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Mark and Me

by c m

Chapter 3

I came to to the sensation of a mouth on my cock.

"Seemed a shame to waste that morning wood," Mark's blue eyes were looking up at me.


"Well that's a nice thing to say to your boyfriend, I must say."

Boyfriend. I smiled. The conversation came flooding back.

"Yes, well...fortunately for you I don't mind having a slutty boyfriend."

"Goody," he said, resuming his sucking with a loud slurp.

Pleasurable though it was, I didn't want to climax yet. "Come up here and be kissed."


"Do what your boyfriend tells you. There's something I need to ask. You know you told me that you knew you were gay maybe four years ago. How?"

"Well, my folks have their faults, but they have always been really open about sexuality and all that. They told me when I was about eleven that although most boys found they were attracted to girls, some found that they were attracted to boys, and some girls felt the same way about other girls. They said that if that was how it turned out with me, that was fine. They weren't making a judgement, they just wanted me to know that it was OK."

"That's amazing. I can't ever imagine my parents talking to me like that. I mean, I don't think they are going to be nasty if they find out, but I think they'll be disappointed."

"If, Chris? 'If' they find out? Aren't you going to tell them about how you feel? About us? about me?"

I felt my eyes fill with tears.

"Give me time Mark. I'm not ashamed of us - of you. But so much has happened so fast. I don't know what to do. You must think I'm pathetic."

"Hey, hey, hey...I'm sorry. I wasn't thinking. This must still be really scary for you. But your Mum seems very nice; I'm sure she'll be OK."

"Do your parents know about you being gay?"

Mark nodded. "I told them when I was fourteen that I was pretty sure I was gay. They were trying to fix me up with a date and I just said I didn't want to date girls. It just sort of spilled out. I hadn't meant to say that, but I did...and was fine. You know why I said that? You know why I said I didn't want to date girls? Because, Chris...because I wanted to date you - impossible though it seemed at the time. I'd idolised you all that first year at school. I thought about you all the time. Which is why all this feels like some kind of dream. I keep thinking I'm going to wake up."

"You knew at fourteen?"

"Actually I knew at thirteen. When I first saw you three years ago when I arrived at the school I knew that you were the one. thirteen I knew. I didn't know all the details about you then, but I knew. Now I know the details - and not only am I absolutely sure that I am gay ñ I'm also certain that you are the one."

"So, knowing you were gay...did you really wait three years before... I mean have you...have there been..."

"Has there been anyone else before you? No. No-one. you, I've had a wank buddy and I did that thing with Johnny too, but I have never kissed another boy, I've never sucked another boy and I'm a virgin. You're my first proper boyfriend."


"Yeah, virgin." He paused and looked quizzically at me. "Chris, you DO know that boys fuck don't you? You know, fuck each other - stick their cocks in each other's bums?"

I blushed. "Sure I know." And I suppose that I did. I just had never thought about...putting my cock up another boy's bum.

"You really are a little innocent aren't you? It's OK. In fact it's cute and it's lovely and it's why I love you. Wow, there's so much for us to discover together."

Discovering stuff together. That sounded good. And I guess one of us needed to have some idea of what to do.

"Umm…I want you to tell me everything you know about boys....doing that with each other."

"Really? Right now? We don't have to...I'm really loving just the stuff we are already doing."

I nodded. "I'm in the mood to learn."

"OK. Well first of all, you need to be clean on the inside - don't want shit all over your dick, right?"

"How very graphic. OK, get that. How do we get clean?"

"I'm pleased you asked that. I've got something in my, don't look at me like that. I had no idea things would go this way but I hoped and prayed they might so I figured, as a good ex boyscout, that I should be prepared."

He hopped over to his bag and brought out a bulb with a pipe on it in his left hand a and a tube of cream of some sort in his right.

"I have also brought something that I think may become one of our best friends, some KY jelly. You may have noticed - I certainly have - that you have a big fat cock."

He bent over and pulled his bum cheeks apart. "You will also notice that I have a small tight hole."

"To get that," he pointed at my cock, "into here," he pointed at his little pink pucker, "is going to need some help. This..." he waved the tube at me, "is that help."

"Loving your visual aids," I murmured.

"Don't get sarky with me. Listen and learn - because I very much hope you are going to oblige me by taking my cherry. You do want to do that, I hope?"

Did I? I hadn't even thought about it. But the thought did excite me, I realised.

"I want to do anything you want, Mark."

"And after that, I hope maybe you'll let me do the same for you?"

That was a more scary thought. "You'll have to ask nicely."

"I'll ask very nicely. Now this," he waved the bulb thing at me, "is a douche. We fill it with water, squirt it up our bums and then let it out. Repeat until the water runs clear."

"Well, aren't you just a mine of information."

"You should be pleased one of us has some idea of what to do."

And that was the truth.

"Want to give it a go?"

I looked at him, standing there naked waving his tube and his bulb at me. The light from the window seemed to make his skin glow. His cock was half hard and I wanted him so, so badly.

"OK, yes. Let's give it a go."

We went into the bathroom and he showed me what to do with the douche. Kind of weird the first few times, but painless and clearly effective. We dried off and came back to the bed.

He took the top off the tube and squeezed some of the clear liquid onto his fingers, before reaching behind and putting the jelly inside his hole.

"You may need to add some more. Put some on your fingers and then use them to open me up. One to start with, then two, then three. Open me up and then enter me slowly. You'll need to put plenty on your cock - and use a little bit of water after to make it really slippery."

He turned around and leaned with his arms on the bed, feet apart on the floor, his bum towards me. I looked down at my cock and then down at his pucker.

"Isn't this going to hurt you, Mark? Even with the lube. I'm not boasting, but I look awfully big to be going inside that tight thing."

"Yeah, Chris, it's probably going to hurt a little at first, but all the books and the stories say it's fine after that. That's why it's important you use your fingers."

He stood up and turned to face me. He put his hands on my shoulders and brought his face close to mine.

"I want you in me, Chris. A little pain is OK. If it hurts too much I'll tell you to stop. But I want you in me so, so badly." He turned around again, and bent slightly over, hands flat on the bed.

I did as he asked. I slipped one greased finger inside him, marvelling at the tightness and the heat. And then another and then a third. I could see him wince with pain but he urged me on. I went as deep as I could him, seeing his hole widen and stretch. He moaned.

"Do it, Chris, please put yourself inside me."

I put a good squirt of the gel on my cock, dipped my fingers in the glass of water and rubbed that over the gel as well. I put myself against his entrance.

"Tell me if you want me to stop."

He nodded, and I pressed into him, watching my length disappear inside him. An inch or so in, I hit resistance. I pushed harder and heard him suck in his breath.

"Don't stop, Chris, this is the hard bit. Just do it." I did as he asked, thrusting through the ring of muscle. He yelped in pain but he told me to carry on and, once breached, I suddenly slid easily and fully inside him.

"Just let me get used to you. Just hold it there for a moment. Fuck…it hurts, but it's good hurt."

I felt Mark move his bum back tight against my thighs. "OK Chris, now...gently...'

I slowly pulled a little way out and then pushed back in again. I heard him suck air in between his teeth.

"You OK Mark? I don't want to hurt you."

"It's OK...keep going."

Over the next few minutes I thrust gently in and out and could almost feel him start to relax.

"Oh that's so good, Chris. A little faster, a little deeper."

The added speed and depth made him cry out. He tensed up. "Don't stop, don't stop. No pain, no gain. It's getting easier. Keep going.'

By now I was getting pretty much into it myself. the friction and the tightness of Mark's hole were getting me close to the point where I was going to cum unless we slowed things down. I told Mark I was close .

"Go for it, Chris. Hard and fast. Do it."

So I did. He yelped as I drove hard into him, but then the little squeaks and moans of pleasure started.

"Oh yes, oh yes, oh god that feels so good. Mmmm...yes, more." One final series of quick thrusts and I was past the point of no return. I exploded inside him. I could myself pumping deep inside him. I had never felt anything like it.

As I finally slipped out of him, he collapsed on the bed.

"That was amazing," he said. "So much pain then so much pleasure. God you felt so good inside me. I can't believe I've just lost my cherry to the boy of my dreams." He giggled. "I want to do it again. But first...and it's fine if you don't want to...could I...that is, would you let me...try it with you?"

Right up to that moment, I hadn't known whether I wanted to be on the receiving end or not. But having seen the look of pleasure on Mark's face, having heard the pleasure I had obviously given him by the time I came, and seeing the longing in his eyes, I was suddenly certain that I wanted to give myself to him. And he had asked nicely.

"OK, Mark. I think I'd like to try."

"Come and lie here beside me."

I lay down beside him. He propped himself up on one elbow and put a hand on my chest.

"I promise I won't hurt you. You can tell me to stop at any time."

I smiled up at him. "You've taken me to so many new places already Mark. I trust you. I just feel.. curious, worried and excited all at the same time."

"Turn on your side with your back to me, and pull up your top leg so I can get at your hole." As I turned I saw Mark take the tube of KY and a few seconds later I felt his finger pushing at my entrance. I instinctively tensed up.

"Relax, Chris, it will be much easier and better. Hey, that's it," he said, as I felt his slippery finger slide inside me. He worked his finger around, as I relaxed and then I felt the pressure of a second finger pushing into me. I gasped involuntarily as his third finger entered me. I could feel my hole being stretched and widened and he was touching something inside me that felt really good.

"You OK if I try to enter you, Chris?"

"Yes, but please be gentle."

I tried to focus on relaxing and felt him push into me. As he pressed deeper a bolt of pain shot through me.

"Aargh, fuck, Mark… it hurts."

"Do you want me to stop?"

"Just rest there a moment. Let me try and get used to it."

"It's your inner ring of muscle Chris. Once I'm through it, it will feel fine. Tell me when you're ready for me to try again."

Maybe half a minute later the pain had eased off.

"OK Mark, try again."

I felt him push against me again and inch a little further inside before the pain came back.

"Stop there Mark, please. Don't pull out, I just need to get used to it again."

"Sure Chris."

The next time he pushed, it felt like something had given way inside. The pain was excruciating - and I couldn't help crying out - but brief and then, suddenly I could feel the length of him sliding all the way in.

"Oh Chris, I'm in. I'm inside you."

"Yeah, I can feel it. Just stop there a mo."

Knowing the worst was past helped. I relaxed and knew I was ready for the next stage.

"OK Mark, ready."

I bit my lip as the pain returned a little as he started to thrust very gently in and out, but that was soon replaced by a warm buzz and little jolts of pleasure with each of his in-thrusts.

"How does it feel, Chris?" "It feels good Mark. I think I want you to go a little faster." So he did. And the sensation became more and more pleasurable - as if someone had turned up the colours from pastel to primary. I was conscious of his breathing getting faster and shallower.

I could swear I felt his cock bulge inside me. He was suddenly thrusting like crazy, then he groaned, and I felt him buck as the first rope of cum forced its way up his shaft and inside me. I could feel his cock kicking as it delivered the rest of his load, a little grunt accompanying each spurt. And then it was over.

As he finished he lay shuddering against my back. "Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh wow. Oh Chris. Oh man. That was something else."

I heard his breathing return to normal. I felt his lips on my neck as he kissed me.

"Are you OK, Chris? I kind of lost it there at the end."

I turned to face him and felt him slip wetly out of me. "That was amazing for me too, Mark."

" that we are both such experienced lovers...did you prefer giving or receiving?'

"Taking you inside me hurt like hell - at least at first. So maybe I shouldn't judge until we see how it feels after a few more times. Assuming you're good with the idea of doing that to me a few more times?"

"Oh I think I could force myself to do that.'

'Very generous of you. And I sure loved doing you.' I paused and thought about things.

'Ummm...if it turns out that I don't really like being on the reciving end, would you mind?

'Not at all. I would be happy for you just to do it to me.'

"I don't think that's how it will be. It felt really, really good at the end." I put my finger on my hole. It felt warm - and wet of course - but it didn't hurt like I thought it might.

"Let's see how it goes. I loved being inside you, Chris, but having you inside me would be enough...that is...if you are happy to"

"Oh yes, I'm definitely happy to keep doing you." He looked at me. "I love you so much, Chris."

"I love you too Mark."

"Shower time?"

"Shower time."

We washed each other all over then towelled each other dry. Then we stood beside one another in front of the big, full length mirror. Our naked reflections looked back at us. We looked good together. I put an arm round his shoulder and he put one round my waist. We made a handsome couple.

"Looking good Mr. Taylor," I said.

"Looking very good, Mr. Alexander."

We both realised that we were starving. Sex makes you hungry - and we needed to start getting some reserves on board for what was to come, never mind to offset what was past.

"Come on. We need to go shopping."

We got dressed and headed out into town. My parents had left some money for groceries, so we headed to the supermarket and picked up some bread, fruit, chips and peas, and some pizzas, then went to the butcher and got some steak, bacon and sausages. There were plenty of eggs and juice in the fridge so we reckoned we had all we needed to see us through the next couple of days.

We stopped off for a coffee and a doughnut to stave off the worst of the hunger pangs, sitting on a comfortable sofa in the corner of the coffee shop. I had never enjoyed shopping so much.

We finished the coffees and headed home where I put together a small mountain of eggs, bacon and sausages which we downed in no time at all along with a glass of orange juice. We cleared the plates away, and I washed them up in the sink, I felt Mark come up behind me and put his arms around my waist, nuzzling his head into my neck. I leaned back against him, enjoying the closeness of his touch.

"So what now?" he asked, kissing my ear.

"Well, I was going to suggest we watch a film, or we could just go back to bed for a bit?"

"Or maybe we could have a cuddle while we watched a film?"

"Sounds like a perfect compromise."

The windows in the room where the TV was looked out over the back garden, which was completely secluded - so there were no prying eyes to watch us should our cuddle start to turn into something more. I put The Empire Strikes Back into the video player and then went over to the couch. I sat at one end and Mark lay back with his head in my lap We just lay there for a while and then Mark lifted his face up to mine and kissed me. And then one thing led to another.

Twenty minutes later he rolled off me and wiped up most of the mess with a handkerchief. I put the cushions on the floor and sat on them, my back to the sofa, with Mark sitting between my legs and leaning back against me as we watched the rest of the film. The combination of the food, the sex and the warmth of the room finally overwhelmed us and we must have dozed off. We woke up as the music played over the final credits.

Mark and I stood up and gathered up our underwear and trousers, and then opened the windows before going up to the bathroom and using a wet flannel to get clean before getting dressed. We then headed back downstairs and opened a couple of beers - one thing my folks were very relaxed about - and around eight we decided it was time to eat, so we prepared the steaks, put the chips on and I made a little tomato and onion salad. I've always loved cooking - and Mark seemed impressed that I knew what I was doing even if it wasn't exactly haute cuisine.

"Quite the domestic goddess," he said.

I waved the knife I was using to cut up the tomatoes at him. "Be very careful what you say. This is a very sharp knife and I may be forced to remove certain round objects if you are rude to me."

" haven't finished with them yet."

I cuffed him gently on the head. 'I shall certainly take that into account before making a final decision."

I like my steak rare and fortunately Mark liked his the same way. By now the chips were going nicely golden so I opened a bottle of red wine, put the steaks into a smoking hot pan for two minutes each side at the end of which time the chips were also crisp and ready. We plated up and sat down to enjoy our food.

"You can cook me this again any time, Chris. It's great."

I nodded. "Good ingredients served simply. That's what my grandmother taught me. I got my love of cooking from her."

"Well then good for gran," said Mark, pushing his empty plate a few inches away in front of him. "What's for dessert?"

"We've got plenty of ice cream. Fancy licking it off my body?" I joked.

"Actually I do - but maybe we'll keep that for another day. A simple bowlful would do for now."

Two large bowls of chocolate ice cream later we were done.

"That was great, Chris. Perfect. So not only damn sexy but a good cook too. My cup runneth over."

The wine after the beers had made both of us a little light-headed. Combined with all our exertions of the day, we were both, frankly, exhausted. We went back and watched a little more TV, but Mark was yawning his head off, which in turn set me off.

"Bed for both of us, I think."

Mark nodded. "Yeah...and sleep. Get our strength back for tomorrow. Our last whole day together before your folks get back. Let's not waste it."

"C'mon then."

We made it upstairs to the bedroom, stripped off our clothes and tumbled into bed. We cuddled up close, enjoying the warmth of our bodies and the silky feeling of naked skin on naked skin.

"Sleep well, Chris. Thank you for today. Thank you for everything."

We kissed and then Mark turned on his side and spooned back into me. I draped one arm over his chest and snuggled up against him. Against my lover. Against my boyfriend. I couldn't have been happier.

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