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The Pretenders

by c m

Chapter 4

After our shower, neither of us feels the need to put our clothes back on; the door is locked and we just enjoy the sight and feel of one another's bodies as we cuddle up on the sofa with a cup of coffee and enjoy the afterglow that good sex brings.

We end up with me sitting back in one corner of the sofa, my legs stretched out along the length of it, and Kai sitting between them, his head laid back on my chest, his hair still damp from the shower. I wrap my arms around him.

'Have you really only had two other boys inside you, Kai?'

'Yes…and you know about both of them. They were both fun – especially Dillon - but even with him it was nothing like what we've just done.' He pauses. 'And you, Jase…is Robbie the only other boy you've been with?'

'Yes, Kai. The only one. Until now. And you…you're in a different league – in every way. Your looks, your body, your energy, your passion. I loved your brother, Kai. But I can already feel myself falling for you in a whole different way.'

He shifts to face me.

'Really? Do you mean that?'

'Yes, Kai.'

'Then I'm the happiest boy in the world.'

He kisses me. Then there's the hint of a wicked smile.

'Umm…I know I shouldn't ask, Jase, but if Robbie is the only other boy you've been with, how do I…that is…who is…which of us…'

'Chalk and cheese, Kai….'

I leave him dangling.

'Who's which?

I just look at him.

'Oh, you're so mean!' he says.

'Your fault for asking,' I say, with a shake of my head.

A cloud seems to pass over his handsome features.

'You mean….'

Time to put him out of his misery.

'Robbie's the chalk…' then I pause. 'Actually, it would be unfair to call Robbie chalk…and you…you're nothing like cheese. Robbie was more like…bronze, but you….you're gold…pure gold.'

'You mean that?'

'Every word.'

'I can't tell you how that makes me feel. I know it shouldn't matter, but…'

'I understand. And it doesn't make you half as happy as it makes me knowing that this is what sex is going to be like from now on.'

'You saying you want to do it again?'

'Again? Oh, yes…again…and again…and again...and again and again and again and again…'

We both start to laugh, then he kisses me.

'Goody…because so do I. Lots and lots. Lots and lots and lots and lots and lots.'

He snuggles back into me and we lie there in companionable silence for a minute on two.

'Tell me what it's like to be a model, Kai.'

'Well, it's not as glamorous as it sounds – most of the time. A lot of waiting around, a lot of fiddling with the lighting. Most of the photographers are fine, but there's the odd pervy one. Or one of their assistants who just happens to come into the room where you're changing at the moment you just happen to be naked.'

'What do you do if that happens?'

He smiles.

'I tell them to fuck off and tell them that if they do it again I'll make it public. It was something one of the other more experienced models told me to do on one of my first shoots.'

'Are many of the other models gay?'

'I truly don't know. Some must be. But everyone is totally professional when you're doing a job. And because of my age, the Agency is very careful. They try to ensure I don't get involved in shoots that mean I need to strip totally if they can avoid it - but if you're doing swimwear or something like that, it can't be helped.'

'Do you share changing rooms with other models?'

'Yes – and getting naked with them is fine if we have's just part of the job. No-one makes anything of it.'

'I think I'd have a permanent stiffy if I was within a hundred yards of you naked.'

'Mmm… the idea of you having a permanent stiffy is rather arousing.'

He takes one of my hands and moves it down to his groin. Despite all the sex we've had, I feel him thicken and harden at my touch.

'I think you redefine the notion of being a horny little sod.'

'Probably,' he says happily, 'but that's as much your fault as mine. It's the 'Jase effect'. You just turn me on so much…and from the feel of it, you're not exactly immune to it either.'

He's right. Despite everything, I can feel myself responding to his growing arousal. He slips off the sofa and kneels beside me. He kisses what is, by now, my semi-hardness. He wraps his fingers round it.

'I'd love to, Kai, but I'm a bit sore. Sorry.'

'That's OK. Got any cream?'

'In the bedside cabinet.'

He goes and gets it.

'Thank you,' I say.

'Oh it's just enlightened self-interest. I need this back in full working order as soon as possible.'

He grins.

'It'll be fine by tomorrow...but aren't you sore too?'

'A bit – you know…back there…but I wouldn't have it any other way. And that'll be fine by tomorrow as well.'

We smile at each other. And I suddenly feel ravenous.

'I suppose we better get dressed. I don't know about you, but I'm hungry and thirsty.'

He nods.

'I guess you're right; your cum, though copious and delicious, probably doesn't constitute a full-blown meal.'

We go into town and have pizza. The nice young waiter serving us can't take his eyes off Kai. I realise Kai keeps getting glances from customers as well – girls and boys alike.

'Does this happen to you all the time?' I ask.

'Does what happen?'

'That people keep looking at you.'

'Do they?'

'Don't tell me you haven't noticed.'

'If you say so.'

And it strikes me they must all be so envious of me. To be with this handsome boy. I wonder if they know…or think…that he's gay. That we're gay. That we're a couple.

A couple.

The thought fills me with joy. If I'd had any doubts about being in a relationship with Kai, they've just disappeared. I suddenly feel I want everyone to know that this gorgeous boy is mine.

'Kai, would it embarrass you if I kissed you?'

'Kissed me? Here? Now?'

I nod.

A smile creeps slowly across his face.

'I'll show you how much it would embarrass me.'

And he leans across and kisses me.

I sense that there are suddenly a lot of disappointed girls in the restaurant. And few boys. Including our waiter. He comes over to ask if we've finished our pizza.

'Do you mind me asking if you're a couple?' he says, as he picks up the empty plates.

'Pretty much,' I say.

I glance across at Kai and see a huge grin spreading across his face.

The waiter turns to Kai. 'If you don't mind me saying so, I think you're one of the most beautiful boys I've ever seen.'

He turns back to me.

'I envy you…not that I'd kick you out of bed either.'

He says this with a broad smile.

'Or I you,' I say.

And I wouldn't. He's really rather good looking.

'Have you two known each other long?'

'About four years, but we've only recently become a couple.'

'Then I wish you all the best. Dessert?'

We both have a hankering for ice-cream. Chocolate ice-cream.

'Two ice-creams it is.'

Once he's gone, Kai says:

'Did you mean it…that we're a couple?'

'Feels like that to me…if that's OK with you.'

'OK? It's fucking amazing. Oh God…I'm so happy I could kiss you.'

And he does.

When Danny - his name according to his badge – returns with the ice-creams, he has a question for Kai.

'Is it OK to ask…it's just that one of the girls in the kitchen says she thinks you're a model – that she's seen your face in magazines.'

'It's possible,' says Kai, 'I do do some modelling, mostly fashion.'

'Guess it makes sense that someone with your looks would be a model. Hope you enjoy the ice-cream.'

When Danny comes back to clear the bowls, he has a request for Kai.

'I know this might be a bit awkward, and I'll tell her 'no' if you don't want to, but Charlie – that's the girl who thought you were a model – wonders if she could have a selfie with you?'

Kai looks at me. 'Is that OK with you, Jase?'

'If you're happy to then it's fine – and you don't need my permission.'

'Well if you're sure.' He turns back to Danny. 'Tell her 'OK'.'

Danny turns to go, then turns back.

'I…oh God…that is…could I have one too?'

Kai looks at me and we both smile.

'Seeing as how it's you, Danny.'

Danny takes out his phone and squeezes up to Kai. Two clicks later and it's done.

'Thanks so much,' he says, 'I'll be right back with Charlie.'

Charlie duly appears. She is definitely not shy.

'Oh my God, you're so gorgeous. I can't believe this. The girls will be SO jealous.'

She, too, gets her face beside Kai's and takes a couple of pics.

'Thank you so much. Oh wow. This so awesome. Just thank you!'

She goes back to the kitchen wreathed in smiles.

I turn back to see that Kai, to my surprise, is visibly upset.

'I'm so sorry, Jase. Can we go please? Before anyone else asks.'

'Don't apologise. You're gorgeous. Why wouldn't someone want a pic with you? And I don't mind – honest.'

'But I'm here with you. It's our first date – kind of. I just want to be with you. Please can we go?'

I indicate to Danny that we want the bill. I pay – despite Kai's protests – and we leave Danny a decent tip before making our way back to my rooms. As we walk I can sense Kai is still upset.

'Kai…please don't feel bad. Have you any idea how good it makes me feel to be with a boy who is so cute other people want to be photographed with him?'

'Really, Jase?'

'Really, Kai. Even on our first date,' I say with a smile.


'And anyway, most dates start off with a meal and end up in bed not the other way round.'

That makes him laugh, and then he links his arm through mine all the way back to my room.

In bed that night we just cuddle up with one another. After our earlier exertions, there is no question of having sex.

In the morning, it's a different story; Kai seems to be virtually fully-recharged, and I'm happy to oblige him with a nice, slow bj and then to have him fuck me, which he does with gusto. As he slips wetly out of me, he begs me to do the same to him, and slightly sore though I still am, lust leads the way as I bury myself inside him in a single thrust.

'Oh God…that feels so good, Jase. I love having you inside me so much.'

Once inside him it is as if we've been made for each other. He is no passive partner as he moves and shifts in perfect synchronisation with me. He tells me what he wants; how fast, how hard, what position. It's the first time anyone has told me what they want while we're actually engaged in having sex, and I find it both arousing and energising. It wakes up the animal in me. It is sex as I have never had it before, and when I come it is as if part of my very life-force is being driven out of me and into him.

By the time I roll off him, I'm exhausted.

'That was amazing, Jase. You went all feral on me. I liked it.'

'There's no doubt you drive me wild, Kai. I hope I didn't hurt you.'

'Not at all. It was…amazing. I wouldn't mind it like that every time.'

'Every time?'

'Well, maybe not every time…it's nice when we take it slow as well…but definitely like that sometimes.'

'I'll do my best to oblige.'

'I'm sure you will.'

We kiss.

We spend the rest of the day together, just talking. We find that we make each other laugh and we are totally at ease in one another's company. Kai is fun to be with and I feel both happier and more exhilarated than I've felt in ages. And I know there is more to how I'm feeling than just the joy of having sex with him.

My friend Pete comes round during the afternoon as I'm making Kai a cup of coffee. As usual he gives the door a perfunctory tap before just breezing in.

'Hi Jase, I was just wondering…oh, sorry, I didn't know you had visitors.'

'Hi Pete, this is Kai, a friend from home. Kai, this is Pete, he's a sorry excuse for a human, but despite that we're good friends'

'Oh charming! Hello Kai,' says Pete, holding out his hand.

'Coffee, Pete? I'm just making one.'


Pete sits down opposite Kai in one of the slightly tatty armchairs. He's straight, but he knows I'm gay. He looks at Kai appraisingly, then turns to me.

'I don't want to be indelicate,' he says, 'but is this the boyfriend from home you talked about?'

I look at Kai. He gives me a look that says 'tell him whatever you want'.

'Yes…and no,' I say.

'Helpful as ever,' says Pete.

'This is probably going to sound a bit…weird.'

'Almost everything you do is weird,' says Pete, 'so far…so normal.'

I can see Kai smiling.

'My boyfriend broke up with me at Christmas. Which is why I've been a bit of a grinch the last two weeks.'

'Oh I'm sorry, mate…why didn't you tell me?'

'Because…because…it hurt. Being dropped by someone you love in favour of someone else doesn't do much for your self-esteem.'

'I get it. But you said….?'

'Yes. Well. You see, Kai is Robbie's – Robbie was my boyfriend – Kai is Robbie's younger brother and…well…we've always got on together and Kai was 'out' long before Robbie and I were, and…'

Pete's eyebrows are somewhere up near his hairline.

'So you've swapped brothers?! Fuck me! What did Robbie say?'

'He doesn't know. It's only just happened. And it's none of his business really...'

Before I can continue, Kai interrupts.

'I know it may be hard to believe, but I've fancied Jase here for a long time. And the trouble is, he's just a really nice guy and I knew that someone would fall for him pretty soon once he became available. And I wanted that person to be me. So I came here and told him and….well…turns out he likes me too…so…'

'Talk about keeping it in the family, Jase! But I guess that means that Kai is a good bit younger than you; are you still at school, Kai?'

'I'm a couple of years younger than Jase – but perfectly legal.'

'Of course, and I didn't mean to suggest…God, I'm so sorry, I really didn't mean to imply anything.'

'That's OK, Pete,' I say, 'I know you didn't. And Kai is at 6th form College part-time. He's completing an NVQ alongside his career.'

'His career? What do you do, Kai?'

'I'm a model.'

Pete smiles.

'Look, I'm not into guys, but I can't say that surprises me. You're a very good-looking lad, Kai, so how come you've settled for this toad?'

'First he's no toad. And second…how do you explain attraction? I dunno…I've just been hopelessly attracted to him for almost as long as I can remember. Look…you're his friend, you must know how lovely he is.'

'Yes, well, just don't tell him I agree with you,' says Pete, looking at me with a smile. 'His head's big enough already. And congratulations. And I guess you two would prefer to be alone with each other if this has all just happened.'

'We're not in so much of a hurry that you can't stay for coffee.'

Pete stays for maybe half an hour, at the end of which he and I hug as usual as he prepares to leave. He's clearly not quite sure what the protocols are with Kai, but Kai solves this by stepping in and pulling Pete into an embrace.

'It's been lovely to meet you, Pete.'

'You too, Kai. Take care – and I wish both of you all the best. Hope to see you again soon.'

'You too, Pete.'

As I shut the door behind him, Kai says:

'What a nice guy.'

'Pete? Yeah, he is. He's a good friend.'

That night is the last we'll have together on this visit. Kai will be away on a shoot the following weekend, so it will be two weeks before we can get together again. We do our damnedest to fit in enough sex to get us through those two weeks. We both end up with aching balls, ravaged holes and sore cocks; and we wouldn't have it any other way.

Our parting is tearful but we both know that we stand on the verge of a great adventure with each other - and the promise of another weekend together is only a fortnight away. We hug and kiss, and kiss and hug until Kai ends up having to run for his train.

I'm walking on air as I head back to college. Half way back, my phone pings and there's a message.

'Thank you so much for the weekend. Thank you so much for being my boyfriend. I love you with all my heart and soul. I can't wait to be with you again. Your Kai. X'

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, I know that I want us to work. And I know that we're going to try. And I cannot get the smile off my face at the thought of it.

…I just wonder what Robbie will say.

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