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Max and Me

by c m

Chapter 15

As I emerged from the Arrivals Hall, Max was waiting for me - and as usual we rushed into each other's arms. I crushed him to me, burying my face in his neck and inhaling his familiar scent.

"So you've missed me, my lion?"

"Like you wouldn't believe."

"And I have missed you, my Chris. I am so happy to see you."

We spent the next two days either eating, sleeping or having sex. Mostly the last. We simply couldn't keep our hands off each other. On the third day, I asked Max when he was going to introduce me to Johannes.

"I can't wait to meet him, Max."

"OK. I will call him. By the way, you'd think he is very shy, but…well, you will find out."

Max arranged for us to meet in a coffee shop in the town centre; although he was certain that we would get on like a house on fire, just in case we didn't we both thought it would be better to meet somewhere where we could part without embarrassment or awkwardness.

And so it was that around three that afternoon, Max and I found ourselves in a very nice coffee-shop on the Zeil. We had been there about ten minutes when a very (and I mean VERY) good-looking, slim, blond-haired boy of about my height came through the door. He saw Max and waved, then came on over.

"Chris – this is Johannes. He's been looking forward to meeting you."

Johannes held out his hand - which had some of the longest fingers I had ever seen. His handshake was gentle but firm.

"Forgive me, my English is not so good as Max's, but I am very happy to meet you."

"Hello Johannes. I am very happy to meet you too."

As our eyes met, I saw that they were a deep blue, with long lashes. His complexion was all roses and cream, with high cheekbones and a generous mouth that had cracked into a radiant smile when he saw Max. His features were delicate without being at all feminine.

"You are more beautiful than your picture, Chris."

"And you are very beautiful too, Johannes."

He blushed, the colour rising in his cheeks, then he came and sat opposite me, next to Max. Max went to get him a coffee and Johannes and I smiled at each other.

Johannes - despite what he had said – turned out to have really pretty good English, and he launched into a thousand questions. When my replies were too idiomatic – which I tried to avoid – he just looked at Max and Max translated. My German had improved a lot, but it was still fairly basic and I only understood some of what passed between them.

An hour and a half later, we were firm friends. I liked Johannes a lot – and he seemed to like me. We both felt easy with each other in the way that friends do. He was funny and obviously smart - and he'd clearly had a somewhat sheltered upbringing. I could see that he adored Max, as well – which I liked, because although it had never really crossed my mind that this might only be a sexually-based relationship, it was good to see that they were firm friends as well.

"How would you feel about us all meeting up again at my place?" asked Max.

"I would like that very much, Max," replied Johannes, smiling at me.

"Me too, Max."

"Good. Why don't you come for dinner on Friday, Hansi – I'll check with mother – and maybe we have a few beers. Stay over if you'd like."

I saw a smile work its way across Johannes' face. He looked at me and his eyes were sparkling.

"That I would like very much. And Chris…please call me Hansi."

"Thanks, Hansi. And yes, a sleepover sounds great."

We got up to leave and Hansi and I hugged each other tight.

"It's been very good to meet you, Hansi. I can see why Max likes you so much. And I like you very much too."

He blushed again. "Well thank you. I like you very much too. And I understand why Max loves you."

As we made our way home, Max said to me,

"Another boy who has fallen for you, Chris."

"I like him, Max. A lot. He's a genuinely nice guy – as well as being damn sexy. I'm pleased you two are friends. I'm pleased that it's someone like that who you sleep with when I'm not here."

Max kissed me. "That's a lovely thing to say, Chris. And I'm pleased you like each other so much. Of course you know he wants to sleep with you too?"

"That's up to you Max."

"No, actually it is up to you – but it would make me happy for us to be three and not two. I don't mean just for sex, but as friends who share everything. Like James."

Two days later, and it was Friday evening - and we had just enjoyed a lovely dinner that Max's mother had prepared. Now, with the meal over, the rest of the evening lay in front of us.

"Why don't we go upstairs; my room is more comfortable to sit and talk in," said Max

I looked at Hansi and he looked at me. We smiled at each other.

Max led the way and I stepped aside to let Johannes through. He brushed against me as he passed and I felt myself tingle all over at his touch. As we walked through the hall and up the stairs, Hansi moved lightly and gracefully on his feet – and I could see why he might be a good dancer.

In Max's room, Hansi and I sat on the sofa by the window, and Max sat in his favourite comfy chair opposite us. Hansi sprawled out, and I felt the gentle pressure and warmth of his leg against mine as he half-turned on the sofa to face me. I was about to discover that he was from the Max Schell school of plain speaking.

"So," he said putting a hand on my thigh, "you and Max fuck each other, yes?"

"Yes," I replied, "we fuck a lot…amongst other things."

"Ah yes; other things Max and I do but not fucking."

"I know, Hansi. Max has told me all about it."

"Yes; you have a nice relationship I think. And I must thank you for letting me share him sometimes."

"We are apart a lot, and I know you make him happy. And now I've met you, I can understand why."

I looked over at Max, who was grinning.

"And I understand why Max has you as his boyfriend. At the start I could not understand why Max has an English boyfriend and how he can love you so much when you are so far apart. When I see your picture I understand a bit, but now I have met you I understand all. Now, I hope very much we can have sex while you are here."

I looked over at Max who just held his arms out in a shrug.

"I am like Max…a…hmmm…I will remember the word…ah yes, bottom…that is right?"

I nodded.

"Max says you are super good."

I looked over at Max again. He held up his hands in a 'what can I say' gesture.

"I know Max sometimes fucks you, but he says that is just between you two, yes?"

"Yes, that's right."

"Yes, so we never do that but I ask Max if it is OK to ask you if we can fuck and he said it was OK. I have never been fucked and I would like to be."

Johannes looked at me and I realised that I was expected to reply.

"Umm, yes, if it's what you want and if Max is OK with it…"

"Excellent. And we do other things too?"

The whole conversation was now so surreal that I had given up being surprised.

"Why not, Hansi."

"Good. I like you very much and you are very sexy. It will be good I think. It is OK to give you a kiss?"

I smiled. How could you not like someone so open, honest and engaging – and not to say extremely good-looking as well.

"Yes, Hansi. It is very alright."

His lips were full and soft as they touched mine. I put an arm round his shoulder and pulled him gently into me. His eyes closed then opened again. He flicked his tongue against my lips and I was powerless to resist. His arm went round me as we kissed properly and deeply. His blond hair smelled faintly of shampoo, and close up his eyes were tinged with violet.

We broke the kiss, leaving a little thread of saliva still joining us. Hansi wiped it away.

"It is like you said, Max. He is a very good kisser."

I looked at Max. "Is there anything on which you haven't compared notes about me?"

"No," said Max happily, "and it was very…arousing…watching you two kiss."

"Yes," said Hansi, "I too am very aroused." Then, without so much as a 'may I?', he thrust his hand between my legs; "Ah...and so is Chris."

"Then I think we should all do something about that," said Max.

Thirty seconds later we were all naked and on Max's bed.

Hansi's body was pale. It was firm in all the right places, but not over-muscled and almost completely hairless except for a heavily trimmed patch of blond pubic hair between his legs. Out of this, however, stood one of the longest, slimmest cocks I had ever seen. It must have been a good eight inches long, but very thin – maybe half the thickness of mine. Like the rest of him it was pale, with a foreskin that continued well beyond the tip even though he was rock-hard. Below it hung a pair of good-sized, hairless balls.

Meanwhile I was conscious that Hansi was studying my naked body equally closely.

"You have a very nice body, Chris – and no hair down there like Max. And your Schwanz…so nice too. I hope it won't hurt too much when you put it in me."

'You'll get used to it, Hansi,"said Max.

I reached out a hand and took hold of Hansi's long, thin erection. It felt extraordinary for my hand to wrap around it so easily. I pulled his foreskin back slowly, watching the bright, red head emerge as the skin rolled back. I took his balls in my other hand. They were egg-shaped and rolled around heavily in my palm. I shuffled down the bed a little and ran my tongue over the tip of his cock, before taking it in my mouth. Hansi gasped. For my part, I found the slimness of his shaft a real turn on, and I would happily have gone to work properly on him if he hadn't put his hand on my shoulder and said,

"That feels wonderful, but please I would like to taste you too."

I let him out of my mouth, and more or less changed positions with him, so his head was in my groin. I felt his tongue run up the full length of my cock. Max had obviously taught him well – or maybe he had learned somewhere else before Max - but he proceeded to give me a first class blow-job. Meanwhile I was happily masturbating Max until he put his cock in my mouth and started to face-fuck me. Max came at almost precisely the same moment as I did, so I had cum shooting out one end of me whilst it poured in at the other.

Hansi sucked the last drops out of me, and his face appeared beside mine just as Max had finished shooting his load down my throat.

I went back down to finish what I'd started with Hansi, leaving him and Max sticking their tongues down each other's throats. Sucking Hansi's slim cock felt entirely different from sucking Max's – but in a nice way, and I enjoyed the sensation of being able to cover virtually the whole of his cockhead with my tongue. He seemed to enjoy it as well, and I was soon tasting the precum which leaked copiously from him. It was sweet and quite unlike anyone else's I had ever tasted. I really liked it. He was very ready, however, and didn't last very much longer, his cock bucking twice in quick succession before filling my mouth with his seed in what seemed just one long stream. This too was slightly sweet. Different – but nice.

Now that we had all come once, we lay back on the bed; I had Max to my left and Hansi to my right.

Hansi rolled onto his side and started to do what Max liked to do – run his fingers through the fuzz on my chest.

"Hah! I can see why you call him your lion, Max. Strong, beautiful and golden hair. And he seems to like to eat meat too." He giggled – and I suppose it wasn't a bad joke. "Does he fuck like a lion too?"

"In every way."

"Would you show me? I would like to see it very much."

Max looked at me. I was happy. I was always happy to fuck Max.

"Sometimes, like a lion, he takes me on all fours…but the way we most like to do it is for me to ride my lion."

I lay back and Max used a little oil on both of us, then he straddled me, before lowering himself onto my rigid pole. He took me inside him in one fluid movement, put his hands on my chest and started to do what he did best.

I could see Hansi start to masturbate himself as he watched my cock disappear inside Max. I reached out and replaced his hand with mine, stroking him gently and then faster in time with Max's movements. As Max bounced up and down, getting quicker and quicker, so my hand rubbed Hansi's cock increasingly fast. Max started uttering little moans of pleasure, and then I could hear both of them breathing more raggedly before Max shot his load violently all over my stomach, while a gout of cum erupted out of Hansi's cock in a single, long snake that seemed to go up and up. This was enough to finish me off too, and I thrust as hard upwards as I could into Max as I came too.

"My God Max…that looked…erstaunlich. And it didn't hurt?" asked Hansi.

"Not at all. Pure pleasure. But Hansi, Chris and I have done this hundreds of times. It will be different at first."

"I don't care. You enjoyed it so much. I want to try."

I pulled him down to me and gave him a little kiss. 'You will have to be patient. I need a few minutes to recover…'

"OK," he said, "then we kiss while we wait."

"Is he always this insatiable, Max?"

"No...actually not. I think it is the effect that you have on him, Chris."

With his eyes so close to mine, I couldn't miss the wink that Hansi gave me. I smiled. As we kissed, we started to fondle each other and I was soon hard again.

"Hansi, I think for a first time it would be best if you lay on your side and I lay behind you. It is easier to control and I will hurt you less."

"OK." He rolled over with his back to me.

"Good." I took Max's oil and rubbed some on the outside of Hansi's hole and then slipped a finger inside him. He was tight, but he didn't tense up. I spent a little time making sure he was as loose as I could get him and then added a second finger. I felt his stomach tighten, but he quickly relaxed and I was able to open him further.

"How does that feel, Hansi?"

"Feels OK…nice actually."

"OK. I'm going to be as gentle as I can. Tell me to stop if it hurts. Bend your top leg so it is easier for both of us."

I looked over at Max. He was smiling and he just nodded.

I put the tip of my cock against Hansi's entrance and pushed. The time we'd taken to get him relaxed had really paid off, as I slid in easily until I bumped into his inner ring. Even this I had managed to relax a little with my fingers and although it took some pressure, my cock popped through it relatively easily as well. Hansi cried out briefly, but just once. I stopped when I was through to let him get used to the feeling.

"My God, Chris. It feels like you have put a Zeppelin inside me"

"You are doing so well. Ready for more?"

"Yes please."

I started moving in and out of him, just an inch or so at a time. The groans slowly turned to moans.

"More please, Chris."

I went a little further out and then deeper back in. He yelped.

"OK, sorry. We'll go slow."

Max came over and stroked Hansi's hair. He was hard and Hansi took hold of his cock. I started to move in and out of him a little faster, but not too deep.

Little squeaks of pleasure told me that Hansi was starting to enjoy things. I started adding the occasional deeper thrust.

"Oof...that hurt…but it was good hurt. Do it again."

Fifteen minutes later Hansi was being well and truly fucked. Not the animal sex Max and I sometimes had, but a thorough, proper shagging for all that. Max had taken hold of Hansi's cock and was masturbating him.

"Oh Maxxi…I am going to cum." And seconds later, he did; at which point I pulled out and came all over his back.

"And how do you feel now you are no longer a virgin?"

He broke into a huge grin. "I feel wonderful. And I am so glad that you are the one who made me no longer virgin. We can do this again?"

"Maybe, Hansi," I put my hands up in surrender, "but not now. My cock needs a rest."

"Oh, OK." He looked disappointed.

"Hansi," said Max, "you must understand that Chris and I have been having non-stop sex for three days…"

The grin returned to Hansi's face. "Ohh, of course. I am so sorry."

'It's time we went to sleep anyway. The guest room is made up for you, Hansi. Come back and join us in the morning.'

"I will. Where is the guest room?"

"It's OK, Max, I'll show him," I said.

I pulled on my shirt and trousers and Hansi did the same. We turned left out of Max's room and went two further doors down the corridor.

"This one," I said, opening the door.

The guest room was very nice and I showed Hansi the en-suite shower room.

"You shower with me, Chris?"

I smiled. "Maybe in the morning."

"Thank you for tonight Chris. It was wonderful. It felt so good. Max is a lucky boy."

"I'm the lucky one, Hansi. But you are very special too. Sleep well."

"OK…but…one question, please. Why did you not cum inside me like with Max? Why did you do it on my back?"

"Cumming inside is just for Max. I hope you don't mind too much."

He went quiet for a few seconds, then said, "No, I understand, It is nice. And thank you, Chris. I am happy that you were the first one for me."

I kissed him and he kissed me – and we ended up holding it longer than I had intended. I gently broke away. "See you in the morning."

"OK. Goodnight, Chris."

Back in Max's room I hopped into bed and cuddled up next to him. I kissed him.

"I love you, Max."

"I love you too, Chris. Thank you for doing that for Hansi."

"Are you sure you don't mind?"

"Not at all. It was kind of sexy to watch you doing it, to be honest. More than that, It also makes us…all one… if you know what I mean. And his cock is amazing, no?"

I nodded. "Extraordinary. I've never seen one like it – so long and yet so thin. Felt great." I paused. There was something I had to say to Max. "But Max…when I'm with you, well, you're the only boy I really want to be inside. Lovely though Hansi is."

"I know. That's why it was kind of you. We don't have to do it again. We can explain why."

"I don't mind doing the other stuff again tomorrow – I mean, he's sexy as hell – but then can it just be us – at least for a bit?…I don't mean that I'd never…do him…again, but at least just for now? "

"Of course, my Chris. I just wanted you to meet him."

"I wanted to meet him too – and I'm glad I did and I do really, really like him. But...I love you, Max. It's you I want."

"And it's me you've got."

We kissed and cuddled; I never get tired of feeling his flesh against mine. I told him about Hansi asking why I hadn't come inside him.

"That was sweet of you, Chris. Now…roll over."

I did, and Max started to gently massage my back. I was asleep in no time.

I woke up to the smell of coffee. I opened my eyes to be greeted by the sight of Max, wearing just a bathrobe that had fallen open at the front, putting a steaming mug down beside me. He had another in his other hand.

"I'm just going to take this one to Hansi."

"OK. Have fun."

I saw him retie the gown and then he was gone - a whole lot longer than it took to deliver a mug of coffee. When he returned he shucked off the robe and got into bed with me.

"Sorry. I needed to tell him about…what we talked about last night."


"He's fine with it. He's a lovely guy, Chris. He understands that we are boyfriends and he really wouldn't do anything to come between us. He's a little disappointed of course because, well, let's face it who the hell wouldn't be disappointed not to be able to have your gorgeous cock inside them. I know how he feels because that is how I felt when you were with Mark. He won't even expect you to do anything else with him if you don't want to. Anyway, we had a bit of a cuddle to cheer him up. That's what took a bit of time."

"Thank you, Max." I paused. "…and was he good?"

Max grinned. "Wonderful. That boy knows how to do oral – not that you don't of course."

"Let me prove it."


So I did.

About thirty minutes later there was a tap on the door, and Hansi's face appeared round it.

"OK to come in?"

"Sure Hansi – come here." I threw the covers back for him to get in beside me.

"Are you sure, Chris?"

I saw the uncertain look in his eyes.

"Come here." I opened my arms and he jumped in beside me and hugged me tight.

"Chris, Max told me how you feel. I just wanted to say thank you and that it is OK if we do not have sex things again."

"Hansi, I really enjoyed what we did and you are beautiful and sexy and I love you to bits. And I hope we can have lots of sex things together. It's just...right now…"

He put his fingers on my lips. "I understand. You have been apart a long time and you need just him – at least for fucking."

I smiled. He really was a lovely, lovely guy. "It's not that you don't turn me on – look." I pointed between my legs where my cock stood stiffly to attention. "And…if you wanted…it would love your attention."

Now it was his turn to smile. "Really? May I?"

He proceeded to give me a spectacular blow job. Half way through I begged him to let us 69 and that's how we finished, coming in each other's mouths. The taste reminded me of my question.

"How come your cum tastes so sweet, Hansi?"

"I don't know. It always has. Although the fact that I love pineapple is supposed to help too, but…I don't know."

"Then it's pineapple for us, Max," I said, turning to him.

"OK. And if my mother asks why we have suddenly become such fans of pineapple, I tell her it is because it makes my boyfriend's cum taste nice do I?"

Hansi and I both exploded with laughter.

"I wouldn't put it past you, at that."

Now Max started giggling.

"OK. Shower time. You come and join us, Hansi?"

"Yes please."

The shower was a bit of a tight fit for three, so we were squashed up fairly close together - not that any of us minded that. Max soaped Hansi up, and while he did so Hansi put his arms round the back of my neck and pulled our faces close together. He really was very beautiful. His tongue flicked my lips as his violet-tinged eyes bored into mine. There was no question; he turned me on - and from the way his cock was rising to full stiffness, I reckoned he felt pretty much the same way about me. We let our tongues play for a while as our cocks bounced against one another – and then it was Max's hand stroking both of us.

"I like watching you two kiss," said Max, as his ministrations rapidly led to both Hansi and me squirting our cum over each other.

"Suits us," I said

Hansi nodded enthusiastically.

"Chris is a wonderful kisser – almost as good as you, Maxxi."

And so saying he took Max's face in his hands and kissed full on the lips – and it was my turn to watch two very sexy boys kiss.

After we'd dried off and got dressed, we went and had some – much needed – breakfast. Hansi had plans for the weekend, so once we were full, he put his things together and prepared to head home. At the front door he turned to me, hugged me and kissed me.

"It has been so good to meet you, Chris. I like you very much. I hope we will see each other again before you go."

"I hope so too, Hansi. It's good to know that Max is in such good hands when I'm not here."

We hugged again and then Hansi and Max embraced and exchanged some rapid-fire

German that I didn't follow. They both ended up looking at me and laughing. Then Hansi left with a wave.

As I closed the door behind him, I asked Max what they had said.

"I can't tell you because it would make you big-headed. But he likes you very much – which makes me very happy. And he would like you inside him again before you go back to England if that was OK with you – which also makes me happy. You like him too, I think?"

"I like him very much, Max. More than Sigi if I'm honest. I am very happy for you two to enjoy each other when I'm not here. Enjoy each other in any way, Max."

"And maybe all of us together when you are?"

"Maybe Max…maybe. But I want you all to myself for the next few days."

"I'm sure I cannot understand why."

I just raised my eyebrows. "And, yes… I'd be happy to oblige Hansi again at some point before I go home."

Max smiled. "Excellent."

Max wanted me to meet his grandmother – something we had planned for the summer but never managed to do. I was keen to meet her too, so we set off on the Sunday morning to visit her. She lived in Trier, about a two-hour drive away, and Max was happy to drive. He had a very nice Audi that his parents had bought him – and he drove it well.

Trier itself is a lovely old City on the banks of the Mosel, with a history dating back to Roman times. Max suggested that we might want to stay over there after we'd visited his grandmother and make the most of the trip – and his parents generously offered to pay for us to stay at a hotel.

His grandmother – who he called 'Oma' - lived on the outskirts of the city in a modest but very comfortable house. She was at the door almost before Max had pushed the bell.

" is very good to see you."

"Max! It is wonderful to see you, now…let me see this lovely boy who has stolen your heart."

I stepped forward and kissed her hand. "It is wonderful to meet you – but it is hard to believe that someone as young as you could possibly be Max's grandmother."

She coloured briefly and flapped a hand at me.

"Ach, Max…he is as bad as your grandfather." But she beamed at me as she said it.

She had prepared lunch for us – Bockwurst with apples and onions followed by apple strudel – both of which were delicious.

"Chris - please have some more. You boys need to keep your strength up I am sure."

I could have sworn I saw a twinkle in her eye – but maybe I was imagining it.

It was easy to talk to her. Her English was nearly perfect and she had wonderful stories about Max's grandfather. And as she had married an Englishman, she was – clearly – quietly thrilled that Max had followed her – even if it was with a bit of a twist. She was also completely at ease with the fact that her grandson was gay.

I insisted on doing the washing up from lunch. I wanted Max and his Oma to have time to talk alone. Once I'd finished, I made coffee and took it into the lounge where they were both sitting.

"So, not only a handsome boy and a charmer, but well-mannered and useful in the kitchen. I think you have made a very good choice, Max."

"And the kitchen is not the only room he is useful in, Oma," Max added with a grin.

She pretended to look shocked, but just tapped him on the knee.

"And that is very important too, Max." She looked at me. "Chris, you obviously make my favourite grandson very happy. And I can see why. I know that you neither need nor probably want my approval – but you have it. I can see that you love Max and that he loves you. You will always be welcome here and you - both of you - must tell me if there is ever anything I can do to help you."

I got up and went over to her.

"Thank you. I love Max with all my heart." And I bent forward and kissed her on the cheek.

She smiled. "It is a long time since I have been kissed by a handsome young Englishman. Now, Max, once we have had our coffee, you must take this lovely boy away and do something more interesting than sit with an old lady."

"We are in no rush, Oma."

"None at all," I added.

"Tcha. Well, you both have lovely manners and you are very kind, but I know better, so don't argue. You can come and visit me again the next time your young man is over."

We finished our coffee and stayed chatting for a while longer.

"Now Max…it really is time you showed Chris Trier."

I went over and gave her a kiss. She took hold of my hand and said;

"It is very good to have met you – at last. Thank you for coming. It's nice to know that my grandson is in such good – and good-looking – hands."

Max kissed her too.

"Mind you look after this boy. I hope you grow old together."

"Me too, Oma. I love him almost as much as I love you."

She smiled.

Max's parents had very generously booked us into a very nice hotel in the centre of Trier. We checked in and then went to see the sights. Max was an excellent guide and showed me the remains of the Roman baths and the amphitheatre – as well as the Cathedral. We ended up having dinner in a small, family-run restaurant in the main square where we were served by a very cute waiter who, it turned out, was the son of the owners. We flirted unashamedly with him and he gave us his number, insisting that we look him up if we ever in the city again and for longer.

After we'd eaten we went back to the hotel and had a drink in the bar before heading up to our room. We were on the top floor of the hotel, and the room had lovely views out over the city. I had stripped off ready for bed and was standing looking out of the big, picture window when I felt Max's hands around my waist and his naked flesh against my back.

"You did it again with my Oma, Chris. She adores you – she sees something of my grandfather in you, I think."

"I liked her very much, too, Max," I said, putting my hands on top of his.

"I hope what she said comes true. That we will grow old together."

I turned to face him, his arms still round my waist.

"Of course it will, Max. I love you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you."

I kissed him. He kissed me back – and then we were stumbling back, still in an embrace, onto the bed.

We made love urgently and noisily, first with me in Max and then with him inside me. Then we did it again more slowly. Then, as we lay, spent, on the sheet Max just put his head on my shoulder, his fingers playing with the fuzz on my chest. I slipped my fingers into his hair and we just held each other, totally at peace. It is amazing how much can be said in silence.

We made love again in the morning and again in the shower before we got dressed, then ate a big breakfast downstairs in the hotel restaurant.

As we drove back to Frankfurt we talked about all sorts of things – our university courses, hockey, our hopes and dreams, and our friends. In particular we talked about James and Hansi and Dan; what we did with them and how we felt about them.

"You really like Hansi, don't you, Chris?"

"Yes, Max, I do. It's not just that he's sexy and good-looking – though he is – I like him because he's a nice guy…and because he treats you with love and respect. And much as I like Sigi, I don't think that's how he treats you."

Max just nodded thoughtfully.

"But Max, what will you do when Hansi finds a boyfriend? No-one that nice is going to be single for long."

"I know, Chris. We're just enjoying it while it lasts. He knows that I have you, and I know that one day he will have someone special."

"You should fuck him, Max. I think you have some of the same feelings for him as you have for me – in terms of how you would feel about being inside him. And I think he'd like you to. And I really wouldn't mind. It's funny… there was always a part of me that deep down inside didn't want you and Sigi to do it - but I don't feel that way about Hansi."

"Then why didn't you tell me you felt that way about me and Sigi? You should have been honest with me."

"Not when I'm being selfish and stupid."

He pouted. "I don't mind you being selfish and stupid when it's because of how you feel about me. I rather like it, actually."

"Oh Max…I love you so much."

"Well, good. But…what makes you think Hansi wants me that way?"

"I think he's told you he doesn't because he thinks that's what you want to hear. What you need to hear. But I think he's wrong. And if…IF…he asked you to, would you?"

"Chris…I don't know. You…you make me feel things I just don't feel with anyone else."

"I think Hansi is not like Sigi. I think he is more like me."

Max went very quiet. Eventually he spoke.

"Yes, Chris. You are right. Hansi is more like you – much more like you. That's why I like him so much; it's why I enjoy sex with him so much. He is the you I can't have when you're not here. Maybe I would enjoy…having…him – but I haven't even thought about it. It's just something we both accepted wouldn't happen."

"Well maybe it should, Max. And I mean it; I really, truthfully, honestly would not mind. Maybe once you were just a bottom boy – but you aren't anymore. I can feel it. I know it. I love it when you are in me – and we do that more and more."

"I still prefer having you in me, Chris."

"Yes…and I will never, ever tire of being inside you. But I'm just saying what's on my mind…I must be turning into you!"

"Hah! I hope not. I like you just the way you are."

"Anyway…I'd love to see Hansi again before I go. See how things are after that."

"OK. But whatever happens, I don't want anything to be different between you and Dan."

"Dan is the same as Hansi; he will find someone and then it will be over between us. Or if he doesn't, then he will be gone by the end of the summer anyway. He does Finals next term."

"So maybe we both find ourselves on our own?"

"Maybe…but Max…the term after that, maybe, god willing, you will be at Oxford with me and neither of us will want anyone else."

"Of course. I will know very soon, Chris. I so hope that it will be so."

Max and I spent the next two days on our own. Then he suggested that we go to a night-club and meet Hansi there so that they could show off some dance moves.

"How would you feel if I asked him back here after to stay over, Chris?"

I smiled. "That would be great, Max. I'm…ready…for him again."

Max smiled broadly. "In that case I have no doubt that he will say yes."

And so it turned out. The club was in the centre of Frankfurt. We caught a bus and the U-Bahn to get us there – taking enough cash for us to get a cab home afterwards. When we arrived Hansi was already there, standing at the bar. When he saw us, he broke off from a conversation with an older-looking guy with a beard and threw his arms round me – rather to the bearded guy's evident annoyance.

"CHRIS! So good to see you. And you too, Max." He gave Max a hug. "You will both have a beer?"

"That would be great, Hansi."

We took them over to a table and sat down.

"I hope we didn't interrupt anything, Hansi."

"What? Oh, him. No. In fact thank you for rescuing me. He was…" Hansi turned to Max and they exchanged some rapid German. "Ah, OK, thank you, Max, he was 'chatting me up' is that right?"

I laughed. "Yes, that's right, Hansi. And you didn't want to be chatted up?"

"Not by him, no. Not when I have the two most beautiful boys in the world here to chat me up instead." He laughed – and we both joined in. We went and sat at a table by the edge of the dance floor, and sank about half the bottle of beer, and then Hansi said;

"Come…we dance?"

We all three made our way into the already crowded dance-floor. The music was loud and insistent and it worked its way into us. Max and Hansi were something to see, moving sinuously and fluidly and with huge energy. I didn't even try to keep up. With the two of them clearly dancing with each other, a boy tapped me on the shoulder and made dancing movements with is arms. It was clearly an invitation. He was good-looking and athletically-built with short brown hair, grey eyes and a nice smile. I nodded and we started to dance together. In no time we had a sheen of sweat on our faces, and out T-shirts were stuck to our bodies. After maybe fifteen minutes I needed water. I made a drinking motion with my hand and he nodded, following me off the dance floor. I made a similar motion to Max so that he knew where I was going. He gave me the thumbs up and kept dancing.

There was a water fountain in the adjoining room, and I headed for it. My new dance partner spoke to me in German – and I recognised that he had asked my name.

I said, in my best German, "Iche heisse Chris. Ich bin von England."

"So? Du sprechst Deutsch?"

"Nur ein wenig."

"OK…we use English. I am Kurt." He held out a hand, which I shook. "You are here with the other two boys?"

"Yes – one of them is my boyfriend."

"And yet he dances with another boy not you?"

"Yes. We are all friends."

"And you dance with me?"

"Yes. It's nice to have someone to dance with – and they dance much better than me."

"But you are much more beautiful." He put a hand on my shoulder. I started to wonder if I had made a mistake in dancing with him. I took hold of his hand and took it off my shoulder. He put it back.

"Come. You led me off the dance floor. Your boyfriend is busy. He won't miss you. I have something for you. And I think you have something for me."

He put his other hand between my legs and squeezed. I slapped it away and put my hands up in front of me.

"Don't do that."

He laughed. "Come, don't pretend – there is a nice room just next door." He tried to grab me by both shoulders but I shook him off.

"Do that again and you'll regret it." I spoke loudly hoping that some of the others in the room would hear. I saw Kurt's eyes narrow and one end of his lips turned up in a cold smile.

"I love pretty boys when they get angry."

Perhaps it was because I had spoken in English, but two guys came over. One of them spoke;

"You are English?"

I nodded.

"You are OK?"

"This man's attentions are unwelcome."

"I see." They both spoke to Kurt in a tone that needed no translation.

Kurt snarled something back at them, then just spat at me, turned, and left.

I turned to the two guys who had helped me out.

"Thank you both."

"I am sorry that you should have had so bad an experience here. You are on your own?"

"No, I came with friends. I'll go and find them. And thank you again."

"We are happy to have helped."

I went back into the main room and sat down at the table. I realised that I was shaking. Max looked up and saw me and put a thumb up, questioningly. I shook my head. Max immediately tapped Hansi on the shoulder, pointed at me, and then they both came over – dripping with sweat.

"Chris…are you OK?"


"Chris…what has happened?"

I told them about Kurt. "Don't worry, I think he had had too much to drink, and two guys came to help me. It was my fault for dancing with him."

"No, no, no. That is normal. How he behaved was not. I am so sorry Chris." Said Max. He put his arms round me. "We leave – now."

"I'm OK, Max – I don't want to spoil your night."

"You are not alright. You are shaking - and we are leaving."

"I expect you will want to be on your own," said Hansi.

"No, Hansi. Please come with us – I would very much like you to," I said.

"OK – if you are sure."

We caught a cab outside the club. Max had his arm round me on the journey and Hansi squeezed my hand. I squeezed it back – and we held hands for the rest of the trip. It was very sweet of him. Once back at Max's house, we crept quietly into the kitchen and Max made some hot chocolate – which was perfect.

"How are you feeling, Chris?"

"I'm fine – honestly, Max. It was just…a bit unpleasant while it lasted. Nothing like that has ever happened to me before. I was naïve."

"No, you were just you and he tried to molest you. It was unforgivable. I should be the one apologising for getting carried away dancing with Hansi."

"Yes," said Hansi, "I am so sorry."

"Don't be stupid, both of you. We went there so that I could see you two dance – and you were amazing. I wouldn't have missed it for the world."

"OK, well, I am pleased we are all here together, anyway. Time for bed?" asked Max.

"Yes…time for bed."

"I think you two need to be alone tonight," said Hansi. "I will see you in the morning."

I smiled gratefully at him. He really was very nice.

Once in bed, Max wrapped his arms round me and kissed me. And that led to us touching. And that led to us making love. I can't explain it, but I just needed to be inside him – and he understood perfectly. Afterwards he just turned to me;

"I love you so much, Chris. Sleep tight."

As I turned over, he snuggled up to my back and put his arm over my chest. I felt safe and I felt loved. I fell asleep almost at once.

In the morning I woke up to find Max had brought up three mugs of coffee.

"Why don't you take one in to Hansi. And take your time, Chris. Lots of time." He smiled.

"OK – if you're sure, Max."

"I'm sure, Chris."

I pulled on a bathrobe, picked up two of the mugs of coffee, and went out into the corridor. I tapped on Hansi's door and entered. He was lying on his side, the sheet up under his armpits, with his eyes closed. As I shut the door, he opened one eye and, seeing who it was, immediately sat up, the sheet falling down to his waist.

"Chris! And you've brought coffee. Thank you."

"Max made it. He suggested I bring it in to you."

"Max knows you are here?"

"Yes, of course Max knows I'm here."

"Of course…sorry. Then it is OK for you to come into bed with me?"

"Yes, Hansi."

He smiled and pulled the covers back, shuffling sideways at the time to make room for me – and revealing in the process that he was completely naked.

I put the coffee mugs down on the bedside table, took off my robe and climbed into bed beside him. I saw his eyes flicker over my groin – where my cock, though not hard, was no longer fully soft either.

We looked at each other – and he kissed me lightly on the lips. While we drank our coffee, we talked.

"You are OK after last night?"

"I'm fine, Hansi – and thank you for letting Max and me be alone last night."

"It was necessary, but now…?" he looked at me questioningly.

"Now, Hansi, I am all yours for an hour."

His smile broadened. "Really Chris? Max is OK with this?"

"Max suggested it."

"And is it OK for us to…" I saw that he was blushing. It was cute.

"Yes, Hansi – if you would like.'

He was now grinning. "I would like that very much…very, very much."

We finished the coffee, and then I pulled him to me and we slipped down under the sheet, naked flesh to naked flesh. I was now fully hard and I could feel that Hansi was too, his erection pressed against my thigh. I took hold of it, enjoying the feel of its smooth, ridged hardness in my hand.

"This time, please could I see you while you are in me?" asked Hansi.

"Of course. Get yourself to the edge of the bed."

He did so, and I stood up and went round to face him.

"We don't have any oil…"

"Yes we do, Hansi; Max said that there was some in the bedside drawer."

I opened the drawer, took out the little bottle, and poured some into my palm. I rubbed some on my cock and then used the rest to lube Hansi up thoroughly. I lifted his legs over my shoulders and put the tip of my cock against his hole.

"We'll take this very slowly, Hansi. Tell me if you want to stop."

In fact I managed to enter him almost painlessly. Fully inside, I leant forward, bending his knees back beside his ears, and kissed him.

"Das ist fantastische, Chris."

I straightened up and started to move in and out of him. He began to mew with pleasure, encouraging me to go faster and deeper. He had taken hold of his erection and was masturbating himself faster and faster. In another minute, Hansi was making enough noise to wake the dead – I was pleased that Max's parents were both out at work.

"Chris…Ich bin Cumming."

Even I didn't need a dictionary to work that one out. Just like the last time he'd come, a single rope of cum flew out of his cock and hit the pillow, his face and his chest; the effect of his muscles clamping around my cock sent me over the edge, and I pulled out of him just in time for my cum to splatter over his chest. He let out a final groan of pleasure before letting his legs slide off my shoulders and pulling me down to his lips. I put my arms round his shoulders and rolled over, pulling him on top of me – our cum squidging between us.

Hansi was burbling away in German some of which I understood and some of which I didn't – but I knew enough to know that he had thoroughly enjoyed himself. Not that I actually needed any words to tell me that. He kissed me over and over and over and then finally pushed himself up on his arms and looked down into my eyes.

"That was wonderful; thank you."

He slid himself off me and lay by my side instead. His cock, though semi-limp, still lay long and slim across his thigh. I took hold of it.

"I wish it was thicker – like you and Max," he said.

"No way, Hansi - I love it the way it is, honestly. It really turns me on."


"Really. It's perfect. I love the way it feels in my hand." I felt him gradually start to harden in my grasp, as I eased the foreskin slowly back and forwards over the head.

"Hansi…may I ask you something…and will you be honest with me?"

"Yes, Chris – if I can."

"It's just…would you like Max to fuck you?"

He looked at me and paused before he replied.

"But that is not possible, Chris. He only does that with you. He says he doesn't feel like doing that with anyone else. I am happy with this."

"But if he DID want to be inside you, would you like him to be?"

"Your hand feels so nice, Chris. I like you stroking me."


He sighed. "If he did – and if it was something you were happy with too, Chris – then, yes, of course. He is super-sexy – like you. But why do you ask this?"

"Because I am soon going back to England and I would like Max – and you - to be as happy together as possible. And I think he would like to fuck you, Hansi. And I would be very happy if that happened."

"I think that you are wrong, Chris. But it is a nice dream."

I could feel him getting close to his climax. I wanted to taste him again and I told him so. I went down on him - and when he came he still tasted sweet and delicious. I came back up for air and kissed him.

"Let's go and join Max anyway. I think he will be…hungry…too, Hansi."

"'I think Max is nearly always hungry. He says the same about you."

"He's right," I smiled.

We wiped most of the cum off us before Hansi pulled on some sweat pants and I put my robe back on. Then we headed back to Max's room.

"No need to ask what you two were doing. I should think that they could have heard you back in London."

"I was enjoying myself very much, Max. Chris is super-good in bed like you said. Now we have come to cheer you up."

"We sure have, Max. Oh, and I told Hansi that you'd like to fuck him and he said that he would like that very much."

"You WHAT?"

"Come on, Max. We both know it's true. And you know I would be very happy if you did."

Max just looked at me before turning to Hansi. "Is this true, Hansi?"

"I told Chris that it was not possible and that he was mistaken."

"That's not what I asked. Do you want to?"

In barely more than a whisper, Hansi said "Yes. If it was possible."

I gave Max an 'I told you so' look.

"Umm, Max, I'm going to go and use the shower in Hansi's room. I think you two need to have some time alone together."

"Chris, I…"

"Shush, Max. We know each other inside out?"

He nodded.

"We trust each other completely?"

He nodded again.

"Then…just take some time together and…see what happens."

As I left, I saw Hansi getting into bed beside Max. I smiled to myself, grabbed my towel, and headed for the shower.

I took a long, long shower and then towelled myself dry. I put the bathrobe back on and went and stood outside Max's room. I could hear a murmur of voices so knocked and went in. Max and Hansi were naked on the bed, their arms around one another. Max's hair was all over the place and Hansi had a slightly goofy-looking smile on his lips. I looked at them and raised one eyebrow. They looked at each other and then both gave me a thumbs up.

"Woohoo!" I ran over and jumped onto the bed with them.

"We both want to thank you so much, Chris. We may not do it very often, but we can now both ask if we want to without embarrassment. And we have something to ask you."


"We would like you to fuck us both – one after the other – if you are able to of course."

I have to say that that was the last thing I was expecting. But I found the idea very arousing.

"Hmmm, well since you are casting doubts on my stamina, I suppose that I will have to prove you wrong."

Max undid the belt on my robe and opened it, displaying the fact that I was already hard just thinking about it. He helped me pull my arms out of the sleeves so that I was as naked as they were. I lay down on the bed with Hansi on one side and Max on the other. Then Max straddled me and then slowly impaled himself on my cock. As Hansi watched, his cock slowly jerked itself upright to its full length and stiffness.

Max rode me rhythmically at first and then hard, his hands on my shoulders as he pumped me in and out of him. His cock was as hard as Hansi's and I took hold of it as his breathing quickened - and then he was cumming. Moments later I was shooting my seed deep inside him. With a sigh of satisfaction, he eventually rolled off me.

"Wow…that was so hot to watch," said Hansi. "I want to do it like that too."

"We give him a few minutes to recover," said Max taking hold of my now thickly floppy cock. "but if I know my lion, this will soon be ready for action again."

It took about ten minutes, and then Max's gentle ministrations had me pulsing back to hardness.

"OK, Hansi. Just be careful when you sit down on me not to do it too fast. It will hurt both of us if you do."

"OK, Chris."

Max helped him get lined up and then he let his weight down on me slowly. He was stretched and slippery from having been fucked twice already, but his little intakes of breath made me wonder if he was sore.

"Hansi, if you are too sore to make this pleasurable, we can stop."

"No, not too sore Chris, it just seems to go in deeper more quickly this way."

When he was sitting flat on my thighs, Max showed him how to bounce and rock to maximise his pleasure. He showed him how to lean forward on me with his hands on my chest, and back on me with his hands on my knees. His face screwed up in pain when he sat fully back on me.

"Ach…so deep. But so nice."

He soon found his own rhythm, and I took hold of his cock as he bounced away energetically on me.

I felt my climax approaching and told Hansi so he could get off me, but Max just said;

"Come inside him, Chris. It's OK."

So I did – to Hansi's delight and my pleasure.

After we'd showered and dressed, it was time for Hansi to leave. We had a long hug at the door.

"It has been so good to meet you Chris -and all the sex things have been wonderful. I hope we will meet up again."

"It's been very nice to meet you too, Hansi. I know that Max is in safe hands; look after him for me while I'm away."

Hansi smiled. "Yes, of course. We will look after each other. Max – I will see you next week, yes?"

"Yes, Hansi. I'll call you."

We both kissed him, and Max and I both waved him goodbye as he turned at the top of the drive.

Once he'd gone, Max and I went back up to his room and talked.

"You really like him, don't you?"

"Yes, Max, I really do."

"And are you really OK with me fucking him sometimes, if we both want to?"

"Yes, Max, I really am. He is…different. I know we've only just met, really…but I feel that I could trust him with my life. And when we had sex as a three, that was different too. I know we have had sex with other boys together from time to time, but every time, afterwards, I have felt…a little strange, a little guilty. But not this time with Hansi. This time it felt good. It felt right."

Max was smiling. "It is extraordinary. I was going to say exactly the same thing. I am pleased. And Chris – although it was quite nice to do it with him, I don't think it will happen very often. It was nice – but it nicer when I do it with you."

"Umm…I don't suppose that you'd like to 'do it with me' right now would you?"

"You are…what is your word?...unsatable?"

I laughed. "Insatiable. And it's true, I will never, ever have enough of you. And I'm the only one who hasn't been fucked today."

Max took my hand. "Come on then – but I want to do it in the lounge."

We went through to the lounge and stripped off. I lay on my back on the sofa with my legs over the end, and Max stood between them. He lifted my calves over his shoulders and entered me in one fluid movement. I gasped but Max just kept on going. Pain and pleasure were all mixed up together in my senses, but pleasure won as Max started to thrust in and out of me. In the end I think I was probably being as noisy as Hansi had been earlier – I know that I just didn't want it to stop. When Max eventually exploded inside me I was tingling all over and I had a stupid grin on my face.

"Oh Max – I think that was the best ever."

"You certainly seemed to be enjoying it, my lion."

"Your lion enjoyed it very much – thank you."

And I enjoyed the remaining few days with Max as well.

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