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Mark and Me

by c m

Chapter 11

When we got back to the hotel, we both stripped off and headed for the shower. As we soaped each other, I told him about the conversation. I told him about Max being gay. I told him about him being shaved. I told him about Max being a bottom. And I told him about our hug and how I'd stopped him from taking things further - and about our final kiss. I also told him about Max coyly enquiring about a threesome.

"Wow, Chris. That was some twenty minutes, wasn't it?"

"Yeah. I guess it was. I'm sorry I kissed him. I mean, I wanted to, but I shouldn't have done."

"'d just refused to have sex with him because you were loyal to me. I think a kiss is OK."


Mark put some shampoo in my hair and started lathering it up.

"If you weren't with me, would you have said 'yes' to him?"

I looked at the floor and nodded.

"Yes, Mark, yes I would." I looked up at him. "I really like him. He reminds me of you - you know, he knows what he is, he's comfortable with it and just says what's on his mind...and he's dead sexy. But the fact is that I have you - so that is all academic. I like Max, but I love you."

I kissed him and before we knew it we had our hands on each other and a few minutes later swirls of white were disappearing down the drain. We dried off and went and lay on the bed. Mark was silent. I was about to ask him what was on his mind when he said:

" do you feel about a threesome with Max, Chris? Would you like that?"

I was genuinely taken aback, but just said: "It's not up to me, it's up to you Mark."

"You really like him, don't you?"


"Then I think we say 'yes'. I like him too...and I find him sexy too. I don't think I'd want him to top you - or me for that matter - that bit is just for us, but if he's a bottom boy then that won't happen. So why not?"

"Are you sure about this?"

"Yes. I like that you're getting comfortable with being gay. I love that you're so loyal and honest. And you know how I feel about sharing my wonderful gift that's you - with other special people. We are here for four days. We are on tour. We have the rest of our lives together. Let's have some fun."

"I love you Mark Taylor."

"And I'm potty about you Chris Alexander. Now...who's going to tell him?"

"Why don't I go and see if he's in his room?"

I pulled on a pair of white briefs and wrapped a towelling robe from the bathroom around me, and headed for the door.

"You're not seriously going to see him dressed like that are you? He'll think Christmas has arrived and his present has delivered itself."

I giggled. "In that case I'm certainly going like this."

Mark just shook his head. "OK...and give him a kiss from me."

I crossed the corridor and knocked. A voice inside said something like 'heerine' which I assumed was German for 'come in'. I turned the handle and looked around the door. Max was lying on the bed with his shirt off.

"Chris! My god...why are you dressed like that. Have you changed your mind?"

"No, sorry Max. I've just been in the shower and I'm still drying off. But I have something to tell you that won't wait."

"Tell me, tell me."

"Did you mean what you said about wanting a three with Mark and me?"

"It was a jest...but...of course, if such a thing was possible..."

"I talked to Mark...about everything...and he thinks a three with you would be fun. Provided you are OK with not fucking either of us."

"You mean this? You really mean it? Oh my god. And yes, of course I would be happy with that...I have told you my preference. So...when can we do this?"

"Tonight? We have dinner downstairs in thirty minutes. Then we have a team meeting for thirty minutes...then we can come to bed. Say...9.30...does that work for you?"

"Let me see...yes...we have a meeting too and then something to eat and then...yes...I think that would be perfect."

He jumped off the bed and came and threw his arms around me.

"I can't believe this. This is REALLY some tournament. We can kiss?"

"We can kiss."

He put his lips on mine. My robe had fallen open and Max slipped his arms around my waist. I felt the velvety softness of his skin as I embraced him and then our lips met. I felt myself going hard against him. His hand move down over my bottom and squeezed. It moved to the side of my briefs. Max looked into my eyes, questioning.

"We should wait, Max."

"Yes, we should...but I don't want to. May I just touch you?"

I took his hand in mine and placed it over the front of my briefs, across my erection. He took a sharp intake of breath and squeezed.

"My god..."

"Enough for now, Max. See you later."

I retied my robe. I saw Max struggling to adjust a huge lump in his trousers.

Back in our room, Mark asked how it went.

"You're right that he thought Christmas had come. We arranged for him to come over at about 9.30 or whenever we get back up here after the team meeting, is that OK?"

"Sounds great. I'm rather looking forward to it, actually."

"Me too."

"Did you make out while you were over there?"

"We had a quick hug and a kiss. I think he would have liked more but I told him to be a patient boy...oh...and he's fine with not topping us."

Dinner was excellent. We were joined by the other English team who had got a win and a draw like us out of the day. I sat next to a redhead who introduced himself as Tim Underwood. He turned out to be good company, funny and self-deprecating. I liked him. At the end of the meal as we headed off for our meeting, we shook hands and agreed to meet up again the next day.

The team talk was brief and to the point. We had had a chance to watch one of our opponents the next day but not the other, so we made a note to do so, if we could, the following morning. We quickly ran over 'the good, the bad and the ugly,' as Mr Walton called it, of the things we had done on the pitch that day, and he also checked that none of us had any strains or injuries. He told the three players who would be sitting out the first match of the following day and then urged us all to get an early night.

As Mark and I went up to our room, Mark said,

"Better get that early night then."

"Yeah...I'm not sure Mr Walton would be so keen if he knew how we were going to spend most of it."

Mark giggled.

About fifteen minutes later there was a tap on the door. I opened it and Max was there.

"It's still OK?" he asked.

"Oh yes, very OK." I pulled him inside.

We stood there for a moment, not quite knowing who was going to make the first move.

Then Max said, "Mark. You are very lucky to have this beautiful, sexy boy as a boyfriend. Thank you for inviting me."

Mark walked over and hugged him.

"Thank you. But I am doubly lucky as I now have two beautiful men in my room. Ummm...this is a first for me...three of us."

"For me too, Mark. I think we the expression...'make it up as we go along'?"

We laughed.

"Sod it, someone has to go first," said Mark, and began stripping off. In no time we were all throwing our clothes in a pile and then three naked, erect and very horny teenagers landed on the bed. We were all curious to see what everyone had got. Max's hairless body was, to me, incredibly erotic. His erection stood a proud seven inches, but the lack of pubic hair somehow made it look bigger. I could see Mark almost staring at it. Max lay back in the middle of the bed and put his arms behind his head. "You like?"

"We like," we both chorused.

I couldn't resist any longer. I put my hand around Max's shaft. It was incredibly hard. His hairless balls felt amazing in my hand. Mark ran his hand over Max's chest before putting his hand over mine on Max's cock. I took my hand away to let Mark feel his hardness. Max, meanwhile, had taken his hands away from behind his head and was holding my cock in his right hand and Mark's in his left.

"You have beautiful Schwanze..cocks, yes?...both of you."

I leaned over and kissed Max. He put his mouth against my ear and whispered, 'I want you Chris. I want you to fuck me."

It was Mark, however, who, in his simple, honest way got things moving.

"Max...I guess you'd like Chris inside you, and I'd love you to suck me, so how would it be if we did that first?"

"You read my mind, Mark. I would like that very much."

Max turned on his side on the bed.

"It's OK Chris, I am...nice...inside."

I took some KY and put a blob on his pucker, then put some more on my cock. Mark, meanwhile, had got his groin level with Max's head. I saw Max take him in his mouth. I positioned myself against Max's entrance and pushed. I slid into him easily, with the only the slightest of resistance. Max said something I couldn't understand in German, but I think it meant that he was enjoying it.

Max was warm and tight around me and I moved in and out of him rhythmically. Whatever he was doing to Mark was sending Mark into raptures. I smiled at him and he just put two thumbs up. As I increased the pace at which I thrust in and out, I reached around and took Max's erection in my hand. I wanked him progressively faster until I suddenly felt him shudder and then a jet of cum shot out across the bed. I think the intensity was such that he bit down on Mark's, because Mark let out a huge 'FUCK', but it must have been good, because he too then shot his load - all over Max's face. Max was moaning with pleasure - and my own climax arrived shortly afterwards.

Mark slid down the bed and wiped the biggest streaks off Max's face before giving him a kiss.

"If that is how Germans suck people off, I am going to have to trade Chris in for a German model."

"And if that is how British boys fuck, I will have to get me one. You are...a natural...Chris. That was fantastic."

"I had a very good teacher."

"And he's a very fast learner."

Max spread his arms. "Please, let me hold you both."

He wrapped an arm around one each of our shoulders and pulled us in close to him. We lay there for a minute or two, running our hands over each other's bodies. Then Max spoke;

"Ummm....I would like to suck you please Chris...and Mark...I would be happy for you to fuck me if you would like."

"Could you and I 69, Max, while Mark is in you?"

"I don't know. Let's try." He grinned at both of us.

It turned out that we could. Once we had our mouths full of one another, Mark entered Max. I found that I had to time my movements to coincide with Mark's thrusts that were driving Max's groin into my face. Once I got the timing right, the feeling was sensational. Meanwhile, Max was doing things to mecock with his mouth, lips and teeth that were driving me crazy. I could feel myself about to blow. I took my mouth off him for a moment.

"I'm going to blow, Max...right now."

He just kept on sucking and I shot violently and copiously into his mouth. He swallowed every drop. I felt Mark climax, and then Max was telling me he was about to cum. I pulled off, and took Max's load all over my face and in my hair. But once he'd finished spurting, I took him back in my mouth and sucked out the last drops, licking him clean. He tasted different from Mark. Not better or worse, just different. But good different, I thought.

Max and Mark both laughed when I sat up. I had cum dripping down my nose and chin and I had spots of it in my hair too. I couldn't open one eye as it was covered in Max's goo.

"Shall we clean him up Mark?"

They both started licking my face and they rubbed my hair with a towel - which made things a whole lot worse. It now looked as though I had gelled my hair - but gelled it with something that shops definitely did not sell. Mark and Max were howling with delight.

I got off the bed and looked in the mirror. And then I started to laugh too.

We went and showered. We washed each other all over - and got hard again. We stood in a circle and wanked each other off.

Afterwards, we dried off.

"Thank you so much Mark and Chris. That was...beyond my dreams. I hope we can do it again before the end of the tournament?"

"I think you can count on it, Max."

He dressed and left and Mark and I slipped into bed.

"Did you enjoy that, Chris?"

"Yes. Did you?"

"Yes, I did. A lot. But...I have to tell you something, and you must promise not to get angry or upset or to refuse me. OK?"

"I don't know if it's OK until you tell me."

"I enjoyed our threesome. Really enjoyed it. Max has an awesome body and gives amazing head. But Max wants you much more than me. I could feel it. And that's fine. I want you two to have fun together for the remainder of the tournament, but I want you to do it as a two. I mean it. I want you two to have the fun you both want and deserve. I don't feel threatened. I know you love me. And I trust Max as I trust you and I as I trust James. It's just having fun. It's just for a few days. I want you to do it."

" can't possibly mean that."

"Why not? You are mine, Chris Alexander. I know that. I love that. I want you to celebrate your gayness."

"I don't know if I can do that."

"Does the idea of sleeping with Max 1-on-1 disgust you?"

"No...of course not."

"And you'd do it in a heartbeat if we weren't boyfriends?"

"Yes," I admitted.

"Then do it and enjoy it."

"I'll think about it."

" the meantime...have you got enough energy left to shag me rigid?"

I smiled.

"I guess there's only one way to find out."

It turned out that I did.

The two matches the next day were remarkable only in that we won them both 3-1. Max was rested for the first of his team's games and came over to watch us. I was stupidly pleased that he was there when I scored a goal.

As we walked off towards the changing rooms, he said to me,

"Terrific goal Chris....and...Chris...thank you for last night."

"I enjoyed it every bit as much you, Max. You have some extraordinary...talents."

"Thank you, you too - trust me. No-one has ever fucked me like that. Mark is OK if we do it again?"

"Yes...he's OK, but look, we need to talk...but not here and not now. Can we meet up after the game this afternoon?"

"Sure, Chris. See you the showers?" He smiled.

I smiled back. " the showers - and afterwards."

In the second game, I over-stretched for the ball and felt my thigh and calf muscles complain. No pull or tear, but after the game I could feel them stiffening. Mr Walton told me to get a massage back at the hotel.

"We can't afford to lose you. We have a real chance of winning this."

As I limped towards the changing rooms with Mark, Max ran over.

"You are limping. Are you hurt?"

"Just a muscle strain. I'll get some massage on it back at the hotel."

"Massage? I can do massage. My father is a sports physiotherapist and I have done a course."


"Yes. Of course. I do massage for my team already."

"OK...well, in that case, it sounds great."

"Meanwhile some hot water in the shower will also help I think."

We caught up with the rest of the team in the changing room. About half of us had brought towels and clothes - the others still preferred to shower back at the hotel. All the German boys were there.

I stripped off and headed for the showers. There must have been about twenty boys in there. All shapes and sizes with an equally varied array of cocks, except that, so far as I could see, there ws barely a single circumcised boy amongst us. I saw some of the German boys nodding in my direction and then talking to their friends. I guessed Max hadn't been shy about telling them that he had had sex with me the previous evening. I just hoped they wouldn't say anything that would let our team know.

Max's hairless crotch caused a couple of members of my team to look, slightly puzzled. Let them wonder, I thought.

Max and Friedrich came over to where Mark and I were showering. I stretched my leg muscles tentatively. My face betrayed the fact that they were stiffening up rapidly.

"I will make those right for you Chris, no problem," said Max.

"Yes, he will be good with all your muscles I think." said Friedrich with a look that told me he knew about me and Max.

"Yes, Max is very talented in lots of ways," I replied, evenly.

Max smiled at me. I smiled back.

As we towelled off, I asked Max a question.

" come everyone seems to know that you and I did stuff together last night."

"I am so sorry, Chris. I told Friedrich that he was wrong about you being gay. I wasn't thinking. I was so happy at how you had made me feel and then he tells everyone. It's OK. They all know I am gay."

"Yeah, but now they all know I'm gay too. Do they know about Mark?"

"I didn't say anything...but they know you share a room. They may be making guesses."

"I hope they don't say anything to any of my team."

"Mostly their English is OK but not for that sort of thing. I'm sorry Chris...please forgive me."

"'re forgiven."

"Now, what was it you wanted to talk to me about?"

"Ummm...I'll tell you while you give me a massage. When would you be able to do that?"

"As soon as we get back to the hotel if you want - or else after dinner tonight."

"I think the sooner I get some treatment the better."

"OK. Just knock."

Back at the hotel, and in our room, Mark asked me if I had thought any more about the conversation we had had the previous evening.

"Mark...I'm still not comfortable...I feel..."

"Guilty...yes. And it has to stop. I want you relaxed about this. It matters a lot to me. Really. Please Chris...enjoy some time with Max. This is the perfect opportunity. He is going to give you a massage. If it turns into something more...just go for it. Provided you tell me all about it later." He grinned.


"But promise me you will?"

"If you are sure, Mark, then yes, I promise. But I love you."

"And I love you too - which is why I am fine with this. Go, go, go. I'm going to find the sauna." He shooed me out of the door.

I knocked on Max's door and he opened it to me. He was shirtless like the last time. He waved me over to the bed which had two towels laid out on it, and I saw a couple of little pots on the bedside cabinet.

"Please take off your clothes."

"All of them? It's my leg that hurts."

"Yes, all of them. If I am going to massage you, I will do the shoulders and back as well. Everything is connected."

I stripped off unselfconsciously. I had nothing that Max hadn't seen in some detail. I lay face down on the towels.

"Move your legs apart a little please, Chris."

I did as I was told.

I saw Max empty a little oil from one of the pots onto his hands and rub them together. There was a faint smell of eucalyptus. Then his hands were on my shoulders, his fingers pressing into the muscles. It felt wonderful.

"Your shoulder muscles are good. Nice and relaxed. No tension. Very good."

I felt his fingers run down either side of my spine and into the muscle at the top of my bum.

"This is good too. It should make the leg work easier."

I felt his hand reach the back of my thigh on the leg that was achy. His fingers dug in firmly but gently. I twitched.

"Hmm...yes...nothing too serious I think. Just needs loosening and relaxing."

He spent maybe seven or eight minutes on the back of my thigh and my calf. When he reached round the side of my thigh his hand brushed against the side of my balls. I felt myself going hard.

"OK, turn over please Chris so I can do the front of your legs."


"Erect? Of course. It's natural. We are gay. We like each other very much. You are naked. I am touching you. Hard is normal. Anyway...I like you hard." He grinned.

I turned over, my cock stiffly erect and laying on my stomach. He wrapped his hand around it and gave it a squeeze.

"Hummm...that muscle we will deal with in a minute. Your leg first."

He repeated the movements he had done on the back of my leg on the front, and I could feel the stiffness draining out of them. Unlike the stiffness in another part of me.

"So, what did you want to talk to me about?"

I told him about the conversation Mark and I had had. And what Mark had said.

"Really? This is really true? And how do you feel?"

"I feel...torn. I would love to do what he says. I would love to have sex with you, just the two of us, for the next few days. But...I don't want to let Mark down - and I don't want you to end up feeling things for me that I can't return."

" don't want to let him maybe the best way is to do what he asks. And you don't want me to fall in love with you...yes?"


"Then that is my problem not yours. Yes?"


" we do what Mark says, I think."

I looked at him. I looked at his smile. I looked at his open face. I looked inside me. I slowly nodded. "OK."

"Then can we start now?"

I nodded. He went over and double locked the door. Then took off his shoes, socks and trousers. He stood there in his black briefs.

"I like those," I said, pointing at him. "Very sexy. I think I'll go and get some like it when I get home."

He did a kind of sexy twirl before bending over and kissing me and then shucking off his briefs. He was semi hard, and I took hold of it. He stiffened in my hand, swelling and thickening and lengthening. He got on the bed and straddled me, his knees either side of my hips, then leant slowly forward until his chest was on mine, our groins pressed together. His nose touched mine and our eyes looked straight into each other's. He flicked my lips with his tongue - and I was lost. I parted my lips and took him hungrily into my mouth. My hands were on the back of his head, my fingers twisted in the curls of his hair as I pressed his mouth to mine.

"I want you in me Chris. I want you to take me like you did yesterday."

He lifted his hips up and rubbed his still oily hands over my cock. He held it against his entrance and slowly - ever so slowly - sat down on it. I felt it sliding inside him. He started to rock up and down on me.

"I have never done this with someone like you. Someone so beautiful and so nice. It makes me feel so good."

He ran his fingers through the small blond hairs on my chest.

"I love your little hairs. So sexy."

I reached up and played with his nipples. They went instantly hard.

"Twist them a little, Chris."

I did and heard him suck in a sharp breath. "Yes. Very nice."

He did the same to me and I winced...but it felt good in a weird kind of way.

"Now we fuck."

Max put his hands back on the bed beside my thighs and started to push himself vigorously up and down on me. His cock was waving around so I grabbed it and started to stroke it.

"Yes please, Chris. Harder."

This was clearly going to be a fast and furious one, and neither of us held back. I felt myself getting closer and closer. I jerked Max's faster and faster. I came fractionally first, feeling myself shoot inside him and then it was Max's turn, his first spurt covering my chin and my chest, the second flying everywhere and then the remainder covering his stomach.

"Oh yes, Chris. Oh yes. That was fantastische. So good Chris, so good."

He rolled off me and wiped the cum off my chin with the towel, before cleaning up his chest. He propped himself on his elbow and put his face close to mine.

"I have never felt like that before when I have had sex. You are...special I think. And so sexy."

He ran the back of his fingers over my cheek before tracing a line with his forefinger over my forehead, across my eyes and down my nose. He ran it across my lips. I opened them and sucked his finger. He pushed it suggestively in and out of my mouth.

"I wish that was more than your finger, Max."

"You are so me."

He kissed me and then turned his body round so that our faces were in each other's groins. I felt him take hold of me. I was in that thick, limp, half-hard state that happens after sex, but as he rolled back my foreskin and took me in his mouth, I got hard again at once. I felt him take my balls in his hand, rolling and squeezing them just hard enough to make me hiss with pain before releasing the pressure.

"Nice balls, Chris. I hope they are still full."

I didn't reply as my mouth was full of Max's. I slid my lips down it until the head hit the back of my throat. I gagged and went back to licking up and down the outside of it. I took one of his balls in my mouth. The sensation was amazing. The smoothness was so different from sucking on Mark's hairy balls. I reckoned we'd be getting the razor out when we got home.

Max nipped the skin of my sack with his teeth. It hurt but was peculiarly pleasurable in a funny sort of way. I responded by letting my teeth lightly graze his shaft on the next upstroke and felt him tense in response.

It seemed to galvanise him even further and he was going up and down on me like a piston. Then he put a finger in my bottom. The oiled length of it slid straight in and hit my prostate. The world seemed to explode and I was cumming. He sucked and swallowed and used his hand to squeeze out every last drop.

This had driven me wild and I was sucking him like I was demented. I felt his balls contract. This time I wanted to taste him. All of him. His seed filled my mouth and I had to swallow twice in quick succession to avoid drowning. It was salty but also a little sweet. I loved it.

", with you is the best." His head appeared back beside mine as he swivelled around.

"And you, are definitely special. And you taste yummy."


I smiled. "Very nice. Delicious."

"Ah. OK. You too, Chris."

"This has turned out to be some massage."

He giggled.

"Yes. And although I would love you to do me again right now, I think you need to rest your leg or all the good will be undone. We shower instead I think."

Reluctantly we made our way to the shower. It was virtually identical to the one in my room. We washed each other and fondled each other and got hard again. "Tomorrow, Chris..we can do it again tomorrow?"

"For sure, Max, for sure."

We dried off and he reached for the bottle of Eau Sauvage on the side - which I had missed.

"Wear some of this for me," he said.

"It's exactly what I use already," I said.

"See? I told you we are the same."

He put a couple of squirts on my chest and then on his own. We got dressed.

"How is your leg?"

I realised that I hadn't even been aware of it for the last thirty minutes.

"I think you have magic hands, Max. No stiffness or soreness."

"Hah...I hope the stiffness will have gone somewhere else instead."

"You are a every bit as naughty as Mark."

We hugged and kissed briefly and then I went back to my room. Mark was there in his towelling robe.

" did the massage go?"

'It was amazing Mark. Whatever he did, I have no soreness, nothing.'

'And after?...did you.....?'

'Yes, I we did.'

'And how was he?'

"He was...enthusiastic. And horny. And uninhibited. Like you. It was fun, Mark; I really enjoyed it. But it's not like having sex with you. There is something...missing - something that I only feel with you."

"Good. Perfect in fact. But would you do it again with him?"

"Ummm...I'd like to...if that's alright with you. It's fun Mark. You were right. It's joyful. He is cute and sexy and he talks in German when I do things to him."

Mark giggled. "I can learn German if you want."

I smacked him. "There is one thing. How would you feel about us shaving our balls? Not the rest - too tricky to explain in the showers, but our balls?"

Mark smiled and opened his robe. He took my hands and put them under his balls. Smooth and shaved.

"I agree. I bought a razor in the foyer after my sauna. I hope you don't mind."

"Mind? I love it. Will you shave me later?"

"If you're very, very nice to me."

"Nice like this?"

I dropped to my knees and took Mark in my mouth. There is something about feeling a limp cock harden in your mouth that is beyond words.

'You're a very naughty man, Chris Alexander, but I love you. And don't say anything, it's rude to talk with your mouth full.'

I couldn't help it. I burst into laughter which is not good with a mouth full of cock. I spluttered and wheezed and choked...Mark was in hysterics.

I wiped the tears out of my eyes and went back to work. His shaved balls felt wonderful in my hands, and his cock was silky smooth. I licked and sucked and lapped until I sensed Mark was on the edge. I pushed my finger up his bottom and he exploded in my mouth.

"Fuck yes, Chris. Oh yes."

It was good to have the taste of him in my mouth.

We both went and sat on the bed. "So how was your sauna?"

"It was good. And...interesting."

"Interesting?" "There was a group of boys from Northcliff in there when I arrived - including Tim, the redhead you were talking to last night. He has a nice cock incidentally and really red pubes. Most of the others left but he stayed and when the others left he got up to put some more water on the stones but then instead of sitting back down where he had been, he came over and asked if it was OK to sit beside me. He had his towel over his lap, but I was pretty sure he had started to get stiff. Anyway, as we sat there I felt his leg move against mine. I just turned and looked at him. He smiled and moved it away. Then he asked me about you he really likes you, by the way. He said with your looks you must be besieged by girls. I just said ëyou know how it is'. It felt like he was about to ask me something, but he changed the subject and then got up and left a few minutes later. Maybe I'm reading too much into it, but...I think he fancies both of us. I think he wanted to ask if you were gay. Which would have been interesting. He's really nice though. I like him."

"Why don't we sit with him at dinner and see what happens?"

"Why not?"

At dinner, we duly sat with the Northcliff team. Tim was next to me and a nice guy called Simon was opposite with Mark next to him. We got on really well. Tim was quick and sharp and his eyes sparkled when he smiled. I felt his leg press against mine at one stage. I'm sure it was accidental but I made no attempt to move my leg away and neither did he. Maybe Mark was right.

After the meal I went and sat with Tim. He did the same thing he had with Mark in the sauna; he asked me about my girlfriends. Said that a guy as good-looking as me must be fighting them off with a shitty stick. So I told him I was gay. It seemed easier than lying. I also told him my teammates didn't know so I'd appreciate it if he kept it to himself. He asked me how long I had known and I told him. He asked me if I had a boyfriend and I said yes.

"Pity," he said, and smiled at me. I asked him if he was gay. "I think I'm like you were a few months ago. I don't know. I have...mixed...feelings."

"You'll know. You'll meet someone...girl or boy...and it will feel right. And then you'll know."

"I'd love to have tried it with you...but you have a boyfriend. Does put you out of bounds to anyone else?"

"Yes. Unless we agree different. And for what it's worth, if I didn't, and if you'd asked, I would have said 'yes'."

"I don't know if that makes it better or worse. So near and yet so far."

"I'm sorry."

"You said, 'unless you agree different'. What does that mean?"

'It means that in exceptional cases, where both of us like and trust someone, we share each other, together or sometimes separately, with them. Up to a point."

"Up to a point?"

"Yes. No penetration."

He turned bright red. "Oh, I see. And is your boyfriend here?"


A look of understanding crossed his face. "Ohhhh...Mark?"

I smiled. "You got it."

"Oh fuck." He buried his head in his hands. "Did he tell you about the sauna?"

I smiled. "Yes but don't worry. We're both cool with it."

"Thank God. Umm, well, in that case, Chris...look...this might be all wrong but...well...might I be an exceptional case?"

"Would you like to be?"

"Oh man...of course. Mark's sexy as fuck and are super cute"

"Well...thank you...and yes, you might be. I'll ask him."

"I can't believe I just asked that."

"Glad you did."

At that point Max wandered over. "Hi Chris."

"Hi Max. Can I introduce Tim from the other English school? Tim, this is Max from one of the German sides here."

"Nice to meet you Tim. I think we play you tomorrow."

"Ah, yes...probably. How are things going for you?"

"Unbeaten so far - like Chris' team. And you?"

"One win, two draws, one loss."

"Very good. May I borrow Chris for a moment please, there is something I need to talk to him about?"

"Of course, Max. Nice to talk, Chris. Catch you later."

"For sure, Tim."

I walked over with Max to the doors that led to the patio and we went outside. " there any chance you might come back and see me again later tonight? I love what we did so much I can't wait to do it again."

"I don't know, Max. It might have to wait until tomorrow. But I very much want to do it again too."

"OK...well...if you can make it, just come into my room. I will leave the door unlocked."

"OK, Max."

We had walked over to the very edge of the paved area. Max pulled me into the shadows, wrapped his arms round me and kissed me.

"For god's sake Max, we have to be careful." I pulled away. "I really like you - and I really want you, but I can't afford to be busted."

"I'm sorry, Chris. It is selfish of me. Forgive me."

I put my arms on his shoulders and looked him in the eye. "I can forgive you anything Max Schell, but please be careful."

"OK, Chris. Maybe see you later."

He went back inside and I followed a few seconds later. I was almost late for the team meeting.

"Hi Chris, how's the leg? Did you get some massage?"

"Yes thanks. All seems fine."

"Great. OK guys, tomorrow we have games against both the Dutch teams. We should have the measure of both of them, but they are well-disciplined and they use the pitch well. Just do more of what we've been doing so far. Make the ball do the work. It's about positional sense not heroics. Above all, keep focused. You've played four games and your minds as much as your bodies will be starting to get tired. That's why keeping it simple is important. Great stuff so far - well done. Now...early night."

As Mark and I walked back upstairs I told him about my conversation with Tim. And with Max.

"Bloody hell, Chris. I know you're a sex magnet, but this is becoming complicated."

"Yeah...I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said anything."

"'s great that you are getting so comfortable with it. Look, I like Tim. You like Tim. Tim likes both of us. Why not?"

I was about to say something, but Mark interrupted, "Yeah, I know, I'm a pervert. But I'm your pervert."

He grinned, and I grinned back.

"And anyway, it might give me something to do while you're with Max We'll talk to Tim tomorrow. Now, go and have fun with Max and don't you dare say you feel guilty or any of that shit. Go!"

I put on my robe and went out of the door and across the corridor. I turned the handle of Max's door and slipped inside. Max was in the bathroom - I could hear him singing. I locked the door behind me, hung my robe up on the back of the door, and went and climbed onto his bed.

The singing stopped and I heard the sound of water running out of a basin or bath. Max emerged towelling his hair, stark naked and walked over towards the bed. He threw the towel onto the chair by the window and turned towards me.

"CHRIS! Oh my came."

He took two paces and jumped, landing flat on top of me. I caught him as he landed, but to spread the force I rolled as I wrapped my arms around him and we did two complete turns before crashing over the edge and onto the floor. We landed on our sides, which was probably just as well as if one of us had landed on top of the other it might have done some damage.

"Fuck, Max. Lovely to see you too, but could we get a bit more comfortable?"

We climbed back onto the bed and got under the covers. He snuggled up to me and put his head on my shoulder, his arm flung across my chest.

I told him all about Tim.

"Oh boys are the focus of attention for sure. But this means that Mark will have Tim and you can spend more time with me?"

"Maybe. I think Tim wants me too but hopefully he'll find Mark is as much as he can handle."

"Good. I want you to fuck me lots of times." He kissed me.

I ran my fingers through his hair.

"Yeah...lots of sex Max - but remember, I belong to Mark and he and I need time together too."

"Of course. But you have all the time after this tournament. I only have you for two more days."

Max slipped his hand into my groin. I was already half-hard.

"Ohh...just a little help needed."

"Hummm...only a very little encouragement I think."

His head disappeared under the covers and I felt his tongue lick me.

He took me fully in his mouth until, seconds later and now fully erect, he released me and put his hand there instead.

"I love the feel of you getting hard in my mouth, Chris. You have a beautiful Schwanz."

I reached down and took Max's erection in my hand. "And so do you Max. So do you."

"I want you inside me now, please, Chris." He rolled onto his side and pulled up one leg. "There is massage oil on the table. Just use a little."

I reached over and poured a small amount into the palm of my hand. I rubbed it over both of us. I entered him slowly and easily until my pubes were hard up against his bottom. We made love slowly. I kissed his neck and played with his nipples. It was a long, slow build to my climax but as I got close Max was begging me to cum. I oozed rather than spurted into him - but it felt wonderful. He clenched his muscles around me as I came, intensifying the sensation.

We just lay there for a while, and then I pulled out and turned him towards me. I took him in my mouth and sucked him to his orgasm, then lay back beside him, and put my arm under his neck and around his shoulders, pulling him into me. His fingers played and twisted with the hairs on my chest.

"I know I'm not allowed to fall in love with you, Chris, but I do love you. You make me feel different from anyone else I have ever met."

"Don't fall in love with me Max...please. I couldn't bear to break your heart."

"Can you stay the night with me?"

"No, Max, you know I can't."

"Yes...I know. Sorry."

"I need to go, Max. But we can do this again tomorrow."

"OK. And thank you for coming tonight. It was special."

I kissed him and he hugged me tight.

"Sleep well, Max...and sweet dreams."

"I dream of you, Chris."

"Then that sounds more like a nightmare' We both laughed - which was a good way to part.

When I got back to my room, Mark was sitting up in bed, reading. He looked up and put the book down.

"The wanderer returns. So tell me ALL about your hot session with Max. I assume it was hot?"

"It was relaxed. I think sex is good when it's passionate and hot and urgent, but it's also good when you know each other and relax - like us. It was more like that this time. Max and I like each other, we are comfortable with each other, we've done it before and taking a bit more time felt...good."

"So what did you do?"

"I topped him and then I sucked him off."

"How do you feel about him, Chris?"

"Don't worry, Mark, I'm not falling in love with him. I think he might be a bit with me, but I told him he mustn't. You're the only one I love, Mark. I'm enjoying having sex with him. He's a sweet guy and cute and horny as hell and he doesn't put any pressure on me - or us. He wants us to be happy together...and he means it. If it's bothering you, I won't see him again.'

"Don't be absurd, Chris Alexander. That's not what I meant. I meant, how does he make you feel?" I must have looked blank, because he added, "The guilt thing. Are you over the guilt thing?"

"Ohhhh...ok....sorry Mark. Yes. I think Max is helping me get over the guilt thing. Is that good?"

"Of course it's bloody good! Duh...for a bright boy you can be really dim sometimes. Come here."

I got into bed beside him and we snuggled up together. He ran his hands over my body. All of it. My face, my chest, my back, my stomach, my groin, my thighs.

"Every bit of your body is perfect, Chris. This is about your mind. Have fun. Enjoy yourself. I want you to. Because then we will have even more fun together."

He put his hand back between my legs and took hold of me. I felt myself respond to his touch.

"My horny little sex bomb. But no more tonight I think." He kissed me. "Sleep well."

The next day started well for us. We beat our first opponents 2-0 and it should have been more. My leg was absolutely fine. After the game as we headed back to the changing rooms, Tim came across.

"I see you won again."

"Yes - how did you guys get on?"

"Well beaten, I'm afraid. Max's team are a bit useful - and he's a wonderful player. You did well to draw with them."

"I guess. You playing again this afternoon?"

"Yes. It's starting to get to my legs though. Takes time to recover."

"Indeed. I had a massage yesterday - worked wonders."

"Really? At the hotel?"

"Yes...but not from the hotel masseur. Max, the German boy, did it; his father's a physio and he's done a course. He was amazing - no soreness today at all."

"From Max? Wow...fraternising with the enemy eh?" He laughed.

"Yeah. We just seem to hit it off. I really like him."

He stood there looking a little awkward and I realised what he was waiting for.

"I guess you want to know if you're... special?"

He blushed.

"You are - if you still want to. With both of us."

His face cracked in a smile. "Both of you. Blimey. Hell, why not? 'Ummm...yes...oh wow yes...if that's OK with you."

"We'd like to. Do you have a room on your own?"

"Yes. 145."

"How about we get back as quick as possible after the game Mark and I could come and shower in your room and...let's see what happens."

His smile grew bigger. "Really? Great, Chris."

I wondered what I was getting myself into. I knew Max would want to get together again that evening. Oh well, a quick fumble with Tim would be fun and hopefully he and Mark would hit it off - and I should have plenty in the tank for Max. I realised what I was thinking and wondered what was happening to me. From self-delusion to sex fiend in a few months. I decided to blame Mark.

I saw Max at the lunch break.

"How's the leg?"

"Great, Max, thank you."

"I think another session on it after today's games would help," he said.

"You're the expert. How about if we get together after dinner?"

"Perfect, Chris." He smiled.

The afternoon game should have been easy. We were a better side than them, but we conceded a sloppy goal early on and, chasing an equaliser, another before half time. Mr. Walton was unimpressed at half time.

'What did I say last night about focus and concentration? Don't go chasing the game. Do the simple things, play good hockey and it will come.' He made a further couple of technical points and then the second half began.

We won a penalty corner early in the half and Paul put it away. 2-1. We relaxed and started to play as we should have done from the start. Mark put me through with a great ball, I drew the keeper and rolled it into the empty net. 2-2. With less than two minutes to go, Mark picked up the ball in our half and set off on a run. I dropped into the space behind him and he took the ball past two defenders before exchanging a quick fire two passes with Peter and rasping a shot past the keeper. We'd won 3-2, but it had given us a wake-up call.

We now had only our fellow British team to play the next day, and then the two top teams would play off in the final.

The Northcliff team were getting ready to head back, and I asked Mr Walton if it was OK to grab a lift with them as I wanted to book a further massage. He said that was fine, so I grabbed Mark and we jogged over and found Tim and asked if we could hitch a ride. Their master in charge was happy to oblige and we both sat next to Tim on the way back to the hotel.

Once there, we followed Tim to his room. It was a little smaller than ours with just the one double bed, and a bathroom with a double shower but no bath.

"You OK Tim?"

"Umm...just a little nervous. You sure you're OK with this."

I put my hands on his shoulders. "I'm very OK with this. So's Mark. So let's have some fun. Let's get showered. I'm sweaty and horrible."

"Me too."

All three of us stripped off and stood naked in front of each other. Under his bright red hair, he had grey eyes and a wide mouth. He had a good body. Lightly muscled but no spare fat, and very pale in colour. There was no hair on his chest and no happy trail from his navel, but above his nice, good sized cock was a bush of the reddest pubic hair I had ever seen. Mark, of course, had seen it all before.

"I've never seen a really 'red' red-head naked before."

"Well, you have now."

I laughed.

I saw him thickening and rising - and Mark and I responded in similar fashion. By the time we were in the shower, we were all rock-hard. His cock was a touch smaller than mine, although there wasn't much in it. But the main difference was that his bent upwards towards his stomach in a distinct, and rather erotic, curve. He turned both shower-heads on and we all stood together under the water. He put an arm round each of our shoulders.

"I can't believe I'm doing this. You're both so damn sexy."

"And you are way cute, Tim."

He reached for the shower gel but I stopped him.

"We wash each other."

He smiled and stood back. I turned off the shower, then Mark and I took the gel and soaped him all over. I took his front and Mark took his back.

Then I rubbed some shampoo into his hair, and stood back.

Mark and Tim then proceeded to do the same to me, and then Tim and I did the same to Mark. We ended up looking like three victims of an explosion in a laundromat, covered in suds. I turned the shower back on and we rinsed ourselves clean. With his red hair plastered all over his head, Tim looked even sexier.

Mark asked him, "So what exactly have you done with other guys before?"

"Just wanked off."

I smiled and ran my tongue down his chin and over his chest and stomach. I stuck it in his belly-button, kneeling as I went..

"Not done this then?" And I took the head of his cock in my mouth.

"Oh fuck. Oh man."

Mark joined me, sucking on his balls.

"Chris...Mark...any more and I'm going to cum. Not yet, please not yet."

I released him from my mouth.

"A first?" I asked.

"Oh yes...oh felt so amazing. Please, I want to try."

He knelt in front of Mark and took a hold of his cock. He put his lips round it and slid them down its length.

"Use your tongue as well as your lips, Tim."

He looked up at me and smiled. I felt his hand take hold of me and start to wank me in time with his movements up and down on Mark.

"Gently, Tim. No rush."

"I had no idea it could be like this."

He pulled off Mark and took me in his mouth instead.

I felt my balls tighten up. Tim pulled off me just as my climax sent ropes of cum shooting into the air. Mark came next and then he knelt down and finished Tim off with his mouth. Tim erupted spectacularly. As the water washed us clean, Tim just turned and said,

"Oh. My. God. That was amazing. No-one has ever sucked me before. For that matter I've never had another boy in my mouth. Can we do it again before you go home?"

"Sure, Tim," said Mark, "why don't you pop by our room later after dinner?"

"Really? Could I? Fantastic."

Mark and I both gave him a hug and kiss before we got dressed and headed back to our room. We talked about Tim. And about Max. But as we walked through the door of our room, I just said to Mark,

"I'm enjoying having fun, Mark. But what I really want is you. Actually what I really want is to have you inside me. Now."

I saw a big smile spread across Mark's face. "I think that's the first time you've asked me to do you. I'd love to."

So he did. And it was wonderful.

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