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Mark and Me

by c m

Chapter 13

The next day found a number of the team showing signs of the workload that we had got through in the last three days. Given all the sex I'd been having as well, I should have felt knackered, but whether it was Max's massages, or just the therapeutic quality of the sex, I felt on top of the world.

Northcliff were clearly suffering. They weren't as good as us to start with, and a number of their players looked very tired. Tim played well, but it wasn't enough. We beat them 6-0, which was worse than they deserved, but they applauded us off at the end.

Tim came over. "I'm so sorry about last night. The team meeting went on and then our master had organised some kind of supposedly fun evening. I couldn't get out of it. Any chance tonight?"

"I'll talk to Mark, Tim."

"OK. Now just beat the Germans."

Which was exactly what we had to do. Max's team was also unbeaten. Both sides had six wins - and the draw against each other.

I always get nervous before big games. It's the adrenalin - and I welcome it. It means it matters to me and it sharpens me. It also means I lose my appetite, so I didn't bother with lunch. I wandered up to the changing room instead where the Northcliff team were showering. They'd had a debrief after Tim had talked to me and now their tournament was over. Most of the boys were already on their way out of the room, but Tim was still getting dressed after his shower. I sat down beside him.

"Not having lunch?" he asked.

"No...adrenalin nerves. Need something to take my mind off things."

"I don't suppose this would help?"

He lifted his shirt and showed me his cock which was pulsing its way to hardness.

"Fancy popping in the toilets for a quickie?"

"Tim are a VERY naughty boy."

He pulled on his shorts and we headed for the toilet block that lay beyond the showers. All the cubicles seemed to be unoccupied, but we chose the one at the end on the right.

Once inside, Tim took his shorts off and I pulled my shorts and jock down around my ankles. He looked at me then whispered,

"What happened to your pubes?"

"Long story - I'll tell you later."

"Sexy as hell whatever the reason."

Tim dropped to his knees and took me in his mouth. The blow job was short and sweet, but felt bloody marvellous. He was clearly a very quick learner, swallowing the load I deposited in his mouth without so much as a splutter. I changed positions with him, taking his long, curved cock in my mouth. This was no time for niceties. I went to work on his shaft and soon felt his balls tightening before he reached a vigorous and plentiful climax. We hugged, then got dressed and I slipped out first. With the coast clear, I coughed twice, our signal, and Tim strolled out behind me.

I wasn't nervous any more. Note to self: blow job before a game in future.

The game against the Germans was a classic. Both teams had learned from our first encounter. In the end, it took a piece of individual brilliance from Mark to beat two men and set Paul free down the centre. Max was left with too much to do. I took Paul's pass and relaid it back to him on the other side of Max who cursed and turned, but Paul was already in the circle, drew the keeper and slotted the ball home. It was 1-0 at half time.

The second half was hard. Both sides were physically at their limit. We only cracked once, but it was critical and we found ourselves all square again at 1-1. With time running out, we carved out a final chance. Paul found some space on the left and drove in to the top of the circle where he was taken out by an exceptionally ill-timed tackle that left Paul clutching his arm where he had landed with his full weight on top of on the astroturf.

It was clearly tiredness rather than intent, but the Umpire had no option but to award a penalty stroke. The problem was that Paul was our first-choice stroke taker, and, with his arm as it was, he clearly couldn't take it. But every team has a back-up stroke taker, and we were no exception. It was me.

As I walked up to take it, I was completely focused. I didn't look at anyone - least of all Max.

I have a little trick. As I prepare, standing over the ball, I always sneak a quick look at the side of the goal I am not going to aim for. Just a flick of my eyes, up and down. I want the keeper to see this. I want him to think he has caught a sneaky glance that I hoped I'd hidden. I want him to think I'm checking the angle for the side I'm going for. Penalty strokes are around an 85% certainty if you can get the ball about nine inches off the ground, just inside the post so it ends up in the side netting. But the goal is not huge and the keeper can reach both sides if he guesses right or if the shot is not accurate. If he sees my sneaky glance, I reckon my chances go from 85% to 99%.

I flicked my eyes right and then immediately back to the ball. The umpire asked us both if we were ready. He blew his whistle. The shot was almost perfect. Right height, only a couple of inches further inside the post than I would have liked. But the keeper had seen my sneaky glance and his weight was wrong. He was ready to go left but the ball went to his right. It clipped the top of the backboard. My team applauded, but I was looking at Max. He was nodding. And that was that. 2-1. We were tournament champions.

Max came over afterwards. "Good penalty, Chris. Keeper said he thought you were going the other way. Well done."

I put my arm round his shoulders. I didn't care who saw or what they thought. They probably just thought I was doing my bit for international relations. They might have been less keen if they knew exactly what sort or relations we were actually having.

"I wish it hadn't been me that scored the winning goal, Max."

"On the contrary Chris. It is the only way that I can cope with losing. I feel like I lost to you...and that's OK."

I ruffled his hair. "I'm going to miss you so much."

"You have no idea Chris how much I will miss you." He leaned into me. 'Promise me you'll write. I give you my address and phone number at home."

"I'll write, Max."

We let go of each other before it became too obvious that this wasn't just opponents commiserating.

"I will see you tonight, yes?"

"Yes, Max, at the dinner."

"Not at the dinner, idiot. After."

I put my hands to my face in mock shock. "Herr Schell, are you suggesting that we should sleep together?"

He grinned. "No, Herr Alexander, sleep is the last thing I am suggesting. I am suggesting that we should have sex together. A great deal of sex. I'll see you later." He headed off to the changing rooms.

Tim came over and shook my hand. "Congratulations. You seem to get on well with...Max...isn't it?"

"Yes, it's Max, and yes, we get on very well together."

"Thanks for earlier - I enjoyed that."

"No...I should be thanking you. It was your idea and it made me feel fantastic. Got rid of my excess nerves too."

"Anytime, Chris. Anytime." "Cool. OK. See you later."

The trophy ceremony was mercifully brief. A dinner for all the teams had been laid on in the hotel for that evening and we had all been given permission to drink. The mood in the bus on the way back to the hotel was extremely happy. Mr. Walton was thrilled. Winning does wonderful things to tiredness - we all felt energised and ready to party.

On the way back I told Mark about Tim and our quickie blowjob.

"A very horny boy, then."

"Very. And he apologised about not coming to you last night. He got caught up in some school thing."

Back at the hotel, we unloaded all our gear and arranged to meet up at 7.45 before dinner. Mark and I had just got back to our room when Max appeared at the end of the corridor. He was still in his sports kit.

"Hiya Max...didn't you shower at the club?"

" many people I thought I'd shower back here."

I looked at Mark. He nodded.

"Why not come and shower with us?"

A big grin split Max's face. "OK...I'll be right with you."

He went into his room and came back out with a towel and his bathrobe. We all went into our room and stripped off. What with trainers and sweaty bodies, the place didn't smell too good. We headed for the shower and turned the main one and the two separate small ones on. I turned one of the little ones on Max's face. He shook his hair and made a grab for me which ended up with us both scrabbling on the floor of the shower. Mark adjusted the controls on the shower he was holding and sprayed it over us. It was freezing cold.

"AIIIIEEEE," we both yelled and jumped up, taking the shower from Mark's hand and turning it on him. He hopped from one foot to the other under the spray.

"OK, OK...enough. I apologise."

We all got under a stream of hot water and washed each other using the shower gel and shampoo. Inevitably we all got erections.

Mark smiled and said, 'Why don't you two go and use the bed. I'm going to run the bath and sit in it for a bit and ease the stiffness out of my legs.'

Max nodded and we took our towels and headed for the bed. We laid the towels on the bed and sprawled, still wet, on top of them. We held each other close. We kissed - first without tongues and then with. Max pushed me onto my back.

"I want to ride you like before."

"I'd love that, Max."

He took hold of my cock and stroked it to full hardness. I went to reach into the drawer for the KY, but Max reckoned we were both still wet enough not to need it.

"Let's try anyway, Chris. Just a bit of saliva should do it."

He spat in his hand and rubbed it on me. It should have been vaguely repellent but I found it immensely sexy. Though it wasn't as easy without the jelly, the sensations were much stronger as I entered him. As he sat on me he felt tighter and hotter around my cock than he had before. It took a little more time, but I was eventually fully inside him. He rode me with a controlled desperation. I thought I could see tears in his eyes. I held his face in my hands and lifted my knees up, tipping him forward onto my chest.

"I don't want this to end, Chris."

"Max...I will never forget you, and there is a part of my heart that will always be yours. Let's enjoy each other. No tears, no regrets."

I put my knees down and he rocked back, pumping himself up and down on me. I took hold of his wildly waving erection. We came simultaneously, his cum fountaining up in the air and landing on my chest. I felt myself erupt inside him.

Spent, we lay facing each other, Max's arms wrapped around me - and that's how Mark found us as he emerged from the bathroom some twenty minutes later. He came and lay on the other side of Max, putting an arm over him. "You were very noisy - and you're sticky. I can't imagine what you two have been doing..."

"Yeah, right."

I went to the bathroom and came back with a wet face towel and wiped Max's cum off both of us. With dinner looming, it was time we all got changed. Max rolled himself off the bed, put on his robe and gathered up his kit before heading off to his room.

"See you later Max."

"I'll be waiting."

Dinner was semi-formal. All the teams were there, but we were free to sit with whoever we liked. Our table consisted of me, Mark, Max, Friedrich, Tim and his friend Paul, Piet and Antoine. There were jugs of beer on the tables from the local Heineken brewery.

The food was excellent, and we all got stuck into the beer in a big way, the jugs being replenished whenever they were emptied. Mr Walton got up and said a few words, thanking the organisers and talking about how everyone had created new friends and international relationships. At this Max ran his hand up the inside of my leg and squeezed. There was polite applause and then the player of the tournament award was announced.

To no-one's surprise except possibly his, it was given to Mark who went up to collect it. It was a nice silver tankard which Mark promptly filled with beer and passed round the table for us all to take a shared drink from. 'To international relations' was his toast. The fact that he was looking directly at me and Max when he said it was, I am sure, purely coincidental.

Piet then produced a bottle of what he said was the local drink used at celebrations, called Young Genever or something like that. He refilled Mark's tankard and it was passed around again. The fiery spirit made most of us cough, but it was very warming on the way down.

The effect of all the beer and then the spirit on boys not used to drinking heavily - or at all - slowly became apparent. No-one was drunk, but we were certainly a great deal less inhibited. I noticed Tim and Mark laughing and giggling together, and Friedrich put an arm round my shoulder and told me I was something in German which Max translated as 'prettier than any girl he had ever seen', which I suppose was a compliment. Max said something to him and there was a brief exchange of words before Friedrich got up and headed off to find his other teammates.

"What was that about?"

"He is a little drunk. He said that I should share my English lion - that's you - with him, and maybe even some of the others. I told him you were off limits. I hope that is OK."

"Thank you. I like Friedrich but...I don't want to be shared with him....and anyway, he has a tiny cock."

Max nearly sprayed his mouthful of beer all over me. He gulped and swallowed and just nodded his head, before laughing. "Yes, that's English lion."

'My English Lion'. I quite liked that.

After dinner we broke up into small groups. There was more beer for anyone who wanted it. Mr. Walton made his way round the room telling each of us that there was no hurry in the morning; we didn't need to be in reception until midday ready to travel home. Then he left.

I couldn't see Mark anywhere, so I found Max and suggested that I knew how I wanted to spend the rest of the evening. It involved him, his bed, his massage oil, no clothes and probably a lot of stickiness. He grinned and we headed upstairs. I wanted to get my bathrobe for later, so we first went into my room.

Mark really must learn to lock the door or tell me what he's going to do, but maybe the beer had just got the better of him. When I walked in he was naked on the bed with Tim. Tim's red hair was bobbing up and down between Mark's legs as he sucked him off. I was quietly pleased.

"Just getting my robe," I said.

Mark and Tim were clearly a lot more pissed than I was, as Tim just said,

"Why don't you two come and join us?"

It was tempting - but I wanted Max more than Tim.

"Why don't you spend the night with Max," said Mark, "Tim and I have got a lot of exploring to do". They both started laughing.

"See you guys later." I said, heading out and across to Max's room. I was pleased. Mark deserved some proper fun on his own.

As we got inside the door, Max turned and put his arms around my waist. "Can you really stay the night? That would be...wonderful."

"Let's see how things go, Max. Maybe."

I undressed Max. His shirt, his shoes, his socks and then his trousers. I unbuckled his belt, popping the button and unzipping his fly. I pulled them down his legs and he stepped out of them. His little black briefs were stretched over his erection. I kissed his bulge then pulled the waistband back allowing his cock to pop out free and upright. The material slipped down his legs and he kicked them away. I buried my face in his crotch. The tip of his cock was already slippery with precum. I licked it clean. He moaned.

Max pulled me up and took his turn undressing me until we were both naked. We embraced, and I felt his hands running up and down m y back and over my bum, sliding down the crack and brushing over my pucker. I buried my hand in the mass of curls on his head, pulling his face to mine. We stumbled over to the bed and fell, entwined, onto it.

We knew each other's bodies so well by now that our lovemaking was easy and gentle. We flowed into one another, enjoying each crevice and bump, each ridge and valley. I took Max from behind as we lay on our sides on the bed, my hand wrapped around his hardness. Our orgasms coincided with a shudder and then he turned and lay spread-eagled on top of me, every part of us touching the other.

Eventually he rolled off and snuggled up beside me. He put his head on my chest and I ran my fingers through his hair.

"Have you ever...been inside...anyone, Max?"

"No, Chris. I've never wanted to."

He looked into my eyes.

"Actually, that's not true. I haven't wanted to...until I met you, and actually not even then, until yesterday. But I know that I can't and I'm fine with that. I have already had more than I could dream of having."

"But you'd like to be inside me?"

"I'd like to try. With you...I can imagine it. With the other boys I have had sex with I could not even imagine it."

"Would you like to hump me? You know, put your cock along my crack and move up and down but on the outside, not the inside?"

A smile spread slowly across his face. "Really? Yes, I'd like to try if that's alright with you."

"It's very alright with me. I'd love you to, in fact."

I could see that Max was hard from just thinking about it, so I rolled over onto my front and spread my legs. I felt Max get between them and pull my cheeks apart before laying his hot, hard cock down the length of my crack. It was all I could do not to beg him to put it in me. Max started to move up and down. I felt him draw the tip of his cock across my hole and back before going back to sliding up and down. I heard his breathing quicken and his movements get quicker and then there was a sudden, warm wetness as he came across my back and down my crack. He lay there breathing heavily for a moment. He kissed me on the back of the neck. It sent tingles up and down my spine. Then he sat up and drew a finger through his cum before slipping it into my hole. I wriggled with pleasure. He kissed me again, then just lay, nuzzled against me.

"Oh my god, Chris. That felt so good."

I turned underneath him, leaving him sitting between my thighs.

" honest with me, Max...I think you can more than just imagine being iside me for real.'

He lifted his head and looked straight into my eyes. "Yes, Chris. Yes I can."

"Then maybe you know what to look for in a boy. You need one that makes you feel you want to be in him as well as having him in you."

"I know that I want you to be in me again right now."

He rode me. The way we had that first time we were together. The way that was us.

Afterwards we just lay in each other's arms.

"This has been some tournament, eh, Max?"

"Like no other, Chris."

"I'm so happy to have met you."

"I will never, ever forget you. Unfortunately I think you may have spoiled me for other boys."

"No way. There is someone out there for you who will make me just a passing fling."

"You will never be just that."

It was now well after midnight, and I had to decide where I was going to sleep. I was happy to sleep with Max, but I thought I ought just to check that Mark had meant it.

"Should we go and see how Mark is doing?"

We both sneaked across the corridor and I tried the handle. It was still unlocked. Max and I went inside. Mark and Tim were asleep on the bed. The alcohol and the tiredness and the sex had clearly exhausted them. They were naked and streaked with the evidence of their love-making - and Tim appeared to have lost his red pubes and was now as hairless as the rest of us between his legs. Max noticed at the same time as me and we smiled at each other. I pulled the duvet over them.

"Looks like we get to sleep together."

"Wonderful. In fact, a perfect end to the tour, Chris."

We went back over to Max's room and climbed into bed. We were both suddenly very tired. Max turned on his side and I spooned into the back of him. Despite our exertions my cock twitched as it met his bottom and slowly stiffened. Max put a hand behind him and gave it a squeeze.

"We save it for one more time in the morning, yes?"

"Yes, Max."

We went to sleep cuddled up together.

In fact it turned out to be two more times in the morning. We neither of us wanted to be the first to acknowledge that this was the end of our magical few days. In the end, I rolled out of bed and headed for the shower. Max joined me a minute or so later and we washed each other, enjoying a last feel of one another's bodies. I dressed and gave Max a huge hug and a kiss.

"I know we'll meet again one day, Max. Thank you for everything, but above all...for just being you."

"Write to me Chris. Promise me. Thank you for sharing yourself with me. I couldn't have dreamed a better dream."

"See you downstairs before we go."

"Of course. And here is my address and phone number. Can you write yours on this?" He gave me a piece of paper and I wrote down the details. We exchanged our bits of paper. I turned to go, but then turned back and took Max one last time in my arms. There were tears in both our eyes. We hugged and kissed, before eventually acknowledging that it was time to part.

I went back over to my room. Mark was sitting in bed looking awful. Tim had obviously left earlier.

"Fuck, Chris. I think I drank too much last night."

"We all did, Mark."

I went over and gave him a kiss.

"Did you spend the night with Max?"

" two had passed out when we came to look. We covered you over."

"We must have been a mess."

' looked like someone had squirted cum all over you with a hose.'

He smiled. 'Tim just came time after time after time. It was extraordinary.'

"Was that before or after you shaved off his pubes?"

"Oh saw. It was after. I think shaving him is what turned him on so much. I'm sorry, Chris, I didn't mean to fall asleep or for him to stay the night."

"It's cool, Mark. We both had fun. And I enjoyed spending the night with Max."

At midday we were all in reception waiting for the minibus to arrive to take us to the ferry terminal. The Northcliff team were also there; I saw Tim looking very much the worse for wear. I went over and gave him a hug.

"See you again sometime, Tim, I hope."

"Me too umm...about last night..."

I put my fingers on his lips.

"You had a good time. Mark had a good time...and I was having a good time. What happens on tour..."

"Stays on tour." He gave me a huge smile and hugged me.

I looked around for Max, but none of the German team appeared to be around. The minibus arrived and I was about t o climb in when I saw Max rushing into the far side of reception. He ran over and threw his arms round my shoulders.

"Oh thank god, Chris...I thought I'd missed you."

If any of my team mates thought there was anything strange about a German boy hugging me, they didn't say anything. Max let go of me and went over to Mark.

"Thank you so much Mark. You know what for. Look after him and I hope you are both very happy."

Max came and gave me another hug. He put his mouth close to my ear.

"Goodbye Chris. Thank you so much. We will meet again I am sure. Make sure you write to me. You said that there was a little piece of your heart that was for me. There is a big piece of mine that will always be yours."

He gave me the discretest of kisses on my neck before releasing me from his hug.

"Forgive me, but I love you, Chris."

"I will never, ever, forget you Max."

I could tell that we were both close to tears.

I picked up my bag and got on the bus. As we drove away, I saw him raise his hand in a farewell salute. I waved back.

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