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Alex's Guardian Angel

Chapter 28

By and © Anthony Lane

"Hang on a second then, if you want Alan and me to tell our entire story, we need to have a chat first. There are two versions of our life. We can tell you the brief version which will fit on the back of a postcard or we can tell the unabridged version. Now before you choose which one you want to hear, remember these few things. With the web being so big today, I am sure Justin has already seen porn and read stories about sex online. In the eyes of the law, to watch porn you need to be at least eighteen. To have sex, you only need to be sixteen and as Alex has just turned sixteen you are both ok."

"Personally I think that if you are old enough to actually do it, you should be able to talk about it and have as much information as you can; so the first question is this, do you both think you are able to talk about sex with us? If you feel uncomfortable talking about sex with us then there is only one version we can talk about. If you want to talk about sex we promise to be open and honest with you about everything, but can you both do the same?"

After a little while Alex spoke up.

"Justin and I have talked a little about sex, he told me the basics but it all seemed so clinical and cold. I don't think that was his fault, he was just repeating what he knew. While Justin has seen the two of you living together for a number of years, I have no experience of a gay relationship. I am sure that there will be times when I need to talk to someone about sex or to get advice on other matters. Sarah and Simon can help with some things, but as Simon pointed out before, when it comes to sex you two will have more of the answers for me than he does. If I am strong enough to talk to you about my cutting up, I think I can deal with talking about sex, even if I feel a little awkward to begin with. Besides how am I going to get to know you both better if you are going to just skirt around the edges of your lives? And it is only talking, you won't actually be doing it in front of us."

"Good point, but I needed to make sure you knew what was going to be talked about if you chose the fuller version, we don't want to make you feel uncomfortable, nor do we want to put you in a position where you feel you want to cut up. I know our story will answer some questions you've already thought about and will probably raise questions you haven't."

"I promise that if I start to get uncomfortable I will say, and thank you for thinking about me that way and not treating me like some nut job."

"Cutting up doesn't make you a nut job Alex. It's just your way of coping with some of the problems you have had to deal with. Some people have turned to drink and drugs, you didn't. So Justin, now that your big secret is in the open, do you think we can talk about sex? Or do you think you will feel too uncomfortable?"

"To be fair to mom and dad, I think they will tell me anything I ask them. Although I don't think I could ever feel comfortable talking to them about the different types of sex Alex and I could do. Yes I've seen porn and I've read quite a few stories that have sex in them. The trouble with that, is it's all fantasy and it doesn't give honest answers. I mean who's ever managed to shoot a litre of cum in one orgasm? I know I should have told you before about being gay, but I just didn't feel comfortable enough until I met Alex. I don't want to do anything that is going to hurt Alex, which means I need to talk to people who know what to do, and you two have always been there for me when I've needed advice. Like Alex, I think I may feel a little awkward to begin with but I think I can deal with that."

"Ok then, I won't bore you with details of Primary school. We didn't know each other until we started Comprehensive school. On our first day, I was one of the last into the room we'd be spending the whole day in. I had to take the only empty chair which was in the front of the room. The teacher asked us to all stand up and move ourselves so that we were sat next to someone we didn't know. The chair I had taken was next to Alan and as I didn't know him we just stayed where we were. We spent the morning sorting out our timetables and working out which rooms we would be using. We were encouraged to talk and get to know each other as most of the class we were new to one another. Luckily we were not asked to stand up front and talk about ourselves. I know I couldn't have done that."

"You weren't the only one, I have always hated it when you go into a group for something and the first thing someone comes out with is stand up and tell us about yourself." said Alan.

"So, Alan and I had been talking through the morning while we worked out our timetables and discovered that we had all the same classes. It looked to me that this new school wasn't going to be as bad as the one before, and I got the impression that Alan was going to be a good friend. While we were talking we ventured into topics that weren't related to school and discovered that we had a few things in common. We both had a keen interest in football and we both supported Arsenal. It was fashionable then just like it is now, although for different reasons. We didn't know that day, but Arsene Wenger would take over as manager the following month. But anyway that's enough about that, you want to know about us."

"I was beginning to wonder if you were going to give us a history of Arsenal." said Justin sarcastically.

Ignoring the comment, Rick continued, "Alan and I started to become good friends, sitting next to each other in all our classes over the next few weeks. It was my birthday in October, my parents wanted to do something but I didn't have many friends, in fact I only had one, Alan, so throwing a party wasn't really a good idea, so they said Alan and I could do whatever we wanted for my birthday. I had been ice skating a few times so I asked Alan if he wanted to go for my birthday, he agreed and that's what we did. Both of us fell a few times and had a good laugh at each other going over."

"I think I came away from there with more bruises on my arse than I've ever had."

"It was fun though. My parents had also agreed to take us out for pizza afterwards and for Alan to spend the weekend at my house. We had a ball that weekend, we laughed, joked around and started to build a really good bond between us. Before someone's mind goes back to the gutter, we didn't share a bed, I had a camping bed set up in my room and I slept on that, letting Alan sleep in my bed. It wasn't until we had swimming in our second year of school that we were naked in front of each other. Anyway, by the time Alan's birthday had come around - New Year's Eve - we'd become inseparable; spending every weekend sleeping at one house or the other."

"Our parents were glad that we had clicked so well. You see for both of us, Primary school hadn't led to either of us building any friendships outside of school. Over the following months Alan and I spent a lot of time together doing boy things, playing games, riding bikes, you get the picture. It was early in the summer that Alan and I learned what masturbation was. I can't quite remember which one of us first worked it out, can you Alan?"

"Nope, it wouldn't surprise me if it had been you though."

"Why do you say that?"

"Because you were a randy sod then and still are."

"Yeah well, you are just so damn sexy what do you expect. So back to the story, one night over that summer I was wanking or jerking off when I started to imagine Alan doing the same thing and it made me stroke faster. I didn't realise straight away what the significance of that was, but after that whenever I wanked I would picture Alan doing the same thing. That was the first and only real secret I held back from Alan."

"So you mean he never knew until today about it?" asked Alex.

"I did tell him, it just wasn't straight away, like was the norm between us. After that summer our parents agreed that we could go to each other's houses after school so we could do our homework together. We only slept over on weekends so once homework and food was done, the 'visitor' was driven home. For my thirteenth birthday we went to the cinema with Alan sleeping over at mine. We saw Rocketman, it was a bit naff but it was the only thing at the cinema we were able to watch. Even though, we still bought a copy of it on DVD a few years ago for nostalgic reasons."

"You can borrow it sometime if you like?" said Alan.

"I think we'll pass thanks, if it's as naff as you make it out to be. Rick, why don't we go into the living room and leave the game until later, this story is more interesting than the game." said Justin.

"Ok, you and Alex go in and get comfy, Alan and I'll go and get us more drinks and then we'll be in."

When everyone had settled Alex asked "Why did you buy the DVD for nostalgic reasons if you say it's a naff film?"

"Well, I'm getting to that. After the cinema my parents picked us up and drove us home. As it was a Friday night we were allowed to stay up as late as we wanted providing we didn't make much noise. We always played games and such on nights like that and that night was no different. We were playing draughts/checkers and were pretty well matched when I suggested we play strip draughts."

"My first thoughts were, what's he up to? You see I knew when Rick was up to something, he has a tell-tale mannerism I've noticed. He does this thing with his nose when he's thinking about doing something. I decided that as we'd both seen each other naked there had to be something else to it so agreed. After all Rick wasn't the only one with plans that night."

"When Alan agreed to play, we realised for it to be fair we both had to have the same number of clothes on and agree the order which they would come off. We also agreed that the winner would get one wish. So we started playing and I quickly lost the first two games and had lost my socks and jumper. I realised that my fantasising about what I'd do if I won was doing more harm than good so I forced myself to concentrate on the game. I won the next three and Alan was sat in his t-shirt and briefs. I lost the next two and lost my jeans and t-shirt so I was sat there with a hard-on showing through my briefs."

"I was glad I had my t-shirt on at that point because I had a hard-on the likes of which I had never felt before. I knew that it was the sight of Rick's in his undies that had me in that state but the only thing I could do was to try and win the next game. Just like Rick had been imagining me while he was wanking, I had been doing the same with him, just neither of us had admitted it to the other."

"The next game went down to the last few pieces and I had the upper hand. I hadn't noticed that Alan had the boner until he lost and with it went the t-shirt. It was the first time either of us had been visibly hard in front of the other which added to the excitement."

"I still remember how embarrassed I felt taking my t-shirt off. There was no way I could refuse, I wanted to find out what was going to happen. My thoughts were going all over the place. I knew I'd had a plan for the night but this was throwing it all out the window."

"We quickly put the pieces back on the board, as we were both so close to losing our underwear we did the only fair thing; I held a piece in one of my hands behind my back and Alan chose which hand he thought it was in to decide who went first. He lost that and eventually the game. I was sure that he wouldn't want to take the undies off especially with a boner so obvious but he did. I felt a little guilty that he was sat there completely exposed, until the thought of me playing with his boner went through my mind."

"I had no idea what Rick had in mind for me when I took my briefs off."

"I knew that I had one wish. I asked Alan if he still agreed that the wish could be anything."

"I told him that he had won fair and square so go for it, and that is exactly what he did. His hand flew across the space between us and started stroking my cock. I didn't know what to do, on one hand it was what I was hoping for all along, but I wasn't sure if his reasons for doing it were the same as mine. So I did the only thing I felt I could. I asked him to stop."

"It felt so good feeling Alan's cock in my hand, I had imagined it so many times over the months. Then Alan asked me to stop. I thought that maybe I had gone too far and Alan was going to say that he wasn't into queer stuff and wanted to go home. We knew some of the names others in school got called because people thought they were gay; and here I was doing just that. I felt comfortable enough that Alan wasn't going to hate me for it, but had I gone just too far?"

"When Rick moved his hand and a few seconds had gone past with both of us thinking ninety to the dozen about what had happened and trying to think what the other was thinking, I eventually said that we needed to talk."

"As soon as I heard that my heart sunk. I was sure that what Alan was going to say would be something I didn't want to hear."

"I noticed the look on his face, it gave him away completely. I knew then and there that he had reached for my cock for the same reason I would have held his. My heart started to fly and so I looked Rick in the eyes and said that for us to talk properly one of two things had to happen; either we got dressed again or he lost his underwear."

"I couldn't believe what he had said, he obviously wasn't angry with me so I just stood up and pushed my briefs down and felt my boner hit my stomach when it was released."

"Rick had been in control of things up to that point but now it was my turn. I started by asking him if he had planned to wank me off all along."

"I had two choices, I either trust Alan completely and tell all or I lie and perhaps lose the only real friend I'd ever had. I opened up and told him everything, about how I'd been imagining him wanking off while I did. About how I'd hoped that he would play along with the strip draughts and that I'd win and get my choice of prize; and that I would understand if he didn't feel the same but I hoped we would still be able to stay best friends."

"I struggled to believe what I was hearing. We'd both been imagining similar things and hadn't shared it with each other. When he finished speaking I could tell he was waiting for the hammer to fall, that was the exact moment I knew I loved him. I know other people will say I wasn't old enough to know what love was or what the implications of loving another boy could be, but I knew. I moved closer to him and lifted his face so he could see me and kissed him."

"I was completely in shock, I had just received my first kiss and it was from Alan. I didn't know if I was dreaming or if it was really happening."

"When the kiss was over and I felt that it was time we talked with no more secrets. After Rick had poured his heart out, I felt he deserved to know what I had been thinking. We talked about the feelings we'd both been having for months, I pointed out that you don't control who you find attractive or who you fall in love with so what we were doing couldn't be wrong. We also talked about school. People in school who were suspected of being gay had a whole lot of trouble thrown at them. Were we going to be able to handle it if anyone were to ever find out."

"That was something I hadn't thought much about because I hadn't really made the connection in my head of what I'd wanted to do with Alan and being gay. I knew that with Alan feeling the same for me as I felt for him, no matter what people said or did in school, as long as we were together, I could deal with anything they could throw at me. We decided that more talking could wait until the next day and that now it was time to see if our fantasies were close to reality. We both wanted to feel what it was like to wank each other off so I got Alan to lie on his back on the bed. I rested my knees either side of his legs. I leaned forward gave him a quick kiss before sitting back up. I took his cock in my hand and started to stroke it. It felt amazing. I must have stroked and played with his cock for ages before Alan decided that he wanted to change places with me."

"I got off him so he could get up and then got on my back. It felt weird at first when Alan held my cock, until that moment only my hands had ever been there. Alan slowly started to jerk me off and it felt really good. A perfect end to it would have been for Alan and I to have shot our loads over each other but at that point neither of us were able to. When we'd both played with the other's cock enough we talked about whether we would be happy sleeping in separate beds or if we could cwtch up on the one. We cwtched up for a bit before falling asleep spooning."

"What's spooning?" asked Alex.

"It's when you lie with your stomach against the other person's back and the front of your legs against the back of theirs." answered Alan.

"We talked about how this would change our relationship over the next few days and how we had to be careful in school to try and not draw attention to ourselves. To everyone other than Alan and I, nothing had changed that weekend, we were still spending our time together in school as well as out. To us, there was a whole load of new things to explore and boy did we explore. We'd spend hours wrestling our tongues and jerking each other. We'd use the time after school before our parents came home from work or when they went to bed on the nights we slept around the other's home. We also started to sleep together in the same bed. We'd set an alarm so that we wouldn't get caught by our parents."

"The next big event happened on Alan's birthday which is on New Year's eve. As it was Alan's birthday he was getting pleasured first, so when he shot his load it was a big shock. We'd had some sex education so we knew what the stuff was but we weren't prepared for the feelings that came with it. I shocked Alan when I licked it up off his stomach and then started to lick the rest off his cock. It was the first time either of us had attempted to put our mouths anywhere near the other's cock. As soon as I had licked every drop up we snogged for a while before Alan attempted to get me to shoot my load."

"After Rick had put his tongue and mouth around my cock, he gave me an idea; I didn't know it was called a blowjob then. We changed places so Rick was lying on his back, I started to slowly stroke his cock and when I could see he was enjoying it I moved slightly. I don't think he was aware of the movement until he felt my warm mouth envelope his cock. For me it was an awesome feeling, having the cock between my lips. I hadn't gone up and down more than a few times before Rick shot his load into my mouth. We were both surprised by it because Rick hadn't shot a load before. Yes I had shot my first load earlier but what were the odds both of us doing it the same night? I kept my mouth over his cock until I was sure he had finished squirting. When I pulled off I rolled it around my tongue tasting it. I can't say I was completely enamoured by the taste but I didn't find it repulsive either. Over the years I have grown to love swallowing it, but that night I kept it on my tongue and kissed Rick letting it slide into his mouth."

"I was over the moon, not only had I just shot my first load and shared it with my boyfriend but we had just discovered something new to do with our time. As the school year went along, we had a lot of fun with our mouths with snogging and sucking. Our relationship wasn't only about the physical stuff, we talked a lot as well and some of my favourite memories are where we were just cwtching up on the bed together. Of course so far all we've talked about is the really cool stuff that comes from finding you are in love with someone and they feel the same way about you. The first bomb went off just before we broke up from school for the summer. As I said earlier, we'd started to sleep in the same bed after my birthday and we'd set an alarm to get us up before our parents could find us but an alarm doesn't take into account what happened this one night. My dad woke up feeling ill in the middle of the night, he ended up needing to go to hospital. Mom came into my room to wake us up and tell us she'd arranged for Alan's parents to take us to theirs while she went to the hospital with dad."

"Rick has always been a bit slow when he's just waking up and he hadn't realised that his mother had just found us sleeping in the same bed, but I had, I tried to say something to her but she told us that whatever it was could wait until after they knew how serious it was with Rick's dad."

"I would imagine, Alex, that you know how awful that feeling of being discovered is. Neither of us knew what was going to happen, we were terrified that our parents were going to split us up. We'd read about how one family sent their son to some camp where they used electro-shock therapy to try and turn him straight. All it apparently did was cause severe brain damage. Alan's parents noticed how shook up we appeared but they just assumed that it was down to my father being taken to hospital."

"My parents made hot chocolate for us when we got to my home and told us to try and get some more sleep. There was no way either of us was going to get any sleep that night. Neither of us was able to work out how Rick's mom was going to deal with what she had seen. The only thing we came up with was to tell my parents over breakfast and hope that they, at least, would support us rather than want to separate us."

"I left Alan do all the talking over breakfast. It went a lot better than either of us had expected."

"I told them how Rick and I loved each other and that we were certain that it wasn't just some phase, we understood that there was going to be some difficult times ahead but we hoped that they would support and help us when we needed it. My mom turned to me and said that she'd suspected for nearly a year, which surprised us as we'd only considered ourselves a couple for a little more than that. My dad was quiet for a little while and told us that it was not the life he would have chosen for me but he understood that being gay wasn't a lifestyle choice, you either were or you weren't. He also said that he would support both of us wherever we needed him."

"A bit of the weight, that had dropped on my shoulders the night before, lifted off when I heard that. With that said I felt I could trust Alan's parents, so explained that my mother had found us in bed sleeping together when she came to tell us about my dad. I said that I was afraid of how my parents were going to react. Alan's dad really made me feel at ease, he told me that whatever happened I was welcome at their house. There was a phone call from my parents to tell us my dad that was home and was ok, he'd had a really bad case of indigestion. You can imagine how embarrassed he felt over that and Alan and I were asked if we could both come over after lunch. We were driven to my home and Alan's parents said they'd stay close by just in case it all went wrong. However, they thought that because my parents had asked for both of us to come over it was a good sign. As soon as we walked in my mom asked us to join her and my dad in the living room. We sat down and my dad started by telling us that mom had explained to him how she had found us sleeping the night before and asked us if there was something we wanted to tell them."

"I could feel Rick's fear, I wanted to hold him to show him that I was there for him no matter what, but thought that it might not be a good idea."

"I knew Alan's parents were supporting us so I felt strong enough to tell my parents about the two of us. I glossed over the finer details of how we had gotten together but I did tell them that I loved Alan, and whilst I knew some would say I wasn't old enough to know what love was, I knew how I felt. My dad was the first to speak. He said he knew Alan and I were good for each other and he would help us where he could but there would have to be a few more discussions about our relationship. My mother had been quiet while my father spoke, then she told us that she had talked to my dad this morning about what she had seen the night before. My dad had pointed out to her that in the last couple of years I had become a completely different person; I was happier and more full of life and that could only be down to my relationship with Alan. She said she agreed with that and went on to explain that, while she wasn't comfortable with the idea of having a gay son, it was her problem to come to terms with, not mine."

"I explained that Rick and I had told my parents of our relationship that morning and suggested that it might be a good idea for both sets of parents to spend some time together so they could talk."

"My dad thought that was a great idea and suggested that maybe we could all have a nice Sunday roast together the next day, I explained that they were waiting around the corner in the car, just in case our conversation had gone badly. When my dad heard that you could see the shock on his face, he asked if I really thought he would react badly and I had to be honest with him and told him that I had been afraid that, having heard stories about other boys, I would be thrown out of the house. I don't think to this day I've ever seen my father move so fast, it scared me a bit to tell the truth. He pulled me up off the chair and into a hug. He told me that he would never turn his back on me. After a few seconds my father let me go and turned to Alan and asked him to go and get his parents."

"I did as I was asked and the three of us quickly pulled in front of Rick's house. Rick's parents were standing at the front door as we got out of the car and welcomed us into the house. To cut the story down a little, I'll just say that the parents seemed to find a lot in common with each other apart from having a gay son. A lot was talked about, like how long Alan's parents had suspected and what had made them suspect. The conversation was between the parents and because of the lack of sleep the night before, Rick and I were having difficulty keeping awake when Rick's mom noticed."

"I told mom that we hadn't been able to sleep after we had gone to Alan's house because we were afraid of what would happen when she and dad returned from the hospital. I told all of them how we'd read about the boy sent for electro-shock therapy and how others had just disowned their children when they found out their kids were gay."

"My dad asked us if we thought they were such bad parents. I said that as we couldn't remember any of them making any kind of positive statements about gay people, we had no idea how they would react to us telling them we were. Then I asked all of them how easy they thought it would have been to have told their parents they were gay, bearing in mind they'd known their parents for a lot longer than I'd known them. My father quickly conceded that he could see my point. Rick's mother then chimed in telling us that as we'd not slept much and were basically falling asleep anyway we may as well go up to bed."

"I was as surprised by that as Alan was, I didn't expect it at all. We didn't argue we just went to my room and just dropped onto my bed, we didn't bother to undress I just spooned around Alan and we went to sleep. A few hours later, a lot more refreshed we went downstairs to find that our parents were still talking. Then we got hit with it. They had decided that as we had shown over the last year that our relationship was good and loving they were not going to interfere unless it became needed. They had agreed that single beds were not suitable for two growing boys to try and sleep in together so they were going to get us double beds. As well as the weekend sleepovers we were going to be allowed to sleep over on a Wednesday. There were three major conditions attached to all of this though."

"The first was that whilst our parents were accepting of our relationship a lot of other parents might not be, and they knew we understood the risks of broadcasting the fact that we were being allowed to sleep together. But they added that if someone did find out this could lead to them getting into serious trouble. Alan's dad said that he knew of a few boys he'd gone to school with who'd experimented with gay sex in their teens but had ended up getting married and having children, the second condition was that if there was any change in our feelings for each other we were to be honest about it straight away. The third and final condition was that we were to continue to keep our school work up and get as high a grade as possible. We were told that the first indication that our school marks were slipping would mean a change in the agreement."

"We quickly agreed with these conditions and went and gave our parents hugs and thanked them. There isn't much else to say other than we were never out in school and as far as we know nobody ever questioned our relationship. We got good grades in our GCSEs and as a reward both families went on holiday to Majorca where they booked three rooms and allowed Rick and I to share a bed the whole two weeks of the holiday and that's when we tried anal sex for the first time."

"Our A-levels went just as well and for that our parents allowed us to go away together and they footed the bill. We went travelling around Europe and took in some of the sights we had read about. We went to Pisa and saw the Leaning Tower, Vatican City with St. Peter's Basilica and the Sistine Chapel, Barcelona and the Camp Nou, before we headed up to Paris, the Eifel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe. It was an amazing trip; we brought rolls of film back full of the photos we had taken. We'd managed to get someone to take a photo of the two of us together in front of most of the big places we went to. What surprised us was that nobody cared whether we held each other's hands or kissed in public. We'll show you the pictures some time."

"When we had agreed on which university we were going to, we talked about where we were going to live, would we go into halls of residence or look at getting a place together. With our parents helping we found a one bedroom flat and moved in a week before Fresher's week started. For all universities there is what they call a Fresher's week where all the clubs and associations at the uni gather in several places to encourage you to join. We knew there would be a group for gays because we'd read about one called LGBT which basically stood for lesbian, gay, bisexual & trans, with the trans representing transgender and transsexual. We found their table and got talking to a few people there. There was a variety of gay life around the table, from really butch women to some who were really attractive, some men you would never have guessed were gay or bi and a few that could only be described as screaming queens."

"I can see you're not sure what that is Alex, it's a man who acts really feminine or flamboyant, I suppose the best examples I can give would be Emmett in Queer as Folk USA or Sean in Coronation Street who also played Alex in the UK version of Queer as Folk, or Kurt in Glee."

"Rick and I were not used to interacting with other gay people and found it a bit overwhelming so we didn't stay around that long but we did arrange to meet up with some later on. While we were alone we talked about some of the people we'd met. We both agreed that whilst the screaming queens were a good laugh and genuinely funny, they could easily get on our nerves. When we met up with the group later on we all got talking about ourselves and how we ended up in Cardiff."

"I'd spotted that one of the men, if you really call eighteen year olds men, had been quiet all night. When I noticed him about to leave I went over and introduced Alan and myself and he told us he was Thom. I asked if he had turned up, like us, to find other gay people. He said that he had but found it all a bit too overwhelming, I asked if he would like to grab a cup of tea or coffee the next day with just Alan and myself, he accepted and we arranged a time to meet up."

"That was the beginning of the second best friendship in our lives, the first being each other. When we met Thom the next day he told us a little about himself. He had been brought up in a strict Catholic family and so he never felt he was able to tell his parents about being gay. He came to realise he was when he was fourteen and because of his family struggled with it all through school, never attempting to have a relationship for fear of his family finding out. While he was doing the Scottish equivalent of his A-levels, he decided that he needed to get away from the oppression of his family and find his own way in life, which was why he chose a university so far away from Glasgow. We got to know Thom well over the coming months."

"We were at home for Christmas when we got a phone call on Alan's birthday from Thom asking us for help. He had gotten drunk at home and made a pass at one of the boys he had been in school with. When his parents asked him about it the next day, sick of all the lies he came out to them. Being Catholics who followed strict teachings of the church, they allowed him time to get his stuff before asking him to leave. He didn't know what to do, his room at uni wasn't available for another two weeks. We told him that he was more than welcome to bunk down in our flat, it would be cramped as it only had one bedroom but it was only short term. He couldn't thank us enough. His parents hadn't taken his car off him so he was able to pack his stuff into it and drive down. We arranged to meet him at the flat. It meant going back earlier than we had planned but we thought Thom wouldn't feel comfortable going to our parents."

"Being closer to Cardiff, Rick and I got there in plenty of time to do some shopping before Thom arrived. When he pulled up we could tell he was a complete wreck. How he managed to drive safely none of us knew. When we had taken the last of his things up to the flat he let it all go and completely broke down, falling to his knees. We picked him up and moved him over to the sofa where Rick and I sat each side of him with our arms wrapped around him. We spent most of the evening like that before Rick moved to make something for us all to eat. I suggested that Thom might feel a little better if he took a shower while we waited for food to be ready, so that's what he did."

"Alan and I had spent most of the day talking about Thom and what we could do to help. Neither of us could imagine exactly what he was going through, the closest we had come was the fear we had felt that night my dad had been taken to hospital and we both know how much comfort we took from being with each other. I suggested Thom sleep with us for a few nights, until his pain wasn't so raw."

"I knew it was something that Thom needed, I just wasn't sure that he knew it. When we all sat down to eat, I told Thom that Rick and I wanted to talk to him about where he was going to sleep. I explained that we wanted him to sleep with us in our bed rather than the sofa for a few nights. I knew from the hesitation to accept, that he was thinking exactly the same as you two are right now. You both think we were offering to have sex with him aren't you?"

"Well why else would you invite someone into your bed?" asked Justin.

"Firstly, it is possible to share a bed with someone and not have sex with them and secondly Thom needed to feel loved and comforted and we thought the best way to do that would be for us to sleep either side of him in our bed. Alan explained this to Thom and he agreed that it would be nice not to be alone for a while."

"I explained to him that we hoped it would mean more than just trying to take away the pain his parents had caused. When food was done and the dishes cleaned, we went back to the sofa and watched some telly. We avoided talking much about anything. At one point Thom had his head on my shoulder and his arm around Rick, I asked Thom something and when I didn't get an answer. I looked and noticed he had fallen asleep. We gently woke him and took him to the bedroom. We undressed him and put him in the middle of the bed before we stripped down to our undies and got in on either side of him. We both gave him a quick kiss before we cwtched up to him."

"I don't think we had been there for more than five minutes before racking sobs swept over Thom. It was pointless trying to lie to him and say everything was going to be alright, he had just lost his family because of who he was. All we could do was hold him until he brought himself under control, he ended up crying himself to sleep. Seeing him in so much pain was the catalyst to me volunteering for gay teen crisis centres and how I met your mother, Justin." said Rick.

"We spent the next few days watching telly or talking about nothing particular and Thom continued to sleep with us. As the end of the first week approached Thom brought up the subject of where he was going to go when his uni room wasn't available. I came up with the solution that at least for Easter and the Summer holidays he could come home with us. Our parents had allowed Rick and I to sleep together for years so there was always going to be a bed spare in one house or the other. We discussed it amongst ourselves, Thom was reluctant to agree so I suggested that our parents come down to Cardiff for the weekend so they could meet Thom and we could go from there."

"We all met up for the weekend and without either Alan or me prompting, both sets of parents offered to take Thom in until he found his feet. By the time our parents left Thom had agreed to accept their help. Thom cried himself to sleep again that night and as far as I know that was the last time. Life started to return to some form of normality the following week as we prepared to start our second term. Two days before Thom was due to go back to his room in the halls, he asked if he could cook a special meal for his last night in the flat."

"We told him he didn't have to but he insisted it was a thank you for all the help we had given. We couldn't refuse. He asked if he could have the flat to himself from four until seven. Leaving Thom in the flat wasn't a problem, there were plenty of pubs around where you could spend a few hours playing pool and drinking coke. Neither of us was prepared for the meal Thom served that night. It was like we had been taken to a four star restaurant. We had no idea Thom was so talented in the kitchen."

"The conversation during the meal wasn't that exciting, remember we had spent the best part of two weeks together, there wasn't much we hadn't already spoken about. When Thom served up the dessert he told us how grateful he was for all the help we had given him but he had one more thing to ask of us. He told us that he had come to realise he loved us and would love to have sex with us, but if he had to choose between sex with us or our friendship and support, there was only one winner. However as he presumed there wasn't a chance of having sex because he hadn't heard us talk about sex outside our relationship, could we have sex with each other and allow him to watch. He understood if we were not comfortable with it though."

"Rick and I had talked for years about what it would be like to have sex with other people, most of the time it was this celebrity or that one, David Beckham was mentioned a lot; but occasionally it was boys we had met. Since we'd first met Thom and become friendly with him, we had talked about how attractive he was and we both wondered what he would be like in bed. Despite all the fantasies and daydreaming we had never had the chance to make fantasy a reality. The problem of course was how would having sex with, or in front of, Thom affect our relationship with each other or with him."

"I asked Thom if he would mind if Alan and I could talk in private about his request before we answered him. I suggested that we could talk about it while we did the dishes and he watched some telly or listened to music in the bedroom. So that's what we did. I can't remember everything that we came out with, needless to say there were pros and cons for having sex with Thom as well as just allowing him to watch us. We talked about how far we could go with him, would we be ok fucking him or letting him fuck us. We eventually agreed that whatever we decided had to be the best for the three of us. So we finished the dishes and went to get Thom."

"We sat down on the sofa and I quickly explained that Rick and I had talked over the years about having sex with other people; but as there had never been an opportunity to act, we had never taken the conversation beyond fantasy. We told Thom that as the opportunity was now in front of us, we had realized that it didn't just depend on what we wanted. I asked him what exactly he wanted, was it just sex for sex's sake or did he want to take the relationship a step further. If he wanted to take a step further was he going to expect our duo to become a trio?"

"His answer surprised us, he told us that he wanted to have sex with us because he loved us and he thought it could bring us closer, however he didn't want it to become a trio, he wanted someday to find his own partner. It took us a few seconds to take in what Thom had said. I eventually asked him if he wanted to try everything with us or keep certain things off limits. He looked a little uncertain of what I was saying, so I asked him if he wanted to experience oral and anal sex or whether he wanted to leave anal sex until he found that someone special."

"Thom seemed to take a bit of time before he said that he couldn't think of anyone better to lose his virginity to than us. He explained that he believed he had two virginities to lose, one meant fucking someone and the other was to be fucked by someone. To him fuck wasn't a great way to describe it, because it gave the impression of something cold and mechanical, he preferred the idea of making love to someone but that term was woolly and didn't explain things properly. Alan and I then had the choice of whether we wanted to go that far with Thom or not."

"As much as I wanted to fuck Thom, I thought that it was best that we only tried oral for that night, then we could see how we felt over the next few days and if everything went well then we could go further another night, after all we didn't have to rush it. I explained my thinking to both Rick and Thom. Thom's eyes lit up when he realised that he was going to experience sex with another person for the first time."

"Before we led Thom to the bedroom, we shared kisses with lots of tongue action. Thom seemed to get the hang of it quickly. As we were kissing we were getting each other undressed. When we had everyone down to their underwear it was obvious that the three of us were really aroused. Before we stripped completely we went to the bedroom. We placed Thom on the bed and Alan and I started at his toes and kissed our way up his legs, briefly pressing our lips to his cock still in his underwear before moving up his torso to his nipples where we sucked a little and while I moved back down his body, Alan continued up to Thom's mouth."

"While my tongue wrestled with Thom's, Rick was flicking his tongue around Thom's belly button. When we thought Thom could take no more we slowly moved in unison to take his undies off to reveal the second most beautiful cock I have ever seen, the first one obviously being Rick's. We both got down so our faces were close and started flicking our tongues around Thom's balls. He was crying out in ecstasy for one of us to take him, but we continued to just flick. Rick loves rimming so we moved Thom's legs into a position to make it easy for him and while he was having a good time there I took Thom's cock in my mouth."

"Sorry for interrupting, but what is rimming?" asked Alex.

"Rimming is when you use your tongue on someone's anus. Some people will push their tongue into the anus but not everyone does, just flicking your tongue on the muscle opening can be just as pleasurable." said Alan.

"Thom seemed to be on his way to heaven with the noises he was making. I don't think he had realised just how much pleasure you could get from sex without penetration. Believe me, Alan and I were getting just as much pleasure out of the experience as Thom."

"I hadn't gone up and down on Thom's cock more than half a dozen times before he shot his load; it tasted different to Rick's or mine. I kept his cock in my mouth until I could feel him going soft. All the while Rick was still rimming him. Thom was still on cloud nine when I shared his cum with Rick. We gave him some time to come back down before we asked him if it had lived up to his imagination."

"He kissed us both deeply with plenty of tongue before he told us that he could never have imagined half of what we had just done. His imagination of how sex with us would be like had only been fucking. Had he enjoyed it, hell yes but he was looking forward to trying some of those things out on us, and he did. My cock was the first one he sucked and Rick was the first person he rimmed. When it was time for us to shoot our loads, he wanted us to shoot in his mouth at the same time. It was like he was trying to make sure that one of us wasn't left feeling like a spare cog or that he preferred one over the other."

"We fell asleep that night all tangled together. The next day we talked about how we all felt the night before had gone. We had all enjoyed it and as Thom had hoped, it brought us all closer together. We told him that he could spend the night whenever he wanted but he shouldn't feel that he was under any obligation to. We helped him move some of his things to his room in halls leaving some at our place."

"As the term went along we fell into the routine similar to the one Rick and I had when we first started out. We'd spend time together during the week but Thom only slept at the flat on the weekends. Thom was apprehensive of going to our parent's for Easter but he quickly settled in. It was over Easter when I brought up the subject of whether Thom had considered where he was going to live in September when we started our second year. He admitted that he hadn't really but if it was possible he would prefer to live with us somewhere."

"Alan and I had suspected as much and had started to look for two bedroom properties that would be available for the following year. We found one a few weeks after we returned from Easter break. There isn't much else to tell you about the rest of our first year at uni. We all passed our end of year exams and with help from Alan's dad the three of us got work for over the summer holidays."

"We didn't think our new relationship was something our parents would understand so we didn't spend much time sleeping together over the summer while they were around. Our parents had arranged to go away on a month long holiday around Australia together, this meant that we could spend the nights with Thom and not worry about our parents. It was during that month when Rick brought up the subject of anal sex."

"I knew Thom wanted to try it and so did we. He got excited when I asked if he thought he was ready to try it. We wanted to make it special for all of us, so unlike that first night when we started our sexual relationship, we went to a good restaurant rather than have Thom cook."

"When we'd finished in the restaurant we went straight back to my parent's house. When we got in, Alan took Thom to the bedroom while I went and got some drinks and snacks for later. When I got to the bedroom Alan and Thom were naked and had a wicked look on their faces. They allowed me to put the snacks and drinks down before they jumped on me."

"While Rick was getting things, I had asked Thom which virginity Rick and I were going to take. He answered almost immediately. He told me that he wanted Rick to fuck him and he wanted to fuck me. We quickly got undressed while we waited for Rick. As soon as he'd put down the things he was carrying we both grabbed him and started to get his clothes off him. As Thom was concentrating on the trousers I whispered the plan to Rick."

"As soon as Rick was naked we grabbed Thom and pushed him onto the bed. While Thom sucked Rick to get him good and hard, I rimmed Thom and fingered him to get him ready. When I thought he was ready I changed places with Rick. Before Rick entered Thom, I leant down and whispered to Thom that if the pain was bad, he had to tell us and Rick would stop. Rick started to enter and there was a grimace on Thom's face, I told him to relax a bit. Rick noticed as well and stopped. After a few seconds Thom told him to carry on. Going slowly Rick eventually had all his cock in Thom, he waited for Thom to adjust to the feeling. When I saw he was fully in, I got on the bed placing my knees either side of Thom and gave him my cock to suck on. Rick started to move in and out, brushing against Thom's prostate."

"Through the noises he was making, I knew Thom was enjoying it, then all of a sudden I felt him tense. He was about to shoot. I moved and he shot all over his stomach. While I was licking it up, Rick continued to thrust and after a couple he was shooting his load into Thom. I kissed both of them before Rick collapsed onto the bed with Thom in between us."

"I know I am new to sex and stuff but when I had sex ed in school they said that you should always use condoms, if Rick shot his load into Thom, it suggests there wasn't any condom involved, am I right?" asked Justin.

"You are right. I suppose another sex ed lesson is called for. Condoms are suggested for two reasons, the first is so that you don't get a girl pregnant, although they aren't a hundred percent guaranteed. The second reason is so to prevent passing on a STD or STI. As Alan and myself were virgins when we had sex there was no risk of either of us getting the other pregnant or passing on a STD or STI. With Thom it was a little different, remember until I penetrated Thom, the only person I had fucked was Alan so there was no risk of passing anything on to Thom." replied Rick.

"Back to the story, Thom had a goofy look on his face. You could tell that it was everything he had hoped for. I kissed him deeply before leaning over to kiss Alan. I suggested that Thom get me prepared for Alan to fuck me while we waited for him to recharge. I sucked Alan's cock until Thom had me ready and then Alan went into action. When Alan was going for it, I played with Thom's cock and before long he was hard again. After Alan had shot his load into me, I gave him a few minutes to recover before I got to work in opening him up ready for Thom."

"I think of the sex we had already had, this had to be the hottest of the lot. As Thom was fucking me, Rick and I were sixty nineing. With all three of us having already shot a load earlier we were able to go at it for a long time. I think that was one of the reasons we all enjoyed it so much. Getting fucked by Thom was new and different but God did I enjoy it. Thom shot his load first and it almost brought me to my second climax. Before I shot my load though, Rick was feeding me his protein."

"When Alan shot his second load of the night we all collapsed into bed, snacks and drinks forgotten. When we woke up the next day, Thom still had a goofy grin on his face even though he was fast asleep. I was starving so went out to the kitchen and started making a big breakfast for the three of us. I hadn't been cooking for long when Alan came in quickly followed by Thom."

"Not much was said while we ate that morning, I went to make a start on the dishes when Thom told Rick that he was going to help me with the dishes and then it would be time for round two. When we asked him what he meant, he said that if we were up for it, he wanted to fuck Rick and have me fuck him and he wanted to see Rick fuck me. So that's what we did. When we were finished we just collapsed into bed and went back to sleep."

"Over the course of our second year at uni we fucked or to be more accurate we made love to each other on a regular basis. Although we were living together that year we stuck to the routine we had fallen into the previous year, where Thom would sleep in our bed on the weekends and he slept alone during the week, well except for a few occasions when he was really horny."

"We still didn't see the need to explain the relationship to our parents but on the occasions they met Thom, they could see that the three of us loved each other. I don't think they thought we were sleeping together but with my parents it wouldn't surprise me if they did. I think Rick's mom would have really had problems accepting it; it was so far out of her comfort zone."

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