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Stories by c m

This author has contributed to our Writing Masterclass

Mark and Me

[A story in 15 chapters]

Max and Me

[A story in 17 chapters]

Call me Eild

[A story in 6 chapters]

Short Stories

What a difference a day makes

Knowing Noah

[A story in 12 chapters]


[A story in 10 chapters]

Sunnybanks single chapter tales


[A story in 6 chapters]

Whilst some parts of the setting and a couple of the characters may be familiar, this is a stand-alone story. If Sunnybanks sounds like the sort of place you'd like to know more about, check it out above. And if you have the time, I'd love your feedback…

The Pretenders

[A story in 4 chapters]

The Finding and Making of Nico

[A story in two books]

Life, love and all that jazz

[A story in 4 chapters]