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Time Enough For Love

by AZ Story Guy

Chapter 7

Both boys got back in the Tacoma; Levi ogled CJ's tight little ass as he climbed into the lifted vehicle.

"Good bye Gold Strike!" Levi chimed as the truck moved on.

"Yeah! I do not want to... ever see this place again!" CJ replied.

"Or what's left of it!" Levi laughed.

"A good ending to a stupid little hole in the wall town!" CJ quipped.

Levi glanced over at his friend; he noticed the large cum stain still showing on CJ's leg.

"I wish I had a spare pair of pants you could wear!" Levi laughed.

"I am okay.. Really... It... uh... Well.. I. kinda.... have 'accidents' like this a lot!" CJ said softly.

The young boy turned beet red and looked down at the floor board.

"Well that shit is over!" Levi laughed, "From now on I wanna take care of all your accidents.... PERSONALLY!"

CJ grinned at the boy but wondered what Levi would really think of his........ He tossed the thought out of his young mind.

Since it was a Monday, traffic was non-existent on the back roads from Gold Strike.

CJ surprised Levi by saying, "The roads are getting better!"

Indeed as the truck moved closer to the freeway, the quality of the dirt roads did improve.

"Wait until you see the Interstate!" Levi laughed.

CJ started to ask Levi what he meant.

"Just wait and see.... A picture is worth a thousand words!" Levi explained.

It occurred to Levi that CJ had probably never seen a paved road in his life. Maybe brick pavers in Prescott, but certainly not a four lane concrete and asphalt freeway!

The truck crested a final ridge before arriving at the Interstate.

"Get ready for this!" Levi announced, "And don't freak out..... Uh.... Don't be afraid of anything you see!"

The Tacoma rode over the rise in the road and there it sat: four lanes of paved highway; two steel bridges at the exit; cars and trucks bustling up and down, headed for their destinations. In the near distance, steel high voltage power lines carried electricity to the bustling expanse known as Phoenix.....

CJ's eyes widened as he took in the view.

"WWWWWW....WWWWWWOWWWWWWW!" the young boy exclaimed.

"How fast are those.... uh......!" he grasped for the words, "How fast.....!"

"Probably about seventy or eighty miles an hour!" Levi replied, "We'll be going that fast in a few minutes too!"

CJ's head jerked towards the older teen.

"Is that safe?" he said in a hushed tone.

"Hell yes! Just watch!" Levi laughed.

He turned the Tacoma on to the on-ramp and the engine gave a throaty roar as it picked up speed.

Up until that moment, the truck had never gone much faster than fifteen miles an hour down the dirt roads. CJ had been impressed with that; now he held on to the handhold with a death grip.

Levi glanced at the young boy. He could sense CJ's apprehension.

"Relax babe!" he said softly, "Everything is gonna be just fine!"

The truck merged into traffic and CJ continued to hold on for dear life.

Levi switched the radio to some soft jazz. He figured hard or alternative rock might be a little too intense for CJ's first high speed ride.

"H.... H..... H.....HHHHHHOWWWWW...... F... F..... F.... Fast... Uhhhhhhhh... Are......!!!!" the boy stuttered.

"Seventy five miles an hour!" Levi replied.

"That far.... in.... just.... one..... hour?" the boy croaked.

Levi nodded, "I told you it wouldn't take long to get back to Phoenix!"

CJ held on to the hand hold for dear life as the Tacoma flew down the Interstate. Gradually the boy's fears seemed to ease as he watched other vehicles traveling the same speed or even faster. There was another factor that calmed CJ's nerves: Levi. He watched the older boy and soon came to realize that there was nothing to be afraid of. Gradually he loosened his hold on the handle and relaxed into the seat.

"You okay?" Levi asked, glancing at his young friend.

"I ...I.I..think.... sooooo!" the boy stuttered.

"I told you not to worry about anything unless you saw me getting upset!" Levi laughed, "Relax! This is how we get around a lot in my.... In OUR time!"

CJ managed a weak smile as their travel continued.

Levi decided to distract his friend by playing a game. He started by identifying the various types of vehicles they passed on the freeway. He then challenged CJ to in turn identify any vehicle Levi called out. It worked and the younger boy soon forgot about their "breakneck" pace towards Phoenix.

The game was going fine until Levi picked out a vehicle he hadn't previously described to CJ. As they passed the large, ponderous vehicle, CJ could see windows with people looking outwards.

"I do not know.... Uh.... it is not a car or a truck or even an.... uh.... eight-teen-wheeler!" the boy sounded exasperated.

Levi laughed, "It's not your fault. I cheated!"

CJ looked at the boy with a puzzled expression.

"I didn't tell you about that one... In your time you had.... uh.. stagecoaches? Right?" Levi asked.

CJ nodded "Yes."

"Well... that's a Twenty-First Century version of a stagecoach. It's called a 'bus!'" he explained, "People can get on board and go from city to city; all the way across the country if they want to!"

"WOW! ... That must take a lot of time!" CJ exclaimed.

"I think about five days or so!" Levi answered.

"All the way across the country in FIVE DAYS?" the boy barked in amazement.

"Shit! We could do lot better in this truck... A bus has to stop for every little pissant town on its route. We could drive straight through in a lot less time than that.... And there's other ways to go too.... By train.. I don't think a lot of people do that anymore... but the fastest way is to fly!" Levi explained.

"Fly?" CJ croaked, "Like a bird?"

"Yup.... There's a whole shitload of airlines to pick from and they can fly across the country in hours!" Levi explained, "Of course I.... Uh.... WE wouldn't have to do that 'cause I can always get on a corporate jet and bypass all the bullshit that goes with commercial air travel!"

That explanation meant MORE explanations but CJ brought down the house by making Levi swerve in the lane with one simple question......

"What is a 'pissant?'" he asked.

The boys continued to play the game as Levi explained the sights to CJ. The boy was loaded with questions about everything. A lot of the answers were vague; Levi promised they could look everything up on the internet when they got back to Phoenix. That meant Levi had to try and explain the world wide web to a boy born in 1896...

"I know there's a lot of information flying at you... A lot of it will make more sense when we can sit down and study it together!" Levi promised.

"You... You... would.... spend.... time... like that... with me???" the boy asked.

Levi snapped his head around and smiled at the boy.

"FUCK YES! I can't wait to get back where we can spend a lot of good time together! I want you to know... to learn EVERYTHING you need to about your new world!" Levi exclaimed.

CJ stifled a sniffle. His eyes were moist again. He had never cried through all of Trapper's abuse, but CJ soon discovered that Levi made him cry a lot. He loved it. Those tears were always GOOD tears!

Levi saw his friend's expression. He reached over and stroked CJ's fluffy mop of hair.

"You're all I've... You're JUST what I EVER wanted!" Levi said to the boy.

CJ's heart did flip flops at the older boy's touch and his words.

A rumbling in Levi's stomach broke the quiet moment.

"Are you hungry?" he asked the boy.

"FUCK YES!" CJ barked.

Levi laughed.

"You're getting better at it!" he said of the boy's new found love of cursing.

"Trapper would not like it if I spoke like that....!" CJ replied.

"Fuck Trapper... He's dead!" Levi replied.

The older boy thought of HOW Trapper had died....

"No thanks and yes I know he is dead!" CJ replied.

"'No thanks?'" Levi repeated, "No thanks for what?"

CJ laughed.

"I got you this time!" the boy chortled.

Levi looked puzzled.

"You said 'Fuck Trapper' and I said 'No thanks!'" the boy laughed.

Levi looked at the boy and broke out in laughter.

"So I have a smart ass for a boy friend!" he laughed.

"No I am all smart... Not just my ass!" CJ replied.

"Yeah well you gotta a nice cute ass!" Levi laughed.

"Your ass is pretty nice too!" CJ shot back.

The exit ahead beckoned the truck to pull off. Levi spotted what he was looking for.

"You're about to get your first taste of Twenty-First Century food!" Levi told the boy.

They pulled up in front of their destination.

"What is a uh..... 'Sub-Way?'" the boy asked.

"For now it means food!" Levi laughed.

"Come on!" he motioned to CJ as the boy parked the truck.

Fortunately there were only a couple of people ahead of them. Levi watched as CJ studied everything taking place in front of him. The boy looked up at the menu and studied it intently.

Levi didn't know what to say. Should he explain the choices to CJ or could the boy figure it out for himself? CJ watched the people in front of him. He was like a hawk, observing everything they said and the responses from the clerks.

"So they have a.... uh..... foot long one and a.....!" he stumbled.

"Yeah two different sizes and those are all the choices in meats and the toppings too....!" Levi started to reply.

"They have turkey, chicken and ham?" the boy asked in amazement.

"All that and a lot more!" Levi laughed.

"I do not know which one I want!" CJ replied.

"Yeah I have that trouble a lot too!" Levi laughed.

Their turn came up and Levi ordered first. He kept it simple so as not to confuse CJ.

"Just pick the toppings I do unless you see something else you want!" he whispered to the boy.

"But there is uh..... there ARE so many!" he replied.

The clerk asked CJ what he wanted.

The boy paused.

"Uh..... turkey... chicken and ham!" he blurted out.

"But sir we don't have those three toppings together!" the clerk replied.

Levi watched the clerk; he was about the same age as himself and kind of cute; but NO WAY as cute as CJ....

"Then I want one of each!" CJ blurted out.

"Three sandwiches, sir?" the clerk asked.

"Yes! And put all the same stuff of mine like you did for Levi!" CJ said, pointing to his friend.

"So would you want three six inch subs or.....!" the clerk started to ask.

"Fuck no! I want the BIG ones!" CJ blurted out.

Levi laughed at the boy's response.

"Are you sure you can eat three ? That's a lot of food!" Levi asked.

"Well I am a lot of hungry!" CJ replied.

"Go ahead then!" Levi told the clerk.

The clerk eyed both boys and instantly Levi's gaydar started pinging. As he passed the sandwiches down the line, the clerk made eye contact with Levi.

"He's checking us out!"Levi thought to himself.

He shot the clerk a knowing smile. One that said "Yes! We are!"

As they got to the register, CJ's eyes widened.

"Are those.... chocolate chip?" the boy said as he eyed a shelf of cookies.

"Just made, sir!" another clerk replied.

"Can I have some?" CJ asked Levi, "PLEASE!!!!"

"Give us six of them!" Levi replied.

Then came the selection for drinks. CJ was completely lost as he looked at the menu. Most of the words made no sense to him until he saw "Lemonade"

"That is for me!" he said as he jumped up and down.

Levi was melting inside at CJ's innocence and excitement over something so simple. This is why he wanted the boy so badly. CJ was completely naive about the world around him. No attitude. No bullshit. Just a completely honest and drop dead cute country boy. There was no where on Earth where he could have found someone like CJ... At least not in THIS Century! The thought made Levi smile inside....

Moving outside, the boys took a table out of the way. CJ wasted no time attacking his first sandwich.

"THIS IS GREAT!" he said with a mouthful of food.

Levi laughed as the boy ate like it was his last meal.

Two girls siting a few tables away watched the boys banter back and forth.

"The blonde one is sooooo cute!" one girl remarked.

"You can have him... I want the one with the frosted tips!" girl number two replied.

They watched both boys eat and chatter. Girl number one soon picked up a vibe from both boys.

"I don't think so!' she said to her friend.

"Why not?" the girl replied.

"I bet you they're gay!" girl number one said.

"No way!" girl number two replied.

"Ha! They're wayyy too cute to be straight and watch at how they look at each other! You know guys well enough to know that straight boys don't act that way towards each other!' Girl number one explained.

"Why are all the really cute ones always gay and ALWAYS taken?" girl number two moaned, "I bet I could make the brown haired one forget all about his little blonde friend!"

Levi noticed the two girls checking them out. CJ was completely oblivious to anything except the three sandwiches which were rapidly disappearing by the minute.

"We have an audience!" Levi said in a soft voice to his friend.

"Huh?" CJ said between mouthfuls.

"Those two girls over there.... To your right.... They are checking us out!" Levi explained.

"Why?" CJ asked.

CJ's innocence again hit Levi like a brick wall. The kid had no idea how drop-dead cute he was. Of course Gold Strike didn't offer a lot of chances for a sixteen year old boy to experience the joys of growing into sexual maturity.

About that time, girl number two got up and strolled over to their table.

"Hi!" she said shyly.

"Hey!" Levi shot back.

"MMMPF!" CJ said as he chowed down his turkey sandwich.

"Uhh... You have to excuse him; he's not from around here and he's pretty darned hungry right now!" Levi laughed.

"I'm Levi and he's CJ!" the teen said.

"I'm Cindy and that's Rose over there!" she replied.

"So what's up with you two?" Levi asked.

"We're headed back to Prescott after hanging out in Phoenix for the weekend!" Cindy explained.

Hearing the word "Prescott" made CJ turn his head for a minute but he was soon back attacking his food.

"Really? We went exploring today.... That's my Tacoma out there!" Levi started to explain.

"Oh Wow! That's YOURS?" Cindy gasped.

"Yeah and I have a Jeep Wrangler back in Phoenix!" he continued.

"Wow! Are you rich or something?" she asked.

Levi laughed at her bluntness.

"Well... Yes as a matter of fact.... I am!" he replied.

"And single?" Cindy asked.

Her eyes betrayed a hopefulness to Levi.

Levi looked at Cindy and then at CJ.

"So am I single?" he asked the younger teen.

"Hell No! He's mine!" CJ barked as he wolfed down a chocolate chip cookie.

A wall of disappointment washed over Cindy.

"I knew it!" She said sadly, "All the cute boys are always taken!"

Levi laughed at her remark.

"Are you sure you're gay?" she asked Levi.

Levi looked at CJ and that connection clicked between the two boys.

"What does this tell you?" CJ said.

He leaned across the table and kissed Levi on the mouth. The older teen could feel CJ's tongue pressing against his lips so he let it in. A soft moan escaped his lips.

Not wanting to draw a crowd the two boys broke off their kiss and turned to smile at Cindy.

"Damn it!" she said softly, "You two are so damned cute... I would love to try and bring you over to 'our' side!"

Levi laughed, "Thanks for the compliment but we're pretty happy on our 'own side!'"

"Well. Like.... If you wanna hang out some time and see. what might happen... Here's my cell number!" she offered.

Levi accepted graciously and offered his number as well.

"CJ doesn't have a phone yet... We're gonna get him one later this week!" Levi explained, "They didn't exactly have very good phone service in Gold Strike!"

He laughed to himself at his remark.

"So that's where he's from?" Cindy asked, "Rose thinks he's pretty hot!"

Levi smiled, "Yeah he IS hot... Make no mistake about it!"

CJ cocked his head and looked at the older teen.

"But we're a number.... Inseparable forever!" Levi laughed.

"Forever is a long time!" Cindy replied.

"Well I traveled a long ways to find him!" Levi laughed, "He's one of a kind!"

CJ turned beet red at the praise.

"And he's very shy too!" Levi added.

Levi and Cindy talked a few more minutes; He found out both girls were eighteen and lived with their families in Prescott. They had graduated last spring just like Levi. Cindy cracked that CJ was "jail bait" and Levi replied saying he's "pretty grown up where it counts."

Cindy stared at the younger boy after that remark.

Levi saw her eyes dart to CJ's crotch; the outline of his semi-hard cock and a drying, but quite large, wet area were pretty hard to miss.

"Yeah... It looks like he has grown up where it counts!" she said softly.

She could feel herself getting wet as she watched CJ's cock move as the boy shifted positions in his chair.

Rose finally came over to join the rest of the group. Cindy broke the news to her about Levi and CJ.

"I told you!" Rose said to Cindy.

The four continued to chat for another ten minutes or so. Actually three conversed and the fourth continued to plow away on his sandwiches. Levi deflected a lot of questions away from CJ; the younger boy's mouth was continuously full of food so the task was relatively easy. He was amused because it was obvious that the girls wanted to fuck one or both of them. CJ was pretty much oblivious to everything except the final remains of his food. His few contributions to the conversation were limited to short "yes and "no" answers and a few grunts here and there.

The sun was lowering on the horizon; the girls wanted to get back on the road to Prescott before it got too dark.

Levi and CJ said their goodbyes as Cindy and Rose left.

Levi turned to his young friend ans asked, "So there was your first chance to score with a girl!"

The boy looked confused.

"I thought.... You and me..... !" He seemed totally confused.

"Relax! I just wondered if you..... uh... were attracted to them in any way... I mean... I can't imagine you met too many girls close to your age in Gold Strike!" Levi explained.

"No.... There were not... Uh..... I think maybe one or two girls maybe close to my age.... But.... I didn't feel any kinda attraction to them... I mean.... I know who I want!" the boy said softly.

He stared straight into Levi's eyes; the older teen thought he could literally feel CJ mind fucking him right there!

"Babe.... I was just kinda checking.... I mean I know WHO I want too but I just wanted to make sure he feels the same about me!" Levi stuttered.

Levi was used to being in command but somehow CJ had the ability to stealthily assert himself with very little effort.

"Good... Cause I wanted to be sure the boy I want wants me too!" CJ said with a grin.

"FUCK YES!" Levi tossed his head back and laughed, "And I'm gonna hold you to that promise!"

CJ looked confused.

"Twenty times?" Levi said with a wicked grin.

"Oh it is coming!" CJ shot back.

And then the young teen surprised Levi by adding, "It will keep cumming until you beg me to stop!"

Levi's cock was hard as a spike as he imagined CJ riding him like a cowboy on a bull. Precum started to leak out of his throbbing piss slit. CJ's cock was also stretched out down his right thigh. A wet spot was forming as the young boy began releasing his own load of pre-ejaculate.

"We should get back on the road!" Levi suggested.

"That is okay with me!" CJ replied, "But I would like to know one thing....!"

"What?" Levi asked.

"Are you going to finish your sandwich or not?" the boy asked.

Levi laughed; all three of CJ's sandwiches and all the cookies were gone. Levi had about a third of his left.

"You can have it... Here... Take some of these napkins and you can eat it on the road!" Levi laughed.

The boys left and headed to Levi's truck. Levi shook his head and muttered "fucking Neanderthals" as they walked by an old Chevy pickup with a Confederate Flag front license plate and a shotgun rack mounted in the rear window. CJ didn't hear Levi's comment as they got in the Tacoma and left the parking lot.

Unknown to the boys, Cindy and Rose weren't the only people watching them as they ate their meal.

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