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The Puppy Boy

A story by e

Chapter 6 - The Sisters of Sapphos

We spent the night at the Wills' house. It had become routine for the four of us to spend Saturday night together; one week at our house, the next at the Wills'. The girls liked routines and our bedtime routine was quite simple.

Daniel and I would pleasure the girls with our tongues until they couldn't stand it anymore. Then we would watch while the girls pleasured each other. Then the girls would watch the two of us. I enjoyed showing off for them, especially when it was my turn to suck Daniel. I loved having his dick in my mouth. I loved the way it smelled, the way it felt, and the way it tasted. I always went to sleep happy.

Sunday morning the two of us would get up early and fix brunch. This morning it was soft boiled eggs with chocolate and pecan waffles with fresh berries and whipped cream.

The doorbell rang. I finished getting it on the table while Daniel answered the door. It was my mother and we'd been expecting her. She held the morning paper in her hand and had a really big grin on her face. As everyone entered the kitchen and sat at the table, she unfolded the paper and held it up for all to see. At first we were all confused. It wasn't the main headline, which was about the earthquake, but the one about halfway down the page.

Linda was the first to see it. "Puppies Save Girl, Receive Blessing," she read out loud:

"Two young puppies saved the life of Margaret Miner Saturday when the earthquake caused a statue to topple in her direction during the Equinox Blessing. The two puppies received only minor injuries as the Statue of the Goddess fell on them after they pushed the sixteen year old girl out of the way. "I was lucky, very lucky." said the obviously shaken girl, "I could have been killed. They saved my life."

"Rumors quickly began circulating that the two puppies, owned by Linda Wills and Shelly Miller, had been blessed by the Goddess; perhaps as reward for their role in restoring an ancient relic or for their bravery and quick action."

Shaunda Carter, head matron of the Athens Puppy Farm stated, "It's not surprising. They are two of the finest puppies we've had the pleasure of raising. They could be difficult sometimes, a little mischievous, but it was always good clean fun. They have a way of making you smile."

"The Goddess Mother will consult with the Temple hierarchy," stated Priestess Melinda Herald, "but I fully expect that the blessing will be recognized."

If so it would mark the first time in the Temple's history that it has conferred the Equinox Blessing on a puppy."

"Wow!" Linda was excited, "They're famous."

I smile proudly, suddenly I was worried as I remembered the last time I was more popular than my mistress. I leaned towards Shelly and whispered, "You're not going to be jealous again, are you?"

"Jealous? Why would I be jealous?" she giggled, "You are the two most famous puppies in history and I've got my name in the paper and nobody even knows yours."

"Yeah, that reporter didn't even mention their names."

It was typical, I guess. Our mistresses are probably the only ones who even noticed that our names were missing. Puppies just aren't worth the bother; even when they were heroic, cute, and absolutely adorable.


Two weeks passed and Daniel and I were curled up on his cushion in Linda's room. We held each other and kissed a long slow, passionate kiss as we came down from one of our better lovemaking sessions. We were home alone and taking full advantage of it. It was a lot of fun to show off our sexual prowess for the girls, but sometimes it was nice just to have some privacy. I was stroking him, trying to coax another erection, but since he'd already cum three times, he probably didn't have enough strength to get another just yet. That's ok, we had plenty of time.

Suddenly there was a commotion outside. There was a lot of shouting and yelling. There was some pounding.

Daniel and I both jumped up and darted to the window. What we saw sent us into shock.

It was across the street at my house. There were several figures wearing white robes and hoods that covered their faces. There was a cross standing in the front yard. One of the figures lit it on fire. Others were banging on the front door. Someone threw a rock through the window.

Daniel and I looked on in horror. He wrapped his arms around me and I could feel him trembling. Slowly we moved away hoping no one had seen us. We entered the hall closet, closed the door, and buried ourselves behind the clothing.

The banging was at our door now. I heard glass break. The shouting was right outside. "Death to the demon puppies!" "It's sacrilege." "Burn in Hell!" I heard the door burst open. Someone was in the house!

I grabbed Daniel tight and held on for dear life as we both trembled in fear lying naked beneath a pile of clothing.

"Police! "Let's get out of here." There was a scuffling of feet and then silence.

A siren approached. Car doors slammed. There were more shouts. We heard someone else in the house.

The closet door opened. "You! In the closet! Come out slowly"

Eventually they dragged out two terrified and traumatized little puppies. We were crying and shaking. They were trying to calm us. One of the officers got a couple blankets and wrapped around us. Another gave us a glass of water. After a few minutes they brought in Ms Burch, our next door neighbor. We could hear her explaining our presence to the officers.

Finally they calmed us enough to ask a few questions. But we had even fewer answers. Neither of us knew where our matrons or mistresses were or how to reach them. Daniel asked for Priestess Melinda and we were taken to the Temple where we were put to bed. For once no one at the Temple cared that we were naked.


After a night of fitful sleep, we were given towels to wrap around our waists while we fixed breakfast for the priestesses of the Temple and our families who had also slept at the Temple.

Daniel and I were in a daze. We were just going through the motions and the meal wasn't up to either of our usual standards. Once it was finished I broke down crying in Daniel's arms. He wasn't faring much better than me and soon the two girls were comforting two sobbing little puppies.

After a bit, the Goddess Mother summoned everyone into a conference room. She and our two families were joined by Priestess Melinda and Ms Carter, the head matron from the puppy farm.

My face lit up immediately upon seeing Ms Carter and both Daniel and I nearly knocked her over with a great big hug. She kissed us both on the forehead.

Everyone took a seat except Daniel and me. We remained standing until the Goddess Mother motioned us to sit in two small chairs in the corner of the room. She then cleared her throat.

"Last night's unfortunate incident can only serve to illustrate how careless we've become. We underestimated the opposition and these two boys nearly paid the price. I apologize to each of you. We will be more diligent in the future."

"Excuse me, but who is 'we' and what are you talking about?" My mother interrupted.

"Good questions and I shall try and answer them sufficiently." The Goddess Mother paused to think for a moment. "We, that is Dr. Wills, Ms Carter, Melinda, and myself, are part of an organization known as the Sisters of Sapphos."

"I didn't know they existed, I thought they were one of those urban legends."

"Yes, we are a secret society dedicated to preserving the truth within the confines of our religion. Sometimes what we find is not politically expedient and could be damaging to the Temple or its hierarchy. Therefore we find it necessary to keep our identities hidden, lest we fall under outside influence."

"And what does this have to do with last night?" Mother seemed a bit agitated.

"The cross is a symbol of an ancient patriarchal religion that was banned by the feminist society after the fall of the patriarchy. It was also used by radical elements within that patriarchy as a warning, supposedly backed by their god, by burning it to intimidate those who might be perceived as a threat to the patriarchy. Today it is used by a group of radical feminists to warn and intimidate those who are believed to threaten the feminist society with the return of the patriarchy."

"But that's ludicrous. We've never done… wait. You're not talking about the Blessing?"

This caused Daniel and I to look up and pay attention. Up 'til now we'd been pretty bored.

"That's only the tip of the iceberg. I'll let Melinda explain a bit from here."

"As you already know, one of the fundamental differences between the Temple and the Feminist Church is the way we view the male. The Church views the male as pure unadulterated evil. Radical elements in the Church would love to have all of them eliminated, permanently. The Temple views them as more or less innocuous. The difference, of course, being how we view the Y chromosome. Do you boys remember about chromosomes?"

She caught us off guard. Daniel and I had been playing footsie and elbows. "Umm… yes. Umm, ma'am. Puppies have an X and Y. Girls have two X's." I was glad Daniel remembered. I'd forgotten.

"Very good Daniel." Priestess Melinda continued, "we're all aware that the soul is carried on the X chromosome. Each parent passes an X to it's offspring that contains half of a human soul. Girls get two X's and therefore have a complete soul that is immortal and eternal. Boys only get one X and therefore only have a half a soul, which remains mortal and dies along with the boy."

"That's why puppies don't matter." I whispered to Daniel.

"No Carlos. Puppies do matter. If you listen you'll find out why." The Priestess overheard.

"Sorry Priestess, I didn't mean to interrupt."

She smiled at me and continued. "While the Temple views the Y as being inert, the Church views it as poisonous and the equivalent of original sin. The Y while it resides in the male, constantly inflicts damage upon the X that the male may eventually pass along to its female offspring. This, according to the Church, is the origin of patriarchy, the Y oppressing the X inside the testicles of the male. This is why the Church advocated the extermination of the male. Failing that, it's why the laws were passed making it illegal for males to produce female offspring and for mandatory sterilization."

"We already know this, besides; I think you're scaring the boys." This time mommy interrupted. Daniel and I had wrapped our arms around each other and were hugging tight, especially at the mention of that WORD.

"Sorry boys, I just thought it necessary to remind everyone of the differences."

"So why does any of this matter?" Mommy was obviously getting impatient.

"Shortly after the male uprising that nearly resulted in the overthrow of the feminist society before it had a chance to flourish, the Sisters made a rather shocking discovery. It was of such great magnitude that it could have meant the end for the Feminist Church and possibly even the Temple. They discovered a series of notebooks that indicated that an organization within the Feminist Church known as the Coven of Lucretia had forged the 'scientific' evidence that had been claimed to determine the location of the soul."

"Do you mean that the soul doesn't reside on the X after all?" Mother seemed a bit confused.

"No. We still believe that it does. But it appears the evidence proving it may have been falsified. But that's not all. It gets worse. The Y chromosome is actually defective, not poisonous. The notebooks indicate that it has not always been so, nor does it have to be and it has little to do with original sin. The Feminist Church had this information and covered it up. Then they used the prevailing anti-male sentiments to pass the anti-male laws. Dr., perhaps you would like to take over?"

"Thank you Priestess, this is more my area of expertise. Back in the nineteen sixties, petroleum based plastics came into wide use as food storage containers. Everyone thought they were safe and they were used to store nearly everything. But there was a problem; a chemical reaction occurred in some types of foods that went undetected or was at least thought to be harmless. It had no affect whatsoever on the female. Nor did it affect the male, at least not the one who consumed the products. It did, however, affect the male offspring. It caused a slight, nearly unnoticeable alteration of the Y chromosome."

"I still don't understand what this has to do with us."

"Bear with me for a moment, Ann" The Dr. referred to my mother by her first name. "The affect was cumulative from one generation to the next. It began to show up in the nineteen eighties. There was an increase in the number of boys being diagnosed with attention deficits and hyperactivity. Their school performance began to slip when compared to that of girls. They seemed disinterested, unmotivated."

"Few in society seemed to notice and even fewer seemed to care. The powerful feminist lobby at the time continued to claim that it was still girls who were at the disadvantage, not boys. They continued to lobby for more programs to assist girls and even produced some very shady research to debunk any research that would suggest there was a problem with boys."

Mother was getting antsy again.

"I'm getting there Ann, just have a little more patience."

Mom smiled.

"By the early part of the twenty first century, it became obvious that boys were struggling, but it was too late. Girls were outperforming them in every subject at every level of the education system and had been for years. By the time society realized there was a problem; women were graduating from college at a rate of more than two to one compared to men. Shear numbers in the educated workforce is what allowed women to take over society. Feminist doctrine became law and left no room for the male. He had no legitimate role to play. He was lost."

"Not only lost, he was persecuted, made into an outcast, and he became angry." Priestess Melinda interrupted, "Lashing out at the society that had discarded him was the only thing left."

"The male uprising?" Mother was nodding her head.

"And it could have been prevented." The Dr. continued, "The notebooks show that the Feminist Church not only knew what had occurred, but had suppressed a cure."

The room fell silent. I wasn't sure what all this meant, but I could see the shock on everyone's face. Daniel and I held on tight and looked at each other. I didn't know anything was wrong with being a puppy and couldn't figure out why they needed a cure. Would it turn us into girls?

"And you've found this cure?"

"It's been my life's work," answered the Dr. "and my mother's before me. As for the cure, it's sitting right here." She motioned towards us.

Daniel and I straightened up as all heads turned in our direction.

"Thirty years ago, my mother produced three second generation puppies with partially restored Y chromosomes. When those puppies reached maturity, nearly sixteen years ago, my mother and I used their sperm to conceive the third generation; three little puppies named Eddie, Carlos, and Daniel. They are the first puppies to be born with the fully restored Y chromosome."

"What are you saying? My son is a genetic experiment?" Mom seemed upset, even angry. She rose from her seat.

"Calm down, Ann." The Goddess Mother interrupted. "What she's saying is that your son is a very, very special young boy."

"He could also be in a lot of danger," added Ms Carter.

Mom returned to her seat. She looked confused and was still obviously upset. I stepped towards her and put my arm around her.

"It's ok mommy, I'm still you little puppy, aren't I?" I wasn't quite sure what I was anymore and needed at least as much reassurance as I was trying to give.

"Of course you are, honey." She kissed my forehead. "Now go back to your seat."

Dr Wills spoke again, "Unfortunately, Eddie's sperm still contained the anomaly. We're not sure what went wrong. But these two, produced sperm that is just as perfect as they are. There are others like them. They will begin reaching maturity in a few years. But these two are the first."

"But you've already taken their sperm and sterilized them. Why would they be in any danger?"

"I think I'll answer that one." It was Ms Carter. "The Coven of Lucretia still exists as a secret society within the Feminist Church. It is completely dedicated to the eradication of the male. We believe it was the Coven who burned the cross on your lawn last night. Although they are sterile, the very existence of these two boys is proof of their conspiracy and proof that a cure exists. If exposed, there would likely be a movement to restore the male in society; to make him a person again and not just property. Not to mention the devastation it would cause to the Feminist Church."

Daniel and I looked at each other and giggled. Puppies could be like regular people? That was ridiculous.

"The Blessing makes our problem even worse." Now it was the Goddess Mother speaking, "I tried to stop it from being recognized, but the hierarchy pushed it through. That drew a lot of unwanted attention to the boys. It also gives religious sanction to the idea that they are pure; something no male could have claimed, before these two."

"Yes, and I'm sorry." It was Priestess Melinda, "I didn't know about the boys when I made my remarks in the Temple that day. I never would have done it, otherwise."

"That's quite alright, Melinda." Mom seemed much calmer, "but what do we do now?"

"First we need to get you somewhere safe. We'll discuss some long term options later, but for now you can stay here." The Goddess Mother expressed her concern.

"You mean leave our home?" Mother looked upset again. "We won't do that. I've got responsibilities."

"You can go to work, Ann. They're not going to bother you in public. Whatever they do will be under the cover of darkness."

"Perhaps we should tell her." It was Ms Carter.

"Tell me what?" Mother demanded.

"Excuse us for a moment, Ann" The Goddess Mother stepped outside with Ms Carter.

"This is scaring me, mom." Linda's words were the first spoken by either girl since this meeting began.

"Yes, mom." Now it was Shelly.

"It scares me too." Mom said, then turning towards Priestess Melinda and Dr. Wills, "What aren't you telling us?"

"I honestly don't know." Dr. Wills responded.

"I don't either," added Priestess Melinda. "The Sisterhood works on a need to know basis. I guess I didn't need to know any of this until recently and now you know as much as I do."

"I don't know why I should trust any of this. There are just too many secrets…"

Just then the door opened and the two women returned.

"Alright, we might as well explain everything." stated the Goddess Mother, "But you aren't going to want to hear it, nor will you like it."

"I just want to know what is going on."

"And you deserve to know." It was Ms Carter. "About two years after Carlos was brought to the farm, I discovered that my assistant, June, was a member of the Coven. She had been spying for years and had gathered nearly enough information to expose the boys. She had several sources. One of them was your wife, Jacqueline."

"Never! Jacqui would never…" Mother stopped abruptly. She looked angry. She looked distressed. She looked confused. She looked like she was going to cry.

I stepped over to Shelly and wrapped my arms around her. She was starting to cry now too. Jacqui was her birth mother.

"Not knowingly," stated Ms Carter, "The Coven has a way of deceiving its informants. We believe Jacqueline thought she was participating in a study of mothers and their puppies. She had been providing information since shortly after Carlos was born."

"What kind of information?"

"Nearly everything. They were looking for anything that might make Carlos appear different from other puppies. They knew about the program, but they didn't know which puppies or what to look for."

"Even if this is true, what does this have to do with what's happening now?"

"What we're telling you is to illustrate that the danger is real. They can get to anyone."

"But giving information is a lot different than hurting someone." Mother was obviously not convinced.

"True," Ms Carter continued, "but they have hurt people and Jacqueline may have been one of them. Your wife's death was no accident."

"What are you talking about? She died years after your so-called spy was exposed."

"That's true. June was her handler. No one else knew about her. But we think she was approached again, shortly before her death. There's no solid evidence, but we believe that this time she figured it out. She was either killed because the Coven thought her to be a threat. Or she killed herself out of guilt for what she had done."

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