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Time Enough For Love

by AZ Story Guy

Chapter 14

CJ froze.

He had hurt Levi!

"But he told me to....!" CJ thought to himself.

"Memo to all concerned!" Levi said softly, "First lesson: foreplay mandatory prior to getting fucked by a flagpole!"

"Should I take it... out?" CJ asked.

His face betrayed the fear that he had hurt the boy he loved.

Levi remained frozen; impaled on CJ's ramrod.

"No.... No.... Just let me get used to it!" he said in a husky voice.

CJ remained motionless. He flexed his battering ram cock inside Levi's totally violated ass. Levi crooned with the sensation. The searing pain was starting to fade. Another feeling was starting to control the older boy's brain: lust!

Levi tried to clench his sphincter around CJ's massive cock. It was impossible. His fuck chute was stretched to its limits. Almost as much as when Hok'ee had taken him. When fucked by the Native warrior, Levi had seen imagery of CJ in his brain. He no longer needed that falsity. He now had the "real thing:" a true stud boy from the Nineteenth Century was about to breed him.

Levi's hormones raced. He never knew getting fucked could be such an awesome experience. Hok'ee had opened the door for him. It was nothing like when Ryan had raped him. Levi had lusted for CJ since he first saw the boy's smiling face in The Holloway School class picture. Then the first meeting in the Gold Strike General Store... Levi had felt love (and lust) at first sight.

As Levi became more acquainted with CJ, his love/lust passions had grown. CJ had been so secretive about his body. True, they skinny dipped, but other than that, CJ had tried to deflect what was patently obvious. He was hung like a horse. Years of living with that sociopath Trapper had turned the sweet young boy into a shamed sexual introvert. It was Levi's job to draw CJ out of that shame. He was going to be the boy's teacher, mentor and lover....

The boys stared into each others eyes. Levi's emerald green orbs lit the room up like a radiant bonfire. CJ's eyes cast a startling bright blue hue. The two smiled at each other....

"So.... What are you waiting for?" Levi taunted his friend, "Fuck me.... Breed me... Make me your fucking bitch!"

A strange sensation washed over CJ. More than his usual, perpetual horniness. This was something else. A primal lust welled up from deep inside the young boy. All the shaming was past... Levi was beckoning to him for a full release of his sexual prowess. He was ready to learn. Ready to become Levi's committed lover. He knew he could make Levi bounce off the walls with ecstasy. How he knew that was unclear. He just felt it deep inside his young body.

"You asked for it!" the boy smiled at his older friend.

Slowly CJ began to pump Levi's tight ass. The older teen began to wail; not in pain but in pleasure. CJ's massive cock rode back and forth past Levi's prostate. Each time, that action caused Levi's cock to throb and expel a slimy wad of precum. Deep inside the older boy, CJ's cock was literally pissing out a stream of the same juices.

CJ leaned forward towards Levi. The two boys never broke their locked gaze of affection and lust. Levi opened his mouth as CJ drew nearer. The very nimble young stud pushed his tongue deep inside Levi's willing mouth. Their bodies were pressed together as one. Precum from Levi's cock served as an ample lubricant to heighten the pleasure brought by the continued thrusting of CJ's tight body.

Moans filled the room as the deep kissing and slow fucking continued.

Levi broke free from CJ long enough to stammer, "Fuck me HARDER... PLEASE!"

The older boy was begging CJ for more.

CJ stared at his friend; concern furrowed his sweet, youthful face.

"I kin' go a LOT harder but....!" he replied

"Then fucking DO IT!" Levi pleaded, "I want you inside me deep and HARD!"

The older boy's eyes were watering from the sensation of CJ's cock; pleasure wracked the eighteen year old boy's body. He had never known getting fucked could feel so complete....

CJ thrust in harder... faster... driving his cock deeper... Slowly the young boy began to abandon all but the most primal urge to hammer-fuck his older friend. Levi seemed sure he could handle it; CJ was more than happy to proceed.

As the two boys became one, CJ felt possessed by an unnatural urge. Later when asked by Levi, the boy would say he had no idea where the notion came from. It was an experience that both boys would relish and replicate over and over in their lives together.

Looking down at the cute boy impaled on his cock, CJ slid both arms around the youth.

"Hold on... Wrap your legs around my body!" CJ commanded.

Levi's eyes flew open wide as CJ lifted him off the bed; his cock remained impaled deep inside a now thoroughly loosened fuck chute. The lifting of the older boy; with his legs wrapped around CJ's waist and his arms around the young boy's shoulders, drove the Levi downward. That caused CJ's cock to push upward into new depths inside the teen.

Levi cried out in glee as he felt CJ's massive cock slide further inside his body. CJ began to jack hammer Levi with an intensity that had the older teen mewling and spitting drool. His eyes rolled back in his head as he literally frothed at the mouth.

CJ fucked Levi like there was no tomorrow. Levi bounced up and down on the sixteen year old boy's fat cock. Holding on as tightly as possible, Levi watched the muscles ripple though CJ's arms; his shoulders flexed and likewise rippled with the combined effort of holding his lover and forcing his cock deeper and deeper inside.

Levi felt like he was no more than a feather in the boy's arms. He was amazed at the strength exuded by CJ: the young teen did not appear to be strong enough to perform this feat, yet Levi felt CJ's massive cock slamming into new depths inside his body. He recalled how CJ had dispatched the three thugs at the rest stop.

"He is a fucking STUD!" the boy thought to himself

CJ's power-fucking quickly sent Levi over the edge. His 7" cock exploded with voluminous waves of teen spunk. That release caused his sphincter to tighten down on CJ's fuck stick. The young boy thrust harder into Levi as he felt his balls beginning to send their massive load towards a fiery release.

"OHHHHHHHH LLLLLEEEEEE..........VVVVIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!" the young teen screamed.

Levi couldn't hear the boy because he was wracked in his own massive orgasm.

"CCCCCCCCCC ------ JJJJJJJJJJJJJJJAYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!" echoed in the bedroom.

Levi felt CJ's cock expand and begin to release its tidal wave of spunk. He could feel shot after shot filling his ass with baby batter. Levi bounced up and down on CJ's fat snake as the young boy pushed upward like a rocket reaching for the stars.


Both boys saw them as they shot round after round of cum together. Levi coated himself and his lover; CJ filled the older boys deepest recesses with wave after wave of boy honey.

Their prolonged orgasm lasted well over a minute. One minute's worth of cum... Levi had no idea an orgasm could last that long. CJ felt like he had mastered the art of making love to his older friend. The doubts about his worth and self esteem vanished like a fog in a strong wind as he saw the radiant glow cast over Levi's sweet face.

CJ gently lowered Levi down to the bed. Slowly he withdrew his massive cock from the teen's tender ass.

A massive glob of cum drooled out of Levi's butt. Both boys laughed as the jism continued to drip out onto the linens.

"Oh fuck!' CJ exclaimed, "Yur sheets are getting stained!"

Levi just laughed.

"They can be washed real easily!" he assured the boy.

Lying there on the bed, Levi couldn't help but stare at the boy towering over him.

"God.....You. are...... so.... fucking.... beautiful!" he gasped.

CJ blushed as his cock, sticking straight out from his thin torso, drooled cum down to the floor.

Levi bounded up and began cleaning off the boy's huge tool. CJ stiffened up (his body and his cock!) and let out a soft moan.

"You.keep..that...up..and.....!' he panted,

"Fuck! Don't you ever run out of cum?" Levi cracked.

The boy shook his head "No!"

Levi thought about what Hok'ee had predicted; he also thought how his young friend's interest had been repeatedly piqued at the "twenty times" promise. Levi had tossed that off as a young boy's bravado, but now he was starting to wonder....

As he licked CJ's cock clean, he could sense the smell of sex emanating from the boy. CJ's cock continued to drool as Levi kept tonguing the boy's massive organ.

"Do... You.... Want.... Me.... To.....???" Levi looked up at CJ.

The young teen didn't hesitate for a second.

"YES!" he nodded with a smile.

Levi attacked the monstrous tube of flesh with zeal.

"This kid won't quit!" he smiled to himself as he slowly swallowed the boy to the bone.

It was now getting easier for Levi to handily deep throat CJ's huge pole. His throat and his ass were accustomed to, and more importantly, craved the boy's fat, long fuck stick. CJ's breathing was increasingly fast and short. Levi felt a rapid swelling and hardening as the boy's horse cock grew closer to another eruption.

"I wonder if there will be less cum this time?" Levi thought as he worked the head of CJ's monster.

Before he had time to think about it further, CJ grabbed Levi's head with two strong hands and began to face fuck the older teen. It seemed rude, but the boy couldn't resist. Levi did not complain or resist, so CJ took that as an "okay." Quite the contrary; the moans from Levi told CJ everything was....... "fucking perfect!"

CJ had no idea how Levi was able to deep throat his entire cock. Or breathe with the entire mass wedged in his body. All CJ knew was this boy took him to plateaus of joy like he never felt possible. All the times he had sucked his own cock.... they seemed pale by comparison to Levi's skills.

The young teen smiled as he realized he was beginning to understand the euphemisms and slang of his new home. He watched the boy with the frosted hair swallowing his cock; seeing his fat monster pulsate and expand the skin of Levi's throat as it was thrust in and out, was pushing the boy towards another huge ejaculation. He wondered what Levi would think of him when he finds out that his cock seems to run on an endless supply of spunk.

"Will he still want me then? The boy wondered, "Or will he get tired of drinking my cum?"

Levi's skills at cock sucking quickly pushed CJ over the edge. The young teen released his death grip on Levi's head; he didn't want the boy to suffocate or choke when the cum started erupting.

Which it did. Hard and fast.

Levi's eyes flew open as he felt the jets of CJ's boy nectar ricochet off his throat.

"Tasty!" was all Levi had time to think about as he gulped in rapid fire to CJ's throbbing cum cannon. The older boy was so engrossed in drinking CJ's seed that he was oblivious to his own massive ejaculation. Hands free! Again!

"WOW!" Levi would later think as he realized how easily CJ could get him off.

Levi swallowed an endless river of CJ's spunk. He slowly released the teen's still turgid fuck pole; completely cleaning it's entire massive length.

"Jesus You're fucking awesome!" Levi laughed, "What a way to start the morning!"

CJ blushed.

"Can we do that every day?" he asked.

Levi couldn't believe his good fortune. So far CJ was much, much more than he ever expected.

"FUCK YES!" he replied, "And why stop with just the morning?"

CJ smiled and lifted Levi up as lightly as a feather.

"I love you!" the boy cried as the two kissed.... long and tenderly.

Breaking off their embrace, Levi looked down and was surprised to see CJ's cock still sticking out and leaking a bit.

"Fuck! You're gonna wear me out in one day!" Levi laughed.

"We can break for breakfast if you want!" the boy laughed back.

"Good! It'll give me time to recharge so I can keep up with you!" Levi chortled.

"Can we have what we had yesterday?" CJ asked.

"You got it, babe!" Levi replied.

Both boys showered and Levi proceeded to whip up a tasty breakfast.

Charles called and Levi thought he seemed more subdued and reasonable than yesterday.

The man informed Levi that he had a doctor and a dental appointment set for CJ tomorrow. CJ's personal possessions were in LA being analyzed. Everything should be ready for review within two days. He was working on establishing credentials for CJ so that the boy could easily fit into his new world.

"How the fuck do you do that?" Levi asked.

Charles laughed, "I don't... That's what money is for. Anything, anyone, can be created if the need be. How do you think Roberts International maintains its competitive edge?"

"So my Company isn't honest?" Levi asked.

"It's honest, Levi!" Charles replied, "At least as honest as RENKO... But we have to do better unless you want to end up speaking Chinese!"

Both man and boy laughed.

"Okay... I don't wanna know how it's done. Just make it good so CJ can live free in his new world!" Levi said.

"Done. Absolutely. When they're through, CJ will look like he's been here all his life!" Charles replied.

"Well he has... But his original life was over a Century ago!" Levi laughed.

Charles concluded by saying he would be by tomorrow morning to accompany CJ to his appointments. Naturally Levi was going as well. Charles had pulled in some favors so that CJ could be seen on the "down low." No questions would be asked about his past life and family.

"They [the doctor and dentist] have done contract work for the Company. They know when and what to and NOT to ask!" he told Levi.

"I think I am starting to question.... more and more... how my Company works!" Levi said, "I may not run it, but it's got MY name attached to it!"

Charles understood that Levi didn't "get it." Most eighteen year old people wouldn't.

"It's how the Corporations work!" Charles tried to explain, "Everything is controlled. Everything is changeable. That days of real ethics and honesty in business are gone!"

Levi expressed shock and dismay.

"It's how the world operates. Corporations run governments. Governments only exist to do their bidding. If you want true honesty, then... let's face it.. CJ would NOT be getting what.. twenty years ago might have been called 'forged credentials.' We do it all the time. For people, for any documentation that is needed!" he explained, "Relax! Roberts International isn't building defective nuclear power plants or substandard roads or bridges. We do a top notch job... But in a world ruled by bureaucrats and paperwork, sometimes things have to be... well..... fudged a bit! In the end, though, you'll get CJ just what he needs!"

Levi thanked the man and joined his freshly scrubbed lover in the kitchen. CJ smelled so good Levi had to concentrate... he had to WILL himself... to avoid dropping down on the floor and swallowing the boy's cock.... or bending over so CJ could breed his ass again.

Again Levi was even more conscious of the sexual aura radiating from CJ. He wondered if it was only him, or would others fall equally under the boy's spell.

"If they do!" Levi thought, "I'll be fighting off every boy in the City!"

"That was Charles!" Levi announced, "Tomorrow you get to see a doctor and a dentist!"

"Why?" CJ replied, "I'm not sick!"

Levi noticed how CJ reacted to the word "dentist."

"Relax.... First.... I'll be there.... Second... It's an investment in YOU.... I don't want anything bad happening to the boy I love!" Levi explained.

CJ blushed but smiled at the older boy's adoration.

"Does Charles still... uh.... not like me?" he asked.

It's not that he doesn't like you... It's just that.... well... our story is pretty special! I mean... you and I know what happened because we were there... But if we told anyone else our tale... Do you think they would believe us?" Levi asked.

CJ understood what Levi was saying. Knowing that Levi would be at his side the whole time made the coming appointments seem palatable.

For the rest of the day, both boys lounged around the house. They swam. They ate (CJ ate five times what Levi consumed), they fucked (Levi was becoming an insatiable bottom for his friend), CJ did suck Levi's cock several times and each time Levi asked himself "Where did he learn how to do that so well!"

They watched movies; Levi started with Westerns because he thought CJ might relate to them better. He did. "3:10 to Yuma," "Silverado," "Tombstone," and even some corny old John Wayne sagas from his parents' collection. CJ seemed to like "Tombstone" the best.

As promised, Levi introduced CJ to the world of porn on the internet. Actually, Levi wanted to show CJ how the internet works and just what it is... then they segued into porn because Levi wanted CJ to see how special HE was.....

They saw plenty of twinks with big cocks but no one was as big as CJ. Of course watching porn made both boys horny so.... it doesn't take much imagination to figure where that lead.

Surprisingly, Levi got an answer to his question about where; more specifically HOW, CJ became such an accomplished cock sucker.....

It all happened while surfing some of Levi's favorite videos; they came across some twinks self- sucking their cocks. CJ's eyes widened when he saw the videos.

Levi watched the boy's reaction and then a light went on in his head.

"You've done that before, haven't you?" he asked the young boy.

CJ blushed a beet red.

"Come on... you can tell me.... No secrets, remember?" Levi prodded the teen.

CJ was still reluctant; almost ashamed; to admit the truth.

"It certainly makes sense!" he thought, "He's got a fucking huge cock.... he's horny 24/7.... Who else other than that asshole Elias was near his own age....?"

Finally Levi took a direct approach.

"All right!" he said, staring into CJ's fiery blue eyes, "I bet you DID suck your own cock a lot... And you know what? I used to do the same thing.... Okay maybe I don't have a flagpole cock like you do... But it's long enough and very easy for me to.... In fact, I did it in a freight wagon behind the General Store the first night I was in Gold Strike!"

CJ's mouth dropped open as he stared at the boy.

"In a freight wagon... Behind the......?" he said incredulously.

Fuck YES! I was horny as hell and when I did it, I saw a vision of you... at least the class picture I had of you.... in my mind!" Levi laughed.

That admission broke down another wall and CJ started laughing, telling Levi how he had been doing himself for years... and also, how he had done himself shortly after they had met... and he too had a vision of Levi in his mind as he came in his own mouth......

Later in the day Levi gave CJ a tour of the weight room. CJ eyed the equipment with interest. With help and guidance from Levi, the young teen was soon lifting, boxing, working on the treadmill, and then swimming again to freshen up.

Levi admired how the younger teen's muscles rippled and flexed as the boy went through some reps. He also noticed that CJ's flat stomach showed just a bare hint of possibly developing a nice six pac.

"Fuck he's so hot!" Levi thought to himself.

His thoughts were interrupted by CJ's giggling. Levi was spotting for CJ and as the boy laid on the bench press; he had a perfect view right up the leg of Levi's shorts.

"What?" Levi asked.

"Your cock!" the boy chortled, "It's dripping!"

Levi looked down and blushed. CJ was checking him out. True to his observation, Levi's cock was pointed downwards and drooling precum as he stood over the young boy's head.

"I can't help it.....!" Levi started to say.

He never got to finish; in a second CJ had risen up and quickly guided the older boy down on the bench. In one swooping motion, CJ removed Levi's shorts. Before the older boy could say a word, CJ had completely swallowed his 7" cock. Down to the bone.

CJ swirled his tongue around the sensitive head as his throat muscles massaged the throbbing shaft. Levi bucked with uncontrollable pleasure at the talents of his young friend. CJ's own flag pole cock easily slipped past the leg opening of his shorts and was dripping copious wads of precum to the floor. Levi turned and looked at CJ's huge cock. The head was an intense purplish- red; a gaping piss slit the size of a small fingernail was expelling CJ's juices in a steady flow. Thick veins pulsated with blood as the entire organ flexed and throbbed.

Levi's mouth was dry as paper at the sight. He still hadn't measured CJ's endowment yet but it seemed like every time he saw it, the monster had managed to grow a little more.

Levi was snapped back to attention as he felt his nuts begin to churn out another load of spunk. He was amazed; while cumming several times a day was not impossible, CJ had managed to coax an amazing amount of jism out of his nuts in a very short time.

Levi felt the pressure rising; his cock stiffened and expanded at CJ's masterful mouth action.

"CCCCCCCC.......JJJJJJJJJJJJJJJ!!!!!" he cried out.

Wave after wave of cum blasted into the young boy's mouth. CJ swallowed it like a hummingbird drinking its nectar. Levi's eyes rolled back in his head and his vision faltered as he saw CJ's fat hose trying to rise up from the confines of the boy's shorts. As CJ drank down Levi's spunk, his own cock flexed and spat out a river of boy cum onto the floor. Levi had never seen CJ's cock erupt in free air. The river of piss-like cum soon trailed off and then shot after shot of baby making juices were ejected from the boy's gaping piss slit.

Levi gasped as he heard the spunk hit the floor with loud splat after splat.

"Holy fuck! It fires like a cannon!" he thought to himself.

The sight intensified his own orgasm, causing the boy to buck upward and thereby driving his cock deeper into CJ's throat. The young teen swallowed Levi's hose like a pro.

"Guess he's had one bigger than mine!" Levi laughed to himself.

The thought of CJ going down on his own mega-cock was something Levi wanted to see.

CJ collapsed on the floor and the two boys kissed. Levi could taste the familiar taint of his own spunk on the boy's breath.

"Come on! Let's take a dip!" Levi said.

Rising up, he led the young boy out to the pool.

It went on like this for the rest of the day. Two boys completely in love and totally devoted to each other....

That night there was no hesitation on CJ's part. He wanted to sleep with Levi.

"Now and forever!" he told the older boy.

Levi cried and held CJ tightly.

"I am so fucking glad..... I made the trip to Gold Strike.... All that we went through.... I'd walk on fire and even more to be with you!" he whispered to CJ.

The younger boy also cried and held on to Levi with a grip that belied the hidden strength he possessed.

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