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Love Conquers All

by Flaming Matt

Chapter 16

November 2015

"It's okay, you can come in." Matt says in a calm tone, as he sees the door slowly opening and his brother poking his head inside.

"Is er... can Lily come in too?" Tobias quickly asks in a nervous tone, after stepping inside the room and holding the door half open, in the hope his brother doesn't say no.

"It's okay Tobias, I don't mind." Matt responds with a slight blush and while he was doing his best to forget about her seeing his scars, he was also still aware she had seen his penis and balls and that was just as embarrassing, but for a different reason and he was really hoping she wouldn't tell anyone else about it.

"He said it's okay." Tobias then says, as he turns back towards his girlfriend with an encouraging smile, before watching her walk into the room and closing the door behind himself.

"I'm er... well I'm really sorry for just er... walking in like that Matt, I didn't see..." Lily then begins to say in a nervous tone, as she stares at her boyfriends brother and she could see him blushing, but before she can finish apologising, she finds herself being interrupted.

"It's okay Lily and you did see me and well it's okay, well it's not, but as long as you don't tell anyone about my scars, then I don't mind and we can forget about it." Matt quickly states in a calmer and more relaxed tone than he was feeling, he knew people saw his scars when he went swimming at the local pool, but that was through his own choice and they rarely went when it was busy, so being seen like he had just been, was still hard to deal with.

"Your scars?" Lily then asks in a confused tone, as she wonders what he was talking about, before mentally kicking herself when she remembers what he had been through, but she was still a little confused that he mentioned the scars, because she thought he would be more embarrassed about her seeing his penis and testicles, which was all she had been looking at, rather then any scars he had.

"Oh er... well it's nothing, don't er... don't worry about those." Matt quickly responds in a slightly relieved tone, as he realises that she hadn't been looking at his scars. "Oh crap, you were, shit, as if you saw my bits." He then states in a slightly mortified tone, as he realises that not only had see seen his penis and balls, that she must have really been looking at them and despite knowing he was quite impressive down there for his age, it was still embarrassing to have been looked at like that, especially by a girl.

"I didn't mean to, I just didn't know you would be er..." Lily then tries to respond apologetically, but again finds herself being interrupted.

"It's okay Lily, I mean it's not, but it wasn't your fault and well my mum or Mike should have made sure no one came in." Matt quickly states in a relaxed tone, as he sees his brother looking a little uncomfortable and decided to try and stop her from feeling guilty, even if it was embarrassing.

"I'm still sorry and I promise not to tell anyone, although you er... well it was so big and er... well er... sorry." Lily then says with a shy smile, before blushing as she realises what she had just said and when she sees the hurt in her boyfriends eyes, she just felt like an idiot and quickly reaches out for his hand, which to her relief, he lets her take.

"Well I guess, wow, but..." Matt then begins to respond with a little smile, before realising what they were actually talking about and quickly trails off for a few moments. "but er... well, did Mike tell you that we're leaving soon?" He then asks, after deciding that they really needed to change the subject, although he had noticed his brother looking a little upset and he was a little worried about him.

"Yeah." Tobias responds in a disheartened tone and while he knew he was being pathetic, he just couldn't help but feel like a little baby, especially as his girlfriend seemed to be really impressed by his brothers willy and he knew he was small compared to him and just knew she would want a boy with a real willy to be her boyfriend now and not someone with a little one like he had.

"What's wrong Tobias?" Matt quickly asks in a concerned tone, after realising that his brother was really upset and he couldn't help but be confused, because he seemed happy enough when he came into the room.

"Nothing." Tobias responds in a sulky tone, before being a little surprised to be pulled into a cuddle by his girlfriend.

"I like yours more, his is big, but yours is better Tobias, I promise and I really like how it feels." Lily whispers into her boyfriends ear, after taking a chance on why he was acting so sad all of a sudden and was more than happy to reassure him, because he really was perfect in her eyes and sure his brothers was bigger, but while interesting to look at, he wasn't her boyfriend.

"Really?" Tobias quickly whispers back in a surprised tone, before looking at his brother in surprise, when he coughs a couple of times and can see him trying not to smile.

"Whispering doesn't really work in these rooms." Matt states in an amused and still slightly embarrassed tone, after hearing what his brother was getting upset about and then hearing what Lily had told him reassuringly, which he thought was sweet, although also raised questions about how she knew what it felt like and couldn't help but give his brother a questioning look.

"You heard me?" Lily quickly asks in a mortified tone and couldn't help but blush, especially if he heard her basically admitting to both seeing and touching his brothers penis and testicles, which, by the way he was looking at his brother, seemed very likely that he did.

"Yeah, but well er... let's make a deal, I won't tell anyone else, if you don't tell anyone about seeing me naked, deal?" Matt quickly decides to suggest, as he realises that this was embarrassing for them all and if they were going to be around each other a lot from now on, they really needed to get past this and not let it become an issue, especially since it wasn't really that big of a deal anyway, well maybe he needed a word with his brother, because they had told him so many times about doing something stupid and silly and he had obviously not only let her see him naked, but also let her touch him and that was a little worrying.

"I er... you aren't mad at me, are you?" Tobias then asks in a worried tone, after deciding to ignore his brothers deal for a few moments, because he could see the look he was giving him and knew that he wasn't impressed with what he had overheard, so he was a little nervous about getting a lecture once they were alone.

"No, but well, we can talk later, but I'm not angry Tobias, but we did talk about that kind of thing and well er... let's talk about it later, because Mum and Mike will be coming back in soon and well, it's okay, I promise." Matt responds a little awkwardly, as he looks from his brother to his brothers girlfriend and could see them both looking as uncomfortable as he felt.

"Okay and er.. we promise not to tell anyone about this." Tobias then states in a shy tone, he just knew his brother would tell him off and while it wouldn't be in a nasty way, it would still be embarrassing, especially since he would want to know what he had done with his girlfriend and even he knew he let it go too far, so his brother wasn't going to be impressed at all.

"I promise too, but er... well is it still okay if I come with you to find Ben? Because I want to be there for Tobias and well I really want to Matt." Lily then asks in a slightly hesitant tone, after trying not to think about the fact her boyfriends brother wasn't happy about what they did and while she actually thought it was a little hypocritical of him, especially since he was only twelve as well and already had a fiancé, she also knew what her boyfriend had been through and knew she should have been more grown up and not encouraged him to do what she had asked him to do for her.

"Yeah, I mean you just saw me naked Lily, that's all and while embarrassing, it wasn't your fault and well you're Tobias's girlfriend, so it's up to him anyway and he's not going to say no." Matt responds with a smile, before frowning a little bit as he thinks over his words and wonders why he didn't just say yes and not all the other stuff.

"Mike said that we have to stand back though, but I don't understand why Matt, why can't I help too?" Tobias then decides to ask, after feeling a little braver and giving his girlfriend a peck on the cheek, before turning back to his brother with a curious look.

"You can help, but he's er... well er..." Matt begins to respond, before giving his brothers girlfriend a quick look and trailing off for a few moments. "He's broken Tobias, so he's going to be confused and well I guess angry and sad and all that, so it just needs to be me for a while, but once he calms down and I get through to him, you can come over and help, he will need everyone for a little while." He then finishes saying, after deciding that she was an important part of his brothers life now and the fact she wanted to go to support him, just made him realise that she was actually a good person and he wanted her to know that he liked her too.

"He's right Tobias, I mean you told me some of the stuff and I saw how he was acting and well er... if he really thought Matt was dead, then that must have been his worst nightmare and well that kind of thing isn't easy to fix, but er... well it will be okay and Ben is strong, so he will get better." Lily then says in a reassuring tone, as she gives his hand a little squeeze and smiles at him.

"He's the best and okay Matt, I will er... well I will wait until you need me." Tobias then says in response, after giving both his brother and his girlfriend a warm smile, before turning towards the door and seeing Erica walking in with a smile on her face.

"Can I go Erica?" Matt quickly asks in a hopeful tone, after seeing her walk through the door with a small smile and knew it had to be a good sign.

"You can, but first I need to give you a quick check over and remove your IV, your mum is signing the paper work now and you should be able to leave within the next twenty minutes Sweety, now lay back for me and we can get started." Erica responds as she instructs him to lay down and can't help but notice he was already half dressed and smiled, she knew he was getting fed up with people seeing him naked and while it didn't bother her at all, she was happy that he didn't have to go through it again right now.

"Hey Erica." Tobias then says in a slightly bashful tone, as he suddenly realises that he had had a crush on her and now that he had an actual girlfriend, he couldn't help but be embarrassed by some of the things that he had both done and said to his older brothers girlfriend, especially during the first few weeks after meeting her and could feel his cheeks burning a little bit as it suddenly dawns on him.

"Afternoon Honey and it's nice to see you again Lily, how are your mum and dad?" Erica responds with a sincere smile, after just about managing to stop herself laughing at the boys embarrassment, by using his girlfriend as a distraction, because while she didn't know for sure, she could guess why he was blushing and just thought it was adorable.

"They're okay and they said to tell you to call them after tomorrow, because Mum is looking forward to seeing you again." Lily responds politely and smiles at the older girl, she hadn't spoken to her that often, but she had always liked her and she knew her parents did as well, although she was a little surprised by her boyfriends behaviour and couldn't help but wonder why he was acting all shy all of a sudden.

"I will call them later today and arrange something Lily." Erica then says with a smile, before remembering what she was actually meant to be doing. "Now sit up again Matt and cough for me please." She then says, as she helps him up a little bit after seeing him struggling a bit and while that wasn't the best sign for how he was doing, she knew he was a fighter and considering what he had been through, she was just relieved that he was up and about at all.

"Erica, my stomach hurts." Matt quickly states in a reluctant tone, before wincing a little bit as he tries to keep himself upright. "Thanks Tobias." He then says in an appreciative tone, after being a little surprised by his brother moving over and moving his pillows to help him sit up properly, which did actually help with the pain he was feeling.

"Why kind of pain is it Sweety?" Erica quickly asks in a slightly concerned tone, although she had expected him to have some issues with his stomach after having his stomach pumped a couple of times and then having his system flushed out, as well as some other tests, so she would have been more surprised if he wasn't in some discomfort.

"Kind of like a dull aching, but it was just worse for a few moments just now." Matt answers as best as he could and despite knowing admitting to things like this could stop him from getting discharged, he knew he had to be honest and knew because of everything he had been through, he had to take his health seriously and not just pretend that he was okay.

"But it's settling down now?" Erica then decides to ask and while she was still a little concerned, she knew it wasn't that serious and that he would probably feel like this for another day or two.

"Yeah, but it's er... so er... it's okay?" Matt asks in a hopeful tone, after realising that she wasn't looking that worried and this must just be part of his recovery and not something to worry about.

"I would imagine the next couple of days will be uncomfortable for you Sweety, especially after you eat something." Erica responds with a warm and caring smile, while stroking the side of his face affectionately. "Your eyes are still a little bloodshot, so you will need to sleep for as long as you can tonight and I know there are more important things right now, but you need your rest and I mean it Matt, your body has been through a lot and... you know all this and I should shut up now." She then starts to say, before realising that she really didn't need to go over this with him again and couldn't help but smile at the boys expression.

"I don't mind." Matt then decides to say with a sweet smile, before flinching a little bit, when he feels a tug on his arm. "Hey!" He then protests with a frown, as he realises that she had just pulled his IV out and while it didn't really hurt, he still wasn't expecting it.

"Oh please, it didn't hurt and Mitch told me what happened when he took it out before, so stop pouting and get your top on, because I want to see you walk out of the room and see how you do." Erica responds in an amused tone, before helping him pull his top on and then out of the bed and watches as he limps towards the door, which looked a lot more awkward and slow than normal, but at the same time, after what he had been through, he did pretty well and she was proud of him.

One Hour Later

"Are you okay?" Wesley can't help but ask in a slightly concerned tone, after watching his boyfriend drying himself with a towel and thinking about his behaviour since they had started the role playing earlier and was starting to worry that he had hurt him in some way or done something to upset him.

"Yeah." Carter quickly responds in a distracted tone, as he continues to dry himself and avoid getting hard again, which was proving difficult as his boyfriend had made no effort to get dressed, despite already drying himself. "Why are you looking at me like that for?" He then asks in a suspicious tone, after noticing the look on his boyfriends face and he couldn't help but wonder what was going on.

"Because you're acting weird, did I do something wrong?" Wesley asks in response, as he continues to study his boyfriends face and he was still sure that he must have done something to upset him, even if they did seem to have a great time, his boyfriend was just a little off and he wanted to find out why.

"Okay, you're going to have to tell me what's wrong Wesley, because you're the one being weird, I'm fine, especially now." Carter responds in a confused tone, after seeing that his boyfriend was being serious and he couldn't help but wonder if he was okay, because they had had a great time and he definitely enjoyed himself, he enjoyed himself a lot and definitely wasn't expecting his boyfriend to act like this afterwards.

"You're just acting weird Carter, I mean we were role playing and it was fun, but then you wanted to stop doing that and have sex and well er... it's just weird, you've never wanted to skip role playing before and well you..." Wesley decides to just explain honestly, but before he can finish, he is surprised to find himself being interrupted and can't help but give his boyfriend a slight frown.

"Yeah, because I was horny you moron, it's been ages since we had sex and I missed it." Carter quickly states with a shake of the head, after quickly realising why his boyfriend was being weird. "Seriously Wesley, I know I put the ban on and that we've done other stuff, but I missed having you er... well you know, I just missed it and well the role play was great and the way you had me tied up and massaging my prostate, well I just couldn't resist any more, that's all you moron." He then adds with a slightly shy smile, which widens when he sees the look on his boyfriends face.

"I fucking love you Beautiful." Wesley quickly states from the heart, before just as quickly reaching out and pulling his boyfriend towards him and throwing him on the bed. "God I wish we had more time." He then states in a lustful tone, before leaning down and kissing his boyfriend passionately for almost five minutes, before pulling away slightly and losing himself in his beautiful violet eyes.

"You're such a moron." Carter eventually decides to say, after just enjoying the feeling of his boyfriends body against his own and gazing into each others eyes.

"What have I done this time?" Wesley quickly asks with a playful frown, as he wonders what he was forgetting, because his boyfriend obviously found something amusing by what he had said a little while ago.

"Look at the time Moron." Carter answers in an amused tone, before giggling at the look on his boyfriends face. "Now get off me and get on your back, I want to look into you eyes while I fuck your brains out." He then states with a massive grin, before giggling again at his boyfriends expression.

"You're so fucking romantic Beautiful." Wesley responds in a mixture of sarcasm and excitement, before quickly giving his boyfriend a quick peck on his lips and rolling off him and on to his back.

"And just for that, I'm only going to use spit." Carter quickly retorts with a playful smile, before moving between his boyfriends legs and pulling them either side of his waist. "If you cum before I do, I get to pick what we do for the next week." He then states in a serious tone, after spitting into his hand and then rubbing his boner with it, before then slowly rubbing and then pushing into his boyfriend.

"Oh fuck." Wesley quickly states with a slight grunt and while they had done this several times and only a short while ago he had made love to his boyfriend, it still hurt a little bit. "You better hope I cum before you, because I'm so going..." He then begins to try and say in a serious tone, before grunting again as he feels his boyfriend starting to slide in and out of him and he wasn't being that gentle either.

"Shut up and enjoy." Carter states with a grin and while his words might have sounded harsh, he knew his boyfriend understood that he was just messing around, even if he was actually going rough, they both enjoyed it every so often and he was definitely not going to hold back and was already picking up the pace.

"So you really do believe me Dad?" Alex asks in a hopeful tone and while his dad had already told him a couple of times, he just couldn't quite let himself believe it and was hoping this time it would sink in.

"I believe that Jarred set you up and wanted to provoke you Alex, but I'm still not convinced that he was responsible for the attack on you and kidnapping Peter." Gordon responds honestly, before seeing the same look on his sons face as before. "Alex, I've spoken to the police and I've told them the same thing you told me and they're looking into it, so it's really up to them and I'm not saying that you're lying, because I believe that you think he is guilty and he could be, the police are investigating after all, but at the moment, there is no real evidence and that is why I'm not completely convinced by it at the moment." He then says in a serious tone, as he does his best to explain himself and hopefully let his son know that he wasn't dismissing his theory or accusing him of lying about it.

"So er... well er... you're still disappointed in me though, aren't you?" Alex then decides to ask in a slightly ashamed tone, after accepting his dads words and deciding to try and hopefully show his dad that he was really sorry about what he had done to his former best friend, even if he was provoked.

"Of course I am Alex and even though I understand why you attacked him, I still expect better of you, but and this is a big but Alex, I may be disappointed in what you did, but I'm not ashamed of you and I still love you, nothing you ever do will ever change that Alex and I want you to know that." Gordon answers honestly and while he knew his son would be upset about his disappointment in him, he wanted to make sure that he understood that he still loved him and that he still respected him, because while he didn't condone violence, he could understand why he had done it.

"I love you too Dad and I'm really sorry for what I did, I knew he was winding me up, but I still let him and now... now I messed up everything." Alex then says with a weak smile, before feeling tears running down his face, he was going to get a criminal record now and he knew that it could mess his whole future up and he knew it was all his own fault.

"Sshh, it's okay Alex, I know it looks bad now, but try to stay strong and no matter what happens, we will deal with it together, I promise." Gordon states in a reassuring and comforting tone, as he pulls his son into his body and cuddles him tightly.

"Okay..." Alex then just about manages to say in response, before breaking down again and crying into his dads arms.

"Thank you so much Tom, has he moved at all?" Mike asks in a worried tone, as he shakes the man's hand in appreciation and while they were already on their way here, he appreciated his friend calling them up and staying where he was.

"It's no problem at all Mike, I did try to approach him earlier when I first found him, but he was crying and I didn't want to scare him away." Mr Morgan responds with sad look, as he glances back to the boy and while he didn't know much, he was aware of what had happened over the past couple of days and knew he had to avoid him getting scared and running away somewhere else.

"You did the right thing Tom, in his state, he would have likely just ran away again, at least we know where he is now and can help him." Mike then says in an appreciative tone, while he looks over to his youngest son and could see that he was curled up in front of his mothers gravestones and just felt so sad for him.

"Has he been asleep for long Tom?" Sarah then decides to ask, after realising why her sons fiancé didn't appear to be making any noise and wondering if it was a good idea to wake him or just take him home while he was asleep and deal with him there.

"For around ten minutes I think, I went over and checked on him five minutes ago and made sure he was okay and not hurt, although I couldn't do much, just in case I woke him and scared him away." Mr Morgan responds with a sad look as he glances back at the poor boy and could only imagine what he was going through.

"You did the right think Tom." Sarah responds with a sad smile. "Will you stay with Tobias and Lily here, while we go a little closer please Tom?" She then decides to ask and ignores the surprise on her sons face and knew he would want to be closer to his brothers, but she was worried about how Ben was going to react and didn't want either him or Lily to be able to hear him or at least not clearly anyway.

"But Mum, I want to..." Tobias then quickly begins to plead, before turning to his girlfriend in surprise, as she interrupts him and he can't help but feel a little betrayed.

"We can still see and hear them from here Tobias, I just don't think your mum wants us all to be too close, just in case your brother gets scared." Lily states in a slightly hesitant tone, as she does her best to try and convince her boyfriend to listen to his mum and hopefully not hurt his feelings in the process.

"I would listen to them Tobias, woman can be a confusing species, but it's often best to listen to them." Mr Morgan decides to whisper into the boys ear in a playful tone, after leaning down behind him and despite Matthew still being his favourite student, he had come to enjoy his brother being in his class too and was hoping to stop him from getting upset, there was a lot of emotions flying around right now and he could tell that both Mike and Sarah were struggling to figure out what to do and he had also noticed how quiet Matthew had been himself.

"Okay, but I want to see him soon." Tobias then says in a less than impressed tone, although as he looks at his brother, he suddenly feels ashamed of himself. "Matt, if you need me, just shout and I will come, I promise." He then whispers into his brothers ear, after walking over and cuddling him.

"Just do whatever Mum and Mike tell you to do Tobias, please." Matt whispers back in response and while he would prefer his brother to be closer, he didn't want there to be an argument and he needed to focus on his fiancé now, so he was hoping his brother would listen and not get upset.

"I love you." Tobias then says from the heart, after letting go of his brother and giving him a sad smile.

"Love you too." Matt responds with a caring smile. "Thanks for keeping an eye on him for us Tom, it means a lot and we won't forget it." He then states in a sincere tone, as he turns to his teacher with an appreciative smile, before feeling his mums hand on his shoulder.

"You're welcome Matthew and I will look after your brother for you." Mr Morgan responds with a proud smile, before putting a hand on Tobias's shoulder and giving him a confident smile when he looks up to him.

"Come on Sweetheart, it's time to go over to him now." Sarah then says in a soft tone, before giving her other son a warm and loving smile, before turning and walking the other way.

"Sorry if I upset you." Lily then says in a quiet tone, after watching the others walking away and realising that she should have either kept quiet earlier or supported her boyfriend, even though she was only trying to help, so could tell he was a little mad at her.

"I'm fine." Tobias responds in a dismissive tone, while watching his mum, brother and uncle stopping half way between his other brother and himself.

"Now, now Tobias, she's apologising to you and I think it's very generous of her to do so, don't you think." Mr Morgan decides to state, as he tries to both stop them from falling out and to distract the boy from what his family were doing, because while he didn't know exactly what was going to happen, he had a feeling that it would be very emotional and he wanted to try and do something to help.

"But she..." Tobias quickly begins to respond in a shocked tone, before just as quickly finding himself being interrupted by his teacher and he couldn't help but look up at his in surprise.

"But she was nothing Young Man and you know she didn't say anything that wasn't true and I don't think this is the time to let things like this, come between those that we care about, don't you agree Tobias?" Mr Morgan asks with a knowing smile, before taking a few steps back, just to give the young couple a little privacy, while making sure he is close enough to stop the boy running to the others, even though he knew he wouldn't, Sarah had asked him to stay with them and he wasn't going to break that promise.

"I really am sorry Tobias, I was just trying to help." Lily decides to say again in a sincere tone, after hearing Tom defending her and despite wanting to smile appreciatively at him, she wanted to make sure her boyfriend was okay first and was hoping he really wouldn't be mad at her for what she had said earlier.

"Sorry for being silly, I'm just worried about Ben and I want to be there and help." Tobias responds honestly, as he gives his girlfriend a shy smile, before looking over to where his brother was laying and seeing his other brother slowly limping towards him.

"It will be okay and you can go over soon and you know Matt wants you there, but he needs to do it on his own first." Lily then states in a reassuring tone, before feeling a little more relaxed and reaching out for his hand, which she is happy to see him accept.

"I know." Tobias responds with a sweet smile, before feeling two hands on his shoulders and looking up to see his teachers head above his own.

"You're a good brother Tobias and when it's time to go over, then you can go, but for now we just need to watch and let him do whatever he needs to do." Mr Morgan then decides to say, after coming back over and placing his hands on the young boys shoulders, which was more to comfort and reassure him, than to actually hold him back, which he knew wouldn't have been necessary.

"Okay Sir and thank you." Tobias quickly responds with a little smile, before looking towards his girlfriend and blushing a little bit, after feeling her giving him a peck on the cheek.

"Oh fuck... fuck... fuck... wow!" Wesley says as he pants and tries to catch his breath, while his boyfriend lays on top of him.

"I won." Carter then manages to say in a tired tone and while he knew he could roll off his boyfriend, he wanted to stay exactly where he was and lets out a low moan of content, as he feels his bum being caressed by his boyfriends hands.

"You're too... fucking... good at doing that... you... beautiful... little prick..." Wesley states in an amused, but tired tone, as he tries his best to recover, which was a little difficult to do with his boyfriend still on top of him, but there was no way that he was going to push him off and he could tell that his boyfriend wasn't interested in moving either.

"I may be small, but I know how to use it." Carter responds with a small grin and while there was a part of him that wished he was bigger, he knew that it was just about his ego, because he might have been small compared to his boyfriend and friends, but he just proved that he had enough to do what he needed to do and his boyfriend had never complained once and that meant more to him than anything else.

"Well firstly, you aren't small and secondly, you definitely know how to use it, it's like it was designed to fit me or something." Wesley quickly responds in a serious tone, as he brings one of his hands up to stroke the side of his boyfriends face. "Seriously Carter, I know it's great to boast about and to look impressive having a big dick, but when it comes down to it, like you just proved, if it does the job and you know how to use it, then it doesn't matter how big you are." He then adds with a loving smile, after seeing the look on his boyfriends face and while he knew he didn't really need to say anything, he just wanted to try and hammer home the point once and for all, so his boyfriend would never feel insecure about his body again.

"Well you may like me the way I am, but I love the way you are too Wesley, it feels so nice and it's a little weird, but a good weird to feel full, so I guess we're made for each other." Carter then decides to say with a warm smile, before giving his boyfriend a couple of pecks on the lips.

"I still don't know how you can stand me being inside you though, I mean I'm not complaining, but I get pain from you and well without sounding like too much of a prick, I'm pretty big and well er... well I just think you're amazing Carter and I'm so happy that you chose me." Wesley responds lovingly and while it was always a little weird talking about having sex, he was glad they could do it and he knew his boyfriend felt the same way.

"I seem to remember it was you who chose me." Carter playfully retorts, before giving his boyfriend another series of quick pecks on the lips.

"Ha! I may have asked you out Carter, but no one tells you what to do and we both know that I was putty in your hands, so I don't care how much you try and deny it, you chose me and I'm the luckiest guy alive because of it." Wesley quickly retorts himself, in an honest and sincere tone and while he would have tried everything he could to change his boyfriends mind, if he had turned him down, he knew if he didn't want to be his boyfriend, then he wouldn't have said yes at all and it really did make him feel special.

"Fine, but it goes both ways Wesley, you know you were my fantasy boyfriend and although it took me a while to really believe that you really liked me, I love you so much and no matter how much of a moron you are, that's never going to change." Carter responds playfully again, before finding himself being rolled on to his back and his arms held above his head.

"Neither are my feelings for you Beautiful." Wesley then says, before lowering himself down against his boyfriends body and kissing him deeply.

"Are you sure this is a good idea?" Sarah asks in a nervous tone, as she sees her son kneeling beside his fiancé and while she had agreed with it earlier, now that it was happening, she was having second thoughts, especially since her sons limp seemed worse than she had seen before.

"Sarah, I really don't know, but how many times have we underestimated the boys and their feelings for one another and been proved wrong?" Mike answers in a tense tone, as he watches his youngest son being gently rocked and despite wanting to sound more reassuring, he was just not sure how this was going to unfold and he could only hope that they were doing the right thing.

"I know, but they're both fragile and I'm worried about Tobias as well, he may act fine, but if this goes wrong, he won't be able to handle it Mike, none of us will." Sarah then says in a quiet and worried tone, as she thinks about what would happen if this went completely the wrong way and the worst case scenario, really did scare her to the core.

"Whatever happens Sarah, we will deal with it as a family and we will get through it, but we need to have faith in Matt right now, because if he looks over, he needs to see us being strong, so I know it's hard Sarah, but we just have to believe in him." Mike then states in a more controlled tone, as he takes her hand and gives her a reassuring smile.

"Okay." Sarah responds with a forced smile, before they both look towards their sons and watch as Ben begins to stir.

"Hey sleepyhead, are you okay?" Matt says in a quiet tone, as he continues to slowly rock his fiancé to wake him up. "Come on Ben, wake up, it's me, it's Matt." He then says in a slightly louder tone, before leaning back a little when he sees his fiancé starting to stir and he couldn't help but look at him sadly, when he sees how red his eyes were and how his face was streaked with dried up tears. "Ben, it's me, it's Matt and I'm okay, I promise, I'm okay." He then says in a soft tone, before gently reaching out to wipe his fiancé's tears away, but as his hand almost reaches, it is slapped away and he then feels himself being pushed on to his bum.

"WHY ARE YOU HERE!" Ben shouts out angrily, as he struggles to fully wake up and process what is happening, but the sight of his fiancé in front of him was confusing and he didn't understand what he was doing here. "WHY ARE YOU HERE?" He then shouts again, as he continues to stare at his fiancé coldly, before sitting up and trying to process what is happening and why.

"You're not well Ben and I'm here to help, I want you to be okay and I know..." Matt begins to try and answer his fiancé's question, but is quickly interrupted by the sudden pain across his face and he couldn't help but look up in shock, as he realises that he had just been slapped.

"YOU'RE NOT MEANT TO BE HERE, YOU'RE NOT MEANT TO BE HERE, WHY ARE YOU HERE?" Ben shouts out angrily again, as he gets to his feet and looks down at his fiancé coldly.

"I'm here because I love you and you would do the same for me Ben, you aren't well and you're confused, just let me help you, please." Matt somehow manages to say, after struggling to hold back his own tears as he slowly gets to his feet, but when he feels himself being pushed to the ground again, he looks up at his fiancé in confusion and shock. "Ben, please, just let me help, please." He then pleads, as he continues to look up at his fiancé and for a brief moment, he sees a flicker of recognition in his eyes, which gives him the strength to endure whatever he tries to throw at him next, even though he was feeling weak and tired right now.

"YOU'RE MEANT TO BE WITH HER, YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO BE WITH HER, NOT HERE, YOU AREN'T SUPPOSED TO BE HERE!" Ben quickly starts shouting again, as he continues to struggle to make sense of what was happening, he saw his fiancé dead and he knew he was dead, so he just couldn't understand what was happening and why he was back.

"Ben, listen to me, I didn't die, I wasn't dead when you found me, I was in a coma, remember, like I was..." Matt then begins to try and explain again, before quickly being interrupted by his fiancé again, although this time it isn't with a slap.

"I SAW YOU, YOU ARE DEAD AND YOU WENT TO HEAVEN, I SAW YOU, I SAW YOU AND MY MUM WAS LOOKING AFTER YOU, I SAW YOU DEAD, I SAW YOU DEAD AND..." Ben begins to shout out again, but as he feels himself being cuddled, he struggles to fight his fiancé off and keep talking for a few moments. "WHY DID YOU LEAVE HER, YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO BE WITH HER MATT, YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO BE TOGETHER, YOU'RE..." He then begins again, before being forced to stop again, as he is cuddled and despite trying his best, he can't break free this time. "YOU'RE MEANT TO BE WITH HER, WHY AREN'T YOU WITH HER?" He then shouts again, after giving up trying to break free, but as much as he wanted to hate it, he was starting to enjoy the embrace, which just confused him even more.

"Sshh Ben, it's okay, I'm here and I love you and I'm going to help you get better, you aren't alone." Matt decides to say in a soothing tone and while he was actually rocked by his fiancé's behaviour, he could feel him relaxing and he was sure that he was getting through to him, which was a relief, because he was really struggling himself now and he wasn't sure if he could hold his fiancé like this for much longer if he tried to struggle free again.

"NO! NO! YOU'RE SUPPOSED BE WITH HER MATT, I SAW YOU DEAD!" Ben shouts out angrily and this time manages to break free of his fiancé's hold and pushes him back a few steps. "YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO BE TOGETHER, WHY DID YOU LEAVE HER MATT, WHY DID YOU LEAVE MY MUM, SHE'S ALL ALONE AND YOU LEFT HER, WHY? WHY DID YOU LEAVE HER?" He then shouts out, while he thumps his fists against his fiancé's chest as tears flow from his eyes.

"Sshh, it's okay Ben, I'm here now and I'm okay, I didn't die, I promise, I promise you Ben, I would never leave you, ever." Matt just about manages to say, as he feels his chest burning with pain and while it really did hurt and he was starting to feel exhausted, he was able to slowly put his arms around his fiancé and while he was still being hit, there was barely any force behind them now and he somehow found the strength to not collapse to the ground.

"YOU LEFT HER MATT, WHY DID... why did you leave her, you promised me Matt, you promised you wouldn't leave her, you promised." Ben then states as he starts to cry his heart out and this time when he feels himself being cuddled, he doesn't try to fight it and just lets it happen.

"Ben, it's okay, I promise, I'm here now and I'm not leaving you, I will never leave you, I promise, just come back to me, please." Matt states in a pleading and emotional tone, as he starts to cry himself and despite what his fiancé was saying, he knew exactly what he was really talking about and knew that he had to just keep reassuring and comforting him.

"You left her Matt, how could you, HOW COULD YOU LEAVE HER MATT, YOU PROMISED, YOU PROMISED..." Ben then says once again, before trailing off in a series of sobs and tries to pull away from his fiancé again, but quickly gives up and just let's him hold him.

"Tobias, just stay here, please, just stay here Honey." Sarah says in an almost desperate tone, after just about managing to stop him from running past them and while she had struggled herself to remain where she was, she knew they had to give her other son a chance and from the looks of it, it seems to be working and while it was hard to stand by and just watch, they knew they had to.

"Sorry Sarah, he just surprised me." Mr Morgan states in a slightly breathless tone, it wasn't that far from where he was to here, but he wasn't getting any younger and the young boy had surprised him by bolting away like he did.

"It's okay Tom, it's just hard for him and he just wants to help." Sarah responds in a sad tone, as he gives the man an appreciative look and didn't blame him for not being able to keep a hold of her son, he was quick and she was struggling to hold him back herself right now.

"I want to help, please, I want to help Mum." Tobias then says in a pleading tone, after giving up trying to break free for a few moments.

"Tobias, it's okay, look, look at them, they're just cuddling now and Ben stopped shouting, look." Lily then says, after stepping beside her boyfriend and taking his hand into her own and while this was all a little overwhelming, she wanted to help and just like every other time, she smiles as he lets her take a hold of his hand, even though she could tell that he wanted to run over to his brothers still.

"But he was hitting him and Matt isn't well, I want..." Tobias quickly begins to say in protest, before finding himself being kissed and while it took him a few seconds to process what was happening, he couldn't help but return it, before finding himself staring into his girlfriend eyes, after she pulls away from him and he just looks at her blankly.

"Tobias, I know you want to help, but it's okay and Matt is doing well, Ben isn't shouting any more and they're just cuddling now, so you just need to give him a bit more time and he will let you know when to go over, I promise." Lily states with a warm and caring tone, while gently squeezing his hand at the same time and while she had no idea what she was doing or how she had come up with them, she could tell that her words had at least for now, calmed her boyfriend down.

"Okay, but er... you cheated." Tobias then responds in a shy tone and while he enjoyed the kiss and his girlfriends hand squeezing his own, he knew she was being a little manipulative, but it was in a good way and for a good reason, so he wasn't angry or mad, but he was a little embarrassed by how easily it seemed to have worked on him.

"Maybe." Lily responds with a sweet smile, before giving him another quick kiss on the lips.

"It will be okay Mike." Sarah then decides to say, after looking at her son and his girlfriend affectionately and noticing the strained and tense look on his face.

"I know." Mike responds in a sad tone, before managing a small smile, when he feels his friends arm around his waist and seeing her giving him a reassuring smile.

"Ben, I love you and we're forever and nothing can keep us apart." Matt states from the heart, while he continues to hold his fiancé as tightly as he could without hurting him and himself, because he was starting to feel a little dizzy and wasn't sure if he was going to be sick or not.

"I saw you dead, I saw you Matt and you... you... you were meant to be with Mum, why..." Ben then tries to say again, but the more he tries to express himself, the more he loses control and he just cries into his fiancé's chest even more.

"Sshh, it's okay Ben, I didn't die, I didn't leave you, I promise, I will never leave you, we made a promise, remember." Matt then says in a soothing tone, before suddenly feeling his boyfriend somehow pulling away from him and shoving him to the ground, where he just looks up in shock and a little fear, because being pushed to the ground hurt him a lot more than it should have and he knew he had to be careful and was even considering calling over everyone else.

"YOU DID LEAVE ME, I SAW YOU DEAD AND YOU WENT TO HEAVEN... YOU WENT TO HEAVEN AND MY MUM WAS LOOKING AFTER YOU... SHE WAS LOOKING AFTER YOU AND YOU LEFT HER... YOU LEFT HER JUST LIKE YOU LEFT ME..." Ben then starts to shout and just as he turns to run away, he feels himself being turned back around and embraced again.

"I love you and I didn't leave you, I didn't leave you, I promise Ben, please believe me." Matt quickly states in a desperate and emotional tone and while he was shaken by his fiancé's behaviour and aggression, he knew he had to keep going, although he was starting to feel really weak and knew he needed to break through to him as quickly as he could, because getting up so quickly had taken more out of him than he thought it would and knew that he couldn't keep this up for much longer.

"NO... YOU LEFT ME...I SAW YOU DEAD... I SAW YOU DEAD MATT... I saw you dead, you were dead, I saw you dead Matt, I... I... thought you were dead, I thought... I thought you left me Matt, I thought you left me and I... and I... Matt please don't leave me... I... I thought you were dead, please don't leave..." Ben begins to shout in response, before breaking down completely as he finally manages to say what he had wanted to say the moment he thought his fiancé was dead.

"Sshh Ben, it's okay, I... I... I love you and I promise... I promise to never leave... you." Matt only just manages to respond, before breaking himself down and just holds on to his fiancé, as they both cry their hearts out together.

"So you have that in your thick retarded head now Bitch?" Ryan states with a vicious grin, as he stands in front of the other boy and while he probably didn't need to do this, he wanted to cover himself, especially after what his friend had revealed in the hospital and it also gave him an excuse to set the other boy free, because as much fun as it was humiliating him, he was getting a little bored and was more interested in looking for a girlfriend, than having some sissy bitch to boss around, although it wasn't just that and he was still pissed off at being told what to do, but it was his own fault and at least he wouldn't have that hanging over his head any more after this.

"Yeah, I get it." Barry responds meekly, before suddenly falling on to his back and quickly holds the side of his face, which was now stinging, after being smacked hard across it by the other boy.

"You answer 'Yes Sir' or 'No Sir' and if you think you can give me attitude, then maybe I need to keep you around for a little bit longer, would you like that Bitch?" Ryan asks in a serious and angry tone, as he smirks at the boy, who was only now getting to his feet and just couldn't believe how pathetic he was.

"No Sir, please, I just want to go home, please." Barry quickly answers in a meek and pleading tone, while trying his best not to cry in front of the other boy.

"You can go home soon, but you need to convince me that you understand our deal and what will happen if you break it." Ryan then states with a grin, before quickly kicking the other boy in the balls and laughs as he crumbles to the ground and moans in pain. "Next time I put you on your arse, you get to your knees Bitch, now get it right and then we can go over our deal again." He then instructs the boy in a dominant tone, while giving him a disgusted look, he was truly pathetic and he couldn't believe that he had actually believed he could be one of them, but he had to admit, that using him and then breaking him down was fun and while he was going to let him go soon, he was definitely going to enjoy seeing how he coped with no friends, because once everyone knew what he had done, he would have no one and there was also going to be the added bonus of a certain persons reaction to what the bitch had actually done and he had to stop himself laughing at the thought.

"Sorry Sir." Barry states in a scared tone, after quickly getting to his knees and just couldn't help but feel ashamed of himself, all he had wanted to do was be one of the cool kids and after Jarred had convinced him that his other friends were treating him like crap, he really thought he could be a part of his group, but here he was, naked and on his knees in front of one of the group and what was worse, is he knows he deserved it, because what he had done to Peter and Alex was unforgivable and he knew his other friend would never forgive him, not even Patrick.

"Good Bitch, now clean my room." Ryan then orders him and decides to sit down on his bed and watch the other boy, who to his amusement and disgust, begins to do as he was told.

"Yes Sir." Barry responds meekly as he does as he is told and just tries his best not to cry, he just felt pathetic and all he wanted to do was get home and cry himself to sleep, but instead, he was naked and cleaning another boys room and it was just humiliating.

"If you don't start doing what we practised, I will throw you outside like that with your hands tied behind your back, so don't test me Bitch and I want you to smile, it will look better for the video." Ryan quickly states in a casual tone, as he looks at the boy in amusement, before laughing at the look on his face.

"But... but you can't, you promised you..." Barry quickly begins to protest, after realising what the boy had said and he could see him holding his phone up and aiming it at him and he just couldn't believe he was going to video him again and this time he couldn't stop himself from crying.

"You pathetic little bitch, now get yourself together, because this video is getting made whether you like it or not and just because you forgot to call me Sir and for being so pathetic, I'm sending this to Jarred as soon as you're done." Ryan quickly threatens, as he looks at he boy in disgust again. "If you don't stop crying and get back to cleaning, I will send a video or picture to someone on your phone randomly, so don't test me Bitch." He then adds in a serious tone, after seeing the look on the boys face and guessing what he was going to say.

"Yes Sir." Barry just about manages to respond in a distraught and beaten tone, as he struggles to think of a way out of this and hearing the count get to seven, he quickly starts to clean again, although this time he does it while pretending that he was a dog and trying his best to ignore the feeling of tears rolling down his face.

"You're so fucking pathetic, you know that Bitch?" Ryan then decides to ask in a taunting tone, although it was more to do with how uncomfortable he was actually starting to find this whole thing and while he had made him do this before and probably a lot worse, it really did nothing for him other than give him a bit of a power trip and that was hardly worth it, especially when it was over someone so pathetic.

"Yes Sir." Barry answers in a pathetic tone, before making a couple of panting noises and barking a few times and although he knew he just sounded pathetic and probably sounded more like someone dying, than a dog, the fact he hadn't been kicked, let him know that at the very least, the other boy was finding him funny.

"Oh for fuck sake, just stop Barry, just fucking stop and get dressed." Ryan then suddenly calls out in a disgusted and frustrated tone, he really thought this might give him some amusement, but it really was just a pathetic sight and maybe someone like Jarred would like it, but he didn't and he really just wanted the boy out of his house.

"Sir?" Barry quickly asks in a confused and suspicious tone, as he wonders whether this was some sort of trick, but when he feels himself being hit with his clothes, he couldn't help but get his hopes up a little bit.

"Grow a fucking pair of balls Barry." Ryan states dismissively, before seeing the boy just kneeling in the same spot and looking at him in confusion. "Seriously, get fucking dressed before I change my mind and then sit on my chair and I swear to god Barry, if you don't just do it, you will regret it." He then states in a forceful tone, before putting his phone away and looking down at the other boy in disgust.

"Yes Sir." Barry quickly responds, before just as quickly getting dressed and sitting in the other boys chair nervously.

"Right, after you leave here, we're done Barry, you're a pathetic little bitch and I'm bored of you, but if you break our deal, then I will make you pay and everyone will know just how pathetic you're, so do you understand?" Ryan asks in a serious tone, as he looks at the other boy coldly and while he didn't actually have any photographic or video evidence of what he had been forcing him to do, he didn't have to know that and knew the threat should be enough and he was smart enough to know that if the moron ever tried to tell someone he was being blackmailed, the police would not find any evidence and the only other person who might be able to prove anything happened, was definitely not going to be helping the bitch out, especially when he realises his involvement with what had happened to Peter and Alex.

"Yes Sir, but er... what about Jarred, he might..." Barry begins to ask in response, before flinching a little as he is interrupted by the other boy.

"Okay first of all, quit with the sir crap, we're done with that Barry and yes I'm being serious, you're pathetic, but it's just annoying now, so quit it." Ryan quickly states with a sigh, he knew it would be amusing to keep that bit of control over him, but again, apart from a cheap laugh, he really didn't want him in his life and after this, he was just going to get on with his own life, while still taking some amusement as the other boys life spiralled out of control. "And as for Jarred, he won't drop me in it and he knows he is getting in some shit for this, you're just my insurance policy and you better not mention me at all and apart from you trying and failing to get me to hang out with you, we don't know each other and that's the end of it." He then adds in clear and threatening tone, as he gives the other boy an look of contempt.

"I didn't know what would happen..." Barry then begins to say in a slightly braver tone, before getting quickly cut off and when he sees the look on the other boys face, he quickly tenses up with fear.

"You listen to me you piece of shit, we didn't force you to do anything, you're the one who came to us after you overheard Jarred and I talking and we told you the risks and that you would regret it, so don't play the innocent card, because you had your reasons for wanting to mess with Peter and Alex and you know it." Ryan almost hisses in response, as he gives the boy a cold stare and while it wasn't quite as random as he had made out, he didn't have to know that they had planned for him to overhear them and it was easy to reinforce his insecurity about how Peter and even Alex had been accepted into the other boys group of friends, while he was still treated frostily by them, but again, the boy was too pathetic to work that out himself and he was going to pay the price for it.

"I know, but everyone's going to hate me, I just thought we were going to scare them, neither of you said we were going to beat them up and kidnap Peter." Barry responds honestly, as the realization starts to hit him, that he had really made a mess of everything and there was no way he was going to have any friends left after this, not that he had any now, even Patrick had been a little off recently and although he couldn't blame him, thanks to Ryan, he had definitely pissed his best friend off and when all this comes out, he will be on his own.

"Well, it was a er... well it doesn't matter, it happened and it only happened because you were part of it Barry, without you, we wouldn't have even got inside, so just accept the fact that no matter how much of a prick I am or Jarred is, neither of us betrayed our friends and set them up like you did, so quit with the innocence crap, because no one will buy it." Ryan then states in a dismissive tone, after stumbling a bit on his words at the start, because as much as he hated to admit it, his friend had taken it a lot further than he thought they were going to go and was under the same impression as the other boy, that they were just going to scare them, but he didn't want him to know that and for his plan to cover himself to work, he needed to look as in control and as confident as possible.

"Am I really allowed to go and er... well er... you aren't going to show er..." Barry then begins to ask in a nervous tone, before trailing off as the glare he was receiving from the other boy was too unnerving and he was sure he was about to get beat up again.

"Barry, once you walk out of this door, everything you've done, stays between you and I, because I won't be bragging about getting some pathetic little bitch to strip and act like a dog for me and the other stuff either, so unless you tell someone, no one else will ever know, well unless you break our deal, then everyone with access to the internet will know and be able to see you doing that stuff." Ryan states in a clear and firm tone, as he continues to glare at the boy and again and while there wasn't actually any evidence of what had happened, he wasn't going to admit to that and he knew that it was a good deterrent.

"What about Jarred, he saw me er... you know and you er... told him stuff, what about..." Barry then begins to ask in a nervous tone, before this time being interrupted by the other boy.

"Jarred won't say a word, he doesn't give a shit about you and even if he teases you and shit in the future, no one will really actually believe him, not unless you make it obvious that it's true, so if he does say something, just brush it off, because he says shit about people like that all the time and as long as you stick to our deal, I won't back his claims up." Ryan states in an inpatient tone, as he looks over to his clock and sees the time. "Barry, you're pathetic and I really have no respect for you, not even a little, but as long as you stick to the deal, what you've done for the past few weeks, never happened as far as I'm concerned and I'm not going to make snide remarks or anything about you or to you, but I will be surprised if you didn't end up as some guys bitch boy eventually, you gave in way too easily to be a real man and you can think about that on your way home, now fuck off and don't even try to speak to me again." He then states in a venomous tone, as he gets up and walks over to his bedroom door to hold it open for the other boy, he had better things to do right now and really didn't want to spend one more minute with the pathetic bitch.

"I er... I promise, I won't break the deal, just please don't..." Barry then begins to say in a meek and frightened tone, before feeling himself being slammed against the wall and held by the throat.

"I already told you what's going to happen Bitch, now get the fuck out of my house and don't make me regret letting you go so easily, now fuck off and don't you even dare try and say another word, just get the fuck out." Ryan quickly states with a sinister glare, as he squeezes the boys neck a little more, before releasing him and grinning as he practically runs out of the room and after a few moments, he hears his front door opening and closing. "Fucking pathetic loser." He then mutters under his breath to himself, as he walks to his bed and slumps down, before frowning as he hears his phone ringing and then sighing as he sees who it is.

"What the fuck do you want Patrick?" Ryan asks in a slightly pissed off tone, although there was also a mixture of concern and nervousness in his voice as well, which he was hoping wouldn't be noticed, because it was already embarrassing to be in the other boys debt, but to give away how much power the other boy actually had over him, just wasn't an option and he wanted this over with.

"Is it done?" Patrick asks in a stressed out tone, he had no intention of talking for long and he really hated his best friend for getting into this mess, but even though he was angry, he had to do something, even if he might end up regretting it in the long run.

"It's done, but this is it Patrick, you ever come near me or try something like this again and you can join Barry as a Bitch and trust me, you won't like what that involves." Ryan responds threateningly, although again, he couldn't quite hide that fact he was a little nervous as well and just had to hope he could scare the other boy off enough to stop him thinking he could walk all over him or even worse, realising that he could walk all over him.

"Just leave my friend alone, I don't know what he did and how you did what you did to him Ryan, but if you leave him alone, then we're even," Patrick responds in a more confident tone and while he was actually scared, he knew the other boy wouldn't come after him, although he was definitely not going to test that theory out again, he knew he was playing with fire and he didn't want to get burned.

"Whatever Patrick, but as a word of advice, you might want to be a lot more careful when it comes to calling in favours, especially when it comes to wasting them on dead beat friends." Ryan then decides to state with a grin, before hanging up and relaxing on his bed, he knew that was a cheap shot and the other boy could cause him problems, lots of problems, but he couldn't resist and highly doubted he would come to regret saying it.

"What the fuck did you do Barry." Patrick mutters to himself, after putting his phone away and staring out of his bedroom window, he was angry at his best friend and really wasn't going to speak to him for at least a few weeks, but he was still his friend and he wasn't going to let that happen to him, even if it did cost him a little bit.

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