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Max and Me

by c m

Chapter 14

At Oxford, I was soon back in the swing of things both academic and sporting. The hockey season was, if anything, even busier. Dan found himself a boyfriend - which made me happy for him - and I was still full of good intentions so I was enjoying a celibate lifestyle. I tried to write to Max once a week – and my weeks were always brightened on the days that a letter with a Frankfurt postmark appeared in my pigeon-hole.

I had also written to James inviting him down for a weekend in the middle of term. He 'd accepted – and his visit was now less than a week away.

Then two things happened. First Dan's relationship broke up. He told me on the way back from a game as we were sitting next to each other.

"I don't know what's wrong with me, Chris. I always seem to mess these things up – or make bad choices. Turned out Joe was screwing another boy as well as me. And he seemed so nice. I feel so used."

He was upset and I invited him back for a drink. He cuddled up close to me on the sofa and I put an arm round him.

"Why do you have to have a boyfriend, Chris? You are properly a nice guy. And if I can't have you, then why can't I find someone like you?"

"There is someone out there for you Dan. You are a properly nice guy too. You'll find him"

"Thanks, Chris."

And he kissed me. And then he kissed me again. And then I kissed him back. And then he put his hand between my legs and looked up at me. My head was screaming 'no' but my body wasn't listening. Dan unzipped me, pulled out my cock and took me in his mouth. I'd been masturbating from time to time - usually when I had a letter from Max who regularly explained, in some detail, what he would like to be doing with me - but I hadn't done so for a couple of days and when I came I nearly drowned the poor boy. He had cum dripping down his chin as he wiped it off with the back of his hand.

"Here, let me return the favour."

"You don't have to Chris – and I'm sorry. I should have asked."

"If I'd wanted you to stop I could have said 'no,' Dan, so don't beat yourself up. And I'd like to suck you – if you'd like me to."

"You don't have to ask. You know the answer to that – but…could we do it on the bed – naked? I love being able to touch your body, it's so beautiful."

"Come on then."

We went into my bedroom and stripped. Dan's cock was already stiffly erect as he lay down on the bed beside me. "Could we 69 please Chris?"

I put my knees either side of his head and leant forward to take the head of his cock in my mouth. I felt one of his hands take hold of my balls and the other work its way into my crack, where he worked a finger inside me.

I could taste his precum in my mouth as I ran my lips down the shaft of his cock and back up again. I felt the hand that had been holding my balls take a hold of my erection and start to move the foreskin back and forwards. I put my own hand on Dan's balls and rolled them gently in my palm before squeezing them. I heard Dan hiss, and then he was pulling the shaft of my cock down into his mouth.

For several minutes there was nothing but the sound of slurping and sucking as we gradually worked each other to a climax. I felt Dan's balls pull up, and then his cock kicked. I took my mouth off him and his cum spurted all over my face and then I was cumming too. Dan just tightened his lips around me and drank me down as I pumped my seed into him for a second time.

Then we both came up for air. I turned around to lie beside him on the bed.

"God I love doing this with you Chris. I love oral – and you are just the best."

"I love sucking you too, Dan." I ran my fingers over his perfectly smooth body. "You know, you have wonderful skin. Silky and smooth."

"My Asian heritage Chris."

He put his hand between my legs and took hold of my thick but gently softening cock. He played idly with the foreskin, pulling it backwards and forwards over the head. I started to get hard again. "Love this," he said, "I mean, I'm perfectly happy being circumcised, but I sometimes I wish I knew what it felt like to still have this bit of skin."

I laughed. "If there was a way to let you try it out for a few days, I'd lend it to you. And I'd enjoy trying out yours too – I'd love to know how being circumcised might feel different."

Now Dan was laughing. " 'Swap Cocks'…wouldn't that be a great business if it were possible?"

"For sure."

Meanwhile I had taken hold of Dan's cock again , stroking the shaft with just the tips of my fingers.

"That feels so nice, Chris."

"Let me finish you off."

I speeded up and felt him arching his back as he got close. I saw a little ripple run across his stomach muscles and then, with a gasp, he was cumming, his seed shooting in four white arcs across his chest.

"Oh so good, Chris. It's always fun with you." He turned and looked at me, "and not just the sex bit."

"And you, Dan, you are lovely. Don't let other people use you. You deserve better than that." I gave him a kiss and then we got dressed.

"See you Saturday, Chris."

"Home game isn't it?"


Then I remembered. James was coming.

"I've got a friend staying this weekend. I'll introduce you – you'll like him. I expect he'll come and watch the game."

"OK, Chris. Look forward to it."

The second thing that happened was that a letter from Max arrived.

My dearest Chris

You know that I told you in a previous letter that I had joined the disco dance club. Well, I have met a very nice boy there who is also gay.

My heart lurched.

Don't worry (I know you) – I am not in love with him; you are the only one I love. You are the only one I will ever love.

His name is Johannes and we have come to like each other very much and we have got to know each other well. I think perhaps he is like Dan is to you. I have told him all about you and shown him your picture. He thinks that you are extremely handsome and he very much wants to meet you when you come over at Easter. I think you will like him very much.

We have no secrets, Chris, and I will always be honest with you. Johannes and I are now more than just friends. We enjoy playing with each other from time to time and sometimes we suck each other – but no more than this.

I miss you so much, my Chris, and he makes me happy. I hope this is OK. I can't wait to see you again.

Yours always and forever,

Max xxx

For perhaps a fleeting moment I felt jealous. But it was indeed no different from Dan. And Max had been honest with me as I had been with him. And I trusted Max as he trusted me. And I wanted him to be happy. Being upset was stupid. I sat down and wrote him a letter back.

My dearest Max,

Have fun with Johannes. I'm pleased that he makes you happy, and I look forward to meeting him.

I love you more than I can say.

Yours always and forever,

Chris xxx

In truth, I didn't have much time to think about this as James was due to arrive the following day. I was looking forward to seeing him.

He arrived at Oxford Station around six on Friday. I was there to meet him. We embraced. As we walked back, I asked him if he and Steve had met up.

"Oh yes, Chris, we have. He is such a nice guy. We've become...quite close."

I looked at him and raised an eyebrow.

" know you told me that you and he had...done stuff? Umm...I told him that you had told me this and he was a bit embarrassed. So I told him that you and I had done the same. I told him that I was bi. He told me that he was too. You can guess the rest..."

I smiled. "Tell me all, James."

"Perv." He smiled. "Well, he told me that he really liked me – and I told him that I really liked him...and, well, we ended up giving each other a bj. He's got a huge cock, by the way – but then you'd know that."

"Just a bj?"

"Yes. ..well...that first time."

"First time?"

"Chris...we really, REALLY like each other. He asked me if I'd ever had anal sex. I told him I was still a virgin – in 'taking it' terms anyway. He said he was still a virgin too - but would like to explore. He just looked at me with those puppy dog eyes. I wanted him, Chris. I said I wanted to explore too we did. We both lost our cherries to each other. I was grateful I'd been using Max Pink, but it still hurt like hell – and he was in some pain when I did him too. Afterwards we both said we couldn't work out why anyone would want to be fucked. It was funny really. But…after a bit…we both wanted to do it again. And...well...we've slept together a couple of times since. But I'm still not sure I really enjoy being fucked."

"Bloody hell , James. That's some story."

"Yes...surprising really...but I still do it with girls from time to time too."

I took a few seconds to absorb all the information. " how do you feel now about the two of us doing it?"

"Truth, Chris?"

"Truth, James."

"I think sticking my cock in my best friend would definitely be a bit weird – and like I said, I'm not sure I want to be on the receiving end, actually. Not even from you. Do you mind awfully?"

"No James, I don't mind. I'm relieved actually. I think it would be a bit weird too – and Max and I would really rather prefer that neither of us gets fucked by anyone but each other. Although he did specifically say that he would make an exception for you. He loves you as much as I do."

He smiled. "I love him to bits, Chris. But I think this is all for the best."

"Me too, James."

Then he gave me a wicked smile. "But I'd love for us to do other stuff together - if that is still permitted."

"Oh yes, James – that is definitely still permitted."

Twenty minutes later we were in my rooms - which blew James away.

"Wow. All I have is a little bed-sit. This is awesome."

We headed to the bar to get a drink before dinner – and I introduced him to Ian, my mathematician friend. Dinner was as excellent as ever – causing James further surprise. After dinner we went back to my rooms and just sat and talked about all the things friends talk about. I told him about the game the following afternoon, and, as I had suspected, he was happy to come and watch, and I promised to introduce him to Dan.

We were both horny for each other, so we went to bed in good time and enjoyed one another's bodies, sucking and then masturbating each other. The bed was too small for both us to stay there to sleep, so I offered James the bed and said I'd sleep on the sofa, but he wouldn't hear of it.

All in all, it was a very good weekend. James enjoyed the match – even though we only drew - and he liked Dan a lot. We all went out for a takeaway and then got a little drunk together at a local pub before ending up back in Dan's room. I think we got pretty close to having a three-way suckfest but we ended up just having a kiss and a hug together before heading back to my rooms – where James I definitely had some lengthy oral sex.

As we walked back to the station the following afternoon, James invited me up to Durham for a return trip the following term. We agreed to put a date in the diary once we were home at the end of term, and then the train arrived; we hugged and I waved him off - and then I went back and wrote to Max to tell him all about it.

The rest of the term passed pretty uneventfully – and suddenly my visit to Frankfurt was only a week away. In fact, I only spent two days at home before catching my British Airways flight to Germany.

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