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by c m

Chapter 3

The alarm goes off at six. Luke sits bolt upright, momentarily disorientated. Then he realises where he is.

'Come on sleepyhead,' I say, '…shower time for me, back to your bedroom time for you.'

'I'm showering with you first.'

We soap each other up thoroughly and, despite all the exertions of the previous day, we both get hard – but we also manage to keep our hands off each other. Afterwards, we both get dressed; me in my hotel 'uniform' of navy blue shirt - with the hotel name embroidered on it - and a pair of stone-coloured chinos; Luke in what he was wearing the previous evening – except he stuffs his underpants and socks in the pockets of his trousers.

'No point in putting them on when I'll be taking them all off again in a minute. When will I see you again?' he asks.

'I have my usual two hours off after lunch. How about we meet on the beach?'


He makes his way back to his room through the second-floor door, and I go down to the kitchen. All the trays are waiting for me as Julie promised. I wonder if Luke still wants his coffee today; I should have asked.

I take it to his room just in case. There's no answer and I so I let myself in. His clothes are on the floor but he's not there – and he's not in the shower. I leave the tray beside the bed. As I'm making my fifth and final delivery, I meet him coming back up the stairs. He's got a towel around his shoulders and he's in his swimmers.

'Seemed silly to go back to bed. Thought I'd use the pool while it was empty.'

'Good idea. Your coffee's on the tray waiting for you.'


He kisses me and then runs up the rest of the stairs and out of sight.

You've no idea just how badly I want to drop everything and run after him.

At breakfast, Mrs. Marshall smiles at me when I bring her the poached eggs and bacon that's she's ordered. Luke is having the full English – bacon, egg, sausage, mushroom, tomato, hash browns.

'I don't know where he puts it all,' she says, 'though I suppose he must have been using up a lot of energy these past few days.'

I look up; she surely can't mean…

'All that swimming and so on.'

I could swear there's a half-smile on her face.

'Well, we've certainly burnt off a few calories,' Luke says, 'and is it OK if Charlie and I go swimming at the beach this afternoon?'

'Of course, Luke.'

'Shall I come and give you a knock once I'm free, Luke?' I say.

'Great. I'll be in my room.'

At two o'clock I'm in my room, stripping off my clothes and pulling on my swimmers and a T-shirt. At five past, I'm knocking on Luke's door.

'Come in,' says his voice.

He's naked and illuminated by a shaft of sunlight from the window – almost as if he's in a spotlight. He's pulling up his shorts and wriggling his hips to get the material over them. His cock is waggling from side to side before the waistband finally slides over it. The sight takes my breath away. As he stands up, his head moves directly into the sunlight. His hair is lit up like a halo. It's like having my own personal angel.

'Hi sexy,' he says, 'good to go?'

'You bet.'

I grab both of us towels from behind reception and we race each other the few hundred yards to the beach. It's a another glorious day and we waste no time heading straight into the waves. The sea is wonderfully refreshing, and we mix swimming with trying to splash and duck each other before going out to the diving platform. Today we have it to ourselves. We each do a few dives and then just lie, flat out under the sun on the wooden boards. I move my hand sideways until it touches Luke's and entwine my fingers with his.

'That's the first time you've made the first move.'

'Is it?'

'Mmhmm…usually it's me taking your hand, or me kissing you, or me wrapping my arms round you.'

I think about it. He's right.

'I suppose…it's just…'

'It's nice. I like it.'

We lie there for a few more minutes, letting the sun work it's warmth back into our bodies. When I finally sit up, I think I can see a flash of red hair walking down the beach.

'Is that Nathan over there?' I ask.

Luke sits up too and shades his eyes with his hand.

'Could be.'

'Looks like he has a girl with him. So much for your theory about him being gay.'

'Just for show – or probably his sister.'

'You're so determined to be right, aren't you?'

'I usually am,' he says.



'Well, I'm right about one thing,' I say.

'What's that?'

'You're getting wet.'

And I push him off the platform and into the sea. He goes over the edge in a tangle of arms and makes an almighty splash. I'm laughing helplessly as he clambers back onto the platform.

'Right…' he says.

We end up tussling, but he finally manages to get his shoulders under my chest and heaves me up in the air. As I come down, I'm aware of my head hitting the edge of the platform and then it all goes black.

The next thing I know, I'm lying on the beach on my back, just up from the water's edge. Luke is leaning over me and I can see a lifeguard behind him. There seem to be a few other people too – including one with red hair.

'Oh my God, Charlie…thank God… I thought I'd killed you. I'm so sorry….'

'I remember bumping my head…'

I put a hand up to my head and touch the back of it. I gasp at the sudden stab of pain and my hand is red with blood when I bring it back.

The Lifeguard leans down beside me.

'You're OK. Your friend brought you back to shore. You've got a nasty bump that might need a stitch or two; we've called for a doctor to take a look. Just take it easy.'

'I want to sit up.'

Luke takes one side and the lifeguard the other and they lift me up.

'It's OK, Luke,' I say, 'it was just an accident.'

Suddenly his arms are around me – and then he's crying.

'I'm so sorry Charlie...I didn't mean to…I was so worried.'

'I'm OK, Luke…and you kept me safe…you got me back here. Please don't cry.'

I use my thumbs to wipe the tears from his eyes.

'I'm OK, Luke. We were having fun and it was just an accident.'

'I was stupid.'

'No…we were playing. It could have happened to anyone…'

'You don't hate me?'

'Hate you? Why would…of course I don't hate you – I love you.'

Suddenly it seems to have gone very quiet. Some of the people drift away. I see the lifeguard smile. Luke just holds me tight. Then a voice says;

'Hello, I'm Doctor McKendrick. I understand there's been an accident?'

Luke lets go of me and the doctor bends down to take a look at my head. He opens his case and takes out a cloth and bottle of clear liquid which he uses to soak the cloth. He rubs it gently over the back of my head. It stings like hell and I yelp.

'Sorry…I should have warned you. Well, the good news is that it's not deep; head wounds always bleed a lot. You're going to have a nasty bruise, and a stitch wouldn't hurt. Did you lose consciousness?'

I nod – and wish I hadn't. It makes little explosions of light happen in front of my eyes.

'Then it's likely you're suffering – or will do – from concussion. I think we ought to get you to hospital.'

'Is that really necessary?' I ask. 'Can't I just rest at home?'

'It's up to you, but I'd like to put a couple of stitches in the cut either way – although we can do that at the clinic.'

'I'd rather not go to hospital if possible. I'll be well looked after at home.'

The idea that I might have to spend a day – or more – of the precious time Luke and I have left together in hospital almost freaks me out.

'Very well – but I'll take you to the clinic first. Is there someone who can pick you up from there?'

'My mum will. Luke, can you let her know what's happened?'

'Of course, Charlie.'

'And how old are you, Charlie?' asks the doctor.


'Then we really need someone to accompany you if possible.'

A red-haired figure steps forward.

'I can come…if that's OK with Charlie – and, of course, if it's OK with you, Luke.'

'Thanks Nathan,' I say.

I walk to the car supported by Luke. It has the words 'First responder' and 'Ambulance' down the side, and a set of lights on top.

'Are you sure you don't want me to come with you, Charlie,' says Luke.

'Someone needs to tell Mum. And I'll be back soon.'

The doctor helps me into the back of the car and Nathan gets in beside me. I'm actually starting to feel a bit woozy, and when Nathan puts a supportive arm around my shoulder, I'm grateful. At the clinic, they put me in a wheelchair and take me through to a room with stainless steel cupboards and surfaces. The doctor fills a syringe from a little vial.

'This is a local anaesthetic. You'll feel a couple of scratches but it will make the stitching easier for us and a lot pleasanter for you. It will take a few minutes to work, and then a colleague of mine will stitch you up. His handywork is neater than mine. I think we better give you a tetanus shot as well just to be on the safe side.'

Nathan is sitting in a chair opposite me and gives me a thumbs up. I respond in kind. Then the doctor injects around the wound. It's rather more painful than a scratch, but I'm determined not to show it. Once he's finished, he gets another syringe and takes an ampoule out of a fridge. The tetanus jab, I assume. He's more skilful with this and I barely feel a thing as he puts the shot into my arm. He puts the syringe into a bucket marked 'Sharps', and then runs a finger along the back of my head.

'Feel anything?'


'Excellent. I'll be right back.'

A minute later he returns with a younger man who smiles at me and shakes my hand.

'Doctor Hardy,' he says.

He goes behind me and examines the wound, then goes over to one of the drawers and takes out a couple of plastic fronted packets.

'I think five stitches should do it,' he says.

It takes him less than five minutes to complete his work.

'There; all done. They'll fall out of their own accord in around seven to ten days. By the time you go bald, there shouldn't even be a scar,' he says cheerfully.

Doctor McKendrick comes back carrying a small paper bag.

'I've written you a prescription for some painkillers which the pharmacy has fulfilled. Use them as you need to. Now, if you're going home, it is essential that you take things very easy for the next three days. If you start being sick, or your vision goes blurry, call this clinic - or go to A&E – at once.

As I'm being wheeled back to reception, I see my mother and Luke coming in through the front door.

'Charlie…are you OK?' says my mum.

'Yes, mum, I'm fine. Just a little accident.'

'Is he? Is he really fine?' she says, talking to the doctor.

'He'll have a nasty bruise and we've stitched the cut but they are both relatively minor things. The likelihood that he has concussion is the most serious issue; he needs to take things very easy for the next three days at least. Ideally, you need to wake him every four hours if he's asleep just to check he can wake normally – at least for the first couple of days.'

'I'll make sure he stays in bed.'


'Well, Charlie doesn't have to be completely confined to bed – although plenty of rest is important – but nothing at all stressful or strenuous. That includes things that require mental as well as physical effort – video games, too much TV…that sort of thing. And any vigorous exercise is strictly forbidden.'

Luke is trying very hard not to catch my eye.

'I'll look after him, Mrs. Douglas – after all, it was me who caused all this.'

'You've already been most kind Mr. Marshall, but you're a guest so please don't worry.'

'I'd really like to; Charlie and I have had such fun together these past few days and this would just let us spend some more time together before my grandmother and I leave.'

'Well, lets see what she says. I'm not sure spending your time looking after the hotel staff would be something she'd approve of.'

'But if she says yes?'

'Well, if that's the case, then maybe.'

'It makes sense, Mum; you've got loads on your plate – and even more if I can't help much for the next few days. It would be really nice - if Luke doesn't mind.'

'As I said, we'll see. And who is this?' she asks, turning to Nathan.

'This is Nathan. He's a friend from the beach and he's going to College like me to do the same subject.'

I can see Mum thaw. 'Oh, well…it will be nice for there to be someone there you already know I suppose. Thank you for coming with him Nathan. Can I give you a lift home?'

'If you could just drop me off at the beach, that would be great. I've got friends waiting for me there.'

So all four of us travel back in Mum's car. Nathan sits in front with my mother and Luke sits in the back with me. I'll have to tell Mum about Luke and me sooner or later, but until I do we have to be discreet; he just holds my hand, when I know what he really wants to do is throw his arms round me and hug me. I want him to as well. But we must be patient.

We drop Nathan off at the beach and I give him a hug, which he returns cautiously at first but then more fully. He has amazing green eyes.

Once we're home, Luke and I head for my room while Mum parks the car. I need a shower. I'm covered in salt from the sea and there's dried blood in my hair. I'm also feeling just a bit wobbly and wonder if it's shock.

'Luke, would you mind showering with me…I mean…I know you'd be happy to, but this is because I'm afraid I might fall over.'

'Sure, Charlie.'

We both strip and he puts my arm over his shoulder to support me. In the shower, he carefully washes my hair and then my body so that I don't have to bend or stretch. When he gets to my groin, the inevitable happens.

'Seems like some of you is working just fine, ' he murmurs.

I giggle – and then he's taken me in his mouth and I surrender to the pleasure that follows. He is, of course, now hard as a rock and I let myself slide down the shower wall until I'm sitting on the tray. His cock is at a convenient height and I take full advantage.

We are both drying ourselves when I hear my door open and mum's voice.

'Charlie? Are you OK?'

'Yes, mum…just taking a shower.'

'Is Luke here too…his clothes seem to be on the floor.'

I look at Luke. Fuck. I should have realised that mum would come to find me to make sure I was OK.

'Yes, mum…he's been very kind and helped to make sure all the blood is out of my hair – and to make sure I don't fall over in the shower.'

'I see.'

We both emerge from the shower, towels wrapped round our waists.

'Well…thank you for helping him, Luke, but I think we ought to clear this with your grandmother before you help him any more.'

'Of course, Mrs. Douglas.'

'Very well. I'll leave you both to…get dressed.'

'Ok, mum. I think I might just have a lie down for a bit. I'll come and find you a bit later.'

'Alright, darling. I think a rest would do you good. You know where to find me.'

Once she's left, I lock the door.

'Do you think I should go, Charlie? At least until your mother has talked to my Gran. I mean, she might have bought my helping you in the shower, but if she comes back and finds me still here….'

'Not until we've had a proper cuddle,' I say, 'now lose that towel…'

We lie together, naked, on the bed and hug each other for what seems to be ages. I simply don't want to let go of him. But I also start to feel very tired and I can hardly keep my eyes open. Luke lays me gently on my back and kisses me.

'I'm going to let you sleep, Charlie. Call me when you wake up. And I'm so sorry for what happened.'

'S'OK,' I mumble.

I'm vaguely aware of Luke covering me with a sheet and putting a kiss on my forehead and then I'm asleep.

I sleep for nearly three hours and wake feeling a lot better. As it's just before eight, Luke and his grandmother will be having dinner, but I ping him a message to let him know I'm awake. I wonder if my mother has had her conversation with Mrs. Marshall.

I pull on a T-shirt and some shorts and go to find mum. It turns out that she is helping with dinner because I'm not there to do it. She sees me in the corner of the kitchen.

'What are you doing down here? You should be resting.'

'Mum…I've slept for three hours and I feel fine. I'm perfectly capable of helping with the washing up and that sort of stuff.'

'You were told to take it easy, and that's what you'll do.'

'It's not like I'm at death's door or anything.'

'And I'm going to make sure it stays that way.'


'And it's no good your 'mumming' me. Dealing with staff being unwell is an occupational hazard that you need to learn to handle – even if the staff concerned is you.'

When my mother's in this frame of mind, argument is pointless.

'Is it OK if I sit here?'

'I suppose so. Though while you're here, I have to tell you that I've had that talk with Mrs. Marshall. I don't know what you've done, but she seems to think the sun shines out of your backside. And she's positively gushing about how good you've been for her grandson – to the point where she virtually insisted that he be allowed to look after you and spend all the time he wants with you. I'm somewhat surprised – very proud of you of course – and I must confess that if Luke will be making sure you behave yourself then that's one less thing for me to have to do. And sorry to have walked in on you earlier – I should have waited for you; though if we're talking about surprises, finding the two of you in the shower together rather took me aback.'

'I told you, he was making sure I didn't fall and washing the blood out of my hair – and we both needed a shower after swimming in the sea anyway.'

'But together?'

'Mum, he was just being genuinely helpful; how could he stop me from falling over if he wasn't in there with me? And how do you think we all shower at school anyway? It's not as though boys never see each other naked…in fact it's normal.'

'Well, yes, I suppose so…but have you told him you're gay?'

'Yes, actually, I have – in fact he's the first person I've ever told apart from you and Chris…but why would that make a difference? Just because I'm gay doesn't mean I'm about to seduce every good-looking boy who comes along. Luke knows I'm gay and he couldn't care less. He has a girlfriend anyway. Though while we're talking about it, if he and I did want to have sex, what would it have to do with you anyway?'

'He's a guest.'

'Mum…in most hotels it's the staff who need protecting from some of the guests, not the other way round.'

'Who told you that?'


'Oh that man! I'm going to have to have a word with him…'

Then she looks at me and sighs.

'But you're quite right Charlie. Your private life is your affair and doubtless you'll start having sex soon enough. Just…'

'…I know; be careful.'

She laughs.

'And I'm proud of you Charlie for so many things. For coming to help here; for coming out – and for whatever it is you did to make Mrs. Marshall so nice about you. You have a gift with people, Charlie – and that's why I know you'll make a great hotelier one day.'

'Thanks, mum.'

'But I'm still going to insist that you take it easy; no arguments.'

'OK, mum. But can I go and talk with Luke when they've finished dinner?'

'You really like that boy, don't you?'

'Yes, mum, I do. And…if he's looking after me and if he's going to wake me up every four hours, is it OK if he shares my room?'

'I suppose that's the only practical solution…but where's he going to sleep?'

'In my bed, with me. It's enormous.'

'But will he…that is…'

'I think we've had this conversation, mum. And I promise I won't try to rape him. I think that would count as both strenuous and stressful.' I grin.

And she has the decency to laugh

Once Luke and his grandmother have finished dinner, I go and find them in the lounge.

'Charlie,' says Mrs. Marshall, 'I'm so pleased you're alright; I understand my idiot grandson is to blame?'

'He's not an idiot, Mrs. Marshall and it was just an accident. It could easily have happened the other way round. And I wanted to thank you for what you said to my mother. She told me you'd said some very kind things about me that are entirely unjustified.'

'I merely told her the truth. Or most of it.' A little smile played round her lips. 'I assume she doesn't know and hasn't worked it out?'

'She knows I'm gay but not about how Luke and I feel about each other - or not yet anyway. I do want to tell her – I'm not ashamed of how I feel – but it will be easier once you're no longer guests; she's a bit old-fashioned about that sort of thing.'

'Good for her. As a guest it's my privilege to break those conventions, but I entirely approve of her attitude. Now, I expect you two have things to do. Will I see you at breakfast, Luke?'

'I'm sure I'll be ready for something to eat by then.'

'I'm sure you will. Off you go.'

'Thank you again, Mrs. Marshall.'

'Not at all.'

Luke stays with me that night, and the next. We have sex – but it is gentle and strictly oral. I want him inside me but Luke firmly reminds me of doctor's orders. As he says, once he's inside me, there's no way it's going to be anything but extremely vigorous. And in some ways, it's the best sex we've had so far because we are in no rush; we need to take it slow and it's all the more magical because of it.

Tomorrow is Thursday; the day I get my GCSE results, and I get a message from my best friend Chris enquiring if I'm still alive, as he hasn't heard anything from me for more than a week. I feel very guilty and give him a brief outline of events, before inviting him over in the morning. It will be good to see him – and I'd like him to meet Luke. And we can celebrate or commiserate about our results together as well.

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