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A Multi-Author Masterclass in Writing Teenage Gay Romance


To help any writer of whatever standard to see what other writers do and choose how to improve. All of us need to improve, no exceptions.

This is a class, a guide, a route map to take an author past the basics. It is not a set of rules, and it recognises that different folk have different styles, though this may be the only place it says so explicitly!

For the new writer, the advice is simple. "Set this stuff on one side and just write what you need to write!" This stuff comes when you are ready.


None of the participants is an expert, but each writes successful fiction. 'Successful' means that they have an audience that is one that requires more than friction; they require a plot.

Current participants are:

Work prior to this masterclass

The site already contains a Guide to Successful Writing. The masterclass is intended to broaden that and use multiple authors and their opinions.


Writing Masterclass

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Current Results

Not all of these segments are complete, and more will be added over time. Existing segments will be updated from time to time. You may want to contribute yourself. Please do. This is a work in progress