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by Charles Lacey

Chapter 3

I don't know what the film was that we were supposed to be seeing, as I had more interesting things to do. We sat near the back, and as soon as the lights went down we started by holding hands, then we stroked each other's legs, then somehow zips came undone and hands slid inside. During the darker moments in the film we managed a few kisses too. But we looked at some boys and girls who were openly snogging, and we both said, "It isn't fair, if they can kiss and cuddle in public why can't we?"

After that Jay said we wouldn't be able to meet again for a while as his father was taking him to Scotland for a few days. Nice to have the money, I thought. My Dad is the head salesman in a car franchise, and though he makes a good salary by Birmingham standards, we live in a quite ordinary three-bedroom semi-detached and he certainly couldn't afford to send me to a boarding school. Not that I was jealous of Jay. I liked him much too much for that.

I... liked him, I wrote just now, but perhaps just a bit I was beginning to love him. He was not only stunningly good looking, but he was generous and kind and sweet natured. I only hoped his family appreciated him. What I do know is that every time I thought of him, which was about every five minutes, I went all fuzzy inside. He sent me a lovely postcard from Scotland, and then of course he had to go back to school. As did I, of course. I sent him a card at school, saying how much I had enjoyed our day in London, and hoping we might have another one. Since anyone might have read the card, I couldn't put anything explicit, but I knew he'd read between the lines. I put three x's very small, just under the stamp, though.

I had a card back from Jay, this time with three little x's above the stamp. He suggested that we meet in London at the end of term, shortly before Christmas and, he said, I can show you the lights. And after that he drew a tiny smiley face.

After meeting Jay, I'd decided to work much harder at school. Partly to impress him, and partly because having caught a glimpse of what serious money can buy, I wanted to go to University and then get a really well paid job. The teachers had all noticed how much better I was doing, and I got a really good report at the end of term.

I'd told the Olds that I'd made a friend called Jay, and explained that they lived in Brum for the time because of his Dad's job, but that they really lived in London, and he'd offered to show me the Christmas lights. By now I was fifteen and they didn't seem to think there would be any problem. In those days boys' friendships were supposed to be just that.

So as before he met me at Euston, and we went to his house. It was a bit chilly, being December, but Jay had an electric heater in his bedroom, and we could keep each other warm. Well, we were doing just that, and warming up nicely, when we heard the front door bang, and voices in the hall. Jay put his finger to his lips and crept to the door to listen. Then he padded silently back to the bed and whispered, "It's my mother, and some bloke, I don't know what's going on." We soon did. Footsteps coming up the stairs (thankfully Jay had closed his bedroom door to keep the heat in) and a door opening, then some talk and laughter, and eventually some quite unmistakable noises. Poor Jay was horribly embarrassed, red in the face – well, red most of the way down – and we put on our clothes as quietly as possible. We crept down the stairs and out through the kitchen, through the back door and out onto the street.

When we were out in the garden, I could feel Jay trembling beside me. I put my arms around him and held him, and said, "It's OK, Jay, don't worry, I'm here for you." I thought he was going to cry, but he pulled himself together and gave me a kiss, and then we made our way onto the street and down to the Tube. We came up again at Oxford Street and we walked along, hand in hand, not caring who saw, gazing at the lights. And I have to admit, they were spectacular.

Jay was very quiet on the train back to New Street. We sat side by side at a table (there were two old ladies on the other side who mostly went to sleep) and we held hands most of the way. About half way there Jay suddenly said, "I'm really glad I've got you, Drew." So I just looked at him and smiled, and then he said, "I think that sort of thing is disgusting." Well I have to say that I agreed. My parents may be only ordinary sort of people, but at least they stick together. I can't imagine Mum sneaking off to have sex with another man. And then on impulse I said, "Come to our house tomorrow for tea." He looked at me, and his face lit up, and he said, "Can I really? I'd love to."

When I got home of course, I had to face the music. I'd invited my friend to tea without asking first. But I knew they were keen to meet him, so it didn't take long before they were talking about what to do for a meal.

When Jay arrived, I could sense him looking around, he'd probably never been in a semi-detached house before. But ours is nice, and Mum does keep it clean. So of course the Olds wanted to know all about him, where he went to school, what his Dad did, all the rest of it. In the end I just said, "Come up to my room, Jay," and he followed me upstairs. When I'd closed the door I looked at him and he looked at me, then we were in each other's arms. Then we sat side by side on my bed, and Jay told me a lot about his home life. It seemed his Mum wasn't at home when he got there, and she was away all night. His Dad didn't want to talk about it, but Jay had begun to realise that both of his parents had been playing away on and off, probably for years.

Then Jay said, "I like your parents, I wish mine were like them." There didn't seem to be an answer to that, so I just put an arm round his shoulders and pulled him close to me. We sat like that, very still, for a few minutes until Dad shouted up the stairs, "Tea's ready."

So we went down and I have to admit that Mum had made an effort. It was a roast beef dinner, with Yorkshire pudding and then an apple crumble with custard. Jay tucked in and so did I. Dad talked to him a good bit, doing what he calls "drawing him out" and I could feel him relaxing. Eventually the time came when Jay had to go home, and we opened the front door, and it was snowing hard! Already the path was thick with snow. Mum said, "Will you be alright in this? You could stay the night if you don't want to risk it, we can just ring your parents."

I could feel Jay beside me sort of crumpling when Mum mentioned his parents. Jay said, quietly, "Oh, Mrs Robson, they won't care, Mum's away and Dad will be out. There's only Mrs Hopkins, she's the housekeeper." So Jay rang his home number and spoke to the housekeeper, and explained that he was staying overnight with a friend as it was snowing hard. Then Mum spoke to Mrs Hopkins as well, to reassure her that we were respectable, and meanwhile Dad got out the folding bed and put it up in my room. Then we all sat in the sitting room and watched TV together until it was bedtime.

We went upstairs and I found Mum had put a spare pair of my pyjamas for Jay, and a towel and facecloth, and even a new toothbrush for him. We washed and undressed and got into bed – separate beds as there wouldn't have been room for both of us in one bed! – and then Mum came in with mugs of hot chocolate and said, "Don't sit up talking till late, boys, lights out at ten," then she went out and closed the door. It was a funny thing, looking at Jay wearing my pyjamas, he looked younger, somehow a bit vulnerable. I wanted to go over and hold him, reassure him. But I didn't want to push my luck.

We chatted quietly for a few minutes, then said goodnight. I hopped out of bed and gave Jay a long good night kiss, then put out the light. I was just going to sleep when I heard sounds from his bed. I listened for a minute or two, then realised he was crying, or at least trying hard not to. I went over to him and held his hand, then when he had got himself under control he said, "That was the best evening I have ever had. You are so lucky to have such a lovely family, and I am so lucky that I found you." Eventually he went to sleep, still holding my hand, and I slipped it away as gently as I could and got back into my own bed.

In the morning Mum woke us up with a cup of tea and a biscuit. Jay seemed surprised, though usually in our house whoever gets up first makes a pot of tea and brings it round. We looked out of the window and the snow had settled thickly. I went downstairs to the kitchen where Mum was making porridge (yuck!) and she said, "I like your friend, he's got lovely manners." So after breakfast we decided to go skating. There were several boys there with their girl-friends, and I thought, Hell, why can't I kiss Jay if these lads can kiss their girls? And why can't we hold hands if we want to? But of course, we couldn't. We got some lunch at the Pizza Hut and then Jay thought he'd better go home, so I went with him and met his housekeeper. She was nice, and thanked me for looking after him. I got the impression she was the only person there who actually cared about him. We managed to get one good long kiss while she was out of the room. And as we parted Jay said to me, "I meant what I said last night, I wish I could come and live with you."

When I got home, Mum said to me, "I don't think your friend has much of a home life. You can ask him here any time you like, just check with me first."

So the next day I rang Jay's house from the telephone box on the corner, and told him what Mum had said. I'd been hoping that we might be able to get some time together in private, if you see what you mean, but he said his Dad was taking him to Scotland for Christmas. I'd not understood before, but they actually had a house in Scotland as well as one in London. Hell, I thought, what next? What I thought was sad was that Jay and his Dad would be in Scotland, while his Mum would be in London. That's no way to spend Christmas, I thought. But we managed to get one day together before he went North. We spent the afternoon in the bowling alley again. He won three games this time and I won two.

A funny thing happened there, though. We'd both had several drinks and needed a pee. So we went out to the gents and stood there next to each other. We suddenly realised we were watching each other. Luckily there was no-one else in there, so we had a quick feel when we'd finished. I was glad, because it lightened things a bit. And Jay came round for tea again. This time it wasn't a special meal, just an ordinary mid-week tea, but Jay enjoyed it just as much. But he couldn't stay the night, to my disappointment, as they were going off very early the next morning to Scotland. But we had a few minutes together in my room and had a good kiss and cuddle. We both got hard-ons, of course, but there was nothing we could do about it.

Christmas came, and then New Year. New Year's Day we always go to my grandparents' house in Aston, which is a big suburb of Birmingham. Nan is an even better cook than Mum. We'd eaten too much at Christmas, and followed it up with even more on New Year's Day. So the next day, which happened to be a Saturday, we slept in. Mr Carter had said I needn't come in as he would only be open for a couple of hours in the morning.

Then in the middle of the morning there was a knock on the door. Mum went to answer it. I heard a murmur of voices in the hallway, then Mum came in. She said, "Your friend Jay's come to see you."

My heart gave a great big lurch. Then Jay came in, and it gave an even bigger one. "Hi Drew," he said, "I couldn't stand it in Scotland any longer. It was freezing cold, and there was nothing to do except go out with a gun shooting things." Mum said, "Jay, do your parents know where you are?"

We talked for a while, and it turned out that Jay's mother had walked out and then he'd had a blazing row with his father. So of course Mum said that he could stay with us, but he'd need to ring his Dad to let him know he was safe. In the end Dad rang him. Dad is pretty easy going as a rule, but from the noises that came from the telephone Jay's father was both angry and rude. Dad went red, but didn't raise his voice. In the end he just said, "Well Jay can stay with us for the weekend, and then we'll see him off to school on Monday."

When he'd rung off Jay said, "I'm really sorry about that, Mr Robson, and thank you for letting me stay."

So Dad got out the folding bed again and Mum popped out to get a few extra things. And Jay and I went to his house to pick up some clothes and the things he'd need for school. He'd left most of his belongings in Scotland.

It wasn't anything like as big as the house in London, but it was still pretty sizeable. Mrs Hopkins had gone to Scotland, so there was no-one there, and it felt chilly. We went to Jay's room, and sorted out his school uniform and a few other clothes, plus some books and the things he'd need to go back to school.

Then he turned and looked at me. His hair had grown a bit and was falling over one eye, and I saw those soft brown eyes with their long lashes, and that sweet smile, and there was nothing that could have stopped me from holding him in my arms. The heating had been turned off, and the room was pretty chilly, but our coats came off, then our pullovers and jeans, then we were in Jay's bed with the covers over us (there wasn't much room, but it didn't matter) and our hands were all over each other, and the rest of our clothes came off. It was lovely, being with him again, both naked, belly to belly, face to face, in his lovely big soft bed. Slowly his leg pushed between my legs, and I could feel his dick rubbing against mine.

And then he said, "I'm still a virgin." Just like that. "I'm still a virgin, but I want you to be my first." And he turned over and lay on his front, with a pillow beneath him, and I got the cold cream which was on the bedside table and put some on Mr Dick and some between his arse cheeks. It wasn't that easy to start with as he was quite tense. But I nibbled the back of his neck and stroked his back and shoulders so that he relaxed, and then in I went. I took it nice and easy so as not to hurt him. Once I was well in I started to hump, quite slowly, but I knew I couldn't last long. I slid my hand down and under his hips and felt his cock. That did it. I shot my load inside him, and a second or two later he shot his load all over the pillow and my hand. We stayed like that for a minute or two, till we got our breath back, and then I pulled out and we started cleaning ourselves, but Jay suddenly said, "Let's have a shower."

Well the bathroom was chilly, but there was a fan heater on the wall, so we turned that on, and got into the shower. We washed each other's legs, and chests and tums, and between our bum cheeks and under our foreskins (and got a couple more stiffies in the process). Then we dried off and got back into Jay's bed. We lay there, close together, still hard but not doing anything until Jay slid down and started with his mouth on my cock. I couldn't reach him, so I turned over and rested on my hands and knees, and he turned over and lay on his back beneath me, and we sucked each other's cocks and stroked each other's arses and legs, and we both came at the same moment. And we collapsed giggling like a couple of girls, and lay in each other's arms for some more time. But we had to get back to my house, so we got dressed, picked up Jay's things in a couple of suitcases, and got the bus back.

Mum put on a good tea (she always does when there's company) and we watched TV and talked in the evening, and then it was bedtime.

Jay had a pair of pyjamas of his own now, so we undressed (not without a bit of mutual admiration) and had a goodnight kiss, then we got into bed and the next thing we knew it was Sunday morning and the Church bells were ringing. We both needed a pee but thought we'd better go separately in case anyone else was about. I gave Jay first turn (he was a guest after all) and when I got back from mine he was in my bed. So we lay there as cosy as a couple of kittens in a basket, until we heard Dad get up and we had to separate.

Well, the weather was pretty terrible, sleety and freezing cold, so we stayed at home. In the afternoon Jay and I both had to do some school work in preparation for the next day, and in the evening we played Monopoly (can you believe it!) and watched a terrible old film on TV.

That night before we went to sleep Jay said to me, "Drew, you are the best ever. I... I wish..."

He never finished that sentence, but he gave me a lovely long, lingering goodnight kiss, so that was alright.

In the morning it was the first day of term, and we had to get ourselves off to school. Dad took Jay to the station in the car and I went along to see him off. On the platform we hugged each other. We'd have liked to kiss but it was too public. Oh why can't we be treated the same as straight people, we both thought. And then Jay was on his train, and we waved goodbye, and I went back to the car, and Dad took me to school, and that was that.

A couple of days later two letters arrived from Jay. One was to my parents, to thank them for looking after him. The other was to me, and I still have it, pressed between the pages of a book, and there's no way anyone else is ever going to read what it said. It's too private.

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