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Max and Me

by c m

Chapter 5

We drove home the next day. It was a good decision. The day itself was a little cloudy and the forecast was for it to get worse over the next few days. My parents were both out when we got home, and Max and I unloaded the car, put all our dirty stuff in the washing machine and grabbed some bread and ham to eat. There were several letters for me, one of which turned out to be from Tim Underwood, the red-headed boy from the hockey tournament.

Dear Chris

I have only just learned the sad news of Mark's death. I am so sorry and I know you must have found it very hard. He was a lovely guy and you must miss him terribly. I had intended to write to Mark to tell him that I am going to be down your way in mid-July and wondered if we - and you of course - could meet up. I would still very much like to meet up with you if you are around. I will be on my way to visit my grandmother who lives on the south coast. The most likely date is July 16th. My phone number is on the top of this letter if you would like to call me. It would be good to speak with you in any case.

With fond memories,

Best wishes

Tim (Underwood)

"Do you remember Tim - the redhead from the hockey tournament, Max?"

"Yes of course...the one who spent the last night with Mark...and got shaved?"

"'That's him. He's going to be passing this way on the 16th - probably - and he wants to meet up. I'm sure he'd love to meet you again too."

"That would be fun."

"OK...I'll call him. What's today?....hmmm....the 13th. Gosh...that's only three days away."

I dialled the number on top of the letter. It was answered after a couple of rings by a woman's voice.'

"Hi, is Tim available?"

"Yes...may I tell him who's calling?"

"It's Chris Alexander."

"Just a moment."

I heard her calling Tim to the phone.

"CHRIS! Great to hear from you. I was so, so sorry to hear about Mark."

"Thanks, Tim. It was all a bit of a shock at the time. Are you still coming this way on the 16th?"

"Actually it looks like the 15th. I hadn't heard from you so I wasn't sure whether to confirm a date with you or not."

"I've been in Cornwall for nearly two weeks with remember, the German boy with curly hair from the Hague?"

"Max. Of course I remember him. Sexy guy as I recall. You had a bit of a thing with him during the tournament didn't you?"

"Yes...yes, I did. Well, that 'thing' has turned into us being boyfriends. He's over here for four weeks. Anyway, we can tell you all about that when you visit - if you'd still like to. We'd love to see you. Can you stay overnight?"

"That's very kind. I was cheekily hoping you might offer. It would break the journey really nicely - and give us a bit of time to catch up."

"I'll double check with my mother, but consider it done. What time will you arrive?"

"I'm going to leave early...I will probably be with you around lunchtime - if that's OK?"

"Perfect, Tim. I'll call to confirm once Mum's back this evening. It will be very good to see you."

"Wonderful. I'm really looking forward to it."

Max had gathered most of the details even though he had only heard one end of the conversation.

"So he will be here in two days and will stay one night?" asked Max.

"Yes. Assuming Mum's OK with that. It will be nice to see him."

"Yes indeed. He was cute I think."

"I thought so." I smiled.

"I wonder how many beds will get used that night," laughed Max.

"We'll just have to see, I guess. And talking of using beds....I don't suppose you fancy using mine for a bit right now do you?"

"I thought you would never ask."

I took his hand and led him upstairs to our room. We stripped and just stood looking at each other for a moment. Max's body was a fabulous shade of brown all over, and the sun had lightened his hair so that it seemed to have streaks of gold in it. I caught sight of myself in the mirror and saw that I seemed to have toned up a little as well as having tanned to a golden brown from top to bottom.

"The sun has made you even more gorgeous than normal, Chris. It's unfair."

"And you, my little German sausage, look good enough to eat. And I know which part I'm going to start with."

We fell onto the bed and locked our lips in a long and passionate kiss. Then we buried our heads in each other's groins and sucked each other off slowly and sensuously. We followed that with a long hot shower and then a cuddle, grope and fondle session on the bed before we reluctantly put some clothes on and went downstairs.

I checked with Mum later about Tim coming to stay, and she was fine. I called Tim and confirmed our arrangement.

"Great. Really looking forward to seeing you both."

The next morning, James called and we all went swimming together. We went back to his place and shot the air rifles again - with much the same result. Afterwards we had coffee and cake - that his mother had baked - and we told him all about what had happened in Cornwall after he had gone home.

"Sounds wonderful. Will you stay in touch with Matt?"

"Ball's in his court really. We'll see if he writes or calls. He lives some way away, so it would need some kind of special reason for us to meet up. I suppose we might see him in Cornwall again next year if we both happen to be there at the same time."

Then we told him about Tim.

"Blimey, were there any straight boys on that tour?"

We laughed. "I know it must seem that way, but it was really just four of us out of nearly a hundred boys taking part. Well...of course there may have been others we never met, but there's no-one else, I promise."

"I'm sorry that I won't be able to meet him. I'm going to be away for a week from tomorrow. So I guess I won't see you guys until you're back from Germany, Chris - and until you next come over, Max."

"I guess not. I'll send you a postcard."

"If you have time in between sightseeing and sex..."

"True. Well...if you don't get a card you'll know why"'

He laughed.

We sat and chatted for a while and then it was time to head back.

James gave Max a huge hug.

"It has been really wonderful to meet you and get to know you - in every way. What you see in Chris I cannot imagine, but I wish you all the luck in the world. Come back and see me soon."

"Thank you, James, I will. It has been excellent to meet you too. It is very nice that Chris has such a good and lovely friend. Look after him for me when I'm not here. In every way." He smiled.

James' face cracked in a big grin. "I surely will, Max. Thank you."

James and I hugged. Then I held him away from me, my arms around his waist. "Have fun. I'll miss you while I'm away. Find yourself a nice girl." I kissed him lightly on the lips and he kissed me back.

"You have fun too, Chris. This has been a great holiday. Thanks again for Cornwall...and everything that happened there. Look after Max. - you don't deserve him." He hugged me tight again.

"See you very soon, James."

With Tim due the following day, and our trip to Germany happening less than a week after that, there seemed to be quite a lot to do. We made up the bed in the guest room - even if we privately suspected that it might not get used - and we went shopping for the various bits and pieces you need to get before a trip of any length. We also bought another tube of KY.

That night I wanted Max inside me, and he made love to me gently and slowly over maybe an hour. It felt wonderful as a glow slowly spread through my entire body. He stayed inside me after he came, lying behind me with one arm over my chest.

"I love you, Chris Alexander, more than anything in the world, and I am so much looking forward to showing you more of my country."

"Three more weeks with you is my idea of heaven...even if it rains all day."

"It will be beautiful...and if not, then we just have to stay in bed...and that would be fine too."

I giggled. "I bet you're praying for rain."

"I am not. Well...not all the time."

I felt him flop out of me and I turned onto my back. Too bad about the wet patch. Max put his hand on my still erect cock and started to masturbate me; his hand felt so good. I could feel myself boiling up inside, and then he put his mouth on me, taking me to my climax and swallowing my seed as I came.

He put his head on my shoulder and ran his fingers over my chest. "I am so happy, Chris."

"Me too, Max."

The next day we got ourselves up and about in good time. I cooked Max breakfast and then we did a couple of chores around the house that my mother had asked us to do. Just before midday, a blue Vauxhall Astra pulled into the drive. The driver had distinctive red hair. He got out.

"Tim! Great to see you. You obviously found us OK."

"Hi Chris...hi Max...yep, dead easy, no problems."

I went over and gave him a hug.

"God it's so good to see you again, Chris," he said, holding the hug tightly. "And I'm so sorry about Mark."

"Thanks, Tim."

Max was only just behind me, and Tim let go of me and gave Max an equally tight hug.

"Max! Great to see you. I was so happy to hear that you and Chris have got together."

"Yes...I'm a lucky boy, I think."

"You've definitely won first prize...but then maybe Chris has too."

"Thank you, Tim. That is very kind."

I grabbed Tim's bag from the back seat and showed him into the house.

"Got the place to ourselves until this evening when my parents get back."


"Let me show you your room."

We took him upstairs and showed him the guest room, where he dumped his bag on the bed.

"And where do you two sleep?"

"In here," I said, opening the door to my room. "Max and I share a bed."

"But of course." Tim smiled.

If anything, Tim's looks had improved. His hair had been nicely styled and his face has somehow firmed up a bit, giving him sharper, cleaner lines. He looked very good indeed.

"Bathroom is there," I said, showing him, "and treat the place like your own. We'll get some lunch in a bit and then we can decide what we want to do this afternoon."


"Why don't I go and start getting the lunch things together while you show Tim the rest of the house," said Max.

"OK...just some bread and ham and salad and fruit I think."


He went downstairs. Tim came over to me;

"Can we talk, Chris? There's something I need to tell you."

We went back into the guest room and Tim shut the door. He put his hands on my shoulders.

"I came out to my parents a couple of months ago. It wasn't great but they are kind of OK with it now. I just wanted to say thanks, and Mark helped me realise I was gay and gave me the strength to do something about it. I wish I could thank Mark too...but I can at least thank you."

And he kissed me. His tongue flicked my lips and I let him inside. He pressed his groin against mine and he was clearly hard. I broke the kiss.

"Tim...I still have a boyfriend. I'd love to take this further...but I can't. Not without involving Max too."

"Would he mind? I mean...would he like to join in too? Like you and Mark?"

"Maybe. Probably. But we have to ask first, not tell him after... assuming that you would be happy for us to have a three?"

" would be a major turn on. I always thought Max was dead sexy. But I really, really want to do stuff with you again. I still fantasise about that blow job we had in the toilets."

I grinned. "Yeah...that was kind of awesome wasn't it? Anyway," I said, giving his bulge a squeeze, "This will have to wait. Let's go get lunch. Oh, and hey...congrats on coming out."

We went down and joined Max who had put all the lunch bits and pieces on the table. Tim told Max what he'd told me, while I took three cold beers out of the fridge before we all sat down and enjoyed a leisurely lunch.

Tim told us that he was off to York University in October where he was going to study history - like me.

"So," said Max, "what do you want to do this afternoon?"

I saw Tim blush and look down at the floor. I decided to speak up.

"I think...if you're OK with it Max...that Tim would quite like to spend most of the afternoon in bed with us."

"Really?" said Max.

Tim looked up at me, and then at Max, and nodded.

"Wonderful. Are you sure you want me there too, Tim?"

"Oh yes, Max. Definitely. I know that I was pretty drunk that evening when you and Chris came into the room and saw Mark and me on the bed, but when I asked if you wanted to join us, I was sober enough to know that I meant it. You're really sexy."

"And so are you, Tim...and...I have never had sex with a redhead."

Tim grinned. "Time to break your duck."

"Break what?"

Tim and I laughed. "It's an English expression, Max. It means to do something for the first time."

"Oh...OK. Cool. 'Break my duck'...I will remember that."

We washed up and tidied everything away and the headed up to my room. I stripped off and went and lay on the bed, and Max did the same and joined me. Then Tim, his erect cock waving from side to side as he walked, came and lay between us. His body had toned up much as his face had sharpened. He had the makings of a six pack and a tiny handful of red hairs in the middle of his chest. His pubic hair had regrown and was a fiery red mass between his legs. And his cock still curved beautifully towards his navel. He was very, very sexy.

"Geez Tim. You've changed from cute to sexy as hell."

He smiled. "Well...thanks. You two have always been as sexy as hell so far as I'm concerned."

I reached over and took hold of his cock in my hand. It felt hot and steely hard to my touch. Max was kissing him - and they seemed to be well into it. I peeled back Tim's foreskin and rubbed him up and down a few times. Then I took him in my mouth. I also took hold of Max's erection in my hand - and started to pleasure them both. I could feel Tim quivering with pleasure as I sucked him, then his balls tightened and I pulled off in time for the first jet of his cum to spurt over his chest. That first big spurt was followed by another, and then three or four more smaller ones. Then Tim took hold of Max's cock and masturbated him hard and fast. Max started breathing faster and faster and then he erupted with a gout of cum that joined Tim's seed on his chest. I saw Tim scoop a little of it up on his finger and taste it.

"I think, Tim, it is time we sorted Chris out," said Max. Tim smiled.

They both slid down the bed until their mouths were level with my cock. Then they both started to lick me and suck me. They took my balls in their hands and their mouths. They played with me and teased me. Their tongues danced over the head of my cock. Tim drew his fingernail along the sensitive ridge of skin behind my balls and ran his finger over my pucker. And then they made me cum. Tim had only just released me from his mouth at that moment, so he caught the whole of the first shot which went in his hair and over his face. He wiped it off with a hand and then licked it off into his mouth. We lay back in the satisfaction that follows a really good release. But Tim wanted more.

"Guys...I know this is something to ask...and it's fine to say no...but I would love it if you both fucked me. One after the other."

I looked at Max. He looked at me. "Both of us?"

Tim nodded. "Yes please. Both of you. If it doesn't hurt too much."

Max looked at me. I knew what he was thinking.

"Tim, Max isn't really into being the giver. He does it to me because…well…because it is different for him with me. But I am the only boy he has ever wanted to fuck."

"Yes, Tim. I'm sorry. I hope that's OK."

"OK, Max, I understand. I didn't realise. And that's cool." A smile flickered round his lips. "But if you change your mind…."

"OK…we will see."

"And Tim," I asked, "are you a virgin?"

'Yes. Is that OK?'

"Of course it's OK. But you know I's probably going to hurt a little at first?'

"Yes – but that's OK. I know you'll make it as easy as possible. It's one of the reasons I wanted you to be the ones – or the one - to…take my cherry."

I moved Tim to the edge of the bed and lifted his legs over my shoulders. Max came and slid an oiled finger into Tim's hole. He worked it in and out a few times, before adding a second finger.

"We're going to take it very gently...and if you want us to stop, you just say and we will, OK?"

"'I know. I trust you. That's why I want you to do this."

Max was working and stretching Tim, and he finally added a third finger. Tim winced a bit at first, but then relaxed.

"OK, Tim," I said, "I'm going to enter you. Tell me if it hurts too much."

I put my cock against his hole and pushed. Max's stretching had done the trick. I slid in easily until I hit his ring of muscle, but even this had been stretched and I pushed a little harder and popped through. Tim gasped.

"Just hold it there a mo...let me get used to it."

"Sure, Tim."

He took a few deep breaths and visibly relaxed. "OK....more."

I pushed again and felt myself sliding easily all the way in. And then my balls were against his bottom.

"All in, Tim."

"'Feels….OK… Chris. Very good. Give me a moment." I lay there, buried inside him, watching the tension drain out of his face. Then he wriggled his bum a little. "Go for it."

I started to thrust slowly in an out, going a little deeper each time until I heard Tim indicate that it hurt. After ten minutes I was pretty much fucking Tim full on and he was moaning with pleasure and murmuring 'yes, yes' as I hit his sweet spot. His cock was soft, but I massaged his balls as I got close to coming.

"I'm going to cum, Tim." I pulled out and shot my load over his cock and balls.

"Oh fuck. Chris...that was felt so good once you were properly inside me. Oh man...I feel tingly all over. Mmm...and I'm ready anytime if you want to try Max."

Max looked at me and shook his head ever so slightly – despite the fact that he was rock-hard. I had to admit that I found the thought of watching him fuck another boy for the first time incredibly erotic – but I knew this wasn't for him.

"Thank you, Tim, but no. – it's not that I don't find you attractive, it's just….."

"That's fine, Max, I just can't help finding you so sexy though."

"Maybe this would help," said Max.

As Tim lay there, Max took hold of his cock which now swiftly stiffened and thickened. Tim and he took hold of one another until they both came, their juices joining mine on Tim's stomach, then running down to make his pubes sticky with cum.

Max ran a finger through them. "You could wash it out...or we could shave them off," said Max.

A smile flickered round Tim's lips. "Shave them, Max."

We all headed to the shower and Max worked some foam into Tim's pubes before wetting the razor and drawing it across Tim's groin in easy strokes. Then he did Tim's balls. We turned the shower on and a mass of red hair swirled down the drain. Max ran his hand over the area.

"Just a bit of tidying up to do."

A minute later Tim was as hairless between his legs as we were. He had got hard again, and the lack of hair made his cock look even bigger than it had before. Max, who was still on his knees with the razor, took Tim in his mouth and started to suck him. Tim put his arms around me and pulled me in for a kiss. His mouth was soft and his tongue was like a snake as he ran it over my teeth before exploring every nook and cranny of my mouth. He tasted sweet. I bit down on his lip - not hard enough to draw blood, but just to nip him and he responded. His breathing was getting faster as Max's mouth brought him closer and closer to his climax, and when he came it was with a guttural growl of pleasure.

We dried off and headed back to the bed. Tim showed no signs of having had enough; he just lay there as Max and I ran our hands over his body. He got hard again - and I remembered what Mark had said about him being apparently able to come time after time after time. I fondled his newly-shaven balls which felt big and heavy in my hand. Max was stroking him gently.

"I hope you don't mind my just lying here and letting you guys play with me. It's been so long since I've had sex with another boy...and a very, very long time since it's been with anyone as sexy and good looking as you. I love the feel of your hands on me, your mouths on me, your cock inside's pure heaven."

"Just enjoy it, Tim. We've got all afternoon and all just tell us what we can do to make you feel good. If you can keep on cumming, we can keep on making you cum."

"Oh...I can cum a lot. Seven, maybe eight times."

"Well...we want to keep some for tonight, I think."

Tim grinned. "We surely do. But tell me…if it's OK to ask…how did you two guys get together after...what happened to Mark."

So I told Tim the story. He knew most, but not all, of what had developed between me and Max at the Hague and he in turn told us about his drunken night with Mark. He was fascinated by my account of hearing Mark's voice clearly telling me what to do, but happy that such a dark cloud had turned out to have such a silver lining.

"You two really love each other, don't you"'

"Yes, we do."

"And yet you share yourselves with does that work?"

And I told him about Mark's view of the world. About how he saw love and sex as different. About how he wanted to share good things - but only with those he loved and trusted. About how he had helped me see the world the same way...and about the fact that Max felt the same...and that that was probably one of the things that had drawn us together.

"And also because Mark and I both knew we were gay from an early age. And were open about it, and at ease with it." added Max.

"Yes...I can see how that would make a difference. I'm not criticising, you fact I am incredibly grateful you feel that way...none of this would be happening if you didn't."

"Good." said Max, and gave Tim a kiss. Tim pulled Max over until he was lying between his legs and gave him a huge kiss back. I could see his tongue slip into Max's mouth and they lay there, making out for maybe five minutes. I ran my finger down Max's back and between the cheeks of his bottom where I teased his hole before slipping it inside him. I felt him wriggle against me. Max eventually broke the kiss and rolled off Tim - exposing the fact that Tim was hard yet again.

"Would you like a massage Tim?"

"That would be wonderful, Max."


Max went and fetched a towel and got Tim to lie on it, face down. He poured some oil onto his hands and then rubbed them across Tim's shoulders.

"Watch and learn, Chris...then maybe you can do this to me."

Watching Max at work was fascinating. The way he moved his hands and fingers, probing then smoothing, using the heel of his hand and then the palm.

" try," he said to me.

He poured a little oil into my hands and showed me where to put them on Tim's back. He put his hands over mine and moved them. It was incredibly sensuous. I could feel the ridges of muscle in Tim's back and the strength of Max's fingers over mine, and Max showed me how to manipulate Tim's muscles to relax them and take the tension out of them.

"Very good, Chris. You are a natural at this. How does it feel, Tim?"

"It feels fantastic...and hard to tell the difference between your hands and Chris', Max."

"There you are. Perfect."

I took my hands off Tim and watched as Max worked his way down Tim's spine and across the top of the muscles in his bottom and then back up and across Tim's shoulder blades, kneading and pushing with his fingers before changing to use the flat of his hand to smooth and ease the muscles.

Tim was sighing with pleasure as Max then used his thumbs to massage the two muscles running up from Tim's neck and into his scalp. I could almost see Tim's shoulders relax as Max worked his way up and down.

"That is so good, good."

Max moved down to Tim's legs, working his way down the back of his thighs and his calves.

"Turn over, Tim."

Tim did so - and to no-one's surprise his cock was still stiffly erect, the curve in it bending it back towards his stomach. Max ignored it and worked his hands over Tim's chest and his collar bones before moving onto his thighs. I couldn't resist, and took Tim's erection in my hand and slid the foreskin slowly backwards and forwards over the shiny dark red head. I didn't want to make him cum, just to enjoy the feel of his hardness in my hand.

Max finished. "How does that feel, Tim?"

"Wonderful – and I feel slightly warm all over too."

"That's the oil. Really, you should just lie there for half an hour to get the most benefit from it."

"Excellent. I'm not going anywhere," Tim said sleepily.

Max and I covered Tim with towels and lay down either side of him. We all must have dozed.

I came to to find Max jabbing me with his finger.

"What time is it?"

I picked up my watch off the bedside cabinet and looked. "Nearly six o'clock; time for us to get dressed and respectable before my mother arrives home. We can do this all over again tonight, but right now we need to put some clothes on."

I shook Tim awake, and we all reluctantly got dressed and headed down to the lounge where we put the TV on. Not more than ten minutes later, there was the sound of car tyres on the drive and then my mother walked in.

"Hi Mum...good day?"

"Fine thank you...and you must be Tim." she said, "Chris said I'd know you from the colour of your hair - and I can see why. It's gorgeous."

Tim blushed. "Thank you, Mrs. Alexander."

"I've bought the bits and pieces we need for fajitas tonight for dinner - if that suits you all. Chris - perhaps you could prepare it while I go and get changed."

"Sure, Mum."

Max sliced the peppers while Tim took charge of the onions and I turned the chicken breasts into strips. With all three of us at it, it took no time at all and by the time Mum came back downstairs, there were three bowls of prepared ingredients waiting for her.

I like fajitas. Finger food is great - especially when you are with friends - and we all tucked in hungrily once the food was on the table. Tim was funny and engaging and I could see my parents both liked him. After dinner we washed up and decided that we fancied a beer so headed down to the local pub. We passed a pleasant couple of hours playing darts (badly) and pool (worse), but we enjoyed ourselves before heading back at around ten o'clock.

Mum and dad went up to bed at around 10.30, and we followed shortly afterwards. I asked Tim where he would like to sleep.

"I think three in your bed all night might be a bit of a squeeze. Umm....could I suggest something - it's fine to say no?"

"'Go ahead."

"'How would it be if I slept in the guest room, but you two came and visited me - one at a time tonight; and then tomorrow morning, I come and slip into bed with both of you before I have to go? The idea of having sex with the two of you again, one after the other, really turns me on."

"Great idea," said Max. And it sounded good to me too.

"Excellent. I'll let you surprise me with who comes first."

Tim went into the guest room while Max and I headed for our room. Once there we stripped off and sat on the edge of the bed.

"So...who goes first?" I asked.

"Spin for it," suggested Max. "Heads you first, tails me first."

Max took a coin from a little pot on the side where we tended to throw any loose change we had in our pockets at the end of the day. He spun it. It came down tails.

"Have fun Max...and go for it, OK?"

He looked at me. "OK."

Max was gone for nearly an hour, and when he came back he was flushed and his hair was all over the place. I thought he had a slightly uncomfortable look on his face.

"My God, that boy has some energy. Your turn," was all he said. I went to speak, but he put his finger on my lips. "I'll tell you about it in the morning - not now. Just go."

I went down the hall to the guest room, entered, and shut the door behind me. There was a little light from the lamp on the bedside table, and Tim was laying on his side on the sheet. The rest of the bedding was on the floor.

As I walked over towards him, I saw his cock start to rise. I slipped off my robe, displaying my own hardness and lay down beside him. He put his lips on mine and then rolled on top of me.

"I've been so looking forward to this," he whispered in my ear.

I clasped my arms around him and we kissed long and deep. I ran my fingers down his back and into his crack and found his hole. I wondered if by any chance it was going to be sticky with Max's cum. It wasn't.

"'First things first," Tim said, "I want to do what we did in the toilet in the Hague." He slid down my body, his tongue leaving a line of wet saliva all down my chest and stomach before he took my raging erection in his mouth. He worked me slowly and thoroughly. His tongue ran up and down my shaft. He sucked on my balls and then he enveloped the head of my cock in his warm, wet mouth.

I shuddered with pleasure as his lips brought my climax ever closer. When I came it was with some force. He swallowed my first shot, then pulled off so that the next three covered his body. With one finger he carefully wiped every trace of my seed into his mouth, then licked his finger before putting it in my mouth.

"It's not your finger I want in there," I said.

He rolled over and I took his long, curved cock in my hand. I eased back the foreskin and rubbed a thumb over the engorged purple head. I licked it then ran my teeth down the shaft before sucking first one, and then the other, of his balls into my mouth. They were big and pendulous - and I reckoned I could see how and why Tim could come so many times. I took the length of his cock into my mouth as far as I could, and slid my lips vigorously up and down. He moaned, and a few minutes later I felt his balls tighten up and then he was coming. I swallowed it all.

He groaned. "Oh man, you are so damn good at that, but I want you to fuck me again, Chris. And fuck me hard."

I needed no second invitation. I turned him over and oiled his hole, before ramming my cock into it. I was amazed that Tim just seemed to be able to take it without a murmur. Almost. He gasped as I bottomed out in him and then I was fucking him like crazy. He grabbed a pillow to muffle his moans of pleasure as I thrust in and out. I pulled out and dragged him to the edge of the bed. I pushed his legs over his shoulders and drove back into him. I took hold of his cock and masturbated him as I fucked him. I came with an almighty groan, my cum shooting deep into his guts and I felt his own cock start to buck in my hand as his climax followed.

I wiped most of the sticky mess over his chest before licking the remainder off my fingers and lay back down beside him.

"'Oh man....I love being fucked by you, Chris. I so wish you could be mine. Come here."

Tim pulled me on top of him and kissed me. I felt his hand slide between my cheeks and then a finger was playing with my hole. He slipped it inside.

"God I'd love to fuck you too. I don't suppose....?"

I could feel that his cock was once again rigid. I lifted my groin up and pushed his erection back between my legs. I could feel it lying flat and hard in my crack, the tip against my entrance. I was going to tell him that that was as far as he could go. And then his words registered.

"When you said 'too', does that mean you fucked Max?"

"Yes...he said you'd told him to go for that OK?"

And I realised that that was wasn't what I had meant when I said 'Go for it'…but...what the hell. Tim was sexy and if Max was OK with it…who was I to judge. And I knew that Max would feel guilty – in fact I realised that he already probably was. Guess that accounted for the look on his face and why he had said he'd 'tell me about it in the morning'. But maybe there was something I could do about that.

"Umm...yes it's fine...and yes, you can fuck me."

"My god...can I?...can I really?"

By way of answer, I sat up and reached behind me, guiding Tim against my hole.. I held him and then pushed back on him. I felt the head disappear inside me.

"Oh my God, Chris…really? We can…go all the way?"

I sat up and let my weight do the rest, his cock sliding deeper and deeper inside me. I don't know if it was the curve in his cock, or just that he was longer than either of the boys I had had inside me so far, but It felt very, very good. I started to bounce up and down on his cock.

"Oh man...this feels even better than being in Max. It feels so good...but could I…that is, I'd really like to be the one on top as we do this…is that OK?"

I nodded and pulled myself up off him, his cock popping out of me. I lay on my back and pulled my legs up to my shoulders. He entered me in one long slow movement. And then he started thrusting in and out of me - hard and fast like I'd done to him. It felt bloody amazing and it was my turn to put a pillow in my mouth to stop myself from crying out in pleasure. My whole body seemed to be fizzing and then he pulled out, knelt with his legs either side of my face, and came all over me. And then he licked his cum off my face. The sensation of his tongue working its way over my eyes and nose and lips drove me crazy. I opened my mouth and sucked his tongue inside, sharing the taste of his cum. I was so hard. Tim put a hand between my legs, took a firm hold of me, and masturbated me to an explosive ejaculation that sent my cum flying everywhere as his hand continued to jerk me.

"Oh fuck, Tim. Oh man...that was amazing."

He bent down and kissed me - and then he licked every drop of my cum off my body.

We both lay back on the bed, totally spent.

"Oh Chris...I dreamed that the first guy to fuck me and the first guy I fucked would be you. I guess we got pretty close…" He smiled at me.

"You are amazing in bed, Tim. You are going to make someone very, very happy indeed."

"You make me happy."

I propped myself up and looked into his eyes. "Good. I'm pleased - and I'll remember the feel of you inside me for a long time. But you know that I love Max."

He sighed. "Yes...I know. And thank you for....for sharing yourself with me like that. I will never forget it."

I kissed him. "Sleep well...see you in the morning."

' too.'

I headed back to my bedroom. Max was sound asleep and I slipped in beside him. He was warm and I snuggled up close to him. I kissed him softly on the neck and whispered in his ear, "Tonight was fun Max...but it's you I love."

I woke up at around 8. Max was still asleep beside me. I needed coffee, so I went down and made three mugs. I took two of them into my room and put them down on the bedside cabinet before taking the third one to Tim.

As I went into the guest room, he rolled over in bed towards me.

"Hi sexy...what a lovely thing to see coming towards you first thing in the morning. Mmm...and I smell coffee too."

He sat up and pulled back the covers. "Hop in."

I shook my head. "Thanks, Tim, but my coffee is next door - and we were quite naughty enough – too naughty really - last night. But when you're ready, you're welcome to come and join us."

He pouted in slight disappointment. "And I was all ready for you, too." He pulled back the covers to reveal his hard, curved erection.

I took hold of it and gave it a brief tug. "I'm sure we can deal with that later." I kissed him on the forehead and headed out of the door.

"OK...I'll be there in a few."

I went back to my room and held the coffee close to Max's nose. He opened one eye lazily.

"Thank you. Did last night really happen?"

"If you mean did we both get unexpectedly fucked by a very cute red-head with a long curved cock, I think the answer is yes."

"I'm sorry Chris. I didn't mean to let him fuck me. It was the beer and the temptation and I just lost control of...hold on, did you say 'both of us'?"

I nodded. "When Tim said he'd fucked you, I thought the best way to stop either of us feeling awkward was to let him fuck me too. After I'd fucked him, of course."

"Of course."

"He was rather good, wasn't he?"

Max almost spluttered coffee everywhere. "Yes...yes he was. So it's OK?"

"Yes, Max, it's OK. But it was a one-off….and a mistake."


We'd just about finished our coffee when Tim came in. He'd obviously had a quick shower and had a towel wrapped around his waist, and his hair was a bit of a red haystack. I shuffled over to make room, and Tim dropped the towel and hopped in beside me. He smelled nice. And he was hard - of course.

"Morning...hope you two are still as horny as me."

"No-one is as horny as you, Tim...but I'm sure we'll find a way to help you out," said Max with a smile.

"I just bet that you will...and, ummm....can I just say thank you to both of you for letting me…do everything that we did last night. I know it was a really big deal for thanks."

"It was...quite literally...our pleasure, Tim. But it was also a one-off....we hope you're OK with that."

"Just makes it all the more special. But, I, however," he added, with a grin, "would very much like to be fucked and sucked again - if you have the energy?"

"Chris...he's suggesting that we might not be up to it. I think we need to prove him wrong."

"Big time, Max, big time."

So we did.

I was amazed that Tim wasn't really sore – but he didn't seem to be. Max filled Tim's mouth with his cock while I fucked him. We filled him with our seed from both ends at the same time. And then we changed around. Max took Tim in his mouth, while Tim wrapped his lips round my cock – rapidly bringing it back to its fully-erect state. I loved watching Max suck Tim while Tim was doing very good things indeed to me. I came first, Tim swallowing every last drop, and then I watched as he shot his load all over Max's face. He finished by engulfing Max's erection with his mouth and doing to him exactly what he'd done to me – including swallowing Max's seed as he came. He rolled off Max with a big sigh and just lay back on the bed between us.

"I think we've proved that we were up to it Tim, what do you think?"

"I think it's been the best twenty-four hours of my life."

"Good. Now I think we all need a shower."

For once we showered without getting hard all over again. I don't know about the others, but my balls were empty and my cock was a little sore from all the activities over the past day. We dressed and had breakfast and then wished Tim a fond farewell as he set off on the final leg of his journey to his grandmother. We all hugged each other close, and promised to stay in touch. Tim invited me up to York any time once I'd settled in at Oxford.

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