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Love Conquers All

by Flaming Matt

Chapter 17

November 2015

"Just give them a few more minutes Honey, your brother will wave you over when it's time." Sarah states in a calm tone, as she holds her son back from running towards his brothers, who to her relief, seemed to have settled down again and the fact Ben had stopped shouting, was a reassuring sight as well.

"But Mum, I want..." Tobias quickly tries to protest, but as he feels his hand being squeezed gently, he couldn't help but give his girlfriend a questioning look, before sighing. "Okay, but er... okay." He then states in a resigned tone, before relaxing back into his mums body and despite just wanting to run towards his brothers and comfort them, he had to admit that it felt nice to be held like this and with his girlfriend still holding his hand, it made it easier to wait a few minutes longer.

"You're a good boy Tobias and I want to go over there just as much as you do, but we promised your brother we would wait and we should respect that." Mike then states in a slightly strained tone, as he keeps his eyes firmly locked on the two boys embracing ahead of them and while he really did want to go over now, he wanted to give Matt a chance and so far, it looked like the right thing to do.

"I know Uncle." Tobias responds with a shy smile and while it sounded a little patronising, he could tell that his uncle was being sincere and he was happy that he wasn't the only one who just wanted to run over to his brothers and it helped him relax even more.

"Honey, when your brother does wave you to go over, I don't want you to run or hug them too tightly, Ben will still be a little confused and Matt is still not well, so try to be gentle okay." Sarah then decides to say and while she felt a little bad for saying that in front of his girlfriend, she knew he would want to get there as quickly as possible and cuddle them both and she didn't want to risk him accidentally hurting either of his brothers.

"I er..." Tobias begins to respond in a whiny tone, before hearing his teacher coughing and looking over to him. "Okay Mum, but I'm not walking like really slow, but I won't run, I promise." He then finishes saying in a slightly embarrassed tone, he knew that his teacher could have just genuinely coughed, but after catching his eye, he knew it was intentional and understood what he was telling him and quickly changed his mind about whining about what his mum had just said.

"Are you back?" Matt decides to ask in a tentative tone, as he keeps his arms around his fiancé and while he was struggling to stop himself from being sick, he was determined to stay strong for as long as possible.

"It was horrible Matt, just horrible." Ben then says, as he does his best to respond, but he was still struggling, because although his head had cleared and he had realised what was happening, the image of his fiancé just laying there lifelessly, still chilled him to the core and he never wanted to experience that again.

"Ben, I'm not feeling so good..." Matt then begins to say, as his stomach begins to churn and his head starts to spin, but as he feels his fiancé pushing him away. "Ben, I told you before, my medication got messed up and I still need a couple of days to get over it." He then quickly states, after seeing the expression on his fiancé's face and knew he needed to calm him down quickly.

"I... I... I er..." Ben then begins to try and respond, but even though he understood what his fiancé was telling him, the image he had stuck inside his head, just wouldn't go away and he is grateful when he is interrupted.

"Ben, I'm going to be sick and I er... well I might pass out I think, I'm just really tired, but I promise I will be okay, do you understand?" Matt then quickly states in a slightly desperate tone, he was really struggling now and was hoping his fiancé would come through for him, even if he was going through a lot right now.

"But I er..." Ben then begins to say, as he tries to process his fiancé's words, but this time he couldn't help but be a little surprised to be interrupted.

"Okay Ben, put it this way, I'm going to be sick, like any second now and I swear to god, if you let me pass out and fall in it, I'm going to tie you up and edge you for hours and hours the next time we're alone." Matt threatens firmly and just about manages a weak smile, which turns into a real one when he sees the expression on his fiancé's face.

"I love..." Ben then begins to say with a bemused look, before trailing off as he sees his fiancé turn and vomit all over the floor and despite still not quite being with it completely, he quickly reaches over and holds him up.

"I love you too Benjamin Walk..." Matt then begins to try and say, before passing out in his fiancé's arms.

"I love you too Matthew Walker." Ben then says in a sweet and tender tone, before leaning down and giving him a tender peck on the lips and even though he could taste the vomit, he didn't care and just gently rocked his fiancé in his arms, but as he looks up, he couldn't help but be shocked, as he sees his dad, Sarah, his brother with his girlfriend and even his teacher, who he had to stare at for a few moments before realising that he wasn't seeing things and despite the shock and the situation and suddenly finds himself waving instinctively, although he had no idea why he was doing it and felt more than a little stupid.

"Just remember what I told you Honey." Sarah states with a warm smile, as her son looks up at her and after seeing Ben waving, she knew what he wanted to do and deep inside, she was fighting the urge to run over herself, because she saw what her other son had done and was concerned, but while she wanted to go, she was sure that if there was something wrong, then Ben would be shouting for help and decided to trust that he was okay.

"I know and I promised, so I won't Mum." Tobias quickly responds with a happy smile, before turning towards his two brothers and just as he takes a step forward, he quickly feels his hand being squeezed. "I er... you can come too if you want, I mean er... if you want you can Lily." He then offers, after looking back at his girlfriend and while he thought it would be a little weird if she went, she was his girlfriend and if his brothers weren't quite themselves right now, he wouldn't mind having her supporting him.

"Thank you." Lily quickly responds, before just as quickly pulling him in for a quick kiss. "But I have to go and Tom said that he is giving me a lift home remember." She then states in a disappointed tone, because she had wanted to stay and was happy to stay and watch as he went to his brothers, but the fact he had just asked her to go with him, well that was special and she really wanted to go, but she had already promised her parents that she would be home and even though she thought they would understand, she didn't like breaking promises and Tom had already offered to take her home, so she didn't want to be rude to him either.

"Oh yeah, but er... well can I er... well..." Tobias then starts to respond in a shy tone, before trailing off for a few moments, after realising that his mum, uncle and teacher were right next to them. "Can I er... call you later and er... well maybe we can er... do that face time thing?" He then whispers into his girlfriends ear and while he still didn't really know what face timing was, he wanted to try it and he definitely wanted to talk about what they had done together before.

"Okay and just ask your brothers how to do it if you get stuck." Lily responds with a smile, which widens as she feels him giving her a warm and tender kiss on the cheek.

"I need to go." Tobias then says with a shy smile, before quickly giving his girlfriend another quick kiss on the cheek and turning towards his brothers and heading over to them, while trying not to go too fast, just in case his mum tells him off.

"He's really something special." Mr Morgan states in an impressed tone, before looking a little embarrassed as he realises that he had said that out loud and while it was true, he was just the boys teacher and as close as he had come to be with the family, he definitely didn't want to give the wrong impression.

"Relax Tom, he's an amazing boy and so are his brothers." Mike then states in a slightly amused tone, as he finally manages to look away from his youngest son and distract himself for a few moments.

"He's so sweet and he is always asking if I'm okay and what I want to do." Lily then decides to say in a blissful tone, as she watches her boyfriend walking over to his brothers and despite herself, she couldn't help but watch his bum in particular and picturing him naked, which quickly causes her to blush a little bit.

"He likes you a lot Lily and I look forward to having you around next weekend, that is, if your parents agree to let you stay over." Sarah responds with a sweet smile and while she had her doubts about them sleeping over together, she figured that there were enough people in the house to keep an eye on them and neither of her parents had called her to complain about her sons behaviour, so she wanted to reward his good behaviour, by letting her sleepover at their house.

"I'll ask them when I get home, but I don't think they will let me stay all weekend, but I will ask." Lily responds with a smile, as she reluctantly turns around from staring at her boyfriend, to look up towards his mum, who she thought was really pretty and despite the fact they had already talked about this, she was happy to know that they were being serious about letting her sleepover, well if her parents allowed it, but she was sure it would be okay.

"We really should be going though Lily, unless you want to stay, I'm sure your parents wouldn't mind." Mr Morgan decides to state and while he did have some things to attend to, he would be willing to wait for a little bit longer, he may only be the boys teacher, but he had grown fond of them and he considered Mike a good friend now, so he wasn't going to push to leave.

"It's okay, I'll speak to him later, he needs to be with his brothers now and I don't want to get in the way." Lily quickly responds in a slightly reluctant tone, as she glances back over to her boyfriend, who had almost reached his brothers now.

"That's very thoughtful of you Young Lady." Mr Morgan states in an impressed tone. "Sarah, Mike, I will see you later and remember, if you need anything, just let me know and I will be glad to help." He then states to his two friends, who both return his smile.

"Goodbye Tom and thank you for everything and for taking Lily home for us." Sarah responds in an appreciative tone and while they would have been happy to take her home themselves, Lily had explained that she needed to be home soon and with her son and Ben in the state they were in, it just wasn't possible and she really was grateful for his help, all of his help.

"And thank you so much for watching over Ben, I know you're going to play it down Tom, but it means a lot to me and I'm in your debt and I'm sure once Ben hears about what you did, he will be very grateful as well and well... just thank you Tom." Mike then states in a firm and sincere tone, before holding his hand out and smiles when he feels it being shaken.

"It's no issue at all, but thank you anyway, but we really should be going and wish the boys well for me and tell them that I look forward to them returning to school next week." Mr Morgan responds with a sincere smile, as he places a hand on the young girls shoulder and begins to turn away and towards the car park.

"Will do Tom and see you both another time." Mike responds with a smile, as he watches them both walking away, before turning back to look at the boys and seeing that Tobias had now reached his brothers and was kneeling down next to them both.

"He will be okay Mike, although we will need to decide whether to take Matt back to the hospital or not, I didn't like what I saw, even if Tobias hasn't called us over." Sarah then decides to state in a slightly strained tone, seeing her son vomiting and then what she assumed was him falling asleep, was hard to see and she had to stop herself from running over and helping him, but she knew he was still feeling the effects of his ordeal and Erica had warned her that he will be queasy and tired for the next day or two.

"We?" Mike quickly asks in a surprised tone, not that he was complaining, but it was an unexpected choice of words and couldn't help but give his friend a curious look.

"Mike, I still don't know if we will ever be more than just friends, but we live in the same house and the boys are under both our supervision, so it just makes sense that we should make decisions about them together, don't you think?" Sarah asks in response and while they have talked about this before and have disciplined each others boys, she couldn't help think they should talk about it seriously, even if she was using it as a distraction, just to keep her mind of her son, who she had noticed was still asleep and only just manages to refocus and listen to her friends response.

"So er... you're not er... like crazy now?" Tobias asks nervously, as he continues to stroke his sleeping brothers face affectionately, while giving his other brother a slightly unsure look.

"Well er... shit Tobias, what the hell kind of..." Ben then quickly begins to responds in an irritated tone, before quickly trailing off, as he notices the look on his brothers face. "Shit, sorry Tobias, but well er... I guess I'm still not doing so well, but I'm not crazy and well, I promise okay." He then states in a sincere tone, while also trying his best to ignore the image of his fiancé just laying on the sofa like that, it was just too horrifying and he was struggling to stop it taking over again.

"What happened to Matt?" Tobias then decides to ask and while they all saw him being sick and then falling asleep, he was still surprised and wanted to know if he should be worried or not.

"He said he would be okay and er... well he didn't really tell me much, I guess because he was worried I would er... well go er... well crazy again, but he said his medication got messed up and it will take a few days before he feels better again." Ben responds in a slightly suspicious tone, as he thinks about what his fiancé had told him and how that explained why he found him like he had done, but he wasn't sure if he should hear the truth or not right now and knew his fiancé wouldn't have held it back unless he thought he needed to.

"Oh." Tobias states in a slightly unsure tone, as he wonders what to really do or say, now that he was actually with his brothers now. "Well er... you weren't really crazy, well you were acting weird, but you weren't er... well, you know, like actually crazy." He then states in an awkward tone, as he tries his best to say something and not just sit in silence.

"I don't know, I was well, I don't actually remember much, but I was a little bit crazy Tobias, even I know that." Ben then decides to respond with a slightly forced smile, as he tries to lighten the mood and hopefully get his mind of the images going through his head, which he knew he would have to deal with somehow before he could really get better.

"Want to er... well hear something er... well naughty?" Tobias then asks in a quiet tone, after taking a glance back towards the others and seeing his mum and uncle looking at them and while the realization that his girlfriend seemed to have already gone, left him feeling a little sad, he knew his brothers were more important right now and decided to try and at least give his brother something to laugh about, even if he knew he might get told off a little bit as well.

"Oh god, what did you do this time?" Ben quickly asks in a slightly amused tone and while he could be wrong and he didn't really feel like having a laugh inside, he knew what his brother was like and he couldn't help but be curious about what he had done this time.

"Hey!" Tobias then quickly retorts in a slightly hurt tone and while his brother was actually right, he still felt a little annoyed that he seemed to have instantly thought he had done something stupid.

"Okay, now I know for sure that you did something, so come on, let's hear it." Ben states with an expectant look and despite still not really feeling like having a laugh, he knew it would do him good and again, this was his brother and he knew it would be funny and more than likely embarrassing.

"I had a sleepover with Lily, in her room last night." Tobias starts to explain in a bashful tone, before purposely deciding to stop and let his brother react, because he could already see him grinning and while this was embarrassing, it was worth it if he could just get him to laugh a little and not just feel sad.

"Oh wow, that's er... wow and your mum let you?" Ben quickly asks in a shocked tone and while he wasn't sure what to expect really, this was definitely not it. "Oh crap, you didn't, please tell me you didn't, not after all the things we told you." He then says in a slightly more serious tone, as he thinks about what his brother was like and how that would work in a sleepover in his girlfriends room, with what he assumes would have been just the two of them.

"I er... well we didn't do anything, you know like er... the sex stuff, but er... she er... well I mean Lily kind of well er... saw me naked, well like everything and well I let her er... well touch and feel me for a little while and..." Tobias then begins to answer honestly in an awkward tone, before blushing as he sees his brothers expression and isn't surprised when he interrupts him.

"You what?" Ben quickly asks in a slightly raised tone, but quickly relaxes when he glances over to their parents and sees them talking to each other. "Seriously Tobias, how the hell did you end up naked?" He then asks in a quieter and calmer tone, as he half glares at his brother and while it was actually funny, it was also annoying and worrying as well, because while he might sound like a hypocrite, girls were different to boys and his brother would be in a whole world of trouble if they had been caught.

"Well er... I was upset and well I er... well Lily made me a bath and well I didn't want to be alone and she sat on a chair next to the bath and talked to me." Tobias answers in a slightly subdued tone, he had thought this would make his brother laugh, but it was quickly turning into the opposite and by the look on his brothers face now, he could tell that he wasn't happy with him.

"Seriously Tobias, I mean okay, a bath is okay and well okay, that's not so bad, but how the hell could you let her touch you and what exactly do you mean by touch you?" Ben then asks in response to his brothers answer and while he knew he was being harsh on him, he couldn't help it and definitely wasn't in the right frame of mind for this kind of conversation.

"I er... I didn't er... mean..." Tobias then begins to say, but to his surprise, he is interrupted and couldn't help but smile despite the current conversation, when he realises that it was his other brother interrupting him.

"Cut it out Ben, it's not his fault and I know what happened and it's okay." Matt states in a groggy tone, as he slowly opens his eyes, he had been awake for about a minute and just about caught on to what they were talking about and was happy to let them think he was still sleeping, but after hearing his fiancé getting worked up, he knew he had to intervene and could see the relief on both of their faces.

"But..." Ben then begins to protest, before suddenly realising who had spoken and quickly smiles. "You're awake." He then states happily and quickly starts to stroke the side of his fiancé's face.

"Yeah and seriously, we can talk about the other stuff later, but I think I need to go home or to the hospital first, I don't feel so good." Matt states in response and despite feeling weak and queasy, he still manages a genuine smile, which widens a little bit, when he notices that his fiancé wasn't freaking out or anything.

"Erica said you would feel like this for a couple of days, so we should go home, it will be better if you come home." Tobias decides to say in a happy tone and while his brother feeling ill wasn't good, the fact that he had defended him meant a lot and even though he was sure they would both tell him off later, he didn't mind so much and knew he probably deserved it a little bit.

"Oh my god, did Mr Morgan see me?" Ben then asks in am embarrassed and slightly mortified tone, as it just dawns on him that their teacher really was there and he could feel himself blushing.

"Yeah, but don't worry, he won't say anything and he was just looking out for you, just to make sure you were safe." Matt responds with a small smile, before letting out a long yawn.

"Let's get you home and in bed." Ben then suggests with a warm smile and while he was still struggling himself, his instinct to help his fiancé overrode those feelings and all he wanted to do was look after him.

"Can I sleep with you two tonight, please?" Tobias then quickly asks in a hopeful tone and while some people might think it was weird for them to sleep in the same bed sometimes, he didn't care and he wanted to be close to them, even if it meant he was likely to receive a lecture about his behaviour with his girlfriend at some point before they went to sleep.

"Yeah, I was going to ask you to sleep with us anyway." Matt responds in a tired tone, before yawning again. "Ben, are you okay though, I know you're worried about me, but I'm just tired, so er... well, are you, you know, okay?" He then asks in a warm and caring tone, as he looks up to his fiancé and gives him a long look, just to let him know that he was being serious and didn't want him to lie.

"Not really, I keep... I... Matt I keep seeing you just... just there... on the sofa and it's horrible and I can't..." Ben begins to answer in a reluctant tone, before finding it too hard to continue and quickly loses his composure and begins to cry.

"It's okay, we will figure it out together, I promise." Matt quickly states in a comforting tone, as he holds his fiancé in his arms, after their brother had helped him sit up a little bit and steady himself.

"Is he going to be okay?" Tobias asks in a worried tone, as he thinks about what his brother had just said and while he may be young, he knew seeing something like that was not something that would be easy to ever forget.

"He will be okay Tobias, he just needs time and us, he needs..." Matt then begins to answer with a reassuring smile, before holding his head and groaning a little bit. "Just a headache Tobias and a normal one, well not normal, but normal for me, I promise." He then says with a weak smile, after seeing his brothers expression and knew he was now worried for both of them and while he hated his headaches, they weren't that bad and had become less and less intense as time went by.

"Can I call Mum and Mike over now?" Tobias then decides to ask and while he was worried about his brothers headaches and his other brother still crying, he knew they would be okay and was hoping they could go home and just relax and talk there.

"Yeah, but just wave them over, my head is kind of hurting still and well er... never mind, just wave them over Tobias." Matt responds with a warm smile, after deciding against suggesting they go back to the hospital, not that he wasn't going to go, but he figured he would just have to repeat himself again in a few moments and his question wasn't really something his brother could actually answer and knew he needed to wait for their mum.

"Okay." Tobias responds as he gives his brother a long look, but he seemed okay and decides to just do as he is told and waves their mum and uncle over.

The Next Day

"How are they doing Mike?" Sarah asks in a worried tone, as she watches him walking into the living room and despite the fact he was looking calm, she couldn't help but worry still.

"Honestly... I'm not sure Sarah, I mean he is better in terms of knowing what is happening and where he is, but he's going to need to see a therapist or psychologist I think." Mike responds in a strained tone and while it was good to have his youngest son back, it was also heartbreaking to see just how much seeing Matt like he had done, had affected him and he knew that this wasn't something that would just go away.

"He has his brothers and while we will take him to see someone, I think he will be okay, he's a strong boy Mike." Sarah then says in a soft and reassuring tone, before putting her hand on top of his, after he had sat down next to her.

"I guess so, but I don't know Sarah, you should have seen his face when I told him that he couldn't go to the funeral today and even though Matt will stay here with you both, I could tell that he wasn't happy." Mike responds in a subdued tone and even though the feeling of her hand on top of his own lifted his spirits, he just couldn't help but feel helpless to help his youngest son get past the trauma he had experienced.

"He wants to be there for his friend Mike, but he's been through a lot and he will see that after he settles down." Sarah then says in a soft tone and while she hadn't seen the boys since the previous night, she was sure that they would help each other heal from this latest sequence of events, even if the sounds of her son being sick during the night several times, did worry her a lot.

"I know, but I still worry." Mike responds with an appreciative smile. "He looks a lot better today Sarah, he's still a little pale, but he looks happy and he was doing his stretches as well." He then adds with a reassuring tone, after seeing the look on her face and realising that it wasn't just his youngest son that was recovering and he was happy to give her at least some good news.

"And Tobias?" Sarah asks in response and while the news about her son was a relief and she was now smiling, she wanted to make sure that her other son was doing okay as well, because after what had happened with Ben and how he had cracked under the stress earlier in the year, no one wanted to let that happen to one of the boys again.

"Naked and sitting happily talking to Lily on his phone." Mike quickly responds with a smirk and shake of the head, especially as the boy made no attempt to cover up at all and despite all the negative things going on, there were still little moments that managed to lift their spirits and even make them smile.

"One day Mike, we might get through to him about that." Sarah then says with a bemused smile, as she wonders if he will ever grow out of it, not that she really minded, he was in his room after all and she didn't want him to think that he should be ashamed of his body, she just wished he wouldn't do it in front of everyone so often.

"Well Matt doing his stretches in his tighty whiteys wasn't exactly any less revealing Sarah, but they were in their room and happy enough, so I think we can just leave them to it, it's not like they do it outside the house and I'm pretty sure we put the fear of god into both Ben and Matt about skinny dipping, so that's something." Mike then decides to state with a grin, after deciding to take the opportunity to focus of something positive and forget about the negative for as long as possible, especially with what was to come in a few hours time.

"And you're sure it's okay for Tobias to..." Sarah then begins to ask, but is quickly cut off and she couldn't help but give her friend a warm smile.

"Sarah, do you really need to ask, he is practical a son to me and so is Matt, so please don't ask again." Mike states in a firm tone, before returning her warm smile and just relaxing back into the sofa.

"I think they feel the same way about you, although we already know that Tobias decided that you were his uncle and I think Matt thinks the same way." Sarah then says in the same tone as before and gives his hand a squeeze.

"Ben feels the same way about you too Sarah." Mike responds in a warm tone. "As an auntie, not as an uncle." He then quickly adds with a shake of the head, after seeing her expression and realising what he had just said.

"I would hope so, otherwise we might have to have a talk about the differences between a man and a woman with them." Sarah then states in a teasing tone, before chuckling along with her friend as he begins to laugh.

"Oh god no, I think we've paid our dues on awkward talks with our sons for one lifetime." Mike quickly retorts in an amused tone, before laughing again as he thinks about what they were actually talking about.

"I thought you would be happy." Carter states in a slightly surprised tone, as he looks up to his boyfriends face and despite what day it was, he genuinely thought his boyfriend would be at least interested in his discovery.

"It's my brothers funeral today Carter, do you SERIOUSLY THINK I GIVE A SHIT ABOUT..." Wesley begins to respond in an aggressive tone, but quickly trails off in surprise, after feeling himself being slapped and while it wasn't exactly hard, it was enough to leave a tingling feeling across his cheek.

"I know what day it is Wesley, I was just trying to distract you, so don't you dare shout at me." Carter states in a firm and serious tone, after slapping his boyfriend and while he hadn't meant to do that, he could see that it had worked and relaxes a little bit.

"Then stop going on about shit that doesn't..." Wesley then begins to retort in an annoyed tone, before seeing the look on his boyfriends face. "Sorry, but seriously, I'm not in the mood Carter and I just want to... I just want to get today over with and er... well I just don't know how... to feel." He then says in a quiet and vulnerable tone, before sniffling as he feels himself being cuddled.

"I know and I promise not to bring up your pubes again, well not until at least tomorrow anyway." Carter responds with a small smile, as he continues to comfort his boyfriend, who he knew was trying to compose himself.

"A couple of hairs, don't count as pubes." Wesley just about manages to say, after almost five minutes of being held by his boyfriend and while he had tried to steel himself for what was to come today, he had started to realise that it wasn't going to work and that he needed to let his boyfriend help him, even if he didn't feel like laughing or joking around.

"Whatever you say Moron, but my boyfriend has pubes and I think it's amazing." Carter quickly retorts with a big smile, as he feels his boyfriend pulling away and then seeing his expression and despite the sadness in his eyes, he was at least smiling and that was something.

"Well the way you are, you will probably have double the amount that I end up with." Wesley responds in a teasing tone, before contently staring into his boyfriends beautiful violet eyes, which never failed to give him a warm feeling inside of his heart.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Carter quickly asks in response, as he gives his boyfriend a confused look and wonders what he was on about.

"You've almost started to cum more than I do, so you'll probably end up being some kind of hairy beast when we get older." Wesley answers with a smirk and while he was just messing around, he actually found himself wondering about the changes they were both going to go through soon and he was really hoping that neither of them would end up really hairy, he had already thought about how he wanted to look like Mitch, but this was the first time he thought about his boyfriend in that way and was really hoping he would stay smooth, well not completely, but he was hoping he wouldn't be too hairy.

"I don't cum as much..." Carter then quickly begins to protest, before finding himself cut off by his boyfriends lips pressing against his own for a few seconds.

"Okay, so you don't cum as much yet, but you make shit loads more pre cum and I can feel it all over me right now." Wesley then says with a smile, before frowning a little bit. "I'm messing around Beautiful and you know I love how much you make and it tastes so good, in fact, I feeling a little hungry right now." He then states in a sexy tone, after noticing his boyfriends expression and realising that he had taken what he had said the wrong way, but as he tried to do some damage control, he couldn't help but get a little horny and quickly pulls his boyfriend down with him on to his bed and rolls on top of him.

"Oh shit..." Carter then moans out, after feeling his boyfriend licking and kissing his way down his body. "Oh wow, I fucking... wow." He then just about manages to say, before moaning and whimpering a little bit, as he feels his boyfriend licking and kissing around his naval, before finally taking him into his mouth.

"Hey!" Tobias quickly protests in a surprised tone, after feeling his phone being taken out of his hand and seeing his brother holding it.

"Sorry Lily, but we need to get him ready and he's still naked." Ben states apologetically, while giving his his brother a massive grin.

"It's okay and er... naked? No wait er... never mind, just tell him that I will see him there and er... bye." Lily responds in a somewhat flustered tone, she hadn't realised her boyfriend was naked and even though they were talking on the phone, she couldn't help but think about not only knowing what he looked like naked, but what he felt like too and doesn't even realise that she had already hung up the phone, as she sits down and thinks about her boyfriend naked.

"Nah, it's okay Lily, I know he's got a small one and smells weird, but he..." Ben then begins to say with a smirk, after realising that she had hung up and deciding to have a little fun, before feeling the phone being snatched away by his brother.

"Don't listen to..." Tobias then begins to say in a slightly panicked tone, after taking his phone back, but as he looks at his brother and doesn't hear anything on his phone, he turns bright red. "You stupid Smellyhead, she not even there." He then states in a sulky tone, before slumping back on to his bed and giving his brother a cold glare.

"Well now that she's gone, you can finally get showered and then dressed." Ben responds in an amused tone, before yelping in surprise and rubbing the back of his head. "Hey! What was that for?" He then asks in a slightly annoyed tone, as he turns to his fiancé and sees him smirking with his cane in his hand.

"For being a Smellyhead." Matt responds with a grin, which widens when he hears his brother giggling behind his fiancé. "I didn't hurt you did I?" He then asks in a concerned, after seeing that his fiancé was still frowning and rubbing the back of his head and couldn't help but feel guilty about hitting him too hard, especially since he was just trying to give him a little tap.

"No, but that thing is solid Matt, so quit hitting me with it or at least avoid my head." Ben responds honestly and while his fiancé didn't actually hit him hard, it still hurt and he wanted to let him know, just in case the next time he did accidentally hit him too hard one day.

"Sorry." Matt quickly says again in a guilty tone, before shaking his head at his fiancé's expression. "Fine, but I'm still sorry." He then says with a small grin, after his fiancé walks over and kisses him softly on the lips.

"Good." Ben states in response, before giving his fiancé another soft kiss on the lips. "But you need to go get a shower, while we get your clothes ready Tobias." He then states in a firm tone, as he turns to their brother, who to his amusement, was actually playing with himself, although it was more of a scratch and rub, than actually doing anything sexual, which would have been a little bit weird.

"And stop touching yourself, you can do that tonight when you're alone in here." Matt quickly states with a grin, before chuckling as his brother blushes and quickly moves his hand away in embarrassment.

"Okay... but I want to er... well normal underwear, I don't want to wear my other ones." Tobias then states in a shy and embarrassed tone, after being caught touching himself and even though he hadn't realised he was doing it and his willy wasn't even hard, it was still embarrassing.

"It's underwear Tobias, no ones going to see them." Ben quickly responds in a bemused tone and couldn't help but wonder if he would ever understand his brother, who seemed to be so self confident one moment and then act all shy the next, even if the thing he was shy about, wasn't half as embarrassing as the things he does around other people without so much as a blush.

"But Lily will be there and she might want to er... well er... oh..." Tobias then begins to quickly respond, before trailing off and blushing, as he realises what he was saying and who to and knew he had just walked himself straight into a conversation that he really didn't want to have again.

"Oh for fuck sake Tobias, you're going to a funeral, in a church, so don't you even think about getting naked or doing anything like that, do you hear me?" Matt quickly states in a firm and serious tone, with a look to match it, as he stares at his brother, so that he knew exactly what he thought about his little slip up.

"And don't give us that look, we're your brothers and we're just looking out for you and you would do the same for either of us, especially if you thought we were going to do something stupid Tobias." Ben then decides to add in the same tone as his fiancé, after seeing their brother looking at them in annoyance and knew what he was probably thinking and while they were maybe being a little over the top, they were just looking out for him and he was hoping he would appreciate it and actually listen to them this time.

"Sorry." Tobias responds in a subdued tone, before suddenly feeling himself being pulled to his feet and cuddled tightly by both of his brothers and he couldn't help but feel loved, even if he had just been told off.

"Just go slow with Lily, it's okay if she sees you and even touches you, well maybe not touching too much, but please be careful Tobias, it's not the same as us or Carter and Wesley being together, girls are different." Matt then decides to state after a few moments of silence, as they all enjoy the warm embrace, before letting go and stepping back from each other.

"I know." Tobias responds with a shy smile and while he wasn't completely convinced and if his girlfriend wanted to do something, he wasn't likely to say no, he did understand his brothers concerns and appreciated the fact they both cared about him.

"Now go get that shower and we're going to pick your Captain America briefs for you to wear." Ben then states with a small grin. "Tobias, you like wearing your superhero briefs and you already told us that Lily doesn't care, so just be yourself Tobias and wear what you want to wear, not what you think you should wear." He then quickly adds, after seeing the look on his brothers face and realises that he might actually be worried about what he was wearing and that wasn't like him at all.

"Seriously Tobias, how many times have people tried to tell you what you should be wearing or that you shouldn't have your hair like that?" Matt then states in a serious tone, before pausing to see his brother looking at him with a small smile. "Exactly and what do you do when people do that to you?" He then asks with a grin, as he sees his brothers face light up and knew that between himself and his fiancé, they had managed to get their brother to see sense.

"I love you both." Tobias quickly states in response, before just as quickly giving both his brothers a loving cuddle and kiss on the cheek.

"Now go take a shower and I swear to god, if I have to tell you that one more time, we're going to drag you outside naked and use the hose to wash you, now get going." Ben then states in a teasing tone, while also giving his brother an expectant look, just to let him know that he wasn't completely joking.

"I would get going if I were you Tobias." Matt then states in an amused tone, after their brother turns to him with a questioning look and was more than happy to go along with his fiancé, even if it was a little mean towards their brother.

"He's just the best, weird, but still the best." Ben then states in a bemused tone, after watching their brother running out of the room completely naked, even though either of their parents might see him.

"He's something all right." Matt responds with a smile, before looking at his fiancé for a few moments. "So how are you feeling Ben and no bullshit, because I can see it in your eyes." He then asks in a serious, yet caring tone, as he reaches out and takes his hands into his own.

"Can't we wait until we're alone?" Ben asks in response, as he gives his fiancé a half pleading look, he knew he couldn't keep his feelings to himself and needed to talk about it, but he really didn't want to do it now and he was hoping it could wait until later.

"We are alone." Matt responds with a half smile, before seeing his fiancé's expression. "Fine, but we're going to talk about it and you have to tell the truth, promise?" He then states in a serious tone, after conceding the fact that they weren't exactly alone, or at least they wouldn't be for long, especially for the kind of conversation they would be having.

"Fine, but you have to be honest about you as well, I was watching you stretch Matt and something was wrong." Ben states in response, as he gives his fiancé a long stare, before smiling and leaning in for a kiss, which he feels quickly being returned.

"Deal, but we should get his clothes ready, they will have to leave soon and well you know..." Matt then says in a sad tone, as he thinks about their friend and how he must be feeling today and while he knew why they couldn't go, he was still disappointed about it and also felt a little guilty as well.

"I wish we could go." Ben then decides to say, as he walks over to their brothers chest of drawers, while his fiancé walks over to the wardrobe.

"I'm still not feeling great and you're not okay Ben, no matter how much you pretend you are." Matt quickly responds as he looks through their brothers wardrobe. "But I know what you mean, I want to be there too." He then adds in a sad tone, after glancing over his shoulder and seeing his fiancé looking at him and knew exactly what he was thinking and feeling about having to stay home.

"Yeah." Ben then says in a quiet tone, before they both fall silent as they both get their brothers clothes ready for the funeral.

"I thought you were meeting us there?" Mike asks his eldest son in a curious tone, as he leads him and his girlfriend into the front room.

"I know, but I wanted to tell you both something, are the boys around?" Mitch asks in response, as he sits down with his girlfriend and looks across to his dad and Sarah with a tired and sad expression.

"They're upstairs, but won't be down for at least ten minutes, do you want me to get them?" Sarah responds in a curious tone, as she wonders what the young man wanted to talk about, that couldn't wait until another time, especially given what was happening today.

"No, no I don't want them to know about this, not yet anyway." Mitch responds quickly in a hushed tone, as he looks over his shoulder towards the door, just to make sure no one was there.

"Mitch, what's this about?" Mike then asks in a serious tone, as he looks at his eldest son and again wonders what was going on, because this wasn't like him and from his expression, he knew that it couldn't be anything good.

"Simon is missing, he never got on the plane, let alone arrived at the hotel and no one has heard from him since he left for the airport." Mitch answers quickly and while there was more, he wanted to see their reaction to this first and then go over the rest of what he had to say, it would just be easier that way.

"But you told us that you left messages with the hotel and that they said they would pass it on, if he never arrived, then why would they say that?" Mike quickly asks in a stunned and confused tone and while he had other questions, that one just leaped out at him and he couldn't help himself.

"It's a popular hotel, especially with countries like England, Australia, America and here Dad, so Simon is a common name and it appears that there was a bit of 'Lost in Translation' going on and we have an officer over there now and she confirmed the misunderstanding, we also sent an officer to the airport that he was flying out from and they confirmed that he never arrived or boarded the plane." Mitch answers with a sad expression, as he finds it hard to think about what could have happened to his friend, especially since he would be burying another one of his others in a few hours time.

"And you think it's related to what happened to Peter and Alex?" Sarah then decides to ask in an alarmed tone, as she thinks about what they had just been told and why he would bring it up now, although she didn't quite understand why this couldn't wait, because while important, there was nothing they could really do.

"I think it's related to everything, you both know we suspect that it could be someone the boys knew and that Simon handed over the takeaway to someone he knew, but if our suspicions about Jarred and Barry are correct, then there is no way they came up with that all by themselves and I believe Conner may be involved in some..." Mitch then begins to answer in a serious tone, as he starts to explain more about what has been happening, before looking at his dad in surprise, as he interrupts him.

"Wait, Conner, as in your ex friend who poisoned Matt?" Mike asks in a shocked and confused tone, while he tries to work out what was going on and why his eldest son was telling them this now.

"Without Simon, it will be hard to prove, but it fits, Conner knew Simon was a delivery driver, he knows the Millers and we know he was out of prison at the time, Jarred knew Alex and his house and his habits, Barry obviously knows Alex and Peter and would have their trust and whatever we think about Conner now, he isn't stupid, he was always sly, so he is capable of planning this out and if Simon has been taken or well... worse, then we know Conner is capable of that as well." Mitch responds honestly and while they didn't have anything that would hold up in court to confirm any of it, he was sure he was right and it was just a question of finding the evidence.

"Okay, okay, say for one moment all that is true, how do you even begin to prove it?" Mike then asks in a slightly overwhelmed tone, as he tries to make sense of it all and while they all wanted Peter to be found and if Conner was linked to this, as well as what he had done to Matt, then he wanted to help, but he just didn't see how they could help prove anything.

"We're sending an officer to talk to both Jarred and Barry separately..." Mitch then begins to say, before pausing for a few seconds as he sees both of their expressions. "It's not an official questioning, it's just a general talk and we have both parents permission, but I don't expect either boy to confess, we're just hoping we can get some sort of an idea of where they were and what they were doing at the time and we're also going to keep an eye on what they do over the next few days, just to see if they act suspiciously." He then adds, before this time pausing to let them respond and seeing what they thought about everything.

"So you're really convinced that Barry is involved?" Mike then asks in a sceptical tone, as he thinks about how long the boy had been friends with his youngest son and while he couldn't deny the fact that he didn't really get to know any of his boys friends, he just couldn't imagine Barry doing something like this.

"He's their friend Mitch and I know Matt and I have only been here a few years, but he's known Ben almost their entire lives and he's a good boy." Sarah then decides to add in a slightly reluctant tone, as she also thinks about the boy and while she didn't know him that well and knew his father was a deadbeat, she just couldn't imagine him doing something like this.

"And I agree, I know who Barry is and despite his dad being an arsehole, he's a good kid and a good friend or at least he was, but ever since what happened to Matt, he has changed and if both Matt and Ben suspect him, then I think that says a lot and I think we can all agree that people change, look at Alex, every bit the bully and really not someone I would want Ben to be friends with, but he changed completely and while still a little shit sometimes, he's a good boy with a good heart and even Jordan, who you have to admit Dad, neither of us liked much and yet now, he is someone we've both had lengthy conversations with and someone we both like." Mitch answers honestly and clearly, before taking a deep breath after realising just how long he had talked for.

"He's been seen with Jarred at school and outside of school, even though they have never gotten along and if anything, Barry should hate Jarred, because Carter told me he used to try and bully him, so for them to be talking now, especially since Jarred attacked Carter before, it does make you wonder." Erica then says in a quiet tone, after deciding to join the conversation and support her boyfriend, who she knew believed in his theory and while she felt like they needed evidence before finding someone completely guilty, a lot of things did seem to add up and support him and it was enough for her to at least show that she supported him.

"Okay, so say it is all true, how do you prove it Mitch?" Mike then decides to ask again, after thinking of no reason to question his eldest sons theory and while he still wasn't completely convinced, it was hard to rule it out completely and if they were actually questioning the boys, even unofficially, it meant that his eldest sons superiors weren't ruling it out either and he had to respect that.

"Like I said, without Simon, I'm not really sure, obviously we hope to get something out of questioning both boys, but it's unlikely and then there is Conner, I'm pretty sure once he is back in custody, he will talk, but there's been no sign of him either." Mitch answers honestly, before frowning a little bit, as he realises just how little he actually had and is grateful when he feels his girlfriends arm around his waist pulling him a little closer to her.

"Why would Conner be involved in what happened to Peter and Alex, while also going after Matt, I just don't understand why he would do that, especially after managing to somehow get himself released from prison, why risk any of it." Sarah then asks in a puzzled tone, as she tries to think of the motivation for him to do either of those things, let alone both and coming up with nothing that made any kind of sense to her.

"Wait, you said Simon's disappearance and Conner, had something to do with everything, what did you mean by everything?" Mike then quickly asks in a curious tone, as he looks at his eldest son expectantly and wonders if he was implying that the things that had happened to him and Sarah, as well as Peter and Alex were connected.

"I think it's all linked, I think the phone calls, the box and message you were given, Matt's medication, the attack on Alex and the kidnapping of Peter, I think they're all linked in some way, I just don't know how it all fits together." Mitch responds honestly, before blushing slightly after seeing the expression on both his dads face and Sarah's and knew they weren't convinced.

"You never told me that part." Erica then states in a surprised tone, they had talked about the cases a few times and before they arrived at the house, but he never mentioned this and she wondered why, because she was already thinking of how it linked together and was surprised that he hadn't figured it out yet.

"Sorry, but there's a lot going on Erica and... why are you looking at me like that for?" Mitch then begins to apologise, before noticing the look on her face and wondering what she was thinking.

"They were a distraction." Erica simple states in response, with a pleased smile as she looks at her boyfriend and seeing him thinking over her words and waiting for him to get it.

"A distraction?" Sarah then asks in a curious and confused tone, as she looks at her friend and wonders what she meant and how her son being poisoned was just a distraction.

"Think about it, whoever is messing with you both Sarah, knew you talked to Mitch and with him being in the police force, even with the threats, it would be risky to have him looking into it, so they would want him distracted, so they would want to keep him busy, but he's not just in the police force, he's in the child abuse team, so they couldn't just commit a crime and hope he gets the case, they would need to be sure he would be investigating and an attack on two boys in one of their homes, would definitely be something you would be involved in investigating Mitch, especially if those boys were someone you knew and Peter going missing, would also make you want to find him, so it works well to keep you occupied." Erica answers with a proud smile and even though she knew she could be wrong, she thought it was a solid theory and would fit with what her boyfriend had just said to them all.

"Now whose the detective?" Mitch quickly states in a playful tone, before really thinking about his girlfriends theory and while a little out there, it did fit and made some sense, well as much sense as his own theory and that was good enough for him to take it seriously.

"So whoever is messing with us, just happened to get Conner to convince two kids to attack two other kids, just to distract Mitch, from potentially discovering who they are?" Mike then asks in a less than convinced tone and while he knew he was being dismissive, he just thought they were grasping at straws a little bit and wanted to try and be the voice of reason.

"It sounds stupid and out there Mike, but think about it, this person or people know you, they would know things related to you, so they would know who Conner was and maybe it was just them taking advantage of a coincidence and I would guess Conner would have been more than happy to mess with this family, he has never shown remorse for his actions, so would more than likely blame Mitch and you for him being put away, then we have Jarred who has a grudge against Alex and Peter, who just happens to know Conner and it wouldn't be that difficult to plant an idea into his head and let him run with it, because while Conner might be sly, he isn't that smart and would make a good scapegoat for whoever is behind it all." Erica responds a little excitedly, after again thinking that she had come up with something plausible and helpful, even if it did turn out to be completely wrong, she still felt like she was contributing.

"How would Barry fit into it though? I understand what was said about him earlier, but to want to hurt Alex and Peter, I just don't see the motivation." Sarah then decides to point out and while she felt a little bad for doing so, she felt like they had to look at everything and not get carried away with theories and just complicating things.

"Barry's been distant and we haven't exactly been reaching out to him lately." Ben states in a slightly nervous tone, before blushing as everyone turns to look at him. "Sorry, but I wanted to speak to Mitch and kind of didn't know how to get your attention and er... well I think what Erica said er... well it kind of makes sense, well if it turns out we're right about Jarred and Barry." He then says in a slightly more relaxed tone, although he was still feeling a little nervous about eavesdropping, which he knew his dad and Sarah didn't like.

"Ben, I don't know how long you've been there, but this isn't a conversation you should..." Mike then begins to say in a firm tone, before quickly finding himself being interrupted.

"Sorry Dad, but well Peter and Alex are my friends and Matt told me his medication was messed with, so it is my problem too and none of you know why Barry might be involved, but I do and it's our fault, well it's not our fault that he might have done it, but we kind of blanked him a lot, since he never visited Matt in hospital, I mean I still talked to him and stuff, but it wasn't the same and it makes sense he might have looked for other friends, although I don't know why he would pick Jarred and his friends, I er... well anyway, I think it's a little bit our fault." Ben quickly states in a confident tone, before looking at his dad nervously and knew he was probably pushing his luck, but this was important and he really thought he could help.

"We can talk about you eavesdropping and interrupting people later Ben, but you're here now and I guess you can stay for a few minutes." Mike decides to state in a serious tone and while he wanted to send him away, he had made a good point and he had already overheard most of what they were talking about and he did have information that none of them would have.

"I just want to help." Ben then says with a half pleading look and while he still wanted to talk to his brother, this was important as well and it was also helping him keep his other thoughts out of his head and he was grateful for that.

"Okay Sweety, but what you just said about Barry could explain him seeking new friends, but I don't see how it could motivate him to want to hurt Alex or Peter, it would take a lot more than not being close to him any more, to make him want to hurt someone." Sarah then decides to say in a soft tone, while making sure to smile at the boy and let him know that she wasn't trying to dismiss what he had said and was happy to see him smiling back at her.

"Well Matt and I talked about that before and well er... we thought that maybe he resented Peter and Alex a little bit, I mean maybe not enough to hurt them, but he could have been persuaded to scare them a little bit and well if Jarred and Conner were involved, maybe they just didn't tell him the whole plan or they lied to him." Ben responds with a hopeful tone, as he looks around at everyone before settling on his brother, who he was pleased to see, was seemingly nodding in approval.

"Why would he resent Peter and Alex though?" Mike quickly asks his youngest son in a confused tone and while he actually found what he was saying interesting and plausible, he was still unsure about the motive for Barry agreeing to help Jarred and Conner.

"Because of what they did to Carter and how we accepted them as friends and became close, while Matt never er... well we never really forgave him for not visiting Matt in hospital and stuff, I mean we didn't hate him and we kind of forgave him, but it wasn't the same after that and well er... I guess he might have wondered why we did that." Ben answers as best he could and while he felt a little intimidated talking in front of them all like this, he was sure he was helping and again could see his brother smiling at him, which gave him a lot of confidence.

"That's pretty good Ben and does help if we're right about them being involved, well done little guy." Mitch decides to say in a sincere tone, as he gives his little brother a proud wink, just to let him know that he appreciated his contribution to their discussion, even if he didn't really want the boys involved in it.

"Very good Ben, but I don't really see how Matt being targeted fits into it all, especially if Conner was involved in both, why risk it, especially since he must of known Sarah could identify him eventually." Mike then states in an unsure tone, as he tries to make sense of everything and again, while everything was plausible, it was pretty hard to really put it all together and even harder to then try and prove it with actual evidence.

"Well think about it, how focused have we been on the threats in the last week or so, compared to before Matt was poisoned and Alex and Peter were attacked?" Mitch decides to ask in response to his dads question and while this was just a conversation, thanks to his girlfriend and little brother, he honestly thought they had made some important progress, even though he still needed to make an actual breakthrough in gaining some actual evidence.

"And if whoever is behind this, is just trying to distract us, then using Conner is quite clever, especially if he was dumb enough to go along with poisoning Matt like he did, I mean with his history and Sarah being a witness, is anyone really going to bother listening to him trying to blame some random person, that he will probably not even know anything about, well nothing real anyway." Erica then decides to say in a thoughtful tone, before looking around the room and seeing everyone thinking her words over.

"We can go over this a million times and just go round in circles, so why don't you take this to your bosses tomorrow Mitch and we can focus on..." Mike then begins to suggest in a serious tone, before remembering his youngest son was standing in the room as well. "It's an important day today and we need to focus on that, so Ben, go and make sure your brother is ready and I want all three of you down here within five minutes." He then states in a firm tone, before smiling softly at his youngest son, after seeing him pouting at him and while he did feel a little bad for basically dismissing him he did feel like they need to focus on the funeral and time was getting on now.

"Five minutes Ben, so get going Sweety." Sarah then states with a warm smile, when the boy looks around a little dejectedly and while she knew what he was probably thinking, they really did appreciate his input, but time was getting on and they couldn't wait too much longer.

"Okay, but I er... well I helped, didn't I?" Ben asks in response, as he looks around the room and while he was being a little needy, he couldn't help it and as it was looking like he wouldn't be able to talk to his brother, he needed something to feel good about at least.

"You did great Ben and I mean that, now come here and give me a cuddle and then go get your brother down here, because we really do need to leave soon." Mitch responds affectionately to his little brother and gives him a loving cuddle after he walks over to him. "We can talk after I come back later, just you and me okay." He then whispers into his ear, after feeling guilty that they couldn't talk now, but they really didn't have the time and he just had to hope that it wasn't too serious.

"Okay, but it's really important and I er... well it can wait, but I er... it's okay, I can wait." Ben whispers in response and while he was disappointed, he knew today was important and while he was too, it could wait and he was spending the day with his fiancé and he knew he would be okay.

"Get moving then." Mitch then states with a smile, after letting go of him and giving his bum a playful little swat.

"Idiot." Ben states with a grin, before turning and walking out of the room and back to his other brother and fiancé.

"That was less than ideal, but he did make some good points and I will be speaking to my boss and my team about it and seeing where we can go from here." Mitch then decides to say, after thinking about the conversation and while it didn't go as he expected it to, he did think it went well.

"He did and well, let's just leave it at that for today, we need to be ready to leave before the boys come down and I could use a quick drink." Mike states in a slightly tense tone, as he thinks about his youngest son being involved in the conversation and while he did actually contribute, he was still only twelve and he really didn't want him to be involved in this kind of thing, even if it did involve his friends.

"Come on then, let's get some drinks made and wait for the boys to come down." Sarah then decides to suggest, as they fall into an uncomfortable silence for a minute and knew everyone's mind as now on the funeral and wasn't surprised to see them all getting up without responding verbally.

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