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Alex's Guardian Angel

Chapter 27

By and © Anthony Lane

The second the car stopped Justin was racing for the front door quickly followed by Alex heading for Justin's room.

"What are we going to need for tonight?" Alex asked as he sat on the bed pulling Justin down with him.

"I have always slept in boxers or in the buff. It's usually the latter when I am around Rick's, don't know why. So all we need is clothes for bowling, and a change of clothes for tomorrow. I just realised, we have a perfect excuse for talking to mom and dad now about sleeping together more often."

"What do you mean?"

"Well we are going to be sharing the same bed tonight."

"Yeah, and?"

"You taken stupid pills today or something? Think about it, we'll be sharing a bed tonight, as far as mom and dad are concerned, for the first time. All we have to do is ask them if they would object to us doing it here. If they start to ask about sex though, which way do you want to answer? Do we play dumb and say we haven't gone that far, or do we be open and admit that we have started to dabble with it?"

"I think that as it's your parent's house not ours, the only way to play it would be to be up front about it, if they ask. I can't see your parent's being totally naive about sex, they are bound to expect us to find our way there eventually."

"I suppose."

"I know it's going to be embarrassing for both of us to talk about sex to your parents, especially for me, but I think that if we are open and honest about it we will be better off."

"Are you sure? You don't want to keep a bit private between us?"

"I would rather be open from the beginning with your parents than for them to walk in one day and find us in the middle of something. I think that could be more embarrassing for all of us."

"I can see that, even thinking about it makes me squirm."

"What about talking it over with Rick and Alan, they both have some idea of what we did in the shower at the beach, after all it was their suggestion. They know that we are developing a physical as well as an emotional relationship."

"I like that idea, it's always been easier talking to them two than to mom and dad."

"So if you were given the choice would you take Rick or Alan to bed?"

"Honestly, growing up I've always been closer to Rick but Alan's got a wicked body on him, I don't know if I could choose."

"So you'd take them both together?"

"Sure, that would be fun."

"They're definitely sexy although I think Rick slightly edges it for me."

"What have I unleashed?"

"What do you mean?"

"Well only a week or so ago you were bothered about having an erection in front of me, let alone come out with a statement like that."

"I might not have made it, but I definitely would have thought it and then quickly gone and cut up over it."

"Well I am glad you are not doing that."

"I am too, being with you has really helped me come to terms with being gay. So what do we do before he gets here? Any ideas?" Alex asked with a grin.

"How about we quickly get some clothes and things together and put them in my bag now so we're ready to go, then we can spend the rest of the time doing whatever."

"I'll pop down and get my clothes and be back in a tick."

Alex gave Justin a kiss before he left. After a few minutes he was back wearing different clothes and carrying a small pile as well. He handed them to Justin who put them in his bag ready to take to Rick's.

"I know you haven't done much studying today and I don't know how much you're going to get done tomorrow; but whatever time we get back tomorrow we start cracking on with it, ok? After all if we don't get you through your GCSEs with good grades how are we going to go to uni together?" asked Justin.

"But you'll be going there before me."

"I have a few options open to me before we get that far, lets worry about getting you through your GCSEs first."

"Ok then."

"Do you want to play some tennis or Burnout while we wait for Alan?"

"Burnout I think."

"Ok, I'll set it up for you and then I'll try out this story on the PC I've been put onto."

Justin started the PC and then started switching on the telly and Playstation for Alex to play Burnout. When the game was starting to load he sat down by the PC and started opening browsers.

"So what is this story about?"

"It's supposed to be amazing. It starts off at a summer camp for boys. There is a group of seven teens and their counsellor Charlie. It charts the lives of all eight and how they change because of the two weeks at camp in the summer of 1961."

"So when do I get a chance of reading about this Charlie then?"

"Whenever you've got the time but why don't we see how the studying goes over the next few days?"

"You really want me to get through these exams don't you?"

"Of course I do, I want you to be able to get a job that makes you happy and a lot of the really good jobs need qualifications."

"So you wouldn't be happy if I was to be a refuse collector?"

"If you were happy doing that job then yes I would, but I think you should be setting your sights a lot higher than that."

"I am, I've just never had someone care about my grades before. I'll shut up now so you can get on with your reading."

"You don't have to, but thanks."

Alex started to play Burnout while Justin was reading. They continued like that for over half an hour until they heard someone on the stairs.

"Can I come in?"

"Sure mom."

"I just wanted to make sure that you were ok with going over to Rick and Alan's overnight Alex?"

"I'll be fine, besides, you and Simon deserve to have a nice time as well - especially for what you have done for me."

"Thank you, but we were glad to help you out, you've been no problem and we've all enjoyed having you here. Keep your ears open because Rick or Alan shouldn't be much longer now."

"Ok mom, we'll just finish up here and we'll head downstairs and wait for them."

"Well have a good time and we'll see you tomorrow some time."

With that Sarah went back downstairs. Alex hadn't paused the game when Sarah came in and had crashed out of the current race so he decided to just switch the game off. Justin was over half way through the chapter he was reading so carried on going. When Alex had finished turning off the Playstation and telly he went over to Justin.

"Nearly finished?"

"Not yet, can you take the bag down and I'll follow as soon as I've finished this chapter?"


Alex left with the bag. It took Justin another five minutes before he made his way downstairs.

"About time, we were going to send a search party out for you, you ready to go?" Rick asked.

"Sure, just grab my jacket and I'll be as ready as you are."

"Come on then, I'll see you tomorrow Simon, have fun tonight and don't do anything Alan or I wouldn't do." chuckling as he left the living room.

"That gives us plenty of scope then. You boys make sure you have fun but remember to behave."

"As if you need to remind us dad. See you tomorrow."

"See you tomorrow," said Alex as he got into the car just after Justin.

"Don't worry, they'll be fine. Catch you later." Rick replied just before he closed the car door. "Before I pull off boys, you have everything? Change of clothes and such?"

"Yeah Rick, I got it all in the bag."

"Ok then, make sure your seatbelts are on and then we can be going."

Rick pulled the car out of the drive and headed to his house. The drive to Rick's still made Alex a little nervous, he wondered if being so close to his parents' home whether he would see them or his brother. He missed Jerry. Whilst they hadn't been really close they did get on well. Whether that would be true now that he had been kicked out of the house though was another matter.

Rick pulled into the drive and turned the engine off. Justin was first out quickly followed by Alex with Rick just behind.

"Justin, you know the bedroom you two'll be using tonight, so take your bag up and Alex and I'll go and get some drinks sorted. Any preference?"

"Coke please."

"Alex, just hang your jacket up on one of the pegs and then come in to the kitchen."


Rick went in to the kitchen and was soon followed by Alex.

"What do you want to drink Alex, we have a couple of different juices or there's coke, or would you prefer something hot?"

"I'll go with the coke like Justin please."

"Do you want ice in there or not?"

"With ice please."

Just as Rick was putting ice into the glasses, Justin appeared.

"I'll have ice as well please."

"You always do, did you happen to see Alan on the way?"

"No, but I could hear the shower going when I passed."

"He must still be in there then, he's a sod when he gets into there on his own. Justin can you finish the drinks off, pour coke over ice for all four of us and I'll go and shift his ass."

"Sure Rick."

Rick left the two boys in the kitchen and headed for the shower to get Alan. As he approached the bedroom he could still hear the shower going, so he crept into the en suite quietly. He stood in the doorway watching as Alan was just standing with his back to him allowing the water to wash over him. Alan slowly turned around and Rick could see that he was hard.

Alan had kept his eyes closed so wasn't aware that Rick was home and watching him. He loved standing under the hot water especially when he was feeling horny. He started to imagine Rick sharing the shower with him and what he would be doing to him. He could clearly picture Rick's swollen member and it was making him throb. He started to slowly massage his own cock. Rick was not going to let Alan be the only one to have fun so he quickly shed his clothes and opened the shower door.

Alan heard the shower door go and opened his eyes to see his lover naked and hard in front of him. He pulled him into a hug and kiss forcing his tongue into battle with Rick's. Alan loved the feel of the hairy chest against his skin. He pulled out of the kiss and slowly moved his lips down Rick's neck and further, towards the nipples that he loved to suck on. After sucking both nipples, he moved down kissing every part of Rick's torso.

Alan knew that Rick loved having his tongue play around his belly button and so he spent a good while pleasuring him before he moved lower to his primary target. Rick placed his hands on Alan's head and gently guided him towards his cock. Alan opened his mouth and slid down on Rick's throbbing member. If Rick was in the shower with him then the boys were downstairs, so he knew he didn't have long. He quickly started to deep throat Rick which was a sure way of bringing him to a quick climax. They had been together for so long Alan knew Rick's body almost as well as his own and knew when Rick was ready to shoot his load. He pulled back a little so he could gather the cum on his tongue but still have the cock head on his mouth. When he could feel Rick's cock go down he got up off his knees and started to kiss and share the cum with Rick.

"That was great, thanks. I would help you out and do the same for you but I think you should go without for being in here for so long."

"Ah now come on, fairs fair." Alan said almost pleading.

"Ok, but we don't have time to do it now, you'll have to wait till tonight."

"I'll hold you to that."

"Now hurry up or it will be midnight before we get bowling."

"Yeah, yeah, bit of an exaggeration it's only just gone half two." With that Alan switched the shower off and got out grabbing the towel off the rail and started to dry Rick's back.

"I love you, you know." said Alan.

"What brought that on?"

"I just like saying it, you should know that."

"I do and I love you too." Rick answered just before he kissed Alan and then started to get dressed.

"Do you think the boys have got any ideas as to what they want to do with the afternoon or after we get back from bowling?"

"Not got a clue, it's easier to ask them now when we go downstairs. I asked Justin to pour us some coke when I came up to get you."

"Oh good."

Alan left Rick in the bathroom getting dressed and headed into the bedroom. He quickly got some of his comfy 'around the house' clothes and put them on. Rick passed through as he headed downstairs and it was only a minute or two before Alan followed him.

"I was going to call for the Coast Guard." Justin said to Alan when he walked into the kitchen.

"Why the Coast Guard?"

"Well I thought you might have got swept out to sea by all the water coming out of the shower." he replied chuckling at his joke. Alex and Rick soon joined in the laughing.

"Oh I see, ikle Justin's being funny." Alan replied with a grin on his face. "So what do you two want to do this afternoon? We have plenty of board games and movies if that's what you want to do."

"Well if it's alright with you, I'd like to talk. Justin's told me a little bit about you two but I would really like to know your story," replied Alex.

"We can do that and still play one of the board games if you want. Why don't you and Justin go and pick one? Justin knows where we keep them. We'll set it up on the table and when we've got into the swing of the game we'll start on the talking. Sound alright?"


Justin and Alex went to the cupboard with the games and decided on Monopoly.

"Alex, did Justin give you much choice or did he just pick Monopoly?" asked Rick.

"I haven't had many chances to play it and I don't recognise this board so I thought it would be cool to play this one."

"Hasbro have brought out loads of different versions over the years, this is just a more modern British version rather than the old version based on places around London."

"So who's going to be banker?" asked Justin.

"I think that as it's Alex's first time playing with us he should be." replied Alan.

Justin just burst into a fit of laughter.

"What's got into you?" asked Rick.

"Well I would say Alan, but then I'd be lying, he gets into you. What you should ask is what made me laugh, and that would be what Alan said about Alex playing with us. Emphasis on playing," Justin answered between giggles.

"Oh, so you think you are being funny again do you? Twisting what I said."

"Well he's got a point, it is funny when you look at it from that point of view; and I have to admit I'd picked up on it as well," said Rick.

"Ok fair enough, I guess I'm just going to have to choose my words more carefully from now on then. So Alex, are you happy being the banker or would you prefer one of us to be?"

"I think I can handle it."

"I thought you already had."

"Oh now, come on, that was below the belt." said Justin turning a slight pink in the cheeks.

"Well that's where you usually find it isn't it."

"Can we get our minds out of the gutter for a bit please? Poor Alex is never going to want to c... I mean visit again." said Rick.

"Ok, truce on the innuendos. Who is going to use which playing piece?"

"I'd like to have the dog one please." said Alex.

"I'll take the top hat." said Justin.

"Well I'll be the boat." said Rick.

"I guess I'll be the iron. Ok, so now that's all sorted, Alex you roll the dice then the rest of us will to determine which order we'll play in. We'll go a few times round the board and then we'll start with the getting to know you bit."

After a few minutes of shaking and rolling, the order was determined with Justin going first, Alan next, followed by Alex, with Rick going last. The game was played for about ten minutes before Rick was the first one to go to jail.

"Well, being as I don't need to concentrate much at the moment, why don't you ask your questions Alex, and I'll answer them as best I can and Alan can correct me if I get something wrong."

"Ok, Justin said you two met or have been together since you were both thirteen. I have loads of questions about it but I suppose it would be a lot easier if you just told the story of how you two came together, and yes Justin, I know how that sounds."

"Hey, I wasn't going to say a word, much." he giggled.

I have an apology to make to you all. For a number of different reasons; I won't be able to publish new chapters every week any longer. I will try to get back to being able to, but for now, I will have to publish every other week. So, sorry to all of you who have followed the story every week faithfully. I hope you continue to enjoy the new chapters, I think you will.

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