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Alex's Guardian Angel

by Anthony Lane

Chapter 34


This story contains scenes of love and a sexual nature involving males with other males. If the reading or possessing of such material as this is illegal in your country, state, province, county, municipality, etc., please leave this site immediately and do not proceed further. If you are under the legal age to read this, please do not do so.

It is not my intention to offend anyone or to get you in trouble.

The author retains all rights to this original story. Please do not publish without my explicit authorisation.


Most of the places mentioned, and none of the characters exist in real life. Whilst there are references to celebrities in places, no inference should be taken as to their sexual orientation in real life. This story is completely fictional.

This is my first attempt at writing fiction. I was inspired to pick up the pen after reading several stories by David Lee which can be found in the prolific authors section on Nifty.

I would like to send out thanks to both David and Tom who have both helped to edit the errors out. If you would like to send me an email about this story please put Alex's guardian angel in the main title. Thanks for reading.

A note about the last chapter and this one. I know it has caused a lot of confusion for a lot of people but there is a method to my madness. The twins and Aaron do have a role to play in Alex's life and I think in time it will become apparent. I think some of you will work it out sooner than others but I beg you all to be patient with me. I think you will all enjoy the chapter and what will come next.

Aaron enjoyed Christmas day, he liked all the presents he'd received and treasured the one that came at lunch time. His brother phoned. It was the first time Aaron had been able to talk to him since he'd left in June, it wasn't that his brother couldn't call; just bad timing meant he wasn't around when he had.

On Boxing Day Aaron received another surprise; his mother took him out to the garage to show him the two camp beds she'd managed to buy; she then told him how the twins were going to be arriving at lunch time and would be staying for a week while their parents went on a holiday alone. He didn't know what to say, he loved spending time with the twins and had been wondering how they were going to do so over Christmas.

He helped his mother take the camp beds up to his room. His mother had suggested that they could set them up in his brother's room but Aaron thought it would be more fun to have them in his room, after all, there was plenty of room. As they put them in his room his mother told him that to give them more space, it would be better to keep them folded up until the twins were ready to go to sleep. She popped into her bedroom and came back with two sleeping bags and explained that they would be easier than having to make the beds each night. Aaron gave her one of the biggest hugs she could ever remember getting from him.

When the Liam and Lucas arrived Aaron took them upstairs to dump their things before they went back down for lunch. When they'd all eaten enough, he took them back upstairs. He cleared some space in his wardrobe for their clothes and then they talked about what they were going to do with the whole week together.

Before leaving school for the holidays, they'd talked to their coach about getting into the pool at some stage; because of the rapport the three had built up and improvements they had shown, he'd agreed to come down for a few hours each day but would only do so if they were going to be serious when they were there. So other than a few hours each day at the pool, the rest of the week was completely free.

Aaron brought up the twins' habit of walking around in just their underwear. He told them that he'd mentioned it to his mom, who'd said that inside the bedroom she didn't care what they did or didn't wear, but she expected them to wear clothes around the rest of the house. The twins said they were happy to do that. Then Aaron pointed out the camp beds and sleeping bags. The twins didn't remind him how they'd never slept apart and were prepared to see how things went as it meant spending time with Aaron, whom they were beginning to think of as a big brother.

With their clothes put away they decided to go and play about in the snow for a bit before it got too dark and forced them inside. June made sure they were dressed up warm before letting them go out. All three had great fun throwing snow balls and making snowmen and snow angels.

When they'd had enough they went back in, where June made them strip off their wet clothes in the kitchen so they weren't sat around in them or dragging the snow through the house. Aaron wasn't surprised when the twins showed no concerns about stripping down to their briefs and t-shirts. She sent them upstairs to get some dry clothes and told them she'd make them hot chocolate while they were getting dressed.

It didn't take any of the boys long to get dressed and get back down to the kitchen for their hot chocolate. They drank it in the kitchen feeling the warmth spread through their bodies. When they were finished they went back up to Aaron's room with his mom telling them their tea would be ready in an hour.

On the way up to his bedroom Aaron showed the twins where the bathroom was so that when they needed to use it, they knew where to go. He also pointed out that there was another toilet downstairs should they find someone using the one upstairs. When they got to Aaron's bedroom they spent the time checking out his music and playing a few video games while they waited for their food to be ready.

After tea was finished, the twins insisted they help Aaron do the cleaning up before they went up to his room. With that done all three boys headed upstairs with a drink each and a few biscuits for later. Aaron had just shut the bedroom door and turned around to find the twins stripping down to their briefs. He had just put his drink down when he got attacked by the twins trying to get him out of his clothes. When all three were left with just their briefs on, the twins sat on the bed waiting for Aaron to choose the film they were going to watch. He picked up Star Wars: Episode 1 - Phantom Menace and put it on. He got on the bed and into what had fast become their usual position for watching films, where Lucas and Liam would cwtch up to him. It turned out to be the first time the twins had seen any of the Star Wars films.

They watched all of the film before anyone needed to go to the toilet. Aaron reminded the twins that they'd need to put clothes on to go. When all three had put a t-shirt and bottoms on, they headed to the bathroom. Aaron let the twins use the toilet in there and headed to the one downstairs. When he got back to his room, the twins were already stripped down to their undies again, he shut the door, took his t-shirt and bottoms off before putting Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones on and getting on the bed in between them.

When the film ended, they got dressed again and headed to the bathroom to empty their bladders and brush their teeth before they got into bed. Rather than go downstairs this time, Aaron simply brushed his teeth while the twins used the toilet, he still found it strange that they had no problem using the toilet at the same time. When they were finished, Aaron swapped places with them before all three headed back to the bedroom.

The three of them had a laugh getting the camp beds set up. Lucas and Liam got undressed and into the sleeping bags when Aaron got undressed and slipped between the sheets on his bed. They talked for a bit before Aaron went quiet and the twins assumed he had drifted off to sleep.

Lucas and Liam were still awake an hour later, they couldn't seem to get anywhere with their attempts at sleep. They were talking quietly between each other when Liam suggested they get into bed with Aaron, Lucas wasn't sure about it but knew they were fighting a losing battle trying to sleep on the camp beds. He suggested that rather than simply slipping into Aaron's bed they talk to him about it first. Liam got out of the sleeping bag and went over to the bed to wake Aaron. A groggy conversation later and the twins were cwtching up to Aaron and drifting off to sleep.

When Aaron woke the next morning he was startled to find Lucas and Liam cwtched up to him under the sheets fast asleep. He couldn't understand why they were there. After a few minutes of thinking, he remembered them telling him about how they'd never slept in separate beds. He lay there thinking about how getting caught wanking in the shower had changed his life for the better. Thinking about wanking only served to make his morning boner twitch for relief. The problem he had, apart from sharing the bed with the twins, was that they were sleeping with his arms around them so he couldn't reach his cock to relieve the pressure even if he wanted to do something about it.

Aaron continued to lie there trying to think of something to help make his boner go down. It didn't matter what he thought about, the feeling of two bodies pressed against him stopped him thinking about anything for long enough to get his cock to go down. He eventually gave in and moved, waking Lucas and Liam in the process. Aaron grabbed his bottoms and t-shirt, quickly putting them on as he headed for the bathroom.

He took care of his boner while he was in the shower before heading back to the bedroom. When he got there Lucas and Liam were fully awake and dressed. They asked him where the towels were kept so they could take a shower as well. Aaron pointed to the airing cupboard before going into his bedroom to get changed.

While the twins were in the bathroom and he was folding the camping beds away, Aaron started thinking hard about whether he should tell them he was gay. What would they say or do, should he tell them? Or would it be better to just suggest he use the camp bed and sleeping bag so they could share the bed? He decided he'd keep quiet for a bit longer about being gay but would ask Lucas and Liam what sleeping arrangements they preferred before they went to sleep later that night.

Aaron got changed and went downstairs, on the way he knocked on the bathroom door to tell Lucas and Liam where he was going. He was just finishing off his cereal when Lucas walked in quickly followed by Liam. He told them they could have toast or cereal for breakfast. Lucas chose cereal while Liam opted for toast.

As they were eating Aaron asked them if they had any ideas about what they could do when they got back from the pool at lunch time. Liam suggested having another afternoon in the snow before it went all slushy and was no good to play about in; Aaron and Lucas liked that idea and so that's what they'd do.

After their breakfast they had an hour spare before they had to head off to the school pool, they spent it playing a few games on the PlayStation.

At the pool Aaron wanted to push the twins a bit and see just how far they could go. When Lucas and Liam called time within a few metres of each other, they were surprised to learn just how far they had gone. Aaron suggested that with a bit more work they could participate in the school swim team's 1000m events if they wanted to. Both Lucas and Liam told him that while swimming was fun, their passion lay in diving. They took a break while Aaron got in and tried to better his times in the 200m backstroke. When Aaron needed a breather he watched the twins diving to point out where he thought they'd need to improve. After a quick shower, the three were ready and waiting when Aaron's mom turned up in the car to take them home.

When they got home all three quickly tucked into the lunch that had been put in front of them, they even found room for a bit of Christmas cake. Food polished off, the three wrapped up and headed out to mess around in the snow again. There were a few occasions when snow got shoved down someone's collar or worse down their trousers but it was all done in fun. Like the day before, when they went in they stripped their wet clothes off before heading upstairs to put on dry ones. When they came back down, they were each given a mug of hot chocolate to help warm them up.

Rather than run upstairs as soon as they were finished they stayed downstairs and chatted with Aaron's parents while they waited for food to be ready. It was during this chat that they discovered Aaron was only one year older than Lucas and Liam despite being two school years ahead. The twins couldn't understand how that worked until June explained it. She told them that a school year was different to a calendar year; they started on the 1 st September and ran to the 31 st August. She pointed out that had they been born three weeks earlier they would have found themselves going to school a whole year earlier.

With food eaten, dishes washed, wiped and put away, all three headed for the bedroom again. Aaron closed the door behind them and wasn't surprised when he turned to see Lucas and Liam stripped down to their briefs, they seemed to have supernatural powers when it came to getting their clothes off. Rather than strip down himself straight away he sat on the bed and asked them to do the same. He was just about to bring up their sleeping arrangements when Lucas beat him to it.

While they were in the shower that morning Lucas and Liam had talked about how best to approach Aaron about the problem with the camp beds. They had really enjoyed sleeping with Aaron the night before but when he seemed to run out of the bedroom when he woke up, they were sure he didn't think the same. They'd worked out they had a few options they could suggest, the first one would be zipping the two sleeping bags together and sleeping on the floor. The second would be cheeky in that they could ask Aaron if they could have the bed and he could use one of the camp beds. The third option was the one they didn't think he'd go for and that would be the three of them sharing the bed just like they had the night before.

Lucas and Liam were surprised when Aaron asked which they wanted. They told him that they'd tried the camp beds and weren't able to sleep in them, they still couldn't explain how sleeping in separate beds stopped them sleeping. Lucas asked Aaron if he could remember talking to Liam about them sleeping with him the night before. He admitted he couldn't. Then Liam asked the most pertinent question, had Aaron felt uncomfortable waking up with them in his bed?

Aaron had thought about it on and off all day. Although he thought he should offer the twins his bed while he slept in one of the camp beds, he had enjoyed feeling their bodies against his as he woke up. The problem though was how could he agree to sleep in the bed with them without their knowing his sexuality. He realised that it was tell them now or risk destroying the friendship that he had come to treasure.

He looked at the two boys sat on his bed in just their underwear and became almost as nervous as he had when he told his brother. He could feel the anxiety building and the words getting stuck in his throat.

Aaron asked them what they knew about people who were called gay. When neither Lucas nor Liam could tell him anything, he went on to explain that while most boys were attracted to girls, some were attracted to boys and they were the ones others called gay. He noticed a look in the eyes of both boys but a second later it wasn't there so he thought he'd imagined it. Aaron went on to explain that boys who were attracted to other boys were not bad, just different to the ones who were attracted to girls in the same way as a black boy is different to a white one. Skin colour was just like sexuality, it was something you couldn't choose or change. And with a little fear of confusing matters, he told them that some boys were attracted to both boys and girls and they were called bisexual.

Lucas asked Aaron if he was explaining this because he was gay. Aaron could feel the tears break free but managed to admit he was. Liam moved and hugged him with Lucas quickly joining in.

After a few minutes Lucas asked Aaron how he knew he was gay. Aaron told him that there had been a boy in school about two years earlier that he'd had a major crush on and that was what led him to think he may be. With a bit of embarrassment he went on to explain that when he thought about this boy he would get an erection. He quickly explained that not every erection boys had was related to being attracted to someone.

Liam looked at Lucas and nodded; then Lucas looked at Aaron and told him that they understood what he meant because they had started to think the same sort of things. Since seeing him wanking in the shower, they had begun to notice how some of the other boys in school were cute and they had talked about what each one would look like wanking. Liam went on to say they still had a couple of things to confess. The first being that since he explained about wanking they had tried it themselves and they enjoyed it, but they didn't have any white stuff shoot out like he did.

Aaron explained that they soon would. He told them that their bodies needed to start puberty before they would be able to produce sperm, which others referred to as cum. With that explanation the boys seemed to brighten a little. Then Aaron asked what the other confession was.

Liam answered by telling him that there was actually two, but they were sort of the same. They had talked to each other about how they'd imagined other boys wanking and how they'd taken the next step and imagined how it would feel to do it to those boys or have them do it to them, when one day Liam had suggested they try doing it to each other. They had really enjoyed the feelings of doing it to someone else and having someone else do it to them. But the boy they thought about the most was the one in front of them.

Aaron went bright red when he realised what Liam was saying. Not only had the twins gone further than he had, by wanking each other where he had only wanked himself off, but they had imagined doing it with him. After a few minutes of thinking, he told the twins that he thought the three of them sleeping in the same bed was something he would like to do when they could, but he wasn't sure about anything else. He saw the look of disappointment on the faces in front of him but he didn't know whether turning their relationship into a sexual one would be good for the three of them.

Aaron explained how lonely he had been over the summer not having any friends or his big brother around. Since they had caught him that day in the showers he had gained two really good friends that he loved spending time with and didn't want to lose over a bit of fun they'd get from taking things down the sex road. He did tell them that if they felt the same a few months down the line that they could talk about it again but at that point, cwtching up was as far as he wanted to take it.

Both Liam and Lucas were happy to hear that they could still cwtch up to Aaron. With things all talked out, Liam turned to Aaron and told him it was time he got his clothes off while Lucas put the next Star Wars film on.

The three of them cwtched up and didn't move other than to change the disc from Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith to the next in the series, Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope . When A New Hope finished Aaron got up switched the telly off and got into bed between Lucas and Liam and the three of them quietly drifted off to sleep.

The rest of the week went along the same lines with the boys going to the pool to train before lunch, spending the afternoon playing games or messing about in the snow and then cwtching up and watching movies in the evening.

There were only a few days left of the holidays when Myfanwy turned up to take Lucas and Liam home. She'd hardly had time to sit down when the twins seemed to attack her with questions; they wanted to know if she and their father had enjoyed their holiday, they wanted to know what they'd done but the most important question was if Aaron could spend the rest of the holidays with them. Myfanwy thought there was no harm in agreeing to it as it meant Aaron would keep the twins out of her hair, so she told Aaron that if he wanted to and June agreed he could stay with them until they were back in school.

The only difference between the last few days of their holidays and the week before was that they were in the twins' house and not Aaron's. Aaron continued to sleep in the same bed as Lucas and Liam and they still watched films cwtched up to each other.

When they returned to school their routine fell back to normal, well normal meaning what it had been before the Christmas holidays. They would go to lessons, spend a few hours training after school before going to their own homes. On Fridays, Aaron or the twins would take things for the weekend to school with them then after training they'd all go home and spend the weekend together. They would spend one weekend at Aaron's and the next at the twins' home.

Over the two week Easter holidays they spent a week at each home, allowing each set of parents to have a week away on their own. One day while they were at Lucas and Liam's house messing about, Aaron noticed the twins were developing hairs under their arms, not long after they noticed a few appeared around their cocks. The twins had entered puberty.

As the end of the school year approached Myfanwy and June got together to discuss what was going to happen over the summer holidays knowing that Liam, Lucas and Aaron would want to be together for as much of it as possible. They worked out that the boys would spend the first half of the summer with Myfanwy and her husband and the second half with June and her husband.

Just like their mothers had been planning things for the summer, so had the boys. They had spoken to the coach about being able to use the pool. He had been impressed at how well all three of them had improved over the course of the year. He agreed to meet them at eight every morning except on weekends where he expected time away from the pool. He reasoned that as the pool wasn't open to the public until ten that would give them a solid two hours for training each day. He also told them that he was going to Scotland to tour some of the Lochs during the last week in July and the first week in August; this meant that during those two weeks the boys wouldn't be able to use the pool for training. They explained this to their parents who decided that they could plan to go on a holiday together at the same time.

Their routine of going to the pool in the mornings, spending the afternoons messing around and cwtching up watching movies in the evenings quickly fell back into place as the first week of summer ended.

Another thing that had become routine without any of the boys really noticing was their morning erections. All three woke up with raging hard-ons; the only difference was that the twins being less developed were smaller; although as the summer was beginning they had started to grow quite a bit of hair around their cocks.

During that first week of the summer, Lucas woke up in the middle of the night thinking he'd wet himself. While he was trying to work out just how bad it was, he noticed that it was only his briefs that were wet so he went to the bathroom to clean up a bit before going back to bed. When he was in the bathroom he realised he would need to get a clean pair before he could go back to sleep. So when he got back to Aaron's room he went to get a dry pair of briefs but couldn't remember which drawer they kept them in. He decided that the only option he had was to get into bed without any.

When Aaron woke that morning feeling Lucas' cock pressed against his leg and his hand on Lucas' bare arse he wondered what had happened to Lucas' undies but he knew that at some point later Lucas would tell him; rather than wake him he just enjoyed the feeling.

Later, just as Aaron had predicted, Lucas explained what had happened during the night, he was surprised when Aaron had asked to see the pair of briefs. As he looked at them Aaron's face broke out in a knowing look. He sat both Lucas and Liam down and explained that what had happened wasn't Lucas wetting the bed but what was known as a wet dream.

Two confused faces looked up at Aaron so he continued to explain that a wet dream wasn't the same as wetting the bed. A wet dream was the same sort of thing as when a boy masturbated. There was really only one way to stop it from occurring but even then it wasn't guaranteed to work, and that was to jerk off regularly.

Liam realised straight away that they were going to have a problem doing that. There wasn't going to be any time over the next six weeks when the three of them were not together. He knew Aaron was a little reluctant to do anything sexual around them but how were they going to get around it. He told the other two what he'd just realised and Aaron agreed they'd need to talk more about it and suggested they leave it till that afternoon when they weren't going to be around their parents.

They headed off to the pool like normal and had managed to put the conversation out of their minds while they were there. They had their lunch at home before going to the park with a ball to kick about. When they were in a secluded area of the park Lucas brought up the subject they had avoided all day.

He asked Aaron if masturbation was something to be ashamed of, remembering what Aaron had told them almost a year earlier. When Aaron reiterated that it was a perfectly natural thing for any person to do, Lucas asked him how often he did it. Aaron admitted that he found talking about it embarrassing but he would normally do it at least twice a day when he was home, once in the morning when he woke up and the other time would be just before he went to sleep.

Liam asked him how he managed when they spent the weekends together, being as they hadn't seen him do it since that time in school. Aaron told them that when they were just spending the weekend together he could just about last the two days without doing it but it was difficult. He then went on to explain that when they spent any longer than two days together, such as over Christmas and Easter, he would take care of it while he was showering at his house or theirs.

Lucas asked Aaron if he thought there was something wrong with two boys jerking off together. When Aaron answered that he didn't think so, Lucas then went on to ask if it was wrong if it was three boys. Again Aaron said he didn't think there was anything wrong with it.

Liam quickly pointed out that by Aaron's reasoning, there was no reason the three of them couldn't jerk off together. Aaron tried to find a reason to counter what Liam had pointed out, but realised that he was just being stupid. Lucas and Liam weren't suggesting they do anything other than jerk off, so where was the harm in it; not that he hadn't imagined doing more with them. He told the twins that they were right, there was no reason the three of them couldn't jerk off in front of each other but pointed out that that didn't mean they all had to jerk off at the same time. The twins just broke out in huge grins.

Later that night, Aaron asked Lucas what was wrong, when he had noticed how quiet he had been. Lucas told him that he was worried about having another wet dream. Aaron told him that that was normal but reminded him that there was something they could do to try and lessen the chances of him having one. Lucas asked him if he would mind if he showed them how he did it. Aaron suggested that the three of them do it together with the light on so they could all see what was happening. Liam and Lucas liked that idea. Liam got up to put the light on losing his briefs on his way to the light switch. Aaron and Lucas lost theirs at the same time.

The thought of seeing Liam and Lucas with erections and wanking off with him was already making Aaron's cock start to grow. When Liam went to sit back on the bed next to Aaron he realised they weren't going to have any room. He suggested that as there was plenty of room on the floor it would make more sense to do it down there. When they got down on the floor, Aaron arranged them so Lucas and Liam were facing him either side of his legs. The three of them took hold of their cocks and slowly started to stroke them. Aaron showed them how he preferred stroking his cock and the twins found that it felt better doing it that way.

As they were stroking, the feeling of the twins' legs against his was making Aaron feel great. Lucas was the first one to shoot his load; he wasn't too quiet about it either. Liam shot his load next a bit quieter than his brother. Aaron noticed that when the twins shot their loads there wasn't much there and it didn't shoot very far either. It didn't take Aaron long before he was shooting his load over his stomach. Liam noticed it almost reached up to his neck. Aaron reached under his bed and got his cum towel to clean up. After he'd wiped himself down he passed it to Liam who then passed it to Lucas.

When Liam was cleaning himself up, Aaron got up and was just about to put his briefs back on when Lucas asked him if they could sleep without them. He explained that it had felt good the night before when he had, but he didn't want to be the only one doing it. Aaron couldn't see there being much wrong with it being as he would normally sleep without them himself when he was on his own. So rather than putting his briefs back on, Aaron went to put another film on.

When they got back on the bed to cwtch up, the boys got under the covers. For Aaron, it felt really good having Lucas and Liam naked against his skin and the twins enjoyed being naked with Aaron too. They all fell asleep before the film had finished. A flicker of the screen woke Liam up in the middle of the night, he got up switched the telly off and got back into bed cwtching back up to Aaron before he drifted back off to sleep.

When Liam woke up again it was morning, he was lying on his side and could feel Aaron's arm on his stomach and his body tight against his back. He was surprised to feel Aaron's hard cock between his legs. The feeling of Aaron's cock was making his own hard. He knew Aaron was still asleep by the rhythm of his breathing. He slowly moved Aaron's hand from his stomach down to his cock. As soon as Aaron's hand came into contact with Liam's cock it automatically took hold of it. Liam started to move his hips resulting in two things. The first meant that Liam was fucking Aaron's hand but the second meant Aaron was fucking Liam's legs. Liam enjoyed the feeling of Aaron's cock between his legs and would squeeze his thighs when he moved his hips. Liam moved his hips faster enjoying the feelings it was evoking.

It took Aaron a few seconds to work out what was happening as he started to wake up but before he had chance to do anything about it he was shooting his load. The warm wet slippery effect of Aaron's cum on his legs brought Liam to climax pretty quickly. As he was coming down from the high he heard Aaron asking him what he had done.

Lucas had been watching the whole thing and had been pumping his own cock and was climaxing a few seconds after his brother.

Liam turned around to face Aaron before answering him. He started to feel nervous about what had happened and tears started to form. As he was explaining what had happened, a few of the tears escaped and rolled down his cheeks.

Rather than feeling angry with Liam, Aaron realised how much he loved him and his brother. He also realised that without meaning to, Liam had brought about the one subject they had avoided the day before, masturbating each other. Aaron suggested they get cleaned up and dressed before the talked a bit more about what had happened.

Liam got up and got the towel they had used the night before to clean themselves up with, using it to wipe up the cum that was dribbling down his legs before passing it to Aaron. While he was up he started looking around for everyone's undies passing them to the person as he found them.

When they were all cleaned up and dressed they sat down on the bed facing each other before Aaron started. He told Liam that firstly he wasn't angry with him for what had happened. Then he went on to explain that there wasn't anything to be ashamed of either. They all knew each other fancied boys so it was obvious they'd want to be touched, and to touch other boys.

Liam brightened up a bit at hearing that and asked if it was normal to want to feel a cock in his arse, explaining that that was what he was imagining when he could feel Aaron's cock between his legs.

Aaron apologised to both boys for not talking about gay sex properly at Christmas when they told him they fancied boys as well. He told them that they'd talk later in the park just like they had the day before but he admitted that it was something some gay men wanted. He suggested they go down and have their breakfast before they headed off to the pool.

Lucas and Liam were like two cats on a hot tin roof all day. When they got to the park, they didn't wait for long before they started badgering Aaron to tell them about gay sex. They had walked to the same secluded area they had been in the day before, before Aaron would talk about it. He explained about oral and anal sex and about all the fun you could have with foreplay. When Lucas asked him how he knew so much, he told them that his brother, who is straight, had done some research about it for him when he told him he was gay.

Aaron went on to say that he thought for the time being, it was best if they only use their hands to bring each other to climax. He didn't want to find they were rushing into doing things they weren't ready for. Lucas and Liam were happy letting him decide how far things went between the three of them.

So that night before they went to sleep they got on the floor and jerked off before getting into bed naked and cwtching up to each other.

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