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Time Enough For Love

by AZ Story Guy

Chapter 12

Multiple lightning strikes flashed through the night sky. Thunder shook the ground; window glass and small objects in the room rattled at the impacts.

CJ bolted up like a rocket in his bed. It was dark.

"Where the fuck am I?" he thought to himself.

His skin was clammy and sweat formed on his forehead.

Another lightning strike flashed and the rumble of thunder again shook the house.

CJ looked up and saw the ceiling fan.

"Levi's house... I am here! It's real!" he thought to himself.

Another flash of lightning struck.

He saw himself lying on the ground. Blood. Everywhere... So much blood! The pain! It hurt like Hell! Levi was... where? Then he saw.... Levi was in shock and crying... CJ realized.... he was dying! Then....CJ remembered..... Trapper shot him! He felt his life quickly fading away..... The darkness of the night was nothing compared to the darkness closing in on his young life.

More lightning....

Real or remembered... CJ couldn't tell... He needed Levi now! He wanted to hold the boy.... the ONLY person who had ever shown him any love in his sixteen short years!

CJ stumbled out of bed.

"I gotta find Levi!" he cried to himself.

The young teen staggered down the hallway. Darkness. Real or imagined? Lightning flashed. Thunder shook the ground like a series of earthquakes. The boy hit the wall with a thud and fell to the floor.

Pain. Sharp, unending pain flooded his body. Or was it all in his mind? Then he remembered. More..... MORE!!! A tall figure carrying his dying body. Hok'ee! It was Hok'ee! He felt an infusion of life saving energy from the Native American savior. Levi was at his side, crying and bawling his eyes out. Darkness.... More.... CJ was fading fast.

More lightning. Thunder. Pain.

"Ohhhh fuck it hurts!" the boy cried.

He crawled along the floor. His shorts were pulled off by friction from the carpet. Looking down, CJ saw his body was whole and complete. So what was he seeing? A vision? It had to be. More memories crept into his brain.... They had been hiking to the cave... To try and get back to Levi's time.... Trapper appeared; they argued... The man was going to shoot Levi! CJ jumped in front of his friend and he was struck by a bullet fired by Trapper....

Darkness.... Fading...... He knew he was going to die....

They reached the cave..... Hok'ee gently handed CJ's dying body to Levi. The man told Levi to hold on and not let go... If he did... CJ would die..... Levi held CJ like they were glued together... A light... Faint light.... glowing in the dark tunnel of CJ's mind.

The boy felt more life flowing into his dying body.... Fighting off death... Keeping the "grim reaper" from claiming him. CJ crawled toward the light. Then he recognized the light's source! It was a little night light in Levi's room! The older boy had joked about not wanting to sleep in total darkness!

CJ lifted himself up and saw Levi's golden frame asleep in his bed. Stumbling forward, CJ fell into the bed as another round of thunder and lightning shook the house.

"What the fuck......!" Levi woke from his sound sleep.

"CJ?" he cried.

The young boy was lying next to him. Shivering, Cold. Sweaty.

"Oh fuck!" Levi screamed.

He grabbed the boy and held him tightly.

CJ saw the light grow. More and more. Brighter... He saw... He felt.... that same life saving essence... It was Levi!

"I.... I.... I..... re.... re.... remember.....!" the young boy cried.

Levi held CJ tighter than ever.

"It'll be okay!" Levi said softly.

He stroked the young boy's hair. It was matted and damp from sweat!

The two boys literally became one in the darkness of the stormy night.

Gradually, the light became brighter and brighter. CJ's vision cleared. He knew where he was... And who was holding him in the darkness of the night.

"I... I... I.... k... k... k.... know what h. h ...happened to me!" the boy stuttered.

"How much do you remember?" Levi whispered.

"Everything!" CJ replied, "You... You.... saved my life!"

Levi shook his head, "No!"

"YES!" the boy shot back, "I felt... your... life... flowing... into my body....! If... If... you had not.... been there..... I woulda'..... died!"

Levi held his young friend even tighter.

"It's all in the past... The long dead past... You're here with me now. Here with me forever!" Levi whispered to his young friend, "I may have saved your life but you have given me a reason to live! We're 'even' okay? All that matters now is that we have each other!!!"

The two boys soon fell into a deep sleep. The light was there! CJ saw it all and remembered! He was no longer afraid.... Levi had saved his life... No matter what the older boy said, CJ knew if it had not been for Levi and Hok'ee, he would have died. It no longer mattered though..... Levi was right... it was all now just a memory in the long dead past.

The young boy's bright blue eyes soon closed and he remained physically bonded to his older friend.....

Levi awoke around 3:00AM.

"What the fuck!" he thought to himself.

Then he remembered! CJ was sleeping with him. No, more than that, CJ was holding onto him for dear life! Levi's mental haze cleared and he recalled what had happened.....

"It's okay baby!" Levi cooed, "I'm here with you and we're not going anywhere.... unless we do it together!"

"I... I..... LOVE. YOU!" a soft voice whispered.

"CJ?" Levi asked, "You're awake?"

"Yes!" the boy said softly.

"Don't worry babe! I'm here and we're together!" Levi said.

CJ made a soft mewling sound.

"We're together... But... But.... I... I.... I.... want more!" CJ whispered.

"What?" Levi said in a soft voice.

"I.... I... want.... you.... I want to.... make.... love to you!" CJ cried, "But.... but.... I... am.. afraid.... I... do not.... DON'T... know.....!"

"SHHHH!" Levi said.

He stroked the boy's hair.

"Don't worry... I'll teach you... You'll learn... quickly! You're so fucking smart!" Levi reassured the boy.

"Then... show me.... please!" CJ cried, "I know... I have known since we met at Gold Strike... that you wanted... you want me... but I have been I am so afraid!" CJ cried.

Levi was crying as CJ poured out his soul.

"Not knowing what to to do... Is nothing!" Levi said, "If you're sure you're ready....!"

"YES!" the boy replied in a firm tone.

The boys were face to face. Levi could feel something pressing against his thigh. Something very, very large, very long and very hard.

Despite having fucked and sucked a shitload of boys in his young life, THIS boy was different. He didn't want to have sex with CJ; Levi wanted to make love... passionate, heated, frenzied, enduring love... to his sixteen year old friend.

Levi slowly moved to CJ's ear and began to gently nibble on his young friend.

CJ cooed in response.

Levi felt his cock start drooling; he also felt CJ's massive, fat tube of flesh pulsate wildly.

Levi moved down CJ's neck. Nibbling. Licking. He held the boy tightly. Their cocks rubbed together... Precum coated both organs and heightened the sensation. Levi leaned in and kissed CJ on the mouth. Their tongues wrapped around each other: CJ thrust his body into Levi's.

Levi relished the minty taste of CJ's mouth and his overall fresh, clean smell. Obviously the younger teen was reveling in the ease of keeping himself squeaky clean.

CJ moaned more as he tried to push back and dominate Levi.

"I wanna!" he started to say.

"SHHH!" Levi admonished him.

"Just let me lead... You watch and learn!" he finished.

Levi knew without a doubt that CJ would process everything that was happening.

"That's all he needs to know to learn!" the boy thought.

Slowly working down the younger boy's tightly toned body, Levi stopped to nibble on each of CJ's tiny, erect nipples. Lightly chewing on each one sent CJ into spasms of ecstasy. Down lower Levi worked until he reached CJ's waist. As the boys pulled apart, Levi heard a loud "thunk." Then he saw it. Even in the almost total darkness of the night, there was no mistaking what CJ was packing between his legs.

By comparison, Levi felt like a sixth grader!

"Holy Fuck!" he gasped.

CJ pulled back. All his fears were being realized. He was a freak; Trapper had told him so over and over. No one was supposed to have a cock that large. Trapper had repeatedly ridiculed the boy for his massive endowment.

"Whoa! "Whoa!" Levi said as he pulled CJ back towards him.

"I ...I.I knew i..... i!" CJ cried, "You You d ...d .ddon't w ...w ...w ...want m ...m ...m now! I'm not n ...n ...n ...n...normal... I'm a.... freak!"

"What?" Levi cried, "Who the fuck told you THAT?"

"Trapper!" the boy said in a soft tone.

"Fuck that asshole! He'd DEAD!" Levi barked, "You mean... the reason you've been hiding this fucking awesome cock from me is because you thought I wouldn't want it?"

"Yes!" the boy cried softly.

"Don't you get it, CJ? Trapper was fucking JEALOUS of you! Your cock is fucking AWESOME!!! So many guys would either kill have have one like yours, or want you just for it.....!" Levi soothed the boy's lack of confidence.

"Really?" the boy said in a timid voice.

"FUCK YES!" Levi laughed, "What's more, I love it and I want it!"

CJ pushed himself back to Levi.

"Then take it.... Take me... it is.... It's... I am.... I'm. Y ...Y.Y.Yours!" the boy stammered.

Levi knelt down and examined CJ's cock. He placed his hand around it...barely.... His thumb just touched his fingers.

"Fuck! It's gotta be almost two inches thick!" he thought to himself.

The head of CJ's massive cock was neatly cut; odd for the era in which CJ was born.... and it pulsated continually expelling droplets of precum. Levi could tell the head was even fatter than the shaft. A perfect mushroom head adorned this pulsating monster.

Levi placed both of his hands around the shaft.

"A two hander easily!" he thought.

He long ago had learned that if he placed both hands side by side on a cock, it was equal to about 8 or 8" in length.... Levi could tell there was still some of the shaft projecting from his hands PLUS the magnificent, throbbing mushroom head.

"FUCK! Maybe ten inches?" he thought to himself, "How does such a skinny guy rate such a HUGE cock?"

Levi immediately knew the sexual dynamic between him and CJ might change forever. A younger boy with an overpoweringly huge cock! Levi felt dwarfed by the endowment of this sixteen year old boy born in 1896! Suddenly, thoughts of defined sexual roles disappeared from his mind. All Levi wanted to do was experience this monster... In his mouth, in his ass, he didn't care! A lust was burning inside him like the heat of a sun.

Reaching down the long, pulsating shaft, Levi could feel fat veins throbbing with the life blood that kept this monster erect. And it was erect. Standing up like a redwood tree. Levi had seen big cocks before although none THIS big and they always seemed to droop from their own weight. Not CJ's.

"You could hit baseballs with it or drive nails into steel!" he thought.

Then he found them: CJ's two ponderously huge nuts.

"Walnut? Fuck no... EGG sized!" he thought.

Hanging low in a soft, furry pouch.

"Now I know where all that jism comes from!" he laughed to himself.

Levi moved back up to the drooling head of CJ's monster. His tongue extended to taste the boy's nectar.


Levi couldn't wait any longer; he couldn't control or help himself. In an instant, he swallowed the head of CJ's monstrous cock. CJ literally bucked and rose up from the bed.

He had uncovered the last part of his boy from the past... His PERFECT boy from the past. All Levi wanted to do now was go balls to the wall and make total unbridled love to Curtis Jay Jones....

Levi slowly began to suck the fat, throbbing, drooling head of CJ's "super cock." He could taste its slimy offering of precum. Like a water faucet, the nectar streamed out of a gaping piss slit. Levi drank the flow like it was honey. The older boy readied himself for the task at hand. He was glad that he had the unique ability to deep throat with ease. He also mentally thanked Hok'ee for preparing him for the task he was about to undertake.

Distending his jaw, Levi began to swallow CJ's massive fuck stick. Slowly inches disappeared down Levi's throat. From the outside, Levi's throat bulged and pulsated as the younger teen's massive snake slid deeper and deeper into the older teen.

CJ began bucking and thrusting as Levi's throat muscles expertly massaged his sensitive cock.

"LEEEEEEEE VIIIIIIIIII!!!!!" the young boy cried.

His body lifted both of them up off the bed. Levi was surprised although he should not have been at the young boy's strength.

"MMMPF!" was all Levi could mutter. CJ's massive cock was completely lodged in the older boy's throat. Far down inside, precum was flowing deep into Levi's gullet. Slowly he worked back up the swollen shaft and then down again. Over and over Levi milked CJ's cock like a pro. His own 7" inch cock a seemingly a very diminutive 7" when compared to what was lodged in his throat was pouring precum all over both boys. Droplets of Levi's nectar sprayed outward as his cock slapped against his body or rubbed against the prone sixteen year old stud lying in the older teen's bed.

The amount of precum produced by CJ was extraordinary. Levi had his share of sucking off plenty of guys who "leaked" a lot, but CJ's "leak" was a steady flow!

It all made sense to him now. The massive outline in CJ's well worn hundred year old Levis; the constant wet stains, the puddles of jism that pushed through CJ's jeans and dripped on the ground.

"With his balls he could flood the state!" Levi laughed inside as he deep throated the young teen again. It was getting much easier now. He had adjusted to the massive length and girth of CJ's cock. Levi took a chance. Reaching back, he slowly moved a finger towards CJ's tight ass. He was unsure how CJ would react. The boy had been violated by Trapper for years. Would CJ accept Levi's tentative exploration, or would he be rebuffed?

The answer was blatant. CJ's tight little sphincter opened and swallowed Levi's wet digit. He pushed in gently but CJ's body had a mind of its own. It seemed to swallow Levi's finger as far as it could go.

CJ again bucked and mewled.


His cock hardened and expanded even more if that were possible and Levi knew the boy was close. He also knew that if CJ remained embedded deep inside him, then there would be no tasting of the boy's spunk. It would be directly deposited deep inside Levi's body. The older boy didn't want to miss CJ's eruption. He quickly moved up the shaft so that only the fat, pulsating cock head was inside his hot mouth.

Levi was ready. He shoved his finger deep inside CJ's ass; past the younger boy's prostate.

CJ's reaction was immediate. Instead of a steady drip of precum, the flow changed. It became a stream. Levi was drinking CJ's juices but the flavor had changed. Now it tasted sweet, and the texture was much thicker. The flow increased. Levi gulped and swallowed continuously. He did not want to miss or lose a drop.

"LLLLLLLEEEEE VIIIIIIIII!" CJ cried again, "I ...I ...I ...I ...I am I ...I ...I.I'm gonna CUMMMMMMMMMM!"

"A.... A.... A...... L ...L ...L ...L ...L ...L ...LOT!" he added.

Levi was confused. He thought the boy was already cumming. His confusion quickly dissipated. CJ grabbed his head and forced Levi down on his massive fuck pole.

The first shot hit the back of Levi's throat with a jolt. Levi's eyes flew wide open.

"Fuck! Here it comes!" he thought.

All the juices that had ejaculated from the young teen prior to this point paled in comparison to what happened next. First shot: "thunk!" Levi felt it hit his throat. He didn't have time to really think about it because then the next bolt of cum struck with an equal force. Levi began to swallow. More and more cum flooded his mouth. Shot after shot pulsated into the boy.

Levi gulped down every shot. Swallowing quickly as he could. The effect of that swallowing drove CJ into spasms of ecstasy. His young body bucked with the force of a wild bull. Levi's head was held in place by the younger teen's strong arms. The same arms Levi had seen in action defending him at the rest stop.

Levi lost it; his own cock began showering sprays of spunk like a fire hose. Everywhere.... it coated anything in range. Himself, CJ, the bed. Cum dripped from both boys' bodies. Levi always thought he came a lot; many boys had told him so. That dynamic also changed as CJ's eruption continued. Levi lost count of the successive shots of cum being fired into his mouth.

"Eight? Ten? A dozen?" he wondered.

Waves of ecstasy and bliss flooded both boys. This was it! The culmination of everything that started with his impromptu road trip to Gold Strike... Four days living in another world... Finding the boy in the school class picture... Convincing him to come back to Levi's world..... and then actually managing that task despite the assault by Trapper and the odds of a time travel opening even occurring.

All of that past was now "cumming" to fruition in Levi Aaron Roberts' bed. He had found the perfect boy. The boy he wanted to spend his life with... forever.... And now the two of them were making love. Other boys just had sex.... Levi was making LOVE to his boy!!!!!!


Slowly he released his grip on Levi's head. Amazingly, CJ's cock remained hard as a steel rod. Juices still dribbled from the fat mushroom head. The veiny shaft pulsated with life. Levi continued to lap down CJ's boy nectar. The older teen waited for CJ to show the typical post- ejaculation sensitivity. That didn't happen. CJ was content to leave his still completely hard cock embedded in Levi's mouth.


Levi uttered a series of grunts as he feasted on the young boy's cock.

CJ laughed and slowly pulled his still throbbing cock from the older boy's mouth.

"It is a lot easier to talk when your mouth is not full!" CJ quipped.

Levi laughed at the boy's humor.

"That was so fucking AWESOME!" Levi exclaimed.

"No one has... ever... before... done...!" CJ stuttered.

"Well get used to it because this is only the FIRST time!" Levi laughed.

CJ blushed, "You really do not think.... my.... cock..... I.... am.... a... freak------!!!"

"STOP THAT!" Levi commanded, "You are so fucking perfect in every way! NO! HELL FUCKING NO! You're no 'freak!'. You're every boy's wet dream come true!"

"What is a 'wet dream?'" CJ inquired.

Levi shook his head. He knew CJ must have plenty of those; he just obviously didn't know what they were called.


"Oh!" CJ said, nodding his head, "I have THOSE all the time!"

"Well no more!" Levi commanded, "From now on I wanna be drinking your cum straight from the source every time you want!"

"Really?" CJ asked, "Every time?"

Levi nodded his head "yes."

"How about now?" the boy asked.

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