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Time Enough For Love

by AZ Story Guy

Chapter 13

Levi's head spun in circles. He had just sucked what felt like a gallon of cum out of the biggest cock he had ever seen..... Well, second to Hok'ee... and the boy was asking for more!

"You mean like this?" Levi asked.

He slithered down to CJ's almost completely hairless crotch nwhether that was natural or not, Levi didn't care and in the darkness of the room he homed in on the massive cum rocket.

Opening his mouth wide, Levi easily gulped CJ down again. Deeper... Deeper.. All the way down to his pubic bone.

"OHHHHHH!" CJ cried, "You... do... that.... so.... GOOD!"

Levi began his masterful skill at sucking CJ's rock hard weapon. It seemed like the young boy's cock had not softened at all since it's first torrential release. Levi continued working the boy over until he withdrew completely.

CJ looked down with a puzzled expression.

"Relax!" Levi assured the boy.

He slowly opened CJ's legs wide enough so that he could begin servicing the two massive balls hanging loosely in a huge sack of baby-smooth skin.

CJ threw his head back and began purring like a kitten. Levi slowly took one testicle at a time into his mouth for a complete tongue bath. CJ's balls felt like they were on fire.

"I bet he's getting ready to shoot another load!" Levi thought.

In an instant Levi was back swallowing CJ's now furiously dripping telephone pole-sized cock. Just as before, the older boy demonstrated his snake-like ability to drive all the way down... over and over... massaging CJ's loaded missile. with his strong throat muscles. CJ's breathing became more labored. He began barking and mewling silly little noises as the pressure in his egg- sized nuts neared a volcanic release.

Levi could sense the changes in his young friend. Like before, he rose back up on the massive organ, getting ready to capture all CJ had to offer.

CJ gasped as Levi slipped his middle finger inside his tight fuck hole. That action made CJ cry out in pleasure; Levi tasted the change in CJ's ejaculate. Immediately the sweet flavor of the young boy's spunk was there. Dribbling then drooling then flowing. Levi worked his finger around and pushed deeper inside the boy.

The first actual cum shot hit the back of Levi's throat like a gunshot! Then again.... again.... more...more...

"Fuck!" Levi thought as he worked to keep up with the young teen's strong and forceful explosions of baby batter.

Levi felt the boy again grab his head and force him down on the rapidly firing cock. That sent CJ's ejaculations deeper inside the older teen. Levi's vision blurred and he was vaguely aware that his own cock was spontaneously releasing another huge load.

Levi would laugh later thinking that he came a lot...... Well. Maybe he did compared to other boys.... But CJ's explosive ejaculations were in a completely different category. Levi thought about what Hok'ee had predicted.

"I've awakened a beast! A truly awesome cum machine!" he thought as he swallowed shot number.... twelve? The boy wasn't sure. It was hard to count and swallow and not choke on the copious, forceful releases by the young boy from a Century ago....

Soon Levi and CJ fell asleep completely intertwined. CJ spooned against the older boy; his slimy hard cock slid back and forth all night as the boys dozed off in the best rest of their lives. CJ would awaken the next morning to discover that his "slipping and sliding" had caused him to have had several more massive releases of his ample baby batter. Later on both boys would giggle as they realized how CJ had painted Levi's backside and the linens with a torrent of spunk.

Before that discovery came the morning awakening. Very late. After all, the boys had been busy the night before knocking down many of CJ's deep seated inhibitions.

Levi awoke and felt a massive steel rod pressed against his backside. The room reeked of sex and spunky teenaged boys.

"You feel sooo goooood!" Levi said softly as his young friend slept.

"So do you!" came a husky response.

"You're awake!" Levi said softly.

"Been so for a while... I didn't want to leave you!" the boy said in a shy voice.

"Last night.... it was... so much more than I could have ever expected or hoped for!" Levi whispered to his friend.

"Than YOU hoped for?" CJ shot back, "For the first time in my life..... Now I understand.... Trapper hated me; he was envious of me; he used me; he used my own body against me to make me think that I was.....!"

"Yes!" Levi interrupted, "That filthy son of a bitch will never denigrate or abuse you again!"

"What does. den.... denny-grate mean?" CJ asked.


"We'll get on the internet today and I'll show you just how fucking SPECIAL you are!" Levi promised the boy.

"Really? Me?" CJ inquired.

"Oh fucking Hell yes! What you've got is a fucking gift.. I bet you're one in a million... That doesn't make you a 'freak!'. That makes you very god damned lucky!" Levi explained.

The older teen thought for a minute.

"Uhhh.... There's something else!" he started to say.

CJ listened intently.

"Go ahead!" he prompted the older boy.

Levi was tongue tied. He didn't know how to say what he was thinking.

Finally he just let it all out.....

"It's like this.... You're so fucking special.. What nature has given you.... Plus you're younger than me and a lot stronger.... so fucking strong.... so hot... so.... a perfect definition of a 'stud!'" Levi was babbling, "It's all different now... If you want to lead... to be the dominant one in our relationship... I'll bottom for you forever... I'll do whatever you want sexually... cause I just want....!"

CJ's sexual magnetism had trapped Levi like a fly on flypaper. The older boy was captivated, ready to be dominated, by CJ. He couldn't help himself. CJ exuded sexuality that Levi was powerless to resist.

Now it was CJ's turn to talk.....

"SHHHH!" he interrupted Levi in a parody similar to that used by the older boy.

"I am understanding now.... I am starting to see how I was. uh... abused.... and how Trapper tried to make me feel.... like shit!" the boy replied, "But..... you and me.... We are something different... We have a special thing a uh.... friendship..... that goes way past anything.... I could ever imagine..... YOU saved my life. More than once.... I owe everything to YOU. If you had not.... uh..HADN'T.... been persistent in chasing after me.... making me understand what kind of short and..... nasty future I had in Gold Strike..... I would be buried on that mountainside under tons of rock... Instead I am here with you.... the one boy... the ONLY boy.... I could ever love!"

CJ was starting to sniffle and cry.

Levi was already sobbing like a baby.

"We should be equals... At least until maybe we figure our likes out... So I have a bigger cock than you... So what? That cock would be dead and gone if not for YOU. We can only ever be equal.... I am not better than you.... I need you because I do not understand the world you brought me to. It looks really a lot... like... fun and... but. I need you to show me how to fit in here... I WANT you to show me how to fit in here....!" the younger boy cried, "So... if you want me to be... to... uh.... dominate you sexually.... I can and I will... but it is just because you want it... I want us to be equal. Equal is good. Equal means love. trust.... bonding. forever, Levi Aaron Roberts... That's what I want.... the only one who ever cared about me.... I LOVE YOU.... FOREVER!"

The room was silent except for the crying of two boys totally committed and in love.

Levi spun around in the bed to face his sexy boy.

"You are so sweet.. So special... So different from what I expected for a boy from a hundred years ago!" Levi laughed, "Every time I turn around you do or say something that just blows me away!"

He then had to explain what "blows me away" meant.....

The two boys continued their sniffling but CJ's eyes burned with a special brilliance that betrayed his unlimited sexual energy.

"I loved.... what you. how you.... did that to me... last night!' he sighed.

"Well there's plenty more experiences like that ahead!" Levi promised.

"I... only.... uh.... hope I can...!" CJ stuttered.

"Goof! You already have!" Levi reminded his friend the impromptu blow job back in Gold Strike.

"Yeah but.... there's so much more I don't know how to do!" CJ replied.

"Yes you do!" Levi shot back.

"No I don't!" CJ answered.

"Yes you do you just don't know you do!" Levi laughed.

"No I do not..... DON'T!" the boy laughed.

"CJ.... Just SHUT THE FUCK UP!...and......!" Levi paused.

He grinned slyly at the boy

"Fuck me with that big cock!" Levi hissed, "I wanna feel you take my ass and breed me!"

CJ stared at the boy with the emerald green eyes and the frosted tips on his dark brown shaggy mop of hair. In an instant, imagery and past experiences with Trapper flashed through his mind.

Before Levi could say a word, he found himself lying on his back. A tall, lean, lithe, potent sex machine towered over him.

Levi made one mistake. Later the boys would laugh about it....

Levi told CJ to fuck him. That's exactly what CJ did. Without hesitation. Without foreplay. No loosening his older friend up for the big cock headed Levi's way. No, CJ thrust Levi down on his back, hoisted the older boy's legs up to his wide, sinewy shoulders, and slammed his fat tube steak cock in past Levi's tight pucker.

Precum was the only lube. While there was a lot, it wasn't enough. Levi saw stars and felt pain like a mother giving birth. His mind flashed back to Hok'ee's forearm-sized cock. The native stud had loosened Levi up and prepped him for the ride. CJ didn't know anything about techniques like that. Levi hadn't been fucked since Hok'ee broke him in that night to remember in The Holloway House.

Levi felt CJ's flagpole cock sear right past his sphincter, past his prostate, and BAM!!! Right into his second sphincter. Deep inside. Very deep. It felt like CJ's cock might pop out of Levi's mouth!

A searing pain coursed through Levi's insides; his cries of agony shook the bedroom walls.

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