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Max and Me

by c m

Chapter 4

The forecast that morning had said that the day would brighten up, and sure enough, by mid-afternoon the sun was out and the temperature was virtually back to where it had been over the weekend. Max and I decided that it was time to top up our tans, and we'd stripped down to our shorts when there was a knock on the door.

I opened it to find Matt and Ian on the doorstep.

"Hi guys, what can we do for you?"

"We wondered if you were doing anything or if you would like to come down to the beach with us and throw a frisbee around."

"We were just going to go and lie in the garden and sunbathe. Hold on, I'll ask Max. Come in, by the way." I went back into the lounge, "Max; Matt and Ian want to know if we'd like to go to the beach and throw a frisbee around?"

Max shrugged. "Why not?"

We went as we were, shirtless, and once on the beach Matt and Ian also took their shirts off, with Ian revealing a firm upper body with a generous covering of hair. We threw the frisbee around for a bit but it's not something I've ever been really good at. I ended up hot and covered in sand from the many times I'd had to dive to try and catch the wretched thing.

"I need a swim," I said. I didn't have a costume on, so I just headed for the waves in my shorts. I reckoned they would dry OK later. Seeing me splashing about, the others soon decided to join me and we ended up having a big water fight in the shallows. This turned into a bit of a wrestling match, and Matt threw himself at me, knocking me over with him landing on top. Meanwhile Max had his hands full with Ian who was trying to achieve much the same thing. As I came up out of the water, I felt Matt put his hand on the front of my shorts and give me a big squeeze.

He put his mouth close to my ear and said, "This morning was amazing. I can't wait to do it again."

"Anytime, Matt, anytime."

Eventually, we all straggled back out of the water.

"Anyone for a beer?" I asked.

A chorus of 'yesses' greeted the idea, and so we all headed back to our lodge. Inside the door, I shucked off my wet shorts so that they didn't drip all over the floor and went through to the lounge naked. Max did the same. Matt and Ian looked at each other and then peeled off their shorts too.

I went and got some towels and put one round my waist before throwing one each to Matt and Ian, but not before I had got a good look at what Ian had between his legs. It was quite impressive - at least six inches of thick, uncircumcised cock. It also didn't appear to be completely limp - at least to my eyes.

Max had taken four cold beers out of the fridge, and we sat on the sundeck to drink them. Matt looked around.

"Wow. You're completely private here, aren't you?"

"Yup. That's why we sunbathe naked."

"Naked?" said Ian, "Really?"

"Sure. No tan lines, see?" I undid my towel to show my all-over tan. "It looks so much better. Just have to be careful to use plenty of suncream - burnt 'bits' are very painful."

"If we wanted to sunbathe...naked...could we come here and do it?" asked Ian.

"Sure...why not. Start now if you will take a while for the shorts to dry. There's suncream here if you want it."

Matt and Ian looked at each other again.

"I'm up for it," said Matt.

"Hummm...'up' is an unfortunate word in my case," said Ian. "Sorry, but I'm not used to being surrounded by naked people - especially good looking ones."

"I know it might seem embarrassing, Ian, but there is nothing to be ashamed of in having an erection. We are all horny's natural. We all get hard sometimes." said Max.

"Maybe I can lie on my front for a bit?"

"Whatever you want, Ian...but no-one is going to make fun of you for having a stiffy. More likely that we'll all just be jealous." I smiled at him and he smiled back. Then he laughed.

"OK. But I'm going to start on my front...."

He peeled off his towel and lay face down on it. But I had caught a glimpse. He was a big boy.

Matt had no such inhibitions. He first rubbed suncream all over Ian's back and his very white bottom, then rubbed more all over his own front, including his cock and balls, before lying down, face up beside Ian.

Max and I stretched out as well, face up. I saw Matt looking at me and his cock slowly started to rise to its full glory. That set me off, and I was soon hard as well. Then Ian turned his head towards us and you could virtually see his eyes widen as he saw both Matt and me with hard-ons.

"See Ian, I told you it happens."

Sheepishly, Ian turned over revealing his erection. Eight, maybe nine, inches of hard manhood were standing to attention at forty-five degrees to his body.

"I bet it's a relief not having to lie on top of that," I said.

He giggled. "'s a lot more comfortable like this."

Matt was staring at Ian's impressive member. "Bloody hell come you never told me you had a monster?"

"You never asked. And anyway, it's not the sort of thing a straight boy talks about to another boy. Even to his best friend."

"Here," I said, throwing him the suncream. Put some of this on it - just don't use the whole tube."

Ian and Matt both laughed. Then Matt said, "I'll rub it in for you if you like."

"You bloody won't," said Ian, but in a friendly, fun way.

We lay and chatted, turning over from time to time for an hour or so, by which time I reckoned all the shorts would be dry. I padded off to check and found that Matt had followed me. I looked at him...and went upstairs. He followed.

"I know we need to be quick, but can I suck you again...please?"

"Be quick."

He knelt down and took me in his mouth. He felt so good on my cock and he got me off in next to no time, swallowing all my cum as I pumped it into his mouth.

"Want one back?" I asked.

"If we have time."

I took his rock hard cock in my mouth and worked him as hard and fast as I could. God, he must have been so ready. It lasted about thirty seconds. I felt his hands in my hair and heard him stifle a moan as he came. With nothing to catch it in, I swallowed his load too – to his surprise but evident pleasure. Salty, but nice. We had a quick hug.

"Here, put these on." I handed him his, now dry, shorts, and slipped mine on too. we took Max's and Dan's out with us.

"All dry."

Ian put his shorts back on, his erection had softened but it was still a tight fit behind the zip. Max stayed naked. I saw them to the door and we agreed to meet for a beer that evening in the quarterdeck. I went back out into the garden and took off my shorts.

"So was he as good this time?" asked Max with a knowing smile.

"Oh yes. Good – but almost instant. I'm sorry - I should have asked you if it was OK but he just followed me and propositioned me. What's a boy to do?"

"That's fine, Chris. I knew that's what he wanted from the moment he knocked on the door with that excuse about playing frisbee. And I'm not sure Ian is quite as dead straight as he makes out either. He and I had an interesting chat while you two were gobbling each other upstairs."

"How so?"

"He was asking a lot of...intimate...questions about what you and I did together. And as he already had that massive hard-on, he couldn't get any harder...but he sure wasn't getting any softer either as I told him what he wanted to know."

I lay down beside Max and we enjoyed the feel of the sun on our bodies. I reached across and took hold of his cock. It hardened in my hand.

"You know, Max. No matter how big or small, thick or thin, or short or long other boys' cocks may be, yours is still my favourite." I eased his foreskin back and forward over the head. I caressed his balls. "I love masturbating you. Sometimes simple pleasures are the best."

Max just had a big smile on his face. He closed his eyes. "Be my guest."

When he came, I licked it off his stomach, before kissing him with his seed still in my mouth. We shared the taste of him, and he put his arms around me and held me to him.

"All these other boys are all well and good. But I only really want you, Chris."

"Me too, Max. Matt is lovely - but I think we say 'no' to fucking."

"I agree. Good."

We'd decided to head back home at the end of the week, so the day before we were due to leave I went off to fill the car with petrol and then go and buy some fresh fish for dinner from a little fishing village about twenty minutes or so up the coast. I left Max tidying the lodge up.

I got back about an hour later, but there was no sign of Max in the lounge. I could hear sounds from upstairs, however and when I looked in the bedroom, there were Max and Matt, stark naked, giving each other a mutual blow-job on the bed. Matt had a shiny, oiled back where Max had clearly given him a massage. I guess the inevitable had then happened.

I went over and gave them both a friendly smack on the bottom.

"Couldn't wait for me, then?"

I stripped off and then sat on the chair in the corner. A few minutes later, Matt moaned,

"I'm going to cum, Max,"

I got up and oiled a finger with Max's massage oil and, as he came, slid it into Matt's hole. His eyes almost popped out of his head and his cum shot in a huge rope all over Max's face and hair.

"Oh did you learn that?"

I smiled. "I've had two good teachers."

Matt went back to sucking Max, who was soon cumming all over Matt's chest.

They both sat back up and smiled at each other.

"I hope you don't mind, Chris. Max gave me such a nice massage, and then...well...I was all hard and..."

"You don't have to tell me, was the same for me the first time. And you have nothing to apologise for."

Max got off the bed. "Why don't I leave you two to it. I'm sure Matt would love to do it again with you, Chris."

Matt didn't say anything to suggest otherwise, so I took Max's place on the bed while he put his shorts back on and went back down to the lounge.

"When Max said that you were going tomorrow, I just wanted..."

I put my finger on his lips. "Shhh....just come here."

He lay down beside me and I licked his nipples. I put my hand between his legs. His cock was semi-hard and sticky. He hardened at my touch. I licked all the way down his chest to his groin and ran my tongue around the head of his cock, flicking it over the little 'V' shape on the underside. I heard his intake of breath. I took his balls in one hand and rolled them around.

Up close, I could see that the skin on his cock was completely tight when he was hard - there was no extra to move up and down. When I had wanked Fergus at school, although he was also circumcised, there was quite a bit of skin that I could still move up and down his shaft. I said as much to Matt.

" depends on how you are cut. I have what's called a 'tight' circumcision. They take away lots of skin - worst luck. It means what's left only just covers the whole of my cock when I'm hard. I wish I was uncircumcised like you - I love playing with your foreskin...and Max's."

"You have a great cock, Matt....I love that you are circumcised. It's...just...different."

"I guess maybe we all like what we don't have." He smiled. "Anyway, you have a fantastic cock too."

So where does Ian think you are?"

"'He knows I'm here...saying goodbye. But he knows what we're doing. When we were lying in bed last night, I told him about what I'd done with you two. He asked me all the details...he got really hard...and then he asked me if I'd blow I did. But he's big, Chris. I could only get about half of him in my mouth before it hit the back of my throat and I gagged. He enjoyed it. It felt like he came loads, all in a sort of slow stream that flowed down his cock - not in spurts like you and me. He didn't offer to blow me in return, but I didn't expect him to. It left me very horny though."

"I have the same problem with a gag reflex, Matt. Max doesn't though. I hope Ian doesn't...force do things you don't know...doesn't take advantage of the fact that you are gay."

"Oh no...we've been best friends for ages. That's the first time we've ever done anything together. I like sucking. It's something I have to thank you and Max for helping me to discover. I mean, I love being sucked too, but really turns me on. I'm happy to have blown Ian...and I hope I can keep on doing it."

"Well, you're certainly damn good at it...and if you and Ian are both happy with the arrangement, then why not?"

"Thank you so much for this week...for showing me everything you've shown me. And Max explained about the whole not fucking thing...I understand. In fact, I think it's cool you feel like that about each other. And I'm having the best holiday ever, anyway, and it's all down to you two."

He leaned over and kissed me.

"Come on Matt...let's go find Max."

Max and I both gave him a big hug before he left - and we both wished him good luck in finding the boyfriend he deserved. We exchanged addresses and phone numbers.

"Nice boy. He will make someone a fine boyfriend," said Max. I agreed.

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