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Alex's Guardian Angel

Chapter 6

By and © Anthony Lane

Justin was woken by a knock on the door. "Are you decent?" It was his mother.

"Just a sec mom." He quickly grabbed the briefs he had been wearing yesterday along with a t-shirt and some shorts off the floor. He put them on and rearranged his morning wood to make it less obvious, before sitting on his chair, allowing him to further disguise his situation. As he was getting dressed he was wondering what his mother wanted, she never visited him this early in the morning. "Come in, I'm decent now."

"I need to ask a favour, I meant to ask last night but you disappeared before I remembered. The only clothes Alex has are the ones he was wearing yesterday, would it be ok if he borrowed some of yours until we get his from his parent's?"

"I'll have a look through and get some things that should suit him. I'll bring them down after my shower when I come down for breakfast. Is that ok?"

"Works for me." With that Sarah went back downstairs. Justin was glad his mom had gone, his erection had gone down but he really needed to take a leak. As he was letting his stream flow, he started to think of what clothes he had that would look good on Alex. Justin was not one of the fashion crowd, that would not wear something unless it had a certain name on it, to him if it looked good it didn't matter who made it. This had another advantage; it meant he could usually get two or three things for the same price others were paying for one. Thinking of Alex had brought another need to his attention, so after he had finished with the toilet, he jumped into the shower to carry out his morning wank.

When Justin was dry, he left the towel in the bathroom and walked into his bedroom naked. When he passed the mirror he had a quick look and admired his body. He had been fortunate to inherit good genes from his parents and with a bit of work, he had to admit, he had a pretty hot body. He put on a pair of the new hipster boxer briefs he had, then he went to look at what else he was going to give to Alex. As he was looking he remembered Alex pulling on his sleeves when they had been talking, so he thought that long sleeves were probably best for now, he pulled a couple of the long sleeve tops out and then grabbed a pair of jeans he thought would give him a good view of Alex's cute arse. He put the clothes on the bottom of his bed ready to take downstairs and then got dressed himself. As he was putting his socks on, he realised Alex would need some as well so he put a couple of pairs on the bed with the other clothes. He thought that maybe Alex wouldn't feel so self conscious if he wore a long sleeve top as well, so he grabbed one for himself and put on a pair of jeans that were almost identical to the ones he had picked out for Alex just in a different colour. After he had gotten dressed he went downstairs with the clothes for Alex.

When he went into the kitchen, he placed the clothes on one of the stools by the breakfast bar then went over to the cupboards and poured himself a bowl of sugar puffs, he knew they weren't the healthiest of cereals but he was planning on going for a run later so a few extra calories didn't matter. As he was sitting down to eat, Sarah came into the kitchen to get a cup of tea. "There's the clothes for Alex mom."

"Good, I want to double check that you are happy for Alex to move in?"

"Of course I am. Look at it this way, I get a baby brother and no smelly nappies or sleepless nights from a crying baby." This made Sarah smile but it also made her a little sad that she had not been able to conceive after Justin.

"Just checking, you might have changed your mind after sleeping on it." Justin tried to hide the smile that was growing when he thought of sleeping on 'It'. Sarah couldn't miss the smile spreading across his face. "Good, I can ask Alex what he thinks when he gets up and providing he wants to stay, we can talk to Martha about it when she comes over at lunch time. What do you have planned for the day?"

"Well I was going to spend the morning playing on the PC. I was thinking that it might be a good idea if I go for a run before lunch, that way Alex can talk freely with you and Martha. If I go out as Martha arrives, that should give you a good hour and then I'll have my lunch when I get back."

"I think it would be better if you ask Alex if he would like to go with you, if he does you can go after Martha has been and your lunch has settled a little."

"Ok, I'll see what he wants to do." The chatting died down and Justin finished off his breakfast. "When you see Alex, tell him he can come up and play on Burnout if he wants to. I'll see you later." He swilled his dish and spoon off and then went upstairs.

Justin had been playing for about an hour when there was a tap on his door. "Come on in." He had guessed who it was by the knock. He was glad Alex had decided to come up.

"I got your message about you playing Burnout, are you sure it's ok for me to be here? I also want to say thank you for lending me the clothes."

"By 'be here' do you mean moving in, or just in my room? Coz as far as I am concerned the answer is yes to both and those clothes suit you." Alex had only meant being in Justin's room, he was surprised how Justin had answered, as if he had read his mind.

"I don't understand you and your parents. I mean, you have spoken with me for a little under two hours. You have no idea why my parent's threw me out, you have no real idea about what type of person I am, yet you are inviting me into your family. It's like a fairytale, I keep expecting to wake up and find out you are all a dream." This brought a smile to Justin's mouth.

"Well, while we were talking yesterday I learned a couple of things. The first, your parents should be collecting their worst parents of the year award anytime soon and second you and I could become very good friends." He wanted to say closer than friends but didn't want to give Alex the wrong idea just in case he wasn't gay.

"But you still don't really know why I was thrown out, doesn't that bother you?"

"I'll admit I'm curious, you would be too if you were in my place, but I spoke to dad last night and he told me that both he and mom know the reasons for your parents throwing you out, he also said that if you wanted me to know, you would tell me when you are ready. I think that is only fair, after all I would hate for my parents to go around telling people things I had told them in confidence, regardless to whom they were talking. "

"That sounds fair. If it is alright with you though I would rather not talk about it for now."

"Fine with me, plenty of other things to chat about. I noticed you fell asleep last night before the game finished, you didn't miss anything. We could have switched it off at half time. You ready for another game?"

"I would rather watch you play for a bit, if that's ok?"

"Sure. How about we take it in turns." The boys chatted about nothing particular whilst swapping the controller between them. Alex was really taking to the game, it wasn't that difficult once you know the right buttons. Justin was taking the occasional look when Alex's attention was on the game, he had to admit that whilst the jeans he gave to Alex looked hot when he had worn them last month, on Alex they were sizzling.

"Mom wanted me to check with you about something, I tend to go for a run most days when I am off school. I told mom I was going to go over lunch to give you some privacy to talk with Martha. Mom suggested I see if you'd like to go with me, if you do we can go later this afternoon?"

"I think going for a run after Martha has been is a good idea, I'd have to borrow some more clothes though, these are not really made for running in."

"That's fine, I've got plenty of stuff. Do you mind if I ask another question though?"


"I'm dying to know, have you decided if you are going to stay here for good?"

"I was talking with your mom about it earlier. For every reason I thought of for not staying, which were pretty weak, your mom came back with a better argument. If I am honest, you have all made me feel so welcome and done more for me in the few hours you have known me than any of my family would have done, or did do."

"Well, personally I am glad you'll be staying. I know it isn't going to be so easy on you but if you ever want to talk, I'm here. We want you to feel like this is your home, and on that note, you can borrow anything of mine being as we are going to be brothers." Justin had a grin from ear to ear. Alex was looking at him, he could feel his whole body reacting to it, it made him feel warm all over, his groin was beginning to wake up too. Just then Sarah made an appearance to ask the boys to come down and lend a hand with getting lunch ready.

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