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Love Conquers All

by Flaming Matt

Chapter 14

November 2015

"Hey." Lily says in a sweet tone, as she sees her boyfriends eyes opening and couldn't help but smile at the surprised look on his face, as he realises that someone was staring at him.

"I er... oh er... morning." Tobias somehow manages to say in response, after almost having a heart attack when he had opened his eyes, but as soon as he realised who it was, he couldn't help but smile back at her, even if he was a little bit confused.

"Are you feeling okay now?" Lily then asks in a soft and caring tone, while gently stroking his face, she had almost called her parents in when he had started calling out, but she was glad she didn't and after managing to calm him down and get him into her bed, he seemed to have slept a lot better.

"What do you mean?" Tobias quickly asks in response, as he looks at his girlfriend in confusion, before suddenly realising how comfortable he was. "Why am I in your bed?" He then asks in and even more confused tone, before blushing brightly as he remembers having some kind of nightmare and starts to blush a little bit.

"Hey, hey, it's okay, you don't need to be embarrassed, I won't tell anyone, I promise." Lily quickly says in a reassuring tone, before just as quickly pulling him into her arms and gently begins to rub his back, until she feels him calming down. "Tobias, you told me you have nightmares, so it's okay and it wasn't bad, you just got a little scared and I didn't want you to be on your own, so it's really okay." She then decides to say, before slowly letting him go and giving him a reassuring smile.

"But er... where's my underwear?" Tobias then asks in a nervous tone, after reaching under the covers and realising that he was actually naked and he couldn't help but look at his girlfriend nervously, he was sure he loved her and she had seen him naked the day before, but he wasn't sure how he felt about her stripping him without his consent and after the girls in the park and Beth with her friends and Conner, he was definitely not feeling comfortable at all.

"You er... well you wet yourself Tobias and you were so scared, I didn't really think and just took them off and got you in my bed, but I didn't look or touch anything, I promise, I wouldn't do that to you Tobias, I promise." Lily responds honestly and in a caring tone, she was hoping he would remember what happened, but it was obvious he didn't really know what happened and she was worried that he might get upset, she knew what he had been through and knew that he might get the wrong idea of what happened.

"You let me in your bed and cuddled me, even though I wet myself?" Tobias then asks in a surprised tone and while he was slightly mortified about not only having a nightmare, but also wetting himself on his first sleepover with his girlfriend, he couldn't help but concentrate on the fact his girlfriend seemed to genuinely care for him and that meant something to him and he couldn't help but smile shyly.

"You're my boyfriend and well I don't care about stuff like that, well I mean er... it's a little gross, like really gross and it smells a little bit, but I don't care because you're my boyfriend and I really like you." Lily responds honestly and while she hadn't really noticed the smell before, now they were talking about it, she could definitely smell the pee now, but quickly puts it out of her mind and decides to distract them both, by leaning in and kissing her boyfriend.

"A phone?" Peter tells himself out loud and while he knew he was talking to himself, he had been alone most of the time and it was better than sitting in silence, although he was definitely confused to find a phone in the box his friend had left him, "Why would he leave me a phone, he's been telling me to wait for the last couple of days." He then says in a curious tone, although as he thinks about what his friend had told him the last time he saw him, he was wondering if he knew something he wasn't telling him.

It had been the longest his friend had been gone for and he had told him, he would know when to look in the box and he couldn't help but be a little worried, because they had been talking about Alex and if his friend had confronted him, then maybe that's why he hadn't been back yet. "Where are you Jarred." He then mutters to himself, before switching on the phone and searching through the contacts, but to his surprise, it only had one name and it said police, which definitely raised alarm bells in his head and he was seriously considering ringing them now.

"Why couldn't you just tell me what you were doing." He then says out loud in a frustrated tone, before putting the phone back down, he wanted to call his parents, but he couldn't remember the number or any numbers really, but while the police was obviously what his friend had intended the phone for, he wasn't quite scarred and worried enough to call them just yet, but he was definitely going to call them if his friend hadn't returned by tomorrow, because he didn't have that much food and drink and if his friend was hurt, then waiting longer than that, could be a mistake, but using it too early, could mess the other stuff up, so he had decided in his mind, that tomorrow would be the day, well unless his friend turned up, but then he hoped that would mean he was going home anyway.

"Ben get up and get showered and changed, you have twenty minutes and that's not a request." Mike states in a firm tone, as he pulls the sheet off his youngest son and looks down at him. "Ben I know you're awake, so just get up and stop messing around." He then states in the same tone and while he felt guilty, especially since he was clearly not well, he couldn't go easy on him and he didn't want to be late for their appointment.

"I don't need to see anyone, I'm fine." Ben states in an irritated tone, after pushing himself up into a sitting position and staring at his dad, who he knew was trying to help, but the last thing he wanted to do was see a psychologist, especially since it would be someone he didn't know and he couldn't help but hate his so called fiancé even more than he already did.

"Yes, because your behaviour over the past two days has been completely normal, now get in the shower and get dressed, I will make you some breakfast, so don't make me have to come and get you Ben." Mike states firmly again, before pulling the sheet off the bed completely, just to make sure he didn't just pull them back up and go back to sleep.

"You can't make me Dad, I'm not ill and I don't want to go." Ben quickly responds in a sulky tone, before folding his arms across his chest and glaring at his dad.

"I will drag you there kicking and screaming if I have to Ben, now do as you're told or you will see why I never make empty threats." Mike retorts in an unimpressed tone, as he stares at his youngest son and while inside he was shocked, he didn't want that to show on his face, he had never talked back to him like this before and it just reinforced the need to get him to see a professional as soon as possible.

"You're a prick, I never wanted you as my dad anyway, you're a shit dad and you always..." Ben then begins to say, before being shocked into silence, after feeling himself being pulled to the edge of the bed, with his face almost touching his dads.

"Listen to me carefully Benjamin, you're not well, that's why I'm taking you to see the doctor, but even so, if you ever talk to me like that again, you will be grounded for a month, with no privileges and you know exactly what I mean by that, this room is already made up for you and you will be staying here, with no visitors for the entire month, so I suggest you get in that shower and be downstairs in fifteen minutes from now fully dressed and ready to go, because one way or another, you will be going to this appointment." Mike quickly states in a seething tone and while he rarely ever got this angry at his sons, he couldn't help himself, the words had hurt him a lot and even though he was clearly not himself, it did little to dampen that feeling, but while he hated being this tough, he knew the kid gloves approach was pointless and decided to just follow through with the tough love approach and hoping it works.

"But I er... I don't want..." Ben then begins to say in a stunned tone, before finding himself trailing off, after seeing the look on his dads face and despite where his mind was right now, he knew that look and he knew not to anger him any further.

"Fifteen minutes Benjamin and I really, really hope you don't make me come up here and get you, because you really won't like what happens." Mike states firmly, as he gives him a long hard look, before turning around and walking out of the room, leaving his youngest son looking stunned at what had just happened.

"You won't leave me today will you?" Wesley asks in a vulnerable tone, as he sits on the edge of his bed and stares at his boyfriend pleadingly.

"I promise, although you know they won't let me go in the changing rooms with you, but I will be right outside or in the one next to you." Carter responds reassuringly, as he stands between his boyfriends legs with a small smile. "It's just for a little while and just let them do this Wesley, they've lost him too and they need to do something." He then decides to add, after seeing the less than enthusiastic look on his boyfriends face and knew he needed to try something to get him to get on board with getting a new suit.

"I hate when you're right." Wesley then mutters in response, although as much as he wanted to smile, he just couldn't do it, tomorrow he would be saying goodbye to his brother and knew afterwards, that it would be real and not some kind of trick or mistake.

"Oh fuck off Wesley, you love when I'm right and you know it." Carter then retorts quickly, after seeing the sadness on his boyfriends face and trying again, to at least try and keep him from breaking down.

"Maybe." Wesley says in response and this time he just about manages a small smile, before pulling his boyfriend closer and bringing his head down into a loving and affectionate kiss for a few minutes, before letting him go again.

"So are you ready to have a shower now?" Carter then asks in a caring tone, as he gently traces his fingers across the side of his boyfriends face and while his last couple of attempts to get his boyfriend to get ready for their trip to the suit shop were unsuccessful, he was sure this time, he had done enough to lift his boyfriends spirits into at least having a shower.

"Are you getting in with me?" Wesley asks in response and this time manages to give his boyfriend a cheeky smile, which was harder than he thought it would be, but his boyfriend was making a real effort and he wanted to show his appreciation.

"Okay, but no funny stuff Wesley and I mean it." Carter responds with a sweet smile, but it falters slightly when he sees the look on his boyfriends face. "Wesley, your parents are already expecting us, but I promise, if we get through this trip and you just do what they ask, we'll do anything you want later, after they go to work for a couple of hours." He then states in a serious tone and while he had put a hold on the more serious sex stuff for a reason, he had missed it a lot and his boyfriend seemed to be in control of himself again, so he wanted to give him a chance.

"Really?" Wesley quickly asks in response and this time, he didn't have to force himself to smile, because he had missed being intimate with his boyfriend, even though they still did some stuff, he missed having actual sex and feeling his boyfriend inside him and being inside him as well, although he couldn't help but worry that he was getting a little ahead of himself, because he knew how his boyfriend felt about that kind of thing right now and knew he probably meant just fingering or rimming.

"Really and Wesley..." Carter responds with a sexy grin, before purposely trailing off, as he attempts to act and sound sex and seductive, something which he was still very hit and miss at, but he was definitely getting better at it and by the way his boyfriend was now getting hard, he was definitely improving.

"Yeah?" Wesley asks excitedly, he loved when his boyfriend got all sexy and stuff and was hoping he was going to say what he thought he was going to say.

"I seriously mean anything, you want it, you can have it." Carter then states in his best sexy voice, before leaning forward and pulling his boyfriends head in for a passionate kiss with one hand, while reaching down with his other, to give his boyfriend a few strokes. "Now come on, we need to hurry up." He then states in a casual tone, before backing away from his boyfriend with a grin and then turning towards the door and walking out of the room.

"Oh you little shit." Wesley then states with a shake of the head, after taking a few moments to realise what his boyfriend had just done and couldn't help but be a little proud of him and how far he has come since they first started dating, before slowly getting up and walking out of his room to join his boyfriend, while listening out for his parents, just to make sure they were still downstairs.

"Can we pull the sheets off?" Lily decides to ask nervously, she knew she could have looked at it as much as she wanted to earlier and he would never have known, but she didn't want to take advantage of him like that and was hoping that if she was just honest and did it the right way, she would still be able to look at him naked.

"I er.. well it's er... it's hard." Tobias responds in a nervous tone, as he feels his cheeks burning a little and while she had seen him completely naked and hard the previous day, he was feeling really vulnerable right now, especially since he had had a nightmare and wet himself, which he still wasn't sure how to feel about it, because it was embarrassing, but at the same time, she wasn't making fun of him and she still wanted to be his girlfriend, so he was definitely confused by it all.

"I know, I kind of felt it when we kissed and it's okay Tobias, you don't have to let me see, I was just curious and if you want, you can just go and take a shower, while I change my sheets." Lily then decides to suggest, as she sees how reluctant he seemed to be and while she felt disappointed, she was never going to force him to do anything he didn't want to do and she knew as time went on, they would be doing a lot more than just looking at each other, so she wasn't going to rush him, even if the strange new feelings she was experiencing because of him, were telling her to do things she had never even thought about before and even really fully understand.

"Am I er... well er... can I look at you er.... you know er... see you naked too?" Tobias then finds himself asking, although as soon as the words are out of his mouth, he somehow manages to blush even more and he was scared that he had gone too far and could only hope she wouldn't get angry or call her parents and tell on him.

"Oh well er... I don't know." Lily responds awkwardly as she realises that she hadn't even thought about being seen naked and now that she had been asked, she really wasn't sure if she was comfortable doing it and was starting to think about how unfair she has been in asking her boyfriend to get naked for her, especially since she actively tried to get him to let her see him and wasn't quite sure how to react now.

"It's okay if you don't, I was just curious, I've only seen Erica naked and I wanted to see if all girls were the same." Tobias then says in a slightly disappointed tone, but while he had ignored some of his brothers and friends advice, he wasn't going to ignore the things about not forcing his girlfriend to do anything, especially getting naked and knew that he just had to wait until she was ready.

"Okay, well I'm not er... wait, you've seen Erica naked? Like really naked?" Lily quickly asks in a shocked tone, after realising what her boyfriend had just said and despite the surprise, she could also feel herself being a little jealous and actually considered getting naked, but quickly brushed those thoughts aside, because she really wasn't ready for that just yet.

"Yeah, well er... not for long, I just sort of walked in and saw her and it was really weird, she didn't have a willy and I was really confused and she had..." Tobias then starts to answer, but he couldn't help but be surprised to be interrupted by his girlfriends hand pressing against his mouth and looks at his girlfriend curiously.

"It's okay, I believe you, but you shouldn't talk about someone else's body Tobias, it's private and it wouldn't be fair on Erica, okay." Lily decides to say in a soft and caring tone, as she gently uses her other hand to slowly stroke his side under the covers and couldn't help but smile at his cute little expression.

"You can er... well er... pull the sheets off if er... you still want to, but er... well no touching, well er... maybe you can, but er... just look first, okay." Tobias then decides to say nervously, before taking a deep breath as he feels the sheet being pulled off slowly. "Sorry it's not hard any more." He then says in a shy and apologetic tone, after feeling the sheet coming away from him completely and while his willy was hard before, his nervousness had made it go soft again, although the feeling of his girlfriends fingers tracing along his arm, was definitely starting to excite him again.

"I don't mind, I think you look really nice either way and er... well can you lift your leg up a bit please?" Lily asks as she responds to her boyfriends words and while it definitely excited her to see it hard, it was also interesting soft and she wanted to see his testicles a little better now and see what they were like.

"Okay, but er... can I go in the shower in a minute, I don't like smelling like wee." Tobias then decides to say, as he starts to smell the wee now that the sheet was off them and he couldn't help but blush a little bit more, although he could also see that his girlfriend was definitely not paying him that much attention, well at least not what he was saying anyway, which helped him relax in a strange way, even if he felt a bit weird about being looked at like this.

"Yeah, if you want." Lily responds in a distracted tone, before slowly working her way down his body with her fingers without realising. "Oh er... sorry, sorry Tobias, I didn't mean to, I promise." She then says in an apologetic and scared tone, after accidentally touching his penis with her fingers and hearing him grasp. "Are you okay? Please say something Tobias, please." She then pleads in a quiet tone, as she sees him tense up and take a sharp breath and she didn't know if she had hurt him or something and was starting to get really worried about him.

"I'm er... I'm fine... I just... I'm fine..." Tobias then just about manages to respond in between sharp breaths, he had been touched by his friends and more, more times than he could count, but he had never felt anything like his girlfriend touching him like that before and he just felt amazing and all tingly.

"Are you sure, you're like er... well shaking and really breathing weird." Lily then says in a concerned tone, as she carefully reaches over and holds her hand on his chest and could feel his heart racing, which definitely worried her and made her think that she had made a mistake in not just letting him go take a shower.

"Can you... can you er... well er.. touch me again er... just er.. just for a er... just to see something?" Tobias then asks in a nervous tone, but quickly tenses up a little bit. "No, no stop Lily, I er... please, can I just have a shower, please?" He then quickly states in a slightly panicked tone, as he thinks about his brothers and friends and knew that this was exactly the kind of thing they had warned him about and that he wasn't supposed to do things like this and despite his hormones trying to take over, he couldn't bare disappointing them and they were going through enough right now, for him to add something stupid like this to it as well.

"Okay..." Lily responds in a disappointed and slightly hurt tone, after thinking about how close she was to being able to actually touch him properly, but as quickly as she felt that, she started to feel guilty and a little ashamed of herself, because she knew how vulnerable he was and knew that she needed to be the mature one and not let something stupid happen and this was definitely something stupid, well for now it was, but they were not ready for this kind of thing, even if these new feelings she was experiencing for the first time, were trying to convince her that it was okay.

"Sorry..." Tobias then says in a sad tone, before trailing off for a few moments. "You know, for er... waking you up and making your room smell of pee." He then adds with a small smile, as he attempts to try and lighten the mood a little bit, because he was hoping she wasn't really mad at him and he really did like her and the way she had made him feel a few moments ago, definitely made him excited for the future and when they got a little bit older.

"Can I just er... look at your er... well can I just see your testicles again, one looks bigger than the other, are they meant to be like that?" Lily decides to ask in response with a shy smile, after relaxing after her boyfriends little joke and felt confident enough to ask about whether his testicles were meant to be like that, even if she again felt a little guilty for not just letting him go.

"Er... well I guess so, but well I don't think there is any er... well you know normal balls, but well er... most have one bigger than the other, but mine aren't er... well, weird looking are they?" Tobias responds in a slightly insecure tone and while he knew he was being silly, his friends and brothers have all told him he looked good and he knew they wouldn't lie, but being in front of his girlfriend now and literally on full display, he couldn't help but want her to like him too and was looking at her with a hopeful expression.

"No, but I've never seen any before, well not really and they look so weird, are they like hard and stuff or soft?" Lily asks in response, as she looks at her boyfriends testicles curiously, while only just managing to stop herself reaching out and finding out for herself.

"You can er... well..." Tobias then begins to suggest, before coughing a couple of times in nervousness. "If you want, you can er... touch them, but just for a few seconds, I really want a shower Lily and er.. your parents might be awake and stuff." He then finishes in a mixture of excitement and nervousness and despite being strong earlier about stopping her from touching him, he couldn't quite stop his hormones taking over this time.

"Oh wow, well er... stand up and well er... stand next to the bed, I can er... you know, well it might be easier and then you can go and take a shower, while I clean up here." Lily responds in a calm tone, although she couldn't help but smile happily at her boyfriend and watched as he did as he was told and stood in front of the bed.

"Don't squeeze them though, that hurts and er... don't pull them or twist them either er... please." Tobias then quickly states in a nervous tone, as he watches his girlfriend moving so that she was sitting on the edge of her bed and right in front of him and even though his brothers and friends warnings were still going through his mind, it was too late now and he just hoped he wouldn't let this go too far and really do something stupid, because he knew he would be in so much trouble and he didn't want that to happen.

"I promise." Lily responds in a quiet tone, as she slowly reaches out and gives his testicles a quick little poke with her fingers and despite herself, she couldn't help but giggle a little at the surprised little sound her boyfriend makes and smiles up at him, before getting a little braver and starts to run a finger along one of his testicles, which to her amusement and excitement, causes him to make a adorable whimpering noise and she couldn't resist doing it again.

"I er... it's er... so, they aren't weird?" Tobias just about manages to ask, as his girlfriends fingers send little jolts of pleasure through his body and again, while his two friends had made him feel amazing in ways he never knew possible, his girlfriends touch seemed to be even better and he was struggling to ask her to stop so that he could take a shower and calm himself down.

"Well er... they feel hard, I mean I knew they must be, but I didn't know if they would be like all squishy and stuff, but they really are hard and it's a little weird, but er... not bad weird or anything, just er... well you get it right?" Lily responds with a smile, after getting braver and actually cupping and feeling his testicles, instead of just poking and running a finger along them.

"Can I er... can I go and shower now, I mean if you're well er... if it's okay?" Tobias then asks nervously, although it was as much to do with how excited he was actually feeling, as it was to do with his brothers and friends warnings to behave himself running through his mind, so he definitely knew that he needed to get in the shower and maybe get rid of his excitement himself, just so that he was a little more in control for the rest of the day.

"Can I just er.. hold your er... penis, just for a second, I just want to know what it feels like." Lily responds with a sweet smile, as she looks up into her boyfriends eyes and while he seemed okay, she was still a little worried that she was doing the wrong thing and that she should be looking after him, not trying to touch him, but she just couldn't help herself and slowly moved her hands from his testicles, to his penis and starts to gently explore it. "It's weird, I didn't know it would feel like this." She then says, before giving him a slightly nervous look, when he tenses up and takes a deep breath.

"I er... I need to go." Tobias then forces himself to say, as he feels himself getting a little too excited now and while it surprised him how quickly it was happening, he was more concerned about having an orgasm now and he wasn't ready for that with his girlfriend and quickly steps back from her.

"Thank you Tobias and er... you're really nice and I really love you." Lily then decides to say in a reassuring and sincere tone, after being a little surprised that he had pulled away, but she didn't want him to get upset and knew that there must have been a reason and instead of pushing him to find out, she decides to get up and walk over to her chest of drawers.

"I love you too Lily, but er... can I go to the shower now please?" Tobias responds politely, as he tries to keep himself under control, because he was still tingling all over and he really didn't want to orgasm in front of her, although his curiosity about what she was doing, was helping distract himself a little bit.

"Here you go and it's okay Tobias, we can just talk and stuff when you get back." Lily responds with a sweet smile, as she hands him a towel, before opening the bedroom door after he had wrapped it around himself, although she couldn't help but smirk a little, when she realises that even with the towel, she could tell his penis was hard.

"Okay, I won't be too long, I promise." Tobias then says with a shy smile, before making his way out of his girlfriends bedroom and walking towards the bathroom, while keeping a nervous eye out for her parents, just in case they might see him and he definitely didn't want that to happen, especially since the towel did nothing to hide the fact his willy was hard.

Two Hours Later

"See, I told you that it wouldn't be that bad." Carter states in a slightly smug tone, after walking into the bedroom as soon as soon as his boyfriends parents had left to go to work for a few hours.

"Speak for yourself, they made me stand outside the changing cubicles in my underwear Carter, I mean who does that to their kid?" Wesley quickly responds in a sulky tone, before walking over to his bed and slumping down on the edge of it.

"Like you really give a crap about that Wesley, you wear less when we swim and besides, I enjoyed the view." Carter retorts with a grin, before walking over and working his way in between his boyfriends legs. "I enjoyed it a lot." He then adds, before lifting his boyfriends head by the chin and kissing him for a few minutes, while being pulled down on top of him in the process.

"I love you Beautiful, so fucking much." Wesley then says with a smile, after his boyfriend breaks away from the kiss to look down at him. "But if you weren't there, I would have refused and stormed off somewhere, because it's doesn't matter if I'm not shy about my body Carter, it's my body and I decide if someone sees me like that, not my parents." He then adds in a serious tone and while he knew he was overreacting, he was just feeling so frustrated and he could also feel the anger and despair lurking in the back of his mind.

"I love you too, but come on Wesley, it's hard for them as well and they weren't trying to embarrass you, I just think they're struggling too and maybe trying too hard when they're with you, that's all." Carter states in response, as he gives his boyfriend a curious and sympathetic look, before leaning down and giving him a quick and affectionate peck on the nose.

"I don't know how I'm going to get through tomorrow, you won't leave me on my own tomorrow will you? Even if I act like a complete moron?" Wesley then asks in a pleading and almost desperate tone, but instead of his boyfriend answering him, he is surprised to feel himself being kissed and while he was looking for words, this was a million times better and instinctively rolls over, so that he was now on top.

"You will have to do a lot more than be a complete moron to get rid of me Wesley, so I'm not going anywhere, I promise." Carter then says with a small smirk, before giving his boyfriend a series of quick, but sweet pecks on the lips. "Well unless one of us goes to the toilet, then you're on your own for a few minutes at least." He then adds in a cheeky tone, after deciding to try and get his boyfriend in a better frame of mind, because he still had plans for them now, especially since they had the house to themselves for at least four hours and he hadn't forgotten what he had promised earlier.

"Do you er... Carter, did you mean what you said earlier, you know, about well, you know having sex again?" Wesley then decides to ask, but despite being excited, he couldn't help but be nervous, just in case his boyfriend had changed his mind, which would have just hurt, because the thought of the ban being over or at least on hold for today, had helped him get through the day so far and he really didn't want to feel like his boyfriend had tricked him.

"Why? What do you have in mind?" Carter asks in response, while giving his boyfriend a little smirk, before rolling them back over so that he was back on top again. "I put some tingly lube in your bedside cabinet and the cuffs are in there as well." He then whispers in his ear, before nibbling on them and kissing his neck.

"Do we still have your Elven clothes here?" Wesley manages to ask in a slightly breathless tone, as his boyfriend continues to nibble and kiss his neck, although as soon as he stops talking, he feels his boyfriend sitting up.

"Really?" Carter quickly asks in an excited tone and while he thought he knew what his boyfriend wanted, he definitely wasn't expecting this and he couldn't be any more excited, if he tried.

"You did say I could choose anything and well I er... well, that's what I choose." Wesley responds in a shy tone, which turns into a big grin, when he realises that this was his boyfriend and he didn't need to be shy around him, especially since he knew how much he loved when they role played together and it was the reason he wanted to do it, just to give his boyfriend a treat, after all the crap he had put him through.

"This is going to be awesome, what scenario do you want to play?" Carter quickly asks in an enthusiastic and excited tone, they rarely role played and even though he loved it, he knew his boyfriend wasn't that keen, so he was definitely going to make the most of this chance and despite already being hard, he could feel it twitching now and couldn't wait to get started.

"That's a surprise, now come on, let's get naked and then we can get the costumes on and start." Wesley responds with a grin, before getting up and stripping off, while watching his boyfriend doing the same and despite getting the urge to just throw him on the bed and have sex with him right now, he just about managed to restrain himself and remember that he was trying to do something nice for him and not be selfish.

"This is going to be so awesome." Carter then says excitedly, as he finishes stripping off and quickly moves over to his boyfriends cupboard to get the costumes.

"So you're still feeling tired and weak?" Erica asks in a slightly surprised tone and when she glances at both Sarah and her boyfriend, she could see that they weren't expecting that answer either.

"And I ache, but it's not like it was yesterday, but I still feel like crap." Matt responds honestly and while he wanted to lie and try and get out of the hospital, he just didn't have the energy and instead he just wanted to sleep some more.

"Is this normal Erica?" Sarah then asks in a concerned tone and while she was proud of her son for being so honest, it also made her worry and wonder if they had missed something.

"I'm not that experienced with poisoning Sarah, but his last tests came back all clear and the doctor said that he should make a full recovery over the next week." Erica responds to her friend in a clear and reassuring tone. "We expected you to be tired and a even a little nauseous still Matt, so thank you for being honest, but I do need you to tell me if you're in any pain and it's really important that you tell me the truth, even if you don't think it's relevant, okay?" She then asks the boy, after turning to him with a caring smile, she really did love him and was hoping he would say that his muscles ached a little bit and wasn't in any other pain, because then she could hopefully get him discharged before her shift ended.

"My head hurts a little still, but it feels like it usually does, well er... like when I usually get a head ache, not all weird like it was this past week and er... well I ache, but nothing really hurts, it just like when I did my physio and it ached a bit when I went a little too far, is that okay?" Matt responds honestly again and while he wasn't sure if he just condemned himself to at least another night stuck in the hospital, he didn't want to lie and then get home, only to have to come back again within a day and end up staying even longer.

"I can't promise you anything Sweety, but I will see what I can do about getting you home tonight, but it's up to the doctor and if he wants to keep you in one more night, then you will have to stay okay." Erica responds with a smile, while gently stroking the side of his face.

"I have to answer this, I will be back in a minute." Mitch then says in a slightly curious tone, after he sees who is calling him after his phone starts to ring.

"Okay, I will need to go in a minute anyway, I have other patients to see." Erica responds with a sweet smile, before turning back around after watching her boyfriend walking out of the room. "You should drink something Sweety, then think about getting some more rest." She then says, while checking to make sure his IV was okay.

"Drink this Sweetheart and if you need the toilet, just say and I will get the bottle for you." Sarah then says with a loving smile, after reaching over and pouring him a cup of water and while he had been to the toilet earlier, she just couldn't stop herself from fussing over him and despite knowing he didn't mind it too much, she knew she had to try a little harder to not hassle him.

"If you need anything, you know what to do, but I will try to come back and see you within the hour, it depends on how many patients I have to see." Erica then says, as she gets to her feet and looks over to the clock and knew that she really did need to go now and while her superiors were understanding and flexible, she didn't want them to think that she was taking advantage of that.

"Thanks for everything Erica and don't worry, we'll be okay and Mitch is here, so I will have someone to talk to, while this little monster is sleeping." Sarah responds with a friendly smile, while she gently strokes the side of her sons face affectionately, despite the fact he was now pouting at her.

"See you later Sarah and you too Matt, just get some rest okay." Erica then says with a smile, before leaving the room after seeing the boy nodding, although he was still pouting a little bit, which just made her smile even more.

"Do you want me to help you or can you do it yourself Sweetheart?" Sarah then decides to ask, as she looks at her son lovingly and while she knew he didn't like her helping him going to the toilet, she had done it a few times when he was in hospital before and she made sure that she never made a fuss about it or bring it up again, just to try and make it a little easier for him.

"I want to do it, but er... I'm really tired Mum, can you do it please?" Matt asks in a slightly reluctant tone, he really didn't like letting her help him like this, but with his brother out of the room and the fact he was really tired, this was the only sensible option he had and it wasn't like she hadn't seen him naked recently.

"Anything you want Sweetheart and I'm really proud of you." Sarah responds with a loving smile, before pulling his sheet across and then gently pulling his tighty whiteys down to his knees.

"What do you mean he's not there?" Mitch asks in a quiet tone, as he tries to wrap his head around what his boss had just told him, which didn't make any sense whatsoever.

"Officer Monroe has been in contact Mitch and she says that Simon never arrived at the hotel, she's been trying to make sure that it wasn't a misunderstanding or that she was at the wrong hotel, but she is one hundred percent sure that Simon never checked in." Hopkins responds in a professional and calm tone, as he does his best to make sure that he explains himself fully, he knew the young man was under a lot of stress and that is why he had given him a couple of days off work, but this information was too important to the case and he needed him to come back in.

"But that's impossible, his parents were there when he left for the airport, how can he not have checked in?" Mitch quickly asks in response, while he does his best to make sense of what his boss had just said, because even though he was struggling to process it all, he knew that this was big and he was starting to get a sinking feeling in his gut.

"I need you to come in Mitch, I know I said you could have a couple of days, but this is important and you need to be here as soon as you can, your team is working on a number of leads, but they're your team on this case Mitch and you need to be here." Hopkins states in response and while he didn't answer his question, he needed to make sure he understood that he needed to come into work, before they got into anything else over the phone.

"I can be there within the hour, probably half an hour Sir, but I still don't understand how he couldn't have checked in, he got on the plane... he did get on the plane didn't he?" Mitch then asks in a shocked tone, as he starts to really grasp what his friend not checking into the hotel actually could mean and quickly sits down and stares at his brothers hospital room door.

"I have instructed Monroe to investigate if he arrived in the country Mitch and also have a couple of your team contacting the airport his parents told us he was flying from, but it will be an hour or two before we will know for sure, whether or not he actually left the country Mitch." Hopkins responds in the same professional tone as before, while inside he was actually worried about this himself, he may not have known Simon, but he knew he was Mitch's friend and with Jim being murdered and everything that had happened to his family recently, he was seriously concerned about the young man and knew that he should really be having this conversation in person and not over the phone.

"This doesn't make any sense Sir, how could he not have left the country, his parents saw him leave for the airport, he couldn't have gone anywhere else." Mitch then says in a confused tone, as he repeats what he had said before and just couldn't understand what was happening.

"Mitch, come in now and we can talk in person, but you will need to brief your team and also liaise with missing persons, because if he has disappeared, then it's a hell of a coincidence Mitch and we will need to get on top of this straight away." Hopkins decides to suggest and while again he wished he had just ordered him into the station and talked then, he knew that he just had to just go with it now and hope that he hasn't made a mistake.

"Okay Sir, I will leave here in a few minutes, I just need to say goodbye and pick up something from home first." Mitch responds in a professional tone, although inside he was feeling like he was being choked, he wasn't stupid and if his friend hadn't even arrived at the airport, then something had obviously happened to him and if he was a witness for what had happened to Alex and Peter, then he knew what this could mean and to lose another friend, especially like this, it was already starting to eat away at him inside.

"Mitch, this could all be nothing, just try not... look just come in and we can talk and see where we go from there." Hopkins then says in a slightly concerned tone, he could hear something in the young man's tone and he didn't like it at all and now knew that he had made a mistake by going into too much detail, instead of just waiting until they were both in his office.

"I'm on my way Sir." Mitch then responds, before hanging up his phone and taking a deep breath, just as he sees his girlfriend emerging from Matt's hospital room.

"Well don't you look handsome." Daisy states in a sincere tone, as she looks her daughters boyfriend up and down and while she had seen him earlier dressed up quite smartly, this was definitely not what she thought boys his age wore these days and was very impressed.

"You can say that again Dear, not enough people wear waistcoat these days." Aster then decides to add, as he looks up from his paper and despite being an odd choice for a boy his age to wear, it was a look that seemed to suit the boy and he was genuinely impressed.

"You really mean it?" Tobias quickly asks in response, while trying his best not to blush too much, because although he didn't dress like this to impress people, it was nice to not get odd looks and people judging him negatively for wearing his clothes and the fact that it was his girlfriends parents, made the feeling even better and couldn't help but smile proudly.

"Relax Sweety, you look really handsome." Daisy responds with a sweet smile and while she was thinking about saying more, she got the feeling that her husband would want to say something and she didn't want to give her daughters boyfriend too much praise, just in case he mistook it for them patronising him.

"Let me ask you this Tobias, do you like what you're wearing?" Aster decides to ask and while he was just going to compliment the boy again, he wanted to try a different approach and hopefully boost his confidence a little bit.

"Yeah, I really like my clothes and er... well some people give me funny looks and stuff, but I don't care, I like them." Tobias answers honestly, after taking a few moments to think about the question and work out where his girlfriends dad was coming from and whether it was a trick question or something.

"Then that's all that matters Young Man and for what it's worth, I really do think you look very smart and I'm glad that you don't let those people who give you funny looks get to you." Aster states sincerely and although he had never aired on the cautious side with his choice of clothing throughout his life, he had to admit the boy was braver than he was at his age and also very mature, even if he did sometimes speak a little strangely, which his daughter had explained to both himself and her mum about and it just endeared him to them even more.

"Thank you and you too Daisy, you're nice people and I like you a lot." Tobias then states with a proud smile, as he beams at both his girlfriends parents and found himself feeling nice and warm inside.

"Is it okay if we go now Mum? We are meeting Ashleigh and Jordan for a couple of hours and then I'm going to walk Tobias to the hospital to see how his brother is doing." Lily then asks with a smile, after staying out of the conversation and giving her boyfriend a chance to bond a little more with her parents, who she was happy to see, seemed to like him a lot and that just made her boyfriend even more perfect, because she was sure her parents wouldn't have been that keen on her having a boyfriend, especially her dad and couldn't help but feel happy with how things had gone so far.

"Okay Honey, but if you can't get a lift home from the hospital, then give one of us a ring and we will come to pick you up, we don't want you walking home alone, okay." Aster responds with a smile, as he looks to his daughter lovingly and while she could walk home alone and has done in the past, with some of the recent events in the town, he didn't want to take the risk and after glancing at his wife, he could tell that she felt the same way.

"I will get my mum or older brother to bring her home Aster and I will come with her, but er... not to stay, I mean I er... well it's not that I don't want..." Tobias then begins to say, but as he talks, he couldn't help but get embarrassed as he struggles to find the right words and is grateful when his girlfriend interrupts him.

"It's okay Tobias." Lily states in a caring tone, before giving him a quick peck on the cheek. "He just means that his mum wants him to either stay in the hospital with her, or go home with his uncle and other brother, but we should get going now and I promise to call you if I need a lift." She then says with a smile, after looking back towards her parents and giving them a slight shake of the head, just to let them know not to make a big deal of her boyfriends speech, she had already explained to them about why he does it sometimes and she knew he didn't like talking about it.

"Okay Sweety and goodbye Tobias, it was very nice to meet you and you're always welcome here again." Daisy then says in response, while giving them both a warm smile and while she wouldn't mind spending the rest of the day getting to know her daughters boyfriend, she knew there would be plenty of chances in the future and was looking forward to meeting his family as well, because while she had heard of them in the news and papers, the way her daughter had spoken about them, made her eager to meet them and get to know them in person and not just over the phone.

"Thank you." Tobias then says in a sweet tone, while blushing slightly as he feels his hand being held and gently squeezed.

"Bye Mum and bye Dad, see you later, love you both." Lily then states in a happy sincere tone, before pulling her boyfriend towards the hallway and then out of the front door.

"Well, isn't he a little darling." Daisy then says in a thoughtful tone, after hearing the front door opening and closing and turning to her husband with a smile.

"He certainly is something, I was half dreading this day Daisy, but she seems to have chosen well, he definitely seems like a fine young gentleman." Aster responds honestly and while he still had those lingering feelings of dread that their daughter was now dating, he had to admit, that Tobias was more than he could have hoped for and he was genuinely impressed by the young boy.

"And gifted Aster." Daisy then states with a smile, after deciding to have a little fun with her husband and knew he would be intrigued by her remark.

"He is?" Aster then asks and while he knew his wife was teasing him a little bit, he was genuinely curious and knew she wouldn't just say something like that, unless the boy had some genuine talent.

"Well I have to confess, when Lily told us about Tobias and his name, it didn't click at first, but it turns out that he is in Tom Morgan's music class Aster and remember some of the things that he has told us about his students over the years and how this year, he had some very exciting students in one of his classes." Daisy responds with another smile and while she could have just told him, she couldn't resist drawing it out a little longer.

"You mean about the Fishers youngest boy and the Summer boys..." Aster begins to responds, before trailing off for a few moments as he suddenly realises what his wife is talking about. "Tobias Summers, how didn't I remember that when Lily told us his name?" He then asks his wife in a slightly embarrassed tone, their friend had told them on many occasions how talented his class was and in particular a couple of his students, so he wasn't sure how he didn't realise who Tobias was.

"Yes and from what Tom tells us, he's a very talented musician, so maybe you could dust some of those guitars of yours off and see what he makes of them the next time he comes around, I think you two will have a lot to talk about." Daisy then suggests with a knowing look and while her husbands own musical capabilities were a lot to be desired, his love of music wasn't and she knew he would be excited to potentially have someone to talk about that with.

"A marvellous idea Daisy and now that you mention it, he is friends with the Fisher boy and of course Tom has raved and raved about Matthews ability as well as Benjamin Walker, so I look forward to meeting those as well, should be a very interesting time indeed." Aster responds with an excited expression and while it might be a while before he got a performance from them all, it was definitely something to look forward to, especially since their friend had never been wrong when it came to musical talent before.

"One step at a time Dear, we barely know Tobias as it is, so I don't think you should be pushing him too much with this and remember what Lily has told us, he may appear self confident at times, but he's been through a lot and we don't want to upset him." Daisy then decides to point out and while it was actually upsetting to think about what the poor boy had been through, she knew her husband could get a little carried away sometimes and she didn't want to risk any misunderstands and unfortunate events.

"What would I do without you?" Aster then states in a loving tone, as he gets up and walks over to his wife and wraps his arms around her.

"The possibilities are endless my Dear and none of them are good." Daisy responds teasingly, before feeling herself being kissed and begins to return it lovingly.

"I thought you were taking him straight home Mike?" Sarah asks in a slightly surprised tone, after seeing her friend walking into the room and while it was nice to see him, she really wasn't expecting him to be here. "Mike? What's wrong?" She then asks in a surprised tone, after seeing the look on his face and quickly felt her stomach tighten, especially when she realises that Ben hadn't come into the room with him.

"Damn it, he's not here is he?" Mike asks in a almost despairing tone, he just couldn't believe what had happened and after checking everywhere that he could think of, he was sure his youngest son had to have come to the hospital, but it was obvious that he was wrong and the realization of what that could mean, was beginning to hit him.

"Who? I mean Mitch had to head into work, but he said he would be back later on." Sarah responds honestly, as she tries to work out what was wrong, while intentionally not mentioning Ben, who she was hoping had nothing to do with her friends behaviour and that he was just looking for his eldest son.

"Is he asleep?" Mike then asks in a stressed tone, as he looks at his youngest sons fiancé and being torn over whether he wanted him to hear this or not.

"He's been asleep for a couple of hours, what's going on Mike?" Sarah quickly asks in a concerned tone and while she was hoping that he had just wanted his eldest son, it was now obvious this was about Ben and instinctively took her sons hand into her own and gently squeezed it.

"Can you wake him up, he needs to hear this and he might be the only one who knows where he went, please Sarah." Mike then asks in a pleading and almost desperate tone, it may have been the middle of the afternoon and not unusual for the boys to be out on their own sometimes, but this was different and the way his youngest son has been acting these past few days, has him worried sick to his stomach and he knew he had to act fast.

"Where who went?" Sarah quickly asks in response, while ignoring his request for a few moments. "Mike, talk to me, what's happening?" She then asks in a firmer tone, after seeing him looking at her and seeing the panic in his eyes.

"It's Ben, he ran away, he was in the psychologists room for almost an hour and, shit Sarah, can we wake Matt up, I've looked everywhere I could think of and I couldn't find him, please?" Mike asks in a pleading tone again, after trying to explain what had happened, but while he didn't want to do this, he needed Matt and he knew he would only have to repeat himself if he told her first and he just didn't want to delay looking for his youngest son, for any long than he had to.

"Hey Sweety, come on Sweety, it's time to get up." Sarah states in a soft and warm tone, as she gently rocks her son and sees him starting to stir. "Come on Sleepyhead, you can't sleep all day." She then says in a soothing tone, before leaning across and giving him a soft kiss on the forehead, while at the same time dreading what was about to happen, because she knew he would be upset and also knew that he would want to go and look for his fiancé, which would mean she would have to stop him and she really didn't want to do that to him.

"Mum?" Matt then asks in a tired and groggy tone, he was still feeling pretty bad and while the nap had helped, being woke up was definitely annoying and was just hoping it wasn't so that the doctors could do more tests. "Mike?" He then asks in a surprised tone, after finally opening his eyes and noticing his fiancé's dad standing at the foot of his bed.

"Sorry for waking you Sweetheart, but it's important." Sarah then says in a slightly apprehensive tone, as she continues to gently squeeze his hand reassuringly.

"Where's Ben?" Matt the asks in a confused and worried tone, as he ignores his mum and focuses on the look on his fiancé's dads face and knew something was wrong.

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