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Alex's Guardian Angel

Chapter 5

By and © Anthony Lane

Sarah gently knocked on the door to the guestroom where Alex was sleeping, she didn't want to walk in and embarrass him. "It's ok, I'm awake." Alex had only been awake long enough to use the toilet and had just finished getting dressed when he heard the knock on the door.

"I realised earlier that you might need a few things. I got these from Justin and here is a toothbrush." Sarah handed him a small pile of clothes.

"Thanks, are you sure Justin won't mind me wearing his clothes? They look almost brand new."

"He's the one who chose them, he also said he'd be playing on Burnout most of the morning if you want to join him."

"I would like to have a shower if that's ok? I have a problem though; the doctor told me if I got the bandage wet then I should change it, any ideas?"

"That's easy, I always keep a well stocked first aid kit around the house, so I'll change it when you've finished. There should be some shower stuff in the shower and the towels are kept in the closet on top of the stairs. When you have had your shower, come down to the kitchen and I'll fix your bandage and sort some breakfast out for you." Sarah left him and went downstairs.

Alex went and got a towel, undressed then realised he wasn't familiar with the shower controls. It took a few seconds to work out what he had to do and set the water to as hot as he could stand it. When he got in the shower he stood there enjoying the feel of the hot water sliding down his back and front. He found that the hot water was having more than one effect on him. The first thing he noticed was the tension in his shoulders melting away with the water. The other effect was far more noticeable; he was beginning to sprout wood. He was used to getting erections, as every guy is, but for Alex it was never welcomed, to him it was just another reminder that he was a freak. He hadn't had any sex education because his parents thought it was something he didn't need until he was married.

Alex was not aware that every teenage boy got erections all the time. Unlike Justin, Alex had not had a best friend who told him about masturbation. As Alex had been trying not to be gay he had not masturbated very much, more often than not he just left his cock go down on its own.

This morning however his cock was already at full mast when he went to soap it up. He slid the foreskin back and started rubbing the soap around the cock head and down the shaft. He noticed the feelings he was getting by stroking his cock with the soap. He started to enjoy the slippery feeling the soap and water was giving him so he started to stroke with more purpose. As he was sliding his hand up and down his shaft his hips started thrusting his cock into his hand. Within seconds he was shooting a load of cum. It left him so weak at the knees he had to sit on the floor of the shower. As he was sat there he could see the cum sliding down the glass panel.

His emotions were pulling him in completely opposite directions. His body was on a natural high from the orgasm and then there was the guilt he was feeling. Alex felt that it was wrong to masturbate, not that he knew what it was he was doing. He eventually got up and finished his shower, making sure that he washed the shower down when he was done.

After he had dried off, being careful with the bandage on his arm, he put on a pair of the briefs Simon had bought on his way home from work last night; then he took a closer look at the clothes Sarah had given him. His earlier assumption about the quality of the clothes had been correct. There was a pair of jeans, a couple of long sleeve tops and some socks. He was glad the tops had long sleeves; he was ashamed of the scars on his arms and tried to avoid showing them. He put the socks on first, and then tried the jeans on. He was surprised at how well they fitted; when he first saw them he thought they might be too small. They were the new style he had started to notice around, where they sat on the top of your hips rather than around the waist. He picked up one of the tops with blue and grey stripes and put it on before going downstairs.

"Do you feel better now? Sit down and I'll have a look at that bandage."

"Thanks." Alex sat down by the breakfast bar. It didn't take Sarah long to change the dressing for a dry one. Alex had expected her to be shocked when she saw what was under it, but she showed no reaction at all.

"It looks a little nasty, are you sure it's not hurting you too much, we have plenty of painkillers if you want them?" Although Sarah showed no reaction when she had removed the bandage, she did think that it had to be hurting more than Alex was letting on.

"I am not sure whether it is because I have been cutting my arms for so long now or because it was deeper than normal, but it doesn't hurt that much, it itches more than anything."

"I meant what I said yesterday mind, if you feel the need to start cutting yourself, I want you to talk to me first, or Simon for that matter. We want you to feel comfortable enough here that eventually your need to cut yourself will be a distant memory."

"I thought I was only staying here temporarily?"

"Well that's something I would like to talk to you about, but first what do you want for breakfast? There's cereal, toast or I can do some scrambled eggs if that's what you want."

"I'll have cereal, if that's ok?"

"Do you want cornflakes, coco pops or Justin's favourite, sugar puffs?"

"I'll have the cornflakes please." Sarah placed a bowl, milk, sugar and the container of cornflakes in front of him.

"Now going back to your question, Martha signed an emergency order last night giving Simon and myself permission to provide you with a home on a temporary basis, so your assumption was correct. However, Simon and I talked about it last night between us, we have also spoken with Justin, and if it's what you want, we would like to see if we could make it permanent. I know it's hardly twenty four hours since I spoke to you on that bench but we want to help you."

"You don't really know me; you found me yesterday in the roughest part of town. You have given me a bed to sleep in, not knowing if I would rob you or worse, and now you are asking me to be a part of your family. Why?"

"Firstly, you have to live somewhere and I think here is as good a place as any. I told you yesterday about how I try to help people like my brother and you remind me so much of him. Simon thinks you deserve the break that we are in a position to give you, and Justin, well he said he has always wanted a little brother."

"I bet he wouldn't say that if he knew about me being a freak." Sarah felt sorry for Alex when he insisted on referring to himself in that way, but she was determined to get him to a point that he was happy with being the way God made him.

"Alex I wish you would stop thinking of yourself like that. I have known gay people for as long as you have been alive and they are better than a lot of the straight people I know. I'll tell you this so you know I am being genuine, if Justin told me he was gay, I would be just as proud of him as I am right now. I am not saying I wouldn't be a little disappointed, but that would only be because there are still people out there like your parents and mine. Besides I think I know Justin well enough to know that your sexuality wouldn't make any difference to him." Both Sarah and Simon were almost ninety nine percent sure that Justin was gay, they were just waiting for him to be comfortable enough to tell them.

Alex was feeling really uncomfortable, on the one hand he wanted to believe Sarah because he was tired of trying to change and getting nowhere, but if he didn't he'd never see his family again and he was already missing them, even though they had never shown him the kind of love and support Simon and Sarah had shown him.

"I definitely know you stopping to talk to me yesterday was the best thing that could have happened to me. I dread to think what would have happened if I had had to spend the night sleeping rough. I am grateful to you for that, but asking me to stay is too much, how would I pay you back? Nobody is going to employ me. I am not even allowed to finish school yet."

"Alex, we are not asking for you to pay us. I would hope that if you chose to stay with us you would stay in school and go to a university if that was what you wanted." Sarah didn't feel it was necessary to remind Alex that thanks to her parents and Simon's job, they were pretty wealthy.

"How is that going to be possible, all my school things are at my parent's and I can't see them letting me in the house again?"

"Well that is part of the reason Martha's coming around today. Worse case, Justin has kept all his school books since he started Connor High so you could just borrow his old stuff." Sarah hadn't thought about the fact the boys may have taken different choices when it came to some subjects or that they were on a different educational level.

After a few seconds of thinking Alex spoke again. "I know God exists and there are angels around us all the time but you must be my guardian angel."

"I am glad you think of me in that way, I take it then you would like to stay here permanent?"

"Every objection I can give you, you have come back with a better argument for me staying. I would be an idiot to refuse your offer for something unknown. I have one question, I am pretty sure I wouldn't be welcome at the church I have gone to with my parents, do you go to one or could you take me to one?"

"We don't go to a church every week, we tend to only go on special occasions but we were planning on going for some of the Easter services, if you like what you see I am sure we can sort something out, so you could go every week. How about I take your dish and you go up with Justin, I'll give you a call just before Martha is due to arrive and you can help with lunch?" Sarah felt that by asking him to help with lunch, he would feel as if he was contributing something.

"Are you sure? I don't mind washing it up myself."

"Yes I am sure. Now scoot." Alex knew when to give in, besides he was looking forward to spending some time getting to know Justin a little better, especially after the comment about Justin wanting a little brother. Could he really start to think of this place as his home? He was definitely treated better here than his parents.

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