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Time Enough For Love

by AZ Story Guy

Chapter 6

"Back To Their Future"

Levi and CJ: 2014

The smell of CJ's body wafted through Levi's nostrils and it drove the older boy crazy. Here was the essence of a young boy primed by horniness and a slightly acidic aroma from their ordeal over the past few hours. Levi didn't care. He loved CJ with every fiber of his being and was determined to see that his friend had a welcome home in the Twenty-First Century.

CJ stared into Levi's eyes and was mesmerized by the older teen. He was still mystified and bewildered that someone as cute and intelligent as Levi would be so captivated by a person as simple as CJ imagined himself to be; nothing but a plain, ordinary boy from the Arizona frontier. Every time CJ looked at Levi his heart did flip flops. All he wanted to do was spend every waking moment in the older boy's company.

"Guess we better start back!" Levi said, breaking the two boys' mutual stares of affection, "We have a pretty good drive back to Phoenix!"

CJ's heart dropped at that thought.

"Yeah.... I knowd a couple of fellers who took that trip recently and it took them near four days to git there!" the younger boy replied.

Levi shook his mane of frosted brown hair and let out a hearty laugh.

"No, babe... It's nothing like that... It'll only take us about two hours to get home!" he replied.

CJ looked at the older boy in disbelief.

How is .. that.... possible?" he asked.

Levi laughed again, "A lot has changed in 102 years!"

The two teens turned to look at the cave from which they had both emerged. Seeing the darkness of the opening gave them a chill; They agreed never to set foot anywhere near this location again.

As they reached the site of the Wildcat Mine, Levi did a double take..

"Holy fuck! It damned sure didn't look like that this morning!" he exclaimed.

"This morning?" CJ asked.

"Yeah... in my time!" Levi tried to reply.

Indeed the mine site was different. Instead of a pit filled with tons of debris, there was an open shaft barricaded by a strong steel fence. The deep, yawning opening into the ground also had a solid steel barred grate welded over the gaping pit.

"When I first saw this..... place.... It... was like all filled in with debris from the cave-in!" Levi explained to the younger teen, "And... I cried.... because... I thought of your body lying somewhere down there under all that rock!"

"So what... happened... why is it different now?" the younger boy asked.

"I don't know!" Levi answered, "Other than... because you're here now... Somehow the time line has been changed!"

CJ studied the older teen carefully.

" You... cried... because... of me?" he said softly.

Levi looked into CJ's blazing, bright blue eyes.

"Fuck yes! All I could think of was how you never had any chance at life.... And....!" Levi smiled, "We beat the odds! We cheated fate and DEATH! Now you're here... You're alive and I'm gonna bust my ass to see that you DO get a GOOD LIFE!"

CJ's eyes started to water. For a boy who rarely cried, the sensation was becoming more frequent. Yet every time he DID cry, it was because of the strong bond growing between himself and this boy from the future.

"I do not... wanna dis.... disappoint you!"CJ said softly.

"You haven't let me down yet!" Levi laughed.

He pulled out his phone to take a picture of the mine shaft.

"Come on! Just one more shot!" he begged of the dying phone.

It worked; then the instrument died in his hand.

"That's it! No more battery life left in this puppy!" Levi said.

"So... It is... no good... any more?" CJ asked.

"No it just needs a recharging and we can do that once I get to my truck!" Levi explained.

Of course that explanation left CJ with a hundred questions.....

"Just wait and watch!" Levi promised, "It'll be easier than me trying to explain it to you!"

The boys descended the footpath to the valley below. Both remarked on how deteriorated the route had become.

"It's only been out of use for most of a century!" Levi explained.

Cresting the rise in the path, Levi spotted a welcome sight below.

"What is that?" CJ asked as he pointed to Levi's Toyota.

"Remember back in Gold Strike when you were surprised that I couldn't drive a wagon?" Levi asked the boy.

CJ nodded and cringed at how poorly he had treated Levi at their first couple of meetings.

"Well that's my 'wagon' down there; actually it's my 'ride,' or more accurately, it's my truck!" Levi explained, "And it's gonna get us far away from here very fast!"

Arriving at the Tacoma, Levi inspected the vehicle. It looked just as it had when he left it that morning.... Or rather, four days ago... Every time he tried to conceptualize his travel through time it made his head spin.

Opening the truck, he showed CJ how to adjust the seat and then he strapped the boy in place.

"It's for your protection!" Levi explained as he realized his friend was about to travel at speeds not thought possible in 1912. Levi tried to remember from history class; he recalled that smaller trains like the one he had seen at Gold Strike rarely made more than 25-30 miles per hour at top speed.

"Boy is this gonna be one hell of a ride for him!" Levi thought.

After getting in the truck, Levi checked the ice chest. It was still full of soda, some store bought sandwiches and ice!

"Nothing has changed! It's like I never even left!" he thought to himself.

"Here!" he said, offering CJ a sandwich and a bag of chips, "Oh... And... Uh.... you're gonna see some things.....!"

He paused and laughed, "A whole LOTTA things! That you won't understand.... Just... Uh... don't let any of it scare you!"

"Why would I be scared?" CJ asked.

"Because there's a lotta shit.... A lotta stuff out there that didn't exist in 1912... I just don't want you getting freaked out!" the older boy said.

"'Freaked out?'" CJ asked.

"Scared or afraid!" Levi replied.

"As long as I am with you I do not think anything will scare me!" CJ replied.

Levi melted at the boy's remark.

"Well if you see me shittin' my pants then it's time to be afraid!" Levi laughed.

"So where are the horses at?" CJ asked, "And what are these?"

The boy motioned to the bag of chips.

"Potato chips.... and... uh....Horses?" Levi replied.

"To make this thing run!" CJ replied.

Levi chortled.

"Under there!" he said, pointing at the vehicle's hood.

"How do you get any horses to fit in there? Must not be very many or they are purdy darned small!" the boy laughed.

Levi just smiled.

"Oh there's a bunch of them crammed in there!" he laughed, "Over two hundred of them!.... And they damned sure aren't small!!!"

Levi fired up the engine and sound blasted into the cab.

"I want to fuck you like an animal I want to feel you from the inside I want to fuck you like an animal!!!"

The song rocked both boys' ears.

Levi turned beet red and shut the music off.

CJ looked around for the source of the music and then looked at Levi.

"What was that?" he asked Levi.

It occurred to Levi that CJ had probably never heard music in his life. After all, in 1912 CDs were decades in the future. Records were in their infancy; radio was not in wide spread use yet. Certainly not as a medium for broadcasting music.

Other than a live performance somewhere or a melody from Mrs. Holloway's piano, just where would CJ have ever heard ANYTHING other than the sounds of nature and drunken miners in the Gold Strike saloons?

"Uhhh.... It's..... music!" Levi replied.

"Music?" CJ repeated, "Like when Mrs Holloway plays the piano?"

"Yeah only... well there's a lot more sources to pick from today.... You and I can sit down when we get home and I can show you.... Between myself and...!" he gulped as his eyes watered for a brief pause, "And my parents' CD collections I've got.... maybe a thousand or more different albums!"

CJ didn't understand all of what Levi had just said but the boy already was coming to accept that Levi would make good with explanations at a later date.

CJ then said something that made Levi laugh out loud.

"So you were a-foolin' with me!" the boy said with a smile, "This here is.... a horseless carriage, ain't it?"

"LANGUAGE CJ!" Levi laughed, "Yeah I guess you could call it that!"

CJ smiled and replied, "Mrs Holloway said a man named Henry Ford was building a big plant back East to make lots of them!"

"Well you'll be surprised to see that Ford automobiles and trucks and SUVs are still around today!" Levi laughed.

More explanations followed...

Levi put the truck in gear and started crawling back down the old railroad grade.

"Wow! So this is where the train.... uh..... where it used to be!" CJ gasped in amazement.

Levi nodded as they crawled slowly forward.

"Can you put the... uh... music... back on?" CJ asked.

Levi nodded and quickly switched to the radio instead of Nine Inch Nails.

CJ looked at the dashboard and then at Levi, "But I want to hear the words again!"

Levi stared at his young friend.

"Uhhhh... Okay.....!" he said, replaying "Closer."

The music started building and when it got to to the same lyrics, CJ looked at Levi as the teen maneuvered his truck through a boulder field littering the old railroad bed.

"Yes!" the younger boy hissed softly.

Levi turned and looked at CJ.

"What?" he asked.

"I.... wanna. do...... what. says!" CJ stuttered softly.

"Twenty times?" Levi said in a whisper.

"At least!" CJ smiled.

Levi felt his cock expand in his skin-tight jeans.

"Oh yeah!" the older boy hissed.

Glancing over, Levi could see a massive snake-like bulge in CJ's jeans...

The Gold Strike town site quickly loomed into view, temporarily breaking the high voltage sexual tension between both boys.

Levi stopped the truck and, turning to CJ, said, "Okay Here it is! Gold Strike 2014!"

CJ's eyes widened as he surveyed the scene.

"There is.... There.... There... is.... nothing.... Uhhhh...NOTHING here!" he exclaimed.

"Oh yeah there is... Mostly ruins... Hop out and let's check it out!"Levi replied.

Both boys disembarked from the Tacoma. CJ studied the truck again, taking in his first encounter with Twenty First Century technology (on a scale larger than a hand held device).

The boy had a million questions about the Tacoma. "How fast can it go?" "What makes it run?" (CJ's first introduction to and an attempt at trying to understand the dominance of oil and the internal combustion engine). Levi opened the hood to show his young friend the "horses" that made it all possible. "How do you make it so cool inside?" (Levi had to try and explain air conditioning to his young friend). Lots of questions; Questions about technology that everyone uses but rarely thinks about past that.

After walking around the truck several times, and kneeling down to look underneath, CJ boldly proclaimed, "I want one like this!"

Levi smiled at the young teen's confidence.

"You have to learn how to drive it first!" he replied.

"It ain't that hard.... I been watching you since we started out!" the boy shot back.

Levi rolled his eyes at CJ's butchery of the English language but inside he had the strange feeling that CJ was probably absorbing every move the older boy made as he drove the truck.

"Well it's certainly on the list of things I want you to do!" Levi replied.

"You mean maybe I could actually have something this...... big and.....!" the boy stuttered again.

"I didn't ask you to come to my time with me just to remain a..... uh...... 'pet!'" Levi replied, "I want you to be totally equal with me in everything.... And yes... I want you to learn how to drive and do anything else you want in your.... in OUR new world!"

CJ's eyes moistened again as he grappled with what Levi had explained. Then he made the older boy break out in laughter with a simple question.

"What is a..... 'pet?'" he asked.

After almost rolling on the ground in laughter, Levi explained that one as well....

CJ suddenly looked somber.

"I. Uh..... There is..... so much I do.... not..... know.... I feel so...... dumb!" he said softly.

Levi grabbed the boy and hugged him tightly. He saw CJ's eyes shining as brightly as the sun. The younger boy's fluffy blonde hair whipped around in the hot afternoon desert wind. "Little Levi" was nagging for attention. Levi couldn't help but notice CJ's prominent boner pointing south down his right leg. A long ways down his leg....

"FUCK!" the older teen thought to himself, "Every time I look at it.... it looks like it's even longer than before!"

"I TOLD you not to worry about that! I'm going to get you the very BEST teacher... TEACHERS.... to bring you up to speed! Like... Fuck..... You've got a lot of catching up to do. A century's worth of change.... When we get back on the road to Phoenix you'll see so many things you won't understand... But don't fucking worry about it! We have ALL the time in the world!" Levi explained.

CJ felt giddy inside. Like he was living in a dream...

The two boys broke their embrace and moved about what was left of the main street.

"I think right about here is where we were when the shoot out took place!" Levi offered.

CJ looked over at the boy and did some mental calculations.

"No.... It is further that way... The General Store is.... Uh..... WAS on that side of the tracks!" the younger boy replied.

The two boys wandered down a side street now just a rutted, washed out gully until they came to the unmistakeable foundation that had been The Holloway House.

CJ looked at the ground and whistled in awe.

"Fuck! It IS all gone!" he gasped.

Levi laughed at the young teen's attempt at cursing.

"Sounds good but put more emphasis in it!" he laughed.

"Fuck....." the boy said.

"MORE!" Levi taunted.

"Fuck!!!" CJ repeated.

"MORE!!!" Levi taunted again.

"FUCK!" CJ tried again.

"What's the matter? Are you fucking weak or something?" Levi laughed.

"HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!!!!" CJ barked, "The whole god damned house is FUCKING GONE!"

Levi fell to the ground laughing at CJ's verbal outburst.

"You get a fucking 'A' for that one!" he laughed.

CJ smiled at the boy and then said, "What is an 'A?'"

Levi laughed so hard he thought he was going to piss himself.

"It means you're the FUCKING BEST!" he said.

CJ smiled but he wondered.

"We have not... Uh... Wow... I wonder about 'fucking!'" he thought.

Levi had no clue how unsure CJ was about sex. Not about being gay. Not about wanting to try so much with this otherworldly, futuristic boy (he had to correct himself there since CJ now realized HE was living in Levi's time); Rather, CJ was terrified at not knowing HOW to do anything sexual with Levi. His lack of experience was building a barrier between himself and his new friend. Even though Levi had assured him they would take it easy so CJ could learn what he needed to know, CJ's ego was throwing out darts of doubt.....

"It's so unreal... We were just here with Mrs. Holloway and Hok'ee... and and now it's all gone!" Levi said softly.

CJ looked at the boy and a wall broke in his psyche. He grabbed the older teen from behind in a tight embrace. Levi could feel the heat of CJ's cock pressing against his ass crack. Levi pushed back and CJ pushed forward; the two boys almost melted together.

"T...T....T.... Thank.... YYYYYYou....... for..... letting..... me.....!" the younger boy stuttered.

"Shhhh!" Levi hissed softly, "We made it back here... forward here? Oh Fuck Whatever! We're here together.... forever!"

CJ continued to thrust his tight, lithe body against Levi. Slowly he began to hump the older teen. His cock was drooling precum like a garden hose. Levi pushed back hard against the younger boy. CJ didn't waver at all. His strong frame supported Levi's thrusts with ease.

Levi reached behind and grabbed CJ's tight, albeit small, muscular butt. CJ flexed his tight globes under Levi's hands; the older teen felt his cock throbbing inside his skinnys....

Releasing one hand, CJ reached around and fumbled with the button on Levi's jeans. The older boy helped him unbutton the denim and slowly roll it down until "Little Levi" was released into freedom. Levi's cock, all 7" of it, sprang out and up into the afternoon sunshine.

Without hesitation, CJ wrapped his strong hand around Levi's cock and began jacking off the older boy. A voluminous flow of precum made "Little Levi" nice and slippery. The sensation of CJ's fist pumping Levi's cock caused the older boy's heartbeat to double. He ground backwards into CJ; again, even though the younger boy only had one arm wrapped around Levi, he remained solid as a rock.

"Fuck he's STRONG!" Levi thought to himself.

CJ started panting and making small noises as his cock began a quick countdown towards a massive orgasm.

"LeeeeeeeViiiiiiiii!" he panted, "I.......I.........I....... am gonna.......!"

"Go with it!" Levi replied in a broken, raspy voice.

CJ was pumping Levi's cock with abandon. He could feel the organ swelling in his hand as more and more precum rolled out of the widened piss slit.

"FASTER!" Levi panted, "Hard and FAST! You.... OH fuckkkkkk! You.... won't.... break it!"

He loved to have his cock jacked fast and hard. Every time that happened, his cum would launch itself several feet away from his body. Levi wanted CJ to gain confidence in his ability to satisfy him. He knew a jet plume of cum arching into the air, all caused strictly by the younger boy's action, would make CJ feel more assured.

CJ felt he was close to the point of no return. He also knew his jeans would be soaked with his teen nectar but he didn't care. Humping Levi was driving him into total ecstasy. He wanted... He wanted... SO badly.... to do to Levi what Trapper had done to him....but.... he was afraid. Afraid of not knowing how to please Levi; afraid of not being "good enough" for the older boy.


That yell brought CJ out of his doubts; he felt "Little Levi" swell in his fist. It felt like a rod of hot iron. Levi began to twitch and the older boy slammed his body into CJ. That movement caused CJ to lose it.....

"OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHH YYYYYYYESSSSSSS!!!!" CJ cried as his cock began pouring out a flood of "swimmers" into his jeans. The baby batter instantly soaked right through the fabric and dripped onto the dirt.

Levi's cock let loose with a first cum shot that easily flew six feet outward from his convulsing body. Shot after shot followed as the older teen's nuts delivered a massive, continuous release of spunk.

CJ pressed harder into Levi's backside. In his mind the young teen saw himself nailing Levi's tight little ass with his throbbing fuck stick. The young boy mewled incoherently as his cock continued its release of boy juice.

Levi easily fired more than a dozen shots out of his throbbing cum cannon; the ground in front of him was marked by the rain of spunk flying through the hot summer air.

CJ's pant leg felt like he had dunked it water. The fabric of his jeans was completely soaked from just above the knee down to his ankle. A sizable puddle of CJ's cum soaked into the parched desert soil.

"Ohhhh fuck !!!!! That was SO SWEET!" Levi panted.

"Y..Y Y.... YEAH!" was all CJ could muster.

The younger boy reluctantly released Levi's still-throbbing, still-hard cock. Bringing his hand back to his own body, CJ felt Levi's warm spunk and precum on his fingers. Releasing Levi, he slowly raised his hand to his mouth and licked the older boy's spunk off his fingers.

"FUCKING HOT!" Levi panted as CJ ate every possible drop of Levi's cum.

CJ had just crossed a line and he liked it. For the first time in his life, he had eaten someone elses cum. In the years he had lived with Trapper, that had never happened. The older man had only fucked him; CJ had never sucked Trapper's cock.

Other than sucking his own cock, CJ was still a virgin in that part of his sexual experiences.

CJ quickly discovered one thing....

He wanted more of Levi's spunk. The taste. The texture. Everything about Levi's cum made CJ hornier than he had ever been in his life. His own fuck stick was still hard as a railroad spike; trapped in his jeans it still oozed cum into a thoroughly soaked pants leg.

"WOW! CJ stuttered, "That.... was...... so...... FUCKING GREAT!!!!"

Levi laughed at his young friend's verbal outburst.

"You're getting better at it!" he laughed.

Levi also thought a milestone had been crossed. CJ had instigated this sexual act; as tame as it was, Levi knew the young teen was gaining confidence.

What happened next shocked the older boy even more.

As they released their embrace and turned to face each other Levi laughed at CJ's inundated clothing the young teen made a move that took Levi's breath away.

"Little Levi" was still "hanging out" and dripping cum in the afternoon sun. Before Levi could tuck his throbbing cock back inside his skinny, CJ dropped to the ground and stared at Levi's "junk."

He moved closer to Levi. Each boy could feel the heat of their bodies. Suddenly, without warning, CJ leaned in and licked Levi's cock. Shudders of delight pulsated through Levi's body. His cock firmed up as CJ began to lick, then tentatively taste, then.... in one move.... he swallowed Levi's cock all the way down to the root.

Levi's body shuddered as CJ deep throated his boner. The older teen could tell CJ had done this before. Every boy can tell how experienced their partner is when they get their cock sucked. CJ was fucking AWESOME!

"Y... Y.... Y.....Youuuuuu k.. k.... k..... keeeeep that.... up..... and.....!" Levi panted.

He knew a second orgasm was very easy. Experience had taught Levi that he was a multiple cummer. If CJ didn't stop soon, a flood of jism would soon be choking the young boy's throat.

"Or would it?" Levi wondered to himself, "He's done this before! That's for damned sure!"

Naturally Levi had no way of knowing that CJ had gained his oral skills by practicing on his own substantial cock.....

That made no difference. CJ was fucking hot; he was going to bring Levi to a second orgasm in seconds.

Looking down, the sight of the sixteen year old boy bobbing on his cock, with his wild mane of blonde hair whipping with the motions, was too much for Levi to handle.

"CCCCCCCC......... JAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!" Levi screamed.....

CJ redoubled his efforts to push Levi over the edge. He slowly worked up and down the entire length of Levi's pulsating cock. Massaging, licking, sucking all 7" inches of the older boy's hot, pulsating rod.

Levi's arms flailed at his sides as CJ deep throated the boy again and again. Without waring, CJ reached out and grabbed Levi's arms. Drawing them to his head, he placed them against his temples. Levi took the hint and firmly grasped the young boy's head.

"You The older boy panted.

Of course CJ couldn't answer with a mouth full of cock. He wasn't sure about the terminology but he did trust the boy.... so he nodded "yes."

Levi held the boy's head firmly and began slamming his cock as far down CJ's throat as he could. CJ easily swallowed Levi's cock like a pro. Levi was amazed at how deep his cock seemed to sink inside the young boy. The sensations of CJ's throat, tongue and lips were pushing Levi towards a second massive eruption.

As CJ worked on the older boy, his own cock was throbbing with the urgency of a wild, caged animal. It strained at the cum soaked denim of the young boy's jeans. More and more precum continued to soak CJ's leg, but the boy was far too preoccupied making love to Levi.

"I am making love to Levi!" the young boy thought.

The two boys had talked about love and sex; the differences between mere gratification and truly working to sexually satisfy someone. CJ wanted to do the latter; he wanted Levi to feel good; to feel "ecstatic," as Levi had said. From the sounds the older boy was making, CJ felt confident that, at least right now, he was doing a good job.

Levi was about to burst. He knew his second orgasm would easily be as massive as his first. His huge nuts swayed back and forth as his body shook with delight. Releasing CJ's head, the older teen bent forward and embraced the young boy. Levi held on tightly to the teen as he began to powerfuck CJ with his entire upper body. His cock drove deeper into CJ's throat.

It was time.... He couldn't hold back any longer. The smell of the boy's young body; the heat of both of the teens, sent Levi over the edge.

"CCCCCCCCC JJJJJJJJJJJJJAYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!! Get.....!!!!! Get..!!!!!! ready to.... Oh fucking Jesus..... SWALLOW!!!! Levi cried.

Then it hit. Levi pushed deep inside the young boy. His first few volleys of cum went deep down into CJ's gullet. Pulling back allowed CJ to taste more of Levi's successive cum shots. There were a lot. At least ten. The young boy savored the sweet taste of Levi's spunk. As Levi's cock swelled and fired off its multiple rounds, CJ's nail-hard cock began a spontaneous release of its own.

Already soaked from the first release, CJ's second orgasm immediately flowed through his jeans and dripped onto the ground. Puddles of his spunk pooled all over the parched desert floor as both boys obtained orgasms of seismic intensity.

Levi and CJ were surprised at the intensity of their orgasms. It almost seemed like the second release easily eclipsed the first in duration and passion.

Levi slowly released CJ and helped the young boy to stand tall. Looking down, Levi saw CJ's dripping wet jeans.

"Did you.....?" he started to ask.

CJ looked sheepishly at the older boy.

"I cummed again!" he croaked.

Levi laughed and held the boy tightly.

He could see passion blazing out of CJ's radiant blue eyes.

Levi couldn't resist. He moved his head towards the boy and kissed CJ on the lips. A little probing with his tongue and CJ's lips easily parted with no resistance. Levi's tongue moved inside the young boy's mouth and he quickly recognized the familiar flavor of his own spunk.

The boys played a little tongue dance before breaking free from their kiss.

"That was fucking awesome!" Levi gasped, "You did... every thing just perfect!"

Levi didn't want to tip off CJ to the obvious; that he knew the younger boy somehow had acquired experience sucking cock.

As with everything else Levi had observed about CJ, "He's a damned good learner!" the older boy thought.

"Little Levi" was still hanging out in the afternoon sun. Levi started to pack up his still turgid cock when CJ piped up, "Do you wanna do it again?"

Levi looked surprised at the young boy's virility. Then he thought about what Hok'ee had said.... that the young teen was a sexual powerhouse waiting to blossom.

"There's plenty of time for us when we get back to Phoenix!" Levi laughed, "But what about you? I wanna return the favor!"

CJ looked down at the ground and then turned away.

"Maybe later!" he said softly.

Levi was puzzled. They had seen each other naked when swimming. CJ had dry humped Levi more than once.

"So what's the problem?" he wondered, "He can't be that shy!"

CJ was afraid. Years of Trapper's ridicule and demeaning comments had made CJ self-conscious about his own body. He loved bringing pleasure to Levi and wanted to do it over and over again; non-stop until Levi was drained and fully sated. As for himself.... he knew the day was close at hand when he couldn't hide from Levi any longer. What would the older boy think when he finally saw CJ buck naked and fully aroused? He didn't think Levi would laugh at him and make hurtful remarks like Trapper had done. CJ knew that Levi was not that kind of person. But would he still want a "circus freak," as Trapper had called him, for a friend.... or as a lover??

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