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Alex's Guardian Angel

by Anthony Lane

Chapter 35


This story contains scenes of love and a sexual nature involving males with other males. If the reading or possessing of such material as this is illegal in your country, state, province, county, municipality, etc., please leave this site immediately and do not proceed further. If you are under the legal age to read this, please do not do so.

It is not my intention to offend anyone or to get you in trouble.

The author retains all rights to this original story. Please do not publish without my explicit authorisation.


Most of the places mentioned, and none of the characters exist in real life. Whilst there are references to celebrities in places, no inference should be taken as to their sexual orientation in real life. This story is completely fictional.

This is my first attempt at writing fiction. I was inspired to pick up the pen after reading several stories by David Lee which can be found in the prolific authors section on Nifty.

I would like to send out thanks to both David and Tom who have both helped to edit the errors out. If you would like to send me an email about this story please put Alex's guardian angel in the main title. Thanks for reading.

The next big event to take place that summer was Aaron's fifteenth birthday on the twenty seventh of August. June took the three boys to Oakwood Theme Park for the day. They had a great time going around the different rides.

When they got home, the twins gave him their present. They took a shower while he made a start on the new book they'd got for him. When they were finished he went for his. As he came back into the bedroom he noticed Liam and Lucas were still naked. They got up and placed him on his bed so he was on his back. Before he knew too much about what they were doing, they had tied his hands to the headboard.

Aaron asked them what they thought they were doing, but their only response was to tell him to lie back and enjoy. They moved down to the bottom of the bed and got down by his feet. They started to tickle his feet, knowing they had free reign with Aaron's hands tied up. After about five minutes of torturing him with their fingers, Lucas surprised him when he started to suck on his big toe. Seconds later Liam was doing the same to the other foot. This had a major effect on Aaron's cock, within seconds it was as hard as a rock and throbbing.

Seeing the effect they had had, Lucas and Liam stopped sucking on his toes and moved up the bed. They both started to nibble on an ear, which only served to make Aaron's cock throb even more. Aaron had imagined what it would be like to go further with both brothers but this went beyond his imagination.

As they moved from his ears, Lucas or Liam, he couldn't work out which, asked if he wanted to have his hands free. When he said he did, he was told they would only untie them if he promised not to move them. He promised, knowing that whatever the twins had in mind, it looked like he was definitely going to enjoy it. With his hands free he placed them under his head and just let the twins do what they wanted.

It tickled when their tongues flicked around in his armpits before they moved down to suck on his nipples. Lucas and Liam worked in total unison. No words were used and it made Aaron wonder how they managed to do it. As they moved down towards his cock, it started to twitch in anticipation of what was going to happen next.

Liam and Lucas both moved with purpose down Aaron's body but instead of going straight for his cock, they left it alone and headed for his balls, sucking and flicking their tongues around one each. When Aaron thought he was going to lose his load, the twins surprised him with more.

They moved from his balls and started to run their tongues up each side of his cock. Watching it was driving Aaron wild, let alone the feelings the tongues were causing. As their tongues reached the head of his cock they continued until they were touching. They flicked their tongues together before kissing. This had been one fantasy Aaron had dreamt about the most, seeing the brothers kissing each other. He couldn't explain it, nor had he expected it.

As the twins were kissing, Aaron felt two hands take hold of his cock and start stroking it. A minute later the Lucas and Liam broke their kiss and both heads moved towards his cock. Seconds later he felt his cock being enveloped by a warm wet mouth. A tongue was flicked around it while it was in the mouth before the other brother swapped places.

For the first time since they had asked if he wanted his hands untied, Aaron spoke up and asked if they wanted to know when he was about to shoot his load. One of them nodded. The twins moved their mouths down each side of his cock before working their way back up to the tip and kissing for a few minutes again. While they were kissing they continued to stroke Aaron's cock before putting it back in their mouths.

They moved down to suck on his balls just when Aaron told them he was about to shoot. They continued to stroke his cock as he was shooting. It was the most amazing orgasm Aaron had ever experienced. When he finished shooting the twins moved their hands off his cock and started to swirl the cum around his chest with their fingers.

It took Aaron a while to come down from the high he had reached; he used his hands to pull the twins in close. He kissed each one using his tongue and thanked them for the best birthday he had ever had. He was about to say it was his turn to bring them to climax, when they told him he would get his chance another day. They moved a little and started to jerk each other off and within a few seconds they both shot their loads over Aaron. A few kisses later Liam got up to get the cum towel to clean Aaron up before they went to sleep.

While Liam was cleaning him up, Aaron asked the twins what had prompted them to do that for his birthday, considering they hadn't discussed going down that road. Lucas told him that they might not have discussed it, but both he and Liam knew he wanted to go down that road, as he'd put it, and they wanted to make his birthday pretty special. With Aaron all cleaned up, they cwtched down and went to sleep.

The next day was full of different emotions for Aaron, Danny turned up with the news that he was home for a couple of weeks before being deployed to Afghanistan. The news of the deployment scared Aaron; he still remembered seeing the bodies of two soldiers being repatriated on the telly a few days earlier.

That night the three boys didn't feel the need to jerk off. The twins were worried for Aaron, they knew how much his brother meant to him. They cwtched up to him to show they were there for him.

Over the next few days Aaron, Danny and the twins spent most of their time together. They went to the pool where they showed off to Danny. The twins enjoyed seeing Danny in the shower but knew it wouldn't go any further.

On the last day of the summer holidays, Danny went into Aaron's room early to suggest they all do something, only to find the twins cwtched up to him in the bed; he couldn't help but notice one of the twins were naked because the duvet had slid of him. He went back out closing the door quietly behind him. Danny didn't mention what he'd seen when the boys got up; he didn't want to upset anyone on their last day of freedom. The four of them spent the day together and had a good time. The twins were not happy when Myfanwy turned up to take them home but knew they needed to go.

After they'd had tea Danny and Aaron went to Aaron's room to watch a few films. After a while, Danny asked Aaron about seeing the twins' sleeping naked in bed with him. Aaron told him that from the first weekend he stayed at the twins' house, they had cwtched up to him while they were watching films. Then he explained how the Lucas and Liam shared a bed and the reason for it, before telling him about what had happened at Christmas and how they'd slept together every night since, when they were together, pointing out that slept together meant just that. He then told his brother about how things had changed the first week of the summer holidays when Lucas had a wet dream and then went on to tell him about what the twins did for him and to him on his birthday.

Danny told his brother how he was glad he'd found two really good friends. He told him that he would need to be careful not to ruin the friendship with sex. Then it occurred to Danny that the twins and Aaron were different ages; he asked and was told that Aaron was a year and three weeks older than Lucas and Liam. Upon hearing this, he went on to ask Aaron if he knew about the age of consent. When Aaron looked at him confused, he knew he needed to explain what it meant, to protect his brother.

Danny went on to explain that according to the law, you couldn't have sex with just anyone you wanted. He said that, Aaron having sex with the twins was perfectly normal, and there was nothing wrong with them continuing to do so. But when Aaron turned sixteen, things would have to change. He explained that it's illegal to have sex with anyone under sixteen unless you are as well.

Aaron didn't know how to answer that. He thought it was cruel that just after he had discovered how wonderful sex with Lucas and Liam could be, he would be forced to stop. Danny could see the disappointment washing over his brother's face and pointed out that fifty five weeks wasn't that long in the grand scheme of things.

Aaron could see the disappointment in the faces of the twins the next day when he explained what his brother had told him. They suggested they ignore it as no one other than Danny knew anything about it, but Aaron told them he'd promised Danny that for the fifty five weeks between his sixteenth birthday and theirs he'd only cwtch and kiss them.

When Lucas and Liam went home they told Myfanwy they had some research to do on the computer after dinner. When their parents were in the living room watching telly, the boys started searching for anything they could find on age of consent. They found one site that explained everything they wanted to know. It told them that Aaron could find himself in prison for up to two years, even if he was to masturbate with them after he turned sixteen. The thought of sending Aaron to prison scared them. They had moved passed thinking of Aaron as a friend. Apart from each other, Aaron was the most important person in their lives. Yes their parents were important, whose weren't, but they realised even then, that they could happily live the rest of their lives with Aaron as their lover.

When they were training at the pool the next day, Liam told Aaron what they'd found out online the night before. Aaron was as surprised as the twins had been, and it served to cement the promise he'd made to Danny. With the forced fifty five weeks clear in his mind, he started to plan what he was going to do to Lucas and Liam for their fourteenth birthday in two weeks.

Danny wasn't surprised when Aaron told him what Lucas and Liam had found out about the age of consent. He explained how one of the boys in his unit had fallen foul of it. They had all been to a club one night and this guy took a liking to a girl and took her to a hotel. The next day when she started to ask him when they were going to see each other again he told her that it was a onetime thing. What he hadn't realised at the time was that she'd got hold of his mobile number when he was in the bathroom. A few days later the police arrived on the base to arrest him. They interviewed him before charging him with statutory rape. He couldn't understand what they were talking about, until they told him the girl he'd had sex with over the weekend was fifteen. During the court case he tried to explain that he'd picked her up from an over twenty ones night in the local nightclub. The judge didn't take it into account when he sentenced him to three years in prison.

Danny explained that he hadn't told Aaron that story to scare him, just to make him aware that the courts didn't take any excuse into account where underage sex was involved.

Aaron went to bed miserable that night but determined to use the time before his sixteenth birthday count enough to get him through the fifty five weeks he'd have to be celibate around the twins.

Over the next two weeks before the twins' birthday the three boys trained hard, and during the weekends they had plenty of fun, but Aaron refused to do anything more than kissing and masturbating. They still cwtched up naked when they went to sleep though.

The twins' birthday fell on a Wednesday so the real party had to wait until the following weekend. Lucas and Liam were glad that Danny was still around to join in. He volunteered to drive, and took the three boys to Alton Towers . All four had fun going on the rides with no parents around to slow them down or tell them not to go on this ride or that one.

The boys thanked Danny for taking them out for the day as they left the car. Before heading up to the bedroom, Myfanwy gave them some birthday cake. After eating that and drinking some coke, Aaron took a shower before sending Lucas and Liam for one.

When the twins came back to their room, Aaron sat them down on their bed and told them he was going to give them a present just like the one they had given him, but because there was only one of him and two of them he would have to give one their present before the other. He then said that to surprise the one who went second, he would have to wear a blindfold. Lucas said he'd go second and waited while Aaron placed the blindfold on. Just to give him plenty of room, Aaron had Lucas stand by the door.

With room to move about, he placed Liam on his back and asked him to keep as quiet as possible before he started to kiss, nibble and suck him. He started at his toes and worked his way up his legs, purposely avoiding the now stiff cock as he moved up to Liam's mouth and ears. He found it funny how, even though Lucas couldn't see anything and there was hardly any noise, he was as hard as he could remember seeing him. After nibbling on Liam's ears and having a good wrestling match with tongues, he moved back down Liam's body attacking his nipples as he passed. When he reached Liam's waist, he moved so he was sat between his legs. He lifted each leg asking Liam to hold it there using as few words as possible that would allow Lucas to know what was happening. With Liam's legs up he had access to his arse. He moved his face down and just when Liam thought Aaron was going for his balls, he went lower and started to rim him. Liam jerked when he felt Aaron's tongue touch his ring but soon relaxed and found having Aaron doing that with his tongue was an amazing feeling.

Aaron continued to rim Liam for a while before he started pressing his finger against the muscle along with his tongue. As the muscle relaxed, he found his finger slipping in easily. Liam let out a gasp when he felt Aaron's finger slipping in. With his finger in, he moved his head away and indicated to Liam he could let his legs go. When Liam's legs were back on the bed, Aaron had clear access to his cock. Still keeping his finger in Liam's ring, he lowered his mouth over his cock. As he started to move his mouth up and down Liam's shaft, he pulled his finger out and pushed it back in. Between his mouth and finger, Liam didn't last much longer before he shot his load into Aaron's mouth. Aaron swallowed every drop Liam produced before he pulled his finger out for the last time. He kissed Liam deeply with plenty of tongue giving Liam a few minutes to come back down before he got him to swap places with his brother.

Aaron told Liam that as he knew what was going to happen to his brother, he could choose whether he wore the blindfold or not. Liam chose to wear it, explaining that it was only fair as Lucas hadn't seen anything. Aaron placed the blindfold on him while Lucas got onto the bed full of anticipation.

When Aaron got on the bed with Lucas, he repeated what he had done with Liam. Just like Liam, Lucas let out a gasp when Aaron's finger slipped into his ring. Aaron swallowed all of Lucas' cum just like he had with Liam, before he went up and kissed him deeply before telling Liam they were done and he could get back on the bed.

Aaron wouldn't let the twins do any more than cwtch up to him while he sorted his own erection out. It took no more than a dozen strokes before he shot his load over his stomach. Liam and Lucas were curious about what Aaron's cum tasted like after they'd tasted their own on his tongue when he'd kissed them earlier, so they both moved down and started to lick it up. When they'd licked up the last drop off the tip of Aaron's cock, they both kissed him before Liam got up and put the film Harry and Max on, it was one of the presents their mother had bought them for their birthday.

They hadn't watched much of the film before they started to wonder what Myfanwy had been thinking in buying it for them. When the film finished, the boys talked about the conversation they were going to have to have with Myfanwy. Aaron thought it was something the twins should have without him being around to confuse matters, Liam and Lucas thought otherwise. Aaron believed the reason Myfanwy had bought the film must be because she suspected there was something sexual going on between the twins.

Lucas suggested that as their mother had bought that particular movie, maybe it was time they talked to her about everything. Liam came out with the idea that they just explain that they've been sexual with Aaron and not bring up the times they'd fooled around with each other.

Aaron didn't want to suggest which way the boys went but quickly realised that either way, he was going to be brought into the conversation whether he was there or not. He also began to realise that if Myfanwy was going to know he was gay, then it was time he told his parents. Danny knew about him and the twins, and it was likely that without anyone saying, Myfanwy at least suspected and seemed to be ok with it. So if his parents went ballistic, he knew there were people out there that would support him.

They talked a bit more about how best to tackle the situation and decided on a plan of attack. The next day all three sat down with Myfanwy while the twins' father was out. Liam and Lucas started the conversation explaining how they were attracted to boys rather than girls and in particular, Aaron. They told Myfanwy that they were happy being a threesome but if things changed they would look at their relationship and decide whether it was worth saving or going their separate ways.

Myfanwy let the twins say what they wanted, before telling all three that she had known there was more than just friendship between them. When she saw confused looks on all three faces she explained that she was their mother and knew them better than anyone. She said that she had suspected not long after Christmas, when it appeared that the bed in the guest room didn't appear to have been slept in. She told the twins that she would always love them no matter what happened before turning to Aaron and said she thought of him as another son, and if things went a certain way, may even one day be a son-in-law, which was fine with her.

Lucas and Liam had decided not to bring up how they'd been intimate with each other, but asked their mother what she thought their father would say. Myfanwy said that maybe it wasn't the right time to tell their father and suggested they leave it to her to work on with him. She then asked Aaron if he had any plans to tell his parents about what was going on. He said he was going to let his parents know about him being gay, but thought they wouldn't understand the strange relationship he had with Lucas and Liam although he did think his mother may work it out herself.

Just after Aaron got home that night to get ready for school the next day, he sat down with both his parents and told them he was gay. Both June and his father were understanding of his feelings and were accepting of what he told them. He didn't mention his relationship with the twins until June brought it up. Having discussed with Liam, Lucas and Myfanwy about the best way to explain it, he told his mother and father how he, Lucas and Liam considered themselves to be in a relationship that, whilst different to their parents', meant every bit as much to them. Aaron's father couldn't get his head around how the relationship could work but said he'd be there for his son no matter what happened. June had seen more of the boys together and understood completely and was happy for her son.

During the next week, June and Myfanwy got together a few times to talk about how they should deal with the relationship their sons were in. Both agreed that it was pointless to try and stop it, especially as they had noticed how all three seemed to bring out the best in each other. They discussed whether, now they knew they were in a relationship if it meant they needed to set rules about any sex that may take place. June was a little nervous about the subject but Myfanwy pointed out that the boys had already developed a sexual relationship so all they could do was help make sure they were safe.

That school year, the boys followed the routine that had developed the previous year; they went to class, trained hard at the pool and spent all of their time on weekends or holidays together. The three boys had plenty of sex together, with the twins finding they loved the taste of Aaron's cum. Lucas and Liam were able to have oral sex with each other during the week while Aaron had to make do with jerking himself off, but he made up for it when he had the twins around. During the week following their talks with their parents, the three boys discussed how far down the sex road they should go. Liam and Lucas wanted to experience it all, but Aaron suggested that until they were at least sixteen they shouldn't go any further than they had; he said that by waiting before going further, they would be certain it was what they wanted to do, rather than just being curious about it.

The summer was quickly upon them and before they knew it so was Aaron's birthday. Lucas and Liam had already planned to give him their special birthday present the day before so they knew all three of them were safe in the eyes of the law. They showered before him, giving them time when he was in the shower to get the room ready for him. They put candles all around the room making it more romantic. This time they didn't tie Aaron to the headboard. They kissed, nibbled and sucked on every part of him just like the year before, except his cock. They left his cock all alone and got him to roll over and get on all fours. With his arse up in the air, it allowed both Lucas and Liam better access to his ring.

Both attacked his anus muscle with their tongues, attempting to push them in as deep as possible before both took one finger and started to gently press on the muscle until they slipped in. With their uncanny knack of doing things without talking, they moved their fingers in and out in unison. Aaron warned them that if they kept on, they were going to make him shoot all over the duvet, despite no one touching his cock. They stopped, rolled him onto his back before both took turns in trying to swallow as much of his cock as they could, while still using their fingers on his ring. When he shot his load into Liam's mouth, Liam kept sucking until he got every drop. With Aaron's cock wilting, Liam moved and started to kiss his brother passing some of the cum to him before swallowing the rest.

After giving Aaron a chance to recover, the twins told him that they were going to have their birthday present now as he would be off limits when their birthday came around. He asked them what they wanted him to do. Both wanted to shoot their load down his throat while he fingered them as they were sucking on his cock.

All three boys were down the next day and June couldn't work out why. None of the boys had felt comfortable explaining what was wrong. Danny provided the answer for his mother when he phoned later in the day to wish his brother happy birthday.

The three boys talked a bit that afternoon about what it was going to be like for the next fifty five weeks without being able to have sex together. Aaron pointed out that for the twins it wasn't an issue as they were still able to play around together. Lucas told him that he was wrong. When he looked confused, Liam went on to explain that they'd talked and realised that having sex with each other, while fun and enjoyable was also being selfish and unfair to him. He told Aaron that from that day on, they would only have sex when all three of them could join in.

Aaron told them they were being silly and that they didn't have to endure a year without sex when they didn't have to, but they insisted that it was their final decision and he was not going to talk them out of it. He kissed both of them and thanked them.

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