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by David Lee

Chapter 56

Ted Dye's lifeless body was found hanging from a pipe which ran through the middle of his cell near the ceiling. The "rope" was made of braided strips of towel. He was pronounced dead at the scene, but the coroner wanted to do an autopsy just to make sure of the cause. Too often jail murders are passed off as suicides.

The coroner found lots of semen in Ted's rectal cavity. DNA tests showed it to be from more than one source. From the bruising, it was evident Ted had been forcibly raped. Old scar tissue indicated it wasn't the first time.

The course of events had been put into motion when Ted had been sentenced to three years in prison. He was certain he'd be the target for the advances of tougher prisoners who would want to dominate him. Ted had always thought he was big and bad enough to take care of himself. But the experiences of county jail had shaken his confidence to the core.

The last straw had been the attack in the shower that night. This time, the young guard had left immediately after the prisoners got undressed. Ted wondered if the others had bribed or blackmailed the guy into disappearing.

Mere moments after the guard's departure, Ted had been overpowered and sodomized. At first, he felt humiliated, dirty, and sick. After that, he became numb. The face of his attackers became the face of his father. His mind then went to a different place and time; like when his father had done this to him as a pubescent boy…

When he returned to his cell, he quietly tore his worn-out towel into strips and began to braid it into the instrument of his "final escape." It was ironic to him how he'd considered learning to braid a girly thing and a waste of time when he was first taught by his grandmother. Now, he wished he could thank her. Maybe he'd get the chance in a few minutes.

Ted left a note for Fr. Jerry telling him not to feel bad. He hadn't visited him in vain. Ted was headed for a place where he wouldn't be hurt or be tempted to hurt anyone else again.

Father Jerry cried when he read it. He prayed for Ted's soul. Maybe Ted had done the only thing he could to avoid further pain in this world. While Jerry felt that suicide should never be an option, he didn't feel that it damned Ted's eternal soul.

Ted also left a sealed envelope for his brother. With it were instructions for Fr. Jerry to deliver it to Will when no one else was around. As the young priest was putting it into his pocket, his cell phone rang. An elderly parishioner was being taken to the hospital with a heart attack. The existence of the letter slipped from Jerry's conscious memory.

The people Ted had threatened or abused reacted in a variety of ways to the news of his death. Bryce and Aaron felt both relief and sadness. He had been mean to them, but they didn't wish him dead. His earlier letter asking for forgiveness must have been for real. They could forgive him.

Bobby remembered the gun that has been pointed at his lover. He couldn't mourn the passing of Ted Dye. Ted's death was a good thing, like the extermination of a rabid dog.

Surprisingly, Rusty was more forgiving. He could empathize with Ted because he'd suffered through living with a father who was a piece of work - much like Ted's. Rusty had never been molested by his sire, but he had no way of knowing Ted had either.

It was rumored around town that Ted had been raped in jail. Nothing had been stated officially, but the gossip mill seemed to know. Probably the guys who did it had bragged to someone else who had passed the word on.

At Ted's house, there were mixed emotions as well. Ted's father fussed about the expense of burying his worthless son. Ted's mother remembered only the tiny baby she had brought into the world. Ted's younger brother, Will, vowed to avenge Ted's death. Someone needed to pay for this. Will had always looked up to Ted even when his older brother tormented him. Ted had always looked out for Will if the younger boy felt threatened by any outsider.

Will shed tears for Ted when his father wasn't around to see them. He couldn't understand why his father showed no emotion. Ted had always been the favored son. Will longed for a similar kind of relationship with his dad. He wondered if he and his father would ever be as close.

The graveside service was brief and sparsely attended. Fr. Jerry officiated. He would not accept the money Ted's mother pressed on him.

"Use it for something for Will. I'm doing this as Ted's friend. Your other son is going to need more support than you realize. It wouldn't hurt to involve him in youth group. Maybe it would lead to getting connected with the church. I see that he has never been baptized."

"Will don't need church. He'll get over this if he knows what's good for him," Ted's father muttered.

Cosgrove's Freedom Festival, which culminated with the Fourth of July fireworks, seemed a bit tame to Zeke and Bryan as well as Hunter. They had all experienced better and bigger rides and attractions. However, it was the only show in town and so they made the most of it.

When they paused for lunch, the trio bought food from the same kind of venders they'd patronized three years previous. They sat in the same park to eat their lunch.

It brought back memories to all three, but it was Hunter who voiced them.

"This makes me feel really bad. It was in this very spot that I tried to fuck up your mind," he said as he bit his lip.

"S'okay," Zeke responded.

"No, it really isn't. My stupidity could have caused you to die. I'll never be able to make it up to you. I still have the shirt, you know; the one that got stained from the bloody nose you gave me. Every time I feel like I'm better than someone else or when I know I've acted like an asshole; I get it out to remind me of what a jerk I am sometimes. You guys have taught me a lot about being a decent person."

Hunter's eyes were misty as he swallowed hoping not to lose it completely. That would be totally uncool. Zeke got up and pulled Hunter up too. He embraced his cousin for several moments, right there in the center of the city with crowds passing by. He didn't care who saw or what they thought.

"Hunter, I forgave you a long time ago. Now, you need to forgive yourself. You're okay in my book. We're blood, Dude."

Bryan stood and hugged Hunter as well. Hunter stepped back smiling through tears.

"God, I love you guys like brothers!"

The rest of the day found the guys closer than they'd ever thought possible. Often, Hunter walked between the other two with his arms on their shoulders. They were all like family.

Bryce and Aaron also chose that day to enjoy the carnival-like atmosphere in the center of their small city. Aaron had completely bounced back from his bouts of depression. He was enjoying swimming and diving practice. He and Lonny had expanded their mowing business and were including Bryce in it.

This summer, he was happier than he had been since he was a little boy. As a result, Gina had given him more space. This July 4th was like his personal celebration of freedom.

Lonny met his two buddies by the Ferris wheel as they had previously arranged. He had had to work on a lawn before enjoying the rest of the day. He had made up some excuse because he didn't want Aaron or Bryce to have to work too. Aaron needed free time to play with Bryce, and Lonny was going to make sure he got it. He would still share the income with them if he could figure out a way to keep them from knowing what he'd done.

These three continued to be close even after the casts had been removed from Lonny's hands. The other two were not intimate with him as often since then, but they still enjoyed an occasional threesome. He had sucked them both off as a show of his appreciation. They had been quite impressed he would do it for them. He was surprised at how easy it had been for him to make up his mind to do it.

Today, sex was not the main thing on their minds. They were just three guys out having fun doing the rides, eating kettle corn, and generally having a good time.

As it happened, they ran into Jennifer and some of her girlfriends. She had a momentary feeling of pain when she saw Lonny looking so happy. He was a stud-muffin and she had played it all wrong. She wished she could go back and have a do-over. But, outwardly, she put a sneer on her face as she tried to embarrass him.

"Well, have you decided which one of your little boyfriends you're going to marry?"

Lonny flashed his infectious smile as he pulled his two buddies close. Then he kissed each of them on the cheek.

"No, I just can't make up my mind! I love both vanilla and mocha. I guess we'll have to move to the hills of Utah so I can have more than one."

The other girls giggled at his smart-ass comment as Jennifer stomped off.

Bryce and Aaron were also grinning over the recent scene as they sat on a park bench waiting for Lonny to finish using one of the "port-a-potties."

Their merriment was interrupted by the appearance of Will Dye and three of his friends. Will had a scowl on his face which suggested he was spoiling for trouble.

"Well, if it isn't the two little cock-sucking fags who got my brother killed," he snarled. "I think you need to learn a lesson about ratting on straight guys."

Aaron was panicked on the inside, but retained a calm exterior. He had been through enough that he wasn't going to cave to a younger bully.

"I hate to break the news about your older brother, but he was a major cocksucker. I know from experience that he gave good head."

Will turned almost purple with rage as he ran headlong toward Aaron. Aaron stood his ground. The two ended up on the grass with fists flying. Aaron wasn't very experienced at fighting and Will was so possessed with anger, that most of the blows were not particularly effective.

One of Will's companions, Sean, tried to aid Will by kicking Aaron in the ribs. Bryce attempted ed to intervene, but Will's other buddies had him by the arms. Despite his fierce struggling, he couldn't break free.

The security officer was nowhere in sight, so Aaron's prospects didn't look good.

Lonny exited the toilet just in time to see all of this. He grabbed Sean by the legs pulling him to the ground. Soon the boy found himself in a head-lock from which there was no escape. This evened things up for the moment.

Without the additional help, Will was losing. Aaron had him pinned to the ground on his back. Will spat at Aaron in an attempt to distract him, but Aaron wasn't budging.

"I'm not letting go until you cool down." Aaron insisted.

Will's emotions were in such turmoil that tears were forming in his eyes. He didn't want the others to see him cry. Aaron didn't release his hold until Will began to relax and stop struggling.

"If you promise to stop hitting, I'll let you up," Aaron offered.

One of the boys who had been holding Bryce back let go in order to come after Aaron. He was preparing to hurl his body at Aaron's when he found himself thrown to the ground with Joey Aldrich standing over him.

"Let's keep this fair," Joey said. "I don't know what the problem is, but I know that two against one isn't right."

The younger boy started to get up to continue his intended assault, but Joey's friend Brendan Barns stood between the boy and his objective.

"I wouldn't try it if I were you." Brendan warned in a menacing tone.

The boy stayed seated on the ground.

Joey did his best to be the peacemaker. He told Will and Aaron to go sit on a bench and talk. He promised that the others wouldn't interfere. With the help of Lonny, Bryce, and Brendan, Joey rounded up Will's cohorts and insisted they stay far away from the two boys to let them work out their differences.

Will had tears flowing down his cheeks. This had not turned out at all as he had planned. Aaron was surprisingly strong and had defended himself well. Will had lost. Now that he was crying silently, and he was sure Aaron would use it to tease him when he got to high school in the fall.

Aaron's tone was gentle as he talked to Will.

"I'm sorry I told you about Ted in front of your friends, but it's true – what he used to do in the park toilet. He sucked my dick, so I know for sure. I'm sorry for what happened to him in jail, but I'm not sorry I told on him. He nearly killed Bryce and me just because we were smaller and weaker than he and that jerk, Donny."

"Shit!" Will sobbed. "Now everyone will know about Ted and everyone will call me a pussy and a cocksucker. Everyone will know you whipped me."

"I'm not going to talk about it. I won't do anything to mess you up anymore than I have already. Unless you come after me, I won't go after you; but I won't let you make my life hell either! Do we have a deal?"

"Yeah, I guess so." Will responded not looking up.

Aaron and Will walked back to where their friends were waiting – Will dragging behind. Will's friends looked as if they were ready to mix it up again, but kept themselves in check since there were older, bigger guys standing there that were intent on keeping order.

Aaron spoke to the assembled group.

"Look, guys, I said some bad things about Will's brother because Will called Bryce and me some names. I already told him I'm sorry. It isn't nice to talk about someone who can't defend himself. Ted nearly killed Bryce and me, but he WAS Will's brother and I can understand why Will would defend him."

"Why don't you two shake hands?" Joey suggested.

Will grudgingly took Aaron's hand briefly. He would do what he had to do today, but this wasn't over yet. Ted was dead and someone had to pay.

As Will and his buddies were leaving, Aaron turned to Joey and Brendan.

"Thanks for your help, guys. It could have turned ugly again there at the last. Lonny and Bryce had the others occupied most of the time, but there at the end, I almost got it. How come you guys did that?"

"Well, if you must know," Joey grinned. "My little sister didn't want you guys or LONNY to get hurt. She's the one who sent us over. She and Kaylee are over by the cotton candy booth."

The younger boys brushed themselves off and straightened up their clothes before joining the girls who had "called out the cavalry" to help them. Joey and Brendan left the group to try some of the other rides. The younger boys hung with the girls for the rest of the afternoon.

Later, Zeke, Bryan, and Hunter drove to Zeke's apartment. They were thinking about a snack before dinner when Grace called out to them.

"Don't forget we're supposed to be at the Stillwell's shortly for the cook-out."

Mary had invited Hunter's parents and little sister as well. She had thought it would be nice for the Zrudsky and Adams families to have time together without being at Grandma's house. Grace was thrilled at how Mary had worked things out. Despite their age difference, Mary had become one of her best friends. Mary was a saint!

The hamburgers were great. There were lots of chips, watermelon, soda, and a couple of big salads. Everyone had brought swim suits so they could enjoy the pool and whirlpool. Once Zach was carefully strapped into his little safety vest, the adults began to relax. The kids saw to it that he was never left unattended. It was great fun for all.

At the end of the city's fireworks display (which was visible from a lot of spots in town), everyone left but the Stillwell's and the three teens.

Even though they'd spent a long day at the local festivities, the boys were full of energy. Bryan and Zeke were used to working long hours and Hunter was quite rested up from having slept-in several days in a row.

Mary and Brad said they were going to bed early. Mary wanted to give the boys time to play without the adults around (and Brad had been giving her subtle signals he was interested in some "play" of his own once they hit the bedroom). When his wife pulled him into the shower with her, he knew he wasn't going to be disappointed.

Once the 'rents were inside, Bryan turned off the floodlights so the pool was illuminated only by the soft underwater lights. He stripped off his trunks and dived into the water. Zeke and Hunter followed his example. Soon the naked trio was frolicking, splashing, and trying to dunk one another.

The boys stopped their rowdiness when they heard a tapping at the gate. Bryan got out of the pool to see who was there. He grabbed his suit and threw the others theirs just in case they needed them.

When he opened the latch, he was met by three grinning faces that belonged to Rusty, Bobby, and Trey.

"Can we join you in the pool for a quickie?" Rusty snickered.

"Do CUM in." Bryan giggled in response as he pulled his suit back off.

Moments later, there were six naked guys splashing in the pool. Rusty and Bobby got involved in some serious making out. Their lip-lock couldn't have been broken by a herd of wild horses.

Bobby got out first, pulling a willing Rusty after him. They headed for the pool house. No one had to ask why.

Trey was over in one corner of the pool talking to Hunter while Zeke and Bryan were playing a bit of grab-ass. They were trying not to get carried away in front of Hunter. They needn't have worried since Trey had some plans of his own that involved Zeke's cousin.

"I'd really like to show you my appreciation for not telling on me when you were here last time." Trey offered.

"And, just how do you propose to do that?" Hunter asked with a smirk.

"Like I did before," Trey said as he gently caressed Hunter's growing erection. "We could do a 68."

"What's that?" Hunter asked.

"Well, I could blow you and you could owe me one," Trey snickered.

Hunter quivered and swallowed.

"I think I owe you one already. Could you teach me how to say 'thank you' too?" he asked.

"Oh, I'd love to teach you anything you'd like to learn!" Trey grinned. "Let's hang out in the spa until the pool house is available. I'd kinda like this to be in private."

Hunter nearly creamed at Trey's suggestion. He had been dreaming of feeling Trey's talented tongue on his genitals again. He also wanted to try giving someone head just once. He couldn't think of a nicer piece to practice on, unless it was Zeke's or Bryan's and he knew those weren't options.

A radiant couple emerged from the pool house a few minutes later. Their cocks were not yet entirely deflated. Rusty stopped to kiss a bit of cum from Bobby's face. They settled into the spa as Trey and a very aroused Hunter got out.

"It isn't that we don't want to hang with you guys, but we have something else to take care of first," Trey said.

Zeke and Bryan joined Rusty and Bobby in the hot tub. The four joked about what was probably happening in the pool house.

"Well, you two ought to know." Zeke ventured. "When you come for a "quickie;" you really CUM, if I know anything about it."

On a mat in the pool house, Hunter was getting his wish. There was no kissing since this wasn't an act of love, but rather an expression of pure lust. Trey did, however, teach Hunter how to use his lips, tongue, and teeth to tease another guy's nipples. Hunter felt rewarded by Trey's appreciative moans. Hunter knew how great it felt when Trey preformed those things on him.

Hunter wasn't ready to lick someone else's ass, but he didn't object when Trey licked his. Unfortunately, the feelings were too good and Hunter blew his wad before he was ready. He felt stupid, but Trey was sensitive to his feelings. Trey assured Hunter that it wasn't uncommon or there wouldn't be volumes written about premature ejaculation. Trey held the younger, naked boy against his chest while nibbling on the back of the kid's neck. It wasn't long before Hunter was rising to the occasion again!

This time, Trey lay on his back sliding Hunter into the 69-position on top of him. Hunter adapted to sucking cock pretty quickly for a novice. Trey had to warn him about covering his teeth in the beginning, but Hunter was a quick learner.

The intensity of this experience made Hunter's loins roil again. Cum was beginning to boil up, and Trey sensed it wasn't going to be long until Hunter shot a second load. He allowed himself to focus on the sensations of being half buried in the mouth of a hot young stud.

As Hunter began to whimper, Trey found that he was joining him. It was like a duet of passionate lust. Trey came hard. Hunter was so surprised that he swallowed before he had a chance to think about it. Then Hunter began to pump out another big load. The intensity nearly made him pass out. He knew he wanted to continue having sex with girls, but he wouldn't pass up a bit of fun with another male when it was available – at least not until he got serious about someone. He had read about guys who could go either way. He guessed he must be one of them. With the electrical charge he'd just felt with Trey, AC/DC had a whole new meaning for him.

Bryan and Zeke needed release very bad, but agreed to wait for bed. It was especially difficult when they all went to shower off in the pool house. There was a slight aroma of male sex in the air which acted like an aphrodisiac. Their stiffies were noted and commented on by the other guys. Eventually they got their hard equipment stuffed into their shorts. No use trying to get briefs on. In their present condition, doing so would only lead to major discomfort.

As they said farewell to their three friends, they piled into the Sebring with Hunter in the back seat and headed for Zeke's place.

Once there, they could hardly wait to get into their bed. Hunter understood. He wasn't miffed when they bade him a hasty goodnight before closing the door and undressing each other.

Tonight, they got out the "toys" to practice having something big up their butts. They had talked Todd into buying another full-size dildo so they could do each other at the same time. So far, they had always worked their way up to the big ones by using the little one first. They continued the practice tonight, but it didn't take as long to be ready as it had in the past.

In the 69-position, they teased and sucked while working the plastic dongs slowly in and out of each other. It had scarcely begun before it was over. They both shot large gooey loads at nearly the same time.

A few minutes later, they fell asleep cuddled together. In the next room, Hunter was falling asleep also. He had just cum again after jacking while listening to their moans of pleasure. His belly was sticky from his own thin juices that he had smeared on it. He didn't even bother to put his boxers back on.

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