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Time Enough For Love

by AZ Story Guy

Chapter 15

CJ was nervous as a cat as he, Levi and Charles entered the impressive looking medical center complex. By the end of the day, CJ had been put through a legion of tests and examinations. He was poked, prodded and thoroughly gone over with a legendary "fine tooth comb."

Pending any results from his blood work, the doctor pronounced CJ healthier than most other boys his age. There was concern that CJ had never received inoculations for any diseases save smallpox. The Doctor thought that was odd since smallpox examinations were discontinued in the United States some time in the 1970s. CJ started to explain that he had been inoculated in Prescott when he was eight, but a fast thinking Levi quickly slapped his hand over the boy's mouth thereby preventing the revelation.

Charles took note of this fact and his mind started to replay everything the the two boys had told him. A nagging realization was developing in his mind that things were not as they seemed; or rather, maybe they were EXACTLY as the two teens had said....

CJ received a barrage of shots but he smiled when he discovered that they did not hurt at all.

Next was the dentist.... Dr. Killibrew clucked and fussed over the condition of CJ's teeth.

"Three bad fillings and three cavities; no periodontal disease but he certainly needs a good cleaning and instruction in proper dental care!" the man said.

"But?" Charles asked.

He could sense the man had something on his mind.

"Well.... Uh.... CJ!" the doctor asked, "How old were you when you had those three fillings done?"

CJ thought for a moment. That had been long ago (actually long LONG over a Century ago!); back when his parents were still alive.

"I musta been maybe nine or ten!" he replied.

The doctor's head snapped at the boy's revelation.

"Are you sure? Well it doesn't really matter.... I was going to ask where, but...!" Dr. Killbrew replied.

"In Prescott!" the boy interrupted.

"You're kidding! I'd love to... Do you have the name of the Doctor who did this work?" the man asked.

"Is there a problem?" Charles asked.

"Well.... Yes...!" Dr. Killibrew replied, "I haven't seen such sloppy work in my entire career.... And the fillings...They look like the mercury amalgam style.... Those haven't been in common practice in this country since long before this young man was born!"

Levi shot Charles a smug "I told you so" look.

As for Charles himself, if alarms had gone off before, those alerts were now increasing to the level of a five alarm fire....

Appointments were set for CJ to have his dental work done. On the way home, the boys were chatty and as amorous as allowable given they were in the presence of Charles. The man's mind was racing. Tomorrow the doctor's reports would be back on CJ's blood and urine samples plus Rex Stine, a Roberts International Forensic Investigator, had texted Charles earlier in the afternoon. He seemed very excited and had already scheduled a Skype conference for the next day.

That night both boys made endless passionate love. With a little instructional guidance from Levi, CJ's penetration of the older boy's ass was a bit easier and less traumatizing. CJ was addicted to the tight, warm feel of Levi's fuck chute. Over the course of the evening the young teen planted multiple loads of his abundant spunk deep inside of Levi. The two teens drifted off into a deep sleep completely entwined in each others arms.

Morning rose early, and as usual CJ was the first up. He was drawn to the pool like a moth to a flame. Levi staggered out onto the patio and drank in the sight of the lithe sixteen year old boy- stud swimming laps. The older boy smiled as he felt warm cum from last night still dripping out of his ass and down his leg. While CJ swam, Levi started the "fixins" of another champion sized breakfast.

A freshly showered CJ soon joined his older friend.

"Charles seemed excited about our meeting today!" he said to Levi.

"Yeah he hasn't been the same since yesterday. I think he's beginning to see that we were telling the truth!" Levi replied.

The morning gave way to noon and soon the boys and Charles were gathered round the computer. Charles seemed disturbed, or preoccupied with a folder filled with papers. Before either boy could ask about that, a call came from Doctor Saul Adams, the physician who had examined CJ. That conversation started things off with a bang....

Over the next few hours the story the boys had told Charles would be validated. More importantly, Charles Baker would forever see CJ in a whole new light....

"Yes Dr. Adams!" the man started off.

"There is no problem that can be detected in Mr. Jones' blood and urine samples!" the Doctor reported.

"Nothing? No... uh.... possible contagions?" Charles asked.

The Doctor seemed taken back.

"No.... Why you would suspect such a condition escapes me!" the man replied, "However.... It seems odd... actually very remarkable....!"

He paused.

"Yes.... Please proceed!" Charles said.

"Well there is nothing BAD. in Mr. Jones' blood.... Everything is as it should be in a typical sixteen year old boy....!" he paused again.

"Doctor.... you keep moving up to the edge... so to speak... and then stopping!" Charles replied.

The Doctor paused again.

"Well on Mr. Jones' blood panel... No STDs, No viral agents, complete blood count, blood glucose, lipoproteins, cholesterols.... all within accepted limits!" he replied, "And as for the urinalysis, color... clarity... PH... proteins.... glucose....!"

"All right... All right... So he's fine... Then why do you keep hesitating?" Charles asked.

"There's something missing. A couple of things actually!" the Doctor replied.

Levi's head turned towards CJ and instantly he was afraid.

"NO!" he thought, "There CAN'T be anything wrong with HIM!"

Charles saw Levi's reaction and then barked at the Doctor, "All right! Please! Out with it!"

"Well it's very simple. Every one of us. You, me, every person walking the planet has trace elements of industrial by-products in their blood stream, it's in our bodies and in our urine. It's also in our lungs and all the tissues that comprise us. Hydrocarbons.... Heavy metal contaminants and toxins... Remnants... Elements from the polluted air we breathe in every day. It is unavoidable. Unless a body is overwhelmed by these toxins, it can react and filter out their deleterious effects. At least for the normal life span of a human being!" he explained, "Mr. Jones has none of these contaminants in his system. I find that incredible... It's like he has lived his entire life in a glass bubble!"

Once again Levi shot Charles an "eat shit" smug look.

"Take radiation....!" the Doctor went on.

"Radiation?" Charles asked.

"Yes. Fallout. Contaminants... From Three Mile Island.From Chernobyl.. From Fukushima.... From any radioactive release that has ever taken place on this planet. We all carry traces of that radiation in our bodies. Mr. Jones' has none. And hydrocarbons... Ever since the accelerated burning of fossil fuels began in the Mid-Twentieth Century, we all carry trace elements of these toxins in our system!" Doctor Adams explained, "Now his lack of these contaminants is not an issue..... In fact, rather, it is an extraordinary quirk just how Mr. Jones has managed to accomplish this feat... Other than short of living in that glass bubble or...... of being imported from another time!"

The Doctor laughed at his remark.

Charles turned as white as a sheet when he heard the comment. Levi and CJ exchanged knowing glances. Of course CJ had no idea what "radiation" or "hydrocarbons" were, but he understood the basics of what Dr. Adams was explaining.

"Even if Mr. Jones had grown up in the Southern Hemisphere, which is not nearly as contaminated as the Northern, he would still have managed to acquire trace toxins over time. The prevailing currents in the atmosphere do a good job of keeping the Hemispheres separate, but they are not perfect.... There is contamination from the same industrial sources in the South... Not just as much!"

The Doctor concluded by saying that the only thing CJ would experience over time would be that his body would slowly acquire the same "toxins" as every other human on the planet.

"Unless you want to take him back wherever he has spent most of his life!" the Doctor chortled.

CJ and Levi both barked out a synchronized "NO!"

After Charles thanked the Doctor, he turned to face both boys.

"I... owe... you.... Both of you... Maybe you, CJ...more than Levi... No FUCK! BOTH.EQUALLY!... AN apology!" he said, "Even before we heard what the Doctor just said... I was... becoming convinced... although it is so hard to comprehend... that you actually traveled through TIME?"

"NO FUCKING SHIT!" Levi laughed, "You only have to COMPREHEND IT.... WE LIVED THROUGH IT!"

Levi continued, "Why did you ask about.... 'contagion?'"

Charles faced the boys.

"I started thinking last night.... IF what you said IS true and you DID travel back in time and then return.... With this remarkable young man!" Charles motioned to CJ, "Then I got to thinking.... 1912.... Health care... Medicine... It was primitive! There were diseases... Plagues.... Smallpox for one.... CJ is the only one among us vaccinated against a disease that has killed millions... Supposed CJ had been a 'carrier' for something virulent.... There was... or from CJ's perspective... Will be.... an influenza epidemic in 1918 that kills.... killed.... millions world wide.... CJ could have brought an unwanted 'guest' with him and that 'guest' could have laid waste to a lot of people here in our time.... While CJ himself might not have been affected at all!"

Levi understood what Charles was saying more so than CJ.

"So CJ could have been a 'carrier' and infected a lot of people?" the teen croaked.

"YES!" Charles replied, "And with no immunities and no advance time to prepare... A lot of people could have died!" Charles explained.

Then he added, "But fortunately that doesn't look to be a problem!"

The boys conversed among themselves while Charles set up the Skype call with Rex Stein.

If what the three had just heard seemed shocking, Stein's revelations would drop on them like a bombshell....

The conference started off with usual pleasantries but less then a minute in, Rex Stein pushed all formalities away by saying, "I would LOVE to meet whomever owns and however he or she acquired these artifacts!"

CJ looked puzzled at the word "artifacts."

Levi spoke up, "They're not 'artifacts,' they belong to CJ!"

"And who and where is this 'CJ?'" the man asked.

"He's right here!" Levi replied.

The older teen showed CJ where to look when he spoke. CJ was amazed that he was talking to a man located over 400 miles away..... "Young man! How did you come to be in possession of such priceless relics?" he asked.

"They ain't relics.... They belong to ME!" CJ replied.

Charles intervened on CJ's behalf.

"What's the problem, Rex? Are they.... real?" he asked.

"REAL? Hell YES! Any museum would pay thousands of dollars for each item! Do you realize how much authentic period pieces from late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Century America are worth?"

Charles was getting used to the "eat shit" grins from Levi.

"Would you care to explain?" Charles continued.

"Okay... Fine.... I'll be happy to.. The birth record of Curtis Jay Jones.... I take it that he's a distant relative of yours?" Rex said, looking at CJ.

"No... That's me-----!" he started to reply.

Levi quickly placed his hand over the young boy's mouth to silence his reply.

Charles quickly intervened in the conversation, "What about the birth record?"

Well first there's the ink...... Irongall..Pure..... Hasn't been used in over fifty years, and even then it was nearing obsolescence. And the paper. Crude rag fiber. Nothing made like that since the turn of the Century...!" the man explained.

"The TWENTIETH Century!" he added.

"Then there's the little rock hammer and the pouch. Both are dated to the early 1900s. The pouch is in immaculate, four star condition. Worth several thousand dollars easy! And the hammer... Bessemer steel through and though. Not seen widely since the same time frame!" the man babbled excitedly, "I really would like to know if you can get any more relics like these!"

"They're NOT relics!" CJ barked, "They're MINE!"

The conversation went silent.

"You mean you bought them from some one?" Rex asked.

"Yes... From the General Store in Gold Strike!" CJ replied, "And the birth record... I got that from my Momma when I was borned!"

Charles and Levi exchanged glances.

"Well the cat is out of the bag!" Levi cracked.

"I'm sorry but I don't understand!" Rex continued, "You can't be the original owner because... you're too young... No one could be the original owner of these rel...... uh.... these items... because they're too old!"

"What about my gold!" CJ interrupted.

"Oh yes.... Well there's no way to date or authenticate where the gold came from... But it did test out at about 97% purity... And there's a little over two ounces... so it's worth about.....!' he did some figuring, "Around $2500!"

Rex continued, "But I have to understand more about what this boy has said... That HE'S the ORIGINAL owner? I still am trying to fathom that one!"

"Maybe you need to talk to Ed Milo about that one!" Charles interjected, "Is he there?"

"Right here, Charles! Looks like what you told me about the boy.... Uh.... the young man and the.... incredible story.... just might have some truth to it... Although I don't go for the Jules Verne Time travel crap!"

Levi shook his head, "It's H.G.Wells, not Jules Verne! Didn't you go to school? And who the fuck is Ed Milo?"

"I happen to be the Chief Geologist for Roberts International!" the man barked, "Now kindly introduce yourself to me!"

Levi shook his head again, this time in disbelief.

"Fine, Mr. Milo... Uh... ED!" Levi shot back.

Sarcasm dripped from Levi's tone.

"My name is Levi Aaron Roberts.... You may have heard of me since Roberts International is MY FUCKING COMPANY!"

The conversation stopped and a dead silence filled both rooms.

Milo spoke, "I'm sorry about my..... attitude! Charles... It looks like we might have a real mystery on our hands!"

"Would someone please explain what's going on!" Rex pleaded.

"Yes... I agree Ed... And there's more... About the whole Gold Strike time travel story!" Charles replied.

"Time Travel?" Stein asked.

"Am I gonna git my stuff back?" CJ asked,

The conversation was getting too crowded with different subjects.

Charles took over the lead, "I told Ed about your story.... and like me he doubted it at first.... But the evidence seems to keep building for what you boys have said.... Oh and CJ.... Your PERSONAL PROPERTY.....!"

Charles smiled when he called it that..

".....Is on its way back to you right now!" the man continued, "I did some research myself last night... Since the 1930s, over fifty people have mysteriously disappeared in the vicinity of the old Gold Strike site!"

"Disappeared?" Levi asked, "Didn't anyone look for them?"

"Oh the Sheriff made a usual 'inquiry' and probably sent a man or two out to look.... But basically... That is wild country as I am sure you know.... If someone WANTED to disappear, it would be pretty easy!" Charles explained.

"But FIFTY? In the Twentieth and Twenty First Centuries?" Levi asked.

"Well Charles... I think we do have a mystery on our hands!" Milo interrupted.

"Please tell me about the time travel thing" Rex pleaded.

"And how do we solve a mystery?" Charles asked everyone.

Levi and CJ looked at each other. A sense of dread fell over both boys.

"It's time for a trip back to Gold Strike!" Milo replied.

Levi and CJ did a double take. Deep down inside, both boys knew nothing good could come of a trip back to the Gates of Hell......

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