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Mentoring Brandon

by Bob Anders

Chapter 18

A Thanksgiving to Remember Part 4

Warning! This chapter and this story are fictional accounts of love developing between two teenage boys. If that disgusts or distresses you, Go! Leave it for those who enjoy it!! If you are underage, whatever that means where you live, you have to leave, too. Sorry, their rules, not mine or ours.

NOTE TO READER: The following story is a first attempt at anything like this. I hope that it at least is interesting. It is basically a true story, with the names/places changed to protect the guilty. Please let me know what you think and give me any suggestions that you may have. I tend to be long-winded and re-reading this, I am afraid that it may not "get to the point" quickly enough. Any and all feedback will be appreciated as I have a lot of stories to tell, but I want people to read them as well.

Brandon came over and put his arms around me. He held me close and kissed my ear and then my neck. "I love you Bob," is all he said and we fell to the bed in each other's arms. We fell asleep until Mikey came in to let us know it was time to get ready for our dates. Man, why did he have to remind me.

I dreaded the evening to come, but knew that Brandon and I would soon be back in our room and be able to be ourselves. Brandon and I talked about the evening's activities and what we might expect. We agreed to be gentlemen and to let things happen as they might progress.

"Beside," I said. "This might just be the night you have sex with a female." He hit me on the arm but had this look of fear in his eyes. I suddenly was sorry that I had brought that up, but whatever happened, I knew that Brandon and I would work it all out between us.

Brandon hit me hard on my shoulder, but I also knew the realization that something might happen during our date was foremost on his mind. I blocked his second attempt to hit me and we fell back to the bed together.

"I'm sorry, love," I began. "I really didn't think that something like this would happen and I really was kidding when I said you might have the opportunity for sex with Sherry tonight."

"Actually, Bob, that doesn't bother me," he retorted. "What does bother me is whether or not I will even be able to get it up to do anything if it comes to that."

"When have you had a problem getting that monster up!" I laughed.

"No, I really mean it, Bob," he said very seriously. "That thought has been in my mind since the first time you and I were together."

I leaned in and kissed him. "Don't worry, Bran. If it comes to that we will cross that bridge when it happens."

I looked over at the clock and saw it was almost six o'clock. Mom said we were going to pick up the girls at Karen's house at seven, so I suggested that we get ready. I looked over at the bathroom and suggested that we shower and get dressed. I called in Mikey and told him to stay in the room as Brandon and I showered in case my mother or father came up to see how things were progressing. At least he could say that we were getting ready and they wouldn't walk in possibly and find the two of us in the shower together.

Brandon followed me into the bathroom and shut the door behind us. I turned to him and began to undress him, taking off his shirt first and nibbling a second on his nipple. He moaned a bit then let me proceed. I undid his pants and with one motion took off his pants and underwear. His cock was semi-hard but I knew it wouldn't take me long to get it completely filled with blood. As I knelt down to pull his pants over his feet, I grabbed his dick with my mouth, just suckling a bit, not wanting to start something that we might not be able to finish. He held my head there and pumped a bit, but also knew that we didn't have the time we needed to enjoy


He reached under my arms and brought me back up to my feet and began to take off my shirt, then my pants. As I was free-balling that day, he didn't have to wait to see his prize. My cock was already hard, having had him in my mouth even for a few seconds. He licked my dick from the base to the head a couple of times, but rose to his feet very quickly. I turned on the water and tested it for temperature. I stepped in then extended my hand to him. He took it and stepped up over the tub and into the shower area.

I took a washcloth and soaped it up and began to wash Brandon's back. I rubbed and rubbed, then moved my hands toward his chest where I continued to wash him. Slowly I worked each teat with the cloth, then my fingers. I moved down toward his crotch and then dropped the cloth onto the base of the tub. I soaped up my hands and took his dick into them, rubbing it and cleaning the head and shaft thoroughly. Of course this action made him hard which was only logical, but I didn't rub long, again not wanting to start something that I couldn't finish.

I stepped forward and let Brandon rinse off the soap. He turned and bent down to pick up the washcloth. I had to restrain myself from grabbing his ass and spreading his cheeks and playing with his rosebud. I wanted so badly to make love to him! He came back up and repeated to me what I had done to him. He cleaned me thoroughly and also took his hands and washed my cock. Needless to say he had the same effect on me as I did on him.

We heard some noise in the bedroom. I quickly stepped out of the tub and wrapped a towel around my waist. Fortunately, the blood in my cock quickly receded as I opened the door. My father was in the bedroom talking to Mikey. I looked out of the door and told him that Brandon was showering and we'd be out in a few minutes. He nodded his head and left the bedroom.

I winked at Mikey and closed the door again.

By this time, Brandon was out of the shower standing naked in front of me. I looked him up and down. "Well, I bet Sherry will love that thing," I said pointing at his now softened cock. We both laughed and walked toward each other and kissed. We then walked into the bedroom,

towels wrapped around us and began looking for something to wear.

"You going free-balling again tonight, Bob," Mikey asked with a grin.

"Will make it a lot easier for Karen to grab what I know she wants."

"No, I don't think I will tonight little bro. I want to keep as much between Brandon's property and her as possible."

Brandon and I dropped our towels as we walked toward my dresser where my underwear was. I grabbed a pair of jockeys (which during those days was the underwear of choice) and threw a pair to Brandon. Even though I was a bit taller than Brandon, some of my clothes did fit him, which included my underwear. He filled them out as well as I did showing a big bulge in the

whitey-tighties for Mikey and me to admire.

And, admire the bulge Mikey did. He reached for Brandon's cock just as Joe walked into the room. Mikey's back was to the door and he didn't see Joe enter the room. He grabbed Brandon's cock and gave it a tug. Joe stopped in his tracks as he saw this but had the presence of mind to

quickly shut the door as my mother was a few steps behind him. Mikey quickly released Brandon, fortunately as my mom poked her head through the door.

"You guys better hurry, Bob," she stated. "You have about ten minutes before you have to go to get to the Gill's and you don't want to be late for your dates."

"Yea, Mom, I know," I said a bit curtly. "Please, we are not dressed!" She closed the door just as quickly as she had opened it and we could hear her heading for the stairway.

"That was close," Joe said. "What were you doing, Mikey?"

"Nothing, bro, we were just kidding around. Now, let's you and me get out of here and let Bob and Brandon get dressed." With that he headed toward the door, grabbed Joe's hand and left the room.

"Do you think that Joe bought that?" Brandon asked.

"I doubt it, lover," I answered. "After what Mikey told me about teaching Joe a few of the things that we do, I'm sure he realized exactly what Mikey was doing. He won't say anything though, I'm sure," I ended as I pulled up my jeans.

It was lucky that Brandon brought his suitcase up and had some clothes for the date. We could wear the same underwear and jeans, but my shirts would have really been too baggy for him. He chose as nice, but non-sexy shirt and put it on. I did the same and we finished dressing quickly. We headed downstairs and my mom and dad were there waiting for us.

"Here Bob," my dad said handing me fifty-dollars. "This should be enough for you guys tonight. Mrs. Gill said that she had the tickets to the concert so that you don't have to worry about."

I thanked my father as I grabbed not only the money, but the keys to the Chevy he had in his hand. I kissed my mother and told them not to wait up for us as the concert wouldn't be over till at least ten-thirty and then we would be going to get something to eat. They both nodded in

understanding with my father telling us that the back door would be open for us to get into the house, therefore not waking everyone else going up the front staircase.

Brandon and I finally got out of the house. We got into the car and headed for Karen's house. It was only about two miles away so the trip wouldn't be long. Brandon was really quiet for most of the ride until we turned into the Gill's driveway.

"So, what is my date like?" he finally asked.

"Honestly, Bran, I have never met Sherry. At least I don't think I have," was all I could say. "She doesn't go to my school, well, my former school I guess I should say. She and Karen have known each other for years and are best friends."

I stopped the car and leaned over and kissed Brandon. "That's to hold you till we get home," I said with a big smile. He smiled back, but I could tell he was a bit apprehensive about what was going to happen the rest of the evening. He opened his door as I did mine and we headed toward

the front door.

Now, I have to tell you that Karen was the captain of the Sophomore cheerleading squad as I was the captain of the football and wrestling team. It was a natural and always assumed by all the kids at the school that she and I would become an item. She was about five-foot two with long flowing blond hair. Her blue eyes were definitely that -- deep blue. She had a nice build, but was still developing when I dated her last. From what I saw at the restaurant she definitely was filling out.

As we got to the door, Mrs. Gill already had it opened for us. "Hi boys," she said. "Karen and Sherry will be down in a second. You know girls they never are ready on time."

We laughed thinking I believe it was the thing to do. Mrs. Gill pointed us toward the family room where Karen's father was sitting. As we walked in he stood up and came toward us, extending his hand. I took it and shook hands with him and then he turned to Brandon and did the same.

"I know this wasn't something you expected, Bob. And I'm sure that your friend here..."

I interrupted him and said, "Brandon."

"Oh, yes, Brandon. I'm sure, Brandon you didn't expect to go out on your short visit, but I'm glad you two decided to take the girls to the concert. I know that Karen definitely wanted to see you while you were home, Bob. And, Brandon, I think you'll find that Sherry is a nice girl

and you guys will have fun, since it is Nicky's group that you will be seeing."

Nicky, was Nick Fortuna, one of the members of the Buckingham's. Nick lived about three doors from me and I had known him for almost all my life. He was four years older than me but was a nice guy that hung with all in the neighborhood. Many times I would go to his house when the band was practicing in his garage. I heard their first hit song, "Kind of a Drag" long before it hit the charts. As a matter of fact, later this month it would be released, I had heard. Eventually, it hit #1 on the Pop Charts and I was fortunate enough to hear it as it was a developing song.

But, I digress. We sat on the couch talking with Mr. and Mrs. Gill for about five minutes before the girls came into the room. As they walked into the room, I about dropped. There was Karen looking very nice. Her hair was hanging over her shoulders onto a black top that really showed her growing figure. But that is not what shocked me. Along side Karen was her

girlfriend, Sherry. Talk about a looker. If I were straight that is one girl I would have jumped at the opportunity to date. Her hair was a brilliant blond and her green eyes were very evident even from a distance. Her figure is what could be described as "stacked." Here breasts were pointing straight out at us (just like Brandon did with me most of the time) and she had to be at least a size forty-two. I looked at Brandon and he looked at me with amazement. I know that Mr. Gill saw our expressions and I saw a smile come upon his face.

"Hi Bob," Karen said as she came over and gave me a kiss on the cheek. "This is Sherry."

"Hello, Sherry. This is my roommate Brandon," I managed to utter. Brandon extended his hand to her, but she walked forward and gave him a kiss on the cheek as Karen did to me. I could tell Brandon was a bit uncomfortable, not to mention embarrassed. His face turned a deep red

which I know that Mr. and Mrs. Gill chuckled about.

"We better get going," I said trying to break what was a tense situation. I took Karen's hand and we headed toward the door. Brandon followed suit, taking Sherry's hand as well. When we got to the door I turned to Mr. Gill asking him what time we needed to have the girls home. I was hoping he would say early, but he said it didn't matter since this was a special night. However, he did mumble something about one o'clock, so I took that as the girls curfew.

We headed for the car and I opened the passenger door for Karen. Brandon did the same for Sherry and we all got into the car. I turned on the ignition and noticed that Karen had moved closer toward me in the front seat. Looking at the rear-view mirror I could also see that Sherry had moved right next to Brandon. I could also tell by the expression on his face he was very uncomfortable with this occurrence. I started to make small talk as we headed toward our old school where the concert was being held.

As we pulled into the packed parking lot, I noticed a lot of kids that I had gone to school with. This concert was specifically for our school, since Nick had graduated from there. I surveyed the crowd and saw Blake, the guy that Brandon worked out with the day before and then to my

chagrin saw Terry as well. I certainly didn't want to get to close to him after what had happened during practice. I grabbed Karen's hand and we headed to another entrance avoiding Terry, hopefully for the evening.

We gave the usher our tickets and to my surprise, we were escorted to the front row just below the stage. I couldn't believe that Karen had gotten such great tickets on so short a notice.

"Wow, Karen, great seats," I whispered in her ear.

"Well, thank Nicky for them, Bob. He knew you were home for the holidays and dropped them off for me yesterday making sure that I brought you."

Brandon turned to me to tell me they were great seats and I relayed the information that Karen told me about how we obtained them. He smiled and then whispered into Sherry's ear the same thing. She told him she knew and turned away. I wasn't sure, but I had a feeling she was not as

enthralled with Brandon as I was.

A group I didn't know came out to start the show. Karen told me that they were kids from school, just starting up and being given the chance by Nicky and Carl to show what they could do. I looked closer and recognized a couple of them from my class. Actually, one of them, Jeff, I had been intimate with a couple years earlier. I certainly hoped he didn't see me and remember.

The group called themselves the Crickets. Well, for that time in our rock history that seemed appropriate, I guess. As they ended their set, the lights went down and the crowd began to clap loudly. As they came up again, there were the Buckinghams beginning to play the song I remembered so clearly, "Kind of a Drag." They were fantastic and I knew someday (little did I know how soon) that they would make the charts. In the middle of the song Nick waved toward me and I waved back. I had told Brandon all about knowing them, but until that moment, I don't know if he believed me or not. I thought to myself, `why would I lie' but dismissed it as quickly as it came to mind.

The last song was "Susan" which was destined to be another one of their top hits. They received a standing ovation, for what reason I don't know because we all were pretty much standing during the entire concert, clapping and dancing at our seats. They left the stage and the crowd was still going wild. They returned for an encore, playing another song soon to be a hit, "Hey Baby, They're Playing Our Song." When they finished, Nick knelt down toward me and told me to meet them at the back of the stage door and he would have passes for us. I smiled and told him we'd be there as soon as we could.

"What did he say," Brandon asked loudly. I told him and he seemed astonished. We waited till the crowd thinned and then headed out the side doors. Having been part of the crew for a couple of musicals that we put on when I was a student there, I knew the back entrance and how to get

there without being to obvious. We headed out the door, which led to a hallway inside the school. We went to the back door, stopped by security, but when I gave them my name, they stood aside and opened the entrance way.

Once inside I saw Carl, who I knew, but not that well. He recognized me, however and called to Nicky. Nick came over and hugged me then Karen. I introduced Brandon and Sherry to him and he shook their hands. He led us into a dressing area and asked if we wanted something to drink. We all said yes and he handed Brandon and me a beer and the girls a coke. I was surprised that he had beer at the school, but decided what the hell and drank it.

We talked for a while as he introduced the others to the rest of the band. I knew them from watching their practice, but not as well as Nick and Carl. Karen was really into the `groupy' thing, even then from what I could see. Brandon seemed to really get off on being with a band that had made a record. Sherry, on the other hand, I could tell was really bored. I pulled Brandon aside and he agreed with me about her reaction. I thanked Nicky for the passes and told him it was nice seeing him again and wished him success with the record that he told us was coming out later that month. I told him we had to get going, not only to get the girls home, but that we were leaving early the next morning back to school. He hugged me again and we all proceeded to leave out the back door. We headed to the now nearly empty parking lot, found the car and got in.

"Hungry?" I asked everyone. They all nodded and we headed to a favorite restaurant of mine.

When we got there we were seated quickly and ordered. We talked for quite sometime before our meal arrived. Karen put her hand on my leg and kept rubbing it back and forth. I looked over at Brandon and he smiled, knowing what was happening. Suddenly he jumped. I gave him a quizzical look. He moved his eyes towards his crotch and I realized that Sherry had just grabbed him. I saw Brandon put his hand under the table and I assumed he had grabbed her hand to stop her. But as time went by I realized that she had not stopped, but used her other hand to guide his toward her leg. I chuckled to myself, but that didn't last long as Karen noticed what was happening and her hand moved closer to my crotch and eventually she laid it right on top of my dick. I just looked at her and smiled, not wanting to cause a scene.

Luckily, our food came about the same time which brought all hands above the table. More small talk took place as we ate. As we finished, I took out the money my dad had given to me, paid the bill and headed toward the car. It was only eleven-thirty and I knew that Karen expected us to stay out until the curfew that her dad had mentioned.

"So, what shall we do?" I asked with trepidation. Karen turned to me, kissed me and whispered into my ear "the Hill." I was afraid of that all night and now she asked. The "Hill" was exactly what it sounds like, a hill overlooking the forest preserve near our home. I don't' think I need

to tell you what normally happened at the "Hill." It was a well known make-out area and I knew not only would we have to be there a while, but a lot of my friends from my old school would probably be there as well.

I looked into the mirror and Sherry was all over Brandon. I felt a twinge of jealousy, but realized that I expected something like that when we knew we were going out on a double date. I asked the two of them if they wanted to head for the "Hill" as Karen suggested and Sherry jumped on

the idea. Brandon just rolled his eyes as he said yes, very nonchalantly.

As we got up to the "Hill" it wasn't as busy as I expected, although there were about fifteen cars parked. I noticed Terry's car, which petrified me to be honest. And, I saw a couple of other cars I recognized as well. We pulled in between two cars rather than go to the end. I really didn't want to be that secluded with Karen and Sherry.

Karen snuggled up to me and again placed her hand in my lap. Usually when I had a hand on my dick I would get an instant erection. However, I was a bit surprised that nothing really happened. Looking back I guess I shouldn't have been surprised, but even with a girl, at that age I would have thought I would have some reaction.

In the mirror, I noticed that Sherry had her mouth plastered on Brandon's. His arm was around her, but not holding her. Her hand was rubbing his crotch and I wondered if he was having the same non-reaction as I was at the moment. My question was answered when I heard an "Ummm, nice," from Sherry. I gather that Brandon was a typical 15-year old and had gotten hard with her stimulation. As I watched I could see that they were kissing rather passionately and again I felt a bit jealous. I knew deep down in my heart that I wouldn't loose Brandon, but anyone kissing him would have made me feel the way I did at that moment.

Karen grabbed my face and turned it toward her. "Al right," she said rather annoyingly, "what gives, Bob?"

"What do you mean, Karen?"

"You're watching Sherry and Brandon make out but are ignoring me."

I did realize what I was doing and actually felt very bad. I turned toward her and smiled. I placed my lips on hers and we began to kiss. She attempted to push her tongue into my mouth, wanting to French-kiss. I opened my mouth and let her in and imagined that it was Brandon kissing me. With that thought, I was able to return her affection, but having to close my eyes to maintain the image.

I heard Brandon's breathing get a bit shallower. I knew that sound rather well. It meant he was near an orgasm. I know that Karen heard it as well and knew what it was as she looked back toward the two of them in the back seat. She smiled and began to move her hand more rapidly over my crotch. "Can I play with you?" she asked.

"If you really want to, Karen, it is alright," I answered positive I didn't sound to thrilled about it. I reached down and opened my zipper giving her better access to what she wanted. She put her hand inside my pants and fumbled to get into my jockey shorts. She took her other hand

and grabbed mine and put it on her left breast, closest to me. I had felt her up before so I knew what to do. This, however, was the first time that she touched my penis. The first, and last, time that we attempted to have sex, she didn't want to touch it, but did want me to play with her pussy

and put my dick into her. That is a story for another time, but suffice to say it was a disaster, being the first attempt at male/female sex for me and her both.

She found her way under the flap in my underwear and grabbed my cock. I was half-hard and that seemed to both shock and disappoint her. However, she managed to pull it out of its confines and wrapped her hand around me. She began to slowly stroke it making it a bit more erect, but it never did reach anywhere near what it normally did when I was sexually excited. As

she played with me, trying to jack me off, I looked in the mirror and saw the same scene being enacted by Brandon and Sherry. I noticed, to my pleasure, that Brandon was nowhere near as hard as he could get.

Playing with Karen's tit did nothing to enhance my erection, that is for sure, but seeing Brandon being stroked by Sherry did. My cock began to harden more (still never getting to full erection) and I heard Karen hum with excitement as she thought it was her making my dick fill with more

blood. Looking down at her once in a while my biggest fear was that she might just go down on me and try to give me a blow job. However, I should have known better remembering her fear of even touching my dick during our first encounter.

Suddenly I heard a moan from the back seat. I looked in the mirror just in time to see Brandon shoot a very small load for Sherry. That took me over the brink as well as I began to ejaculate. Neither Brandon, nor I, shot nearly the type of load that we did with each other, but both of us

seemed to please the girls. After I came, Karen moved my hand from her tit to her groin, lifting her skirt for me to rub her pussy. She whispered in my ear not to go under her panties but just to rub her to help her get off. I obliged! After all, appearances here at home were important and I knew that word would get around that she got me off and I did the same for her -- as well as her girlfriend and my now believable roommate.

Both Karen and Sherry began to breathe heavily as Brandon and I rubbed their clitorises underneath their panties. I smiled at Brandon in the mirror as both the girls were too far out of it to see us looking at each other. Sherry got to orgasm before Karen did, which was evident with

her moans and screams. Brandon was usually loud, but this girl was unbelievable. I could tell when I saw the cars on both our left and right look over. Both the guys and girls that looked gave a knowing smile and then returned to their own pleasures.

Shortly after Sherry's groans and moans were done, Karen began to tighten. I apparently had succeeded in bringing her to orgasm as well, but her reaction was much different. She held back any loud screams or verbalization. Instead I could tell by how she tightened all her muscles

and literally trapped my hand on her pussy. I continued to rub, slowing down as I thought that her cumming would be just like Brandon, where she would be sensitive and want me to slow down. I was wrong! Instead, she grabbed my hand and began to assist me to rub even quicker and quicker, providing her with what I later found out were multiple orgasms. Being a male that concept was not in my sexual repertoire.

I looked in the mirror again and saw Sherry again kissing Brandon very hard. As her orgasms subsided, Karen came up to my mouth and we began to make out, again. She took her hand and grabbed my penis again squeezing as we kissed.

Karen then broke our kiss and looked at her watch. "Oh, Shit!" she exclaimed. "We are going to be late, damn it! We better get home, Bob or my dad will kill us."

I looked at my watch and it was nearly one o'clock, her curfew. I pushed her up, put my cock back into my pants, zipped up and started the car. I backed up and started heading for her house. As we drove, both Karen and Sherry began to primp themselves so that her dad didn't know what

had happened. Both of them were decent as we pulled into Karen's driveway. I got out and walked around to the passenger's side. I opened both Karen's door as well as the back door. Sherry slid out followed by Brandon. I looked down and saw that Brandon's zipper was open and used my eyes to tell him to zip up, which he did.

We walked the girls to the door and gave them each a good night kiss.I thanked Karen for a good night telling her I'd see her if time permitted during Christmas vacation, knowing that there would be no time since we would be going to Brandon's for the holidays then down to Florida.

The door opened and Mr. Gill was standing there looking at his watch. "Glad you guys made it," he said. "You have always been the model boy, Bob and Brandon, I think you are as well." It was exactly one o'clock. I sighed a sigh of relief.

Brandon and I headed back to the car and go in, backing out and heading toward my house. He moved toward me, leaned over the steering wheel and gave me a big kiss. I reciprocated and continued to head home.

"So, you're no longer a virgin," I quipped.

"Nope, I guess not," he replied.

"Brandon, what did you think?"

"Honestly, it was all right, Bob, but no where near as pleasurable as with a guy."

I couldn't help but smile. "I told you, didn't I lover?"

"The weirdest thing, Bob," Brandon continued. He told me that although he wasn't hard, Sherry was able to get him off by him thinking of me in the front seat and that my cock was out of my pants. He said that Sherry didn't have any type of grip on his cock, really not stroking him like he needed. "But, I did cum, which I guess was what she wanted."

"Yes, that is definitely what she wanted and from what I could tell, you got her off too."

He smiled and nodded his head as we turned into my driveway. I shut off the car and turned to him. I grabbed him by the back of his neck and pulled his mouth toward mine. I kissed him, hard! My tongue dove into his mouth as began to battle his. He grabbed my head and held me as close as I was holding him.

Suddenly the back yard light went on and we broke apart. I was scared as hell that mom or dad saw us and were going to know about our relationship. Instead, as my eyes adjusted to the light I saw Mikey at the door, apparently waiting for us to get home. He waved and I saw a big smile on his face as he opened the door. Brandon and I got out of the car, locked it and headed into the house.

Mikey looked over both of us. "So, you both got something tonight, I see," he said.

"And what makes you think that?" I asked.

"Well, let's see here. Your shirts are out of your pants. Your zippers are both only half way up and that stain on Brandon's pants tells all."

I looked over at Brandon and he looked at me. We both laughed as we grabbed Mikey and began to each hit him on his biceps. Then we stopped and hugged him, grabbing him toward us and kissed him on his cheek.

"Time for bed, then, right?" he asked.

"Damn right," I answered. "We have an eight o'clock bus back to CBS tomorrow and we still have to get packed."

We hustled up the stairs to our room. As we entered, even with the lights off, I saw somebody in one of the beds. I turned on the light and much to my amazement there was Justin leaning on his hand with the covers over himself.

"What in the hell is this?" I turned and asked Mikey.

"Well, Justin's parents had to go to the hospital with his grandmother and they asked if Justin could spend the night here," Mikey responded. "So, I guess I have someone to sleep with tonight!"

I grabbed him and kissed him again. This time I rammed my tongue into his mouth as my hand went down toward his crotch and I groped him. He did the same to me and we began a tongue war for about two-minutes. Brandon stood next to both of us with his arms around us, one hand on my back and one on Mikey's ass, rubbing it as I was playing with his dick. We broke and looked over at Justin.

"You treat my brother well, Justin. You hear me?"

"Like I did to you, Bob. Like I did for you."

Brandon headed for the bathroom as I began to undress. Mikey took off his shorts which he was wearing and I noticed he had nothing underneath. He and Justin must have already been enjoying themselves, I remember thinking. I looked over at Justin, walked toward the bed and

grabbed the covers pulling them off of him. Sure enough, there he was naked and hard. I looked at his erect penis and remarked how much he had grown since the last time I saw it. He smiled knowing that he had indeed gotten bigger.

As Brandon came into the room he saw this site in front of him. "Starting without me?"

I ran toward him and jumped into his arms. We fell to the ground then heard a knock at the door. Since Brandon and I were both wearing clothes, it didn't bother us, but Justin quickly pulled up the covers and Mikey slid into the sleeping bag on the floor next to the dresser.

My dad opened the door seeing Brandon and I wrestling on the floor. "Okay, you two. You have an early bus and better get to sleep. I see you woke your brother and Justin, huh? Well, you and Brandon might have to sleep in the same bed tonight, Bob, with Justin staying if that is alright with you." I feigned disappointment with that, but said it would be all right for tonight.

As dad left, Brandon grabbed me and kissed me. "Alright? Is that all?"

"Yea, I'll put up with you I guess. But right now I have to piss, let me go!"

I ran into the bathroom, relieved myself then came back into the bedroom totally naked. Brandon was already in bed and I snuggled up next to him. I turned to him. "I love you Brandon, more than ever."

"Tell me something I don't know, Bob," he said kiddingly.

Mikey got up from his sleeping bag and went to lock the door. I'm glad he did because morning came very quickly when we heard mom knock and tell us to get up and ready. As I awoke there I was, my arm around my lover, his head on my chest and his hand resting on my morning wood.

I looked down on the floor and there was Mikey with his arm around Justin holding him close. His other hand was grasping Justin's morning hard-on as Justin had Mikey's in his hand. I am certainly glad that Mikey had the fore-thought to lock the door. I think mom would have had a

cardiac arrest if she walked into that scene.

I got out of bed quickly and ran to the bathroom, took a pee and turned on the shower. As I stepped into the shower and closed the curtain I heard the door open. I assumed it was Brandon and I told him to join me.

As I was washing my hair, my eyes covered with soap, I felt him getting into the tub. The next thing I felt was a warm mouth on my hard cock. As I washed the soap from my eyes and looked down, there was Mikey doing a superb job on my cock. Unlike what might have happened earlier in the week, I just leaned back and rested myself on the shower wall as he brought me to orgasm. I held his head tightly assisting him by thrusting in and out of his mouth as his hands rolled my balls and his tongue licked the head of my cock. As I came, I thought how much more enjoyable this was than what happened with Karen the night before. I truly knew at that time

that I was gay!

I pulled Mikey up toward me when I finished shooting my load and kissed him. Our arms were wrapped around each other holding each other close. I looked down at him as we broke our kiss and told him I loved him. I told him that we weren't only brothers, but closer, much closer than ever before. He agreed with me and kissed me again. I asked him if he wanted me to help get him off, but he said that he didn't. He told me that he and Justin had both cum about four times before Brandon and I got home. He added that they also got off earlier in the morning before Brandon and I woke up.

"You know something little bro?" I started. "You are even hornier than I am I think!" We both laughed and heard someone else laughing on the other side of the curtain. As we opened it, there was Brandon standing there waiting to get into the shower.

"Can I use the shower now," he asked.

"Why didn't you just come in?"

"I didn't want to interrupt that beautiful brotherly scene that you guys just had."

I laughed. "Well, you know you could have joined?"

"Sure, but I have you for the next 3 weeks to myself, and I wanted you and Mikey to have one last fling before we left."

Mikey grabbed Brandon and kissed him saying thank you in the one way he knew Brandon would accept. He and I got out of the shower and let Brandon take his as we went into the bedroom. Speak about being a horny guy, we walked in on Justin beating his meat, looked at each other and giggled. Mikey and I went about getting dressed as Justin finished what he was doing. When Brandon got out of the shower, Justin got up and took his shower as he was a mess with not only the load he had just shot, but the dried cum he had on him from the numerous orgasms he and Mikey had had the night before.

We heard my dad yelling that it was time to go as Brandon and I finished packing the last of our things for the trip back to school. We grabbed our suitcases and dragged them down the stairs to the kitchen. Mom had our breakfast already on the table as we sat and gobbled it up. We both thanked my parents for a great week and Brandon thanked them for letting him come and visit and share the holidays with them. They both hugged him and told him that anytime he wanted to come to their home he was welcome.

"After all," my mom began, "you and Bob have a very special friendship I can tell."

My dad gave a knowing acknowledgement to what she said. It wasn't until about thirty-two years later that I realized that parents know their children a lot better than their kids realize.

When we finished breakfast I ran up to Joe's room and knocked on his door. I didn't get an answer, but I certainly didn't want to leave without saying good bye to him. I opened the door and went over to the side of his bed. I looked down and saw my little brother sleeping like I remembered him when he was a baby. I didn't have the heart to awaken him and just leaned over and kissed him on the forehead.

With that, however, he opened his eyes, saw it was me and grabbed my neck. He kissed me back. I told him I was leaving and would see him for Christmas break. He mumbled that he loved me, turned over and went back to sleep. Oh, I thought, to be able to do that again.

Again I heard dad calling me telling me that we had to run. I closed the door and nearly fell down the stairs rushing to leave. I gave my mother a kiss goodbye and we headed for the car. Brandon had already taken our luggage and put it in the back seat, forcing my dad, me and Brandon in the front seat. It was a short ride to the bus station and my dad told us to behave ourselves at school, to enjoy the wrestling practices and meets that were coming up and to be sure to watch our weight.

He concluded by telling Brandon and I that we were now going to be looked up to by our teammates with our captain roles being announced. "Don't do anything that other might get confused over, you two," he continued. "People talk and you certainly don't want anyone not to respect you for the athletes that you obviously are."

Brandon and I looked at each other not knowing exactly how to take what he had just said. But before we could go into it any further we had arrived at the bus station. We gathered our things and had to run to catch the bus back to school. It was already boarding and we almost missed it.

We threw our luggage into the compartment; I hugged my dad goodbye as Brandon shook his hand and again thanked him. We turned and got onto the bus, looking for a couple of seats together.

"Over here, Bob," I heard someone say. As I looked over, there was Jeff, the guy that I met on the way home a week before.

"Hey Jeff," I said. "I didn't know you were heading back today as well," I added.

"Yep, I am, Bob. I guess that this is your co-captain Brandon, huh?"

"Oh, yes, sorry. Brandon, this is Jeff, Jerry's brother."

Brandon extended his hand toward Jeff. "Nice to meet you. I should have known, you look like Jerry a bit," Brandon continued.

"I saw the two of you running for the bus so I saved you these two seats here, guys."

"Thank you Jeff," I answered. "Hope you had a good holiday and a good wedding."

He told us that the wedding was very nice and that everyone got bombed as they usually do at a wedding. We talked about our vacation and just made some conversation as the bus drove out of the depot and headed west.

I so wanted to put my arm around Brandon and hold him close, but I wasn't sure about how others on the bus would take that, especially Jeff. Although I had my suspicions about Jeff, I certainly didn't want to out Brandon and me to the brother of a team member, especially after what dad had said. All I knew was that the last week had been fantastic. Not only was I able to spend it with the love of my life, but my relationship with my brother grew to that next level, one which I never anticipated it getting to.

As the bus rolled down the highway, our conversation diminished and finally ended. We all laid our heads back onto the headrest and closed our eyes. For the remainder of the 4 ½ hour trip, not much was said. As I drifted off into a light sleep I couldn't help but dream of what it would be like to finally be back in our own room back at school. How I wanted to just hold Brandon close to me, hear his heart beating, feeling his body head next to mine and smell his boyish odor.

As we felt the bus slow down, Brandon and I both knew it was time to gather our things as best we could. Just a few more minutes and then a five minute walk to our dorm and we would again be alone. I squeezed his thigh as he was still asleep and awoke him. He looked over at me and smiled. I knew that he, too, couldn't wait for that time when he and I would again be at OUR home.

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