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Love Through Anything

by pyro1677


He sits there watching his best friend in the bed wondering if he was going to be alright from the surgery and losing his balls. Charles Gibbson or Charlie as his friends called him, sat there and cried for his best friend Greg Williams. He secretly was in love with the boy and didn't know how to tell him.

Greg and Charlie were both 14, they were both born on March 14, 1987. Greg had blonde hair and green eyes, he was about 5'6 and 125 lbs. Charlie on the other hand was about 5'8 and 160 lbs, with light brown hair, and hazel eyes.

They have known each other all their lives and now for the first time in their lives Charlie could not help his friend with the pain and the hurt that he knew his friend would be going through when he awoke. Charlie sat back and started thinking about what happened and what caused his friend to be in this predicament in the first place.


Charlie and Greg were in the woods one day and were messing around running and playing tag and just hanging out. The time was about 1:30 pm, and the sun was high in the sky that day. If was a tipical hot, sunny July day.

As the boys wondered about and played around and just hung out together, they spotted an old shed. The slowly approched the shed and looked in and saw that no one was there, but did notice that there looked like someone was living there. Instead of going inside the boys turned and left afraid they may be in trouble if the owner came back.

The boys sat down after a while and just started chatting, they talked about the tipical boy things, friends, and school, girls, and sex. Unbeknown to both boys they were acually talking about each other.

"Hey have you ever jacked-off?" asked Charlie to Greg. Blushing Greg answered with a nod of his head. "Cool me too. I do it like two or three time a day. What about you?" he asked. With a little more confidence Greg answered him.

"About the same" he said "usually when I first wake up if I have time or in the shower, then when I come home from school before anyone else, then again that night in bed."

"Yeah me too" said Charlie. After about 5 minutes of silents, the boys got up and Charlie tagged Greg. "Your it" he said and took of running.

"You shit just wait" was Gregs response and took off chasing after his friend.

They ran and chased each other for about an hour. Finally they got close the the edge of the hill they were on and Greg took a jump to try and hit Charlie when he slipped and started falling down the hill. Charlie heard the scream and turned and saw his friend falling. With a scream of 'NO' Charlie took off running down the hill after his friend.

Greg ended up at the bottom of the hill in a lot of pain, his groin was hurting him something awful and at first he didn't understand or know why till he sat up and a stick was sticking up into his pants and then he felt it. The stick had went until his balls. Greg screamed and passed out.

Charlie got down there and saw his friend lying there with a stick sticking into his balls and didn't know what to do. He bent down and looked and could tell that the stick went up into Gregs body. Charlie was crying while looking at Greg and was unable to move him and was afraid to move his friend scared that he would hurt him more.

Greg slowly woke up and started crying from the pain.

"Charlie you have to go and get help please" he begged his friend. Charlie just looked at him and shook his head.

"No man I can't leave you here like this." Was his reply.

"Dude you have to, I'm hurting really bad PLEASE." Greg begged him. Charlie just stared at his friend for a minuute and nodded, but before he got up he leaned over Greg and kissed him on the lips.

"I love you. I'll be back as soon as I can" with that he got up and started running up the hill. Half way up he stopped, turned and looked at Greg when it hit him as to what he did, but at that minute he didn't care he was more worried about getting help for his best friend.

Greg just looked at Charlie going up the hill with tears in his eyes from the pain he was in. He still couldn't believe that Charlie had kissed him. At first he was shocked as he continued to watch his retreating friend, but soon a small smile appeard on his face and his love for his friend returned 10 folds, but as he shifted he screamed out from the pain that let it's self be known.

Greg slowly felt his self falling into unconciouseness. He thought he heard running foot steps and an helicoptor but he wasn't sure. He opened his eyes at one point and thought he saw Charlie standing there whlie some people in blue suite were picking him up and putting him on a strecher, he was barely able to get out.

"I love you too" and then collapsed into unconuisness.

The paramedics lifted Greg on the strecher and put him into the helicoptor, Charlie wanted to go with them but they said he couldn't. The police took Charlie's statement then took him home, while another officer went and told Gregs parents about what happened.

When Charlie got home his father was outside. At first he thought his son did something wrong, but when the officer told him what happened he was scared for Greg but happy that his son got some help. Charlie's dad ran into the house and got his coat, wife and car keys, then ran back out side. Charlie was in shock still and couldn't talk. The officer lead Charlie over to his parents car helped him into the back seat then buckled him up.

Mr. And Mrs. Gibbson followed the officers car to the hospital where they parked then ran in to see how Greg was doing.

Mr. and Mrs. Williams were there and saw them come in. They all hugged then Mr. and Mrs. Williams thanked Charlie for his help in saving their sons life. Charlie heard this all but still could not respond. A nurse saw this and came over to see what was wrong with Charlie.

"Hello I'm nurse Wilson is everything ok?" she asked Charlie. Charlie continued to stare and not look at anything yet seemed to look all around. Charlies parents for the frist time noticed this and came up to Charlie, his dad shook his sholder but did not get a response, they started worring about him when the nurse spook up. "He's in shock because of his friend. I think when he finds out something, he will be ok lets sit him down and just wait to see what happens." She said. The parents nodded their heads and lead Charlie to a seat. He sat and the nurse brought him a cup of cold water, Charlie sat there and drank it but did not realize he was doing it, his mind was still on Greg and what happened and Greg saying he loved him too.

About an hour later a doctor came out and approched Mr. and Mrs. Williams.

"Hello Mr. and Mrs. Williams my name is Dr. Michaels I am the one who was working on Greg." He said. The Williams said hi then asked how Greg was. "Well there is some good news and bad news. The good news is that Greg will be alright and he will live. He did lose a lot of blood and we had to give him a blood transfusion, but he will be fine. The bad news how ever is very sad. The stick went up into Greg and cut both of his testical tubes that help carry sperm to the uretha and out the penis. There was nothing we could do, do to the amount of damage done to both testicals as well. We had to remove them. I am afraid your son is eunuch now." Said the doctor. The Williams started crying but were happy that Greg was going to be alright.

"But he will be alright right doctor?" asked Mrs. Williams.

"Yes he will be. His hormones will start to drop shortly and we will give him a hormon shot that will last for a month. Then we will start giving him HRT patches to wear. That will help regulate his hormons and he can grown up and look like a man and not a tall boy. For a while it may seem that they do not take effect and he may be mean and moody but don't worry once they do start taking effect he'll be just fine. Thanks to this young man here Greg will be able to live, if they would have watied to long he may have bleed to death." The doctor said looking at Charlie. The doctor noticed Charlie looking in front of him and not paying attention. He figured that Charlie was in shock. He gently shook Charlie and make him look at him. When Charlie turned his head and looked at the doctor, the doctor smiled and said. "Charlie, Greg will be fine he is going to live thanks to you." Charlie seemed to have understood what he meant and started sobbing and wailing in relief.

Charlies parents held him and reassured him that Greg was fine and he did good and saved his life.

About an hour later there were aloud to go and see Greg. Greg was still asleep from the surgery and would be most of the night. The families gently hugged and kissed Greg on the cheek then the Williams decided to let Chralie be alone with Greg for a few minutes.


So that is what happened and why Charlie sat crying by his best friends side. Charlie gently took Gregs hand and kissed his cheek.

"I love you Greg and I am so sorry that this happened. I will be here for you and will always be there no matter what. I have loved you for along time and I will continue to love you no matter what." Charlie laied his cheek against the hand that he was holding.

He felt Greg sqeeze his hand and a voice asking.

"Even though I don't have any balls any more?" Charlie looked up into the pain filled eyes of his best friend and smiled and nodded.

"I am so sorry, if we weren't playing tag this would not have happened, I am sorry Greg" Charlie said crying once more. Sleeply Greg responded.

"It isn't your fault, it's ok don't worry about it. When you kissed me I was scared but happy you did and that is what made me keep on fighting. I love you Charlie and I want to be with you always." Greg said tears sliding down his own cheeks. Charlie sobbed and hugged Greg.

"And I love you baby, I want you to be my boyfriend and be with me always. I don't care if you have no balls or anything as long as you are happy to be with me and want me to be with you." Charlie said with tears of happiness sliding down his cheeks. Greg squeezed his hand once more.

"Now and forever. I love you Charles Gibbson." Said Greg smiling at Charlie. Charlie smiled back and put there forheads together.

"And I love you Greg Williams now and forever" Charlie said happily. The looked in each others eyes and smiled then slowly brought there lips together in a sweet passionant yet chast kiss, that left both breathless. They knew they would be together now and even though Greg was a eunuch, they knew they would be happy together as boyfriends, then later in life as husbands.

Thd End.

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