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Love Conquers All

by Flaming Matt

Chapter 15

November 2015

"Hey Sweety, come on Sweety, it's time to get up." Sarah states in a soft and warm tone, as she gently rocks her son and sees him starting to stir. "Come on Sleepyhead, you can't sleep all day." She then says in a soothing tone, before leaning across and giving him a soft kiss on the forehead, while at the same time dreading what was about to happen, because she knew he would be upset and also knew that he would want to go and look for his fiancé, which would mean she would have to stop him and she really didn't want to do that to him.

"Mum?" Matt then asks in a tired and groggy tone, he was still feeling pretty bad and while the nap had helped, being woke up was definitely annoying and was just hoping it wasn't so that the doctors could do more tests. "Mike?" He then asks in a surprised tone, after finally opening his eyes and noticing his fiancé's dad standing at the foot of his bed.

"Sorry for waking you Sweetheart, but it's important." Sarah then says in a slightly apprehensive tone, as she continues to gently squeeze his hand reassuringly.

"Where's Ben?" Matt quickly asks in a confused and worried tone, as he ignores his mum and focuses on the look on his fiancé's dads face and knew something was wrong.

"Matt, I need you to think really hard for me and not get upset, this is really important, do you understand?" Mike asks in a firm and clear tone, as he looks at the boy sympathetically, he knew this wasn't fair on him and he also knew that he could freak out, but he was hoping by including him and being as clear as he could, he would be able to think of something he hadn't.

"Mum?" Matt the says in an unsure tone, as he looks at his mum in confusion and could already feel himself shaking a little.

"Sweetheart, you've been through so much, but you've asked us to be honest with you and to respect that you and Ben are now engaged, so listen to Mike and try to be brave for a little bit longer." Sarah responds honestly in a sincere tone, as she gently strokes the side of her sons face and squeezes his hand reassuringly.

"He ran away, didn't he?" Matt then asks in a slightly strained tone, after giving his mum an appreciative smile and while he was still shaking a little bit, her words had helped him a lot and he needed to be strong for his fiancé, who obviously needed him now and he wasn't going to let him down.

"He's not been himself Matt and I've tried looking for him and I've phoned your friends, but no one has seen him." Mike answers in a sad and tired tone. "Matt, I know he's ran away before, but this is different and I need you to tell me if there is anywhere he would go, that I might not know about." He then adds, after seeing the less than impressed look on his friends face and knew that she wanted him to tread carefully and not upset her son.

"Did he say anything or er... well you know, when he was seeing the psychologist?" Matt decides to ask, as he thinks about where his fiancé could have gone, that his dad wouldn't know or think about and was already struggling to think of anywhere.

"I wasn't in the room, but he was in there for almost an hour Matt, but he did shout out something, but I don't see how it could have anything to do with where he could have gone." Mike answers honestly and while it was quite strange to talk to a twelve year old like this, he respected the boy and knew that he was strong enough to deal with it.

"He's been saying a lot of strange things Sweety." Sarah then decides to say, as she continues to try and comfort him as best as she could, by keeping a hold of his hand and stroking the side of his face.

"I know Mum, but what did he say Mike, it might be nothing, but please, it might help." Matt quickly says in a calm and firm tone, as he starts to think of the things his fiancé had said to him the day before and there was something in the back of his mind, but he just couldn't quite make sense of it and was hoping that whatever his fiancé had shouted out at the psychologists, might help him put it all together and help him figure out where he could have gone.

"I'm not sure if..." Mike then begins to say, as he wonders whether he should tell him what his youngest son had shouted out, because he knew it would upset him or at the very least, just confuse them all, but finds himself quickly being interrupted, before he can think of an excuse to avoid saying it.

"I'm not a stupid little kid Mike..." Matt quickly states in a frustrated tone, before feeling his hand being squeezed a little tighter than it was a few moments ago. "Okay, well I'm a kid, but I'm not stupid and you wanted my help, so you have to tell me stuff, because I want to find him too and if you don't tell me everything, then how am I meant to help?" He then states in a slightly meek tone, as he realises that he had made a bit of a fool of himself and wanted to quickly try and stop them from thinking that he wasn't ready for this kind of conversation, which was actually a little true, but he wanted to find his fiancé and to do that, he had to be strong for him.

"Mike, he has a point and it couldn't have been that bad, so just tell him what Ben was shouting." Sarah then says in a serious tone, after giving her son a stern and unimpressed look, just to let him know that he needed to calm down and not snap at people like that.

"He was shouting how you left her alone Matt and how he hates you, because you shouldn't have left her like that, not after she promised to look after you." Mike then states in a reluctant tone, before seeing the confusion on both their faces. "It's all I heard and he repeated that a couple of times before he stormed out of the room and ran away, but I don't understand what he was talking about, so I'm not sure how that helps." He then adds, after deciding to try and explain himself a little clearer and while he was worried by what his youngest son had been shouting, he really didn't understand what relevance it could have to where he could have gone.

"He was saying that stuff about me being with his mum again?" Matt asks in a confused tone, after taking a few moments to go over his fiancé's dads words and matching it up with his own thoughts and while he still couldn't quite grasp it, he knew he was close and it had something to do with what his fiancé had been saying.

"Yes, well he didn't say her specifically, but it would make sense I guess." Mike responds honestly and while it was heartbreaking, he still didn't see the relevance to finding his youngest son.

"He thought I was dead and er... well Mitch and Erica told me that it was like he had to protect himself and to cope, he er... well his brain made it so he thought his mum was looking after me in heaven, he kept saying I was in heaven and it was a good thing right?" Matt then asks, as he starts to make sense of what might have happened and he was starting to get a good idea of where his fiancé might have gone, but he wasn't one hundred percent sure just yet.

"Yes, he said it was okay because she would look after you and you could keep her company, but I don't see what that has to do with where he could be Matt." Mike responds in an appreciative tone, as he tries not to show his disappointment in how the talk was going, because while he knew this was actually important for when they found his youngest son, it still didn't help them figure out where he could have actually gone.

"It does, it tells us exactly where he went, don't you see?" Matt then says in an excited tone and despite seeing the worried looks on both their faces, he just knew he was right. "He convinced himself I was in heaven, so when he saw I was alive, instead of breaking him out of his er... well er... well fantasy, it just made his brain get even more protective because er... well I don't know really, but I think if he believed I was okay, then it meant me being in heaven with his mum wasn't true and if that wasn't true, then it meant I was er... well I don't know, I'm not a psychologist, but I know where he is, but I want to go and I have to go, otherwise he will just keep being weird and keep running away." He then tries to explain, but even though it made perfect sense in his head, he just couldn't find the right words or way of saying it out aloud and even though it was frustrating, he was hoping his mum and fiancé's dad would believe him.

"Well er... I don't really understand..." Mike then begins to say in a confused tone, before being surprised to find himself being interrupted.

"Sweetheart, it's okay if we don't really understand and you don't have to try and explain it, just tell us where you think he is and Mike will go and look for him there." Sarah decides to say and while she felt a little rude to interrupt her friend, she knew what he was going to say and she knew how her son would likely react, so she wanted to try and just avoid that and just hear where he thought Ben was.

"You have to promise that I can go with you, it won't help if you just go Mike." Matt then states in a firm tone and while he knew he probably sounded childish, he had to do what he could to get them to let him go too. "I know I sound like a little kid, but I need to go, he needs to get it out of his system and he needs me to be there for that to happen, please." He then adds quickly, after seeing the look on his mums face and knew by looking at his fiancé's dads face, that they were both going to say no and he just had to make them understand.

"Sweetheart, tell us where you think he is and then we will decide if you can go, but I promise you, we will talk about it and not just refuse, but you need to tell us first, okay?" Sarah then decides to say, as she sees the look on her sons face and while she wasn't sure about letting him go, she knew how close the boys were and she also knew that if they just brought Ben home, it wouldn't solve anything and she knew they had to do everything they could to help the poor boy.

"He's at his mums grave, it's the only place that makes sense, well I er... well with everything he's been saying, it's where I would be if I was him and er... well if I was going through what he was, I would want to be as close to my mum as possible." Matt answers honestly and although he was still weary of them just ignoring him and not letting him go with them to find his fiancé, he wanted to trust his mum to keep her word and was just hoping she wouldn't betray him, because he couldn't bare the thought of her doing that to him, not after everything his dad had done to him.

"What are you doing?" Carter asks in a bemused tone, as he sits up from his boyfriends bed and stares at him after seeing what he was wearing.

"They will find Ben, so I was er... well hoping that maybe we could keep going? Uthaesdir." Wesley responds with a shy smile and although he was concerned about their friend, he had run away before and unless they received another call, then he wanted to try and make the most of their time alone and finish what they had started and was hoping his boyfriend was still in the mood.

"Well I seem to be missing my clothes Uirdir, you wouldn't happen to know anything about that would you?" Carter responds in a playful tone, after thinking things over in his head and while their friend running away was worrying, it was still early and he was sure Mike would find him or that he would call them again if it was more serious and with that in mind, he was happy to get back to their game, although he was a little gutted that he had already taken off his costume to get ready to go and look for their friend.

"You're so sexy Beautiful." Wesley then says from the heart, as he looks down at his boyfriend, who was now spread out on his back on the bed and he did just look amazing.

"And you're breaking character Moron, now help me get dressed and we can start over." Carter quickly responds with a grin, before suddenly feeling his boyfriends body on top of his own. "Hey! We're meant to be..." He then begins to protest, before being silenced by his boyfriends lips and despite wanting to do some role playing, he quickly starts to return the kiss passionately.

"Get your costume on then, we haven't got all day and I got myself a little sexy Elf to capture and interrogate." Wesley then states in a mischievous tone, as he gets up from the bed and looks down at his boyfriend in amusement, when he sees that he was already twitching and leaking a little bit.

"You're such a prick." Carter states in an unimpressed tone, although as hard as he tried, he couldn't quite stop himself from smiling and slowly got off the bed to get his costume.

"Maybe, but at least I'm not leaking all over the floor." Wesley quickly retorts in an amused tone. "You're so clearing that up later." He then adds with an impressed smile, as he sees just how much his boyfriend was leaking and it never stopped amazing him, seeing how despite his boyfriend being the smaller than himself, in near enough every way, he seemed to produce more pre-cum and sperm, which he certainly wasn't complaining about, even if it was a little messy.

"We'll see, once I get you tied up, I think I know how to get it cleaned." Carter quickly retorts with a smirk, as he starts to pull his costume on, which proved a little more difficult that normal, because he was already hard and by the fact that despite being proud of his ability to cum, he really wasn't overly enthusiastic about just how much he seemed to leak and cum, which presented a whole host of problems when it came to cleaning up.

"Oh, so you think you can take me, do you Uthaesdir?" Wesley quickly asks with a grin, as he decides to get back to their role playing and despite still finding it a little silly, especially with the names, the look of joy on his boyfriends face, definitely made it worth while and he did enjoy himself once he got into it as well.

"Well once you shut your window Uirdir, we can start." Carter quickly responds, as he waits for his boyfriend to take the bait and look towards the window.

"It's not even..." Wesley begins to say in a distracted tone, before feeling his boyfriend jumping on his back and trying to lock in a sleeper hold. "You cheating little Elven scum." He then states in his best attempt at an Elven voice, after just about managing to keep in character and not let his boyfriends quick thinking cost him the game so quickly.

"Elven scum? Why don't you go to sleep and then I will show you what Elven scum is." Carter quickly retorts in an excited tone, as he tries to lock on the hold as quickly as he can and not give his boyfriend a chance to escape, which he knew would not end well for him.

"Oh, you're so going to regret taking so long Uthaesdir, you're getting tired already and if I do this, I can..." Wesley then begins to say in a confident tone, before being silenced, as his boyfriend drops off his back and sweeps his legs from under him. "You little..." He then tries to say, before being cut off by his boyfriends wrapping his thighs around his head and pulling and twisting his arm.

"Ha! Get out of this you evil traitor, you're a disgrace to the entire Elven race." Carter then declares triumphantly, as he locks his boyfriends arm into place and squeezes his thighs as hard as he can. "By the way Uirdir, you will be licking up the mess I made on the floor, you're going to be licking a lot of things once you wake..." He then starts to gloat, before yelping and jumping a little in surprise, when he feels himself being penetrated by his boyfriends fingers and quickly starts to moan as his prostate is rubbed. "Oh fuck, you... you're cheating..." He then tries to say, before trailing off in a series of moans and despite trying his best, he just couldn't keep the pressure on his boyfriends head and when a second and then a third finger enter him, he lets go of his boyfriends arm and quickly finds himself being rolled on to his stomach.

"You were saying Uthaesdir?" Wesley then taunts, after taking a few moments to catch his breath, his boyfriend had almost had him out cold, but he had managed to use his free hand to work his way into his boyfriends costume and quickly found his target. "Oh, I just bet you're leaking so much in those little tights, why don't we get them off and stop you from ruining them." He then states in a taunting tone, as he uses his legs to hold his boyfriends upper body in place and then uses his free hand to push his tights down, while making sure he keeps rubbing against his prostate, just to keep him under control.

"I... no... I will... stop... you cheat..." Carter then tries to retort, but as much as he tries to get free, his boyfriends legs had his head and both arms pinned and he was struggling to keep a clear head, as his prostate was being unmercifully rubbed and he can only moan out as he feels his tights being pushed down to his ankles.

"By the way my little Uthaesdir, I'm not the one who will be licking things up today." Wesley then decides to say, as he reaches under his boyfriend and begins to slowly stroke him for a few minutes. "But why don't we get you more comfortable and tied up, you just have to go to sleep for a few minutes." He then states with a grin, before slowly turning his boyfriend over, after somewhat reluctantly removing his fingers from him and despite himself, he couldn't help but take in the sight of his boyfriend in all his glory, he really was sexy and just perfect in his eyes.

"I'm not..." Carter then tries to retort, but when he feels his face being smothered by his boyfriends armpit, he can only mumbles and begins to try and get free.

"I'll give you credit Elven scum, you tried, but in the end, I always prevail, you're so weak and that's why I betrayed..." Wesley then begins to say, before yelping and wincing, as he feels his balls being squeezed and while his boyfriend would never seriously hurt him, he knew just how hard to squeeze and it hurt like hell. "Oh... fuck... you dirty..." He then tries to say, but quickly trails off as his boyfriends grip tightens and before he knows what's happening, he finds himself on his back, with his boyfriends bum right above his face.

"You may have betrayed our kind Uirdir, but you're still Elven and you must be punished for your crimes." Carter then states in a slightly breathless tone, before securing his boyfriends arms in the back of his legs and sits down on his face, while enjoying the muffled protests his boyfriend tries to make, but with his arms and head secured, he knew he had him beat this time and wiggled around a little. "Now let's do something about your little tights." He then says teasingly, before leaning forward a little and slowly pushing his boyfriends tights down as far as he could, but as he starts trace circles around his boyfriends balls, he suddenly gasps and begins to moan, as he feels his boyfriends tongue licking against and then inside his hole and just smiles happily, before taking his boyfriend into his mouth.

"Sir, can I er... hello Sergeant." Mitch states in a surprised tone, after walking into his bosses room, only to see the senior sergeant sitting down opposite his boss as well.

"Mitch, sit down and we can begin." Bob states in a firm tone and while he didn't want to scare the young man, this was serious and he wanted him to know that this wasn't a friendly social visit.

"Okay." Mitch responds in a slightly cautious tone, as he sits down next to the inspector and opposite his boss and wonders what was going on.

"Relax Mitch and come on Bob, let's not go with that approach, it's not necessary, I assure you." Hopkins then states in a calm tone, while giving his friend an expectant look and was pleased to see him giving him a little smirk.

"Fair enough Joe, but we have serious matters to discuss and to be honest, it's a bit of a mess and we need to try and figure this out together and then get the right people, looking into the right areas." Bob responds in the same firm tone, but with a smile this time and while he may out rank his friend, he knew he wouldn't call him out on something, unless it was important and he had to admit, things would go a lot easier, if he didn't scare the young man half to death.

"Agreed, so why don't you fill in Mitch and get him up to speed, while I read over some of these reports." Hopkins then suggests with a smile, before looking down at some of the reports in front of him.

"Okay Mitch, I know that Joe has told you about Simon and our concerns over his whereabouts, but we are officially treating it as a missing persons case now, he never arrived at the airport and we have to take this seriously, especially since, as Joe explained it to me, he's an important part of the Erickson case that you're heading." Bob states in a professional tone, while doing his best to not intimidate the young man or make him feel like he was being tested in some way.

"But it doesn't make sense." Mitch states in response, as he tries to make sense of why his friend would have been, well he really didn't want to think about what has happened to him, but he had to be realistic, if his friend was missing, he didn't think he was going to be okay.

"I agree and it certainly opens up a hell of a lot of questions and after Joe filled me in on your progress with the Erickson case, this does seem to rule out your leading theory of the age of the people responsible for the Gilmar break in and the Erickson kidnapping." Bob then says in the same professional tone as before and while he knew this must be hard for the young man, both he and his friend had talked extensively about it and agreed, that they had to treat him likely anyone else as much as they could, while also making sure that they didn't put too much pressure on him either.

"Or confirms it." Mitch quickly responds without thinking and can see both his superiors giving him a questioning look. "I've been thinking a lot about the case and the possibilities and I am sure that I'm right about the two boys involved, but it's also obvious that it was a planned attack and while Barry is a smart boy, Jarred isn't and they had to have had help to come up with the plan and to execute it." He then adds in a confident tone, or what he hoped sounded like a confident tone, because he knew that what he had just said could come across as a little desperate, but if his friend had been kidnapped or worse, than he was definitely linked to what had happened to his brothers friends and with recent revelations, he was sure of who that person could be.

"Okay Mitch, what have you got?" Hopkins decides to ask in a curious tone and while he felt like the young man may have been clutching at straws, he wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt and a chance to explain himself.

"Has Conner Smith been found and arrested yet?" Mitch decides to ask, instead of answering his bosses question first, he was actually still angry that his former friend had not only been released, but he or his family weren't informed, which he wanted to bring up now as well, but he needed to do it the right way and not lose sight of why they were sitting here talking in the first place.

"Conner Smith? What has..." Bob begins to ask in response, before quickly putting two and two together and realising the implications of the young man's question. "Mitch, I'm not sure why you or your family weren't informed and I have started an internal investigation to find out why, but I don't see how he could be involved in this..." He then begins to say, before looking at the young man in surprise, as he interrupts him and despite wanting to cut him off straight away in response, he was curious about what he was going to say.

"With all due respect Sir, he is a paedophile, he has attempted to molest one of my brothers and one of their friends, he had pictures and a video of Matthew Summers on his computer, which he shared with other people, he is then released without our knowledge and came into our home and almost killed Matthew Summers by tampering with his medication, so don't patronize me about how he could be involved, because he has motive against Simon and he knows people in this town, including the Millers, so yeah, he might not have anything to do with my case, but he should be arrested by now and..." Mitch states in a fiery tone, as he starts to unload on his boss, but is interrupted by his other boss and can't help but look at him in frustration, as he assumes that he is going to be lectured about his conduct.

"Mitch, calm down and just listen." Hopkins states in a firm tone and while he actually could see a point in the young man's speech, he could also see him getting worked up and knew he needed to cut him off. "I will take a big chunk of responsibility for you and your family not being informed about Conner's release, it came through this department and in all honesty, while I passed it on, I should have made sure you were informed, but it slipped my mind, but we can talk about that another day Mitch, right now, we're here to talk about the case and we're your superiors, so I expect you to talk to us with respect, do I make myself clear Officer Walker?" He then states in the same firm tone and while he was admitting to being more involved in the lack of communication with Conner Smith's release than he actually was, he was aware of it and he was hoping the young man would heed his warning and wait until another day to discuss it.

"Okay Sir er... sorry, Sirs." Mitch quickly responds in a slightly hesitant tone, as a part of him wanted to carry on talking about it now, but he wasn't stupid and knew that he had to calm himself down.

"Putting aside what we know Conner has done and the other stuff, I'm not convinced that it makes him a suspect in the Erickson case Mitch, however, I do agree with him being arrested and we already have people searching for him, so he will be back in custody very soon." Bob then decides to state openly and while he was a little put off by the young man's outburst, he really couldn't blame him and putting himself into his shoes, he would be the same way and decided against adding anything to his friends warning to the young man.

"Well with Simon being missing, we can't confirm our leading suspicions Sir, but if it was confirmed to be Jarred Miller and Barry King, then I highly doubt they could come up with that plan all by themselves and to pull it off as well, so there had to be someone older and they're twelve years old, so I can't see them being in contact with someone that old, so an older teen or young adult would make more sense and the fact Jarred would know Conner, makes him a likely suspect in my opinion and at least worth interviewing, especially given his criminal record, Sir." Mitch then states in a serious and clear tone and while he wasn't exactly feeling confident, he knew what he had just said was plausible and worth taking seriously.

"Okay Mitch, if Bob agrees with me, this is what we will do." Hopkins then states in a measured tone, after thinking the young man's words over for a few moments. "We will send an officer to both of the boys parents and ask them for permission to talk to the boys informally, by doing this they should be more open to let us speak to the boys and avoid the risk of us taking them into the station for questioning, the officers however will be instructed to keep the talk informal, that's very important and they will not push beyond asking where the boys were and if anyone can confirm those whereabouts at the time, because it's important that we don't do anything, that may hinder the progress of the investigation Mitch, so are you on board with that?" He then states in a firm and professional tone, as he looks at both the young man and his long time friend, for both of their opinions.

"Well, I will have to press the importance of caution with this plan, we don't want the media getting involved and blowing this up into something that could derail the investigation, because at the end of the day, they're just twelve years old and while they are of age when it comes to criminal responsibility, we need actual evidence to officially question them, so make sure the officers selected are aware of this and that they don't go any further than you instruct them." Bob responds in a cautious and slightly uneasy tone, he trusted his friend and he had a lot of admiration for the young man as well, but when it came to kids, this sort of thing was never easy to deal with and his friends idea was good and it should at the very least, give them something to go on.

"It's a good plan Sir and I recommend Bailey and Fairchild to interview Barry and Jarred, they're both parents and they're well known in the community, so they should be able to get the boys parents to agree to an informal chat with them, but they will need to tell the parents why they want to question their children Sir and while the deterrent of the questioning being made official should work, I think the Millers might be a bit more reluctant, especially since Jarred is in hospital right now and they may use that as a way to keep him from having to say anything." Mitch then responds in a professional tone and while he hated the idea that Jarred could avoid being questioned, he did have an idea to counter that possibility, but he was hoping he wouldn't have to do that.

"Thank you Mitch and I agree with your recommendation of Bailey and Fairchild, although as for your concerns over the Jarred Miller situation, we will just have to cross that bridge if it comes to it." Hopkins then says with a small smile and while this wasn't really the time for it, he was proud of the young man for his response and while he did lose his composure a few minutes earlier, in this kind of situation and with the pressure and emotions involved, he was now completely satisfied that he had made the right decision to recruit him into his team and was happy with himself as well.

"In regards to the Miller situation, I understand that your girlfriend works as a nurse in the hospital, is that true Mitch?" Bob then decides to ask in a thoughtful tone, as he thinks about the Miller situation and while he knew it might be seen as unethical, but he wasn't going to suggest anything like that, but he was going to suggest something else and something he considered to be lawful, especially in cases like this.

"Yes, but what does that..." Mitch begins to responds in a confused tone, before trailing off for a few moments as he suddenly realises what his boss might actually be asking him. "I can't ask her to lie Sir, I won't do that." He then states in a reluctant and hesitant tone, as he looks at his boss a little nervously and while this was his job and the case was very, very important, he couldn't ask his girlfriend to do something like that.

"And I wouldn't ask you to do something like that Mitch, however, as a nurse working there, she could make sure that whoever Jarred's doctor or nurse is, understands what might be at stake and that unless he is actually unable to talk to the officers for medical reasons, that they don't just air on the side of caution and stop anyone from talking to him anyway." Bob responds in a careful and calculated tone, he definitely didn't want to give the impression that he was asking the young man to ask his girlfriend to do something unethical, but he still wanted to put the idea out there and give them some more options, just in case the Millers tried to be awkward.

"While a little underhanded Mitch, I have to agree with the Inspector on this, it's not unethical or unlawful, it would just be asking the doctors to only stop any questioning, if there was a genuine risk to the boys health, because even if there wasn't, it's a doctors duty to protect their patient and I have the up most respect for that and it would be just a request and not a demand, so it will still be down to the doctor, if we can question Jarred Miller or not, so think about it Mitch and the decision is yours and we will respect that decision completely." Hopkins then decides to say and while he did give his friend a quick questioning look, he did feel like it was worth trying, even if it ended up unnecessary, it wouldn't hurt anyone or hinder the investigation.

"I don't know, I don't really like the idea and even if it is just to make sure they aren't just being overprotective, it just doesn't seem right and I want Jarred questioned more than anyone Sir, but if I'm wrong about him being involved and he suffers because of the questioning, then I wouldn't be able to look at myself in the mirror and I know Erica would feel the same way." Mitch then responds honestly and while he was convinced Jarred was involved, he was just a kid and if he was wrong, then he would really struggle to handle that and he wasn't keen on the idea at all.

"Fair enough Mitch, but think it over and whatever you decide, we will understand." Bob then states in an impressed tone and while he still felt his suggestion was the right way to go, he was still impressed at the young man's ethics and sense of right and wrong, because he could tell that he was almost convinced about the involvement of Jarred in the case and still didn't want to compromise his or his girlfriends morals and that had to be respected in his opinion.

"Why don't we go over the case and see what else we can come up with, now that we have some more information and I believe we might be able to make some progress." Hopkins then suggests, after deciding to move back to the actual case and hopefully discover something new for them to focus on and when both his friend and the young man nod, he decides to start them off.

"So I take it you want to forget the role playing now Beautiful?" Wesley asks with a grin as he continues to slowly finger his boyfriend and couldn't help but enjoy the look on his face, because even he didn't know how he got out of that and somehow managed to get his boyfriend tied up, because he was content to just let him win, but when his boyfriend relaxed and let his guard down, he just couldn't resist turning the tables.

"How did... how... oh... fuck... how?" Carter then tries to respond, but with his prostate being rubbed continuously, he was struggling to breath, let alone try to speak and figure out how he had lost, when he had his boyfriend completely at his mercy and was starting to think about tying him up himself and now he was tied to the bed and at his boyfriends mercy.

"You let your guard down Beautiful, but anyway, just so you know, after I make you cum a few times, I'm going to make you cum the fun way and then because of your threat earlier, you're going to be licking up all your mess from the floor, it might be a bit dry by then, but I'm sure you will manage." Wesley then states in an amused tone, before grinning even more after hearing his boyfriend groaning and whimpering, which just made him hornier and quickly decide to up the ante and add a third finger, while leaning down and sucking and nibbling his boyfriends nipples alternatively.

"Oh... my... Wesley... you... fuck... please... no... no messing... please... now." Carter then starts to plead repeatedly, after almost ten minutes of his boyfriend teasing him and while he may have teased him about making him cum, he had so far left him on the edge and he just couldn't hold out any longer and decided to just give in and let his boyfriend have him and win the game outright.

"Really?" Wesley then quickly asks in response, as he stops what he is doing and stares at his boyfriend is surprise and while he knew he was teasing him and hoping for this, it had only been like ten or fifteen minutes and he knew his boyfriend was not that easy to break.

"Please... please Wesley... and no... no... please untie... me, I want... please... I want... love..." Carter responds in a breathless tone, as he tries his best to tell his boyfriend what he wanted and he just had to hope he understood, because while he would enjoy his boyfriend having sex with him while tied up, he wanted to make love and not just have sex.

"I really fucking love you, you know that Beautiful." Wesley states with a sincere smile, before slowly kissing his way up towards his boyfriends lips, while reaching up and untying his hands. "What's going on though? You never give in this easily normally." He then asks in a curious tone, after thinking about his boyfriends behaviour a little bit more and while he wasn't complaining, he was definitely more than a little intrigued by it.

"Because, shit Wesley, stop talking and please make love to me, I know it sounds all weird and like a shitty romance film thing to say, but please, I really just want you to make love to me." Carter eventually responds after getting his breath back and letting his boyfriend untie his feet from the bed and while he was a little surprised by how he was feeling himself, he just knew what he wanted and seeing the look of love in his boyfriends eyes right now, just made that feeling grow even stronger and he quickly pulls his head towards his own and kisses him lovingly for a few moments.

"Wow!" Wesley responds in a stunned and excited tone, before feeling his boyfriends legs wrapping around his waist. "I love you Beautiful." He then states from the heart, before slowly pressing and grinding himself against his boyfriend, while being careful not to penetrate him just yet, his boyfriend had told him what he wanted and he was going to make sure he got it.

"Mmmm, so nice..." Carter just about manages to say, as he feels his boyfriend grinding against him and despite wanting to beg him to enter him, he wanted them to make love and he knew what that meant. "I love you too Wesley, I always will." He then adds in a dreamy tone, before moaning as he feels his boyfriends mouth working it's way from his neck to his nipples and quickly wraps begins to rub his hands down the side of his body.

"I'm not sure about this." Erica states in an unsure and worried tone, she had talked to the doctors and while they had said that he could go home tonight, he still looked very tired and she could see that he was in a little pain when he sat up, so she was definitely not happy about him wanting to leave now.

"We aren't either Erica, but this is for Ben and in the state he has been in, I think Matt needs to be there and I know Sarah wouldn't agree, unless she felt like he would be okay." Mike responds in a calm tone and while he did feel apprehensive about letting the boy go with them, they had promised him and he knew deep down that his youngest son wouldn't get any better unless someone got through to him and even though his eldest son might be able to do it, he knew he couldn't do it himself and the best chance was for Matt to try.

"Erica, you said it yourself, the doctors agreed that he could go home tonight, so despite being tired and a little weak, he is okay and Mike will be carrying him, so he won't have to walk much and if he shows any signs of not being okay, then I will bring him straight back, I love Ben and I want him to be okay, but I won't risk my sons health, unless I thought he would be able to handle it." Sarah then decides to say in a firm and honest tone, she knew her son was still fragile, but he had also been completely honest about how he was feeling and that honesty, was enough to convince her to give him a chance and with the doctors saying he could go home that night, she felt like he could get through it and if anything did happen, it wouldn't be that serious and she could get him back to the hospital within ten to fifteen minutes.

"Please Erica, I feel like crap and stuff, but he's my fiancé and he needs me, I know I shouldn't go, but Mum and Mike will be with me and they can bring me back straight away if I need to." Matt then states in a pleading tone and while he knew being honest about how he felt could work against him, he knew for a fact that if he pretended to be okay, they would know he was lying and stop him from going, so he was hoping they would believe in him enough, to trust him about this.

"Okay, get his clothes ready and I will speak to the doctor and then come back to remove his IV, just don't try to do it yourself and leave before I come back." Erica then states in a reluctant tone and while again she knew how important this was, she was still concerned for the boy and he still looked a little too pale in her opinion to be going outside and into what will obviously be an emotional encounter with his fiancé.

"Thank you Erica." Sarah responds with an appreciative smile and despite her own worries for her son, she knew that this was the right thing to do and while Ben may not be her actual son, she loved him the same way and she wanted him to get better and for that, he needed her son to be there for him.

"I won't be long Sarah." Erica then says with a smile, before leaving the room after giving them all another long look.

"When we get there, I need to talk to him alone, it won't work if we all crowd around him." Matt then decides to say, as he watches his mum getting him some clothes to wear and his fiancé's dad looking worried at the foot of his bed.

"We will stand back Matt, but I'm not letting him out of my sight, he could run away again." Mike responds in a concerned tone, as he thinks about the boys words and while he wanted to just hold his youngest son as soon as they found him, he knew he was right and knew he would have to stand back and watch whatever happens between the two boys and try not to interfere unless he had to.

"And if we feel like we need to intervene, then we will Sweetheart and the same goes for if you start to look ill on the way there, I want Ben back and I want him to be okay again, but not at the expense of your own health and I expect you to be honest with me, so when I ask you if you're okay, I want you to tell me the truth." Sarah then states in a firm and serious tone, after walking back over with some clothes and underwear for him to wear.

"Okay, I promise, but just give me a chance, even if he screams and shouts, just give me a chance to make it better." Matt then says in response, before noticing that his mum had brought over another pair of tighty whiteys and couldn't help but blush a little bit, as he realises that once again, they were going to see him naked.

"We promise, now stop blushing Sweetheart, you have nothing to be shy about and it will only take a few seconds." Sarah then states in a slightly amused tone, as she pulls the sheet off her son and while she knew it was embarrassing for him still, she didn't see why and wondered if she would ever understand why a child would be so embarrassed about their parents seeing them naked, it's like they refuse to acknowledge the fact they gave birth to them and had already clothed and changed them for most of their childhood.

"Mike, you could at least look the other way." Matt then grumbles to himself, as he lifts his hips and lets his mum pull his tighty whiteys off.

"Sorry Matt." Mike quickly responds in a somewhat surprised tone, as he wasn't really paying attention to what was happening, until he heard his name and couldn't help but feel a little awkward as he took in the boys nudity and quickly turned towards the door, he was still a little off with seeing the boys naked and could definitely sympathise with how it felt to be looked at and wasn't going to argue against being told to turn around.

"Don't worry Sweetheart, just lift your feet a little and then..." Sarah then begins to say in a soft tone, before trailing off as she hears the door opening and then her other sons voice.

"Hey everyone, is he awake..." Tobias begins to say in a cheerful tone, before trailing off as he sees his brother completely naked and couldn't help but stare in surprise and grin a little bit.

"Oh er... wow!" Lily then says in a shocked tone, as she walks in behind her boyfriend and sees his brother on the bed and fully exposed and despite knowing she should look away, she just can't help but stare with her mouth wide open as she sees his penis and balls, but as she continues to stare at him, she feels herself being turned back towards the door by her boyfriend.

"Oh my god!" Matt then states in a panicked and mortified tone, before pulling the sheet back over himself and blushing brightly, as he realises that his brothers girlfriend had just seen him completely naked and could feel himself beginning to shake a little bit.

"Tobias, wait outside please." Sarah quickly states in as calm a tone as she could manage. "Mike, go with them and explain what's going on and where we're going." She then instructs her friend, as she turns to him with a pleading look, she knew what might happen now and could feel her son shaking after taking his hand into her own and knew she needed to get them to leave for a few minutes.

"Okay and er... well it's okay Matt." Mike responds in an awkward tone, before guiding Tobias and his girlfriend out of the room.

"Hey, hey, it's okay Sweetheart, it's okay, I promise." Sarah then says in a reassuring and comforting tone, as soon as the door shuts and while she didn't think he would have one of his freak outs, it was clear he was rattled and she wanted to try and calm him down as quickly as possible and was hoping this wouldn't affect whether he could get discharged or not.

"Oh my god Mum! She saw me naked, like everything, my scars Mum, she saw my scars and it's not fair, why do bad things happen to me?" Matt asks in a sad and defeated tone, as he looks down at himself and despite now being covered up, he just couldn't help but see how ugly he was and could feel his eyes beginning to water.

"Oh Sweety, everything will be okay and Lily is a sweet girl and you don't have to worry about her seeing you, she isn't like that and you know that." Sarah responds in a reassuring tone, while struggling to think of a way to handle this conversation, because she had assumed he was embarrassed about her seeing his privates, but it was now clear he was upset about his scars and wasn't sure what to do, she had thought he had dealt with those and accepted them as a part of him now, so this was a shock and something she wasn't prepared for.

"But they're ugly Mum and she will..." Matt then begins to say in an emotional tone, before being surprised by the feeling of his mums finger against his lips and quickly trails off.

"First of all Sweetheart, you're not ugly and those scars are a part of you now and nobody who matters in your life will ever judge you by those or think of them as ugly." Sarah quickly states in a firm and serious tone, after silencing him with her finger and staring him in the eyes. "You're stronger than this Sweety and Ben needs you to help him, so you need to be strong and not let this get to you." She then adds in a softer tone, while moving her finger from his lips and using it to stroke the side of his face.

"Mum..." Matt then begins to say, before trailing off for a few moments. "Mum, I'm just tired and it's hard, it's just hard sometimes." He then adds with a sad smile, as he realises that he had overreacted and despite still having issues with his scars, he had accepted them a long time ago now and he felt stupid for getting so upset.

"I know Sweety and I'm so proud of you for how strong you have been and I know sometimes things get a little too much, but we're all here for you and we all love you." Sarah responds in a sincere and affectionate tone, while still stroking the side of his face and giving him a caring smile.

"She saw my penis and stuff too." Matt then says in a more relaxed tone and despite it still being embarrassing, he got his mums message loud and clear and just loved her so much.

"I don't think you need me to tell you that you have nothing to be shy about Sweety and like I said a few minutes ago, Lily is a nice girl and your brother thinks the world of her, so you don't need to worry about her seeing you like that." Sarah quickly responds with a smile, before slowly moving the sheet off him again and seeing how he reacted to it, he still needed to get dressed and she didn't want to risk taking too long and having someone else walk into the room and seeing him completely exposed.

"I guess so and she is nice, but it's still embarrassing Mum, I don't want everyone to know what I look like naked, it's private and I should get to choose who sees me." Matt then says in response and while he wasn't that shy about his body, well maybe his scars still he guessed, but his actual body was nice and he had nothing to be shy about, he still felt like too many people had seen him naked now and he knew that number could be thousands or more thanks to his ex teacher and so he just wanted to try and keep some sense of control over that aspect of his life from now on.

"I know Sweetheart and I wish I could do more, but you can't always control everything and you need to try and learn to accept that Sweety, it's not easy, but you're strong and you aren't alone, so don't ever forget that." Sarah then says in a loving and sincere tone, while she slowly pulls his tighty whiteys up and smiles as he automatically lifts his hips. "We will leave your top off until Erica gets back, I know we can put it on now, but she might want to do some checks on you before we leave." She then says with a sweet smile, before pulling his shorts up his legs and again waits for him to lift his hips so she can pull them into place and button them up.

"I love you Mum, I don't think I say it a lot, but I do, I love you a lot." Matt then decides to say from the heart, before blushing slightly as he sees the look on her face and when he feels her pulling him into her chest, he quickly wraps his arms around her.

"You say it enough Sweetheart, more than enough and I love you too and nothing will ever change that." Sarah then says after a couple of minutes enjoying their embrace, before leaning back and picking up a pair of socks. "But I better get these on and then I will call your brother and Lily in, while I have a chat with Mike outside the room." She then says with a warm smile. "We aren't leaving you here Sweety, but we still have to wait for Erica and it will be good for your brother if he hears what is happening from you, because we both know Mike and he doesn't have the best track record when it comes to talks like this, especially with you boys." She then quickly adds with a small grin, after seeing the look on his face and knew exactly what he was thinking.

"Okay Mum and er... well he isn't that bad at talking to us." Matt responds with a happy smile, which widens when he sees his mums expression. "Okay, he's pretty bad, but in a funny way most of the time and then when he tries to make it better, it's even funnier and well we all love him Mum, he's just great." He then says in an amused, but sincere tone and smiles when he watches his mum getting to her feet and smiling back at him.

"I know Sweety, I know, now sit up a bit more and I will send your them in." Sarah responds with a smile, before giving his face one last loving stroke and walking out of the room.

"What the fuck are you talking about?" Ryan asks in a pissed off and slightly scared tone, as he stands by his friends hospital bed and stares at him in disbelief, he just couldn't believe what he had just said and he really was hoping it wasn't true.

"It's not a big deal Ryan, so just chill out and keep your voice down you retard." Jarred responds with a little venom in his tone, before glancing towards the door and calming down a little bit, when no one comes in.

"Not a big deal? Not a big fucking deal? You told us it was your idea, yours Jarred, not some creepy old guy we don't even know, what the fuck were you thinking?" Ryan quickly states in an angry tone and while he hadn't really cared about the plan and what they had done, for him it was just a bit of fun and an excuse to hurt someone, but his friends confession about how he had actually come up with the plan, had left him feeling scared and he was definitely considering his options and his safety.

"Oh fuck off you pussy, it's not some random old guy and he's not that much older than us and just to stop you from pissing yourself in your sleep tonight, I know the guy, well I don't know him that well, but I know him enough and you don't have to be scared." Jarred responds in an irritated tone, although he did get some amusement from how much of a pussy his friend seemed to be right now.

"Well er... well what's his name?" Barry then asks in a quiet and nervous tone. "Well er... well it affects me too, do we know him?" He then asks in a scared tone, as he sees the look of disgust and hate in both their expressions and knew he had to be careful about potentially pissing them off.

"Shouldn't you be rubbing my feet?" Jarred asks in a contemptuous tone, before turning back to his other friend. "I thought you said you had him trained properly already?" He then asks in an almost taunting tone, as he tries to get them both away from the fact that the whole plan he had told them he had come up with, was in fact someone else's and not his own.

"Oh fuck off Jarred, he's trained enough." Ryan states in an irritated tone, before glaring at the other boy. "Bitch, drop your shorts and panties and come lick my trainers and don't make me ask you twice." He then states with a smug grin, while looking at his friend as the other boy does as he is told, he may not be trained to do much, but he had beat the shit out of him enough to get him to do stuff like this.

"Holy shit, he's really going to be our bitch." Jarred then quickly says in an impressed tone and despite not really liking his friend, he had to admit that he had done a good job on the other boy, who to his amusement, was in fact actually wearing panties, which he just found both hilarious and equally pathetic.

"He's my bitch Jarred, but quit pissing about and tell me who the fuck this older guy is and how the fuck you know him." Ryan responds with a grin, before kicking out at the pathetic boy at his feet. "Stand in the corner and don't you dare let me see you covering yourself up." He then states with an evil smirk, before giving him another kick, this time to the stomach, although he doesn't put any real force behind it, he didn't want to risk anyone noticing something off about him, especially since they were in a hospital.

"But er... but... but what if someone..." Barry then begins to respond, before feeling himself being kicked for real and quickly starts to cough in pain.

"That's why I pointed to that corner you stupid bitch, if someone comes in, you will have time to pull your panties and shorts back up, now get over there or I will double your punishment for when we get back to my room and you know what that means." Ryan responds in a cocky and disgusted tone, before pushing the boy away with his foot and grins as he does as he is told.

"You're totally fucked up Ryan." Jarred states in an impressed tone again, before smirking when he sees his friends expression. "I can be impressed you know, but you can swear and act as tough as you like, I'm not telling you anything else about the guy, you will just have to grow a pair and just forget about it, no one knows you're involved and you have that pussy well trained already, so just chill out and let me deal with the rest." He then states with a confident smile and despite actually being a little afraid of how quickly his friend seemed to have taken control of the other boy, he wasn't going to show it and risk looking weak himself.

"Fine, but seriously, it's a fucked up plan Jarred, how the hell do you think you're going to get away with it?" Ryan then asks in a suspicious tone, as he gives his friend a long look and wondered if he really was as confident as he appeared to be.

"I'm not, but I'm only twelve and don't worry, Peter is going to be on my side, you will see that you aren't the only one who can manipulate someone Ryan." Jarred answers with a confident smirk, although as he actually thought about it more and more, it didn't seem as great as it sounded at the start of it all, but he was told he would be okay and he needed to believe that.

"You're either a genius or a moron Jarred, but either way, just keep me out of it, although if you need someone to throw under the bus, we have Bitch to take care of that." Ryan then states in a serious, yet amused tone, after looking over and seeing the boy still standing completely exposed in the corner and the look of shame and fear on his face was just priceless, but as fun as this was, he had no actual intention of keeping this going, sure it was fun and it felt good to have this kind of power over someone, but he wasn't gay and he wasn't stupid, all it would take was him pushing the boy too far one day and he could spill the beans to someone and end up in a world of shit, which he wasn't going to risk and there was also Patrick to consider and he knew that could blow up in his face as well.

"Thanks for the concern, but I got this covered and besides, the look on Alex's face will be worth it and knowing that I've taken the thing he loved away from him forever, well that's just the icing on the cake." Jarred then states happily, as he thinks about his former best friend and even if he got in a little bit of trouble, knowing he had fucked him over and ruined his life would be worth getting grounded or something like that, even if it was for a couple of months, it would be worth it.

"Well this is pretty boring, so I'm going to go." Ryan then decides to say in a bored tone, before looking over to the other boy. "That's enough Bitch, get dressed and follow me home and no talking to me or anyone, I don't care if someone tries to talk to you, especially if it's one of your friends, ignore them or you will pay." He then states in a venomous tone, before turning to his friend and grinning.

"Fine, but don't try to get in contact with me for a few days, things should start happening tomorrow at some point and it's best if you aren't seen near me." Jarred decides to say, as he watches his friend walk towards the door and then looking over to the other boy and shaking his head in disgust, he just couldn't believe how pathetic he was and wondered if he secretly enjoyed being treated like this.

"Sure, see you some other time." Ryan responds casually, before opening the door and walking out of the room and smiles when he hears footsteps behind himself and knew Barry was following him, just like he had taught him and couldn't wait until he got him home, he may not be gay and had no interest in that stuff, but it didn't mean he couldn't humiliate him, especially since he was going to stop doing it sometime over the next few days.

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