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Is It Boring?


When we write we write what interests us. Can we write what interests us in a way that interests you? Can we do that even if you have no idea about the topic, probably aren't really interested in it?

I've been looking at another site, another author. The story plots are decent, but I find I'm scrolling past loads of material that adds no value to the plot and holds no interest for me. They submerge the plot.

As an example, I like the cult TV show Red Dwarf. If you clicked the link you will have found a very boring Wikipedia article. I find it boring even though I like the show! Imagine if I put this material in a tale about two kids who are attracted to each other.

Ok, even if you're one of the other nine red Dwarf fans I think you get my drift.

Too much Red Dwarf stuff adds very little to the plot, even if It's Halloween and you plan to write about The Cat in costume. Just write enough so that the readers know what is going on.

I may even be guilty of that. My favourite thing in the world is to be on the water. When I wrote Hello Buoys! I decided to experiment, to see if a story about the sport of sailing, one that happened to have a couple of gay lads in it, could hold the readers' interest.

Because I stand very close to my sport and the stories I write I cannot see whether the balance was correct. Did it carry the reader all the way or did they scroll over bits because they were boring.

If your editor or beta reader is too polite you will never know. So you need someone prepared to be frank with you, and you need not to be upset with them.

An alternative, of course, is not to care either way. That is your free choice. But you will cut down your readership now and for the future.


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