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Mentoring Brandon

by Bob Anders

Chapter 19

Back to School and Onto the Mats

Warning! This chapter and this story are fictional accounts of love developing between two teenage boys. If that disgusts or distresses you, Go! Leave it for those who enjoy it!! If you are underage, whatever that means where you live, you have to leave, too. Sorry, their rules, not mine or ours.

NOTE TO READER: The following story is a first attempt at anything like this. I hope that it at least is interesting. It is basically a true story, with the names/places changed to protect the guilty. Please let me know what you think and give me any suggestions that you may have. I tend to be long-winded and re-reading this, I am afraid that it may not "get to the point" quickly enough. Any and all feedback will be appreciated as I have a lot of stories to tell, but I want people to read them as well.

As the bus rolled down the highway, our conversation diminished and finally ended. We all laid our heads back onto the headrest and closed our eyes. For the remainder of the 4 ½ hour trip, not much was said. As I drifted off into a light sleep I couldn't help but dream of what it would be like to finally be back in our own room back at school. How I wanted to just hold Brandon close to me, hear his heart beating, feeling his body head next to mine and smell his boyish odor.

As we felt the bus slow down, Brandon and I both knew it was time to gather our things as best we could. Just a few more minutes and then a five minute walk to our dorm and we would again be alone. I squeezed his thigh as he was still asleep and awoke him. He looked over at me and smiled. I knew that he, too, couldn't wait for that time when he and I would again be at OUR home.

Much to our surprise as we exited the bus there were Dave and Tom waiting for us. The came over to us, said hello and each grabbed one of our bags. We all hugged, knowing that more was probably going through each of us than ten-days apart. As we headed back to our dorm, Dave told us that he had gotten a message from Dean Huzinga that he wanted to see us when we got back to campus.

"Well, it can wait until Monday," I said with much anticipation to get to our room and just crash.

"Ah, no it can't," Dave spoke up. "He said to bring you to his office as soon as we picked you up from the bus station, Bob."

"What can't wait?" Brandon questioned.

"I can't really tell you guys, since the Dean asked me just to bring you to his office before you guys got to your room."

With a sigh, we both acquiesced. Knowing that this was the man who would hopefully soon approve our rooming assignments, I felt we had just better follow his direction. So, as we approached Dave's car, we put our luggage into the trunk and got into the back seat together. Tom had been very silent, but had a smirk on his face. I was very apprehensive about what was happening, but just lay back and relaxed until we got to the Administration building.

Dave parked the car and we all exited it and headed up the stairs to the Dean's office. When we got there, his private office door was open and we heard him tell us to come on in. In front of his desk were two chairs and he pointed to them and asked Brandon and me to sit. Asking Dave and Tom to wait in the outer office, they complied closing the door behind them.

"Bob, Brandon," the dean began, "I know that you have asked to room together so I just wanted to let you know that I have considered this option and agreed to it. However, there are some things that have happened in the last week that I think you two should be aware of."

"Yes sir," both Brandon and I said simultaneously.

"After conferring with both Coach Basarak and Coach D'Agostino we have made some changes in the dorms for the coming semester. Since you both are captains of next year's football squad and also this year's wrestling team, we decided to make Lubbers Hall an athletic dormitory."

Did I hear him correctly, I thought? Did he actually say that Brandon and I were captains of the wresting team? That decision was usually made after the season started, so I was a bit confused.

"Dean, you said something about being captains of the wrestling team?" I queried.

"Oh, Bob, I'm sorry," he continued, " I really shouldn't have said that, but now that I have, yes you did hear me correctly."

I looked over and Brandon was staring into my eyes with a look of confusion as well as surprise. We laughed and high-fived each other.

"Well, now that I let that cat out of the bag," Dean Huzinga laughed, "I guess I should go on. With Lubbers Hall now being a jock dorm, we made some changes in the physical appearance. Since you two and Tom are football captains, as well, we felt that all the team leaders should be together."

I looked at him and I know he saw my confusion. "Changes, sir?"

He explained that over the break, the school's maintenance staff had built a suite where Brandon's and my old room were. He explained that they had been considering this for some time, but stepped up their plans a semester early. He told us that the two rooms were still in existence, but that a living and study area were between the rooms and a bathroom/shower area also were constructed.

Brandon and I must have appeared totally caught off-guard as the Dean was smiling and laughing.

"Boys, one other thing," he continued. "Coach Gallo has had some concerns over the way the two of you are acting and suggested that I caution the both of you to be more discreet with your relationship."

Oh my god! He knew. How did Coach Gallo know.

"Excuse me sir," Brandon finally spoke up.

"Let's just say that when Bob was hurt prior to the Oskie game, he noticed some things that need to be toned down between the two of you," the Dean relayed. "Just realize, your personal lives are under scrutiny at every point now that you hold this leadership position and your teammates, for that fact the students and faculty of CBS will be watching you two. Just be careful," he ended.

With that said and done, Dean Huzinga stood up and extended is hand to us both. We thanked him for everything he had done and promised that he wouldn't be sorry. He nodded approval and opened his door. There, with shit-eating grins on their faces stood Dave and Tom. We all hugged then picked up our luggage and began to head for the dorm.

As we all hurried to our new suite, Dave and Tom told us that they had returned the day before and saw the new doorway blocking any entrance to their room. Upon going to the Resident Advisors room, they were told what had happened and given the new key. They didn't say much more, just that we would be very happy to see the changes.

As we walked into the main door all eyes were upon us. Everyone came up and said hello or various other comments which included congratulations about our new room. Pleasantries were exchanged by all and we went to the RA's room to get out new keys. She smiled at us as she handed them over and also said that she would talk to us later about some of the other plans for the dorm sometime later in the week.

As we were getting our keys, Dave and Tom had stayed with our luggage and when we returned we grabbed two of the bags and headed up the stairs. As we turned the corner on the second floor, we saw the first of the construction that the school had done. Half of the hallway that we remembered was gone with a door at the end of the hall. Tom moved ahead and opened the main door.

As we stepped in, I could see the look on Brandon's face as I'm sure that he could see on mine. There in front of us was an enormous room where the hallway and two other rooms had been. Four desks were built into the wall with study carols for each of us. At our left we saw the bathroom that the Dean had told us about. It was private, just for the four of us.

At the far end of the room was what I would describe as a kitchenette. A small refrigerator and stove were built in along with a sink. I looked over at Tom who had a big smile on his face. Brandon and I just dropped our suitcases and I believe were frozen with what we saw.

"There, to the left is your room," Dave interjected.

Brandon and I walked to the door and opened it. Our, well Brandon's room I should say, had two twin beds and two study areas when we left. There, in front of us was a large closet and two twin beds now. Two built-in dressers were also evident as well as a couple of chairs that were not the typical wood ones that were in there prior to our departure.

"What the fuck! I can't believe this," Brandon finally said. "I can't believe all this," he reiterated.

As we walked in, the closet behind us was open. It was a large walk in closet which would hold all of our things. As we walked to the beds we noticed something that surprised us immensely. The beds were not bolted to the floor, thereby allowing us to move them around the room, if we cared to. Brandon looked at me, smiled, then pushed the one bed closer to the other making a larger than double bed for us. I laughed and turned and hugged him.

"Does that mean you want to sleep closer to me?" I said giggling like a school girl.

"Well, I figured if I didn't you would sooner or later," he answered.

Dave and Tom were behind us, unknowingly. "I win," I heard Tom say. "You owe me $5. It was less than a minute Dave."

We turned and smiled at them. "So, you guys were betting on the bed thing?" I asked.

"Of course," Dave said. "It took us about the same time!"

We turned toward them and followed them across the living area and into their room. They had done the same as they told us and their room was identical to ours. Their room was already a mess, not surprisingly to me.

"Well, it's been a long bus ride and I definitely need a shower." I said turning to look at Brandon who was all smiles. "Besides, it will be nice to have a private shower for a change here."

"Well, you didn't go in there did you, Bob?" Tom asked.

"Nope, not yet Tom."

Both he and Dave gave a big smile as Brandon and I walked into our new bathroom. Not only was there a toilet, but a urinal, which of course as we were in a boy's dorm made sense. We looked at the shower. It was huge, with two shower heads and enough room for at a minimum two people. I blushed remembering what I had said a moment ago.

"You think that they know about us?" I asked Brandon. Dave and Tom roared. They realized what I meant and later told me that they thought the same thing about them when they first came into the room. Brandon was just there, mouth wide open in astonishment.

Then, I realized that what they had done was just close off the other gang showers and left the last two in the row for our room. They put in the toilet, urinal and sink into the existing plumbing. I felt better about that knowing that this was the easiest remodeling. I told the others what I saw and they too had a sign of relief.

I turned to Tom and Dave. "Have you guys tried this out yet?"

They both smiled and I didn't have to wait for their answer. "Well then you'll excuse us if we freshen up," I smiled as I pointed for them to leave. Without any discussion, both Tom and Dave turned, closed the door and left our new bathroom. I turned and pulled Brandon to me and we kissed, long and passionately.

I put my hands on Brandon's waist and pulled his shirt up over his head. I threw it into the corner as his hands made their way to my shirt as he tugged it out of my jeans. Over my head he lifted it, tossed it toward the corner and leaned in to give me a kiss. Our tongues battled for a moment as we stood there in each others arms.

I broke the kiss and took his belt, unbuckled it and unsnapped his jeans. I put my hand on his zipper and began to pull it down. I didn't really have any question about his condition, but I felt his hard cock against my fingertips as I completed unzipping him. As I finished, I let them fall to the ground where I knelt down, took off his gym shoes and pulled his tight jeans from around his ankles. As I was there, his cock, pressing against the fabric of his briefs was outlined in all of its splendor. I leaned in and began to nibble on the head of his cock which was prominently outlined. Then I took my tongue, glided it down to the base all the while sliding my fingers into the elastic band, bringing them down to the floor.

As Brandon's cock flew up to his belly I licked up and down the shaft, then raising myself, I opened my arms for him to take off my jeans. He did the same as I did, slowly removing my pants to the floor, taking off my shoes and socks, then pulling the jeans off and into the corner. My cock ached as it was pulsating in my underwear. He mimicked me, nibbling on the head of my dick then gliding his tongue up and down the shaft as he removed my briefs.

We stood there naked as jay-birds, our cocks battling between us and kissed. Wrapped in each others arms we just stood there, still a bit stupefied over that was happening. I broke our embrace and went over to the shower and turned it on. As it warmed up, we returned to each other and just held one another till it was time to move into the shower. The sliding door that they installed was a lot more convenient than a shower curtain. We closed it, turning to the single shower head beating down upon us.

"Hey, we have two shower heads." Brandon finally realized. He turned the other one on and we were there, pummeled between the water falling upon us. I took the washcloth and soaped it up.

"Turn around Bran," I said as I began to wash his back. I took the cloth slowly down his spine to his butt. As I got there, I soaped him up, washing him very gently. I took my open hand, wrapped it around him and found my target. Wrapping my hand around his cock I began to slowly move it up and down the velvety shaft as I washed between the globes of his ass. I could hear his moans and groans, not sure if it were my hand on his cock or on his ass, but knowing I was doing something right.

I dropped the cloth and began probing his hole. I pushed in slowly, using the soap I had there as a lube. My finger found his prostate as I continued to stroke him very slowly. Brandon's head had fallen back onto my shoulder as I was enjoying my lover's reactions. I slowly fingered him, pushing on his prostate making his cock swell in my hand as we enjoyed the warm water covering us.

This was amazing being able to do this privately at school. We didn't have to worry about being walked in on, except by our two roommates (well suite-mates now I guess we had to call them), and could leisurely enjoy showering together. Even at home we had to be careful, not because of Mikey, but my parents who never really considered it an intrusion of our privacy when they walked into our rooms.

As I was pleasuring Brandon my cock was bouncing up and down. I definitely knew I wanted to be inside my lover, but was lost in the moment of this embrace that I had with him. I could tell that he wasn't going to last too long with the way he was groaning and thrashing with my touch. His dick was throbbing in my hand as he uncontrollably thrust his hips into the air. My finger inside him, working his prostate was driving him over the brink, and I knew it wouldn't be long before he shot his load all over the wall in front of him.

I was right because no longer than about two-minutes into this activity Brandon yelled and began to explode. The ivory wall in front of him was being splattered by his seed and I knew what I had to do. I continued to stroke him, going a bit faster, holding a bit firmer. His sphincter clamped onto my finger inside him as his orgasm, one which I have to say was the most I'd ever seen, continued.

As I felt him relaxing, I removed my finger from his hole. My hand continued to slowly stroke him till I realized that the head of his cock was becoming ultra-sensitive. I slowed to a halt, let his softening penis drop and turned him toward me. I immediately turned him toward me, placed my mouth on his and we began to kiss passionately.

"Oh wow!" was his first reaction. "I can't believe that we are here, at school, in our private shower and you just did that to me."

"Well Bran what did you think we were going to do?"

"For starters, this," he said as he knelt down in front of me, taking my engorged member in his hand and guiding it toward his mouth. As I felt his warm breath on my cock I leaned backward. Fortunately, as I mentioned earlier, they installed shower doors rather than curtains so I didn't fall flat on my back into the bathroom. He worked his tongue up and down the shaft of my cock paying particular attention to the underside of the head. He grasped my balls, massaged them in his hand as his lips wrapped tightly on the shaft.

I knew I wouldn't last long and I was right. I started to thrust my hips, making my cock slide in and out of his mouth. My hands went instinctively to the back of his head, holding it tight against my pubic region. The warmth of his mouth was driving me over the edge as I thrust one more time, hard to the back of his throat and began to unload his prize. As usual, Brandon swallowed all I had for him holding my shrinking penis in his mouth until he had milked me dry.

He looked up at me, our eyes met and I grabbed him under his arms lifting him up toward me. We kissed, him dropping my own orgasmic fluids onto my tongue and down my throat. We were in heaven, both of us.

There was a knock at the door and Dave walked in. "You guys done yet," he laughed. "I have to pee badly!"

"Don't let us stop you," I answered. "Not like I haven't seen that monster you have."

We all laughed as he went to the urinal, took his piss and left, but not before telling us that dinner was starting and that we all should start getting dressed before they closed. Brandon and I finished our shower, dried off and went into our room.

Since we hadn't unpacked we just threw on some clothes that were in the dressers. Even though it was November we put on a pair of shorts and a sweatshirt. It wasn't really that cold but as we found out, a bit colder than we anticipated as we walked to the cafeteria for dinner.

As we all sat eating we told Dave and Tom of our time together over the holidays. When I got to the story about Karen and Sherry they burst out laughing. Tom congratulated Brandon for his first hetero experience and Brandon replied something like "and my last." With that we finished our dinner, put our trays where we needed to and headed back to our room, ah suite.

There was a game still on the television and we sat with our dorm mates and watched it. We all talked a bit about our holiday during the game, not really paying attention to most of what was happening on the television. When it ended we all headed back upstairs.

"You know," Dave said. "We have everything here but a TV." As we talked we decided to see what we could do to get one in our room and decided to rent one, if nothing else, until we could afford to purchase one of our own for the room. This was long before cable, VCR, or DVD or any type of programming other than those provided by an antenna so we discussed how we would get reception.

Tom then realized that the antenna for the dorm was right above our room so we decided to see if we could hook into it and drop it down. We figured no one would care, since it wasn't a long run. We tabled that discussion seeing as though we couldn't even think about it until Monday and would figure out how to accomplish our desire.

We also talked about how this all came about. Brandon and I told the other two that Dean Huzinga said that Coach Gallo had some concerns about us and our relationship. We explained how he suggested that we needed to "tone down" what was going on between the two of us and that our personal lives, because of our leadership role we now held, was under scrutiny by all on campus.

"You know, guys," I continued, "You two, as well, will have to be careful as well. I have a feeling since they have the four of us here in this suite they may have the same concern for the two of you."

Dave and Tom looked at each other. They both said they understood and that anything between them or us would remain in this room and this room only. We all agreed that since we really didn't have to share the bathroom or any other place in the dorm with others this would be easily attainable.

"So does that mean we can all get naked all the time and not worry about it?" Brandon added.

We all laughed until we realized that Brandon wasn't kidding. Actually, it didn't make sense that we couldn't just walk around with nothing on, since we all were here together. We agreed that if that would happen, no questions asked, after all, it's not like we all hadn't seen each other naked or more for that fact.

At that moment we all noticed something for the first time. During the remodeling, they had left the hallway clock on the area above the main entrance. We looked at the time and realized it was near midnight and decided it was time for bed. And then, something started which became a ritual for us from that point on. We all kissed each other good night and made our way to our own rooms.

As Brandon and I got ready for bed, which wasn't exactly a problem since all we did was discard our clothes we smiled that we had a larger bed to share. As we got into the beds we realized that since they were on wheels, we needed to find some way to secure them so that they didn't slide apart.

As we lay there in each others arms not a word was said. I think we both realized how it had seemed that things were more than either of us anticipated a month of so before this when we first got together. I held Bran close to my chest, my arm around his shoulders. I could hear his breathing become shallow, knowing that he was drifting off. I turned slightly, gave him a kiss on the forehead and found myself slowly drifting off.

As I noticed the light coming in from the window I could feel Brandon turning toward me, his arm over my stomach. Then as I lay there his hand made its way to my morning hard on. He gripped it, squeezed it and opened his eyes.

"Good morning lover," is all he said. Our lips met and we kissed our first morning kiss in our new room. Brandon wasn't stroking me or trying to bring me off, just holding me tightly.

"You know Bran," I began, "I was thinking how lucky we've been in the past few weeks. Finding each other and finding friends that truly were happy that we had found each other was amazing, but I have a feeling that even our coaches are happy for us. You do realize, they know, don't' you?"

He smiled. "I have that feeling, but Bob," he said now speaking softly, "we can't tell anyone, you know and let them know for sure what they feel is happening."

I agreed with him, kissing him once more. My bladder was pressing hard and I knew I had to pee so I told him so and he and I got up and went to the bathroom. The great thing about what they did for us was provide more than one toilet. It didn't matter who was in the bathroom if one of us had an emergency.

As we finished, Tom came out of their room. He too was naked, as we had all agreed was not going to be a problem. His morning hard-on was leading him toward us and we both knew he had to really go. He was jumping up and down when he entered the bathroom and it was a second later we heard a stream of urine hit the toilet.

I looked up at the clock above the entrance door and it was only 9:00 a.m. This was a Sunday and we were already up? I was a bit shocked but also realized that brunch was going to be served soon and I was starving.

"You know hun," I said as I was dressing. "We have a refrigerator and stove, so we should get something to put in it."

Brandon agreed, but we both knew, again, that we would have to wait until Monday to do that. Iowa never had any stores open on Sunday's especially in this ultra-conservative town. The closest store we knew of was over forty-five miles away in Des Moines, so that was out.

As we were leaving, the phone rang. I was a bit taken aback, since I didn't realize that there was even a phone in the room. I found where it was and answered it. It was Coach D'Agostino. He was calling to make sure we were back and asked that Brandon, Tom and I meet with him at the Athletic Building at 1:00. I told him we'd see him there and hung up the phone.

As we headed to the cafeteria I told the guys what the Coach had asked. Tom slapped his forehead. "Ah, sorry, Bob, but I talked to the Coach when we got back and he asked me to tell you he wanted to meet." I punched him in the arm thanking him for all the advanced information.

As we ate, again we talked about our time at home. It was then that I remembered that I had asked Mikey to come up to CBS the week before we got off for the Christmas holiday. I told Tom and Dave this and they seemed to be fine with the idea.

"So is he as cute as Bob?" Tom asked Brandon.

"Cuter," was his reply. I looked at Brandon like he had crushed me, both knowing that we were kidding each other.

"Really?" Dave added.

"He's hung too," Brandon continued. That brought very inquisitive looks from our two suite-mates.

"Just how do you know that, Brandon?" Tom asked.

Brandon suggested that we discuss that question in our room, not in the cafeteria. He also promised to tell them looking at me to make sure it was all right. I nodded, knowing that if Mikey did come to visit chances are things might happen. We would cross that bridge when we came to it, I thought to myself.

Shortly, a few of our football buddies showed up so the conversation changed to a more normal topic. GIRLS! Even Brandon and I had an opportunity to enter that conversation, telling everyone about our double-date and the concert and activities afterward. I thought to myself we were able to enter the conversation without lying which made it easier to remember the details at a later date.

I looked at my watch and it was nearly 1:00 p.m. I grabbed Tom and Brandon and we headed out to see Coach D'Agostino. On the way we talked about nothing in particular, but all of us wondered what the Coach was going to ask or want from us.

As we entered the building we said hello to a few of the guys that were just finishing up with some weights or training. We went to the wrestling area and found the coach's office. The door was open and we knocked and walked in.

"Hey guys have a seat," he said as we entered. "So how's the new room?"

"Great Coach," Tom piped up.

"Good to hear. I'm glad things worked out then. Well right to the point then," he started.

He told us about his decision to name Brandon and me as captains, explaining that since we both were the 'core' of the team it made sense to him. He explained to me, which I hadn't known prior to this discussion, that the only experienced wrestlers we had this year were Brandon, Tom, me and one other transfer student, Jake Conrad. Since I was a conference champion as well as Brandon, it was an easy decision to name captains for the upcoming season.

He went on to explain that part of the change which had been discussed over the holidays and led to our suite constructed was that all the football and wrestlers would be housed from that point forward in Lubbers Hall. As of the second semester, all room assignments were going to be changed to accomplish this.

"Gentleman," he started to sound very stern, "this also means that the three of you have to be exemplary models to all the athletes. Coach Gallo, as well as Coach Basarak and the other coaches feel that will not be a problem IF (which he emphasized) you keep your 'friendships' kept between you."

I could tell all of us were shaking a bit at this. Brandon's leg was tight against mine and I could feel it trembling. Or, I thought, was that me, I wasn't sure.

"Starting today we will be having an evening practice for the next week to get things started, which includes weight room training. The two of you will be responsible for closing the weight room nightly at 9:00p.m. Can you handle this?

Brandon and I just shook our head in agreement, not exactly knowing what else to say. We both were still a bit worried about where this meeting was going, but as I looked at Coach D'Agostino I realized this was not going to be as bad as I first thought. At least I hoped it wasn't.

"Good! Now, I'd like you to meet Jake." He made a motion toward his door and in walked this very dark-haired boy who was just gorgeous. I saw it in Brandon's eyes as well, but we both kept our composure. We stood up, extended our hands and all shook hands with Jake who sat down on the remaining chair next to the Coach's desk.

"Guys, I want you to take Jake under your wing. He just got here this week and is not familiar at all with CBS. There are something's that I think that we all need to discuss, but that can wait until after classes tomorrow. But for now, Brandon, will you show Jake around up to the wrestling room and the weight room. Bob, I need to talk with you, however."

With that, both Brandon and Jake got up and headed out the door. The Coach shut the door as they left. "Ok, Bob, there are some things I need to tell you about Jake. I want you to share them with Brandon, but please, no one else," he started.

Coach D'Agostino went on telling me that Jake was from Ohio and was at CBS because, not his wrestling skills, but problems that were taking place at home and in his old school. He continued to tell me that Jake was being picked on at school by most all the other students his age and older. Because of this numerous fights and even some things happened to him and his house.

"Bob, I'm going to be very honest with you," he continued. "Jake needs some new friends. He has gone through a lot in the past few months because . . . " he stopped and I had a feeling that he was searching for words.

"Coach, I know what it is like to come to a new school and to feel alone, so please, don't worry, I'll be glad to keep an eye on him. So will Brandon and Tom and all the guys, believe me," I told him.

He seemed to still have something to say, so I just sat there waiting. Finally, he continued. "Well, there is more and I hope you'll understand. Jake has admitted to me that he has been accused of being queer, homosexual, and that is one reason that his parents and the authorities thought it best that he get a new start. I know you're from Chicago and probably have had some contact with boys that might feel this way and could help him, but needed to know what his secret was."

I swallowed hard with my next question, not really wanting an answer. "Coach, why me?"

"I thought I told you, Bob, because you are probably more used to boys that are around that are queer, being from Chicago," he stated, but I knew that there was more from his hesitation.

"Is that all Coach?"

He looked down at his desk for a moment then drew his eyes to me. "Yes, except for one thing. He is going to be living in Lubbers, with Jerry next to your suite and I was hoping you'd watch him and keep over him. I hope Jerry doesn't' get wind of the things that I've told you here though."

"Coach, I'll definitely watch over Jake and I don't think you'll have to worry about Jerry at all. He is a good guy and will be fine with Jake. What Jerry knows will only be told to him by Jake, I promise."

With that he smiled and thanked me. "Thanks Bob, I appreciate that. He hasn't met Jerry yet but Jerry does know that he has a new roommate, since his other roommate Kyle moved over to Petenpaul with his buddy from home. So, will you bring Jake there and introduce them?"

I agreed much to Coach's delight. Just then, there was a knock at the door and Brandon and Jake were back. We all said goodbye to Coach, telling him we'd be back at 5:00 to take care of the weight room.

With that we all headed out of the office. We talked about the school with Jake telling him that he was lucky to be here. I knew that, unless Jake told Brandon, my lover had no idea about what Coach had told me so I didn't say anything to lead the discussion that direction. I figured if Jake wanted Brandon to know he'd tell him in his time. However, I also knew I probably would confide in Brandon later in the evening.

When we got to Lubbers we walked up to our room. As we walked in, Tom and Dave were in their room, so I thought I'd better go in to make sure that they were dressed before they came out not knowing we had someone with us. Sure enough, they weren't dressed, but also they were being good boys. I told them we had a visitor and they put on some shorts and came out.

We talked for a while getting to know each other. Jake told us he was from a small town near Columbus, Ohio. He also told us that he was not very well liked so was pretty much a loner. He loved to wrestle, which was his only enjoyment back at home. His parents were pretty good but always wanted him to be more popular. At that moment I heard someone in the hall and thinking it was Jerry, I got up.

I was right and told Jerry to step into our room. "Oh, you're going to let me into your room finally," he laughed.

As he walked in Dave and Tom got up and hugged Jerry, as did Brandon. Jake just sat in the chair, watching all of this. Jerry's eyes hit Jake. "Hi there," he just said nodding his head.

I introduced the two then asked Jerry to sit down. I told him that Coach D had asked that I bring Jake here and let them meet here as Jake was his new roommate. Jerry's eyes opened wide and a big grin on his face. "Oh Cool," is all he said.

Jake seemed to enjoy that reaction as he too got a big smile on his face. Jerry, as you remember, was a sophomore that was called up to varsity with Brandon. Jerry was not a wrestler, but an integral part of the football team now and would be definitely assigned to Lubbers now that it was an Athletic dorm (of course all called it the JOCK dorm, needless to say).

We talked for a long time, not about anything in particular, but about ourselves so we all got to know each other a bit better. Jake seemed comfortable as did Jerry. As we saw the time, I suggested that Jerry take Jake to the room, let him get settled and that I had to take Jake to the weight room for our wrestling workout. Jerry understood and he and Jake left.

"Wow he's gorgeous," Dave said as the door was closed. All of us smiled at Dave in agreement. I knew I'd talk to Brandon about Jake at some point, but was never going to let on to Dave and Tom about his sexual orientation. That was something for Jake to do if and when he felt it was the right time.

At 4:30 I went over to Jake's room, told him we were leaving and he grabbed his stuff. I sent Brandon ahead to get to the locker room to make sure it was ready for the guys as Jake and I walked to the Athletic building together.

"Jake, Coach D told me some things about you and well I wanted to let you know that I'm fine with it all," I began. He looked a little nervous and I put my arm around him and reassured him I meant what I said.

"Bob, he told me he was going to tell you, but please don't let anyone else know," he stammered.

"Jake, I do have to tell you that it will be difficult for me to keep it from Brandon, you know. Maybe you need to talk with him so I don't blurt out something that I shouldn't," I confided in him.

"He'll hate me!" Jake blurted.

"No, he won't Jake, he is like me, what you are in your personal life is what you are and no one, and I mean NO ONE should tell you how to live your life."

He looked a bit dubious. "Coach did tell you I was …ah…..was…"

"Queer?" I said so he didn't have to.

His head went down. "Yes!" is all he replied.

"And that should be a problem how?"

He looked up, a bit more relaxed I thought. "You don't care?"

"Why should I, Jake. We all have our lives, don't we? And besides, I know a lot of guys that are more attracted to guys, especially at our age. Besides we're wrestler and you know what they say about us." I tried to jokingly reply.

With that I finally saw a smile on Jakes face that made me realize he was relaxed with me. We didn't say much more about that subject, just talking about CBS and how things around here were more relaxed than a public school.

When we got to the locker room Brandon came up to us and told us that our lockers were all together so we followed him. Our lockers were the same as they were during football, and Jake was assigned one in the same row. As we got into our workout clothes, I noticed that Jake turned. I elbowed Brandon and he looked too. We both knew there was a reason, as we could see, from behind that Jake was a bit excited, as nothing was evident below his low hanging balls. We both figured he had a hard-on and didn't want us to see.

Four hours, I thought to myself. Brandon and I had to wait the entire time to make sure that we were the last to leave the weight room so that we could lock it up as Coach had asked. Actually I found that a bit unusual as in Chicago we had to have an adult there at all times. But, this being a private school, I guessed that the rules were a bit different, obviously.

Jake left after an hour and a half to go back to his room and to dinner. Dinner, I thought? When were Brandon and I supposed to eat? Just then, Coach D came in to see how things were going. I asked him and he handed us $20 and told us he forgot about that fact and that we should hit Luigi's for something after we left. We thanked him as he left, smiling at us and thanking us for taking this leadership role, again.

As 8:30 rolled around we realized that all the wrestlers had checked in and had completed their required workout. Brandon went into the locker room and saw that it too was empty, went and locked the main door. He came back and gave me a sly look.

He walked over to the free-weight bench, lay down and smiled at me.

"Remember this?" he laughed.

I immediately moved to spot him as he took hold of the bar. He lifted it as I assisted and thrust his hips up as he did his first rep. I looked down and of course new that my lover was sporting the same erection that he did the first day we met. I grabbed the bar, went and straddle his chest, lifted him up and kissed him.

"I don't think we need to go through what we did in October, do you?" I asked. He shook his head no. "It's just I wanted to bring back a memory for us," he said as he got up and we made our way back to the locker room.

We both dressed, and being very hungry decided to go to Luigi's and complete what we started back in our own new suite. We made sure all was locked and walked, hand in hand to our favorite, well only open, restaurant.

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