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by Charles Lacey

Chapter 2

Hi guys, it's Drew here again. I hope you read my story about my adventures on my canal holiday. But I don't know if I told you that we normally live in a suburb of Brum – well, Birmingham if you aren't familiar with English place names.

I had a Saturday job, working in a corner shop. We sold newspapers, sweets, groceries, all kinds of stuff. I did ten till four every Saturday, sometimes a few extra days in the school holidays. It wasn't a bad job, and old Mr Carter that owned it, was quite generous with the wages. And I got paid by the day, in cash.

So one Saturday I was in there, and it was pretty quiet. We'd had a few people in for their papers, and there's always a trickle of people in and out wanting a litre of milk or a pack of biscuits, that kind of thing. I had my back to the counter, dusting the shelves behind, and a voice said, "Excuse me, can I buy these things?"

I turned round, and there was this drop dead gorgeous boy. He looked to be about my age – fourteen – not quite as tall as me but kind of chunky, with glossy black hair swept across one eye, straight nose, big soft brown eyes with lovely long lashes and lips that were full but not overdone. Wow, I thought, there's a bit of eye candy if ever I saw one. He looked at me and his eyes widened. Not much, but they did. Anyway, he paid for the things he wanted – a newspaper, a bottle of SevenUp and a bar of chocolate – and his fingers brushed mine as he put some coins into my hand. Then he looked at me and smiled. And my heart melted. Then he turned round and went out.

Well, then we had some more customers in, mostly old ladies, plus a couple of little tykes wanting sweets, then Mr Carter said, "I'm going for lunch now, I'll leave you in charge." And then who should come in but Mr Gorgeous again. He said, do you have any Bournville chocolate? I said, "Yes, let me show you," and came out from behind the counter (I didn't forget to lock the till – first thing you learn in a shop!) and showed him where the chocolate was. He thanked me and picked out a couple of things to buy. This time he paid with a five pound note, and definitely brushed my hand as I gave him his change.

Then about three-thirty he came in again! This time he didn't buy anything, but just said, "I'm new to this area, we just moved up from London, what is there to do round here?" So I told him about the cinema, the bowling alley and a few other places. He said, "How do you feel about going bowling tonight when you finish work?" My heart was going a zillion beats to the minute, but I took a deep breath and said, "Sure, tell you what, I finish work at four, I could show you round a bit." Then Mr Carter said, "Don't wait till four, Drew, you can go now, I'll pay you for the full day anyway." So that dear old man handed over wages for six hours, and said, "Have a good time".

So we walked around for a bit, then we sat in the park and talked. He said his name was Jason, but he hated it and everyone called him Jay. He said, "My Dad is working in Birmingham at the moment, but only for a year, so we've rented a house. I have to board at school so as not to 'disturb my education' and I come up here when we have an Exeat, that's a weekend when we are allowed away."

Anyway, we went to Pizza Hut and had a couple of fancy ones with all the trimmings, and an ice cream, then we went to the bowling alley. While Jay was bowling I got a good look at him. Like I say, he was kind of chunky. He was wearing tight jeans which showed off his figure. He had the most gorgeous little round bum I'd ever seen, and I swear there was a bit of an outline in front that I hadn't noticed earlier.

Anyway, he won two games and I won three, and then he said, "I'd better be going, my Mum will be getting worried, but thanks for a great time." And I said, "Next time you are up here come into the shop and we'll go out somewhere."

"Oh," he said, "I was hoping I'd see you tomorrow." So my heart nearly burst out of my chest, but I said, all calmly, "That would be great. I have to be at home in the morning but how about meeting me outside the shop at two-thirty?" "It's a date," he said, and I didn't think then, but I did later, that's a strange thing to say. So we shook hands, and he held my hand just slightly too long, if you take my meaning.

The next day I was there five minutes or so early, but Jay was already there. He was wearing tight jeans again, but black instead of blue this time, and a pale grey top, and he said, "Hi there, I was hoping we might walk a bit, is there any woodland around here?" So we got on a bus and went out to the woods at Moseley Bog. It's awesome there, someone once told me that it inspired the woodland in Lord of the Rings. We walked through the trees, and a couple of times his hand brushed against mine. And we walked on a bit, and talked, and found things we had in common, though I was just an ordinary boy with a bit of a Brummie accent, and he was definitely upper class with a real public school voice. Then he suddenly said, "Drew, I like you." I blushed so much you could have lit a cigarette on my forehead. And then Jay said, "No, I mean, I really like you." And we stopped walking, and I turned to face him and said, "Does that mean what I hope it does?"

He didn't say anything then, but his hands came out and caught mine, and slowly, slowly his face came nearer to mine, and I felt his breath on my cheeks, and then those lovely lips parted, and his hands dropped mine and came round my chest, and I prepared for a lovely long, sensuous kiss. And then a bloody dog barked, and some damned brat came through the trees chasing the bloody dog, and totally broke the spell. I could have killed the pair of them. So we sprang apart, and pretended to be really interested in the undergrowth. But when the kid and the dog had gone, Jay turned back to me and said, "Where were we?"

And I leaned my back against a big oak tree, and put my arms around Jay, and our lips parted and met, and my brain turned into pink candy-floss, and my dick turned into a wild animal that was trying to escape from the trap in my jeans. I had to slide a hand in past my waistband to point it upwards, otherwise it would probably have burst the zip.

But I could feel that Jay's dick was having the same problem as mine. They were only separated by a couple of layers of cloth, and I think they were trying to get out to say hello to each other. But I didn't dare say anything, in case he thought I was taking things too fast. So we smooched away, and his tongue came into my mouth and explored it, and then I felt his hands sliding up inside my T-shirt, and my hands went down into the small of his back. I'd have liked to feel his arse, but I didn't dare, not so soon. His hands felt so soft and warm, they slid up my chest, covered my nipples for a few minutes, not really feeling them but just resting there, then they slid down to my waist.

Well, I thought, why not? And my hands came down to Jay's waist, and then down a bit. His jeans were pretty tight as I have already said, and didn't leave much to the imagination. His arse was lovely and firm, small and rounded and perfect. His lips left mine after one last lingering smooch, and he sank gracefully to his knees (he couldn't have done anything that wasn't graceful) and his hands came down to my arse. Well, I am just the tiniest bit proud of my arse. I once arranged a couple of mirrors so I could see it, and if had been anyone else's I would have fancied it like nothing else on earth.

So Jay rested his face on my belly and let his hands explore my arse, then a millimetre at a time my zip came down, and he popped a couple of fingers in and out came Mr Dick and his mouth closed over him and I was dead glad I'd had a wank followed by a shower before I came out, because I was able to hold myself in and I was clean under the foreskin. But before long it was obvious that I couldn't last much longer, so I pulled out of his mouth, and took his hands in mine, and led him over to a fallen tree. I sat on the tree trunk, and Jay stood in front of me, and I felt that lovely bum of his again, and my mouth nuzzled against the front of his jeans. He undid his own zip, and then his piece came out, as stiff as a stave. It was lovely, slightly curved, not quite as thick as mine but slightly longer, and with just a bit of purple tip showing under the foreskin. Well, there was no way that was not going in my mouth, so in it went, and my tongue started working around the head. The foreskin was quite loose, which suited me as my tongue could slip under it. I felt him stiffen, and then he came. And I mean, he came. The first jet hit the back of my mouth and went straight down my throat. Two or three spurts later it lost some of its force and trickled onto my tongue.

There are a lot of things in the world that taste good, but I reckon boy semen, if the boy is clean and healthy, is one of the best. And it surely did it for me. Mr Dick was still sticking out of my jeans. It took exactly three strokes of Jay's hand before it suffered the same fate as his. He'd had the sense to stand with his legs well apart, otherwise he'd have had some explaining to do. But because I'd had a wank earlier my pressure was reduced. So we put away and zipped up, and then he sat beside me on that log and we kissed again, and then he said, "We'd better be getting back, your Mum will wonder where you are." We didn't talk much as we got the bus back. But when we parted, he said something that made me go all fuzzy inside. He said, "Thank you, Drew, that was the best afternoon in my whole life. I've got to go back to school first thing tomorrow, but can we meet again on my next Exeat?"

We couldn't kiss goodbye as we were back in town and you never know who's watching, we have some right nosy neighbours, but I said, "I'll be thinking of you every day till we meet again." He held my hand for a moment, and then I had to go indoors, and he had to go back to his Dad's, and that was that.

A couple of days later I had a postcard from Jay (remember this was before most people had emails or mobiles). He told me that his half term would be in three weeks, and how would I like a day in London?

Well, I'd been to London a few times but was always up for another visit, and definitely up for anything that meant seeing Jay again. In more senses than one. So I wrote back on a postcard of Moseley Woods and said Yes, will you be here this weekend? If so call at the shop, otherwise I can get a train and you meet me at Euston, let me know what you want to do.

Every morning for the next week I was up so early it was nearly the previous day, to see what was in the post. Even Dad noticed! But no way was I going to let on why I was suddenly so interested in the post. But a few days later came another postcard from Jay to say, catch the 9.05 from New Street on the Monday of half term and I'll meet you at Euston.

How I got through the next two weeks I don't know. I looked at every boy in school, and a fair few others as well, and none of them was a tenth as gorgeous as Jay. But on that Monday I was there at New Street station well ahead of time. I'd told Mum I was going out with a friend. I got a quizzical look from her that said, is it a girl? But I went off on the bus and then onto the train.

Euston is a bloody huge place, makes New Street look like a toy train set. But there he was, even more handsome than I remembered. I would have liked to kiss and hug him, but of course I didn't. He led me along a lot of passages and onto the Tube – that's what they call the underground railway in London – and we got out at a station called Sloane Square. Then he took me along several streets lined with very big, very posh houses, and finally went up the front steps of one and opened the front door with a key.

Well, that house was seriously large. And furnished – well, even I could tell that it had cost a lot of money. It was all quite plain, if you take my meaning, but expensive plain. I'd known that Jay was a cut above me, an ordinary Brummie with a bit of an accent, but that house blew my mind into little bits. But as soon as the front door closed with us inside Jay's arms were around me and his lips met mine, and I forgot the expensive surroundings and everything else. We must have stood there for a while, but then he took my hand and led me upstairs. This is my room, he said, and I could believe it. There were shelves with loads of books, a big desk, his own TV set and video player. There was also a big, soft, bed.

It was lovely being somewhere that we didn't have to keep an eye open for interruptions. Jay's shirt came off first, then mine. Then our trousers came off, and we looked at each other's underpants. Both had sizeable bulges in them. So they came off too, and we both put a hand down and gave each other a rub. Then it was onto the bed. We started face to face, then Jay turned around, head to toes, so that we could use our tongues on each other's dicks. I was as hard as a steel rod and Jay was no softer.

After a bit of this we had to come up for air, and Jay said, "Have you ever made love properly? I'd really like you to be my first." Well, if you have read the story of my summer holiday on the canal, you will know that I have done it once before, once each way that is, so I was happy to go along with Jay. Actually I'd have been happy with anything he suggested. I said, "Do you want me on my back or face down?" "Face down," he said. He ran out of the room and came back with a pot of cold cream, which he smeared over his dick, and rubbed a bit round my arse as well. He stood for a few moments looking at me, and said, "You've got the most fantastic arse." "I know," I replied, "it's been admired before. But yours is pretty good too."

So there I was face down, and I relaxed so that it would be easy for him to enter. I felt him slide past the ring and start pumping. "Am I hurting you?" he asked. "No," I said, "It's great, keep going."

And it was great. His dick was what I'd call really pretty, nicely proportioned but not too huge. I could feel him moving inside me. His hand came down my chest and middle and grasped my cock. Better not do that, I said, I don't want to come yet. I could feel his lips and breath on the back of my neck, and could feel his breathing getting faster. Suddenly his dick got fatter and longer, and he cried out – a sort of great long aaahhh! and then I actually felt his ejaculation inside me. He pulled out then, and wiped himself on a towel which he'd thought to put handy. I turned over and lay on my back, and he lay by my side, his arms around my neck, and we had a long, slow, lingering kiss. Now remember I was still as hard as iron, so Jay slid his head down until he could reach Mr Dick. Well, I was ready to explode, so it didn't take long. I went off like a hand grenade, and he swallowed every drop. There must have been a fair bit, too, because I usually make a good bit, and I hadn't had a wank for a couple of days.

So we lay there, just cuddling each other, and he said, "Thank you, Drew, that was just wonderful. I... I think you're great." (I think he was going to say, I love you, but thought better of it.)

I guess we lay there for half an hour, maybe more, just cuddling and talking quietly. He told me a bit about his school, which was called Uppingham. It's a very expensive private boarding school, but I don't know that I'd want to board there. I guess I am too used to my home comforts. I mean, the Olds are a bit – well, old-fashioned, and my sister is dead annoying, but I wouldn't want to be away for weeks at a time.

Now I hadn't been to the loo since going on the train, so by now I needed a pee. Jay said he'd show me the way. Well, that was some serious bathroom. The bath was easily big enough for two, and the carpet on the floor was that thick your feet just sank into it. But the toilet was straightforward, and I went over to it and lifted the lid, and I felt Jay's hand come round and hold Mr Dick. "You don't mind, do you?" he asked, and I said, "Be my guest, as long as I can hold yours."

He moved round so that we were nearly facing each other, and I put out a hand and held his dick and we peed together. I'd never thought about it before, but actually it's quite a turn-on. You can watch the pee pushing the foreskin aside – actually mine tends to balloon a little bit, and I could see that gave Jay quite a kick. And then there's the business of squeezing out the last few drops. And let's face it, anything to do with a boy's dick is going to be interesting.

By now there wasn't a lot of time left for us to catch the train back to Brum – Jay was coming too so as to be with his parents for half term – so we had a quick wash and put on our clothes. Jay made his bed carefully, so that there wasn't any sign of our having been there, and we got the Tube back to Euston, and then the train. All the time on the train, of course, we had to be terribly proper, or all kinds of trouble could have started. But we agreed to meet on the Wednesday and go to the pictures.

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