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Mark and Me

by c m

Chapter 4

Sunday morning dawned bright and sunny. Mark was still asleep so I padded downstairs to make some coffee. There was something both naughty and liberating about walking around the house stark naked. There was a rattle of the letter box as the paper boy delivered the Sunday papers. I put ground coffee in the cafetiere and boiled the kettle. I took a tray off the top of the fridge and chose my two favourite mugs. These, along with some milk and a bowl of sugar went on the tray. Once the kettle had boiled, I filled the cafetiere, put the plunger back in and carried the tray back upstairs. I found a tousle-haired Mark looking at me, head flat on the pillow. He had obviously just woken up. "Mmmm...I thought I could smell coffee. You are too good to me." He looked pointedly at my groin. "And I'm loving the view."

"Behave yourself. Here you are," I said, putting a mug down on the bedside table, "Milk and one sugar."

I climbed back into bed beside him. He pulled himself up and put the pillow behind him. "Good coffee, thank you."

"Sleep well?"

"Very well. I feel thoroughly restored."

We finished the coffee, and I turned to Mark.

"So what do you want to do today?"

"What I would really like is to spend all day in bed with you. I hope that's not too boring?"

I giggled. "You must have been reading my mind. I mean, I know you are pretty ugly and all, but somehow I just want to be naked with you all the time."

"Ugly am I? Well look here, toad features, I can barely manage to keep my eyes open when I have to look at your hideous face."

"Right, that's it." I jumped on top of him and starting wrestling him through the covers.

The inevitable happened and we both fell out of bed in a heap of sheets and duvet. "You will apologise for that vile calumny, sirrah, or I shall be forced to take my strap to you."

"Oooh...promises, promises."

As we rolled around, the bedclothes gradually became disentangled from us until we ended up laying naked on top of one another. I pinned his wrists to the ground with my hands, my body straddled over his.

"OK, OK," said Mark, "I apologise. You do not have toad was quite wrong of me to say that.......actually they are more like a warthog."

"You will pay for that."

I flipped him over and started smacking his bottom, mostly gently but I finished with one really good slap.


"I hope that you have learned your lesson."

He just stuck his tongue out at me.

We both got up, gathered the bedclothes and dumped them on the bed. I put my arms around him and kissed him.

"If we are going to stay in bed all day, I think we both need to get showered and...ready...for each other."

"Good plan."

"You use the bathroom, I'll use my parents' en suite. When you're ready, come and join me. There's a jacuzzi bath in there...and...well...I was thinking maybe we should celebrate the way we first...did it together?"

"I like it. I'll be there in ten or so."

I headed to my parents' bedroom and through to the en-suite. The jacuzzi was a two- person affair, so really quite similar in size to the baths at school. I used the toilet and then ran the bath. Once the water was well above the level of the jets, I turned the taps off and slipped into the water. Unlike the school baths, the taps were on the side, so I had a nice sloping back rest to settle against. A few minutes later, Mark appeared. He smiled.

"Memories, huh?"

He stepped into the jacuzzi and sat down opposite me. Our legs, as they had been that first time, lay beside each other under the water, just touching. He looked into my eyes and lifted his right leg over both of mine.

"When you did that, Mark, that first time, I really wasn't sure what to do...what it meant. Were you just getting comfortable or offering yourself? I was shaking inside when I decided to put my foot on your thigh...I was all ready to apologise, pretend it was a mistake...but when I did this," I put my foot against the inside of his thigh and moved it up and down, "and I saw you smile and start to slide down in the water...oh Mark...I can't tell you what was happening inside me."

"Yeah, Chris. I was so happy. I had decided that that afternoon was make or break. I was going to try and seduce you and if it worked, fine, if it didn't...well...I guess I was just going to have to try and get over you. When your foot touched my thigh it was like lightning going off inside my head. I had no idea, of course, that it would turn into what it has, but I knew that it meant you were going to touch me the way I had dreamed of for all that time…and that I would see you in all your glory. I would touch your hardness. It was a dream come true."

"The moment you started sliding down, I knew that I had stepped over the Rubicon. I went hard in about three seconds flat. When your balls touched the sole of my foot, I couldn't believe what I had done. I was worried, elated, turned on, frightened...all those things."

"And when you pretended to drop the soap and grabbed hold of, that was genius and it felt like my heart would burst it was racing so fast. Then that prat Marsden said what he said and I thought...'it's over'...he'll get all defensive...get out and leave...but you didn' were magnificent. I knew then that I was right...that you were the one for me... that there just might be much, much more than just a wank with you."

"I spoke without thinking really. He's a complete wanker, and though I was all nervous, I was buggered if I was going to take shit from him for something that I knew he did too."

By now Mark and I were both rubbing each other with our feet. "Mark...this is lovely...but I don't want to shoot in the jacuzzi. I want to do it in bed with you."

"Me too."

Back in the bedroom, Mark told me what he wanted. "This time I want to ride you. You know, me straddling you with you inside me. Is that OK?"

"Sounds do you want me?"

"Just lay there."

What followed was the best sex of the entire weekend for me. With the immediate urgency of the first few days gone, we relaxed and enjoyed the sensations our bodies were giving to each other. Once he'd straddled me, Mark worked himself slowly up and down on me, sometimes leaning forward, his hands on my chest as he thrust back and forward, taking me deep inside, and sometimes, back arched and hands on my legs as he leaned back away from me. I loved the way I could see his face, share his emotions and look into his eyes. I loved the way he was there for me to fondle.

"I could do this for ever, Chris. I love the feeling of you inside me, of your hands on my body, of being able to look into those amazing green eyes while I ride you. Fuck, it feels so good."

"For me too, Mark. Please take your time, don't rush. I'm enjoying every minute of this and I don't want it to end."

No matter how I much I wanted it to go on, and no matter how hard I tried to control myself, in the end I could feel myself on the brink of coming as Mark's thrusts got a little more urgent. "I'm close Mark…can't hold it back." It was only one proper shot but it felt like shooting a bullet from a rifle, it was so intense. I felt myself kick inside him a couple more times and then it was over.

"Oh Mark...that was amazing. Our best yet."

"For me too, Chris...definitely our best yet."

He rolled off me. "Chris…would it be OK if…I was inside you again?"

"I'd like that, Mark."

"Want to try on top? Like I was with you?"

I definitely wanted to try that.

Mark rolled onto his back and I got mon top of him. "If it hurts too much, we stop, OK, Chris?"


"You control how much and how fast you take me inside, OK?"

I nodded and tried a gentle push downwards against him. Nothing much happened so I tried a little harder and felt the tip slip inside me. Not too much pain. I pushed a little harder. It hurt.

"Take your time, Chris, there's no hurry."

I smiled down at him. I tried again and gritted my teeth as the pain struck but I was determined to get him inside me.

"It's OK if you want to stop Chris..."

"It's OK," I hissed, "just need to go slow..."

I bobbed experimentally up and down a couple of times and then pushed down hard. It hurt like hell. Slowly, however, I got used to the sensation and the pain gradually faded and eventually all but disappeared. I was breathing hard. I finally relaxed and let myself slide all the way down on Mark, taking the full length of him inside me. My bottom hit his thighs and it was done. He was inside me...and it felt OK. I leaned forward, my hands on his chest.

"You OK, Chris? It seemed to hurt you a lot." "I'm OK, Mark. Yeah, it hurt but it's OK now. I'm sure it will get easier."

Easier? Guess that meant I had agreed to do it again. I was going to have to get control of my subconscious.

Mark took hold of my cock which had gone completely soft. He rubbed his thumb along the top. Nothing.

I smiled down at him. "You've broken it."

He giggled. "It's OK. Perfectly normal. Some guys can get hard with someone inside them, some can't."

He reached up and kissed me. "If I've broken it, I'll buy you a new one."

Now it was my turn to laugh.

And then I was rocking backwards and forwards on him and despite the odd twinge, it started to feel better and better and better. In the end I was going up and down on him like a jack-hammer.

Mark was writhing and twisting as I rode him. "Fuck, I've created a monster....oh god..." And with a groan, I felt him shoot inside me.

We were both glistening with a sheen of sweat, and as I leaned over him, a drop of it dripped off my nose and onto his face.

"Bloody hell, Chris. When you go for something you really go for it don't you?"

"I'm not going through all that pain to waste it. And it felt bloody fantastic at the end. ..though I'm not sure if I can still walk." I added, as I suddenly realised that my hole was more than a little sore as I rolled off him and lay on my back beside him.

"Guess we'll just have to stick to oral for a bit...suits me," he grinned. "No problem with me". I kissed him.

"Time for some food I think. All this exercise is making me hungry. I'll cook."

"You'll cook? Can you?"

He shrugged. "How hard can bacon and eggs be...?"

I sighed. "Fine. Just don't burn the pans...actually, I think I'll come and watch."

We both got up and went downstairs. We didn't bother with clothes. We were still glowing from our exertions and it was a lovely warm day outside. Once in the kitchen, we put the kettle on. Coffee was needed. I stood by the double doors that opened from the kitchen into the back garden and opened them. Sunlight shone in. I looked over at Mark.

"Race you round the garden."

"You're mad. What if someone sees us?." "They won't - and if they do, we'll have given them a treat."

"After you." As Mark stepped out onto the patio, I smacked his bottom and shot off past him.

"Right, that's it," he shouted - and tore off after me. The garden wasn't huge but it was a fair size. There was a path running down one edge which ran through some trees at the bottom of the garden where there was a summer house with a hammock slung between two of the trees, and the path then led back along the lawn along the third side. Mark was quite quick, but I was faster and I made it back with him still a good ten yards behind me. We put our hands on each other's shoulders, bent over forwards to catch our breath.

"I'll get you next time."

"In your dreams."

"What was that house thing in the trees?"

"Oh, it's a summer house. My parents sometimes sit out there in the summer. We also use it for friends to sleep over in - there's a toilet in there too. If it's still nice this afternoon, we could go down there - maybe use the hammock too."


I made the coffee while Mark got eggs and bacon out of the fridge. I found him a pan and some oil and went to sit down on one of the chairs. It was not a comfortable experience, and I went off to find a cushion to ease the pain of sitting on my sore bottom.

Like Mark said, how hard can bacon and eggs be?...well, on the evidence of what turned up on my plate, quite hard.

"Look, sorry, the eggs kind of broke as I was putting them in the pan - and sorry about those bits of shell - and I think perhaps the pan was a little hot."

The slight haze of blueish smoke in the room - despite the best efforts of the extractor fan - and the blackened edges of the bacon and crispy brown bottoms of the eggs suggested that the pan had, indeed, been a little hot.

"Never mind, I'm sure it will taste delicious."

And actually it did - though we were both so hungry we would probably have eaten almost anything. I made some toast and we sat crunching our way through the best part of a loaf.

"OK," said Mark, as we finished the last slice, "I guess I concede that cooking is your department."

"I really love that you tried - and I'll teach you, OK?"

"OK...and I'll teach you everything - which isn't much - that I've learned about being gay in the last four years."


We stood outside on the patio and brushed the crumbs off. I stretched in the sun. I could get used to being naked outdoors - though I suspected my parents would have a fit. Mark came up behind me and put his arms around my waist. I leaned back against him. He dropped a hand to my groin. Something stirred.

"Guess I didn't kill it after all."

"Guess not - but go easy."

"Yeah, I'm a bit sore too. Guess we'll just have to toughen up... or have less sex."

"My vote is for toughening up."

"Yeah, mine too. I want more sex, not less."

"More?...We've done nothing but have sex for nearly forty-eight hours so far."

He grinned. "I know. Great isn't it?"

"Fancy trying out the hammock?"

"Why not?"

Still naked, we walked down to the end of the garden. The hammock would take two - although it was a bit of a squeeze. But that was just fine. I got rugs out of the summer house - net patterns on the skin was not a good idea - put my leg over the side of the hammock and rolled in. As Mark tried to join me, the hammock swayed and I nearly fell out, but grabbed hold of him and pulled him in where he landed on top of me.

We rearranged ourselves so that we were more or less side by side, and put our arms around each other and pulled a rug over us. The warmth of the sun and the gentle swaying motion of the hammock, on top of the recent food and sex, meant that we were soon dozing. In my semi-dreamy state, I just knew that I was completely happy - perhaps for the first time in my life. I was with someone who cared about me - who loved me, even - and who I cared about back. He was cute, sexy, bright and fun to be with. And he was kind and he was funny. And he had a great body. He was comfortable in his skin. He was comfortable with being gay - and he had shown me that I could be too. I would have to tell my parents, but even that seemed a whole lot more OK than it would have been two days before. I pulled him tighter to me.

"Wassup?" he said sleepily.

"Just thinking, Mark, just thinking."

I kissed him. He nuzzled against me and we both must have drifted off. Judging from the sun, it was early afternoon when I felt him stirring. I had a mischievous thought. I wrapped my arms round him and rolled sideways out of the hammock. We landed with a thump on the grass, his weight almost knocking the wind out of me.

"Ouch. That didn't go quite as I planned."

"Serves you right."

It was now mid-afternoon and any more sex was pretty much out of the question. We were both a bit sore - and I was sure we would both want to have a goodbye session before Mark went home the next day.

"If we put some clothes on, we could take a couple of the bikes out of the garage and do a ride."

"Sounds good."

There was a nice park about a twenty minute cycle ride away, and that's where we headed. There was a football match taking place, just a Sunday afternoon pick up - a bit like school. We wheeled our bikes over and sat in the shade of the trees of to one side.

"OK," said Mark,'Gay boy game time. What we have to do is each choose the boy we would like to do it with the most, and the one we would like to do it with the least. Five minutes, and we compare notes."

I scanned the players. I could rule out about half of them at once - neither gorgeous nor ugly. There was a blond boy with quite a cute face playing on the side of the pitch closest to us. Not bad. Not too skinny and about my height. Definitely a candidate. Then I saw him. In the middle of the park. A mop of curly black hair and olive-tinged skin. Mediterranean good looks and long legs. He had the ball at his feet and skipped around a defender as he headed towards us. He said something and my suspicions were confirmed. Italian. He passed the ball and turned round, looking straight at us. I smiled and was rewarded with a glorious white-toothed smile that transformed his face. And then he was off back into the thick of the game. Well, I had my 'like to' winner. Now, what about 'least'? A quick glance was enough. The central defender on the team playing against my Italian angel was tall and quite thick set. He had acne and slab-faced features. He had an unprepossessing tattoo on his neck. Easy.

"OK," said Mark, "who have you chosen?"

"Can we do 'least' first?"


I pointed out the defender. "Him. Can you imagine what it would be like having to cuddle up to that?"

He laughed. "My choice too. Though he probably has a massive wanger."

"I don't care if he's hung like an elephant, I wouldn't want to touch it...or rather, I wouldn't want him touching me."

" who's the 'yes please' choice?"

"I bet I know who you've chosen..."

"Oh yeah? Who?"

I pointed out the blond boy I had installed as first reserve. "Him. Blondie. Because he reminds you of me."

"How arrogant is that? You think I'd want another you? Hah!"

"I'm waiting...."

'OK, yes alright, it WAS him. And I officially hate you, OK? But I bet you chose him as well."

"Nope. I chose the Italian stallion," and I pointed out the curly haired boy who had smiled at me.

"OK...fair call. He is pretty gorgeous now you point it out."

"Yeah, and he could murmur sweet Italian nothings in my ear as I sucked him off."

"Geez...from little innocent to sex-mad predator in two days. What have I done?"

"You've taught me who and what I am...which is not a sex mad predator, by the way, but it is someone who loves to suck gorgeous boys. Well, one gorgeous boy actually - you."

"I'm not gorgeous."

"Actually, you are. I hadn't realised how you had changed until that day we. know. When you arrived at the school you were kind of cute but nothing special, but as you've grown you've changed. You have fantastic bone structure, beautiful eyes and the most kissable lips in the house. Not that I've kissed anyone else. When I saw you, close up, it was as if I was seeing you properly for the first time. You are truly beautiful."

"Thank you - but I'm not in your league. Or even his," he said, jerking a thumb at the Italian boy.

"I would take you over him every time. And me? I'm just me."

"Just you." He shook his head. "Do you have any idea how many people would secretly like to get into your pants? Even if only as a one-off wank buddy? At school alone there are several hundred boys, in my estimation, who would saw their own arm off if they could only use the remaining one to stroke your cock."

I couldn't help but laugh at the picture he conjured up. "Well, that's news to me. Anyway, they don't get the chance any more. It's your job now - and you're stuck with it."

"Bugger. Oh well. Guess I'll just have to try and force myself."

We cycled back to me house and I sorted out what I needed for a spaghetti bolognaise. "In honour of my Italian Angel", I said, then hurriedly ducked as Mark threw a cushion at me.

Forty minutes later the food was on the table. "You really can cook, can't you?"

"By this time next holiday, you'll be cooking it as well as I can - that's a promise. Getting you over here for a couple of days of cooking lessons should be OK with your parents shouldn't it? And if we can time it for when my folks are away...." I wiggled my eyebrows at Mark.

"If we time it for when they are away, there will be no time left over for cooking, and even if there was, I would be too shagged out - literally - to even lift a saucepan."

We watched a little TV then headed for bed. If it sounds all a little cosy and unimaginative, perhaps it was. We were just so comfortable with each other by then that there didn't seem to be any need to do anything special. "Our last night - for a while anyway. What are we going to do - when we're back at school, Chris? We can't be a couple - not openly." I could sense tears in his voice. I hugged him to me.

"No, we can't. But we can still find time to be together. For the rest, we can be friends. I know, I know. It's going to be hard to keep up the illusion. It will be all too easy for one of us to say or do something without thinking. But we'll just have to try. I'm going to be leaving at the end of the year and then everything will be different. Meantime, we can get together in the holidays...." My voice trailed off. I realised something. If Mark was going to come round regularly to stay, there was something I had to face up to. I turned to him.

"I'm going to tell my parents I'm gay, Mark. I need to. I want to. I want you to be able to come here and for us to be the couple that we are at least in the holidays. Are your folks going to be alright with us do you think?"

"They'll be happy for me. Especially once they've met you. But I'm not looking forward to term time. I mean, I'm happy that you'll be there, but it's going to be so awful not to be able to kiss you and be with you."

"We'll manage. For each other."

He snuggled into my arms and fell asleep. I stroked his hair, kissed him and was soon asleep myself.

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