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by c m

Chapter 2

The next time I see Luke is the following morning when I take him his tray of coffee. He doesn't answer when I knock so I wonder if he is in the shower like the time before – though I can't hear it running. I let myself in and there he is, still asleep. He's lying on his stomach, one hand above his head with his blond hair splayed out like a sunburst over the pillow. One foot's sticking out from under the bottom of the sheet which otherwise covers him from his waist downwards. His skin glows bronze against the white of the bedding. It takes my breath away. Despite the fact that I'm still sore, I find I'm instantly hard as a rock inside my trousers. I put the tray down as quietly as I can and, unable to help myself, kiss him just once on the shoulder. One eye opens, a hint of a frown passes over his brow and then his face cracks in a huge smile as he realises that it's me.

'Hi sexy,' he says.

'Hi Luke, sorry to wake you…I couldn't resist giving you a kiss. How are you?'

'Missing you,' he says, turning on his back and opening his arms wide towards me. 'Come here.'

I lean down and he wraps his arms round me, pulling my face to his. He kisses me.

'Do you have to rush off?' he asks.

'I'm really sorry, Luke, I do. I've got a whole lot more trays to deliver.'

He pouts. 'No fair. I hoped you could hop in here beside me for a few minutes.'

'I know...and I'd love to stay. But not only do I have trays to deliver, if I got in beside you, I'd want to…you know…and frankly I'm still sore.'

He smiles. 'Me too…but look what you've done to me anyway.'

He throws off the sheet to reveal his erection.

'Me too,' I say.

'Roll on Monday,' he says.

We both laugh. And then he says;

'If you brought my coffee fifteen minutes earlier tomorrow, would we have time for a quick cuddle?'

I think about it. His is now the earliest delivery I make. But…

'I don't know if that's a good idea, Luke. I mean, I love the idea, but we both know what will happen - and you've got neighbours on both sides.'

'I promise I'll be quiet if you will.'

How can I refuse him?

The next morning I arrive fifteen minutes earlier. Today he's awake and sitting up in bed waiting for me. He pulls back the sheet and pats the bed beside him. I slip off my shoes and slide in. There's something exciting about his naked flesh against my clothed body. We kiss, and I slide a hand down over his chest and into his groin. He's hard and I take hold of him, then slide down the bed until I can take him in my mouth. Three minutes later I'm receiving my early-morning protein boost. I go back up and kiss him. Then he's unzipping me and extracting my achingly hard cock from my underwear. He takes the full length of it in his mouth. I do my best not to moan too loudly with pleasure as he does his thing. It doesn't take long for him to tip me over the edge.

'Yummy,' he says, zipping me back up. 'I must compliment this hotel on the excellent range of early morning services it provides.'

We both giggle.

'Any plans for today?' I ask

'I think Gran has some trip planned for this morning, but I hope to be on the beach this afternoon; shame to waste all this lovely weather.'

'Cool. I have a couple of hours off once lunch is cleared. I was thinking of hitting the beach too. Maybe see you there?'

'I'll come looking for you.'


I look at my watch.

'Shit…need to run. But thanks, Luke, that was wonderful.'

'For me too, Charlie.'

I get up, slip my shoes back on, give him a quick kiss and then slip out into the corridor.

That afternoon, I take a rug down to the beach - and find I'm in a bit of a dilemma. Do I go somewhere a bit quieter away from the crowds – which I prefer – or do I sit nearer the entrance to the beach so that Luke won't miss me. I opt for nearer the entrance; we can always move further away if and when he finds me.

After nearly an hour, I figure that he isn't coming – and I can't believe how hollow it makes me feel inside. I'm also hot, so I decide to go for a swim anyway. As I head back after cooling off I search for any sign of green and orange swimmers. There aren't any. I sit down on the rug and roll up the towel to use as a pillow. I'll give it fifteen minutes so that I can dry off before heading back to the hotel. The sun and the swim have made me drowsy and suppose I must have drifted off, but I come to when someone starts flicking sand at me.

'Hey, cut that out…!'

And then I look up and my field of view is full of a mass of green and orange cotton topped by blond hair and a massive smile. My heart leaps.

'I'm so sorry, Charlie…Gran insisted on having lunch out and I've only just got back. I was so worried that I'd miss you.'

'And I was worried that you'd decided not to come.'

He flops down beside me and passes me some sunscreen.

'Would you do my back for me, please.'

'I'll do your front as well if you want.'

'If you did that, I'd get a massive boner which would be very obvious and that would be awkward.'


I rub the cream into his back. His skin is warm and his flesh firm to my touch. It reminds me of our last cuddle. Instead of him getting a boner, I get one. I hurriedly finish, give him back the cream and lie down on my front.

'Fancy a swim?' he says.

'Give me a minute,' I say.

He looks at me…then realises why and explodes with laughter. Which sets me off and there we are, giggling helplessly.

A few minutes later, things have quietened down in my shorts and so we run into the sea together where we horse around a bit. There's a diving platform about fifty yards out and I suggest we swim out to it. Luke swims freestyle with the lazy ease of the competent. My own progress is altogether slower; I prefer breaststroke and by the time I make it, Luke is already sitting on the platform. He holds out his arms and hauls me up beside him. A couple of other boys are also there, taking it in turns to dive. One of then has the reddest hair I've ever seen. He smiles at me and I smile back. Luke and I make a few dives each. He might be able to swim faster than me, but I can dive better than he can. He just watches me a couple of times, and then has another go himself. It is irritatingly perfect. I am proud of him – and yet…

'How the hell did you do that?'

'I just watched you. I saw what you were doing differently and tried to copy it.'

'No-one should be that gifted,' I grumble.

He looks at me.

'Are you jealous, Charlie?'

'No….yes…a bit, I suppose.' I look at him. 'Sorry, that's stupid isn't it?'

'I think it's rather cute, actually,' he says, executing another perfect dive as if to rub it in.

He climbs back up onto the platform and comes and sits beside me, his arm pressing against mine. And then he kisses me – and I see the red-haired boy's eyes almost pop out of their sockets. Luke notices.

'Sorry about that, but he's just so cute I couldn't help it.'

The redhead smiles and gives us both a thumbs-up.

'What do you mean 'cute'?' I say, 'I am very ordinary, very average…you're the good looking one.'

'You may not be classically beautiful,' he says, 'but you are very sexy…and, whatever you may think, definitely cute. And that is not just to do with your looks, but with the you underneath as well. The way you talk, the way you smile, the way you react. You're bright and you're funny. You make me laugh – but more than that, you make me smile on the inside. I've never enjoyed spending time with anyone as much as you – and not just in bed. But before you get a big head, I think you should cool off.'

And with that he pushes me into the water.

I swim round to the ladder and haul myself up. Luke is talking to the redhead. He introduces me.

'Charlie, this is Nathan. Apparently he lives on the other side of the town.'

Nathan holds out a hand and we shake. I guess he's sixteen or seventeen.

'He asked if we're a couple,' Luke says, 'I told him that I thought we might be but that we only met a few days ago. I said he should ask you.'

I look at Nathan. He has a spray of freckles around his eyes and nose. He is definitely cute.

'So ask,' I say.

He does. I feel my heart flutter. Are we a couple? Could we be a couple? My head is full of all the difficulties, but my heart knows. I look at Luke as I answer.

'I would very much like to be a couple,' I say, 'but Luke is only here for another few days and I have no idea how we'd manage once he's gone home.'

'But you want to be?' says Nathan.

'More than anything in the world,' I say.

Luke smiles.

'Me too,' he says, 'me too.'

'Make sure you invite me to the wedding,' says Nathan with big smile.

And then I hear the church clock strike three.

'I need to get back to work,' I say.

'Work?' asks Nathan.

I quickly fill him in on the whole hotel thing and how that's how I met Luke, and my intention to go to College.

'Really?' says Nathan, 'I'll be starting at College in September too….and I'm on the hospitality course as well.'

'How amazing. Look, let's get back to the beach and we can exchange details.'

And that is what we do. I give him my mobile number and he taps it into his phone and then sends me a message.

'Do you use Whatsapp?'

'Sure…and Instagram.'

'OK…I'll send you a request. Good to have met you both. Look forward to talking more, Charlie. And in the meantime, have fun.'

'We will.'

Nathan disappears along the beach to rejoin his friends, and Luke and I walk back to the hotel. I don't want to leave him.

'I've still got half an hour…don't suppose you want to wash all that salt off with me?'

'Sounds like a plan,' he says with a smile.

We shower together and we get hard, but we agree to keep it for the next morning. Luke suggests I come another fifteen minutes earlier so I have time to get stripped and re-dressed.

'It was fun to have you in your clothes, but I prefer you naked.'

As I soap his back, I put my mouth against his ear and murmur;

'Can we really be a couple, Luke?'

He turns to face me.

'Anything is possible, Charlie, if two people want it enough and are prepared to work hard enough at it to make it happen.'

He wraps me in his arms and just holds me as the water bounces off our heads and bodies. His tongue finds mine and we kiss.

Later that evening, once dinner is all cleared, I get back to my room and check my phone. There's a message from a Nathan Collins waiting for me, as well as an invite to link with him on Whatsapp and Instagram. I accept. A couple of minutes later, Whatsapp pings and there's a video call request from Nathan. I accept. His freckly face fills the screen.

'Hey Charlie…how's you?'

'I'm great thanks. You?'

'Yep. All good here. How's the boyf?'

'In bed, I imagine.'

'Wish you were there with him?'

'Like you wouldn't believe.'

'I really liked him.'

'Luke's lovely.'

'You make a great couple.'

'Thanks. That was kind of an unexpected conversation this afternoon.'

'Sorry if I put you on the spot.'

'No, it was fine. I guess when you have feelings for someone else you always hope that they'll be reciprocated but sometimes you're too scared to ask just in case…'

'I know what you mean.'

'You have a girlfriend or boyfriend?'

'No-one special…not right now. That was partly why I just loved the way you two clearly had something.'

'It was really nice to meet you and I know this sounds wimpy but I've got to be up at six so….'

'Six?! Wow. OK…you need to get to bed. Can we chat again soon?'

'Love to. Bye for now.'


The line clicks out. It's 11.30 and I slip gratefully under the sheet on my bed. My phone beeps. There's a message. Can I be bothered? I go and retrieve it and swipe the screen open. The message blinks at me:

See you in seven hours. Love, L. xxx

I know that's it's just the conventional way to sign off messages, but the 'L' word has, for some reason, made me unutterably happy. I fall asleep in seconds.

Our new morning arrangement works perfectly. I have time to snuggle up naked with Luke, enjoy a mutual bj with him and then slip my clothes back on in plenty of time to complete my chores. And tomorrow is Monday and we have all day together.

Although I cannot wait to be with him, there is no point in my hurrying to get up on Monday. I know that Luke will have to have breakfast with his grandmother – and that happens, regularly as clockwork, at 9.30 every morning and not a second before. That mean that Luke will not be free until about 10.15. I use the time to have an extra lie-in, to clean myself thoroughly inside and out, to shave off the little bit of bum-fluff on my face – and to shave off my pubes. I've decided I want to know what it feels like – and to surprise Luke. My hair looks best when I just run my fingers through it and let the curls fall naturally, so that's what I do. All done, I stand naked in front of the full-length mirror; I like what I see.

I use some of the expensive cologne that my favourite aunt bought me for Christmas and choose a navy-blue polo shirt and a pair of stone coloured shorts. I want to look my best for my…my what? My friend? My fuck-buddy? My lover? The word I want to use is 'boyfriend'. I wonder if that's how Luke thinks of me. I check my watch. It's 10.15.

I use the other door into the hotel from our apartment; the one that leads through into the second floor. On the hotel side, it just looks like a padded door with the word 'Private' on it. It opens easily from the apartment side, but needs an electronic key to open it going the other way. I make my way along the corridor and past the lift to the stairs which I take down one level. I turn right and walk past Mrs. Marshall's room and then knock on Luke's door. There's no answer and I instantly fear the worst; he's decided not to spend the day with me after all. I am halfway between panic and tears when I hear the lift ping. The doors open and out walk Luke and his grandmother. I see Luke mouth the word 'sorry' at me, as his grandmother approaches me.

'Good morning, Charlie. I hope that you and Luke have a pleasant day together. If you'd be good enough to ensure you are back by 7 in time for me to have a drink with him before dinner, that would be much appreciated.'

'Of course, Mrs. Marshall.'

'Splendid.' She stops and digs in her handbag. 'This is for you, Luke. I know you youngsters are always short of money and I want the pair of you to enjoy yourselves.'

I can't see exactly how much she given Luke, but I see him look at the notes in his hand.

'No Gran, this is too much. We won't need anything like this.'

'Take it and have fun.' She pats his hand and closes it over the money. 'Spend it on Charlie if you don't want it. You owe him a great deal for being such a good friend to you this holiday. Now…off you go.'

She turns and goes through the door into her room. Luke walks over to me. He opens his hand. Five large red-coloured notes, folded in half, lay there.

'She just gave me £250, Charlie.'

'How much?!'

'I know.'

'Luke, I wouldn't know how to spend that on a day out round here even if I tried.'

'Maybe we can have a nice lunch together. Anyway, come into my room and we can make plans.'

I follow him through the door of his room, he shuts it behind us and then grabs me in his arms and kisses me.

'Mmm…you smell nice. And I missed my special early morning coffee today.'

'Wasn't it delivered?'

'Yes…but by a girl. She was nice enough but she couldn't give me what you do.'

'There'll be plenty of time for that later.'

'Couldn't we have a quickie now?'

'We could…but wouldn't it be better if we saved it up until we're both naked in bed with each other and we have hours in front of us?'

'Sounds like you have the afternoon all planned out….'

'I'm happy to listen to alternative ideas….'

'No, no…sounds perfect…but what's the plan for this morning?

'There's a steam railway that runs from here for about fifteen miles if that would interest you. There's a town at the other end where we could get lunch – there's a Pizza Express there and a few shops. Maybe we could find something for your Gran?'

'I don't think she'd want us to spend her money on her...I know her…but we might be able to find something nice for you, Charlie.'

'For me? I don't need anything.'

'Maybe something to celebrate the fact that we're a couple now?'

'A couple.' I hug him. 'Does that mean we're…boyfriends?'

'I'd like that if you would.'

'But…what about your girlfriend? And your bro?'

'Donna and I aren't going anywhere, Charlie. She's nice but I don't love her. I'll tell her as soon as I get back. And I'll talk to Ben. I'm sure he'll understand that if I've got a boyfriend then…what he does with me has to stop.'

'Are you sure, Luke? I'm going to go mad when you leave. How are we going to make it work?'

'Do you want it to?'

'More than anything in the world.'

'Then we'll find a way.'

'We only have a few more days, Luke.'

'Then let's make the most of them and worry about the future when it arrives. Now…where's this railway?'

It's about a fifteen minute walk across town to the steam railway station. It's another lovely day and as we walk I realise that I haven't told Luke that Nathan had WhatsApped me the evening after we'd met him. I do so now.

'He's nice, isn't he?' says Luke, 'I've had a convo with him as well, actually. Should we see if he wants to come on the train with us?'

I think about it.

'He's very nice…but would it be awful if I said I would rather today was just us?'

'Not awful at all, Charlie. Perfect, in fact.'

He takes hold of my hand and gives it squeeze. I'd like to keep holding it, but the chances of being seen by someone I know are too high. And I'm not ready to broadcast the fact that I'm in a relationship with another boy yet. I reluctantly let go.

The train journey is fun. The carriages are the old type with compartments, and the loco itself is a shining assembly of black and green paint, and brass and chrome. The smell of coal and steam gets into your nose and stays there. The train is busy but not overcrowded and once we reach the other end, Luke wants a closer look at the engine. Most of the passengers walk down the platform towards the exit, but Luke and I go the other way towards the locomotive.

The driver and his fireman are wiping down the instruments with an oily rag when we reach them.

'Hello, lads…come to volunteer to work, have you?' the driver says with a smile.

'I'm only here for a few days on holiday,' says Luke,' but I wondered if it might be possible to get up on the footplate and have a closer look?'

'Come on then, up you jump.'

It turns out that Luke knows a little bit about steam engines. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised; he seems to know about all sorts of things. I listen in semi-bafflement as they discuss wheel configurations and boiler pressures and coal quality. Eventually they shake hands and Luke jumps down.

'Nice to meet you, lad…always a pleasure to talk to someone with a bit of knowledge. Are you travelling back later today?'

'Yes…in a couple of hours, probably.'

'Well, if we're in the cab, come and find us and you can ride up here.'

'Gosh, thanks.'

He gives the men a wave and we walk down the platform and into town.

'Sorry,' says Luke, 'it's my step-dad; he's a bit of a steam nut and it just sort of rubs off. He'd be dead jealous if he knew we might be riding in the cab a bit later.'


'Of course…you don't think I'd ride up there if you weren't with me, do you?'

'God I love you, Luke.'

I realise what I've said. Where did that come from? But it's true. Luke stops dead in his tracks as well.

'Did you just say you loved me?'

All I can do is nod.

'Thank Christ for that…I was so afraid it might only be a one-way thing.'

It takes a second or two for me to get my brain round what he's said. And then I'm smiling. And then we're looking at each other. And then we're laughing. And then we're holding hands and dancing round and round in the street. Heaven only knows what the people who can see us think is happening.

We have a lovely lunch at Pizza Express. I opt for a Sloppy Giuseppe and Luke has a Diavolo. He gives me a piece of it and it nearly blows my head off. We settle on lemonade to drink. For dessert, we walk down the high street and buy ice-cream from a shop offering about twenty different flavours.

The train back is at just after two, so we have about half an hour to kill.

'I want to buy you something, Charlie. Something to celebrate the fact that we're together and something to remind you of me when I'm gone. I'd love to buy you a ring or a pendant but they might take some explaining to Gran. Any ideas?'

I hold out my wrist. There are my two leather thong-style bands round it.

'One of these from you would be special.'

'OK…lets see what we can find.'

There are two jewellers shops. The first has nothing of any interest – and the sales assistant seems to find the idea of a boy buying another boy a bracelet offensive - to judge from the expression on her face. The second shop is much more interesting. They stock several ranges with which I'm not familiar. I particularly like the look of a tobacco-brown braided bracelet with a gold clasp. But it's more than £100. I put it back and look for something cheaper. As I'm looking, I see a craft shop next door with a rack of surfer-style wristbands on show.

'Luke…can we take a look over there. Some of these are lovely but they are all way too expensive.'

'Sure – if that's what you want.'

Almost at once I see a really nice tribal-style twisted leather band with silver Celtic-knot beads spaced along its length. It's £7.

'This would be just lovely, Luke. One for you too?'

'Not really my thing, Charlie. They look great on you but a bit weird on me.'

'But I'd like to give you something too, Luke.'

'OK. Let me think about it…is that OK?'

He can see I'm a bit disappointed.

'Anything from you would be special, Charlie, but I'd like to have something that I can wear or have with me all the time to remind me of you. I don't want something that just sits on my dresser because it doesn't suit me. Is that OK?'

I understand and it makes sense. I feel happier.

Luke goes to get money from his pocket.

'Shit…I must have left my wallet in the other shop. Hold on here and I'll be back.'

He returns five minutes later waving the wallet, with a huge look of relief on his face. He opens it and takes out a twenty. The assistant brings him his change, and I slip the band on my other wrist. It looks great.

We end up having to hurry for the train. Unfortunately, it's a different driver and fireman team, so we end up travelling back conventionally. We walk back to the hotel from the station, and I take Luke through the second floor door, using my pass card to open it. This way no-one sees us as we make our way to my room.

I shut and lock the door. It's highly unlikely anyone would come in, but I have no intention of risking it. We kiss, and then I feel Luke's hands slipping under my polo shirt and lifting it up over my head. We proceed to undress each other - and I take off all the wristbands except the one Luke has just bought me. He notices I've shaved off my pubes.

'Wow…when did you do that?'

'This morning. Do you like it?'

He runs his hand over my hairless groin.

'Very much.'

I was well on my way to being hard anyway, but his touch has completed the job. And he's in the same state. Naked and erect, we lie on the bed and just hold our bodies against one another. We are hungry for each other, but we both just want to enjoy the feel of the other's flesh, soft and hard, silk and steel, against us for a while.

By unspoken agreement, we start with mutual oral sex just to release our pent-up desire, and then Luke takes me, twice - with only a pause to masturbate me to a spectacular climax in-between. The second time he's totally uninhibited. By the time he's finished, he's dripping with sweat and I am in ecstasy. He collapses beside me.

I lean over and kiss him.

'You animal, you.'

'Sorry…did I hurt you?'

'No…and don't be sorry, you were amazing.'

He reaches over and takes hold of me. I'm still rock-hard. I'm desperate for him to give me the release I crave.

'Umm…would you, you know, like to put this inside me?'

I search his face for clues. I don't want him doing anything just because he thinks he ought to.

'Would you like me to?'

'Honestly? I don't know, Charlie…but I think I'd like to try. You seemed to enjoy it so much…if you want to, that is.'

I do want to. Even if it's only once. I'm curious about how it feels. I suspect that I'm someone who's going to prefer being on the receiving end. But I'd like to find out.

'I'd love to try, Luke.'

'Then do it…please.'

I explain to him about being nice inside, and we take care of that in the shower. Back on the bed I use lots of lube and my fingers to prepare him as far as I can. It takes a while but eventually I think he's as ready as I can get him. And he seems to have enjoyed it - once he'd got over the initial feel of my fingers entering him. But I don't want to hurt him.

'If it hurts too much, Luke, just tell me to stop, OK? We don't have to do this. I'm very happy with just doing what we've already done.'


I get him to lie on his side with one leg bent. I position myself against his hole and push. He instinctively tenses.

'Try to relax, Luke.'


I push gently against him again. The tip disappears inside. So far so good. But the next push makes him yelp with pain.

'God…it feels like you're pushing a bloody marrow into me. Is that what it feels like when I do it to you?'

'More like a courgette in your case,' I say.

'Why you….!' And then we're both laughing – which forces the little bit of me that's in him out.

We try again and once I'm through the ring, the rest of me slides easily inside. And now neither of us is a virgin in either sense any more. I give him a moment to get used to me. And then I start moving in and out of him.

As we lie together afterwards, I ask him if he enjoyed it.

'More than I expected to, Charlie. Though I think I prefer giving more than receiving.'

'That's fine by me, Luke. But you might start to enjoy it more once you're used to it.'

'I'm happy to try it again sometime.'

'But in the meantime, you'd rather just be the giver?'

'I think we both get more pleasure from that at the moment.'

'How about you do it me again just to check?'

If the second time had been uninhibited, the third is long and slow. We also change positions several times on the way to our mutual orgasms, ending with me riding him. Emptied of his seed, he slips wetly out of me and I lay forward, flat on his chest, and kiss him. I feel wonderful.

'I don't want this ever to end.'

'I think I'm pretty much drained, Charlie.'

'I don't just mean the sex, Luke, fantastic though that is. I mean being able to hold you, be with you, kiss you.'

'I know, Charlie. I feel the same. And we will find a way to make it work. Perhaps I could come and visit at Christmas?'

I'm suddenly excited.

'Really?' Then I have a brilliant thought. 'How would you feel about coming to work here for two weeks? We always need extra help. You could share my room with me. We could spend every night together!'

'Wow. Maybe that would be possible. Why not? I'd have to get mum to agree.'

'Are you going to tell them about me…about us?'

'Oh God. I haven't even thought about that. She's going to be disappointed if both her sons end up with other boys. Tough. I can't hide how I feel…and I won't hide you. It would be as if I was ashamed of you otherwise. And I'm not. I'm sure she'll be OK with it. Unless you'd prefer I kept it a secret – at least until after Christmas. I don't want to do anything that might stop us being together for two whole weeks.'

'Do whatever you think is best, Luke. I know that you're not ashamed of me whichever route you take. Like you, the only thing I care about is for you to be here with me again. If saying nothing is best, then so be it.'

We're both excited at the idea.

'Umm…how about a refreshing swim in the pool before we come back to bed?' I say.

'I like your thinking…should we wash some of our…stuff…off each other first?

'Good idea…hate to clog the filters.'

He laughs.

We shower and then I pull on my swimmers. Luke goes over to his pile of clothes and pulls on his shorts. We go back out through the top door and down to Luke's room so that he can get his swimming things, and then out to the pool. There is one family sitting beside it, but no-one actually in it. Luke and I do some laps, but any touching is clearly out of the question with an audience. After twenty minutes we're feeling thoroughly refreshed and make our way – via a quick rinse under the poolside shower – back to my room.

We strip off our swimmers and lie on the bed. I prop myself up on one arm and examine Luke's cock.

'Ouch. Careful. It's taken a real beating.'

I get some cream and smooth it into the skin. It remains resolutely floppy.

'I seem to have broken it,' I say.

Luke giggles.

'Only until tomorrow, I suspect.'

He then proceeds to do a similar inspection to me. As he pulls back the foreskin I wince.

'Give me the cream.'

I do, and he rubs it thoroughly but gently into the skin. To my surprise – and his – I start to get hard. This makes my cock – and particularly my foreskin - sting. He examines it more closely.

'Looks like little cracks…as if the skin's stretched a bit too much.'

'Your fault for being so tight,' I say.

'Oh charming. Well, we've got to look after this. You're lucky to have one. I wish I still did.'

'Why? I think your cock's perfect the way it is. I wouldn't mind it if mine was like yours.'

He smiles.

'And I'd quite like mine to be like yours. Maybe we all want what we don't have. And my bro has still got his.'

'How come?'

'Dad died while Mum was pregnant with Ben. Dad was the one who was keen on my being circumcised, apparently – Mum would have preferred to leave me intact. So when Ben was born, and Dad wasn't there any more, he got to keep his.'

'Well I think yours is beautiful,' I say, and I give it a kiss to prove it.

'So how come you're hard and I'm not?'

'I think I'm at least one orgasm behind you.'

'Want me to help change that?'

I'm torn (if that's not an unfortunate word to choose). I love Luke touching me – but I'm pretty sore.

'If you do, be very gentle. It really stings.'

'Maybe I'll leave if for the morning.'

'Might be best. But there is something else we could do.'

'Tell me more.'

'Get up on all fours, with your bum towards me.'

He does.

'This is one of the advantages of getting nice inside.'

I part his cheeks and gently flick my tongue against his pucker. It's the first time I've tried it and the effect is spectacular. Luke shoots upright on his knees.

'Fucking hell! What's that?'

'My tongue.'

'Oh my God…do it again.'

He goes back on all fours and I run my tongue over the wrinkled flesh – and then try to force it inside. Luke is squirming – literally – with pleasure. After five minutes my tongue is getting tired and I take a break.

'That was unbelievable, Charlie…here, let me try,' says Luke.

We swap positions and It's my turn to feel the jolt of electricity as his tongue makes contact with my ring. Who knew it could feel so good?

'Well,' says Luke when he stops, 'nice to have found something to do when we're too sore to suck or shag.'

'My feelings entirely,' I say.

We spend the next hour just chatting – with the occasional break for a kiss. He tells me about his friends and the A levels he's doing – History, English and French – and his plans for University. I ask him how he met his girlfriend.

'She's at school with me. I needed a date for the Prom at the end of last year and she said yes. She's pretty and II knew she fancied me. She's nice, Charlie and after the Prom we started dating.'

'How long 'til you started having sex?'

'Fourth…maybe Her parents were out and we were kissing. She didn't stop me when I put my hand under her blouse – in fact she told me how to release her bra. She undid my shirt and then slipped off her blouse. She has small breasts, which I like, and she even pulled my head down so I could suck the nipples. Then she said she'd like to see my cock. I unzipped myself and she just reached inside my briefs and pulled it out. I was hard as a rock. When she started stroking it I came even faster than we did our first time.'

'Did she want you to touch her between the legs too?'

'Not that first time. I think she was a bit taken aback at how much stuff I spurted all over her. But the next time we both got fully naked - and that was when she sucked me for the first time. She didn't really know what she was doing and she scraped me with her teeth - but heck, I was a sixteen year old boy getting blown by a pretty girl. But while she did that, I pushed a finger inside her – didn't go very far…she was a virgin and that bit of skin inside was intact. She didn't want me to damage it. Said she wanted to save it for when we had proper sex for the first time – and I didn't have any condoms with me.'

'Did she let you cum in her mouth?'

'No…she insisted that I tell her before I blew. I think she was still a bit put off from the previous time. In fact, I think she still finds my cum a bit icky, actually. She's blown me twice more but never let my goop anywhere near her. It ends up on my stomach – and then in my handkerchief.'

'And when did you go all the way?'

'We didn't…that is, we haven't yet. And now we never will because I've got you.'

'Are you sure, Luke? I mean, if you're bi, wouldn't you like to be with a girl sometimes?'

He props himself up on one arm and looks at me. And when he speaks there's an edge of irritation in his voice.

'Charlie…being bi doesn't mean I NEED both, it means I can be ATTRACTED to both and I can be happy with either. And I am happy with you. In fact I've discovered what happy really means with you. Being with Donna is nice but not exciting. Not fulfilling. She's a mate but you're a soulmate…do you understand the difference? And now that I've had sex with you I'm not in the least bit interested in having sex with Donna – or any other girl for that matter. I haven't even thought about her from the moment you brought that first tray of coffee into my room. So no, I wouldn't 'like to be with a girl sometimes'…I want to be with you all the time.'

He is almost tearful by the end. I pull him to me.

'I'm so sorry, Luke. Forgive a stupid gay boy. Forgive me for feeling…insecure.'

'You have no reason to feel insecure. If anything, I should feel insecure.'

'You? Why?'

'I'm going home in a few days, and then you'll be seeing Nathan almost every day at College.'

'Nathan? What's he got to do with anything?'

'I'm pretty sure he's gay.'


'Don't tell me you didn't pick it up?' He shakes his head. 'You need to get your gaydar fixed.'

'But how…why…?'

'Trust me.'

'OK...but I'm not the slightest bit interested in him.'

'I wouldn't blame you if you were…he's cute as hell.'

'But I've got you.'

'And I've got you.'

We hold each other close.

'I wish you could stay the night,' I say.

I can see him thinking.

'Why not? Let me in through the door later and I could. Provided I was back in my room before anyone was up. In fact, if I got up when you'll have to, it would work fine.'

'Do you mean that?'

'Why not? I don't suppose we'll be doing anything other than sleep, but it would be lovely to wake up beside you.'

'It would be amazing. OK…I'll message you when I'm by the door. Probably around that OK? It's just I usually get an early night on my day off…it's the only chance I get.'

'Sounds perfect. Now, much as I don't want to, I think I should get dressed and go and get changed. I'm due in the bar with Gran in about forty minutes.'

'Mmm…OK…final cuddle?'

We embrace and kiss and I give his balls a final fondle before we let go of each other. I lie back on the bed as Luke gets up and gets dressed.

'I'm going to have a little doze, I think. There's usually some supper for me in the kitchen around nine, and then I'll be waiting at the door for you.'

'Can't wait.'

He comes over and kisses me, then makes his way out of my room and back into the hotel.

I roll over, pull the sheet over me and fall asleep.

My inner alarm – which is very reliable – wakes me at eight. I take a quick shower – finishing with a blast of cold water that sends the blood coursing through my veins. I dry myself and re-apply some cream to my sore bits and then make my way downstairs to the kitchen. One of the dishes on the menu tonight has been Beef Stroganoff, a favourite of mine, and I'm delighted to find that there's a portion left over which chef has put aside for me.

'Had a good day with your friend?' he asks.

'Very nice, thanks, Max.'

'Good. It's nice to see a smile on your face.'

'He's fun to be with, Max.'

'You'll be sorry when he's gone, then?

More than you can know, I think, but all I say is:

'Yes…very sorry.'

'Maybe they'll come back next year, him and his grandmother.'

'Maybe. We're going to try and stay in touch in the meantime anyway.'

'That's nice.'

'Great Stroganoff, by the way.'

'I'm pleased you enjoyed it. There's some lemon meringue pie left as well if you fancy it.'

'Yes please.'

I go over to where the desserts are stored and cut myself a piece. I love the combination of tangy lemon and sweet meringue. As I finish, Julie, one of the girls who waits on tables when I'm off, comes through the swing doors and sees me.

'Hi Charlie. Had a nice day off?'

'Very nice thanks.'

'He's made friends with the lad who's here with his grandmother,' says Max.

'Ooh? He's called Luke, isn't he?'

I nod. 'We spent the day together. It was fun.'

'He's well fit. I wouldn't mind having some fun with him.'

'He's taken,' I say, neutrally.

'I suppose anyone that good-looking is going to have a girlfriend,' Julie says. 'Oh well, doesn't do any harm to dream. Are you on early tomorrow?'

'Yes, unfortunately.'

'Tell you what, I'll prepare the tea and coffee trays for you if you get me his number.'

'I can ask,' I say, 'but I can't guarantee he'll say yes. He's pretty loved-up at the moment – and he'll be gone in a couple of days.'

'I'll do the trays anyway. You look exhausted to tell you the truth.'

'Thanks, Julie. You're a diamond. It's been a very good day today, but I must confess to being totally buggered.'

Literally; not that I'm telling her that.

I get up and give her a kiss. She's nice and I like her, and she a good worker.

'OK, Charlie. Sleep well. See you later tomorrow.'

'Will do.'

In my room I send Luke a message: 'Ready any time you are.'

My phone pings. 'Having coffee with Gran in the lounge. Be about 30 mins – unless you want to join us. Gran's been asking all about what we did today. Do you think I should tell her? 😉. Come down – she wants to see what I bought you anyway.''

I pull on some long trousers. I think his grandmother would not approve of shorts in the lounge after dinner, and I'm sure Luke will be dressed similarly. And, of course, I put on the wristband Luke's bought me.

They are sitting in the far corner of the lounge as I come through the door. I nod at Stephen, the barman and go over. Mrs. Marshall looks up.

'Thank you so much for joining us on your day off. Luke has been telling me what a perfectly splendid day you had. Taking the train and then going swimming. I hope he hasn't exhausted you.'

'I must confess, keeping up with Luke seems to have left me completely buggered. Oh…sorry, please forgive my language.'

'Oh that's alright,' says Mrs. Marshall, cheerfully. 'That's what my father used to say when he'd been working hard in the garden. 'I feel completely buggered', he'd say. Good old, no nonsense Anglo-Saxon language.'

Luke, meanwhile, nearly drops his cup of coffee and is now trying his best not to laugh as he looks at me, wide-eyed.

'Now, show me what he bought you. I hope it's something nice.'

'It's something lovely, Mrs. Marshall, but he shouldn't have – and you shouldn't have given him the money to do it.'

'Nonsense. I've never known him so happy and I'll use my money as I see fit.'

I hold out my wrist.

'I've always loved wristbands, Mrs. Marshall, but I've only ever had this sort of thing.' I hold out my other wrist with the leather thongs round it. 'But this one is lovely. Thank you.'

She takes hold of my wrist and looks at the bracelet more closely.

'That doesn't look like much of a 'thank you' to me, but I must say it looks very nice on you.'

She turns to Luke.

'I think you might have bought him something a little better than that, Luke.'

'I promise you I tried, Gran.'

'He did, Mrs. Marshall, but this is lovely and I'll wear it – and it will remind me of a lovely time spent with a good friend. It means a lot to me...and actually, to be honest, I think it should have been me buying Luke something. He paid for everything today.'

'As he was meant to. I am fortunate enough to be a wealthy woman, but money is nothing like as important as happiness. Happiness is also harder to acquire than money. I can see that you make Luke happy. He is a lovely boy, but coming on holiday with an old lady cannot possibly be his idea of a good time. It is the least I could do to try and make sure he had the funds to enjoy himself with you.' She pauses. 'And I am also not as blind as you may think I am.'

Luke looks up.

'How do you mean, Gran?'

'I think this young man means rather more to you that you are trying – not very successfully – to pretend. And that is fine with me too – and I will certainly keep it to myself, so don't worry.'

Luke looks at me; there's a hint of panic in his eyes. His grandmother can see it too.

'Luke – you've talked about little else but this boy for days. And I've seen the way you look at each other. If happiness is rare, then love is even more so. I don't know much about Charlie, but I can see that he is well brought-up, well-educated, polite and that he works hard. I can also see that he likes you as much as you like him. That is a good start. I have never had a problem with homosexuality – your Uncle John, my brother, was as gay – I believe that is the current word - as they come, but sufficiently sensible to be discreet about it. I know that these days it is rather less of a secret, but I don't doubt that it can still be hard for some.'

She looks at both of us.

'Of course, if I have read too much into all this, I apologise most profusely.'

Luke looks at me. I look at him. We smile at each other – and then he just takes my hand and gives it a squeeze.

'I thought as much. As I said, I will say nothing to anyone, Luke. But if and when you decide to tell your mother and my son, I think you'll find your step-father will be understanding. I hope your mother will be too. And you will always have a welcome from me.'

She turns to me.

'I meant every word I said Charlie; I think you are a charming young man and I am delighted that you make my grandson happy. I realise that these are early days in your…relationship…but if it all works out then I think he will have made a most excellent choice. Not that he needs my approval. I know that you have a busy work-schedule, but Luke is entirely free to spend what time we have left of this holiday with you as, when, and if you would like him to.'

'Thank you, Mrs. Marshall. For your kind words and for your understanding. And for your approval – even if we don't need it.'

I stand up and stretch out a hand.

'I think, under the circumstances, that a kiss would be perfectly appropriate.'

I'm grateful that the bar is virtually empty by now as I lean down and put a kiss on her cheek. Her perfume smells of spring flowers.

'Now, I've kept you two long enough. I'm sure you have plans. If you would be so good as to see me upstairs, I'll leave you to them.'

Luke takes his grandmother by the arm and I follow them both out of the lounge. I see Stephen looking at me strangely, but I just give him a shrug as if to say you can never tell with guests. He smiles.

We see Mrs. Marshall into her room, and then make our way upstairs to the second floor, along the corridor and through the door that leads into our apartment. Once in my bedroom we collapse on the bed.

'How the hell could she tell?' says Luke.

'The only thing that matters is that she approves,' I say, 'and that she'll keep it to herself. She's some woman, your Gran.'

Luke half-laughs.

'I suppose you're right.'

'I am. Now let's go to bed. Joke or not, I am truly pretty well buggered.'

We strip and go into the bathroom to have a quick wash. I even let Luke use my toothbrush. That somehow feels like an even more intimate thing to do than having sex with him. Weird, isn't it? Back in the bedroom, we climb under the sheet and lie face to face. Luke strokes my face, before pulling it to him. We kiss and then his arms are round me and his scent envelops me. He rolls onto his back and I put my head on his chest, my arm across his stomach. He runs his fingers through my hair.

'I wish I could hold you like this every night, Charlie.'

'Me too,' I say.

When I wake up, we both must have shifted in our sleep. He's now spooned into me from behind, his arm draped over my shoulder. I take his hand in mine and kiss it. He murmurs something in his sleep. I look at the clock; it's only 4am. I close my eyes and drift off again.

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