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Mark and Me

by c m

Chapter 12

At dinner we sat with one of the Dutch teams we had beaten that day. They all spoke very good English and I got on really well with a boy called Piet who came from Amsterdam. He told me all about the city and the canals and painters. It was fascinating.

Max and his team came in when we were about half way through our meal. We waved at each other. Once we'd finished I walked over to his table and said 'hi'. He looked at me and raised his eyebrows a fraction. I just nodded. At the team meeting that night, the tone was very upbeat. We just had to beat Northcliff the following morning to qualify for the final - almost certainly against Max and his team - in the afternoon. Indeed, we spent more time talking about what we would do differently against then than on the morning match. Arrogant? Perhaps, but practical.

Mr. Walton spoke to us:

"Right, guys, the biggest problem at this stage of a tournament is fatigue. Both of body and mind. That game this morning was a wake-up call. Don't let it happen against Northcliff, and don't let it happen against the Germans if we get there. They won't let us get away with it. last early night and tomorrow you can party - win or lose. I'm proud of you."

As we headed for our room, Mark asked if I was going to see Max.

"Yes...if that's..."

Mark looked at me and wagged his finger.

"OK...I won't say it. Will you be OK with Tim on your own? I think he'd really like just having a 1-to-1 with you"

"Sure - assuming he comes. Have fun with Max."

In our room I stripped off and put on my robe and a pair of briefs. Mark just lay naked on the bed. I went over and hugged him, holding him close.

"I love you so much Mark. I know this is fun, but I really do look forward to being home and just being you and me again."

He kissed me. "Go, go go..."

I went across the corridor and tapped on the door. Max, shirtless as usual, and also with bare feet, opened it and wrapped his arms round me, spinning me round.

"I'm so happy to see you. Leg first and then sex?"

"You have such a way with words, Max."

I took off my gown and lay down on the bed. Max rubbed his hands with oil and expertly massaged and manipulated the muscles in my leg, first on the back and then, after I'd turned over, on the front.

My state of arousal was clear from the lump in my briefs.

"Ach...I see you still have the same muscle problem there. I think some special treatment for that will be called for."

"I do hope so."

"You are very naughty Chris....I'm pleased to say." We laughed.

My leg felt great and I just lay back with my arms above my head.

"First we need to remove these,' said Max, hooking his fingers in the sides of my briefs. I lifted my bottom off the bed so that he could slide them down. My erection caught in the material and was bent almost level with my thighs before being released. It sprang back with a loud 'thwack' on my stomach. Max giggled.

Still in his trousers, Max got between my legs and took hold of me. He pulled the foreskin back - hard - and kept pulling...and pulling. It hurt. A lot. I thought for a moment he might tear the little band of skin that ran between the head of my cock and the shaft. I almost jack-knifed upright in pain.

"Fucking hell, Max...what are doing? You're hurting me."

He suddenly seemed to realise that he had hurt me. "Oh God Chris. I'm so sorry. I wouldn't hurt you for the world. Please forgive me."

I could see the signs of tears in his eyes and the look of worry - almost fear - on his face. I melted.

"You're forgiven, Max. It's OK. I still love you, you crazy German. I still want you."

His eyes looked into mine. "I'm so sorry. I don't know what I was thinking."

I could see he was genuinely upset.

"There's only one solution to this," I said, slipping a hand between his legs.

It took time, but gradually nature took over and he slowly hardened in my hand.He started to play with the hairs on my chest. He lay there, twisting his fingers in and out. He looked up at me and whispered,

"Did you mean what you said, Chris. When you said I was a crazy German but you loved me?"

"Yes, Max...I did. I do love you Max. Not like I love Mark, but I do love you. You are bright, funny, sexy and talented, with a body to die for - and you're as horny as hell. And gay. And a bit crazy. Why wouldn't I love you?"

"I love you too, Chris."

"Then do something useful with this," I squeezed his cock, "like putting it in my mouth."

He giggled. "OK, if you do something useful with this," and he squeezed me in return, "like putting it in my bottom."

"It's a deal."

And that was it. Suddenly we were back to being what we had always been - horny boys who loved to have sex with each other. I took him in my mouth. He was as hard as I had ever known him and when he came it was with an intensity I hadn't experienced before, a long low growl turning into a shout as his seed filled my mouth.

He sighed with pleasure then put his face close to mine and kissed me. "And now you fuck me, please."

Within a minute or two Max had stroked me back to hardness. "Please do it with my legs over my head. Do it hard please Chris. Really hard."

I loved that he was so easy with knowing what he wanted and could just ask for it. I pulled him to the edge of the bed and lifted his legs onto my shoulders. I used some of his massage oil to lubricate us and then put myself against his entrance. I pushed into him - hard, as he had asked - leaning forward and bending his legs back over his head as I did so. He groaned through gritted teeth as I sank my length into him in a single thrust. I took him deep and fast. Max was saying things in German that I didn't understand, but I guess it meant he was enjoying it. Then he reverted to English.

"Oh yes, good...harder please."

I was close to climaxing myself when I felt him shudder and clasp the muscles of his bottom around me.

"OooOOOhhh......jajaajaaajaaaa.' His head was back and his mouth wide open as his hands clawed the bedding with his orgasm. His cock was suddenly spurting and it put me past the point of no return; I came explosively inside him.

We were both covered in sweat. I pulled out of him and lay beside him. He turned on his side and put an arm over me.

"My god Chris. That has never happened to me before. It we say."

He rolled on top of me."What am I going to do when you're gone, Chris? I have never met anyone like you. I have never had sex this good. I have never felt like this about anyone."

"'re a wonderful guy. The right person will come along. Just...don't sell yourself cheap along the way. You're worth more than that. Much, much more than that."

His lips met mine. I opened my mouth and our tongues touched. We kissed.

When he rolled off me we were almost stuck together. We giggled.

"Time for a shower I think."

"Sure is, Max." As we cleaned up in the shower, Max said, "Chris...I would like to thank Mark for letting me share you these last few days. I would like to thank him properly. I know he thinks I just wanted you and not the two of you but I really like him as well. Could we at least have a cuddle together - all three of us - before you go? Maybe not sex but..." he shrugged.

"That's lovely of you Max. Maybe tomorrow before we go?"

"OK - or now?"

I told him about Tim - and that Mark might be otherwise occupied.

"Let me just go and see." I had a quick look outside the door, but the corridor was clear. I slipped across and into my room.

Mark was lying on the bed in his towel. The duvet was piled at the end of the bed. He smiled as I came round the door. He was on his own.

"No Tim?" I asked.

"No Tim. Guess he thought better of it. Pity."

"There might be a consolation prize, Mark."

I told him that Max wanted to say thank you. Mark's face cracked in a huge smile.

"Bring him over."

I popped back to Max's room and we both scurried back across the corridor.

"Hi Mark. I hope this is OK to come. I wanted to say thank you for sharing this beautiful boy with me. I want to say thank you properly. I like you very much too, Mark."

"Max would like us to share a hug and a cuddle if that's OK, Mark."

"OK?...of course it's OK. I don't often get to have TWO sexy boys in bed with me."

Max and I looked at each other. We took off our bathrobes and hopped onto the bed beside Mark, who had also thrown his towel onto the floor.

We were all just starting to understand what was ahead, and we were all half-hard. I lay one side of Mark and Max laid on the other. I pulled the duvet over the three of us.

Max and I both put a hand on Mark's chest. We each tweaked a nipple, and then both ran our hands down over his stomach to his groin. Max discovered Mark's newly-shaved balls.

"Ohh...very nice."

"I loved the feel of it that first time we touched each other. Chris loves it too. I think, Max, that in a bit we might have to shave Chris too," he said with an evil grin.

"I like this thinking, Mark. Yes, I think so."

"We'll see," I said. They just laughed.

I let Max take care of Mark for a bit while I went back up and kissed him.

"I'm so pleased all three of us are in the same bed again. It feels...right...this time."

"Yeah, really does.2

From the expression on Mark's face, I reckoned Max had switched from using a hand to using his mouth. I went back down to take a look. He was licking one side of Mark's cock, so I decided to lick the other. Max smiled at me. Our tongues touched as we both flicked the smooth, hard flesh. Max took the head in his mouth and I moved down to suck one of Mark's balls.

"Oh fuck...oh man..I don't know what you two are doing but please don't stop. This is crazy amazing. Oh fuck...Max...I want you in my mouth while you do that."

Max got himself into a 69 position with Mark. I rolled to one side. This was about them now. It was actually very erotic watching two boys I found very sexy getting closer and closer to their climax. Mark came first, Max slurping and swallowing his juice. I saw Mark look at me and I nodded. Then Max came with that little moan I had come to love, and Mark stayed locked on to him until the last drop had been squeezed out.

Max came back up and gave Mark a kiss. "Thank you for sharing Chris with me. And I am even more jealous that he has not just a handsome boyfriend but someone who gives him wonderful sex."

Mark kissed him back. "And you give even better head than Chris." He smiled sweetly at me.

"I don't think so, but thank you."

"See, he says I'm better," I said.

"He's just being polite."

I threw a pillow at him.

Mark looked at Max. "Time to shave him?"

"Time to shave him."

I know when I'm beaten, so I submitted to being led to the bathroom where Mark rubbed soap into the hairs on and around my balls. It was all rather stimulating and I had a massive hard on in no time.

"Max, you're the expert, why don't you use the razor."

"Now we see how much you trust me, Chris."

He knelt down and took my balls in one hand, stretching the skin. He used the razor carefully and in short strokes, under, around and over my scrotum and round the base of my cock.

"OK...let's wash it off and see how we are doing."

He used the shower attachment to wash off the remaining soap, and ran a hand over my newly-shaved sack.

'Not bad. But just a little tidying up to do.' He went to work again. His hands on my now hairless balls felt incredibly good. I saw Mark whisper something to him and Max smiled.

" last tidy up, Chris.' He knelt back down, and in one quick stroke of the razor removed half of the pubes above my cock.

"What the fuck? bastards!"

Mark and Max were in hysterics. I looked at myself in the mirror. I had a line of pubic hair, then a big, bald stripe, then some more hair and then my cock.

"I think we better finish the job, Chris."

I had no idea how I was going to explain this in the showers with the other guys, but he was right. It looked really stupid the way it was. And a little part of me was quite turned on by the idea of being totally shaved. After all, I loved the way it looked on Max.

"Come on then."

I stood there while Max removed the remaining hairs. I saw Mark sprouting an erection.

"Geez, Chris. That is fucking sexy. Can I feel?" He ran his hands all over my groin and balls.

"Welcome to the club, Chris," said Max, also running his hands over me.

I looked at Max. "Seems to me that there is only one fair way to end this. I think someone else needs their pubic hair removing."

"Oh, no, no..." said Mark moving to the back of the bathroom, his hands over his pubes.

"Oh yes...yes, yes, yes." I said.

Max grabbed him by the arms and held him, while I got the razor. Four strokes later, Mark had as hairless a groin as Max and me.

"Ever wish you hadn't started something," he said ruefully.

We headed back out to the bedroom. Max put his arms round both of us and pulled us into a hug.

"Thank you, Mark. Thank you Chris. I hope you will let me share him one more time tomorrow Mark, and then you will be gone. You are both lovely, handsome guys. You deserve each other."

He kissed both of us, then put on his robe and headed out of the door and back to his room.

Mark and I got back into bed and pulled the covers over us.

"He is so nice, Chris. And I'm so pleased we had the three of us together. Even if we have ended up without pubes." He giggled.

"But it is kind of sexy, isn't it? And we have got three more weeks before we're back at school. I guess they'll have grown back by then."

"I guess...though I think I might keep my balls shaved. They feel so good like this."

He put his hand under my balls. "Yeah...they do don't they. And you do look damn sexy without pubes."

He ran his hand over my shaved groin. I got hard. He sat himself on my thighs and put his own hardness against mine. He rubbed them slowly together. "Of course," he added, as he masturbated us, "you do realise he's in love with you, don't you?"

"A bit, I think. I did tell him not to."

"You might as well tell the sun not to rise. You still don't understand the effect you have on people, Chris. You are sexy as fuck, bright, funny, kind...people can't help themselves."

"He'll find someone. He's much too nice and too good-looking not to."

"I hope so. I really like him. And you really, really like him, don't you?"

"Yes. I do. He' you. Can you spare a tiny little piece of my heart for him?"

"You know I can. It's going to be hard for both of you to say goodbye - but more so for him."

"Time for sleep."

"Yeah. Big day tomorrow."

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