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by David Lee

Chapter 54

After the early May prom, school was basically on a downhill slide. Things moved rapidly. When the elections results were tallied, the team of Zeke and Bryan had won the two top spots for student council. Heather's rumors and extracurricular activities hadn't had the effect she'd expected.

Sam won the office of secretary and Rachel was elected as treasurer. Carol Croy couldn't have been happier with the results. If she had to take on this duty next year, at least she would do so with a great bunch of kids.

Nothing else of great importance happened before the end of the school year. It wasn't long before the choir was performing for graduation, and the endless round of parties began. Then there were finals for the rest of the kids, and school was over once more.

Bryan and Zeke had signed on again with the builder they'd worked for the year before. They were placed under another foreman since they were deemed capable of doing interior work. This job required people who were fussy about detail and it was far less strenuous physically. Also, the work continued rain or shine since it was performed on structures which were already weather-tight.

Rusty was still assigned to exterior work, partly because of his strength and partly because big guys are often thought not to be capable of more refined work. In his case, at least, it wasn't true.

The good thing for him was that he got Bobby signed on too. He didn't tell anyone they were living together, but it was obvious from their behavior that they were close friends.

Bryan and Zeke liked finish work, but they missed being out in the sun. They also missed being in close contact with their buddies. However, the work sites were near enough to each other that the four could have lunch together most of the time, and that was very cool. Lots of tidbits, that only another gay couple would appreciate, were shared over their meals.

Several couples had their unions blessed in the early part of the summer. Tom (Ben's older foster brother) married Amy, his high school sweetheart. It was a big affair attended by lots of their former classmates. Both Pastor Liz and Fr. Jerry were asked to participate in the ceremony. Tom loved Liz for her kindness through his troubled times, and he could not forget that the retreat organized by Fr. Jerry had been the means by which he had found his new life.

Don Hanson and Travis Naughton sat where the groom's parents would normally sit. Tom's mother was invited to join them, but declined. She stayed in the back of the church and left before the reception.

Tom had Ben as his best man. The couple asked Adam to sing a solo. Tom wanted all of his foster family to participate in some way, and Adam was an excellent singer.

Jeri, Dave, Alan, and Brad, were on the guest list. They had been in classes and homeroom with Tom. They had been a part of his support group as he had struggled to make his way from being an angry bully to becoming a happy, loving young man.

Tom and Amy honeymooned in the mountains of Colorado. The scenery was beautiful and they did manage to see SOME of it. But, as far as Tom was concerned, he didn't care if he ever left the hotel room. The best scenery imaginable was Amy.

Their first night was spent in a motel near their departure airport. It didn't matter where they were or how ordinary the accommodations. They were in love and about to consummate their union.

They engaged in a lot of heavy making out before they eventually stripped each other and climbed into the shower. Their kissing and petting was not hampered greatly by the water cascading over their firm young bodies.

When they finally got to the bed, Tom licked his way up both of Amy's legs before burying his tongue in her moist vagina. Before he was finished, she had experienced an awesome orgasm.

She gently pushed him onto his back and began to give him a similar treatment. She worked over his nipples, bathed his navel, and then went for the prize. He had to make her stop before he blew his load.

Thinking that it might be easier on her, Tom had her mount him as he was still lying on his back. Feeling her hot, wet, canal engulfing his well greased, dripping phallus put his lust into overdrive. She was barely getting the rhythm going when he exploded deep inside her.

He apologized for coming prematurely. She smiled saying that it would only serve to make the next round last longer. It did! Another orgasm later (two more for her) they fell asleep smiling.

On Saturday morning in the second week of June, Ben and Adam had a commitment ceremony of their own presided over by Fr. Jerry. They chose to have it in a state park pavilion overlooking the river. It was a beautiful setting.

As had been suggested earlier, Bryan and Zeke did stand with them as attendants and did participate in the singing. The quartet of guys, including the grooms, joined their voices in "I Love You Truly" a cappella at the beginning of the rite. Near the middle, Ben and Adam sang to each other "One Hand, One Heart" from "West Side Story." Adam took the soprano part, but down an octave. It sounded fantastic. Later, Bryan and Zeke sang "In This Very Room" as a duet for the other young men, and for the benediction they did the "Lord's Prayer."

Pastor Liz put her hands on the kneeling lovers and said the final prayer. She knew she might get into trouble with church leaders (the Presbyterian Church, USA hadn't yet accepted gay marriage as they would in a few years), but Ben was her special boy. She loved him as if he were her little brother. She would not deny him (or herself) the memory of this experience.

There were as many handkerchiefs and Kleenexes used as there would have been at the wedding of any straight couple. The parents of the grooms, minus Rita, not only attended, but hosted the catered luncheon which followed. While it was less formal than some weddings, it was no less meaningful for the participants.

After the luncheon was finished and all of the guests had been greeted, the newly committed couple left for their wedding trip. Adam's father, Keith, had provided an all expense paid trip to a gay resort in Key West. It was billed as having several clothing-optional areas. The young men were looking forward to letting it all hang out as well as to consummating their union. They were a little nervous about being naked with lots of other guys. What if someone tried to hit on them? They figured it was bound to happen.

The cab ride from the airport to the resort was interesting. Their driver pointed out various sights which were fascinating to guys who had not been there before. When they pulled up to the reservation center, the cabbie broke into a big smile.

"You guys are going to love this place. Someday, if I can save up enough money, I am going to bring my boyfriend here."

The young men wondered if he had said that to increase his tip or whether he actually had a male lover. Either way, their generous gratuity helped to further his chances.

As they were being escorted to their suite, they passed lots of interesting scenery by the swimming pool. This too was natural, but it certainly wasn't palm trees. Most of the men they saw looked pretty good. Some were a bit chunky and others were on the trim side. Few wore anything. Most of those had lost their tan lines.

"Well," said Ben, "What do you want to do first?"

"I want to get out of these clothes, get into the shower with you, and then make love. I want you to take my cherry. I need to feel you buried deep inside me."

Adam's words were having their desired effect on Ben who was beginning to fill out the front of his shorts rather conspicuously. Ben took Adam into his arms and began to chew on his left earlobe, causing Adam's cock to expand in a similar manner.

The lovers then removed each other's shirt. Ben moved his chewing technique to Adam's left nipple. This brought an excited gasp from Adam who returned the favor. By the time they were naked, both were dripping ropes of precum.

Before they showered, Adam went into the bathroom alone to use a douche to clean himself out. He didn't want to turn Ben off by leaving brown residue on his beautiful cock. Adam practically worshipped it.

Then Ben joined him in the shower. They tenderly washed every inch of each other's body. After drying off, they dropped the towels on the floor and hurried to the king sized bed. Adam carried another bath towel to put under them in case it got messy.

Adam lay on the towel and pulled Ben down on top of his body. He loved the warmth and weight of his lover pressing upon him. He felt secure and loved. He was ready to surrender the last vestige of his virginity to the person he cared for more than anyone else in the world. This was the moment!

As their kisses became more passionate, Adam begged Ben to take him. He pulled his legs up, holding them close to his chest to expose his anal passage as fully as possible. Ben couldn't resist. He bent down to kiss Adam in his most secret place. Adam gasped from the sheer delight of this sign of intimacy. He hadn't expected it.

Ben proceeded to prepare his lover by using plenty of KY jelly and taking it slowly. He began with his index finger, but quickly added his middle one. The boys had been working on stretching each other for the past two month in anticipation of this moment. Once Ben's long middle finger found Adam's prostate, Adam was moving his butt to increase the stimulation.

After successfully adding two more fingers, Ben knew Adam was as ready as he could be. He thoroughly greased his cock and quickly placed it against the entrance before it tightened up again. Guiding it with one hand, he pushed in enough to penetrate the muscle ring.

Adam gasped again. Ben was bigger than he had anticipated. Ben stayed still until Adam's smile let him know it was okay to go further.

It took several minutes of careful movement before Ben's balls were resting on Adam's butt. The lovers lay still in that position kissing until Adam wrapped his legs around Ben's waist. Then Ben began to slide in and out of Adam's hot chute in the time-honored manner. Adam coached Ben to the angle that felt best to him. Now Ben's every thrust was stimulating Adam's magic button. Adam squirmed upward to meet Ben's loving assault.

With the tongue-wrestling, moaning, and the newness of the experience, it didn't take long for Ben to reach the point of no return. He sent splash after splash of his cream into Adam's welcoming chute.

Adam nearly came at the same time, but he wanted to save his load to plant in Ben's body. He had to concentrate really hard to hold back because he wanted it badly.

The guys rested for a few minutes before Ben got up to prepare himself in the bathroom. When he was finished, they took another quick shower together. Now it was Adam's turn to take the active role in their coupling.

Adam prepared Ben much the same way as Ben had done for him. He too kissed his lover's pucker, but he didn't stop there. Using his tongue, he teased Ben's balls and perineum before flicking it over the rosebud. Ben was writhing in ecstasy before Adam had finished.

Once Ben had been stretched sufficiently, Adam entered him as carefully as he could. It was a tender moment. Ben started to cry. Adam was frightened that he had hurt his guy until Ben assured him they were tears of joy.

"I love you so much that I think my heart could burst. I know I liked being on top, but I love feeling you inside of me too. It makes me feel complete. Today, we really are one flesh!"

Adam's eyes started to mist up at Ben's comments. He too realized how special this occasion was. He was glad they had waited.

The rhythm created by Adam's thrusting young hips was great for both of them. Ben had remained hard ever since Adam had tongued him. He couldn't ever remember "recovering" so quickly after having shot his load.

Adam lowered his body so Ben's cock would receive more stimulation. Between that and the friction on his prostate, Ben was approaching another climax.

As Adam began to cum, he reached between them to jack Ben's tool. Before Adam ended his spasmodic delivery, Ben was shooting again. The clenching of his rectal muscles milked the last drops from Adam's overheated dick.

In the glow of their love, the newly consummated pair cuddled together. This time they fell asleep. About an hour later, they awoke, smiling.

After a third shower, they donned shorts and went searching for the dining room. Dinner was "formal" in the sense that people had to have their meat covered at least. For some it meant barely covered.

During their stay, they were pleased to find that other men treated them with respect as a couple. They received some offers, but were not pressured when they told the guys they were on their honeymoon.

The biggest celebration of unions was the double wedding involving Bryan's older brother, Todd a little later in June. He and Lisa came down the aisle arm in arm just ahead of Dave and Jeri. They both had several attendants, so the front of the church was filled with good looking young men and women. The whole place was packed. People were even seated in the balcony. No one could remember its being this full since the funeral of a well known community leader.

Todd winked at his younger brother, Bryan, as he remembered the bachelor party from the previous night.

After the rehearsal dinner, Todd, Dave, Bryan, Zeke, Cory, and Phil had gone out on the town. Cory and Phil were college friends who were included in the wedding party. Cory was Dave's best man while Bryan was Todd's. They had been warned not to have "too much fun." Lisa and Jeri had no intention of having their day spoiled by a couple of hung-over guys. Todd and Dave were on their best behavior despite having Zeke and Bryan as designated drivers.

They chose to drop in on a gay bar as one of their stops. Cory and Phil were curious about what went on in such establishments and jumped at the chance to go in the "safe" company of others. Zeke and Bryan were too young to be served alcohol, but were allowed into the club. They had different colored wrist bands to let the servers know who could have alcohol and who could not. The older guys chose soft drinks since the two young ones weren't of legal age. It made Bryan smile to know his brother's friends would also forgo alcohol in deference to Zeke and him.

The club was a lively place filled with pulsing lights and loud music. There were people ranging from very straight-looking to raging queens. It was an eye-opening experience for all of the young men.

Every one of them had offers for dancing and more. Bryan and Zeke both had to fend off guys who were particularly interested in young meat. Finally, they sat with their arms around each other to let the rest of the world know they were taken. That stopped most of the advances. However, there were some aggressive guys who still tried to hit on them. Todd had to tell one guy that he had better shove off if he wanted to go home in one piece. The boys decided to leave soon after that.

The ceremony was perfect, as was the reception at the country club that followed. It was a lavish and expensive affair, but with four families splitting the expenses, it was quite manageable.

The honeymoon which followed was unusual to say the least. The newly-weds flew to Cancun where they had booked a large, two-bedroom suite. Both bedrooms contained king sized beds.

They arrived so late at night that one would have thought they might have only wanted to sleep. But, all had napped on the plane and were ready for some hot action.

The couples showered with their new spouses in separate bathrooms, but met naked in one of the bedrooms. Once there, they all climbed into bed and the loving began. Needless to say, some hands roamed over bodies other than their mate's.

After a couple of sex-filled hours, Todd led Lisa to the other bedroom. He was hard again, but both were spent. They fell asleep with her lying on top of him, his cock still buried inside of his new bride.

As soon as they could do it politely, Bryan and Zeke had left the reception and gone to the country club parking lot where they shed their coats and ties. With their shirts unbuttoned and the Sebring's top down, they made a hasty exit to Bryan's house. They knew the 'rents wouldn't be home for a couple more hours. That gave them some time to swim and soak.

By the time they entered the backyard, they were half naked. They quickly piled their tuxes, accessories, and skimpy briefs on two deck chairs. Then they dived into the lovely cool water and swam a few lengths. They had a lot of pent-up energy from having to sit, smile, and socialize for so many hours. It felt great to be free of noise, crowds, and clothes.

Next the boys got into the hot tub. Here, their lips found each other immediately. As the moments passed, their passions (among other things) rose. They got out and headed for the pool house to shower off the chemicals.

In the shower, Bryan knelt to suck his lover's hot tool. After a couple of minutes, Zeke pulled him up and changed places. Then, hand in hand, they walked out into the warm night air. They didn't even bother to dry off before heading for one of the chaise lounges.

Pulling the pad onto the concrete deck, they eased down on it together. Their kisses became more insistent. Zeke turned around so that he could nurse on Bryan's nipples while Bryan chewed on his. They slid downward on each other's bodies until they found the bellybuttons which received tongue-baths.

Finally, they reached their ultimate goal. Once there, the serious sucking began. Teasing each other's seventeen-year-old virgin ass heightened the experience. After they had worked middle fingers in to stimulate each other's prostate, it was a short trip to the fireworks display. As rockets went off in their brains, they filled each other's mouth with sticky white nectar.

Twenty minutes later, they showered again and went up to Bryan's room to find shorts to put on. No need to bother with shirts or underwear.

They put the formal wear back into the original bags, loaded them into the Sebring's trunk and drove to Zeke's apartment. There they stripped again and slid into bed. They didn't notice the little package Todd had left them.

Sunday morning, they awoke late. It was then that they saw the present from Todd. Bryan opened the box excitedly and blushed as he saw the contents. Inside was a box of condoms, some lube, and two dildos. The smaller of one had a vibrator built in. The note inside the box read:

Dear Little Bros,

Use these in good health! I recommend starting with the small one and working up to the big one. I know the larger one looks huge, but I don't think it's bigger than either of you. I assume you'll want to get stretched enough to enjoy each other someday. These can help prepare you and provide a lot of fun doing it. Always use rubbers on them because it will keep them clean.

I love you both,


"It's too late to go to church. Let's eat quickly and play with our new toys before Craig and Grace come home," Bryan suggested.

Zeke agreed with the plan. After a quick breakfast, and a quicker shower, the boys were ready to experiment. Neither had gone soft since seeing what was in the box.

Bryan lay back pulling his legs up so Zeke could try out one of the new toys on him. Zeke greased his lover's chute before encasing the fake cock in a lubricated condom. He added more gel and then placed it at Bryan's entrance. Turning the vibrator on low, he worked it back and forth across Bryan's rosebud. Bryan's glazed stare was evidence of his pleasure.

Zeke then worked the tip in. This dildo was not much larger than a couple of fingers. It produced no pain as it slipped in. Bryan started whimpering, so Zeke turned up the speed. Unexpectedly, Bryan's cock began to erupt. It felt like it would never quit! But all good things come to an end. Bryan had to ask Zeke to turn it off before he got sore. Zeke lapped up the big puddle and shared it.

Then it was Zeke's turn. He put a new rubber on the vibrator while Bryan prepared his hole for penetration.

With Zeke's legs pulled back, Bryan planted a kiss on his ass before starting the toy. Once it had slipped into Zeke, Bryan gently thrust it in and out while it was vibrating. When he turned it on "high", Zeke gasped and spewed a huge load on his chest and abs. Bryan cleaned up Zeke in the same way Zeke had cleaned him.

Exhausted for the moment, they napped. They woke up to the sounds of people walking on the floor above them. They got up to take another quick shower, and to hide the toys before dressing to go upstairs for lunch.

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