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Max and Me

by c m

Chapter 6

The remaining three days until it was time for me to accompany Max back to Germany seemed to pass in a flash. Max and I saw James the following day and told him all about Tim. I think he wished he could have joined us. I promised him that I would write to him from Germany and that we would get together once I was back and before we headed our separate ways to Uni.

My mother drove us to the airport and dropped us off at the departures area. We waved her goodbye and made our way through to check in. Max and I each had one bag to go in the hold and a piece of hand luggage which the desk clerk duly weighed and then labelled. We chose seats together near the middle of the plane and were given our boarding passes. The Lufthansa flight was showing as on time, and after we'd passed through passport control we headed for the duty-free shop. I asked Max what his father and mother liked, and he said they both enjoyed gin and tonic. I bought a bottle of Gordon's while Max went off to find some perfume for his mother.

We had about forty minutes to kill before the flight was due to be called, so we went and had a coffee and a sandwich. A good-looking young waiter gave us the eye, and asked us where we were headed. He had a lovely smile and wished us both well, and then the departure of our flight was announced and we made our way through what seemed miles of corridors to the departure gate.

The flight was uneventful and we landed at Frankfurt on time. As we emerged from the customs hall, Max's parents were both there to meet us.

"My god, Max...look at you both. Your tans! You must have spent a lot of time in the sun."

"The weather was lovely...and we spent a lot of time without any clothes on."

"Max!" I exclaimed.

"It's parents like to sunbathe nude too if they can."

"It's true Chris...perhaps that is more common here in Germany than In England. But you both look very well. And welcome back to Germany."

"Thank you. It's lovely to be back here."

The weather was every bit as good in Germany as it had been in England. We got back to Max's house and unloaded our stuff.

"I think maybe it is time for a swim in the pool. What do you think, Chris?"

"Wonderful idea. I feel in need of cooling down."

We stripped off and pulled on a pair of swimming trunks and grabbed a towel each. Max took me out to the pool in the garden which looked wonderfully inviting. It was a good sized pool, about twenty metres in length with a small diving board at one end. It was tiled in a mosaic of blue and white squares and had a small circular pool attached at one end.

"That's a jacuzzi pool. I'll show you later," said Max.

We dived in. The water was beautifully refreshing, and we splashed about, wrestling with each other and each trying to force the other's head under water. It was an even tussle between us and we ended up with our arms wrapped around each other and our bodies pressed tightly together as we struggled to win an advantage. Then Max kissed me, and our struggle turned into a sexually-charged hug that ended with our hands inside each other shorts, fondling and stroking the erections we found there.

"I love you so much, Chris. I hope you will have a wonderful time here."

"'I already am, Max. But cumming in the pool probably isn't such a good idea...why don't we wait 'til later to finish this?"

"OK...race you over four lengths?"

"I don't think it will be much of a race, but sure, why not."

I was right. Max was a much faster swimmer than me and he won by a clear half a length. As I stood up after touching the end, he was already leaning against the end of the pool, water dripping off his curls with flashes of sunlight sparkling off them. I had never seen him looking sexier.

"Ummm...I know I said we should keep it for later...but could I change my mind? I want you right now."

Max's face cracked in a huge smile. "Good...I want you too. Come on."

We got out of the pool and he grabbed my hand. He ran, with me in tow, down the garden and behind a hedge that separated the top of the garden from another area that I hadn't realised was there. It was completely secluded.

"This is where we sunbathe nude. Come on."

Max tugged off his trunks, displaying his fully-erect cock and I did likewise. We held each other, cocks rubbing together and then he was kneeling in front of me, my cock in his mouth, as he sucked me off. It didn't take very long for me to feel my balls draw up, and then I was cumming. Max pulled off just as I did so, and I watched a ribbon of my cum shoot out across the grass.

" you are part of Germany. You have planted your seed in our soil." Max grinned.

"I think yours should join it," I said, as I knelt down in turn and took Max in my mouth. In less than two minutes, his semen was jetting out to join mine on the ground. We held our naked bodies against one another then just lay down in the sun, holding hands, and soaking up the sun's warmth.

"So what's the plan, Max?"

"I thought that we would have a few days here at home; I'd like you to meet Sigi - and I know that he can't wait to meet you - and some of my other friends who all want to meet you too. Then, if you'd like, we could go and have a week walking in the Black Forest. It is a beautiful part of Germany and we can stay in Youth Hostels. I would also like to take you to meet my grandmother. She lives in Koln which is a bit of a trip and then back here for a bit. If it is alright with you, I would just like to have some time relaxing with you before we have to be apart for a bit."

"'That sounds wonderful, Max. Thank you." I rolled over and kissed him. For a long time. Eventually we made our way back to the house, towels tied loosely round our waists.

Dinner that night was Wiener Schnitzel - a veal escalope in breadcrumbs - which was delicious. I had never had it before but I decided that I would definitely like to have it again. Max's father also opened a bottle of Mosel white wine. It was light and fruity and different from the French wine that I was more used to, but very nice.

After dinner, Max called Sigi and arranged for him to come around the following day 'Bring some swimming trunks - unless you want to skinny dip.' Max talked to Sigi for some time, and there was a lot of laughing, but the German was so fast that I didn't really understand much of it.

"OK. Sigi will be here tomorrow about midday. I believe that he will not bring swimwear because he wants us all to skinny dip...he is very keen to see you naked."

"Suits me." I smiled.

"Sigi is very...outright? Is that the word? He says what he thinks and says what he wants."


"Ah, OK. He is very forthright. And he will probably ask to have sex with you. Just so you know. You know that he and I have masturbated together often and had oral sex, yes?"

"Yes, you told me. Let's see how he and I get on. I'm happy to do whatever you're comfortable with, Max."

"OK. You will like him. I'm sure of it."

That night we made love gently and slowly. Max just wanted me in him and I was happy to oblige. I fell asleep with Max's arm across my chest and his hair flopped over my shoulder. It had been a wonderful welcome to Germany.

Breakfast the next day consisted of excellent coffee and a selection of rolls and bread with jam and some cheese. I was very hungry and wolfed it all down. Afterwards, Max took me on a bike ride round some of the local area so that I could get a sense of my surroundings, but we were back well before midday.

At midday, the bell rang and Max opened the front door to reveal Sigi.

He was cute. Very cute. The first thing I noticed were his eyes. They were baby-blue. The second thing was his hair which was cut short and was silver blond, which contrasted with his eyebrows which were much darker. He looked much younger than his eighteen years, and he had an impish grin on his face. His eyes widened as he caught sight of me.

"" He stared at me. "Max...I know I've seen a photo and I know you told me...but... how does an ugly boy like you end up with someone this beautiful?"

I burst out laughing.

"So...this is your English lion...and I can see why you call him that. My god."

He turned to me. "I am so sorry, Chris. Where are my manners? are…how do you say…very hot?" He gave me a huge smile. "When we can we go to bed together?"

Max laughed. "See?...I told you. Less than one minute from meeting you he wants to have sex with you."

"Ach...ignore him, Chris. I love beautiful things, and especially beautiful boys - and are very beautiful."

His words took me back to Steve. I smiled inwardly. "And you, Sigi, are cute as hell. Max didn't tell me he had such a sexy friend."

"Why thank you, Chris." He came over and gave me a hug. Our eyes met, and I thought that we were going to be good friends.

"'s a lovely we go swimming?" asked Sigi.

"'Sure. You have swimwear?"

Sigi put his hand to his mouth in mock shock. "Oh my! I completely forgot! What on earth will I do?"

I was laughing. Max obviously knew Sigi inside out.

"Guess you'll just have to skinny dip, Sigi. But Chris and I will be wearing shorts."

Sigi said something in German which I didn't understand but which from the tone and Max's reaction must have been something like 'You must be bloody joking.'

Max picked up three towels and we all went out to the pool. There was a little changing hut which also had the pump and heater for the pool in it, and we went inside to strip off.

I decided that if Sigi could be direct than so could I.

"So, you want to see me naked, yes? Well I want to see you naked too, so don't be shy or pretend not to have a good look."

I stripped off facing him. Once naked, I turned round 360 degrees. "There. What do you think?"

"Scheisse! My god, Chris, you have a body to match your looks. And such a tan. Gold all over. Magnificent. Nice Schwanz too - and I see Max has got you shaved like him as well."

He then proceeded to do the same thing. He also had a very good body, nicely toned. His cock was long and slim and uncircumcised and he had a nice pair of balls that hung down underneath it. He had a tan line where his shorts had been. His pubic hair looked like it had been trimmed as it was short, but not shaved.

"Very nice, too, Sigi." I felt wicked and decided to see if I could shock him. "And how big does that thing get when you're hard?"

He just raised an eyebrow fractionally. "Why don't you touch it and find out?"

I looked at Max who was grinning from ear to ear. I got the message. I stepped towards Sigi and closed my left hand around his balls and my right around his cock. I stroked the length of it. It was soft and smooth but soon started to stiffen and rise at my touch. And grow. And grow. Fully hard, it must have been close to eight inches, but slim, with the dark skin fully-covering the tip even when erect. It was beautiful and I wanted to keep stroking it. My own cock had also become stiff and I felt Sigi take hold of it.

"This is just as Max described it. I like it very much."

"Come on you two," said Max, "time for all that later. Let's go and swim."

The three of us horsed around in the pool, finding any excuse to grab one another's cocks and balls. We were all stiff as flagpoles and getting hornier and hornier. In the end Sigi said,

"I don't care which one of you does it, but someone has to make me cum. I can't wait any longer." He climbed out of the pool and lay on the stone surround, his cock jutting up in the air.

"Go and finish him, Chris. I'd like to watch."

I climbed out and went and sat on Sigi's legs. I put my cock against his and rubbed them together.

"Oh yes, Chris. That feels very good."

I continued to mush our cocks together for a minute or two, then took hold of Sigi firmly in my hand and pulled back his foreskin. The head was dark red and shiny as I moved the skin back and forward over the tip. Sigi started to moan and then he tensed up as his first jet of cum shot clean over his head, followed by several more that left drops on his face, his chest and his stomach.

"Bloody hell, Sigi. How long had you been saving that one up?"

"First time in a week," grinned Sigi. "Now, may I make you cum too?"

I lay back and to my surprise, Sigi took me in his mouth.

"I want to taste Max's English lion. He says you are very nice."

Sigi was undoubtedly a talented sucker. He took his time and made me feel amazing. My cock, my balls and the little ridge of skin behind them all got a good tongue washing before he finally made me cum. He swallowed every bit of it, then squeezed the last few drops out with his hand before licking those up too.

" were right. He is very delicious." He turned back to me, " Chris, now we are proper friends." He smiled, then leaned forward and kissed me. I kissed him back. He was a good kisser too.

We went back inside, still naked, and went up to Max's room where we sat on the floor.

"So, Max, tell me all about what you and Chris did together in England. And I mean everything," he added with that wicked little smile returning to his face.

So Max told him. Everything. In detail.

About our holiday, about my house, about my parents, about our lovemaking, about James and about Matt and about Tim – but omitting the part where we had both let him fuck us. I was grateful for that; I had no desire to let Sigi think the same thing could happen with him. As he told Sigi the details of our sex life, I could see Sigi getting hard again.

"You had a lot of sex, yes?"

"Yes," said Max, "a lot. Chris and I like having sex."

"And not just with each other...that is good. I want to have sex with you both too. Like James and like Matt and like Tim. That will be OK?"

"Sigi Baumgarten, you are the horniest boy I know…actually, make that the second horniest," Max said, looking at me.

"And Max...I thought you were a bottom boy...but you fuck Chris?"

"Yes....Chris makes me feel...different...and special."

"But I don't?"

"It's not like that Sigi.'ve been my best friend for years. But you have a girlfriend. We mess about but...."

"It's OK. I was joking with you," he smiled at Max, "but you know I am bisexual, and I would like to know what it is like to be fucked. And to fuck a man as well as a woman." A wicked grin crept across his face. "And I would certainly like to watch Chris fuck you, Max, if that was OK. And see you fuck Chris too. Like you let James do."

He looked at me and saw my expression.

"I'm sorry Chris. This is very outspoken of me. I am sorry. I think Max warned you I tend to say what I am feeling."

"It's OK, Sigi. It's good that you say what you want. No games - I like that. But maybe you don't always get what you want."

"Of course. All the time I don't get what I want. But no-one can say that they didn't know." He turned the full force of his smile on me. I had to smile back. I liked Sigi.

"Looks like that cock of yours needs some attention again, Sigi."

"Ah yes, always. But Max here is one cum behind us already. Maybe we both suck him?"

"Who am I to stop my two best friends from having their wicked way with me?" said Max, trying to sound resigned.

"Oh yeah, really, really don't want us to do this, do you?" I rolled my eyes.

Sigi and I lay either side of Max and went to work on him. Inevitably Sigi's tongue and mine met as we were doing so and we let them flicker over each other. As Sigi went all the way down on Max, I moved down and took a hold of Sigi's balls. They were big and heavy - almost too big for that beautiful slim cock above them - but they felt good in my hand as I rolled them around and squeezed them. I could see that Max was getting close, and I put my hand on Sigi's cock and started stroking it. Then ropes of his white cum were flying everywhere. Max hit his climax as well, and Sigi was spluttering for breath as Max's load flooded his mouth.

As we lay there, all a little breathless, I wondered what other surprises my visit to Germany would have in store.

Sigi headed home with promises to meet up again soon, and Max and I got dressed and made ourselves presentable ahead of eating dinner with Max's parents.

As we lay in bed that night, my head on Max's shoulder, we discussed what Sigi had said earlier.

"I don't mind him watching us fuck each other if he wants, Max – I mean Sigi was right, we let James do that - but I got the impression that he's hoping that he can fuck us… and/or be fucked by one - or both - of us."

"That's Sigi. I'm OK with him watching us have sex too. But I think same rules as for James – no fucking."

"Good. I agree. I like him, Max. Very much. He's cute and sexy and he's your best friend. But you are special to me. And although we let Tim fuck us, I feel very awkward about that if the truth is told. Like it was something I wished I hadn't done. Like it makes me even more determined not to let that happen again."

"I understand Chris. And I love you for it." Max kissed me on the forehead. "But I am...if I am honest...more relaxed about it. It's just sex. We are not hiding it from each other. We are not doing it with just anyone. And what is going to happen when we are apart Chris? We will not see each other for months at a time. We need to agree about what we can and can't do...and maybe Sigi and James need to be part of what we agree."

I thought about that and sighed. "You're right Max. Long distance relationships are...hard. They have a rubbish track-record too. I am sure that we will make it work...but yes, we need to agree some rules."

"We do. But right now I want you inside me again, my Chris." He rolled on top of me and then sat, up straddling my thighs. He reached back and guided my hard cock to his hole, then sat back on me. I slid easily inside and we began our familiar rocking routine. His hands were twisted in the hairs on my chest and my hand was wrapped firmly around his hot, hard cock.

"No-one makes me feel like you do when you're inside me, Chris. I love the feel of it. I could do this for ever."

When he came, it was in thick, heavy ribbons of cum that splashed on my face and my chest. Max licked off what he could from my face, and kissed me – the taste of him still fresh in his mouth.. He pulled himself off me and lay beside me.

"You are just the best, Chris."

"It takes two, Max."

We hugged, enjoying the feel of our bodies against each other. And I slowly felt him start to harden.

"Hmmm, Max, I think I know what must be on your mind… I don't suppose by any chance that you'd like to put that lovely hard cock of yours inside me?"

He smiled. A big cheesy grin. "Funny you should say that…"

Max turned me over and slipped an oiled finger inside me. Then I felt his tongue working its way down my crack. He pulled his finger out of me and started to lick my pucker, forcing his tongue inside. I groaned with pleasure. We didn't rim very often, but when Max did it to me I loved it. The sensations were indescribable and I was soon desperate for him to fill me.

"Please Max...I need your cock in me. Now please, Max."

"Patience, my lion, patience."

I lifted my hips off the bed and Max put a hand between my thighs and took hold of my rigid cock as he continued to lick and tongue me. My whole body was buzzing.

"Maxxx...please...if you don't enter me now I'm going to cum...please, Max..."

I felt him sit up and then his cock was pressing against me. My hole was wet and gaping from his attentions, and Max entered me in a single thrust that drove the air from my body in one huge groan. He knelt behind me, thrusting in and out. Then he bent forward, kissing my back and wrapping his arms around me as he drove as deep as he could into me. His hand moved down onto my cock and that was it. I came as he took hold of me, and seconds later I felt his cock kick inside me as he splattered his load all over the inside of my guts.

We collapsed on the bed, his weight full on my back, his cock still inside me. I felt his lips on my neck as he kissed me.

"I love you so much. I can't bear the thought of us being apart after this holiday."

"'I know, Max, I know. Me either. But we'll find a way."

Max rolled off me and I turned over, pulling him back on top of me. We lay, cock to cock, chest to chest, lips to lips. I just wanted to hold him.

The next day dawned fine and bright. We decided to take things easy and went down to the secluded part of the garden where we stripped off and lay, naked, sunbathing. When we got too hot we headed to the pool and skinny dipped, then returned to our hideaway and let the sun dry us and warm us. We talked about nothing very much - until Max mentioned Sigi.

"Who's his girlfriend, Max? Does she know he's bi?"

"Anna is nice. She Sigi. She likes Sigi and she like sex. They've been fucking for more than a year. I don't know if she knows about Sigi and boys. I don't suppose that Sigi would hide it if she asked. We can ask him."

"Have you ever wanted to fuck a girl - to see what it's like?"

"No Chris. I have always known I am gay. Girls do nothing for me in that way. I like their company, but I couldn't even get hard never mind anything else. What about you?"

"I thought I wanted to fuck a girl before I met Mark. Maybe it was denial, but I think it was just what boys did. But I knew that I got more excited by boys than girls even before I admitted that I was gay. I never actually had sex with a girl though. And now I have no desire to do so. I like my partner to have one of these between their legs."

I reached over and took hold of Max's cock. He put his arms behind his head and sighed happily. I masturbated him gently, fondling his balls as I did so.

"Mmm…Chris. There are times when a skilled hand is the best thing in the world...and you have very skilled hands."

I love the feel of a hard cock in my hands, and I enjoyed taking my time bringing Max to a climax. When he did so, his cum shot in streaks over his chest. We headed for the pool and we were splashing about noisily when Sigi appeared from round the side of the house.

"Hi guys. May I join you?"

"Come on in."

Sigi stripped off unselfconsciously and dived in, coming up for air right beside me. He put his arms round my neck and kissed me, his body pressed against mine.

"Good afternoon, Chris."

"Good afternoon Sigi. Do you always kiss other boys hello?"

"Only the very, very sexy ones...and the ones who I know will not mind." He smiled at me, his teeth white and his eyes fixed on mine.

"Perhaps I do mind?"

"Then I humbly apologise."

"No apology necessary. You're right. I don't mind. In fact I like it very much."


Sigi gave me a hug and I could feel his cock hard against my thigh.

"And you are clearly very pleased to see me."

"Oh yes. Very." He grinned at me.

"I think you need to cool down." And with that I ducked his head under water. He came up spluttering and tried to grab me to do the same thing in return, but I was expecting it and pushed him under again as he lunged for me.

Max was laughing his head off. This time, when he came back up, Sigi just held his hands up.

"OK, enough...I surrender." He heaved himself out of the pool and sat on the surround, water coursing off his body in shiny silver rivulets. He shook his head and more water flew off him like a dog shaking itself. His cock was stiffly erect and he looked sexy as hell sitting there, running his fingers through his hair.

I went over to the edge of the pool and put my body between his legs which were still trailing in the water.

"Nice view from here," I said, looking up into his eyes.

"Nice view from here too, Chris." He ran a hand over my head.

"When you two have stopped chatting each other up, let me know," said Max.

Sigi slowly ran a hand down his erection. I realised that I wanted him. Outspoken seemed to be the name of the game.

"So Sigi...fancy being sucked?"

I saw Sigi look across at Max, who was smiling.

"My, my. Our English lion is suddenly very brave. I like that. Is this OK with you Max?"

Max nodded.

"And do I get to suck you in return, Chris?"

"Maybe," I said mischievously

"I don't suppose we could fuck each other instead. I would like that."

I shook my head. "Sorry Sig. It's not that I don't fancy you. It's just that there can't be three in Max's and my relationship - not in a fully sexual way."

"Why not? My girlfriend and I agree that we can fuck who we like. We have relationship. You and Max could be the same."

"We could...but we aren't, Sigi. I'm sorry."


"Sigi...what Chris says goes for both of us."

"That's a shame. We could have had a lot of fun."

"I really like you Sigi. Maybe things will change – but I don't think so. It's Max and me, not Max and me and anyone else we fancy. Now, do you still want that blow job?"

Sigi smiled. "Of course. But you can't blame me for trying."

I took hold of Sigi's cock and gently pulled the foreskin back.

"Pull it back hard, Chris. Really hard. All the way."

I did, making a circle with my thumb and forefinger of my left hand and putting it around the base of Sigi's cock, holding the foreskin tightly back. I let a string of saliva fall from my mouth onto the dark red head of his cock and then took it in my mouth, my lips sliding all the way down his hot hard shaft until I felt it hit the back of my mouth. I looked up at him. He had his eyes closed and a smile of sheer pleasure on his face. I felt him put his hands on my head, his fingers curling through my hair. I went to work on him.

I noticed that Max was stroking himself as he watched.

It didn't take long. With a low snarl Sigi was suddenly cumming. I pulled off in time to see the seed erupting out of his cock.

"Oh my God, so good, Chris. Thank you." He leant down and kissed me. "Now, my turn to do the same for you."

I hoiked myself out of the pool, just avoiding scraping my now rigid cock on the concrete side. I stood in front of Sigi who got up on his knees and took hold of my erection.

"So beautiful."

He took me in his mouth. All the way. The tip seemed to go almost into his throat. It felt amazing. He worked me slowly but applying real pressure on my shaft as he went up and down. Max came over and kissed me while Sigi worked his magic on my cock. I saw Sigi wrap his hand round Max's cock and start to masturbate him in time with his movement up and down on me. I could feel myself building.

"I'm going to cum, Sig."

He just kept going and I was suddenly blasting my load down his throat. I was aware of a sticky wetness on my leg as Max came too – and then it was all over.

"Thanks, Sigi…that was great."

He smiled up at me. "Good. I am pleased you enjoyed it. I did very much too. Now are you sure we cannot fuck?"

I laughed. "Ten out of ten for persistence, Sigi, but 'no', we can't."

Sigi shrugged. "But I can watch you two fuck, yes?"

Max and I both burst out laughing.

"OK, OK, Sigi, yes, you can watch us."


"Geez, Sigi, you are like a dog with a bone. You up for it, Chris?"

"I'm always up for sex with you, Max," I grinned.

We headed up to Max's bedroom, and Max and I knelt on the bed, facing each other. Sigi went and sat in the armchair in the corner of the room. Max and I put our arms round each other's necks and kissed - slowly at first ,and then increasingly passionately as our bodies moved against each other, our cocks rubbing together. I could see Sigi masturbating as he watched us. I lay back and pulled Max on top of me. He started to kiss me all over, from my neck all the way down to my feet. Then he turned round so that his face was in my groin and his crack just above my face. I pulled a pillow under my head and licked his pucker with my tongue. Max moaned. I rimmed him as he sucked me.

Max turned himself round and put his moist, pink hole on top of my cock. He bent forward and kissed me as he slowly impaled himself on my erection. He sighed as my length entered him, deeper and deeper, until his bottom was resting on my thighs. He put his hands on my chest and started to ride me. Sigi's eyes were glued to the sight of my shaft thrusting in and out of Max. I took hold of Max's cock and started to masturbate him as he rode me. I could see Sigi's cock leaking precum and then he was spurting jet after jet of cum into the air as he came.

"Oh fuck...this is the hottest thing I've ever seen."

By now Max was moaning as he bounced faster and faster up and down on my thighs, my cock hitting his sweet spot with every thrust. I felt my balls tighten and then I was cumming deep inside him. He responded by leaning back and letting fly with his own climax, his juice splashing all over my face and chest.

"God I love being fucked by you, Chris. I keep thinking it can't get any better, but it just does."

As Max rolled off me, I realised how sweaty and sticky I was.

"I need a shower. You boys going to join me?"

So all three of us headed for the bathroom. Once there, we all soaped each other up – getting hard again in the process, and then rinsed off. I was facing Max, with Sigi behind me, when I felt him run his tongue down my back and into my crack - and then as he knelt down, I felt Sigi put his tongue tentatively on my hole and lick it. Then he was licking harder and gradually forcing his tongue inside me. It felt very, very good. He reached between my legs with his hand and took hold of my cock, as his tongue flickered in and out of me. He took hold of my balls with his other hand and started to squeeze them - hard. Then he squeezed even harder. Then he was really hurting me. I cried out and pulled away. I had sudden memories of Max doing something similar to me in the Hague. I wondered if it was Sigi who had inflicted pain on Max and had told him it was pleasure.

"What the fuck are you doing, Sigi? They're my balls not bloody walnuts for you to crack."

It was if I had slapped him. "I'm so sorry, Chris. I got carried away."

I stood up and cradled my balls. I had lost my erection. Max was talking to Sigi in rapid German that I couldn't follow. I walked back through into the bedroom and put on my shorts. My balls hurt with that dull ache that seems to go right through you. I felt a hand on my shoulder. It was Max.

"Sigi is very upset. He feels terrible and begs you to forgive him. He didn't mean to hurt you, Chris. he likes you very much and would never do anything bad to you."

I turned round to face Max. "Do you remember when you did something like that to me in the Hague? You told me that it was pleasurable. It was Sigi who did that to you wasn't it? Does he still inflict pain on you when you have sex with him?"

"Sigi likes to play rough sometimes. I got used to it. He wanted to see if you liked it too. He knows that he should have asked you first but, like he said, he got carried away. He's never rimmed anyone before and he loved it - especially because it was you he was doing it to. I'm so sorry Chris - and so is he."

"Where is he?" I asked.

"He's still in the shower. He's afraid you hate him."

"Of course I don't hate him." I went back into the shower where Sigi was sitting on the floor holding his head in his hands. I put my hands under his elbows and lifted him up. He wouldn't look at me.

"Sigi? Look at me."

His eyes slowly came up to meet mine. I put my arms round him and held him to me.

"It's OK. Just don't do that to me again - ever. Or to Max."

"I'm sorry," he whispered, "I didn't think. Forgive me?"

"You're forgiven." I kissed him. "Come on." I took his hand and we walked back into the bedroom. Max smiled when he saw that everything was OK between us.

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