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Time Enough For Love

by AZ Story Guy

Chapter 11

Levi wanted to "high five" CJ but he knew the boy didn't understand the gesture. Instead he hugged the boy and whispered, "I TOLD YOU NOT TO WORRY!"

"Now.... We're going SHOPPING for YOU!" Levi shouted with joy, "Come on, babe.... You can wear some of my stuff.... I have some shirts that will fit you... My jeans might be a little short but they'll do... Guess you're stuck with your shoes until we can fix that... Oh and Charles....!"

The man turned towards Levi.

"Here! Catch!" the boy barked.

Levi threw CJ's old clothes at the man.

"Check these out too and tell me if you think they were made anytime in THIS fucking Century!" Levi laughed.

Levi told CJ to meet him in his bedroom.

Before the older teen went to join CJ, the man stopped Levi and said, "You played that one better than Perry Mason!"

Levi didn't know who the fuck Perry Mason was.....

"Huh?" he grunted.

"Your story. Your explanation... The pictures... the stuff.... Uh... EVIDENCE... If it checks out I'm gonna have to check into some kind of therapy center!" the man said.

"Well then you better start fucking packing because it's all real... And CJ's the real deal too!" Levi said with a smug smile.

"I can see.... You really..... like him.... more than any of the others-----!" Charles started to say.

"LIKE HIM? Jesus H. Christ, Charles...!!!! How can you be so dense? I don't LIKE CJ, I am in fucking LOVE with him ALL THE WAY! He's the boy I always wanted..... Now I have him... And NOTHING is going to take him away from me!" Levi shouted with glee.

Charles was seeing a more serious side to the hormonally hyped, oversexed eighteen year old Levi Aaron Roberts. Levi had never demonstrated a tenth of this passion for any of the endless string of young boys that he had paraded through this house. Levi treated CJ with a kindness, respect and reverence that Charles had never seen the boy show anyone before.

"Okay so I am a little.. uh... slow!" Charles said in a soft voice.

"'A LITTLE?'" Levi laughed, "You make a fucking snail look like the Starship Enterprise hauling ass at Warp Ten!" Levi quipped.

"So then... I'll start.... doing what needs to be done to make CJ 'legitimate' so he can.... uh... live in.... Oh fuck!!! I don't even know how to express myself about this!" the man cried.

"So CJ can live in his new world!" Levi said, "Just think of it that way and it's fucking easy... a sleigh ride.... a piece of chocolate marble cake!"

Levi went thought his small "warehouse" of jeans before picking out a nice gray pair of skinnys for CJ. A dark blue T shirt and some fresh socks.

"Go ahead and change and meet me in the garage!" Levi said.

It wasn't long before CJ emerged as instructed. The sight made Levi's heart stop beating; his mouth turned dry as dust and his cock sprung to nail-like hardness.

Levi wore his jeans like they were designed; he HATED the sagging look. CJ did the same. The fabric clung to the boy like a second skin. Fortunately the shirt covered CJ's impressive junk. Levi couldn't see what was hiding there or how it looked concealed behind the jeans. But CJ's ass and long coltish legs were enough to drive the older teen wild with lust. As predicted the jeans were a bit short, but Levi figured as stunning as CJ looked, no one would be paying any attention to that minor detail.

"Y.Y..Y.Y..You l.l.l.looook hotter than FUCK!!!!" Levi stammered.

CJ blushed at the compliment.

"These here jeans sure... fit... like... a... a.... 'nother skin.... t ...t ...t ...they m ...m ...m.make my....uh.... um.... hard!" he stuttered.

Levi smiled at the boy's innocence.

"That's how they're supposed to!" he replied, "And. you.... look.... good.enough... to EAT!"

The two teens headed out to an outlet mall. What followed was a whirlwind shopping spree. Pairs and pairs of jeans; skinnys. Boot cut slim fit Levis, shirts, belts, socks, shoes, boots, underwear (Levi figured CJ might want at least a few pair although he knew as soon as they got home, he could pick out some really sexy gear for CJ from the internet).....

Levi didn't care how much he spent. Every penny was worth it for the boy he loved. As they left the mall, the older teen spied a western wear store.

"Come on!" he said to CJ.

Entering, CJ's face lit up. This was a store that looked like something from his time. Albeit newer and contemporary; the clothes looked more like something he saw in Gold Strike. Then a display took his breath away. It was a wall filled with cowboy hats.

CJ looked at Levi and then back to the hats, then back to his friend.

"Can I git one?" he said.

His voice radiated with the excitement of a young child.

"ONE? Fuck I figured you'd want more than that!" Levi laughed.

It ended up being six..... Six hats, some western belts, cowboy boots and a few patterned western shirts that made the boy look absolutely killer!

Levi laughed as they crammed the last few clothing items into a packed Tacoma.

"I ...I.I.I.n..n..n.never thought I would---!" CJ stuttered.

"SHHH!" Levi said.

Then the older boy leaned in and kissed CJ on the mouth; right in the parking lot. Two older women clucked at the sight. Levi didn't know if they approved or not, but he broke off from his kiss long enough to say "We're gay and we're here to stay!"

With that, the two boys headed home. On the way back, CJ 's rumbling stomach betrayed the fact that he was hungry. Levi had treated his friend to mall treats but a full-on day of whirlwind shopping left both boys ravishing for a real meal. Levi ordered pizzas on the fly (because CJ wanted more of them) - and then he had to try and explain to the young teen just how he could do that. Levi said if they were lucky, the pizzas would be arriving home about the same time as they did!

"When we get home, we're gonna get you some more toys!" Levi promised the boy.

Even though CJ didn't need a cell phone who would he call? - Levi wanted to acclimate his friend to his new lifestyle. The day had been a stellar success. Levi watched CJ observe every minute detail of the shopping mall experience. The young teen had peppered Levi with questions, but overall, he had acted much like any boy from the Twenty First Century! Levi had no idea how CJ would react to the new world around him. The telling trademarks were the non-ending "WOWS!" and the boy's sharp eyes didn't miss anything. Levi had no doubt that CJ was processing everything he saw. That processing manifested itself in the non-ending series of questions, which Levi loved. He felt like a mentor to his young friend.

Now the only hurdle remaining was to coax CJ into a full blown sexual relationship. Levi was bursting at the seams to realize this goal. He had no idea exactly how to pull this off. Hok'ee had advised Levi to let CJ come around on his own terms. That advice was guiding Levi but at the same time limiting his actions. As a result, the older teen was extremely frustrated and horny...

Levi had no idea that his long wait was about to end....

As the boys arrived back home, CJ remarked, "It's gonna rain tonight!"

Levi scanned the horizon and saw cloud buildups to the north. However he knew from experience the reality of a full blown monsoon rain coming this late in August was only iffy at best.

"So you're my own personal weatherman now?" he laughed.

Reaching out, Levi ruffled the young teen's wild thatch of blonde hair.

"I.... I.... wanna... be.... your.... personal.....!" the boy struggled with his words.

Either shyness or uncertainly seemed to be inhibiting the teen.

"....Your.... personal.... EVERYTHING!" he finally blurted out.

Levi stared at CJ; his eyes began to water.

"That's the sweetest thing I ever heard!" Levi said softly.

"You.... you..... did not.. didn't!" he corrected himself.

"....have to.. buy me... all these... things!" he finished, "How.... can..... I.. pay......!"

"STOP IT!" Levi interrupted, "You're 'paying me back' just by being YOU!"

"I watched you all day in the mall... I saw the looks on your face.... the expressions.. the wonderment you experienced.... It made me feel SOOOOOO happy.... Happy because I was able to make it all happen! That's the 'payback' for me!" Levi said softly. He sniffled as he delivered the words.

"But.... you are... you're... crying!" CJ said, "I do not... DON'T want to make you cry.... Boys are not supposed to.... cry!"

"BULLSHIT!" Levi said in a subdued voice, "Boys can cry or do anything they fucking want! I'm crying because I have been able to make you so fucking happy!"

CJ now was the one crying.

"You.... You.... did.... Uh..... You have done.... a lot more than make me happy.... You have given me a chance at a new life.. A life I never dreamed could exist!" CJ cried.

Both boys stared into each others souls.

"Let's stop all this crying and get all your stuff moved into your room!" Levi laughed, "Besides I bet the pizzas will be here any minute!"

"Then can I go swimming again?" CJ asked.

His eyes suddenly seemed as bright as the sun.

"Anything you want! Anytime you want!" Levi laughed.

Moving the clothes had to wait as the food arrived. Levi had learned from the last time and ordered seven large pizzas. He figured there was no way CJ could eat more than he had before. He was wrong. The boy had an empty pit for a stomach yet no matter how much he ate, his body remained.... trim.... tight... and something to die for!

Levi's cock was hard as steel as he sat at the dinner table watching CJ eat. Everything the young teen did seemed to exude a hyper sexuality. That made Levi recall Hok'ee's prediction that CJ would develop into a sexual dynamo. For the first time in his eighteen years, Levi wondered if he would be up to the task of satiating CJ's sexual needs....

Soon the two boys had all of CJ's new wardrobe loaded into his cavernous walk-in closet.

"I can not... Uh.. can't believe all of this is mine!" the young teen said as he looked at all the clothes, "I had to save forever to get my one pair of Levis!"

"Those days are long fucking gone!" Levi laughed, "Buried in time a century ago! Come on... Now it's time to buy you some more toys!"

"More? But what.... More? What do I need... I already have you!" the boy blurted out.

Levi's eyes welled up with tears again. He quickly embraced his young friend.

"You've got me forever... You're all I ever wanted in my life!' he cried softly.

Levi led his friend to his computer where the older teen proceeded to purchase toys for his boyfriend.... A phone, DVD player, HDTV, a PC, a laptop, a tablet.... Whatever struck Levi's fancy, he bought it. Thousands of dollars worth of merchandise was ordered for CJ.

"Why do I need this?" the young teen kept asking.

"It's not so much that you need it... It's because you can have it!" Levi laughed.

Soon it was dusk. Clouds loomed closer to the city. CJ was fidgety.

"What's the matter?" Levi asked, "The clouds?"

CJ nodded.

"It... reminds.... me.... of.... something.... BAD!" the boy stammered.

Levi wondered what the boy meant. They were long gone from Gold Strike and the cave. There was no way any time portal was going to swallow up his new friend.... Then a chill struck him.

"He's starting to remember!" Levi thought.

Getting shot... the blood... the gore... the pain... slowly dying in a raging storm.

"Those memories are starting to return!" Levi thought, "How the fuck do I handle this one?"

He decided the best thing to do would be to keep CJ busy. Occupied. Doing something to keep his mind from facing the lost memories that might be returning....

Levi tossed a skimpy pair of speedos to his friend.

"Let's go!" he challenged the boy.

CJ jumped and pulled off his clothes in one swift move. Levi's throat tightened as he saw CJ naked in all his glory. That nice, plump 5" cock and two HUGE low hanging balls..... A body so smooth and tight.....

"FUCK!" Levi swore to himself.

CJ peeled the speedos up and on to his lean frame.

"Fuck my.... uh... 'junk' barely fits in these!" he laughed.

"You look good enough to eat!" Levi panted.

CJ skipped out to the pool while Levi changed into a similar pair of trunks. His cock was dripping like a fire hose as he tried to stuff it all into the skimpy suit.

"I can't take this much longer!" he thought to himself.

"Hok'ee... this boy is driving me crazy!" Levi called out to his long dead Native American mentor and friend......

Levi plunged into the pool and the boys began to play. Water fights, diving, swimming, floating... anything to keep CJ busy and distracted. It seemed to be working! After an hour or so, both boys hauled themselves up on the pool deck. The wind was starting to whip up; lightning crackled in the distance.

"We better head inside!" Levi cautioned, "We don't wanna get fried!"

Both boys moved inside. They watched the storm move toward the city. Then, in a not unusual fashion, it seemed to blow over and disappear.

"They do that a lot!" Levi remarked to his friend, "The heat generated by all the buildings and concrete in the city are like a big heat island! It makes the storms split and go around the city!"

CJ eyed the clouds.

"It will be back!" he warned his friend.

"How the fuck could he know that?" Levi wondered.

Both boys realized the day's shopping trip and the late night swimming had left them dog tired. After showering they headed off to sleep.

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