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Alex's Guardian Angel

Chapter 4

By and © Anthony Lane

Justin was 13 when he learned about masturbation; his best friend had told him that he had caught his brother doing it. He went on to say that his brother had told him it was a natural thing to do because if you didn't, your balls would end up dragging the floor. Justin didn't want his balls to get like that so he had to find out more. His parents had only recently allowed him to have the Internet in his bedroom, so he went surfing online to find out some answers. The Internet was full of information on masturbation and sex in general. Some of it was just porn which made Justin a little curious. As he had only just persuaded his parents he only wanted it to chat with friends and to do research for school, he didn't use any of those sites; he did find out that the story of your balls dragging on the floor was an urban legend. From a mixture of different sites Justin was able to work out that masturbation was a normal thing for men and women to do.

On a routine check of Justin's online activities Simon noticed that his son had been on sites that were about sex, he thought it was time to give him 'The Talk'. Justin was totally embarrassed that his father had talked to him about sex but he did learn a bit more than he already knew. Simon had talked to him about sex between men and women, between two women and between two men; he went on to say that it was always better to be in a monogamous relationship with a loving partner than to have sex with different people all the time because then you increased the risks of catching some of the diseases that were out there.

When Justin started to experiment with masturbation there was a lot of stimulation and energy exerted but when he reached orgasm they were always dry. Justin was fourteen when he realised that he was more attracted to the boys in school than the girls. It wasn't long after this discovery that he started to imagine doing things with other boys and it was on one of these occasions when he achieved his first proper ejaculation; it left him exhausted but more satisfied than he could remember. He realised then that perhaps he was gay, he had never been attracted to girls and he remembered his father had told him that being gay was no different than being straight. From that point Justin accepted his sexuality and as time went by he became completely comfortable with it.

A normal day for Justin would begin with a shower, where he would beat one out to bring his morning wood under control. By the time school was out his balls usually felt so heavy that they felt like they were dragging the floor. He would take care of them as soon as he got home; then he would crack another one off just to help send him to sleep. Today got off to a bad start when his alarm didn't go off, which meant he was late getting up and didn't have time to milk his tool before school. Then when he was hoping to spend some much needed time with his favourite play thing, he found out that his mother was home. This was unusual in itself, then she told him she had brought some homeless person to the house because she thought he really needed their help. Justin knew how his mother felt towards people on the street but he thought she had gone too far this time bringing one of them home; that was until he saw Alex. The frustration he had felt towards his mother melted away instantly. Justin thought that Alex was a total hottie, he had always had a thing for the bookish type over the jocks in school; not that he didn't appreciate the view he got in the changing room. Seeing Alex didn't help with the problem in his groin though, it was actually making it worse.

Justin was a naturally curious person and was dying to ask Alex a load of questions, like, how come he was homeless, how long had he been on the streets and the one question he was dying to know the answer to, but didn't have the courage to ask, was whether Alex was gay, straight or liked to dabble in both ponds. At the mention of Alex's earlier visit to hospital he noticed Alex pull on the sleeves of his top; that was when he realised he obviously had to reign back on the urge for answers. From the little he was seeing and hearing he was starting to think that maybe Alex did need their help. When his parents left them alone in the kitchen to talk in private, Justin's natural curiosity finally got the better of him. He felt guilty the moment he noticed Alex was getting upset. He thought that maybe it was better to stick to subjects that were usually safe when it came to other boys, such as sport. Justin was excited to have another footie fan in the house; it wasn't that he didn't enjoy talking about it with his dad, but he usually harped on about the good old days. It would be great to have someone his own age to watch the games with. Assuming that Alex was going to be staying, which Justin was pretty sure about; Justin could not remember seeing that look in his mother's eyes when she briefly told him about how she had found him on a bench in downtown; he just hoped that his attraction to Alex was something he could keep under control.

When they were doing the dishes after dinner, he was certain Alex was pulling his chain when he said he hadn't played on any games consoles. When he realised that Alex was being genuine he was sure that Alex's parents must have been real shit bags. Other than Alex, he didn't know anyone who didn't have at least one of the big three consoles (PlayStation, X-Box, Nintendo). His impression of Alex's parents seemed to be further consolidated when Justin realised how little Alex seemed to know about the things that seemed to matter to most of the other guys around their age.

Justin had to struggle to keep himself under control when he was showing Alex how to play Burnout; he couldn't remember when he had last neglected his cock for so long and being so close to Alex was making Junior come alive big time. He was grateful that he had put a tight pair of briefs on that morning. Whilst they kept his erection from becoming too obvious they had the disadvantage of very little room for growth. He was becoming really uncomfortable; so he thought it would be best to sit at the PC for a while to try and will Junior down, even if he couldn't at least he could hide it better there.

Justin was surprised when his dad came in to tell them that Martha had arrived; he had found talking with Alex came easily, they had more in common than he had suspected. He was glad to get some alone time at the moment though. He suspected he wouldn't be alone for too long, so he planned on taking advantage of this opportunity and quickly pulled up his favourite website where he was able to watch other guys getting off live via their webcams. He pulled up a show with two cute guys who were in the 69 position. Justin didn't bother to strip off because he wasn't sure how long he had, so he just undid his shirt and trousers and slipped his cock out. When he pulled the foreskin back he noticed that he had leaked a load of pre-cum. He started to slowly play with the head of his cock with the foreskin pulled back taking advantage of the lubrication the pre-cum was providing. As he was doing this he was watching the two guys on the screen but he didn't really see their faces; in his mind he had replaced their faces with his own and that of the footballer Fernando Torres. Even though Torres had left Justin's favourite team for the scum of Chelsea, he still thought he had the best arse in the Premiership. With all the neglect he had shown Junior today he was well on his way to a quick and much needed climax. Just before Justin was about to shoot, the face of Torres was replaced in his fantasy with Alex. As Justin was thinking about Alex in that position he reached climax and shot the biggest load of his life so far, some of it reached his chin and there was a dribbled line from between his nipples all the way down to just below his belly button. After a few seconds of recovery he quickly grabbed his cum towel and cleaned up before anyone came to get him.

Justin was relaxing after one of his best orgasms of all time when his father knocked on the door. "Do you mind if I come in?" Justin had a feeling this was about how he felt about Alex staying. "We need to have a chat about Alex. I know your mother told you that she found Alex on the bench in downtown earlier and that he is homeless. Do you know why?"

"Alex said it had something to do with him going to the hospital this morning but he didn't say much more, he was getting upset and I thought it was best to change the subject until he was ready to talk about it."

"That's a very grown up thing to do, I'm proud of you for thinking about Alex's feelings. Obviously your mom and I know the full story but we think it's best that Alex tells you if and when he's ready. I don't think you would after what you just said, but we don't want you to go and bug him with questions about today."

"I wouldn't dad, come on I'm old enough to know how to be tactful."

"I know. Now obviously Alex is going to be staying for a little while. We're not sure yet what happens long term, but your mother and I would like to know what you think of Alex possibly becoming part of the family?"

"I know you and mom always gave me most of the things I asked for when it came to Christmas and birthdays. There was always one thing I wanted that I never got, a little brother or sister. I think me and Alex will get on great, I was surprised earlier to find we had so much in common. If Alex wants to stay here permanently, I think it would be great, I'd get a little brother at last."

"That's what your mother thought you would say. Remember though at the moment it's only temporary, we don't really know what is going to happen with Alex's parents. Now, when you were chatting with Alex, did he happen to mention it was his birthday today?"

"Your joking, what a shitty birthday he's had. Can we try and do something for him?"

"Your mom did. She baked a cake for him while he was sleeping this afternoon. Your mother wanted to hold off giving him the cake until we knew that Alex was going to stay, now we know that is going to happen she wants you and me to get the cake ready, then she will bring him out to the kitchen where we can all sing Happy Birthday."

"Sounds like a plan. Come on then."

When Justin saw the cake his mother had made he was impressed by what she had done with so little notice. Justin hated singing in front of people but he wanted to try and cheer Alex up so joined his parents in singing Happy Birthday. When he noticed that Alex was getting emotional he wanted to hold him to make it better but was afraid of what Alex would think; he was glad when his father pulled them all into a group hug. As Alex was explaining about the way his parents treated his birthdays, Justin was quietly thinking he was lucky his parents weren't like them.

All through the first half of the football, Justin kept the conversation going, mostly about the game and how he saw the rest of the season turning out. He thought that now Liverpool had a decent striker who wanted to play for the team and a manager who knew how the club should be run, they were definitely going to finish in the top four at the end of the season. Simon wasn't quite sure that Kenny Dalglish would be able to get that much of a turnaround. During the second half Justin noticed that Alex was nodding off so he kept his voice down so he wouldn't disturb him, besides he looked so angelic it would be cruel to wake him. He couldn't help but take the occasional look at Alex when he thought it was safe to; the trouble was, the more he looked the more Junior wanted to come out and play.

He was grateful when the final whistle went, it meant he was able to go upstairs and take care of Junior for the second time in a few hours. By the time Justin got to his bedroom, the need to jerk off was almost as bad as earlier that afternoon. His clothes were thrown in a heap on the floor beside the bed, he didn't bother with the website this time, he was already beginning to imagine something that would better anything on there anyway. Justin wanted to take his time, he wanted to make it last more than a couple of minutes, unlike earlier when all he wanted was to get off. He got his cum towel from the basket under the bed, then got on the bed and lay back. Justin loved playing with his nipples when he was jacking off. As he was lying on the bed slowly stroking his cock with his left hand and tweaking his nipples with his right, he was thinking about how it would feel to have Alex doing this to him and how he would enjoy doing it to Alex. He started thinking about being in the 69 position with Alex; as he did, his hand started to move faster and his hips started thrusting up and down to meet his hand. It only took a few more seconds before Justin was emptying his balls again.

He lay there for a while thinking about Alex. Would he think Justin was a freak for liking boys? Would he feel repulsed to know what Justin had just been thinking about doing with him? Would he tell the whole school? Justin realised that even though he only had another year in school before he went off to university, he didn't think he could face the whole school knowing he was gay. Maybe it would be better to keep this secret from Alex. After all brothers didn't have to share everything. With that thought Justin cleaned himself off and got under the sheets. He was glad they had no school for the next two weeks; it would give him plenty of time to get to know Alex better; that was something that put a smile on Justin's lips. He quietly drifted off to sleep thinking about the fun that lay ahead.

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