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Alex's Guardian Angel

Chapter 14

By and © Anthony Lane

Sarah noticed the change in the boys the instant they walked into the kitchen.

"You two seem happier than last night, what's your plans for the day?"

"If it's ok with you, I'd like to go to church later? I've always gone on Good Friday and I'd hate to miss out because my parents don't want me."

"That's not a problem, I'm sure there'll be a service in our church, I'll ring up and find out what time it starts."

"Thanks, I was also hoping to go for a run this morning."

"Well I'll leave you boys to sort out your own breakfast, I've got a few things I need to do upstairs."

After the boys ate their breakfast and washed the dishes, they went up to Justin's room and played a few games on one of the consoles. As they were playing Sarah came in to tell them that the service was due to start at three.

The boys decided that as the service was later in the afternoon, they would go for a long run like they had the day before. When they got back they showered before they had lunch and then relaxed watching a DVD.

Justin, Sarah and Alex went to the service together. During the service Alex was surprised there was no mention of hell and damnation, just that Jesus loved all of us so much he died to save everyone regardless of their gender, race or sexual orientation.

"So Alex, what did you think? Is it up to the services you are used to?"

"No, it was better. There were no threats of burning in hell for a start. The whole atmosphere was completely different; this one feels warm and inclusive."

"So would you like to come here again?"

"Yes please, if that's ok?"

"It's fine with me, why don't we talk to the vicar?"

"I'm sure he's too busy to talk to me."

"I doubt it, come on let's go see him."

"Vicar Davies I'd like to introduce you to the newest member of our family, this is Alex."

"Nice to meet you Alex and it's Mark, I find titles restrictive when it comes to talking with people."

"Nice to meet you Mark. I enjoyed the service, it's so much better than what I would have had at my last church."

"And what church would that be?"

"It's the church over on Talbot Street, do you know it?"

"Yes, I know the one you're talking of, it's a very orthodox church from what I understand."

"It is, they are never as welcoming to visitors as you have been and their services are never as exciting or as interesting as this one was."

"I'm glad you feel like that. I hope you'll come again, it's nice to see young people who want to be here, please excuse me I must talk to Agnes before she goes."

Alex was looking forward to the next service. When they got back to the house Sarah roped the boys into helping make dinner. Alex was enjoying learning about things in the kitchen, he thought that it would be good to learn how to cook properly. After dinner was finished and the dishes were done, Simon surprised the boys with a treat.

"I thought it would be nice to take a trip to the cinema, you fancy it boys?"

"Yeah, what can we see?" asked Justin.


"I'd like to, I can't remember the last time I went to the cinema."

"To answer your question Justin, I thought we could go and see Scream 4."

"I haven't seen the others." said Alex.

"That's ok Alex, you don't need to have seen the others, the stories are pretty easy to pick up."

"Sounds cool to me dad." added Justin.

"Well you two go out to the car and I'll be there in a second." Simon kissed Sarah goodbye and followed the boys. The cinema was pretty quiet as they arrived, when they got the tickets they found that they could sit wherever they wanted. Simon got a large tub of popcorn to share and drinks for everyone before they went to take their seats. Justin made sure that he was in the middle when they sat down, he had a plan in mind for later.

The lights went down and the trailers started. They quickly worked out it was easier for Justin to have the popcorn and then everyone could reach it. When the film started Justin moved so that he could hold Alex's hand. To Justin it was a little risky because he could be seen, but there was no one sat around them so it wasn't such a big risk. Alex had mixed feelings, yes it was a thrill holding Justin's hand but he also felt awkward doing it in public. What if someone saw them?

Neither boy was aware that there was someone who had seen this little act. It brought a smile to that person's face.

Justin didn't let go of Alex's hand all the way through the film and was disappointed when the film finished and he had to let go.

"Thanks for taking us to see the film Simon."

"You're welcome, did you enjoy it?"

"Yeah, it was cool."

"Hey look, Fast Five is out next week, you guys want to see that one?"

"Yeah, the things they do with the cars in those films..." Justin said.

"As long as it doesn't give you any ideas."

"Driving isn't something I have thought about yet." Alex said.

"Well Justin is going in for his test in a week's time."

"Yeah, thanks for reminding me dad, I've not had a lesson for a week. How am I supposed to prepare for the test when I don't spend much time behind the wheel?"

"Well I was planning to take you out for a few hours tomorrow if you wanted?"

"Can Alex come along as well?"

"Don't you think he'd get bored sat there watching you drive?"

"I wouldn't mind." Alex actually thought it would be interesting to see someone having a driving lesson.

"Well let's get home, you boys want some ice cream on the way?"

"Yes please." Ice cream had always been one of Justin's weak spots.

"So McFlurrys all round then. Come on well go to the McDonald's across the road."

The three went in and chose different flavours before heading back to the car. When they reached the car they were still eating their ice cream so Simon didn't start the car up until he had finished his. When they got home the boys went up to Justin's room and Simon sat in the living room with Sarah.

"How was the film?"

"It was good and I saw the cutest thing." He couldn't help smiling, thinking about it.

"What was that."

"I think our little baby has got himself a boyfriend."

"You mean he and Alex are?"

"I think so, if their holding hands all the way through the film is anything to go by."

"Well that may do more good for Alex than any therapist could."

"Possibly, but I think it would be best to continue with the therapist for a while."

"You're probably right. At least now we know our suspicions about Justin were on target."

"We'll just have to wait and see what happens. I don't think they want us to know just yet."

"So what do we do?"

"I think as neither of them are likely to fall pregnant I think we can leave them be for now."

"I don't know, do you think it's safe to just leave them to their own devices?"

"Maybe not, I wonder if Alan or Rick would have a word with them, they know more about gay sex than either of us. We could invite them around for dinner over the weekend."

"You give them a ring, they're always up late."

Simon got the phone and dialled Rick's number. He spent the next twenty minutes talking to both Rick and Alan about the suspicions he and Sarah had, then made arrangements for them to come over for dinner on Sunday.

As the boys got into Justin's room Alex could wait no longer. "You took a risk in the cinema didn't you?"

"It wasn't really a risk, it was dark and there was no one around us."

"You don't think Simon saw us?"

"I think he was more interested in the film, did you notice how little of the popcorn he took?"

"What if he did?"

"I think if he had saw us, he would have mentioned it by now. Do you want to take a look at the Queer as Folk DVDs?"

"Sure. Do you want to cwtch up again?"

"I'd like that."

As Alex watched the television he was surprised that the show had ever broadcast on television but he did enjoy watching it. He thought it was ironic that one of the lead characters was really hot as hell and also called Justin. He also thought it was amazing watching some of the scenes where Justin and Brian were having sex, it was so hot.

Justin loved watching Queer as Folk, he took more pleasure watching this time because he had his own boyfriend watching it with him and if the bulge by his leg was anything to go by Alex was as turned on as he was.

By the time the second episode was over, even though it ended on a cliff hanger, Alex needed to go to his room to jerk off. The thought of masturbating with, or in front of Justin didn't occur to Alex, his only concern at that point, was relieving the pressure that had been building in his groin since Justin first took hold of his hand in the cinema.

When Alex left, Justin got his cum towel and quickly stripped off and began to stroke Junior. Justin started to imagine what Alex would look like naked in front of him. He imagined kissing him on the lips again and working his way down to Alex's cock. The thought of wrapping his lips around Alex's throbbing member sent Justin onto a massive high. His imagination was giving him plenty to think about. He hoped that he would soon find out how close his imagination was to the real thing. Justin started stroking with more purpose as he was thinking of bringing Alex to a climax. After he shot his load he cleaned up and got into bed with a smile on his face feeling a lot more content than he had the night before.

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