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Stories by Dominick St James

A Boys Cameo

[A story in seven chapters]

Kitt Sackville-Gaunt, is a cute boy of fourteen who has a privileged, though down-to-earth background. He is strongly attracted to other boys, has 'progressive' parents who love him unconditionally, and they respect and appreciate Kitt's gay relationship with his thirteen year old pretty boyfriend, Hayley Montgomery.

The story is set in the West Country, chiefly Devon, and, later, Barbados, where the family have a villa. The boys' relationship forms at their high status private school, and quickly escalates. However, they are allowed the licence and freedom to enjoy their evolving relationship, and their relationships with the other boys they involve themselves with. This is the story of their lives, adventures and experiences and is told in first person narrative by Kitt.


[A glorious light hearted romp in three chapters]

Short Stories

Boys of St Gwyneth's

[A story in six chapters]