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Time Enough For Love

by AZ Story Guy

Chapter 5


Curtis woke from the soundest sleep he could ever recall. No obnoxious, fat Trapper using him. No hard cot with paper thin, threadbare covers and no drafty, dirt floored hovel. He had slept like a bug, snuggled in clean, fresh linens. At first light he slowly opened his eyes to a vision that made him shake his head and wipe the sleepy bugs out of his eyes.

An unruly shock of brown hair poked through the top of some covers at the end of his bed. Creeping down to look, Curtis saw a sight that made his heart race. It was Levi. Completely wrapped in a blanket, the boy was dead asleep. His rhythmic breathing made a soft sound in the otherwise quiet room.

Curtis gazed at the boy's face and thought to himself that Levi looked like a resting angel.

"Was he watching over me?" he wondered.

His cock stirred at the image of the sleeping boy. He didn't understand the feelings coursing through his young body. Levi talked so freely about two boys being together... and loving each other. Curtis didn't know what love was. However, if the feelings he was beginning to feel for Levi were any indication of that elusive emotion, then "love" was something Curtis wanted more and more.

"He talks about caring for me... Giving me a place to live..... Why me?" he wondered.

His cock stiffened more and more. That made Curtis start to have doubts.

"If he sees my cock [Curtis had learned this word the night before during his first lesson in cursing] then he will think I am what Trapper said I was.... a circus freak!" he thought to himself, "But.... maybe not? He must have some clue because he has seen me... and felt me before when I am hard.... But it does not seem to bother him....!"

Years of denigration and abuse by Trapper had left Curtis with no self worth or esteem. Living in an isolated existence with no peers kept the boy completely clueless about the rite of passage from a juvenile to young adulthood.

Suddenly Curtis noticed he was naked. He knew that the night before he had gone to bed wearing his old and frayed underwear. Looking around the room, he noticed his clothes freshly washed and neatly folded on a table.

"How.....?" he wondered as he got out of bed.

The sight of Levi curled up at the foot of his bed made the boy smile. He wanted to touch... to kiss???? Levi so badly. Instead he gathered his clothes and headed towards the bathroom. As soon as he entered the hallway he almost ran into Hok'ee.

"Good morning!" the man said. "I hope you slept well. I took the liberty of washing your clothes for you and have drawn a nice warm bath for you!"

Curtis stared at the tall and imposing figure.

"Uh..... Thanks... And Thanks again for last night!" he replied, "Uh.... You did.... did.... not hurt those guys did you?"

The man smiled at the tall, lanky boy. Hok'ee felt his massive cock stir at the natural beauty of Curtis...

"No!' he smiled, "I merely taught them some respect and humility!"

Entering the bathroom, Hok'ee instructed Curtis to sit in the bath tub while he added the warm water.

"Let me know when it is warm enough!' he said.

Curtis relaxed at the experience of his first hot indoor bath. As he soaked in the tub, his cock began to reinflate. Frantically he tried to cover it from Hok'ee's vision.

"Do not be afraid or ashamed!" Hok'ee intoned, "You should be proud of what birth has given you!"

Curtis stared at the man. He could see Hok'ee's pants tenting outward.

"R...R.Really?" he stuttered, "Trapper always said I was.... something that belonged in a circus freak show!"

"Nothing could be further from the truth. He spoke out of jealousy. You have been gifted with something most men crave!" Hok'ee told the boy, "And the one who craves you the most will be more than satisfied with what you have to offer!"

"You... You.... mean... Levi?" he asked.

"The spirits are strong in both of you and are only waiting to be joined. When that happens you both will become one for life!" Hok'ee said with a smile.

"For.... For. life?" the boy said softly, "That's a long... time!"

"Yes but it will bear great promise and reward for the both of you. The boy loves you with all his heart, and you will soon come to that same junction!" Hok'ee explained.

"So... We.... I going with him.... back.... to...!" Curtis stammered.

"The spirits sent the boy here to rescue you from a certain death and give you a new chance at life. The boy Levi has all any boy in his time could want: money, possessions, freedom.... but he craves the one thing he can not find. The one thing that will give his life meaning!" Hok'ee explained.

Curtis looked puzzled.

"He wants to fall in love. He needs someone to care for. Someone he can rely on to be there with him. Someone to spend his life with. Someone to end the long walk through loneliness!" Hok'ee continued.

"That... uh..... someone....!" Curtis stumbled.

"That someone is... you!" the man smiled.

Curtis' eyes watered as he came close to crying.

"Me..... Me!.. ME!!!!" he exclaimed.

"You must be warned!" Hok'ee cautioned, "The next two days will be the most challenging, the most dangerous you have ever or will ever experience. You must trust the boy Levi and stay with him. If you do, you will be rewarded with the gift of lasting, eternal love!"

A little light went on in Curtis' brain.

"No more 'Trapper!' No more of his abuse and torment! No more living in filth! A chance at a real life!" the boy thought, "A life with a boy who really cares about and loves me!"

Hok'ee gazed at the lithe young boy in the tub. The man wanted so much to take this boy and show him, as he had done with Levi, the way to manhood. Yet deep inside he knew that other than being abused by Trapper, the young, virile youth had never been with, or experienced, anyone capable of showing him affection and pleasure. Hok'ee refrained; it should be Levi who had the honor of being Curtis' true "first."

When you are through with your bath, breakfast will be ready for you. I will inform Mrs. Holloway that you will be joining her soon!" Hok'ee said.

"What about Levi?" Curtis asked.

"He is... still sleeping.... He had a restless night until he moved to your room!" the man smiled.

"Why....!" Curtis started to ask.

"Because of his feelings for you... His love for you... He wanted to be near you... To guard you... To protect you!" Hok'ee smiled.

Curtis relaxed in the warm water.

"Thanks!" he said, "I will be done soon!"

"Very well!" Hok'ee replied.

After the man left the room, Curtis looked at his rigid, throbbing cock.

"He... Levi... could.... actually.... like me and.... I am.... not.... a freak?" the boy wondered.

All Curtis could think of was..... Levi.

The only way he could get his nail-hard cock to relax was to do what he did so often. Leaning forward, he easily slid several inches of his fuck stick down his throat. Curtis slowly worked his tongue around the head of his cock.

"Levi said.... it..... was..... called.not....'goo'..but.... 'precum?'" the boy mused, "Then.... 'cum?'. Not.... 'cream!'" Curtis thought.

The boy laughed to himself while working on his fat cock. Levi had laughed so hard as they worked on Curtis' first lesson in "cursing." Of course Curtis wanted to know every word and phrase that Levi knew, and he had to practice saying them just right. Levi would smile and giggle when they came out with the wrong inflection or combination of words. He would praise Curtis when the words came out right.

Curtis recalled how Levi's hair would whip back and forth as he shook his head with laughter. The smile. Those green eyes and kissable lips....

Curtis felt the cream....

"NO! The 'cum....!'" he corrected himself with a smile.

...start to rise from his huge balls (another word he had learned the night before).

With an intensity he had yet to experience, wave after wave of jism ejected from Curtis' cock. The boy gulped and swallowed as fast as he could Even though he had done this same act many times before, for some reason this time it seemed like the most intense and voluminous orgasm of his sixteen year old life.

After finishing up and dressing, Curtis strolled into the kitchen where Mrs. Holloway was busily preparing breakfast. The aromas of bacon, eggs, pancakes and biscuits made Curtis' stomach growl in anticipation.

"Good morning Curtis Jay Jones!" Mrs. Holloway beamed.

Curtis noticed the same stylized greeting she had used with Levi.

Of course the boy was invited to partake of her ample morning spread of food.

After assuring Mrs. Holloway that he had experienced the soundest sleep of his life, and "poo- pooing" any nonsense about paying for either the room or breakfast, Mrs. Holloway turned the discussion to Levi.

"He. is... quite different... from anyone I.... have ever met!" the boy said softly, "But... I... really like... him... a.... lot!"

"Yes... When I first met him and the wild story he told about.... where he was from... I had my doubts.... But... he seems to know too much and he has those.... 'things!'.. those.... inventions!" she struggled for the right words, "that... could only come from some other.... time!"

"He took a photograph of me and it is in full color! He showed it to me on that little... he called it a... 'smart phone!'" Curtis interjected.

The two; one adult and one adolescent, talked at length about the mysterious boy who was still sleeping upstairs.

"Are..... You.... planning on returning with him.... to his.... time?" the lady asked.

Curtis looked Mrs. Holloway straight in the eyes and said, "Yes!"

"Well!" she laughed, "That answer certainly came quickly!"

"He told me he does not know if he can go back. But then he said... something like... so... Please come with me... If it does not work, then all I will have wasted is time trying.... And if it does work!" the boy said softly, "Then... I might have a chance at a life I could never imagine. What do I have here? I am leaving.... I have LEFT Trapper and I am not going back.... But where do I go from there?"

The woman knew Curtis was right. She could offer him temporary shelter at The Holloway House, but sooner or later the boy would have to venture out on his own.

"There is more you are not telling me!" the lady said, "Am I right?"

Curtis looked at her with a puzzled face.

"You... and... Levi.... are.. or could be.... much more than just 'friends!'" she ventured.

Curtis looked terrified.

"Lordy! Lordy!" the woman laughed, "You think I do not see how you two act together? You two are.... in love.... !"

Curtis smiled and bowed his head.

"Y...Y...Yesss!" he said softly, "He is the only person who has ever been kind or stood up for me.... And.... I do not know much about love but I do know how he makes me feel!"

"Then you two should be together!" she told the boy.

"Is it wrong?" Curtis asked, "I mean... for two....!"

He stumbled with the words.

"For two boys.... Two persons of the same.... gender... to love each other?" she finished his thought.

Curtis nodded.

"Oh No!!" she replied, "You certainly do not choose who you fall in love with. It just happens... And from what Levi has told me, I think you two would do much better in HIS time than in THIS time!"

"That.... is why... I am going to go with him.... He wants... to.... He wants to care for me so much and give me so many things. I do not understand why... but it feels good to have someone care about me... Someone to love me....!" the boy said with a sniffle.

Curtis was almost about to cry again. He noticed that Levi was the only thought that ever brought him close to crying, and the tears were not tears of sorrow but rather tears of joy.

Upstairs, Levi awoke with a start. Looking around, he saw that Curtis was missing. Panic overcame him as he darted buck naked out into the hallway.

"FUCK! FUCK!! FUCK!!!" he cursed himself softly, "How could I let him get away?"

Levi was so excited he did not look where he was going and ran right into Hok'ee.

"He's gone! He's gone!" Levi cried, "I failed and he......!"

Hok'ee held his hand up to the boy's mouth. Tears were flowing from Levi's fiery brown eyes.

"Your friend is fine. He awoke before you and has already bathed... and unless I am wrong, he is about ready to eat a rather large breakfast....!" the man said with a smile.

"No shit?" Levi beamed, "Oh that's fucking great! I thought I had messed up!"

"You did just fine. You watched over your young friend... And I watched over the both of you!" Hok'ee replied, "You have less than two days before you have a chance to go back to your world!"

Levi smiled at the kindness of the tall, ripped Navajo stud.

"Your clothes have been washed, and I have prepared a warm bath for you. I will let Mrs. Holloway and Curtis know you will be joining them soon!" the man said.

"Gee Thanks, Hok'ee!" Levi said as he raced towards the bathroom, "And.... Thanks for last night... I hope those guys didn't hurt you or anything!"

Hok'ee smiled at the boy.

"I had to teach them some respect. They didn't handle 'it' anywhere near like you did!" the man said.

"You mean you fuc.......!" Levi halted, "Holy shit!"

"They will feel sore for a while but they will never disrespect you or anyone else again!" the man said.

"AWESOME!" Levi said as he shook his head, "And by the way.... I thought.... you and I.... it was pretty damned sweet! If I wasn't in love with Curtis.....!"

"No! You and the boy are destined for each other. What you and I did was special, Little Ahiga, but your place IS with the him!"

Levi skipped with joy into the bathroom. He wanted Curtis so badly it hurt, but he was going to follow Hok'ee's advice and let Curtis self-realize and come to him.

"It will be SO worth it!" the boy said to himself.

Levi heard voices as he entered the kitchen.

" feels good to have someone care about me... Someone to love me....!" Levi heard the words coming from Curtis' mouth.

Silently standing there, he replied, "I DO love you Curtis! So much in so many ways... I know we have only known each other for a couple of days but it all goes back to my time when I saw that class picture of you... Somehow I connected with you... a picture of you... from 102 years ago... Or 102 years into the future!" Levi said softly.

Mrs. Holloway smiled at the two boys.

"Oh shit!!!!:" Levi gasped, "I'm sorry, Ma'am... If you don't want us here we can leave!" Levi gasped as he realized he had just outed himself to the woman.

Before she could answer, Curtis spoke up, "It is okay! She already knows all about us!"

"Really?" Levi said, "How......!"

"Why it is written all over your faces!" she laughed, "And... besides... A woman always knows things like that....!"

She continued, "My husband, God rest his soul, never told me about my little Hok'ee!"

Levi laughed at the reference.

"There's damned sure NOTHING little about HIM!" he thought.

"But I know all about why his tribe expelled and them sold him off like a sack of oats! He is just like you boys!" she revealed.

Levi's head spun around almost in in a full circle.

"You know... that Hok'ee...!" he said in a thin voice.

"I have know for years and I love him no matter!" she replied.

"Does he know you know?" Levi asked.

"I do not think so.... but it matters not to me. I love Hok'ee as the son we were not able to have ourselves!" she replied.

Levi was astounded. He and Curtis were both "out" to Mrs. Holloway and she was fine with it, and she also knew her adopted son was gay too!

"What a fucking small world!" he thought to himself.

The conversation moved on as the three dined and then the boys helped Mrs. Holloway clean up.

"When... is the day for you two to leave?" she asked Levi.

"Tomorrow I think!" Levi replied, "I'm gonna be checking the cloud formations today to see if any buildups are happening... And I thought Curtis and I might check out the caves.... They were boarded up when I got here on Sunday... I had to kick my way out and I don't want anything in the way when we head back tomorrow!"

"I will miss you, Levi Aaron Roberts!" She said with a tear in her eye, "But you must return where you belong! And I know you will take care of Curtis so.... Even though I will miss you too...!"

She looked at her former pupil with sad eyes.

"...I know you will be getting a chance at a life that you could never have here!" she cried.

The three hugged and Levi and Mrs. Holloway cried. Curtis held the tall, lanky boy with the frosted hair as tightly as he could. He cursed himself for the rudeness he had shown when he and Levi first met.

After Mrs. Holloway packed some snacks for the boys, the two headed over to pick up Zephyr. The ride to the mine was just as rough as the day before, but Levi loved every minute his cock ground against Curtis' backside.

Arriving at the water tower, both boys dismounted and giggled. Each was sporting a massive cum stain, evidence of their arousal caused by the ride and being so close to each other.

"I think mine is bigger than yours!" Curtis laughed.

Levi knew the boy was right. Curtis' pants leg was thoroughly soaked. Levi also noticed how far down the boy's thigh the stain was.

"How the fuck!!!" he thought to himself, "How fucking big is this guy?"

Levi tried not to stare but he did anyway.

Curtis looked absolutely stunning in the morning sun. His skin was soft, tanned and smooth. Very little hair was apparent anywhere other than the shock of wind-whipped straw-blonde mop that topped his beautiful head. Everything about the boy was perfectly proportioned. And SO kissable! Levi was dying to lay into the teen with a total mouth sucking deep kiss, but he refrained.

Suddenly he noticed something missing.

"What happened to your hat?" he asked the boy.

"My hat?" Curtis replied.

"Yeah I know you had one on in your school picture!" Levi replied.

"Oh yeah! We wuz coming back from town and it blew off in a bunch of wind... And before Trapper would stop it got runned over by a fucking wagon!" the boy replied.

Levi laughed at Curtis' new found attempt at cursing.

"Did I say it right?" he asked the older teen.

"Perfect!' Levi replied, "And don't worry about the hat... When we get back to Phoenix, I'll buy you a whole fucking store full of hats!"

Both boys broke into more laughter and giggles.

Levi swept the boy close and held him face to face.

"Don't be afraid! I will never leave you or turn my back on you! We've got some scary shit to go through in the next day or so.... But if it all works out.... SHIT! It's gonna be fucking AWESOME!" Levi exclaimed.

The intoxicating scent of each boy, the closeness of their bodies, and the feelings that flowed between them, made each boy delirious with lust and love. Both could feel each others cocks straining to burst free from their jeans. Once again, Levi could feel that Curtis was packing something a whole lot bigger than the five inches he had seen when they were skinny dipping in the water tank.

"We can take Zephyr up to the mine but the path is pretty narrow after that so hiking would be a lot safer," Curtis advised.

Levi took the younger boy's advice. They tied Zephyr up at the mine. Curtis stopped to watch the beehive of activity as men swarmed all over the newly reopened operation.

"I.... I know it is right now... I feel.... like... if I did go into the mine, something... bad.... would... Oh shit! I can just somehow sense it!" the young boy trembled.

Levi held Curtis' hand.

"There's no fucking need for you to ever do anything dangerous like that again. When we get back to Phoenix all I wanna do is.....uhhhhhh!" Levi stumbled for the words.

He wanted to say all he wanted to do was drag Curtis to bed and shake the walls while making love. Yet he knew that might be a bit strong for the boy.

"I still don't really know if he's gay or not!" Levi thought (again!).

Every thing sexual the two boys had done - which wasn't much could easily be written off as horny experimentation on Curtis' behalf.

"...All I wanna do is make a good life for you.and me..... for US!" Levi said softly.

Levi didn't know it but those words made Curtis' heart do flip flops. Just as Hok'ee had predicted, the younger teen was slowly realizing his feelings for Levi.

The two boys hiked to the caves.

The boarded fence remained broken just as Levi had left it.

Relieved, Levi said, "Good! I was afraid I'd have to tear it down again!"

Caution was utilized as they two entered the caves. Both boys were on the sharp lookout for snakes or other critters. There proved to be none.

"It does not look so special to me!" Curtis observed.

Levi knew the boy was right. The cave looked just like any other ordinary cave. There was no luminescence on the walls or ceiling. Just a lot of unremarkable rock.

Walking back further until the outside light started to fade, Levi paused.

"I think this is about where I was when I got here!"

Suddenly he had an idea.

"Brilliant!" he thought.

"Shit! I wish I had a hammer!" he exclaimed.

Curtis reached into his pack and pulled out a small rock hammer.

"You mean like this?" he said as he offered the tool to the older teen.

"You're fucking GREAT!" Levi said with a beaming smiled.

"What is...uh your plan?" Curtis asked.

"I wanna send us a message!" he replied.

Curtis looked confused.

"If I only had a nail or a spike or something to hammer on, I could carve...!" he started to say.

"Wait!!! I will be right back!" Curtis yelped as he bounded out of the cave.

Levi started to fidget while the boy was gone. He was afraid to let Curtis out of his sight for a minute until this whole nightmare was over.

Quickly enough Curtis returned with a short shank of iron rod.

"Where the fuck....!" Levi exclaimed.

"They use it to make starter holes for the ...uh..... 'dyna-mite!'" the boy stumbled on the word.

"COOL!" Levi exclaimed as he started to pound on the rock face. Pieces of rock broke off and scattered all over the floor of the cave.

"Shit!" Levi exclaimed.

Curtis just shook his head and laughed.

"Let me!" he said, taking the tools from the hapless older boy.

"What do you want to write?" he asked Levi.

"Uhhh... Something short and sweet.... Like LAR and a 'plus' sign and...!" he thought.

"CJJ and the numbers 8 and 12!" he finished up.

Curtis looked puzzled.

"Well LAR are my initials and CJJ are yours and the numbers are for August, 1912!" Levi explained.

A light went on in the younger boy's brain and he felt embarrassed that the meaning had escaped him.

At the same instant, Levi exclaimed, "Hey! That's hot!"

Curtis looked confused again.

"I thought it was pretty cool in here!" he replied.

Levi laughed.

"No.... 'CJJ!' C J! It sounds so fucking cool and sexy!" Levi laughed.

"I thought you said it was 'hot!'" Curtis replied.

Levi laughed again. It was actually fun trying to bring Curtis up to speed on the slang he would need to use when they got back to 2014.....

"It kinda means the same thing.... though 'hot' can be sexy or just really neat... and cool can be neat too! Anyways... 'CJ' fits you so neat! Can I call you that?" Levi asked.

Curtis rolled the two letters over in his mouth.

"CJ.... C J.... 'Seee Jayyyyyy!'" he repeated.

Hearing Levi say the letters sent a thrill down his spine. It sounded so.....'hot!'" The younger teen smiled and nodded "yes."

"So when we get back... hopefully this carving will still be here.... and it'll at least prove to us that this whole adventure was for real!" Levi explained.

CJ nodded and finished the work. Levi marveled at how easily the younger boy was able to neatly carve into the solid rock.

"This here rock is purdy stout so... It oughta last for a long time!" CJ explained.

"It just needs to hold up for 102 years!" Levi laughed.

The boys moved back to the cave entrance.

"Look at those!" Levi said, pointing to clouds building up on the northern horizon.

"Looks like rain today or tomorrow!" CJ replied.

"Rain and a trip back home!" Levi exclaimed.

The boys ate lunch and headed back down the hill. Stopping at the mine, CJ told the foreman he had changed his mind about working on the project. The man tried to lure CJ with the promise of $1.75 a day.

CJ didn't even think twice.

"Not interested!" he told the man.

Back at the water tower, the boys decided to take an afternoon swim. The water would provide relief from the late summer day's heat as well as washing out the dried cum stains from the ride up to the site.

When Levi climbed the tower this time, he felt much more confident. Soon enough the boys stripped down and dove into the cool water. Levi checked out CJ's "junk" once again, and it looked just like it had before.

"So fucking tasty!" the older boy thought.

The two boys horsed around much as they had before, but this time there was more intimate body contact.

Finally Levi couldn't take it anymore and he grabbed CJ from behind in a tight embrace.

"I.... I.... promise you..... You won't regret coming back with me!" the boy sniffled, "All my life.... I have... wanted someone... to love.. to care for.. to make my own.... Please..... I.... want you so fucking bad!"

CJ pressed himself into the older boy. He could feel Levi's cock rubbing deep in his ass crack. CJ wondered what it would be like to have this boy "mount" him like Trapper had done so many times. Instinctively, CJ knew it would be much different. MUCH different and MUCH better!

The younger boy moaned softly, "I... I.... kinda... am scared... a bit.. but you make.... it feel better!"

CJ had a raging hard on just like Levi, but the darkness of the water and the shadows in the tank kept Levi from seeing the younger boy's "goods."

Levi realized at this point that it didn't really matter. Soon enough he would get to see, and have, all of the hot young stud pressed against his body.

The boys played some more before flopping out along the ledge inside the tank. Once again CJ noticed the ring around Levi's cock and balls. He wanted to ask about it but didn't know how.

Their clothes were dry so they dressed and climbed out of the tank.

Cloud buildups were larger to the North.

"That's good!" Levi exclaimed.

He knew that Hok'ee was right; tomorrow they had to be back here in time for the big storm.

"So how do we know when to be here?" CJ asked.

"Well certainly by noon!" Levi replied, "It won't be hard to miss the kind of storm we are looking for. But it won't do us any good if we're still back in town!"

The ride back to Gold Strike was uneventful save for two very hard erections and two more loads of cum fired spontaneously into the boy's clean jeans.

Once again the two laughed at the "evidence" as they left Zephyr at the stable.

"Mine's still bigger than yours!" Again CJ cracked over the size of the wet spots.

It looked to Levi like CJ had pissed his pants rather than cum in them. There was just too much spunk for one boy to have. Levi should know. He had seen plenty of boys who could fire waterfalls of jism. Levi also knew that he shot more than 95% of the boys he had been with.

"We'll have to wash them again!" Levi joked.

Then he changed the subject, "What the fuck are you doing with a rock hammer anyway?

"For protection!" CJ explained, "Trapper took both guns and I figgered if I was a-gonna run away I needed something to use if.......!"

Levi realized how desperate CJ must have been, and how much balls it must have taken to even make the choice to leave.

It was late afternoon; Mrs. Holloway wasn't home. The boys were tired from their day so they both curled up on the porch swing and ended up nestled asleep in each others arms. Both Hok'ee and Mrs. Holloway arrived back the house and saw the sight of the two cute boys sound asleep.

"They are made for each other!" Hok'ee told the lady.

She turned to her Native son, and with a tear in her eye, said, "As you were made for Ashkii Dighin!"

Hok'ee straightened up and stared at the woman who has cared for him for over a decade.

"You.... have.... known?" he asked.

"Yes, Hok'ee... And I cry every time I think of you being so.... alone!" she replied.

Hok'ee hugged the woman who had rescued and raised him.

"And you do not care?" he said in a soft voice.

"I only care that you are lonely and you have been hurt. I would do anything to help you end that!" she replied.

"Right now, my only mission is those two!" he replied.

"When... do... they ...leave?" she asked.

"It must be tomorrow or it will take another year. Than can not happen. The older boy belongs back in his time. The younger boy has no future life in this time!" he said.

"Let's let them sleep. I'll get supper ready. They need plenty of rest for the big day!" she said.

Supper came and the two boys told Mrs. Holloway about their day checking out the cave.

"Levi had this awesome idea to carve a message in the wall of the cave!" CJ explained.

"Yeah I kinda wanted to send us a message when we back back... Or is it.... into the future!" he explained.

"So we... Actually CJ did it 'cause I can't carve for sh----! 'LAR plus CJJ 08 dot 12'" Levi explained.

"But who is.... CJ?" she asked.

"Oh Levi thought it up..... It's my initials... He said it sounds so...ho------....Uhhhhh...... 'Cool!'" CJ replied.

Mrs. Holloway could sense how CJ "Curtis" was coming out of his shell. He seemed more confident and alive than ever before. She also noticed the younger teen's vocabulary had picked up some new and questionable words. The woman opted not to make an issue out of this new discovery. CJ "Curtis!" was on his way to becoming a man. Levi's influence was better than any thing else like to be found in Gold Strike or within a hundred miles....

The boys stripped down and went to their respective beds. Once again, Levi pined for the chance to nestle into and sleep with his new friend. Just down the hallway, CJ felt the same way. They both turned a fitful sleep until finally giving in and conking out for the night.

During their rest, Hok'ee appeared, took the boy's clothes and washed them clean for the upcoming adventure.


Both boys awoke about the same time on the next morning. Instantly they could sense a change in the air around them. During the night a massive wave of humidity had moved into the area. The boys knew what that meant: The probability was high that a big storm was in the making for later in the day.

Breakfast was restrained and quiet; quite unusual from the previous days. Edith could sense that this would be the last time she would be in company of the two boys she came to regard as very special and dear to her heart.

Levi and CJ kept conversation to a minimum and spoke only of light, spurious subjects. Even though Levi couldn't wait to get back to "his" world, he had come to appreciate the kindness shown to him by Mrs. Holloway.

He realized if not for her gracious hospitality, his stay in Gold Strike might have ended much differently.

For his part, CJ was also sad to think about never seeing Edith again. She had been his mentor through a rough portion of his young life. Thanks to her persistence and encouragement, CJ had excelled in his school work and, most importantly, obtain a rudimentary education. That was very uncommon among pioneer youth.

The boys helped clean up after breakfast before retiring upstairs.

"What do we do now?" CJ asked.

"Keep an eye on the weather. It's going to determine our lives for the next few hours!" Levi replied.

"What if we went swimming at the tower? We could hang out there all day and.... if we needed to get to the cave in a hurry.... It is close by and easy to.....!" CJ started to say.

"I like that idea!" Levi interrupted, "I have some kind of nightmare vision of being in the wrong place when we need to be there.....!"

"Then we will need to say 'Goodbye' to Mrs. Holloway and Hok'ee pretty soon!" CJ said.

"That makes you sad, doesn't it?" Levi asked.

"Yeah... Well sure for Mrs. Holloway.... She taught me for several years.... I never met the 'Hok'ee guy' until I met you... I mean I seen him in town but never talked to him...!" CJ explained.

"CJ! Grammar!" Levi laughed.

The older boy reached over and playfully tackled the younger teen to the bed. From there he began to tickle CJ, hoping to distract the boy's mind from the pending sad thoughts.

Levi was totally surprised when the younger boy flipped him over and pinned him down on the bed. CJ ground his lithe, tightly muscled body into Levi. The older boy could feel CJ's massive cock pressing against him. That made "Little Levi" spring to immediate attention. Levi thought about what Hok'ee had said about not being disappointed about CJ's "junk!"

CJ's grinding motion continued. Levi could sense that the boy was getting highly aroused. His breath was coming in short bursts. Levi was experiencing a similar condition. His cock was trapped between his body and the bed, and being trapped in his skinny jeans only added to the erotic feelings coursing through his young body.

Levi reached behind him and grabbed the young boy, forcing the two more tightly together.

CJ began mewling like a kitten.

"No... N...N...N..OOO! I.... I..... gonna....'cum!'" he cried.

Levi wanted the boy to do just that. While CJ wasn't ready for more intense, personal contact with Levi just yet, the older teen wanted his friend to become more comfortable with the new feelings he was experiencing.

"M.... M.... M.... MEEEE toooo!" Levi gasped, "J... J... J...ust let... it... happpen!"

It did just that. Levi felt the young boy thrust hard into his body; then CJ went rigid as cum began erupting from his adolescent fuck stick. Levi felt an instant wetness through his jeans.

"The kid comes like a horse!" he thought.

That image was interrupted as "Little Levi" started flowing like a river into Levi's freshly cleaned skinny jeans. The older teen felt wave after wave of his cum being violently ejected from his cock. Like CJ's, the older boy's jizz had no where to go except into and through his pants.

"OHHHHHH FFFFUCK!!!!" Levi moaned.

His orgasm seemed to last for minutes.

Likewise, CJ kept thrusting in Levi's backside. Levi heard the younger teen's cries of ecstasy. He also thought about the night when Hok'ee had taken him. Instead of seeing Hok'ee, Levi had seen the image of CJ plowing his tight ass. Now that same boy was dry humping him and releasing what seemed like an endless torrent of boy nectar.

Finally both boys' orgasms tapered off. Levi relaxed, basking in the awesome feeling of being pinned under CJ.

The younger boy spoke first, in a squeaky, broken tone, "I... I..... am.... so... sssoooo.. sorry!"

"Why?" Levi replied.

"I shoulda not... have..... done... I made.a BIG. mess. and.... I .. you.... I.. took...!" he stuttered.

With a burst of strength that surprised both boys, Levi spun around under CJ so that they were facing each other. Levi could feel CJ's hot breath on his face. Both boys felt each others still throbbing cocks (and the massive, sticky wet spots on their clothes).

"It's okay, baby!" Levi cooed softly.

"Baby?" CJ asked.

It's a term... of... endearment!" he wondered if CJ understood the word, "It's what you call someone when you like them. When you REALLY like themmmmm!"

"So..... Am.... I.... Can. I.... b.. b ..b...bee yur.... 'baby?'" CJ croaked.

"YES! You're mine and I'm yours!" Levi laughed.

"But.... why... does... it feel... this way?" CJ asked.

"Huh?" Levi replied.

"SSSSSSoooooooo goooooooood!" CJ crooned.

"Cause it's SUPPOSED TO!" Levi chortled.

The boys stared into each others eyes. Both felt the connection; like electricity, energy flowing through their oversexed bodies.

CJ began to thrust against Levi again.

"Then I wanna do it over!" he said softly.

Levi felt a massive tube of flesh pressed against his body.

"Holy Fuck!" was all the older boy could think as "Little Levi responded and grew to its full 7" length.

CJ began to aggressively grind into the older boy. The intoxicating smell of sex permeated the room as both boys raced towards a second, and possibly even larger, mutual orgasm. Levi kissed CJ fully on the lips. The younger boy's eyes shot wide open as he felt Levi's tongue trying to force its way inside his mouth.

Eagerly, CJ opened to accommodate the intruding tongue. Levi snaked around the boy's mouth, searching for CJ's tongue. The two met and entwined in a dance of passion.

At this very moment, all lingering doubts vanished from CJ's mind. It felt too good to be wrong. It all seemed perfect. He wanted Levi more than anyone or anything else in the world. If he had to, CJ would follow this boy to the end of the Earth just to be with him.

"Sex" was a big blank subject in CJ's mind. He knew nothing about what two people could do together. Other than the frantic passion he was engaged in at the moment, the young teen had no clue how to proceed. It didn't matter. He now knew that Levi would accept him as he was, without any knowledge of what pleasure two boys could bring to each other. CJ would follow Levi's lead until he learned the hidden secrets of making love.

It was love! He now knew it. He loved this boy. This tall, skinny boy with the jeans that looked like a "second skin," with the silvery frosted hair and the fiery green eyes. The boy who promised to take care of him forever.

Forever... That word had a permanent sound to it. CJ had lived his whole life from one minute to the next. From the death of his parents onward, there had never been any certainty to his life. He now knew that Trapper had abused him for years. That's all it was: taking advantage of CJ's youth and insecurity. CJ knew Levi would never do that to him.

CJ pushed Levi's tongue out of his mouth.

Levi was surprised. He wondered what he had done wrong.

Nothing. Levi had done everything perfectly.

A soft moan escaped CJ's lips and the words came pouring out,.

Leeeeeeeeee----- Viiiiiiiiiii!" he cried out, "I....... LOVVVVVVVEEEEE YOU!"

Then it hit. Orgasm number two. Cum gushed out of CJ's massive cock. It easy pulsed through his already saturated jeans and coated both boys' pants. Levi felt his young lover's release and instantly "Little Levi" let loose with a massive cum flood of its own.

Levi's mind was awash with emotion as he grasped what the young boy had just said. He held CJ tightly to his own body. The heat of the two boys flowed together.

"I love you too, CJ..... I think..... I always have.... and.... I know..... I always..WILL!" Levi cried.

Tears flowed from both boys' eyes. Levi cried easily. CJ never cried. This time was the exception. For the first time in his life, CJ felt like there was a reason and purpose to his life.

The two boys sobbed as their cocks continued to empty waves of boy jism.

The room finally grew silent with nothing but the sounds of two teenagers sobbing.

The cries were all cries of love. Two lost souls had found one another, against impossible odds, to begin a life lifetime together.

Reluctantly the two boys finally pulled apart from their embrace. Both broke into raucous laughter at the sight of their jeans shimmering with the wetness of two huge cum shots.

Levi looked at his young friend with awe and amazement.

"You are one fucking hot stud!" he exclaimed.

That required explanations CJ smiled when he realized Levi had paid him the ultimate compliment.

"What..... Came over you?" the older boy asked.

"I know now.... I know what I am and who I am.... And I know that you want me.... and I want you!" CJ said softly.

Levi embraced the young boy and gave him a soft, sensuous kiss.

"I kept telling myself I would take it easy and slow with you.... 'cause I didn't wanna scare you off.... Just... Don't worry about what you don't know... It'll all come to you naturally enough.... Just kinda 'go with the flow....' And you gotta know I'll never take advantage of you or make fun of you 'cause you don't understand something!" Levi said.

The words were magic to CJ's ears. All he wanted was to be with THIS boy for the rest of his life.

"So what do we do now?" CJ asked.

"I like your idea. Let's blow this fucking shit hole of a town off and get to the water tank. We can wash out our clothes, swim and keep an eye on the weather!" Levi replied.

The boys gathered up their belongings. Levi made sure he had everything that was his. He didn't want to leave a Twenty-First Century "artifact" behind in the year 1912....

CJ had all his worldly goods in a small leather pack. He too, made sure he was leaving nothing behind.

They stopped in the bathroom to wipe off the excess cum from their clothes.

"How do we explain this to Mrs. Holloway?" CJ asked.

Levi shrugged, "I don't know... Just act like there's nothing wrong....!"

Both boys smiled and kissed again.

The same electrical charge jolted both of them. Cocks started to inflate and their breathing accelerated.

"If we start again, we'll never get out of here"! Levi cautioned, "There's plenty OF time for us to make love when we get back to Phoenix!"

"Make love!"

CJ rolled that concept around in his brain. It sounded so.... PERFECT!

Mrs. Holloway was outside hanging clothes on the line. She instinctively knew the boys were headed out to a new life. Tears started to form in her eyes as the two approached.

Levi took the lead, "Thank you, Ma'am.... For everything.... If you hadn't rescued me... I don't know how this might have turned out!"

The lady looked adoringly at the handsome boy.

"You are one special young man, Levi Aaron Roberts! I will always cherish our friendship and remember the kindness you have shown towards 'CJ!'"

Tears started to flow between all three.

"Goodbye, Mrs Holloway!" CJ said softly.

She turned to look at the boy.

"You were ALWAYS my special student! I knew when I first met you that.... you were destined for great accomplishments... And I know that you two... two boys... are... so much in love with each other.... CJ... .you have found a very special person in Levi Aaron Roberts... I have no doubt he WILL do whatever it takes to make your transition into his world easy!"

The boys turned to walk away.

"Don't look back!" Levi cautioned, "It will only make leaving harder!"

CJ sniffled as the two boys left the grounds of the Holloway House and headed to the stable.

Mrs. Holloway watched as the two young boys faded into town.

She couldn't contain herself any longer. Sitting down, she broke down and wept uncontrollably.

The boys saddled up Zephyr and headed out of town.

Looking over his shoulder, Levi snorted, "Good fucking bye you shit hole of a town!"

CJ broke out into laughter at Levi's remark.

On the ride, Levi's cock was slammed into CJ's backside and the sensations of another pending orgasm started to build.

CJ's cock was harder than a railroad spike as it stretched down the leg of his jeans. Copious amounts off precum flowed out of his massive fuck stick and soaked his already completely saturated jeans.

Arriving at the water tower, the boys quickly climbed in, stripped off their clothes and jumped into the cool water. Levi couldn't help but notice CJ's cock. It was still semi hard and he did a double take.

"It's fucking bigger than mine!" he said to himself, "Holy fucking shit! He's like.... the biggest.. I've ever seen in real life!"

Splashing around in the water tank erased the tearful farewell from Mrs. Holloway.

CJ only cared about one this: making a new life with Levi. Hopefully Gold Strike would soon be a faded memory in his life!

The boys swam, ate some of a "care package" packed by Mrs. Holloway, and soon enough laid out to dry off in the mid day sun.

"Look!" CJ eagerly pointed to the northern horizon.

Huge, billowing clouds were starting to form. In the Arizona summer, it is quite possible for massive thunderstorms to quickly appear out of nowhere. Their development can be quite rapid and violent. They can also just as easily disappear into thin air.

Levi studied the clouds.

"They're still white!" he said, "In the storm that was going on when I arrived here, the clouds were a pitch black, almost gray!"

The boys dressed and talked about aimless subjects. Each youth knew that what happened in the next few hours would decide the fate of their lives.

"Where do you thing Hok'ee was?" CJ asked.

Levi thought about that one. Other than the very odd (and "erotic") experience he had with the imposing native stud, Hok'ee was remarkable about NOT being seen around the Holloway residence.

"I don't know... I do wish I coulda said 'goodbye' to him.... He sure was a big help...!" Levi started to say.

"Yeah.... like when he kicked those four guys' asses!" CJ relished with his new ability to speak more like his older lover.

The two boys climbed out of the tower and back down to solid ground.

"Holy fuck!" Levi gasped.

They both looked northward. In the short time they had spent getting back to Zephyr, the clouds had increased a hundred fold to the North. And they were getting darker.

"This MUST be it!" Levi said, "Hok'ee told me this was the day!"

"Then let's go!" CJ said, "We can be ready for when the time comes!"

As the boys mounted up and started up towards the Mine, a sudden, violent gust of wind blew down the mountain.

"SHIT!" Levi yelped, "IT'S COMING!!"

All of sudden, right before their eyes, the clouds darkened. Then the lightning started. Bolt after bolt crackled out of the sky. The impact points were still about three miles or so away, but both teens could tell they were getting closer.

CJ urged Zephyr to go faster as they climbed the hill. The wind increased as they neared the Wildcat. Lightning flared out of the clouds, striking much closer. The sun started to disappear and it grew much darker.

"HOLY FUCK!" CJ exclaimed.

Levi had no time to laugh as a gust of wind almost blew both boys off Zephyr. He now knew this was it. They had to get to the cave and soon.

Reaching the Mine, CJ tied Zephyr up. Lightning flailed down all around them. Some of the men stopped their work and looked up into the clouds.

Levi and CJ started up the path towards the cave.

Darker. Much darker. More lightning. One big bolt struck a rock outcropping above the mine; shards of boulders flew down on the mine camp.

Men fled from the scene. They didn't bother hitching up a wagon or a horse. The miners wanted out of the area as quickly as they could run.

"You boys needs to get outta here now!" one of the miners yelled.

Levi and CJ had a different calling. They knew where they had to be. Onward they hiked, into the growing maelstrom.

"If it gets any darker I'll need my flashlight!" Levi said.

The boys were buffeted by the winds as it grew darker and more ominous. Another quarter of a mile and they would be there!

A massive flash of lightning struck, immediately followed by a deafening thunderclap. Out of the darkness, an ominous figure stepped into the path and blocked the boys' progress.

"Where ya goin' to, boy?" the figure called out.

CJ felt his nuts crawl up inside his body. It was Trapper!

"I'm leaving with Levi!" the boy cried out.

Trapper turned to look at Levi. He recognized him from the near wagon hit on the road to the mine.

"Oh no you ain't! You ain't a goin' nowhere a-stealin' my stuff!" he growled at CJ.

"Leave us the fuck alone!" Levi yelled, "We've got to get out of here!"

With one strong swat, Trapper sent Levi sprawling to the ground.

CJ froze. He was terrified. All the fears of living with this this man came flooding back to him. His legs wouldn't move. Trapper advanced toward the boy. The size differential between the 235 pound-plus man and the 140 pound boy was frightening. Trapper could easily snuff out CJ like a bug.

"You come a-home with me now!" Trapper snarled, "And I might jus fergit what you have a- done to me!"

CJ stood his ground.

Levi recovered from the hit and stood up.

"I told you to leave him alone, you fucking piece of shit!" Levi yelled.

Trapper turned and pulled out a pistol. He took dead aim at Levi.

"Yur a problem that's gonna go away!" he barked.

So fast.....!!!! It all happened in a microsecond!

Trapper pulled the trigger of the gun. CJ yelled and jumped in front of Levi.

CJ stopped like he had hit a brick wall. The 45 caliber bullet tore through the young boy's guts and exited out his backside, nearly hitting Levi. Blood, guts and gore gushed out of the mortally wounded boy.

"NNOOOOOOO!" Levi screamed.

He picked up a large rock and whirled to face Trapper.

"Well that was a-meant for you.... Since he's done gone dead, you will have to take his place!" the man laughed.

Levi struck Trapper with the rock. Over and over he bludgeoned the man's head. Trapper recoiled and fell to the ground.

Another series of lightning bolts struck. The thunder was deafening. It started to rain.

Crying, Levi fell to the ground and cradled his dying friend.

"I... really ...wanted!" the boy choked. Blood drooled out of his mouth.

So much blood..... Everywhere there was blood.... Guts..... Body parts that Levi knew could not be repaired. CJ was going to die...

Levi started to cry as the rain pelted down. They had gotten so close... so close to getting back. Levi didn't care now. If CJ was going to die, it didn't matter what happened to him. Levi had been planning a whole life with CJ. Now it wasn't going to happen.

Lightning struck again and Levi felt himself being lifted off the ground.

"We must go.... NOW!" a familiar voice echoed.

It was Hok'ee!

He had appeared out of nowhere. Now he stood towering over the boys.

"CJ is gonna die!" Levi bawled.

Hok'ee looked at the dying boy.

"Gut shot!! Not good!!! I am so sorry I am late!!! We... There is one chance... We must get both of you to the cave!" Hok'ee said.

Hok'ee cradled the dying boy like a small animal. The man and Levi hiked through the buffeting winds to the cave.

"FUCK NO!" Levi screamed when they arrived at the cave.

The entrance had been boarded up!

"It wasn't like this yesterday!" Levi screamed again.

Turning to the boy, Hok'ee said, "You must open the entrance!"

"How?" Levi thought to himself.

"I will care for the boy.... You need to open it NOW!" Hok'ee commanded.

Levi saw the bloody body of CJ being held gently by the towering Navajo man; the sight drove the teen to act.

He kicked the boards. Over and over he delivered blow after blow to the wooden barrier. Boards cracked and splintered into pieces. All Levi cared about was trying to save his dying lover.

Hok'ee felt the life fading out of CJ. He held the boy securely and reached deep into his soul, summoning up all the powers he had learned as a shaman, or Hata ii. CJ croaked out a few sounds and coughed up blood as a new life tried to salvage the one that was quickly fading from his mortally wounded sixteen year old body.

Levi had managed to move enough of the blockade to open the cave.

Hok'ee gently lowered CJ to the ground.

"You MUST hold him close to you until the time comes. DO NO LET GO of the boy or he WILL DIE!" Hok'ee commanded.

Levi gently took CJ into is arms. There was so much blood.....

"How can one person bleed so much and still be alive?" he thought.

The three entered the cave. Back they trudged further into the darkness.

"Stay with him. He is drawing HIS life from YOURS!" the man explained.

Hok'ee turned to leave.

The rain was coming down in torrents as lightning flashed all around the cave.

Levi noticed that the cave walls were starting to glow.

"Hok'ee! Wait!" Levi called out.

"I must go. There is still danger outside!" the man replied.

Levi looked Hok'ee in the eyes, "Will he live?"

"He has only one chance. To go back with you to your time. If the boy stays here, he will die!" the man said.

Levi didn't understand. Even if CJ went back with him, they would emerge in the same place, albeit 102 years in the future. It was a long drive from Gold Strike to the nearest hospital.....

Nevertheless, Levi did what he was told.

His shirt and jeans were covered the young teen's insides. CJ coughed like he was ready to die.


Hok'ee left the cave. Levi sat there, huddled with the dying boy.

The air grew thick and dark. He felt the hairs on his body start to stand on end. Levi knew it was about to happen.....

Another flash of lightning illuminated the opening to the outside world. Levi saw a sight that brought terror to his young eyes.

Hok'ee and Trapper were locked in mortal combat! Hok'ee held the much larger man by the throat. Trapper flailed about trying to escape. His blows bounced off of Hok'ee with no impact. Even though Trapper severely outweighed Hok'ee, the powerful Native man lifted Trapper by his throat up into the air... higher and higher.

Lighting flashed again. Thunder roared in Levi's ears. The walls of the cave were glowing a brilliant blueish-green.

Levi turned from looking at the cave walls to watch Hok'ee. The man drew a long knife and plunged it upward into Trapper. Deeper and deeper. The knife went in to its hilt. Trapper's eyes glazed over and went dead. Hok'ee twisted the dead man's head like a bottle cap. In one violent motion, Trapper was decapitated right before Levi's eyes. His lifeless head rolled on the ground like a bowling ball.

Hok'ee turned to the boy and waved....

Then it struck.

Like before, a blinding flash of light tore through the cave.

Levi and CJ were knocked unconscious. Light turned to darkness for both boys. Through it all, Levi never released his grip on the dying boy.

Down the hill at the Mine, a series of lightning bolts struck the powder shack. A massive explosion ripped through the mine site. No one was killed; the miners - all six of them had already fled the scene. History had been changed.....

Inside the cave there was a dead silence....

Levi slowly awoke to a buzzing sound in his head The lighting in the cave was overly dim, but Levi knew something was wrong. CJ was not there. He felt his shirt and pants. They were clean. There was no blood. No gore. Nothing but dirt. Levi turned around to see if CJ was nearby. Nothing. The boy was gone.

Fear coursed through his veins.

Where had CJ gone? Why was there no blood on his clothes? His mind cleared and a terrible thought struck him.

"History can not be changed. No matter how much one from the present might try, a visitor to the past could only watch as time unfolds on its predetermined course!"

Levi remember that theory about time travel.

He started to cry. Those cries turned into screams.

"NO!!!! NO!!!! NO!!!! NO!!!! NO!!!!" he screamed.

"It was all for nothing! Instead of dying in the fucking mine, you died a worse death by getting shot!!!! FUCK NO!!!! NO!!!! NO!!!! NO!!!!" he continued to cry.

"Or maybe it was just a dream Maybe I never went anywhere at all! Maybe I've been lying her on my ass for a few hours and it was all just pure bullshit!" he screamed.

He began to pound at the cave wall with his fists. The skin tore on his hands as he beat the rock face.


Continuing to pound at the cave wall, Levi felt like he was going to faint.

Suddenly a pair of strong arms pulled him away from the rock surface.

"Stop it or you will hurt yurself!" a familiar voice said softly.

Levi turned, and even in the dim light of the cave, he knew who the voice belonged to.

"CJ?" he cried.

"Who did you expect?" the boy quipped.

Levi looked at the angelic persona of his young lover.

"You're not dead? Am I still alive?" Levi said in a confused daze.

"Why would either of us be dead?" CJ asked.

Levi looked totally confused. Then his mind started to sort out the pieces.

"Wait! What do you remember?" he asked the boy.

"Uh....A big explosion kinda thing and then.... I woke up here with you.... You looked like you were.. sleeping... so I waited.... I went outside and looked around... then I came back in and heard you crying. Why? Why were you crying? You said I was dead? I am not dead... I am right here" the boy said in a confused tone.

Levi started to think. When he traveled back; when this whole time travel adventure started, he recalled how his mind had blanked out part of it. Those memory fragments had eventually come back to him over the course of a day.... This time, he remembered everything. There was no memory loss. However, it was CJ's first experience in time traveling. He didn't remember what had happened. At least not yet.

"For the better!" Levi thought.

He leaped into CJ's arms and started crying.

"I thought I had lost you!!!! I thought you hadn't made it back.... or forward... with me! Levi cried.

"No!' the boy replied softly, "I am right here.... I been waiting for you to wake up!"

Levi realized that CJ probably didn't know what "unconscious" meant.

"Oh sweet fucking Jesus! I still have you! I do! I do! I do!" Levi continued to cry.

CJ didn't understand everything that was going on; Hell, even Levi was only sketchy on the facts. But the two boys were together. Alive. There was no massive gun shot wound in CJ's stomach! Now all Levi wanted to know was.... WHERE... or rather IN WHAT TIME..... were they?

"Come on!" Levi said.

He grabbed his backpack and scrambled to the cave entrance.

His hands shook as he opened the pack and took out his GPS and smart phone.

"Push the green button!" Levi told CJ.

The young boy held the piece of Twenty First Century technology in his strong hand; Gently, he did as Levi instructed. CJ turned on the unit and waited.

"The GPS should synch up before the phone finds service!" Levi said.

CJ didn't know WHAT that meant....

The low battery warning was on the phone....

Suddenly the GPS unit started beeping.

"YES!" Levi cried.

"The little..... 'eye-kons'!" CJ recalled the word almost perfectly, "They are going green!"

Levi stared as the unit picked up six satellites.

"We're FUCKING home!" he yelled.

What he saw next made his shake all over.

The time was 3:00PM. The date was August 25th, 2014!!!!

"We're.... back.... where it all started!" Levi exclaimed.

"Huh?" CJ grunted.

"Don't you see? It was Monday August 25th when I first went to explore Gold Strike. After the time jump and I ended up in your... uh... old time... I mean 1912, it was a Sunday.... Now it's Monday again.....!" Levi tried to explain.

"NO it is Thursday.....!" CJ said.

"It was Thursday when we made the time jump.... But during the jump, we were moved back to where it all started....!" Levi replied, "So I went back in time and back one day; then we went forward in time and back four days!"

Levi wondered if the variances in the days was the reason why CJ had no gunshot wound. That had happened on Thursday. Now it was Monday? His mind spun at the thought... nevertheless, his young friend was whole and undamaged!

"My head hurts from thinking about what you are saying!" CJ said.

"Well there's one more thing!" Levi offered.

"What next?" CJ asked.

"You don't remember everything that happened from before the jump until now...!" Levi started to explain.

"So what?" CJ asked.

"It wasn't pretty... You were hurt.... When I traveled back to your time.... my first time at time traveling... I found out I couldn't remember everything that happened near the jump!" Levi said.

"So what?" CJ asked again.

"You already said that!" Levi laughed.

Then he turned serious, "It's pretty bad.... If you remember it may.... scare you.... I have to be there when. your memory comes back... I don't want you facing it alone!"

CJ smiled at the boy, "We got back to where you belong! I can handle anything now!"

A shrieking alarm pierced the quietness between the two boys.

CJ jumped at the sound.

Levi laughed.

"It's okay.... I have messages!" CJ tried to explain.

"Messages?" CJ asked.

"On my phone.... That sound... It's the 'red alert' sound from Star Trek.... It lets me know if I missed a call or a text message!" Levi replied.

Of course Levi knew CJ didn't understand any of what he just explained.

"Don't worry about it.... You just have 102 years to catch up on!" he laughed.

Looking at his phone, Levi exclaimed, "Oh wow!!! The time and date ARE right! We ARE right where we belong! And Charles has called me twice.... And Tyler and Melissa too!"

"Don't worry!" he continued, "You'll get to meet all of them.... They're my friends and soon they'll be yours too!"

CJ felt warm and happy inside. He was in a new place ....but with the boy he loved.... and now he was learning that he would soon have..... friends!

"I.... uh... never had any 'friends' before!" the boy stuttered.

Once again it was driven home to Levi just how lonely CJ's life must have been.

"You will soon.... All our age, too.... You'll never be alone again!" Levi promised.

Levi suddenly jumped up and motioned, "Come on!"

He headed back inside the cave.

"Is it safe to go back in there?" CJ asked.

Levi looked around. Just as when he had landed in Gold Strike, the sky was calm and clear.

"Yes! We gotta check this out!" the older teen said.

Inside the cave, he pulled out his flashlight and started looking.

"What....?" CJ asked.

"Remember.... We sent ourselves a message!" Levi exclaimed.

Looking along the cave wall, it didn't take long for the two boys to find it. Weathered by a century of the elements, there it was: a very distorted "LAR + CJJ 8.12."

"Wow! Look at it.... it looks so. OLD... and I just carved it yesterday!" CJ exclaimed.

No... you carved it three days from now and 102 years ago!" Levi laughed.

The boys beat a hasty retreat back outside. Levi sat down against a rock and stared out at the scenic panorama.

"We're actually back!" he sighed.

"I do not think I ever want to go back inside the cave!" CJ said.

"Me fucking too!" Levi laughed.

The young teen sat down and cuddled against Levi.

"Welcome to your new world and your new life!" Levi cooed in the boy's ear.

CJ smiled and looked into Levi's piercing green eyes.

"I have... uh..... just.... a question!" he said shyly.

"Only one?" Levi laughed.

CJ smiled.

"It is about.... what you said.... in the cave!" CJ stuttered.

Levi looked confused.

"Huh?" he asked the young teen.

"You said... uh.... you kinda promised.....!" CJ stuttered.

"God he looks so fucking cute!" Levi thought.

"What?" Levi prodded, "First rule between us: NO secrets! So ask me!"

"You.... uh.... said.... twenty times a day.... Really?" CJ again stuttered and smiled, "I.... uh... hope so.... I think I would like that!"

Levi stared at the young boy. His look must have been one of total astonishment. Levi knew that if any boy COULD do it twenty times day, CJ was that boy....

Looking into CJ's bright blue eyes, Levi replied. "Oh yeah! I think I'd like that a lot, too!"

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