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by David Lee

Chapter 55

Some other weddings took place later that summer which didn't directly affect Bryan and Zeke. Doug Newman and Carol Croy were married in the Chicago suburbs. Luke and Sky had a very small, informal commitment ceremony at the elder Newman's home. Both unions were love-filled and seemed to be destined to last.

One event that did affect Zeke was the visit by his cousin Hunter and family. Al Zrudsky had avoided the pilgrimage to Iowa for the lasts couple of years since his sister's wedding. With the kids growing up and being more involved in summer activities, it was increasingly harder to plan. Then too, all were growing tired of his mother – especially Al.

This year, his mother had laid a large enough guilt trip on her only son to cause him to revise his own plans and make the journey. Mother claimed she probably didn't have long to live and her daughter, Grace, had abandoned her. Grace was too busy with her toddler and her illegitimate, queer nephew to have any time for her poor, aging mother.

When the Zrudsky family arrived from the west coast in the last days of June, it was in a brand new Lincoln SUV. Al couldn't resist showing off the fact he'd made it big in Hollywood. His son might not be bigger than his nephew anymore and might not get to hand down his clothes, but Al could still play the rich uncle.

Hunter, however, was not following in his father's footsteps. He liked having things, but he wasn't looking to lord it over his cousin. Zeke had many great qualities which Hunter envied (among them a big, uncut dick). Zeke and Bryan had treated Hunter well, to the point of sharing the earnings from their lawn mowing business last time he was with them. They were pretty straight shooters despite the fact Grandma didn't think either was straight.

This time, Grandma Zrudsky didn't push Zeke to host his cousin. In fact, she didn't even tell him or Grace that the California group was coming. Zeke knew, of course, because Hunter had emailed him with the details saying he hoped they could spend time together.

Upon the family's arrival, Hunter called Grace to say he would like to come over if it was okay. Grace told him he was welcome, but Zeke and Bryan wouldn't be home until around 4:30. They were working men.

Hunter asked his dad for the keys to the SUV and left as soon as the suitcases were out of it. He kept his own bag in the vehicle in case he got the chance to stay with the other guys.

His grandmother was furious that he had merely greeted her and left for Grace's house. Grandma was certain that Zeke's influence would be bad for Hunter. She told Al he'd better watch his son for signs of turning gay. Al rolled his eyes heavenward as he was reminded again of why he hated to make this trip.

Grace was impressed with her nephew when he arrived at her house. He and Zeke were now about the same size and build. He seemed to be in good shape and acted much more mature and polite than he had in the past.

He helped set the table for dinner, secretly hoping that the sixth place was for him. He even tried to amuse Zach when the little one became fussy.

It wasn't long before the young house builders arrived home. Hunter looked at Zeke and Bryan with undisguised admiration when he saw them in their work clothes. Their bodies were honed from work and exercise. They looked like real men despite their youthful faces.

Those faces, too, had changed. Gone were the last vestiges of baby fat and roundness. Those had been replaced by more angular lines. Their cuteness had turned into handsomeness. They were studs.

Both Zeke and Bryan embraced Hunter like a true friend. He felt a little choked up by their welcome. It was as if they had forgiven and forgotten the nastiness he had pulled three years before. At that moment, he felt like a part of their family and it was a good feeling!

Grace had included Hunter in her dinner plans since she assumed he would want to stay. He was welcome to spend the night as well. Hunter was pleased to be invited so he quickly called to let his family know he wouldn't be at Grandma's. That didn't go over too well. Al insisted he needed to have the SUV back within a few minutes.

Hunter said he would bring it, but he was still having dinner with his aunt and cousins and would be staying all night.

Bryan and Zeke offered to make up the air-bed for him in Zeke's apartment so he could stay with them. He wouldn't be sent up to the guest room like last visit. Hunter was excited about this sign of being included in their space.

Bryan and Zeke followed Hunter to his grandmother's so they could give him a ride back to Grace's house. He complimented them on their car; not once mentioning his more expensive convertible at home.

Hunter was surprised, but not overly so, when Zeke didn't get out of the car to go in with him when he returned the keys to his dad. He could only imagine how dreadful it would be to live close to the old witch.

Grandma was livid that Hunter would choose to "side" with the part of the family who had given her the cold shoulder. She told him he'd better sleep with his clothes on lest "that kind" had their way with him. Hunter was hard-pressed to keep the grin from his face as he hurried out the door. When he got to the car he was laughing out loud.

"What is so funny?" Zeke had to know.

"Grandma's really pissed that I'm staying with you. Remember how last time she kept hounding you to invite me over? Now she thinks you'll turn me queer."

"Does it worry you?" Bryan asked.

"Hell no!" Hunter responded. "If you guys want to mess around, I won't refuse. I like sex anyway I can get it. I know guys give better head than girls because I've had it both ways."

"Don't worry about getting any of that from either of us. We're only interested in each other. You HAVE figured out that we ARE boyfriends, haven't you?" Zeke said.

"I thought you probably were. I'm cool with it. Do you think Trey is around and might be interested in doing some stuff?"

"Jeez, you're a horny sucker!" Zeke exclaimed.

"And the problem with that is…?" Hunter countered.

The three were laughing as they pulled into the drive.

Hunter tagged along as the boys went down to shower and change. They made no bones about the fact they were showering together. (Actually, they might have made a couple of "bones" in the shower, but there wasn't time to do anything about it before dinner.)

When dinner was over, the three teens played with Zach until Grace said it was time to put him to bed for the night. He didn't want to go, of course. He was enjoying all of the attention.

It had taken Zach just about five minutes to warm up to Hunter. After that, he was roughhousing with all three of them. Grace and Craig smiled at how loving and caring the young men, including Hunter, seemed to be with him.

It wasn't long after Zach was put to bed that the guys made their way downstairs for the night. Since it wasn't late, they spent a while catching up on each other's lives.

Hunter had heard about their heroic deed with the kidnapper and also knew about the scholarships. The boys downplayed their role in the event, but Hunter could sense they had done a brave thing. He wasn't even jealous of the recognition they had received. Instead, he was truly happy for them. His reaction nearly surprised him. He wondered if he could have been that brave in the same situation. When it was time for bed, Zeke and Bryan worked as a team to make up the air mattress bed. It was becoming a regular thing. They moved in sync like a married couple. Hunter smiled at the domestic quality of the scene.

"We get up pretty early, so we will try to keep quiet in the morning." Zeke said. "And, we don't even pretend to sleep in anything. So don't freak if you see us walking to the bathroom naked. It's the way we live. It doesn't mean we have the hots for you."

"Darn my luck!" Hunter giggled.

Morning came early. Bryan and Zeke were awake before their alarm went off. Their bodies were programmed to the summer schedule. They quietly went to the bathroom to do their morning ablutions. In the summer, they chose to shower after work rather than before. It made no sense to get squeaky clean when they were going to a hot, sweaty job. A quick wash-up and a liberal application of deodorant were sufficient.

After making breakfast and packing their lunches, they tiptoed out the door.

Hunter had awakened briefly when the boys had come through. He had been conscious enough to appreciate the dimensions of their morning erections. Those guys were hung! He was impressed, and a little envious.

Then he promptly went back to sleep for a couple of hours. His drifting in and out of sleep was interrupted by the sound of little feet on the floor overhead. He got up, showered, and dressed. Then he went up to see if his aunt would offer breakfast. Naturally, she did.

Over the morning meal, Grace and Hunter had a good chat. Grace was again impressed that he didn't seem to be a spoiled brat, and she told him so. He grinned and said he'd learned a number of things about life from his visits to Iowa. He told her that Zeke and she had been good influences on him. In spite of the many material things he had, he would trade them all for the kind of love he'd seen in her house. His words nearly brought tears to Grace's eyes.

Hunter also let her know he was aware of the boys' relationship and was fine with it. He thought his grandmother was nuts. He hoped Grace wasn't offended by his assessment of the old lady. Grace assured him that she was not.

Al called around 11:00 to see if he could take his sister to lunch. He wanted to have some quality time with her and knew she didn't want to see their mother. She agreed to go as long as Hunter and Zach were included. Al had no problem with that.

Their lunch was pleasant enough, though Al was still trying to impress her. Hunter did his best to entertain Zach so his aunt and his father could converse uninterrupted. Grace noticed and was thankful.

When they were on the way back to Grace's house, he said Hunter should go back to Grandma's with him. Hunter resisted.

"If you don't, I'll keep the keys to your Beemer for a week when we get home," Al threatened.

"I'm not sure I care," Hunter replied. "It would be worth it not to sleep on the couch in Grandma's musty basement and listen to her bitch about everything and everybody."

"You'd rather be with your cousin and his boyfriend? They ARE gay, aren't they?"

"I can't answer for them, Dad. You'll have to ask them yourself."

Al was of two minds. He was somewhat irritated with his son's resistant attitude, but could see his point at the same time. It was difficult staying with Mother. It was worse having to sleep where Hunter had to. Hunter was showing loyalty to his cousin. Loyalty was not a bad trait to have.

Finally, Al offered a deal to his son. If Hunter would come back for dinner and stay until 8:00, he could return to spend the night with the guys. Hunter readily agreed to the compromise. He was pleased that his father was treating him more like an adult rather than ordering him around. He asked Grace to see if Zeke or Bryan would come over to spring him at the appointed hour.

Thursday passed much like Wednesday had. Grace ended up entertaining her nephew most of the day. Again, she was pleased to have him. She was thankful that he had stuck up for Zeke. And, she could understand how he might want to avoid his grandmother.

Friday was the end of the work-week and payday as well. Zeke and Bryan stopped at the bank on the way home to deposit their checks in the ATM as was their custom. They enjoyed watching their savings grow. Because he had made do with so little in past years, it was a bigger thing for Zeke than for Bryan. Bryan loved to see Zeke looking happy. It made his day.

At lunch on Friday, the guys had gone out to eat with Rusty and Bobby. Rusty was in a rare mood, but Bobby was dragging his butt. For Rusty, the work was not particularly taxing; for Bobby, it was an effort. He was getting stronger as the days progressed, but he had never been as fit as his lover. He was tired!

Rusty got a grin from him when he whispered in his ear about what he had planned for their time off. He was sure Bobby's strength would rebound. Rusty had reserved a camp-site for the weekend. Since it was a week before the Independence Day celebration, they could enjoy the primitive area of the campground with fewer people around to overhear their lovemaking. Bobby's spirits seemed to rise immediately. Maybe it was partly the calories he was consuming, but the other boys thought it was the promise of hot sex. (At least that was their judgment when some of the details were shared).

On Friday night, Bryan and Zeke treated their families to dinner at the Italian restaurant. They invited Hunter to join them. It was a nice family affair. Zach was on his best behavior. Grace sometimes shuddered at the thought of taking the young boy out to a respectable eating place, but she was pleased that he seemed to sense what behavior was appropriate at the table. The teens kept him entertained most of the time except when he was getting fed. He really had little time to fuss.

Everyone was invited to swim at the Stillwell's after dinner. Of course this meant wearing suits, but Hunter enjoyed the time nearly as much as he had when skinny dipping. The hot tub brought back memories of his scary experience with Trey and also the hot blow job he had received from the same guy after Rusty had put the fear into him. Hunter's cock was responding under the water. He got a goofy grin on his face.

"What are you thinking about, Stud?" Zeke whispered.

"Oh, you know, some of the experiences I had here a couple of years ago."



"When the adults get tired of this, maybe you'd better make love to the jets in the hot tub." Zeke suggested with a smirk.

"Sounds like a plan!"

Later that evening, the three boys did sit naked in the spa. Hunter squirmed around until one of the jets came in contact with his rectum. Bryan knew from Hunter's dreamy expression just when that moment occurred.

Bryan and Zeke were turned on by his reaction, but didn't allow themselves to get carried away. They were a little shy about making out in front of Hunter and they wanted to save their loads for later in bed.

The stimulation was almost too much for their resolve when Hunter stood up the last minute to catch the "lava" spewing from his overheated cock. Hunter measured up better than he knew!

As they all showered a few minutes later in the pool house, Hunter seemed to be embarrassed about his earlier actions.

"I'm sorry. I guess it wasn't nice of me. I don't want you to think I just did that because you're gay."

"We're not offended," Bryan said. "It was really pretty damned hot! Or haven't you notice that both of us are still hard?"

Hunter had noticed; he was just trying not to stare. Suddenly, he got brave. He came over and grabbed both of the uncut, rampant hardons the boys were sporting. After giving them an appreciative squeeze, he let go.

"Whoa!" Zeke exclaimed. "Be careful. Those things are loaded! They could go off without warning."

Their laughter let Hunter know he wasn't in deep trouble for his brash action.

Once in their own bed, Bryan and Zeke couldn't wait any longer to ravish each other. They had shut the door to their room so as not to disturb Hunter any more than necessary, but they were not going to worry about keeping completely quiet. It was their home and they were horny.

Zeke lay on his back while Bryan made his way down his treasure trail. Bryan was positioned so his erection wasn't far from Zeke's face. As soon as Bryan swallowed most of Zeke's cock, Zeke pulled Bryan's hips up to position Bryan's equipment over his face. Bryan had anticipated it. He placed a knee on each side of Zeke's head adjusting the angle of his hips so Zeke's tongue could find plenty of places to stimulate.

Zeke worked from Bryan's perineum to his balls. Then he licked his way up toward the skin-covered head. Milking the foreskin back, he ran the tip of his tongue just under the head of Bryan's cock. Bryan was on fire!

Eventually, both guys were feeding their pieces in and out of each other's mouth by thrusting their butts. Once that action started, it was almost over. When they began massaging each other's rosebud, it was. Their eruptions were accompanied by the beautiful music of satisfied moans.

After several minutes of deep kissing, they fell asleep in each other's arms.

In the next room, Hunter had been pumping his tool in order to achieve his second orgasm of the night. His first eruption had been relatively hands-free. When the moans in the bedroom had reached a higher pitch, Hunter had stroked himself to another great climax. Hanging around with gay guys wasn't necessarily a bad thing!

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