretty good idea he would like this arrangement. Of course, when we go home next week looks like we will need to rent a trailer."

Dad chuckled softly and put an arm around each of our shoulders and marched us to the door.

"Come on MY BOYS! Time to go to work."

It was late when we returned from our party. Chuck's Mother came over and hugged me as we stood in front of Chuck's room. Really, I guess it was OUR room now.

"Sleep well Son." Then she turned to Chuck and hugged him. "You too Darling." She winked at both of us before she turned away to join her husband and daughter at the door of their suite.

It felt so strange to have another woman call me son. But, I have to admit it felt more natural than when my own mother spoke to me. I suddenly realized I could never remember her ever calling me Son. She must have. Surely, she had, but I could not remember it if she had.

We stepped into our room and I came into my Love's waiting arms. It was so good, so natural. I thought I would swoon as our lips touched. We kissed for what seem and eternity and I could not get enough of those marvelous lips of Chuck's.

We finally moved to the center of the room and slowly began to undress each other. This time it was my turn to step back and admire my Loves body. He was so muscular. Solid but not hard, each muscle was almost perfectly defined. It was so evident why he made it look easy to gather up my father; well I guess I should say my mother's husband, on one shoulder and slam him into the workbench.

My Love reached out and pulled me back into his arms. Our bodies seemed to fit together perfectly. It felt so good as my naked body touched his. I shuddered at the glorious feeling of another body touching me in place no one else had ever touched before. I could not help but moan softly as Chuck kissed me deep, his tong searching out the most sensitive parts of my mouth. My knees were growing weaker by the second, and I was forced to cling to him just to stay on my feet.

I let my head sag back, my eyes closed, I felt like I were in a dream. A dream that only came true once in a life time, and this was my time.

"Oh, Love. Please love me now. Make… make love to me now."

Quickly I was in Chuck's arms again and he carried me to our bed. He laid me down so gently it made me feel as though I were an ivory god that would break if handled to roughly. He kneeled at my side; I felt his hands slide slowly across by body. He started at my feet, slowly worked up my legs, around my hips, across my stomach and up to my nipples. He leaned down and gently suckled one nipple then the other. All the while letting his left hand slowly find it's way back down my stomach, through the blond bush of my pubic area until he held my rock hard dick tightly in his hand.

His mouth followed the same trail down my stomach his hand had drawn. When his wet warm lips touched the head of my cock I actually squealed a little and thrust my hips up trying to force more of myself into his hot mouth. The sensations were so strong I closed my eyes tightly trying to control myself as much as possible. He slowly licked and sucked on me taking more of my shaft into his mouth with each downward move of his head.

I felt him move between my wide spread legs and stretch himself prone, all the while he never allowed his mouth to lose contact with my hard dick. I opened my eyes and looked down. I was greeted with the sweetest smile I had ever seen. My Love was looking directly into my eyes. And then he winked at me!

OH MY! Something about that wink! So sexy, so personal, so loving - add that to the sight of my cock in his mouth I knew I was going to lose all control. I felt the head of my cock touch the back of his throat and still go deeper. The feeling was unreal. So intense so incredible I could not hold out any longer. My orgasm start and I was powerless to stop it. My hips bucked, I threw my head back, and a moan that I knew was much to loud filled our room.

My Love continued to suck on me. He swallowed everything I could offer; yet he still seemed to want more. Finally the pleasure-pain reached it limits and I was forced to reach down and gently lift his head away from my throbbing tool. His lovely smile seemed brighter now than ever. Slowly he moved up and lay on top of me. When he kissed me, I could taste myself on his tong. It was so erotic and sexy I could not help moaning again.

"Please Love," I whispered. "Please take me now. I have to feel your love inside."

I spread my legs wide and pulled my knees up. I felt my Love reach down and use his fingers to gather some of the slickness of my orgasm and work it over that most private part of me. Then he grasped himself and guided his hardness to that very erotic place. When he touched me I shivered all over, I threw my arms around his shoulders and pulled him tight against me. He pushed so gently. Then I felt myself open and accept his love.

"Ah-hhhhh!" I hissed through clinched teeth.

My Love stopped cold. "My Angel, am I hurting you?"

"Never. Oh my Love. You are so wonderful." I thrust my hips up to show I wanted all of his love in me.

I whimpered as my Love slowly pushed all the way in.

"Oh my Love. If Heaven is better than this, it must be a marvelous place.… Ahhh, Yes, Yes my Love!"

His lovely face was only inches from mine, and I knew he was watching my expression closely for any sigh of discomfort. Those beautiful brown eyes were so full of love and compassion I felt a tear come in the corner of mine. I kept our eyes locked together as I slowly repeated his soundless words from earlier in the day when we lay on the floor of the garage.


We kissed with my Love deep inside me. We did not speak; there was no need. Our love was now consummated. Now and Forever.

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